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About Me

  1. original: https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/652902.html am new to posting on livejournal so if there is anything wrong with my submission just let me know! Thanks~ WHO: That1cyclops/mii/Agenthooves/Deerknight WHERE http://www.furaffinity.net/user/that1cyclops http://deerknight.tumblr.com/ WHAT: Art Trade WHEN: Agreement was made in late September 2012 PROOF Initial Contact: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/27734475/A_B Post/1Agreement.png https://dl.dropbox.com/u/27734475/A_B Post/2Agreement.png https://dl.dropbox.com/u/27734475/A_B Post/3Agreement.png Agreement: Deerknight (That1cyclops on FA) and I agreed to a trade approximately 4 months ago (it's going on 5 now that it's February). The agreement was a one character image each, I was to draw their character Pastel, and they were to draw my character Liam. As you can see I finished shortly after our agreement:http://www.furaffinity.net/full/8850846/ EXPLAIN: Firstly, I want to preface this by saying I work fast, and I believe in being timely. I take my trades as seriously as my commissions. I open trades and requests frequently and usually take 5-10 people and have always finished EVERYTHING within the span of a month. I have four people who currently owe me work and I have have been going around crossing them off the list, tying my loose ends if you will. Deerknight was one of them. I sent them thi https://dl.dropbox.com/u/27734475/A_B%20Post/Note1.png ote on January 23rd asking if they ever intended to finish their half. I checked to see if they had opened the note shortly after and found that they had, but did not give a response. When I went to their page I saw that they had unwatched me, and emptied their accoun https://dl.dropbox.com/u/27734475/A_B%20Post/Deadaccount.png. They also changed their tumblr url so I was unable to find them https://dl.dropbox.com/u/27734475/A_B%20Post/DeadTumblr.png ortunately, I had the foresight to screencap everything I thought may be important. I sent them a second note on FA with a warning that I would be posting them here if they did not respond to m https://dl.dropbox.com/u/27734475/A_B%20Post/Note2.png t has yet to be opened https://dl.dropbox.com/u/27734475/A_B%20Post/Note2Unopened.png Through luck a friend had their new url, which I might add was changed ONE day after I sent them the initial note about the trade https://dl.dropbox.com/u/27734475/A_B%20Post/NameChange.png hey claim that they changed it on a whim, and maybe that is true, but I think it's rather fishy they changed it the day after I sent out the first note. I then sent them a note on Tumblr, the same I had sent in the second note on FA https://dl.dropbox.com/u/27734475/A_B%20Post/TumblrNote1.png n their response they deny ever seeing the first note (though it was clearly opened https://dl.dropbox.com/u/27734475/A_B%20Post/Note1Opened.png nd say they unfollowed me because I unfollowed them on tumblr. For a time I was following them on tumblr, but unfollowed shortly after because they made too many personal posts, and I really just wanted to see their art. I did not unfollow them on FA though , and am in fact still watching them. I had also bookmarked their art tag on tumblr, so I could see anything they did not post to FA. Maybe when they saw I had unfollowed them they went about unwatching me everywhere, I cannot sa Anyways, I can't tell if in their response to my note on tumblr they are genuinely confused or not. Again, they had opened my first note before this so I think they are trying to cover themselves. They also proceeded to make THREE very passive-aggressive posts about me on their tumblr: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/27734475/A_B Post/Post1.png https://dl.dropbox.com/u/27734475/A_B Post/Post2.png https://dl.dropbox.com/u/27734475/A_B Post/Post3.png Which were deleted by the next day. Now I was willing to let them go, again all I wanted was a simple reason, maybe even an apology. But this is just childish and rude. In my next note I tried to clear things up and explain what A_B was https://dl.dropbox.com/u/27734475/A_B%20Post/Final%20Note.png And then they sent me a second response that seems more genuine. I will excuse anyone who is having medical problems of course, a person's health must come first. However, I think that in all this time they could have at least contacted me and informed me that they were unable to finish their half. It is not my responsibility to keep tabs on another person's personal life. Not to mention they have been making plenty of personal art. That is why I waited to contact them until now, I figured one day I'd log in and it would be in my inbox. I don't think they ever got around to doing any of the art they owed though, and after awhile I realized that it wasn't going to happen and that's how all of this came about. I don't really want anything from them now, it's too little too late. But this will serve as a warning in case they ever do decide to open for trades or commissions again. Update 1: Deerknight contacted me last night, they sent me two messages: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/27734475/A_B Post/Screencap Deerknight.png I sent them this in response (I answered privately so I was unable to screenshot it, though I also sent the message to a mod): All I wanted was for you to take the initiative to contact me and tell me whether you would do it or not. I should not have had to track you down, and I didn't deserve the response you gave me when I finally did find you. But you were rude, and you were sneaky, and I think you were just hoping I'd forget about it. I really would have let this go if you hadn't thrown a tantrum on your tumblr, but it's too late now. I can't remove the post from A_B because it's against the rules, but if you do your half I can get it marked as resolved. I like your style a lot, I enjoy your art, and I was really looking forward to getting a piece from you! But if not, let's just go our separate ways. Update 2: Deerknight sent me a followup message: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/27734475/A_B Post/deerknightscreen2.png I sent them a link to my Character Hub which has several references and the following message: (Again, I answered privately so I was unable to screenshot it) And listen, I'm sorry that this escalated the way it did. I will mark it resolved when you send me the piece, and if you post it to tumblr I'll be sure to recommend to all of my followers that they go take a look at your art. You are really very talented! I look forward to seeing what you come up with~ Update 3: Deerknight has sent me their piece in a VERY timely manner and it's lovely http://deerknight.tumblr.com/post/42403878669/my-part-of-the-art-trade-with-dealgen-im-sorry Consider this resolved!
  2. original: https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/648850.html WHO: thelittlehuskee (FA, anipan, and nabyn), b0h3h3 and enemecreations (DA) https://www.furaffinity.net/user/thelittlehuskee/ http://thelittlehuskee.nabyn.com/ http://b0h3m3.deviantart.com/ http://enemecreations.deviantart.com/ http://www.anipan.com/5413 http://huskee-commissions.webs.com/ WHERE: Furaffinity WHAT: A traditional double sided decco ball (a little image on paper in a plastic ball) Advertisement submission: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/8970061/ WHEN: October 4th-5th 2012 to December 23rd 2012 PROOF: Oct. 5 payment: http://i1182.photobucket.com/albums/x450/marmalade0997/thelittlehuskee/PaymentSent_zps97e23977.png EXPLAIN: On October 4th I contacted thelittlehuskee about getting a double sided decco ball http://i1182.photobucket.com/albums/x450/marmalade0997/thelittlehuskee/2fixed_zpsdcf2d88f.jpg ) and had payment sent to her the next day http://i1182.photobucket.com/albums/x450/marmalade0997/thelittlehuskee/PaymentSent_zps97e23977.png ), which she confirmed receiving http://i1182.photobucket.com/albums/x450/marmalade0997/thelittlehuskee/4_zps7ff69aff.png ). On both her commission website http://i1182.photobucket.com/albums/x450/marmalade0997/thelittlehuskee/WeekCompletion_zps0ba1e527.png ) and the submission I saw on FA http://i1182.photobucket.com/albums/x450/marmalade0997/thelittlehuskee/DeccoBallSubmission_zps8835e900.png ) she said that the decco ball commissions would take approximately one week, but I was expecting it to take a little bit longer as she said when I was working out the details with her. Over the next few months, I saw a lot of free and personal art going up on her FA with few commissioned pieces being uploaded. I was aware that she took a brief hiatus from October 24th to November 4th, and waited a while longer before contacting her about my commission. On December 9th I contacted her about a refund http://i1182.photobucket.com/albums/x450/marmalade0997/thelittlehuskee/5_zpsbdf0155e.png ). It went read but un-responded to for a few days, so I sent her another note on the 22nd http://i1182.photobucket.com/albums/x450/marmalade0997/thelittlehuskee/6_zpsb91713ba.png ). I got a reply back saying that she had already started my commission and didn't offer refunds once the commission was started. She also said she was working on other commissions and gifts, but would rush to have it completed by Monday (Christmas Eve) and have it sent off Tuesday (Christmas). She offered to refund the shipping cost, and I asked for pictures of the progress on my commission since she couldn't refund http://i1182.photobucket.com/albums/x450/marmalade0997/thelittlehuskee/7edit_zpsca60a273.jpg ). On the 23rd, since my note was read but I hadn't seen any of the progress she said she had, I sent her another note http://i1182.photobucket.com/albums/x450/marmalade0997/thelittlehuskee/8_zps3aae39b9.png ). Shortly after sending her that note, I received the refund for shipping http://i1182.photobucket.com/albums/x450/marmalade0997/thelittlehuskee/ShippingRefund_zps52e8f933.png ). I know paypal is pretty close to instant with sending money, but I figured this one just had some sort of a hold up. A few hours after that, I got a reply http://i1182.photobucket.com/albums/x450/marmalade0997/thelittlehuskee/9_zpse269d75d.png ) saying that I should have realized that two months in her queue wasn't a long wait, and that she had things to do before me. I knew it was the holidays, and didn't really appreciate the comment about me being able to imagine her beig busy, but my notes had a constant delay being replied to after being read (as well as the weird paypal timing) and I had contacted her at what I thought was a reasonable amount of time before them. She said the refund for shipping was a partial refund, but it was exactly what was stated in the commission posting as being the shipping cost. As for her queue, I had been watching her commission progress list and hadn't seen my commission get marked as started, which is why I asked for a refund http://i1182.photobucket.com/albums/x450/marmalade0997/thelittlehuskee/ComissionProgressList_zpsa359c380.png ). At that point I lost interest in the commission entirely, and asked for a refund for the work she hadn't done. After I sent that message, she decided to post the work she had done on my commission, a few little sketches on 3/4 inch pieces of paper http://i1182.photobucket.com/albums/x450/marmalade0997/thelittlehuskee/ComissionProgress_zps9111d450.png ). Once I saw the work she said she had already completed that was preventing me from getting a refund, I once again asked to be refunded since I had no interest in having it rushed and was tired of waiting http://i1182.photobucket.com/albums/x450/marmalade0997/thelittlehuskee/10_zpse959a7e0.png ). After that, she sent me a partial refund http://i1182.photobucket.com/albums/x450/marmalade0997/thelittlehuskee/PartialRefund_zps1bc940f7.png ) said, "find, here's a refund" and that was that http://i1182.photobucket.com/albums/x450/marmalade0997/thelittlehuskee/11_zpsf60cc52d.png ). I did end up with a 50% refund on what I had paid, but I feel like two small rushed sketches weren't nearly worth the $8 I ended up paying for them. Even though the artist warned me that the decco ball might take a bit longer, she said in multiple places that they would take a week. I feel like almost three months is a long wait for a commisison that was advertised as taking a week to complete. My question is, was I unreasonable to contact the artist a week before the holidays about a refund and expect notes to not go un-replied to, and was I being overly suspicious about the long delay in seeing proof of progress that she said she had?
  3. original: https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/647289.html WHO: Mutant-serpentina/Arody (On FA) http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/mutant-serpentina/ http://www.furaffinity.net/user/arody/ http://mutantserp.tumblr.com/ WHERE: This Happened exclusively on FA except for one (unanswered) email I sent to her. WHAT: Digital color piece. 20$. screen shot of original conversation. Confusing to eye but otherwise all present. http://oi46.tinypic.com/25slt1j.jpg WHEN: Original transaction occurred on August 19th. Paid in full. PROOF: http://oi45.tinypic.com/etd2tl.jpg Copy of Paypal receipt to Serpentina-folf@hotmail.com. This email is listed publicly on her page. I also tried to contact her through this email. EXPLAIN: The commission started out great. She posted a journal that she was in need of some funds. So I responded telling her I could help her out. I ordered a flat color piece for 20$, The link is in the "WHAT" category of this submission. She was very responsive that day and the WIP was actually received the day of purchase (August 19th) Unfortunately, she didn't quite capture what I had in mind, and I offered to repay her for the new sketch and continue, but she was very professional and quickly drew me up a new one. (http://oi46.tinypic.com/1zxs57q.jpg That conversation is here) The New sketch. (HERE ***NSFW** http://i230.photobucket.com/albums/ee90/krimzon_wolf/macropaws.jpg) was more or less what I was looking for, On August 20th she told me she would fix one tiny thing I wanted altered and then "finish it off" that's the last time she responded to me on the account "Mutant-Serpentina" I noted her About a month later for some updates. Unanswered (the next part of documented unanswered notes here http://oi48.tinypic.com/aw9l0.jpg) Over a month after that. No Answer. At this point I was ready to put it off as a loss. I also tried emailing her and responding to her tumblr. Both Went unanswered. I really don't understand tumblr so I might have done it wrong? Around the end of November I noticed a piece of art on the homepage, the account name "Arody" which is the same as her first name on Paypal. Her Hotmail for commissions is also located on this page. I noted her with the question "did you move accounts" she responded with (http://oi45.tinypic.com/2quu6gx.jpg) In Which I responded with a firm note explaining how unfair to her commissioners it is that she switch accounts without informing any of them. which went unread. I find this in EXTREMELY bad taste and a pure lack of any responsibility on her behalf, continuing to post personal images without responding to anything on her main account. I have not heard back from her since November 30th and have noted her 3 times since then, All of which unanswered. Also upon examining her page. I noticed others have been posting on her wall asking about the status of their orders. Recently every note on her page has been sponged, including all the notes exclaiming her "absence" one in particular by what I assume to be a friend of hers said something along the lines of "Some people just don't understand that you don't have access to internet serp" In which was BEFORE she had continued to post on another account. In Reply to such, even IF she didn't have access to internet. I'm paying her for a service, there are many free ways to access the internet to reply with a note exclaiming her lack of such.. She also doesn't need internet to finish a piece of artwork. Also as a side note on on this journal, someone has asked for a paypal refund and has to this day gone unchecked http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/3694248/. As of this moment I have NOT asked for a refund. Because I would still like the artwork finished. I find Mutant-serpentina/Arody's actions to be completely inexcusable and completely irresponsible for an artist. There's no excuse for not reading or answering notes and not replying to emails from a paid commissioner. Note to Artist: I would prefer to have the commission completed as to the fact I much enjoyed the sketch, but a complete refund will suffice. Feel free to note me on my FA account "Jhusky" or email me at Jhusky267@gmail.com. I expect to hear from you VERY soon. -Jhusky
  4. I contacted Deermoonstudios on Etsy for a fursuit head for $750 (which totalled $804 with taxes). This was paid in full immediately, followed by them stating they had just ordered fur colors needed for the suit after my approval. All on the same day. I waited a little over a month before asking them about progress, to which they said the fur had just arrived and they were waiting on more pieces to arrive in the mail. In Sep I asked for another update, no response, I asked again on the 20th and got told a day later that the head was ready for taping and sorry for the delay. On Nov 2nd 2021 I asked again for a picture, since I never got one. No response, I sent another message on the 14th asking if they saw the previous message, no response. In Dec, I got a little upset and messages them again asking for a picture, still no response. After this I looked for their Twitter, to see if they were busy with life or something. I learned they were pretty active on Twitter and I created an account to message them. Still no response, but they did post a tweet about how they have a hard time responding to messages and complaining that people need to stop guilt tripping them. I'm unsure if this was directed at me, but I took note of it and messaged them on etsy one last time to apologize if I had ever made them uncomfortable, and that I would no longer message them. I've given up and am assuming I'll never get the product I paid for. They had finished one (provable here) fursuit head in the meantime, fairly quickly. As of right now (Jan 6 2022), I still have gotten no response from them. They do not accept refunds on their products. They were polite in messages but have seemingly ghosted me.
  5. Original Agreement + Proof: I was contacted by Mechogama through my FA notes on Oct. 11, 2021 with an offer to draw two individual pieces of my horse sona for a total price of $300, fully colored with background. After a cursory investigation there was an art trail showing that despite the out-of-the-blue solicitation the artist did have a track record of delivering and agreed to the proposition and we exchanged Discord contacts. Fig 1.0: Initial message over Furaffinity Fig. 2.0: Initial Discord message to establish continuity of account “HACKED” being Cleam/Mechogama the name had been CLEAM as of initial conversation but latter events lead to a name change and new account. After establishing that we were who we said we were we got down to brass tax. My quote for the work would be: 2 Pieces @ $150 ea. - Fully Colored - Background Included - Multi-Character with central focus on my horse Fig. 2.1: Reiteration of agreement, addition of update schedule and providing an EOD sketch. Fig. 2.2: Transactional Proof Things proceed apace in payment but the end of day sketch and the 2 day update schedule do not come. Fig. 3.0: Sudden request for more money under false pretenses A request for $50 instead arrives in confusing format with me initially mistaking it as an attempt to be upcharged. No work has been completed thus far and I let the artist know my qualms with the sudden request. It has been about a week and a half since our initial conversation and I approach Mechogama about our agreement. Fig 4.0: CLEAM as shown in cap is original avatar and name of account as can be seen in Fig. 2.1. I am told that I will receive an update when he returns home. While I do not receive said sketch at the end of the day, I do receive initial sketches 4 days afterward. Fig. 4.1: Initial sketches arrive By this point I believe the artist is just pre-occupied and am willing to acquiesce to the slight delays. I do not hear from Mechogama again until Nov. 11 2021. Fig. 4.2: Mechogama let’s me know that he is still aware of my commission. Fig. 4.3: Mechogama contacts me again about alleged technical issues with his computer and a timeline for repair + compensation for the trouble. We would discuss some specifics of the commission again on 12/04/2021 and I would hear from him one last time on 12/25/2021 before radio silence on that account. Fig. 4.4: Offer for more pictures, details on an after-pic, no agreement on paying for after-images but semi-regular communication seemed apparent. Fig 4.5: Last message received from the original CLEAM account before allegations of being hacked would appear nearly a month later in Mechogama’s first Discord chat: “The Dirty Paw”. Fig. 5.0: Mechogama alerts his server that his account has been hacked. It has been one month since I have heard from him. The details of the hack are slightly suspicious but seems to be standard Discord phishing. The account in question was never deleted but the alleged hacker had since deleted their's. Fig. 5.1: Supporting evidence of the hack, names have been removed aside from mine for the server-wide alert. Server effectively dies. By this point I had not been aware of the hack as I had been busy with my courses, however after another month I would contact Mechogama through FA after having seen no attempt to get back in touch with commissioners or announcement from any other source of information. I had discovered that this alleged hack occurred while trying to get a hold of Mechogama about my commission. Fig. 5.2: I messaged Mechogama on FA and he promptly responded to me. This is the first time I’ve spoken with him since Dec. 25, 2021. I join the Discord to find it hosting some people but far less lively than before, there is evidence of some activity and posts. This allows me access to Mechogama’s new iteration of CLEAM to continue trying to find a resolution to this commission issue. Fig. 5.3: My attempt over the last half a month to get information and this apparent ‘update’ on my commission. I had messaged CLEAM at various hours to get his attention, and it is obvious that he had been avoiding responding. At this point I had decided that this commission was never going to see the light of day and that I wanted a refund. Due to Mechogama refusing to answer my DM directly, even while online in “League of Legends” as his account status showed, I posted an @CLEAM into his new Discord: “Furry4Ever” to get his attention, the contents including the information on his avoidance of me. He promptly deleted the message in the public Discord and finally responded to me in DM. Fig. 5.4: After my notice in his Discord server, Cleam/Mechogama finally deigns it appropriate to respond to me and promptly removes me from his Discord group. Finally, after months of silence, I am granted my audience and he agrees to refund me. As of the time of this Artist Beware I am awaiting confirmation from Paypal that my refund has been processed, however I am not convinced that it will not be forced into claim status. Mechogama immediately went back to play League of Legends after the outburst at the end and no update on my refund through Paypal has been shown nor has he responded to my question regarding if he has even seen the refund request. Fig. 5.5: Outlandish response to request for refund, I inform Mechogama that the refund request has been sent and receive no indication from him that he has even so much as looked at it. Mechogama has been an unreliable and unprofessional artist at best, and outright attempting to con a client at worse. Reasonable attempts to rectify a situation and patience shown considering circumstance were disregarded and the attitude towards myself as a client and commissioner was dismissive. If you are expecting regular communique, timely updates, or for the original agreements of your commission terms to be met you should look elsewhere.
  6. On august 2019 i commission kitamonplush for two plush on her facebook page and payment was sent via paypal and i not ask for update because of covid happen in 2020 and i ask for 0ne on 5/30/20 she did give me a update the next time i ask for a update it was 2/25/21 she give me the some update it almost does. at the point i now some was wrong . so i look some of her other accounts now like her etsy page you can tell she make plush for her store and some people neve get it too the two plush was for my brother he die from covid i was did i get scam so i talk to her about it and we change the plush the next time i ask for it was 1/26/22 still no update and still not have be read so i make a new account and send her a message she did read it say have be read so i have mark it and now i have be block on my account bye her so i cant message her
  7. October 06 2021: Contacted them, inquiring about commissions. They sent me a WIP shortly after we discussed ocs. October 7 2021: Paid for the commission. October 27 2021: Was sent another WIP. December 10 2021- January 5 2022: They had briefly ghosted me here, before claiming my dms got hidden and they hadnt seen them, conveniently replying on the exact day I threatened a refund. They sent a wip a few hours later. Febuary 8 2022: Reached out for a update, was told they were busy working on a bday animation and a presentation. March 3 2022- Current Time: Theyve completely ghosted me, and have blocked me on discord. May 9 2022: Realized i was blocked on discord, reached out to them on instagram asking for a refund and was blocked there too. May 10 2022: I've reached out to my bank and asked for a chargeback since its been too long to do one through paypal. Waiting for my banks response. UPDATE: 5/17/2022 The artist has responded to the client via instagram regarding the outstanding commission.
  8. Back on September 16th, I commissioned the user Azhakuiin for a chibi and a fullbody. On September 28th, I was sent a sketch of the chibi and satisfied, I gave the okay to continue. 10 days passed after that with no word, so I texted them to see how things were going. On October 1st I recieved a text back saying they'd thought they sent it, but must not have and sent me the finished chibi. They also mention having been working on several sketches for the fullbody, which they would work on getting to me. On the 14th of October, I text them again inquiring about the progress of the sketches. On October 17th, I get a response from them saying they had a medical intervention and hadn't been able to be on in a few days. They then send 2 unfinished sketches to show progress and say they'll be trying to work through their commission schedule this month. I responded saying I loved the second sketch and I hope they get well soon. They still haven't viewed my response to this day, and that was the last contact we had. They haven't been active on TH since then according to their stats. After a month of silence, I started getting anxious so I messaged them on deviantart, saying who I was and that I wanted to check in. That message also hasn't been viewed. On December 10th, after seeing some activity on their Twitter, I messaged them there saying mostly the same thing. That also hasn't been viewed. I messaged them again on the 28th, after seeing some activity in their likes, but also no response. [Mod Note: Artist has turned off DMs on all, making private contact impossible.] So as a last ditch effort, I sent them an email on Dec 30th saying that basically I'd tried to contact them numerous times and if they can't complete the art then I would take a refund. I also mention if they don't respond, I will file a dispute. Though, what I didn't realize when writing that, is the money was sent via friends and family, which means I cannot dispute it. So seeing as they haven't responded to the email either, it just means I'm out of luck. So instead of the dispute, I figured I'd make this to warn others. [Mod note: Further contact has been attempted recently; no direct response was provided to the client. They have opted to lock their public accounts in response.]
  9. I originally contacted Furfancy for a fursuit as of Sept 14, 2019. They provided me the link to their website and we continued with conversation from screenshot1.jpg: We had discussed the details and around December I made the initial payment for my partial fursuit for $2000 and the start date to begin working on the suit around the end of 2020. After December, I started making payments via Paypal. Thankfully, I requested a written contract on Jan 2, 2020. The contract was created and signed. (Not provided since it contains personal information of both client and seller) Aside from the occassional late response, things went fairly smoothly as I continued making payments. It wasn't until September that I started seeing some big red flags. I'll also note that in the contract provided, there was a 1-4 day window for communication which I thought was fairly reasonable. Going forward on this beware, it was mostly the lack of communication that resulted in me wishing to end this contract. On September 18, 2020, I sent the following message on telegram: At this point, the lack of communication was already becoming an issue. This was something that I tried to contact her on so that we could continue working around this but kept getting worse as things went on. Throughout this process, other commissioners were having the same experience as me and were backing out. On top of the fact that she was so far behind deadline and also the lack of communication, I was (and still am) worried that she has no intention of really completing my fursuit. Despite no work being done on the suit and breaking her own terms on her contract, she never offered me a full refund, and when I requested one eventually, she said that she could not provide a full refund. My initial $400 payment was non-refundable. If any work was done on the project or parts were already purchased, I may have understood. However, at this point, we are already a year after the initial request to commission a fursuit. There was no work completed and still 20 people in the queue before me which meant I would need to wait approximately another two years before she could even start working on my fursuit. At this time, I had also joined her group chat which I will not provide screenshots of since Victoria largely provides updates via voice messages. Every update that was provided has been about personal problems and why she needs to extend her deadlines for all of her clients. These were the only updates that were provided for approximately a year. I can sympethize with these problems. However, I paid $2000 for a commission. This means that I'm working with a company to provide me with a product. I understand that roadblocks occur, but at no point of the process did Victoria hold any accountability or responsibililty. This screenshot is from September 22, 2020. Please keep that in mind while you look at the next screenshot from October 2, 2020. This last screenshot I found out that she had apparently purchased my furs apparently months ago and didn't bother to inform me. "If a charge back is made, I'm going to assume you no longer want the slot. If you are backing out 35% is non refundable." If the communication up to this point was a red flag, then threatening me for 35% of what I paid so that I can guarantee I don't get screwed through this process should be just straight up illegal. At this point, I managed to call her. Only after a full year, did she share her trello board with me. I contacted her asking her to update her contract for a deadline and a full refund if she did not complete the fursuit by August 1, 2021. After signing the new contract, we stopped communicating for a while. Then we pick back up in February. At this point, this brings us up to where we are currently in the discussion and I'm mentally checked out of this whole process. I just want my full refund so I can move on with my life. I was really looking forward to commissioning my first fursuit and now I'm not sure if I want one anymore. Victoria has completely ruined the idea of fursuiting for me at this point.
  10. So, about more than a year ago, I found this one 3D artist who goes by the name BlueBerry, It was through this one post that I saw he was making a model of the character “Waltt” and thought it was pretty cool, asked him if the model was functional, to which he said yes, thus getting my interest for a comm, I went ahead and DMed him asking for the prices, 50 for the model + 50 for the base, we agreed with a commission of two models for 200, with all and bases, I did this because I also wanted to get priority into the queue, but that was a horrible mistake. After payment was made, he said he would start with a 2D reference before going for the actual model, but after a while of getting ghosted it turns out that the guy had a personal problem of which he didn’t talk about and that he was going to deactivate his Twitter, I uselessly attempted to cheer him, but to no avail. I asked him for a refund, but there was no answer whatsoever. Nevertheless, after some time passed (about a month or so) he recovered from his issue and said he was all ready to work again, giving me the 2D ref at the very last, it looked good enough. After some time more he worked on the face/head and sent me the WIPs, all good, just needed to explain him that the character owner was ok with having models of his OC. He also requested to post the work of the model, I said it was good, the WIPs were published after a while as some work went on private. Time went by and he showed me the body, everything seemed to be going well, though the conversation was cut short after one point, he began publishing the updates in public without contacting me, but this was just good enough for me. He even went as far as posting an animated video with my model. After a while I decided to change accs to make a small project, the two models he was working on would be involved in it alongside some art I had planned, but oh oh. The guy had another mental breakdown for another problem he had, and again I uselessly tried to get his self-esteem up, he claimed that he didn’t want to model anymore, but that he would give me a refund, and even though I claimed multiple times that I rather have the base, they ghosted me for several days, no refund nor model, just silence. After almost losing my patience the guy finally answered, just saying “sorry” this was enough to get me back to my calm self as he had finally answered. He then said that his PC was broken and that he couldn’t model, but he got a new one after a while. Everything went normal for a while, and I received a couple more updates (the last ones I ever got). But after some time without receiving anything relevant, I checked on his profile and saw that he was making a free art thing alongside some WIPs of other (free) models, this made me realize that he didn't really wanted to work on my comm and was leaving it for whenever he felt like it, so I finally asked him for his email as I wanted a refund and my hype for the model was gone, it was about to be a year since I paid for it. He said he didn’t have the funds, he had already spent them. I got ghosted for several other days as I tried contacting him, only to get ghosted, this went on for a while until the guy opened commissions claiming that he would refund me with them and that my models "brought him problems", when asked why, he didn't gave any context. But, as it is obvious, I haven’t gotten a single penny back. Any other attempt of contact was ignored, I even tried DMing his BF and some of his friends, only to get ignored, too. Most likely they were told by the guy not to answer me. And whether I get my funds back or not, my experience with this artist has been utterly horrifying and I wouldn’t advise on giving money on his way. More than a year for a model is just WAY too much, specially if the commission didn't even got finished and you got ghosted for several days/weeks, let alone having your funds stolen. Also, people, do not commit the same mistake as me and don’t give your money away so easily, nor let time pass by, if you’re getting ghosted and the deadline for a refund is getting close you should REALLY set on your red flags and take action on it, stay safe. Mod note: Sent to us March 16th
  11. I am currently awaiting a refund on a fursuit comission that was taken on in 2019. It was paid in installments before it was started. I paid one (1) upgrade fee for the markings and then one (1) rush fee with an optional tip to get my suit finished faster. After a large amount of time passing due to the pandemic and problems on the makers end, after multiple requests for updates, I have requested a refund on the 5th of January 2021. Only then was I shown evidence that my fursuit had been started. After a few requests my most recent message from them was on the 12th of May 2021 and despite seeing my messages they have not yet responded. I am extreamly hopeful I will get my money refunded as they seem honest with their intent but this has gone on for over 2 years and I can no longer afford to wait. Pictured is the conversation begining where the commision was accepted, discussion of the upgrade fee, discussion of rush fee, when the suit should be started, requesting a refund,the most recent messages sent by me and pictures of Paypal invoices sent and paid.
  12. I commissioned Gamblepaws for a NSFW picture around December of 2020. I paid the invoice on December 17th, then heard nothing for three months. After three months of waiting and not hearing anything I was finally told I'd be getting a work-in-progress sketch that evening (June 15th, 2021). Then after not hearing back I waited a little longer then asked if there was an ETA. I've asked a few times over the months now but I've not heard back since then, so now it's been another three months since they've said they'd have a sketch done by the evening. In total I've been waiting nine months since paying the invoice and I've only heard from the artist once after paying, and that took 3 months... After nine months my commission hasn't even been started and the artist is ghosting me. They've been active on Twitter and have posted as recently as October 1st, 2021, yet still haven't opened any of my notes on FA nor responded to my DM on Twitter. https://cdn.artistsbeware.info/monthly_2021_10/Screenshot_2021-10-06_14-46-37.png.c0ada617cd7078ad868e204c520c9f68.png
  13. I contacted Kino on 9th September 2020, after seeing that they said they were opening commission slots on Twitter. I emailed asking if any slots were open and if so, what I was interested in getting (NSFW, fully body, fully shaded commission from you of my OC, with background). They said they were, that they could do that and it would cost $160.00 I agree with the price and send across several refs. Kino gave me the PayPal to send the money to and I sent across the $160.00. Payment was sent on the 10th of September. I emailed Kino on 23rd November 2020, asking how the commission was coming along, as I had not initially asked for a rough timeline. They responded on the 27th November 2020, apologising for delay, saying I can expect it in ‘a few weeks’ and that I’ll be sent a sketch ‘ASAP’. I told them no worries and thanks for letting me know. They did not contact me at until I emailed again on 6th February 2021, asking for another update. They responded on the 14th, apologising for the lack of communication and cited multiple personal reasons as to why there had been no update / why my commission had not yet been done. They said that I could either get a refund or continue waiting-- I said I understood, life comes first and it’s all good, and that I was happy to continue waiting for my commission. Yet again, there was no communication until I initiated it, emailing them again on 12th June 2021, asking for another update. They responded the same day, sating they were working on commissions that day and that I should have something soon. I said great, looking forward to seeing the sketch. After more months of radio silence, I email again on 29th September 2021 asking for another update and for a concrete answer or estimate as to when I can expect the commission. Kino responded the same day, asking if I had not received the email they had sent out (I did not-- I double checked my inbox, deleted and junk folders for said email), which stated they didn’t have the energy to work on art for other people and that refunds will be going out bi-monthly and that they will have a concrete timeframe of when to expect the refund after they receive their first pay check from their new job. I said no worries and good luck with the new job. Again, I email Kino as they have once again, not contacted me, on 8th December 2021, again asking for an update. They respond the same day, stating that they get paid on the 15th December and that I can expect a partial or full refund then. It is currently Wednesday the 15th December 2021 at the time of me writing this. I have not yet received an email from Kino or PayPal. My issue is not that I couldn’t get a commission from them or that the refund has not come through yet; at this point it is the lack of communication on their end and misleading updates. Being told to expect a sketch in a few weeks and then told, several months later, that “I'm actually working on them today”.
  14. Short Version/Timeline: I ordered two chibi headshot sketches from Funbelle (now Sorbuns) on Toyhou.se. It has now been over a year since my original order and I have not received any work from them. They appear to have abandoned all socials. Ordered placed and confirmed on 3/10/21. Asked for update on 3/27/21 Received response 3/28/21 that they would work on the commissions soon Asked for another update on 4/13/21 Received response 4/14/21 that said they hadn't gotten to mine yet, but they had completed one and offered to send it to me. Responded to that message on 4/14/21 -- Message unread as of 3/25/22 Asked for refund 2/21/22 -- Message unread as of 3/25/22 The most recent update regarding commissions is a Toyhou.se bulletin posted 5/27/21 My order does not appear on their public commission queue anywhere, even though the last update was on 5/30/21 (over a month after first my unread message) Most recent update/activity I can find is art posted on their Facebook 6/16/21. Some time between 2/21/22 and 3/25/22 they deleted all content off of their user profile on Toyhou.se, including their links to DeviantArt and Twitter which were both completely blank at the time I was checking 2/21/22. All screenshots are taken 3/25/22--Not all have dates visible on the posts due to Toyhou.se using the amount of time that's passed rather than exact dates. I have also censored out the username of someone not directly involved in the transaction. Comment/Conversation in Thread 3/10/21: Proof they accepted the commission and received the payment: Paypal Invoice: Text of both March and April updates (reads in reverse chronological order) First Unread Message: Proof of unread status from Toyhou.se Outbox Second Unread Message: Proof of unread status from Toyhou.se Outbox Most recent public updates for Commissioners 5/27/21: Public Comm Queue: Latest update 5/30/21 Latest activity on Facebook: Final contact attempts:
  15. I contacted Mawbyte on Twitter after seeing an ad on their Twitter for page dolls. The page dolls were $30. I messaged them with my reference sheet asking if I could get one and they sent me a message saying they would take me but needed to add a $20 complexity fee. I found this a bit strange since my character is pretty simple but agreed anyways. Here is a picture of the reference sheet: (Image is much larger but keeps getting shrunk on here) The initial conversation for the transaction: An invoice was sent for $50. I added a $10 tip for the artist and was given the link to the Trello where I could track my commission. I was told I could contact them if I wanted any changes to be made or if I wanted anything added or removed. Invoice: Conversation about the invoice, what to do if I wanted edits and the trello information given: Me asking for clarification on what the complexity fee was for: I heard nothing from them again until 12/14/2021. Upon opening my commission I realized that even though it is a very clear reference sheet my character was missing half of their markings. Additionally the quality of the lines did not match anything of their other work and the work appeared extremely rushed. I contacted them back and asked if the markings could be added. Being charged a complexity fee those markings should have been added. Quality of chibis advertised: Message sent with my file: The file: I did not hear back from them. I contacted them again on the 15th and still heard nothing. Then I contacted them again on the 17th and finally heard back late in the evening. I was told they had deleted the file and that there was nothing they could do about it. I asked them about getting a refund for the complexity fee since my character’s markings were not actually completed. I was told they don’t do refunds and that they simplify the markings for the smaller page dolls anyways so they were sorry but they didn’t know what to do. Proof of asking for changes: There were several chibis done that were a lot more complicated than my character. I had never been told about potentially simplifying the character and that does not mean leaving entire markings out. I mentioned writing a beware and then was told I didn’t communicate well enough about what was important for my character. The reference sheet I sent is very thorough and answered any potential questions the artist might have had. They also could have messaged me at any point to ask me the questions but they did not. Excuses given for why it couldn't be changed: They finally painted the markings onto the image and said they were blacklisting me. I was asking simply for what I paid for. The rest of the interaction: The final changes I received: There are still several details incorrect on the character. The line quality is horrific especially in the feet and tail. The line making up the claw on the foot is not even closed. The line for the right ear can be seen through the horn. There are several areas such as the arms that are not colored all the way. The elbow being laughed into has a bit of fur colored in as the scales on his arms. I was charged an extra fee for complexity and then when I asked to have things corrected got blamed for the mistakes and then blacklisted. I want to make people aware of the bad conduct, communication and final product of this artist.
  16. My beware is for the artist known as Superninfendo / Fen. As a friend, I allowed our friendship to be used against me. I'd tell her time and time again to take her time with my commissions; and that they were not top priority. Most of our conversation for updates and such happened in a discord server I am no longer apart of; so those conversations are lost to the void. What I do have/can provide are screenshots of certain commissions I never got the finished products of. In the screenshots I will be providing; I will show evidence of me commissioning Fen, paying Fen; and then getting a few responses [if I was lucky enough] or no response for days/weeks/months. I was naïve and thought our friendship meant that I wouldn't be ghosted/scammed, but I was very wrong with that assumption. All in all, I was scammed out of $324.41. In the screenshots provided I will show the back and forth I've had with the artist over the coarse of the year; where some commissions had been done; but a majority were paid for and then ghosted/ignored. Even when requesting a refund, I was promptly ignored and overlooked. Even now in present time; they claim they've refunded all commissions owed; but I have yet to see my refund. Instead, I was swiftly blocked by their art management account run by SuperNinfendo and Corpsekiit. At the very end I show 2 instances of contact for a refund; and the final one being only just a day or so ago; where I was promptly blocked after requesting either the art owed to me or a refund. Original Agreement in chronological order: Several Art pieces coursing over a year - YCH of my sona holding money - Animal Crossing Sign Edit + Tip - 4 Twitch Emotes - Fullbody Commission w/ BG [made in 3 payments] - 2 Twitch Emotes - Pride Art Piece - Sona w/ Scarf - Outfit Change for PNGTuber - Leggy Keychain - Poster for Mic_Feedback's 30th birthday big stream celebration Proofs of payment: Relevant Correspondence:
  17. I paid Gideon Hoss nearly $60 to draw my character at anthrocon 2014. I was unable to retrieve it at the time. I have sent him numerous emails over the years asking about it. Ive seen him at other anthrocons and he still didn't have it on him, but he did finish it.
  18. This beware is about Calima, aka. Storm Shy Arts. I initiated the commission transaction in October 2020 (see attachments; all edited for names, email addresses, or any personal/private information) for a 2-character commission. Details were worked out and payment was sent via Paypal. 2 months later in December 2020 I sent a message to the artist on Fur Affinity asking for an update, but did not receive a reply. I sent another message in January 2021 for an update and again received no reply. I again sent a message on FA in March asking for an update with a notification that I would be filing a complaint on Artists Beware, and received no reply. [Note: I was also sending a copy of the January and March messages to the email associated with the Paypal payment, but that turned out to be an address the artist only ever used for Paypal, not correspondence.] In May 2021 I started the action of filing a complaint on Artists Beware. The moderator was able to find me a valid email address for the artist, so the complaint was put on hold as I reestablished contact. The artist did quickly reply to my email (see attachments), and we got the ball rolling to continue with the commission. Over the next several days and weeks we exchanged several emails that cleared up some details and some WIP updates were sent to me. The last WIP I received was 5-30-21. On 6-13-21 the artist said she was going to "play with the background a bit more" and said it would be ready by July 10th. On 7-23-21 I wrote again asking for an update. The artist replied on 7-31-21 that her laptop had died, and as the replacement was soon to arrive she would have my piece finished very quickly. On 9-29-221 I wrote again asking for an update. The artist replied the same day with the excuse that there were technical problems and they were moving, but she would "aim to finish the five details of this background this week". I never received anything. On 12-30-21 I wrote again asking for an update. The artist replied the same day with health reasons as the excuse for no progress, and promised to send an updated version soon. I wrote back and said I was willing to work around complications and that I just wanted to know the commission hadn't been abandoned. Since then I have never received any update or any other contact from the artist. Calima finally returned to Fur Affinity a few days ago after being away for so long, but when I tried to reply to a journal I found I'd been blocked. That's when I knew it was time to post something here.
  19. sergallysergal (sergallysergal) @ 2018-10-25 20:53 Just A Little Mixed Up WHO: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/just-a-little-mixed-up/ WHERE: Discord and Telegram WHAT: Eight flat pinups. WHEN: February 2018 to October 2018 EXPLAIN: Asked to buy 8 pieces in a discord we both shared. Was given an invoice, and gave her payments to the invoice(1) for the images she completed as she did them. First went pretty quick, the next one took a month, and the latest was not received until August. Between the second and third, she claimed she needed to get money together to move, and my response to that was to finish paying off the invoice completely. I also attempted to try to make the investment easier to handle by suggesting we switched out things, which is why I talked about getting a ref sheet instead of the last four pinups in the log. At the time I wanted to at least get something for the money I put down, and asking for a refund was the last resort. After that I waited a month assuming it would take that long, without response, until the artist asked for email communications in reply to an inquiry on telegram that I had sent her(2), which threw me off since we had been working through telegram for the majority of the work. I inquired about it, but complied and resent her the material she needed for the work to be done. ( Read more... ) Another month later (and three days ago) I tried getting in contact with her again, with no response.(3) After asking a mutual friend I learned that she's been refusing contact under claim that she will only respond to email. I was frankly, tired of my investment going nowhere so I sent an email asking for a refund for the 5 pieces that were never started. As of this post I have yet to receive any compensation, not even a reply.(4) Under the artist's ToS, linked here, the artist is responsible for keeping open communications to the best of her ability. This has unfortunately been broken seeing as she's still working on commissions while ignoring my inquiries, and with no faith that I will ever get a refund, I am washing my hands of this. PROOF: (1) https://www.dropbox.com/s/draztmtjxc9bslc/invoice.PNG (2) https://www.dropbox.com/s/p8xl0judwcz4fbj/log1.PNG and https://www.dropbox.com/s/ayvni8aecpsw6tg/log3.PNG (3) https://www.dropbox.com/s/qc05x9n8ox74kq2/log2.PNG (4) https://www.dropbox.com/s/ccupob7bh138nhw/photo_2018-10-24_05-22-09.jpg </lj-cut>
  20. In April 2020 i won one part of a collaboration commission between Theodrekr and Tierhund. The original description can be found here : I requested updates via e-mail and sent the needed details in the note below. No updates were provided by e-mail so so everything still happened via notes or journals. I also paid for the commission on paypal: Due to medical and live circumstances commissions got delayed more than once. with updates to what commissions are up next in journals like this one: after some more time the collab was sent to his partner: Journal update 4 (note: my collab commission is not even mentioned here) After almost a year of wait and still no concrete progress information i started asking for updates in different places. Shout on Theodrekr's page: A note to Theodrekr asking for an update back in august 2021 mainly because it made replying easy for him without having to search an old note. Shortly after that i also sent a note to Tierhund ( since he is the collab partner) for an update on it: which got a reply later: I also put up a comment on the original commission listing: And got two Notes from Theodrekr regarding the state of the commission: ____ To summarize that: Partner lost the file. and they had to figure out how to solve that. After that exchange there was another update via journal which contained no further information on the state of the commission: Since more time without an update passed i decided to write another note to Theodrekr asking for an update and a solution for how he intends to get the commission done with following content: which is still unread as of writing this. the last thing i did to try and resolve this issue is to contact Tierhund asking for an update: as well as provided another note for an easy reply: Please keep in mind that the first reply from Tierhund took months and only came in after Theodrekr spoke with him so i don't expect to get an answer on that one anytime soon.
  21. On or around 16 March, 2018, I purchased a YCH for 20$ from the artist. I can't give an exact date as they seemed to have deleted everything relevant from their scraps and gallery (which I will get into later.) I sent them a not on the 16 March explaining that I don't have a ref sheet, just other commissions I've gotten and screenshots from Second Life and asked if that was okay, to which they replied with yes: I don't have a flat out notice of payment being sent either in note form or a paypal screenshot as I was using my partner at the time's paypal as I didn't have my own then, and we've since broken up, but I do have proof of them starting the art after I paid them, which they sent a WIP on 21 March (which now leads to an empty stash site) and asked about some colours: We talked a couple of times between them, mainly about when I was expecting my ref sheet to be done, which never did. A couple of weeks later on 29 March, I sent them a note asking about the art, as the WIP they had sent me appeared to be nearly done, they replied, and I conceded that maybe I was being a little impatient and decided I'd just let them work. I know, I can be a little impatient at times: A month later, on 29 April, I sent them another note asking for an update, to which I got no reply again: Then, between 13 June and 15 June we had a brief conversation about my ref sheet, which at that point I was still waiting on: On 20 July, I sent them a note asking for an update, as it had been a month and a half since the last update: To which I got a reply 10 days later on 30 July saying that it was nearly done: I didn't receive any art, and didn't note them again until 7 October, asking for an update: And got a reply 2 days later on 9 October, saying that were (presumably) out of town and would send it to me after 20 October, to which I agreed: I didn't hear from them for a while after that, so I messaged them on 29 October asking and gently reminding them that it's been seven months since I paid them: And got no reply. This is when they first went dark. I paid attention to their page for a bit and decided to note them again on 30 January, 2019, to which I got no reply: It was sometime around this time that I noticed his shout page had many shouts along the lines of "Where's my art?" and "Are you going to finish my art?" I didn't think to screenshot these, and they've since been deleted, which I'll address later. More than a year passed before I noticed in my submissions list that they started uploading art again, so I decided to note them on 25 June, 2020: And between the 26 June and 29 June we talked and they offered to either finish the old artwork, or to do a new one for me: They seemed partial to drawing new art, and to be honest with you I was really liking the sketch that they had sent me the first time, but at this point I just wanted to be done dealing with this artist. Full disclosure my replies at this time point were a couple days between, as that's when the pandemic in my area REALLY started to hit and everything was hectic, regardless, we agreed on a pose that I sent them (censored link) I sent them references, which they asked for (the artist I planned to do my ref sheet didn't pan out) and that was that: And at that point they went dark again. I noticed on their page that they had cleared out their shouts and seemed to be trying to start anew, so I was patient, until they started ignoring my notes. HOwever, I could see that they were actively favouriting art on FA and that they would occasionaly upload the occasional piece now and then, but didn't even open my notes, either of them that I sent: I left them a shout on 30 October, letting them know of my frustrations and asking them to at least read my notes: However that fell of deaf ears, as to this day, my notes are still unread, despite the fact that they even favourited something earlier this day before I typed this: (Obviously, BlueberryDragon is not affiliated with this artist, this screenshot is only provided as proof that the artist is still active, despite ignoring my notes) It seems like I'm simply out the money that I paid for the YCH, which some people may say that making a big deal out of a $20 YCH may be overkill, but that's not what's on trial here. I feel this artist has been very unprofessional and I have been more than patient waiting for them, and made every attempt I could to make things right and to contact them, but being flat out ignored is just rude and unprofessional. Oh well, you live and you learn.
  22. I commissioned Fajnyziomal back in August for a number of different commissions for around $100 & have been getting nothing but excuses or very confusing responses from them. I'm not positive what the issue is, but every time I ask, they claim to be too busy to complete said commissions. Despite the fact their Discord status shows them playing "Dead by Daylight" almost every day for hours. I chose the "Pay as a friend" option on PayPal because I thought that's what we were... My money's not coming back , nor do I expect to receive any artwork from them. I'm just here to warn others about this artist.
  23. During October of 2021, I had noticed that this artist was selling a couple of YCHs that I enjoyed the style for. I've commissioned them once in the past and had some issues with them in delivery time. While I wasn't going to commission them again, I decided to give them a second chance. This time however, it's gone more than 4 months with very little communication and other issues that I felt I had to make a post here as I tried to give them a lot of chances. On 10/28/21 I had seen that this artist had reduced the price of a YCH they were running from $175 "...TO $75 IF PURCHASED TODAY" on their twitter. So, I commented to claim it (Seen below (#1)). I followed their instructions and started a DM with them on twitter so that we may start the transaction process. (Seen below (#2)). After I sent the message, they had supplied their PayPal link which I was then informed they were wanting the payment through CashApp or Venmo, which I thought was very strange. I told them that I couldn't do either as I didn't have the accounts for them (Seen below (#3)). After a while, they told me it was okay to send, so I did. I sent them confirmation of the $75 they required sent over (seen below (#4)) and had then received nothing back until November when I sent them another message to check in with them. They told me that they had a family member pass, which I understood they needed some time to recover from (seen below (#5)). I figured that I'd give them some time to handle it before messaging again. That was on 11/5/21. I later (12/19/21) sent them a message as I had still heard nothing back and wanted to check in with them. However, I received no response and was ghosted for a while (seen below (6)). I don't usually worry about artists that take time as I feel they deserve the time to work. However, on 1/4/22 I had seen the exact YCH I had purchased being offered AGAIN on their page. Except this time the words "YCH" had been covered by a dog sticker (Seen below (7 & 8)). I immediately sent them a message to check in as I didn't want to come off accusatory, even though I felt I had been ripped off at this point. They sent me a message saying that "...I am so sorry. Would you like me to just make you a brand new hypno icon? Please let me know what I can do, I'm so sorry for the silence" (Seen below (6)). To give some context, the first ych I bought from them (the one I alluded to at the start) was that of a Hypno icon. I had gotten that one a little earlier in the year and really didn't want another one. I wanted what I paid for or my money back at this rate. I told them that I don't want a duplicate com and asked if the thing I paid for initially was no longer available (Seen below (9)). The artist rebuttled saying the icon was in their old style and never answered my question. It seemed that what I had bought was no longer available to me and so I asked if they could make something similar for me as I wanted what I bought initially. They told me that they could create something for me like what was sold out from under me (Seen below (10)). They told me that they could make me something worth the price and I verified the idea I wanted. Eventually they said it was all good and that they'd get back to me. I had made one minor change to my character and had sent it over as I figured I may as well update what I have one my character at this point (Seen below (11)). I later reached out on 1/8/22 as it seemed the artist was back to giving me silence. I sent them a message today (2/13/22) as I still have not heard nothing back about my commission (Seen below (12)). My next step is to ask for a refund of the $75 I had sent them as this is getting ridiculous.
  24. For privacy concerns, I have censored my username on these images. Around October/November 2021, I had discovered Mayo1nomor1 while browsing for some artwork & had decided to message them on furAffinity first to ask if they were open for commissions. They said yes, and we agreed to move it to Discord afterwards. Unfortunately, I no longer have proof of this as I have since then deleted the PMs from fA, but I had asked the artist on furAffinity how long they generally took to finish artwork. They replied saying no more than 8 days. (This will be important later) I sent them my commission details for what I wanted—two flat-colored pin-ups of an OC of mine, of which I paid $100 in total. 1st pic was a thigh-up pin-up, and second pic was a bust-up pin-up. Commission details were sent on 11/09/2021, and on that same day I paid for the commission—the artist later got back to me hours later with WIP sketches of the first pin-up, of which we were discussing what to change on it and whatnot. The 1st pin-up was essentially finished on 11/10/2021, one day after I had paid for it—though it was finished, there were some slight coloring errors I noticed that I told them about on the same day the pin-up was sent and finished. One of said errors was fixed in a new version that was sent on 11/13/2021, however I had noticed the other error was still unfixed so I let them know about it and provided them with a custom edit I made to demonstrate what & how exactly it should be fixed. Nothing unusual here. This is where it begins... Admittedly, I may have acted a bit impatient here, but it had been 8 days since I commissioned the artist and I hadn't received an update back on what I wanted to be fixed. So I asked if they had gotten the chance to fix that coloring error on the 1st pic, and if they had also been able to start on the 2nd pic. 11/22/2021. Still nothing. The artist had been posting lots of new artwork pics and adoptables on their Twitter profile since the last time I messaged them (11/13/2021), so I asked once again about the commission. Reminded them about what they told me in regards to how long it'd take to finish a commission, and also asked if there were any hold-ups preventing them from continuing further. I finally got a reply back on 12/07/2021. Artist had finally fixed the coloring error I mentioned and apologized for the delay. They didn't answer my question about the "hold-ups", so I asked once again, to which they told me they had been struggling to get work going due to issues they were having with their laptop. Anyways, the 2nd pin-up was all that was left, so this is what I was currently waiting for at this moment. January had come by and I hadn't gotten back any more updates from the artist since 12/07/2021. As seen in the pic above, I messaged them on 1/12/2022 for more updates on the commission. Artist continues to post more artwork on their profile, so at the very least I was aware that they weren't inactive or anything. Sent them another message on 2/08/2022. At this point it had practically almost been 3 months since I paid them the money for the commission. Still no response. The pic above is the last message I sent to the artist, on 2/14/2022. Originally I had planned on waiting one more month before deciding to ask for a refund, but I dug through Twitter that day and found out that the artist seemingly had a history of ghosting their customers the same way I was being ghosted here. Having known that, I send a message to the artist stating that I no longer had any interest in the 2nd pin-up and wanted to request a refund for it. The artist still hadn't replied back hours later, so at this point I decided to dispute it with PayPal and escalate the issue over to them. Thankfully I won the case and got a refund for that 2nd undelivered pin-up. I have since then unfriended the artist on Discord and ceased communications with them. Although I got my refund, I still STRONGLY recommend you do not work with this person under any circumstances whatsoever. I would've been more than happy to continue supporting the artist via more commissions but I can't really justify that anymore, given how I had been treated here throughout the entire ordeal.
  25. Before I begin, let me reinstate that I wish no ill will or harm towards DaskerLizard or their business. I am simply posting my experience about my time with Dasker so that others my avoid the negative experience that I have had. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I contacted Dasker/BlueFoxFursuits the morning of June 16th, 2016 via email asking if it was okay for me to order being 17 (turning 18 within the next few weeks) and what their payment plans looked like. I was responded to 4 days later with both my questions answered. Given the okay to order, I then submitted a application via their google docs quote form. I was responded to almost immediately with the approximate due date and how much my suit (which was/will be a partial) would cost. I responded back within a few minutes saying I would like to go ahead and reserve my spot within their queue. After a few hiccups, (me paying in the wrong currency), I finally had paid off my deposit and had a reserved slot for May 2017. I paid £190 ( $287.16 ). A few emails from me about what furs they will use for my suit were exchanged so I could order a bodysuit to match with no problems. I have since received my bodysuit from another maker. The real problems started when it finally reached the due date for my commission. I was struggling for with money due to unforeseen car problems, so I emailed them on the 15th of May, 2017 and asked for an update on when I would be up so I could prepare on when I needed to pay/how much to put aside. They replied telling me they had to "do a lot of shifting around in my queue due to confuzzled suits overrunning" and how they had injured their back moving fur supply boxes and that they will be "starting up the queue again towards the end of june when I'm back from confuzzled, and also back from visiting family for a late birthday meetup". I was both upset and relieved on how I would have time to save up further and put aside my money problems, but also a little sad considering they had taken more con crunch commissions and put them ahead of other preexisting commissions. The next time I contacted Dasker was 5 months (October 9th, 2017) past the given completion date of end of June 2017. I simply stated how I had not received an email from the regarding my commission and how the queue was looking/when I would be up. I was then informed unknowingly that I had been once more pushed back to February of 2018. At this point I was rather upset, so I did not reply. I emailed them ONCE MORE on July 21st, 2018 (another 5 months after the due date they had given me had past), asking what the wait time is looking like since my slot had been missed once more. They responded a week later on July 28th, 2018 saying they had moved and had eurofurence deadlines to focus on. Again, putting convention crunch commissions ahead of regular commissions. I was told that I would have my commission and "all older orders out by jan-feb next year". Again, moved another year back. I did not reply. After waiting so long, I then took it upon myself to contact Dasker one more time on January 8th, 2019. They replied saying that it "should be february". Seeing as it was the beginning of the month, I was VERY excited to finally get around to getting my suit. That is until as of late. On February 17th, I contacted Dasker after finding out that they had once more opened for more commissions. This has had me extremely worried that my commission from 2016 would be pushed back once more to make room for other, newer orders. I asked them if there was a problem with my character and asked that if they did not like the character given, that they would tell me and refund me my deposit instead of pushing me back over and over. They then confessed to me that I am not the only person who has been waiting since 2016 for their suit and that I should have my suit by March. I was upset by this information considering how I am 1) not the only one going through such an experience and 2) my slot had once again been pushed back. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ To reiterate, I am a very patient person. I from the above evidence, it is obvious I have only emailed one to two times a year asking for updates, often waiting months after the date I was told to contact them. To put it into perspective, I ordered when I was 17 years of age, I am now not too far off from turning 21. I have given Dasker the benefit of the doubt one too many times, and I can say that I am very unhappy and disappointed with my experience so far. I only paid the deposit needed to reserve my spot, but I have had the rest of the money needed within my Paypal for up to 2 years now. They do not email/contact commissioners when they come upon hard times, leaving one to basically chase them to get a vague answer on when your commission will be started. Dasker seems like a nice person, they not once seemed rude and often replied in a very professional manner. However, it seems their queue is VERY disorganized and unprofessional. At the moment of writing this, I still do not know what spot I am in their queue and do not recommend working with DaskerLizard/BlueFoxFursuits. I will update further when/if I receive what I have paid for or if anything else unfolds. If you see any inconsistencies within my writing, please let me know and I will fix them!
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