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  1. In April I made a twitter post about looking for an artist who had commissions open and LilDogMeat replied to my tweet. I decided to commission them because their art looked cute and was in my price range. They originally said they would have a sketch for me by that Saturday and never had anything to show. In my experience with other artists I've always had to wait a bit but they always delivered so I didn't choose to message LilDogMeat about it until some time later. They claimed issues with their laptop and I was fine with waiting. This was my mistake as the window for a refund through paypal has long passed. I have waited a year for this commission with LilDogMeat no longer being responsive (likely moved on to a new Twitter? They aren't active anymore).
  2. Commissioned artist on October 23, 2018, payment sent same day with a completion promise of 2 months. There was a queue available on FA which showed me ahead of my friend MajorWolf. Multiple, several month long lapses and a deleted FA later, he got his commission indicating that I was skipped. Fast forward to 2020 and the artist recently stated that they would be opening for new commissions once the queue was finished. As of today, February 18, 2020, I've been blocked from their account. I've not had a single bit of interaction with the artist since payment was sent.
  3. Back on June 27, 2019 I commissioned Nakooma for a predesigned fursuit head, the cost of the head was $200 and the extra $5 was for any Paypal fees (later on I gifted them $20 due to them saying in a post on their profile that they really needed it after someone forced a refund, I dont really care about the $20 they can keep it). From June to October I was given excuse after excuse as to why there were delays. Last I received any messages back from them was October 17, 2019 where they had promised progress pictures, which I never was sent. Since November 20, 2019 to now I have messaged them with no answer, during this time I know they were talking with ppl on their Furry amino (which is now deleted) and had completed a couple commissions that were started after taking mine. Nakooma said they started working on the fursuit head but I'm not sure if this is true due to no progress pictures ever being sent. Neither my bank or Paypal can help me due to me taking to long to getting around to the issue and only suggestion I got were to "directly contact merchant for a refund", I had life stuff going on that distracted me from getting to this sooner though I wish I could get my money back it's much more important to warn ppl to stay away. Nakooma supposedly had life stuff going on back before June through November (last I heard) from what they told me but if there was too much going on they should've just declined the commission instead of taking mine to then complete other commissions and then completely ghost me. By now I have already left the DM I was in with them guessing that they'll never respond or they would never give my money back even if they did see my messages. I just wanna put this all behind me but make others aware.
  4. Last year at the end of March, my friend and I decided to get a commission from xBlueAshesx. I commissioned her before and had some problems with her, however, I decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and give her a second chance. I commissioned a 2 character NSFW lined illustration. xBlueAshesx and I discussed the details on March 28th, 2019 and I paid on the same day. About a month went by before I asked her for an update. She claimed that my piece was on her queue for that week and I should expect an update soon, however, I never received one. I messaged her again on July 8th, 2019 and asked for another update, but she never responded despite reading the note. Finally, on July 30th, 2019, I asked for a refund. Her TOS states that the art can take up to 15 weeks to be completed, it had been 17 weeks before I asked for the refund. She finally responded to me and agreed to the refund. She's still very active on FA. She usually posts 1-2 times a week, however, I have a hard time getting her to respond to me. She only responds to me when I talk about doing a chargeback. Sorry for the length. This has been going on for a long time and I wanted to include as much as I could as proof of her poor communication skills and lack of professionalism. TLDR at the end. Payment: Agreeing to take the commission: My response and payment information. Beginning of email included as proof of payment: Confirmation that the payment was received: My first update request: My second update request a few months later. The note was read but she never responded. I can tell that the note was read because there would be a yellow envelope icon next to the note subject if it was unread (Legend included in the screenshot as proof. An example of an unread note will be included at the end of this beware): Here she's agreeing to the refund: I messaged her again about the refund after she posted a journal about having enough money to give refunds. The journal she posted about the refunds has been deleted. She never responded: I asked for an update on the refund earlier this year. Again, she never responded: At this point, I had gotten tired of not receiving a response so I tried to set a deadline for the refund. 7 months had gone by but I still hadn't received the refund nor an update. Her TOS state that the refund could take up to 6 months. She never responded: She finally responded when I talked about doing a chargeback. As previously stated, she didn't respond to any of my other notes: My response to that: She didn't respond again. So I messaged her again. She was active on both March 2nd and 3rd: She didn't respond until March 4th when I told her that I could see that she was reading my notes. Along with mentioning taking my money back: I sent her my email and amount. I can include that message if needed. She never sent the refund so I messaged her again. "Bruh" was not an appropriate answer to a commissioner who's been waiting for a refund for 8 months: I waited another month before messaging her again in hopes that she'd send the refund. I messaged her 2 days ago, but she hasn't bothered opening the message, despite being active and posting art to her gallery. You can see the yellow envelope, showing that she hasn't read it: Proof that she was active yesterday. She posted several things on the 21st: The part of her TOS that talks about refunds and TAT (turn around time): TLDR; Long story short, this has been going on for over a year. She's still very active, but refuses to give me my money back. Again, i'm sorry this is so long, but i'm so tired of this. I honestly don't thing i'll ever get a refund. I hope you're all safe during this crazy time! Thank you for reading. Let me know if I should add anything else or if there's anything I can do 😞
  5. -- This is my first post here and I really don't want to be writing this. So sorry if some details are fuzzy or if this post is messy. Paypal are attached. $80 to start, added $20 more later. So in 2018 I was looking for Telegram stickers to be done in-stream. I posted over on Facebook to find Almighty. They responded -- Which I instantly sent details over FA. -- They didn't work very long on my commission, only maybe, 30 minutes. Which was fine! I didn't have a problem with that at all. I think I contact them a day later about my commission -- -- But as you can see, they didn't really update me here at all. -- -- So opted for Discord! At this point I was getting really on edge, they post a lot on Facebook. Even about commissions. And I saw progress once on stream. Here are shots of all my conversation with her on Discord. I left out some of the bottom half for my privacy. She claims she had no internet despite being very active on Facebook. I dunno, it seems weird to me. (I could be wrong.) And here's the last message I've sent her. No response.
  6. On September 1st 2019. I commissioned ArtsyPosy on twitter to draw a badge of my soon to be suit, Wad the cat. They first contacted me on August 31st 2019, and we discussed the details of my badge. I sent payment via PayPal, and I sent them a screenshot of the receipt. They also confirmed my payment. I set no specific due date because they said they were busy, but they said it could be done around mid-late September. The next day on September 2nd, I messaged them because the reference I sent them needed a small change. I decided to change the colour of his feet to black, so when fursuiting, his paws would not be dirty (originally white). I sent an updated reference, and they confirmed the changes, promising to even make a note on their monitor to not forget. They had not started my commission at this point. I sent messages throughout the 17th of September. We chatted together about how my suit progress was going, and things seemed okay. They were saying they were working on other art, though and were busy doing other things. I didn’t care because it was only mid September. They stopped messaging until the 27th. They told me on September 27th that the commission would be done by October 19th 2019. It’s a little later than planned, but it wasn’t unreasonable. They then went silent again, and they posted they weren’t feeling the best. I felt bad, but I also wanted to keep contact, so I sent some wholesome dog memes to keep communication going. I sent messages in October and November. On December 24th, 2019, they finally replied, but they still had no update for me. I was just relieved to hear from them, but I was suspecting something was amiss. They said they’d give me a work in progress photo, but none came. They also said that I hadn’t paid. I sent them the screenshot of the PayPal receipt I messaged to them the moment I first paid. They then told me that they mistakenly had me on their waitlist still. They then told me they’d just be starting my commission. On January 3rd 2020, they messaged me asking what colour I’d like the background to be. I had specified white before, so I clarified that. They said I would have the piece the following Sunday. They verified this on January 7th 2020. Then they cut off communication again. On March 9th 2020, they finally messaged me again. They said I’d have my art by at least that Thursday. They told me because of the wait, I’d receive a free sketch as well. I was excited, but I did not receive the art. They did not message me until March 31st 2020. They said their WiFi went out. I told them I had waited quite a while, and I hoped to see the badge soon (this is digital by the way: they didn’t have to print/laminate/mail anything to me). They responded by saying the virus was stressing them out, and I understand that, but this was supposedly finished a while ago. They also said that my change (the clarified feet paw colour change from September 2nd 2019) and the sketch (given to me for waiting so long) was causing them to delay further. At this point, I had enough and was very honest with them saying, “I would much rather have the original art first… I hope this is understandable. We already clarified the change 3 months ago, and the change was made the day after I ordered the commission (September 1st changed September 2nd). I know this does make it trickier, and I do apologise, but this information was told a while ago. I’m nervous about waiting more months when the artwork is already completed for a sketch. I just want to be very open about how I feel about that.” They responded with saying they acknowledged my delays, but they said they’d send my art with the chibi anyway that next Thursday. They said they couldn’t send updates or the final piece because their rabbit had chewed their charging cord. It’s been another 2 weeks and they have not emailed/messaged me the images. It is now April 15th 2020, and it was supposed to be done before October. At this point, my opinion cannot be swayed even if I ever end up receiving the art. Their management and customer service is poor, providing dozens of deadlines and providing many excuses. I am beyond tired, and I advise that potential clients exercise caution when ordering art from ArtsyPosy. I will try to see if I can ever get my art to post and update this experience
  7. TankDragon ran a YCH (Link here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/30306472/ ) over a year ago, in which I won a slot for 85$. It was called his Final Winter YCH, or also his 6th YCH. The censoring in the following picture removes my name address, and monetary information. He also also charged the person who came in after the YCHs close for the same slot that he charged me for. Since this time, he has repeatedly said I would get a WIP soon as I checked in every few months. However, the friend who bid after close showed me he had gotten a WIP with him in my slot instead (far left predator slot). My character is not a dragon. I have not been able to get a WIP of the YCH from the artist, and believe he has now just ran off with the money as it is now well past Paypals 180 day return period. He does still respond, but it is always with the same line of: It will be soon. Now, at a loss for other options, I submit this beware so others may not lose money to this artist.
  8. Last year in October I contacted this artist for a two-character commission with scenery, and since then, I have not received any works-in-progress or anything. I've occasionally noted her to ask for updates regarding my piece, and this was the last reply I received from her: I did not receive an update January 11, and while I have sent additional Notes since then asking for updates, she read my notes, but didn't reply to them: However, she constantly posts YCHs and is very active on FurAffinity: I just don't like the feeling I'm being ignored, and I'm not being rude, or anything.
  9. (My original advice post is located here.) NOTE: Her real name and email haven't been omitted, as they are readily available on her websites. Unfortunately, because the artist and I were on friendly terms, much of the communication for this commission was done verbally at Phoenix Comic Con (PHXCC). However, I'm providing screenshots of the correspondence we had online. I originally discussed a pencil drawn commission with Goldenwolf at PHXCC back in 2017. She told me that She'd have it done by May 2018 (the next PHXCC), but would get it to me sooner if requested. I told her I'd be selling some things after the con, and if I had enough after obligations, I'd confirm the commission and send payment. (Email Discussion) As agreed, I sent payment for the piece with extra for shipping via Paypal on July 7th 2017. I didn't receive confirmation she had gotten the payment, so I nudged her on August 4th. She replied on the 7th with confirmation, making mention that she thought she had already replied to me. When I saw her commission queue posted to FurAffinity (FA) on Feb 5th 2018, I asked why my name appeared to be missing from it (the screenshot was taken recently, after my name had been added). After I pointed this out, she assured me that mine would be finished "this month", which I took to mean February. During February, she also attended Texas Furry Fiesta, where she advertised accepting more commissions on FA and Twitter. On April 16th 2018, I sent an email over with my updated reference (no big design changes, just more examples of his different forms were added on it). On the 17th, she said I was on the "short list" and she'd be getting to mine after a couple of other things. May passed, and on June 10th 2018, I asked for a progress update. On June 26th she emailed over a rough sketch for my approval. She mentioned in the same email that she was suffering from severe depression. I responded requesting a few edits, but because she was my friend and I wanted to be supportive, I tried not make her feel pressured. After I didn't hear back from her on social media, I sent her another email on October 26th 2018. I offered her the option of just refunding me if she was unable to produce my commission in a timely manner, and her response to this is just better just read from her email directly. I waited to post on Artists Beware for advice until after December, because she mentioned in the email that she was hoping to have the piece done by then. Following advice from A_B, I sent an email on February 15th 2018 asking for a refund using the outline provided to me in my advice thread. As of the writing on this, I haven't heard anything back from her. While collecting screenshots for this post, I found her current Terms of Service. (She has never directed me to it, so I'm unsure how it may have changed over time.) I do know, that if I seen this TOS before commissioning her, I wouldn't have, friend or not. (It features an "A**hole Clause", which in and of itself would be a huge nope.) Notable Sections: 1 2 3 I also found that she has a Patreon, which despite her huge backlog, offers sketches to certain tiers. I'm unsure, however, if she's actually provided them. 1 2 I'm not sure what else to add, really. It doesn't currently look like I'll be receiving my commission or a refund. ? 04.14.20 update: UPDATE: 4.18.2020 On 4.14.2020, just hours after the update was added to the post, Goldenwolf sent the client this refund and statement: She had not done work beyond the sketch provided back in June of 2018 The client responded with this invoice and statement Goldenwolf then refunded the client on the 16th of April for the remainder of the commission payment. This issue has now been marked as Resolved.
  10. I commissioned Glowner back in 2019 for some NSFW commission art and haven't been getting the promised product at all. Sadly a lot of chat history is not available anymore since the Discord Server this was originally on has been deleted and I saw no need saving anything as I had no reason to distrust the artist, as I was still fairly new to commissioning and not knowing that taking safety proof would be a good idea. I did not contact them for a long time until I saw them posting some art or generally talking on Twitter, which continued after I contacted them on Discord for my refund. I contacted them somewhat regularly to avoid a block due to being too pushy, but still am waiting on any update. Instead they continued posting elsewhere, as on Discord and Twitter. I frankly feel like I am being ghosted/neglected and I feel I will not be repaid. I am still being owed 200 bucks.
  11. I ordered 4 commissions from Artararam before where the commissions were drawn semi professionally without any major problems and everything that I complained in pre-release versions were fixed in the final version of the art pieces. Everything quite normal for a NFSW artist like her. Artararam was never the fastest artist when it comes to draw commissions, the progress was slow, but steady. I usually give artists a period of 1 month before I contact them and ask for updates as this is a reasonable period where a change could be done with the artwork without putting too much stress on the artists. I commissioned Artararam with 2 NSFW art commissions: July, 28th 2019, 1 character (for 40 USD), payment sent July, 29th 2019 to her PayPal address August, 14th 2019, 2 characters (for 90 USD), payment sent the same day to her PayPal address Total: 130 USD I received 2 WIP snapshots of the 1st commission from Artararam as requested at September, 27th and September, 28th. The lineart of commission 1 is done, with a few adjustments and a sketch from me showing what looks wrong because the Artararam is not very good in English. I send her a note at FA at November, 1st 2019 asking if she was able to continue to draw my commissions and I noticed that my note at FA was unread for a long time. Artararam posted a journal at her FA account a few days later (November, 6th 2019). My faith in this artist is a little bit lost. I waited 3 months and contacted them at their Telegram account at January, 19th and January, 20th 2020 and got a very generic answer that "I'll send you all the process I have today or tomorrow morning!". Nothing happened after this date, she didn't answered over Telegram for nearly 3 months from now. I would accept the following solutions: Fully completed, delivered artwork for both commissions Partial or full refund for commission 1 and full refund for commission 2 PS: I struggled a lot before I decided to post here, after I've spoken with other guys that commissioned her. I think her journal sounds reasonable. I'm aware that she is treated by the law of Russia as a homosexual artist, I understand why she escaped from Russia to Ukraine. I can't understand why she wasn't able to get the Ukrainian citizenship before she left Russia and why she doesn't stopped to accept commissions and finish the accepted commissions first. I don't want to destroy her NSFW artist career, but she shows a very unprofessional behavior that I can't really tolerate. ~Ashnu Attachments: Proof commission 1: Proof commission 2: Notes from Artararam for commission 1: FA Journal: Telegram conversation:
  12. As for the "What": Several month's worth of physical Patreon rewards. I marked the "When" as when she stopped providing what I was paying for. As I recall, the Con*Tact company is run by two people, but Maly is the most particularly active/public and does a lot of sales under the name, as well as tie her Patreon to the company, so I felt that was relevant to connect. I had been supporting Maly's Patreon since October 2017 under the most basic receive physical reward tier. For the next few years, she posted updates and sent out rewards just fine -- she was super kind, she always replied to messages, and I had no issues. It wasn't until months ago she stopped posting updates, as well as sending out the promised rewards. (Notice the most "recent" update was from June, 10th 2019.) I had gotten so used to getting the packages in the mail without an issue that I didn't really notice I wasn't getting them, but checking my records confirms that the last reward she'd ever sent me was in April of last year. Yet the whole time, she continued to charge for rewards, as if everything was carrying on normally. (Whenever Maly would mail out Patreon rewards, she'd send out a Paypal email like any of her normal Con*Tact orders including the tracking, my last one was from April, 3rd 2019.) Upon realizing this, I tried to send her a Patreon message to ask about it, which was met with no response. I checked her twitter, noticing she was frequently active on it, and tried to DM her. The first message was ignored, but the second time, I got a response. She herself confirms she had not been sending out rewards, and promised to send out large packages to make up for everything she's missed. I'm a fairly understanding and patient person, and I'm happy she finally addresses the issue and promise to try to better things. I give her time, and wait it out to see if I get anything. Time passes, and nothing comes. I don't get the rewards I was promised, and I also never get any sort of verbal follow-up. I try to poke her again... and again... and again. And am met by being ignored and left on read each time. Trying to give her the benefit of the doubt and ample time to get things together, I finally caved and gave an ultimatum after finally withdrawing my Patreon pledge. Perhaps something I should have done far earlier, my mistake. (This was the last time I had money taken from me. Though I will note that she did NOT charge for one month back in January, which had made me believe she was being genuine about wanting to make things right. She however went back to charging the month right after.) As far as I'm aware, you cannot dispute undelivered Patreon rewards/updates -- and I'd honestly rather not get a refund. I've been a huge fan of Con*Tact and their products for years, and more than anything I want this solved so I can go back to supporting them. But with this refusal to even speak to me, I'm at a loss for what to do.
  13. Note:: I am both Paintdog and Drawindonkey. I switched names roughly a year ago. I originally found them on a game called Furcadia as user Cou though I've moved PCs since then thus do not have logs of that in particular. We discussed a commission involving a sketch page of my character. Discussion went well, info was sent, I paid, done and done. Four months pass with no word from them, despite regularly checking on Furcadia for response - I then finally checked FurAffinity and sent a message, getting this response (2). Admittedly I cannot prove it, but they never actually contacted me on Furcadia. Four months later, I messaged them again, asking for a refund (3), which they promised they were working on gathering the funds for. One month later (4), I messaged them again, asking status. More excuses. I was told of 'initial sketches' being done, I was never actually given these. This is the last time I got a direct response from them. Six months later (5), they posted a public journal asking anyone they owe something to to message them. I posted reminding them of the fact that they owe me 95.00$ from a commission that never got completed. The shouts have been deleted since then by [removed] who is their significant other, but after a long period of time had passed ( roughly a year and a half ), I noticed Cou had favorited something quite recently in their gallery, so I posted a shout on their page asking anyone who knew of the whereabouts of this artist to send me a note if they know how I can get in contact. Three people contacted me. They aren't relevant to this case but apparently have similar experiences. I won't be disclosing their names, but one of them recommended me check with [removed], who again is Cou's significant other. So, I messaged [removed] (6) who replied very quickly but then ceased replying as soon as I mentioned Cou refusing to respond to me. (7) Again, all shouts were deleted, but after not getting a response, I posted a shout on both Cou and their partner's pages warning about Cou and that perhaps [removed] is in league with their theft. I was then blocked on both accounts ( [Removed] apparently has access to Cou's account themself ). Afterwards, and the reason I'm kinda-sorta including [removed] in this beware, they added a disclaimer on their profile page (8) not to contact them about Cou. Though I think I'm not the only one who had done so. The line "They are no longer doing art at this time. Respect their decision as I have." is the main reason I include this. [Removed] does not seem too bothered that Cou has actively stolen from myself and others. From one of my aforementioned sources, I was referred to their instagram page. I made a new account to try messaging them there (9) but they've shown no signs of activity so it might just be something they don't check often, if I'm giving them benefit of the doubt. I was then referred to their facebook (10) where I sent more messages - They are much more active on facebook than instagram or furaffinity judging by what I could see on their public profile, and in fact reblogged someone else's post a couple days after I send those messages. (11) Cou has wronged not just me, but others who I hope will also post bewares, as Cou is not a first time offender. They've been known to change alias in the past to hide from customers as well ( this didn't happen with me except I do notice the spelling of their name is different from the paypal address from four years ago, and their facebook name today ). Beware. Do not commission this artist. You will get excuse after excuse about why they cannot work on your product or refund you, and then you'll get nothing at all, not even a response.
  14. This beware is concerning the artist Space (spacemuttt) who did not deliver commissioned artwork and since disappeared. On October 29th of 2018 (verified by payment detail below) I purchased an icon from the artist Space. Subsequently, on November the 1st of 2018 (conversation confirming payment occurring the following day) I decided to also claim a slot in a single-slot YCH the artist was hosting. The artist did not ever deliver the items, and instead only dodged contact attempts or made excuses. On the 29th of November, the artist contacted me claiming personal reasons that prevented them from completing the art, and noted it would be done soon. I'm quite a patient commissioner, so the net time I follow up isn't until around February 16th of 2019. I again hear nothing for a while, and decide to follow up in April, asking for the art or a refund. I get the following response on April 10th, 2019. This is the continued conversation after following up as requested. The artist claims they finished the chibi headshot, but doesn't provide me any link, nor do they post it. I respond thanking them for the update, and also noting that they never sent the headshot. On the 18th of April 2019, 6 days later, I follow up again with no response. As you can see, my FA Outbox has registered that the note sent was never read by the recipient. On the 20th of July 2019, I send this note as a final status check, it too is unread as seen below. The artist then disables their FA page. This artist clearly dodged communication and made up excuses as to why they couldn't complete the art. As shown, I tried to be as patient as possible with them. After attempting to work this out via the above communications, I attempted to file a chargeback on both charges but, as is PayPal policy, too much time had elapsed. I no longer want the artwork, the only acceptable resolution at this time is for the money to be refunded.
  15. I added this person a quite a few times to my Discord and Telegram, But nothing PewKong seem to react back to it. I got everything documented. listed form up recent, and below from where i started to commission PewKong: 6/01/2019 - PewKong posted a journal on FA about the commissions. But no work has been done seem like the reactions from ppl. 11/11/2018 - PewKong posted a journal on FA about it's mental health problem and alot of stress with depression has hit in life. appoligized about the delay. 29/10/2018 - I Posted a shout on PewKong's FA page, asking about my commission i been waiting for like 8 months. Never got ant reply back 19/03/2018 - PewKong posted a journal on FA about all the commission's that have been accepted. Computer didn't work anymore but would have be fixed soon! 17/03/2018 - Note send to asked about my commission. This is what i got back: it would take a week to finish! 21/02/2018 -Confirmed that the commission was paid with Paypal 21/02/2018 - Not many hours later i received back a note from PewKong, along with some idea's PewKong made to choose from for my icon's! 21/02/2018 - Actually i liked a icon for me and my partner instead! so this one was accepted and paid! i sended my refsheet along with my partner 12/02/2018 - Icon commission accepted by PewKong had contacted by FA notes (saved all of the conversations) and asked me if i had any idea's to help design the commissions. I sended a couple more notes to this person, but nothing seem to sucess contact with this person. theres on PewKong's page, a few more ppl who deal with the absent artist. A funny thing to add is this person still seem to use Tumblr: https://pewkongdesu.tumblr.com/ PewKong seem to do gift art to ppl while theres so many commission's to be finished where ppl paid for it! But doesn't seem to reply to ANY contacvt you try to get with this person! so please BEWARE for this Artist!
  16. I bought a slot for an M/F explicit piece, and I bought the female slot. The pose leaves ambiguous penetration, so the bottom slot could very easily be make if a dick is drawn on the character. I buy the slot, the artist (ponsex) messages me, and I send them the ref of the character. I send them the nsfw reference, which shows clearly visible female bits, and as all my other YCH experiences have gone, I expect to be asked if they have any questions about things like outfits, color, edits like cum, internal shot, etc, but for the most part its straightforward. Fast forward to yesterday, I get a completed picture of the image, and I have four versions in total: an M/F version, cum and non-cum, and an M/M version, cum and non-cum. I never asked for my character Caiya to have a male edit. The sketch had included a penis in the case that the second slot was male, but as per the reference, it is very clear that the character is female. I feel like the fact that something as major as the gender of the character being changed without my permission is a major betrayal of trust on the artist's part, and even though the original version was completed as requested, the edit should not have been made at all. This character specifically has a backstory as surviving domestic abuse, and a major part of her character is being a strong, tough female. I know there are a lot of users (including me) who relate strongly and on a personal level to their characters, and that can include self-identification such as being trans. I talked to a lot of other people and they agreed that especially for certain characters they own, they would be just as livid seeing their character in a gender they are not supposed to be/they don't identify as. My major problem is how dismissive and unaware they are of the problem, if not to the point of rude. They do not seem to understand that this is not okay, and whether its the easy way or the hard way, all I want them to understand is how big of an issue this is. If this is how they react to this kind of issue, they don't deserve further business if this is their attitude. The screenshots are below (read from the very bottom up):
  17. lunahasawa996 (lunahasawa996) wrote in artists_beware, @ 2019-01-05 12:21 Beware - UnderTheDarkness WHO: UndertheDarkness WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/underthedarkness/ WHAT: $5o YCH action WHEN: May 15,2018 — present EXPLAIN: Given the user has deactivated their FA, I cannot provide images of the YCH I had bought. But sometime in May of 2018 I had placed bids on, and won a YCH from this artist. Over time, I believe I was given only one WIP. Shortly after they had their problems and such and I noticed they weren't speaking with me. I had asked for an update a month after with a reply of "I will have an update sometime this week". Later I was given an update. Later on they were doing in stream commissions, which was indeed finished and received, but my prior one was still on the back burner. Jump to December of last year I learned they were doing refunds, and I was added to their list of the many people for the money they owed me. Jump forward after 3 weeks from providing refund information to present time, their FA has since been deactivated and I have no other means of contacting this person. I should have opened a refund claim during the window when I noticed it was looking unlikely I'd be getting my art, but being the overly sympathetic understanding person I am it looks like this person has officially ran off with $50 of my hard earned cash. PROOF: Proof of payment: https://prnt.sc/m3b3uv Asking for a WIP: https://prnt.sc/m3b4al WiP provided: https://prnt.sc/m3b3z3 WIP Uploaded Jun 24th *NSFW*: https://prnt.sc/m3b5cn Providing them refund information: https://prnt.sc/m3b4in I'm honestly shocked she went and took this rout. At this point I don't even want the artwork, I just want my money back where it can go towards a more reputable artist that I've previously worked with. </lj-cut>
  18. On the 22nd of February, I decided to commission Edjit on Twitter and asked for a NSFW piece with me and and a friend , during this time the replies took normal length and I wasn't starting to panic about it at all. Once they took the money I ask on the 23rd if they received both the funds from me and my friend and they confirmed that they did. From this point on-wards communication stops nearly all together unless I started it back up again. On the 24th and 29th of March I ask them if they have even started the commission as no communication was given to me since the start of the transaction, they then responded on the 30th claiming that they are still working on the other commissions before me. This is when it starts to get a tad worrying I contacted them on the 22nd of April, 14th and 28th of May asking them how the commission was doing to no response until the 30th of May where I get a message saying that they are now doing commissions again even tho they didn't even tell me that they stopped doing commissions. Nearly a whole month later I get a message on twitter from Edjit with a few sketch designs which made me excited that this commission was finally under way but after these images I got nothing for a whole month. On July 23rd I asked them how the commission was going and got a response claiming that it was going slow and that I could request a refund if I wanted one, and I didn't take one as I still thought in my mind that they have more than sketch sooner or later. On August 13th I asked how it was going when he then responded 12 days later?! that he was still tweaking it. Then nothing, it has taken so long that I mainly forgot about this piece until now that is how bad of a communicator this person is. I wouldn't even be mad if they just communicated better and not left me in the dark. I still want this piece but at this point I think I might have to accept the loss of money.
  19. This was a piece I commissioned a year ago today. Artist sent the sketch, I asked for modifications since they were redoing the pose (allegedly). Modification request was ignored, still okay with the commission at this point. Sent a pretty decent tip and thanked them, then requested a few major errors to be fixed after completion. Artist said they would be making the edits and working on them. It's been a full year and I'm completely ignored. They've opened my messages asking for updates and continued to ignore me, taking on and posting more commissions and acting like my requests didn't matter at all. Really disappointed to be posting here. At this point, I'm planning on having it professionally edited after spending so much already. Link to character ref: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/29836829/ I'm embarrassed how I talk in commission notes, but I just get super excited for art. Never made a beware/caution post before so apologies if it's formatted a bit off. Thanks!
  20. This beware is about an artist going by Delta, Deltarune, or Rabbitmonster. They deleted their discord account after abandoning their trade after partial payment. The trade was for 2 emotes, and Delta completed 1 emote before deleting their account and stopping all communication with me. They had received my half of the trade at full original size right before the communication stopped. On 5/24/2019, a user named Delta initiated a trade with me after finding my post in the Furry Nexus discord server about wanting to trade some art for a few emojis. (Image is my post in the Furry Nexus channel) They have since deleted their discord account, so this is a bit more difficult. If I need to include anything extra to help with this beware because of it, please let me know. Every screenshot included is our chat from start to finish, with nothing skipped. (Can show message overlap on screenshots if needed) Delta DM'd me to talk about the trade and show examples of their art. I gave them my offer of 1 fullbody sketch for 2 small emotes by them and they accepted. We exchanged more information and they linked me their trello, which wasn't working but they never gave me a working link. We finished exchanging characters and they changed their order to the character Deltarune, which is the same character in their Deviantart gallery above. I sent my WIP of my side of the trade, pretty much finished except for the T-Shirt design, while we were deciding on one. It was a small WIP and not the full-size file. On 5/27, the same day as the above screenshot, they sent the first of 2 the two emojis. I responded 1 day later expressing my approval, and then sent over my full size file of my trade half 2 days later when I finished it. After they received my full size trade, they expressed that they were making a server and they were busy, but would get to it soon. After this, I had no further contact with them for 2 months, when they responded to say they were in Florida and thanked me for reminding them. That was the last I had heard of them, as they deleted their discord account shortly after this. At the time I would have been fine to cancel the trade where it stood (1 emote for 1 colored/shaded fullbody sketch) if Delta had communicated with me what was going on, but by deleting their account it makes me feel that they just did the trade to throw a quick emote at me and bail with my art as soon as I sent it. I am mostly upset about my art being taken before the conclusion of the trade more than anything. I would consider the situation resolved if Delta communicated to me and completed the second owed emote, or some other form of art.
  21. Yoko

    Beware Rohunt

    Originally commissioned the artist back in October of 2018. Some time went by and I found they were taking a hiatus for mental health. Perfectly fine and reasonable. When they returned in the middle of 2019 I messaged them, to make sure I was not forgotten and in que. I gave them the details again. I then messaged them afterwards a few times asking for an update, only for the messages to have been marked as read with no response to them.
  22. I have paid for a headshot YCH posted on March 12, 2019. I inquired about a change of character and my question was not answered. I then found another set of commission slots that they have opened up for, I requested for a slot and the artist agreed. I did have an issue with sending the payment and asked the artist to cancel the YCH and use the funds to pay for the other commission. The artist agreed, I had offered to use the over payment from $30 to $20 as a tip. I have asked for updates over the next few months and I have not received replies. The messages are not read, and the artist is active on Twitter. Initial YCH: https://twitter.com/Ohmnog/status/1105679509519392768 Hypno Drool Slots: https://twitter.com/Ohmnog/status/1151616449737216000 Inital YCH: Second YCH: Conversation History: Transaction Receipt via Email:
  23. VX666

    Space Meme

    "Fursuit maker" "Space Meme" (herein refered to as "Maker") was paid $625 to create a costume / fursuit, (herein referred to as "Fursuit") materials and money, along with a ":duct tape dummy" were sent. Maker never created the Fursuit or produced any product, and was asked to refund money and or return materials, neither of which were refunded/returned as of 2020 Jan 3.
  24. On 31.01.2019 I contacted ChazThePanwhere over a Furry Marketplace Group on Telegram. She made an offer for a comic she and a friend were working on. The role should be the mascot of a school and thus the main character of the project. She said there would be art, t-shirts and all kind of merch on that comic so the slot would be a bit pricey, but for 700$ I could join, but I had to be fast because anotherone already was interested in the slot. So I agreed to pay for it. She then sent the Invoice via Paypal and I paid roughly 700$ The first days went good, the first pic arrived only 4 days later. (Also she forgot to draw my hair, but that's a minor issue) Next thing came on 20th February And then she took one month to fill it, but she said she was super busy and so I didn't want to be rude and thought it was okay (I know how it is to be busy sometimes). But then things changed. She didn't write me anything over months, so I decided to write her in June. She told me she was in some serious trouble because she doesn't have money anymore and was sick and everything. I said it was ok and wished her well. Next thing again I had to write her because I heared nothing from her. It was 15th September meanwhile and so I decided to drop out of the project. I tried to make her a fair offer, because she already did some art and had some trouble, so I didn't request a full refund. Followed by the picture of the invoice in case she doesn't even remember it. She took it easy and said she couldn't pay it all by now, but she would do in installments and I was really relieved that it would go this easy. I also wrote with her partner (the storywriter of the comic) at this time. I just wanted him to know I wouldn't be part of the Comic anymore and it turned out he didn't even know that ChazThePanwere took money for drawing, she told him she would do it as a sparetime project. This got me a bit uneasy. On 21st September (6 Days later) she then contacted me again and said, that she would not give a refund now, because in her contract she said she will only give refunds if she doesn't make progress in 12 Month. She showed me the phrase and she was right. So I gave her time until today (5th February 2020) to do some more art, but she didn't. So I wrote her a friendly but resolute message that I want my money back or I would take several actions (this Beware being one of them) and gave her two weeks (and again an option to friendly discuss it all out) to send it to my PayPal account and she said she wouldn't send me my money back, but rather rush six more pics and then close the project as done. This is the reason why I decided to write this beware today and not in two weeks as first said. I am more than sure I will never get my money back, but maybe it helps other people to not live through the same thing.
  25. On January 10th 2019, the artist opened commissions on twitter throught a google form, I sent a form asking for an icon commission. On January 14th 2019, I received and paid the invoice on Paypal. After that, on January 17th 2019, my commission info was added to the artist's Trello page. Little to none activity is shown in their Trello regarding my commission during the rest of the year. On November 16th 2019, I try to contact the artist on their Twitter asking why is taking so long with my commission and if there's any sketch I could see as a progress (if any) but I get no answer. On November 19th 2019, my commission shows some activity on their Trello, with the cheklist's items "Roguh sketch" and "Final sketch" completed. After that update, until this day, the artist hasn't showed any sign of activity in their Trello or Twitter. On January 11th and January 23th 2020, I tried to contact them again, asking what's going on? Why the lack of activity, is everything ok and what's the situation with my commission but I haven't got any answer from them so far. I don't know what's going to be honest. Before November, the artist was constantly to somewhat active, delivering commissions (kinda at a slow pace though imo) and taking some more from time to time but then, without warning, they just disappeared; no announcement, no responses, no other way to contact them, nothing. I know there has been some people looking for them too, also for pending commissions. I don't want to think bad of the artist but this doesn't look good for them. At this point I just want my commission soon or my money back (along with an explanation if possible). IMAGE PROOF Publicity of commissions Paypal invoice Trello activity of commission First attempt to contact the artist on Twitter, Nov 16th 2019 Second attempt to contact hte artist on Twitter, Jan 11th 2020 Thrid attempt to contact the artist on Twitter, Jan 23th 2020 https://imgur.com/mQa5eK
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