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  • Beware: (Xoloitz / Chakat-silverpaws)

    • Who: FA: Chakat-silverpaws / Telegram: Xoloitz / Twitter: xoloitzartz
      Where: https://twitter.com/xoloitzartz
      When: 06/21/2021
      What: Commission
      NSFW Content Resolved

    June 21, 2021: First sent message to Xoloitz via Telegram, inquiring for a commission.

    xoloitz 1.png
    June 22, 2021: Details sent to Xoloitz for a three character commission: two of my characters and a character belonging to a friend.

    xoloitz 2.png

    xoloitz 3.png

    xoloitz 4.png

    xoloitz 5.png

    xoloitz 6.png
    After a lewd comment on the size of my friend's character's junk, Xoloitz quotes a price of $160 shaded or $120 flat colors, and I approve the former. Payment of $160 USD is sent via PayPal that same day. (Note: NSFW content censored.)

    xoloitz 7.png
    November 12, 2021: Xoloitz opens for commissions again.

    xoloitz 8.png
    December 12, 2021: First inquiry to Xoloitz over Telegram regarding status of commission.
    Xoloitz claims to have forgotten about it and promises to get on it ASAP.

    xoloitz 9.png
    January 23, 2022: Second inquiry via Telegram about commission status. No response.

    xoloitz 10.png
    February 9, 2022: Third inquiry via Telegram. No response at the time.

    February 11, 2022: Inquiry via Twitter DM. No response.
    February 19, 2022: Inquiry via FurAffinity DM. no response.

    xoloitz 13.png

    February 23, 2022: Xoloitz finally responds to February 9 Telegram inquiry, stating to have been in a car accident.

    xoloitz 14.png
    February 24, 2022: Xoloitz sends a WIP. I ask twice for the characters' sizes to be changed and Xoloitz complies. (NSFW content censored in screen shots.)

    xoloitz 15.png

    xoloitz 16.png

    xoloitz 17.png

    xoloitz 18.png
    (Note: The comment "could it be possible to remove the comments on FA since we are already working on your commission?" refers to a comment my friend made on Xoloitz' FA regarding the status of the commission; however, I was unable to screencap this comment before it got deleted.)

    xoloitz 19.png
    February 25, 2022: Xoloitz opens for commissions again.

    xoloitz 20.png
    March 21, 2022: Message sent to Xoloitz over Telegram, asking for the commission to be finished or refunded within two weeks. No response.

    xoloitz 21.png
    March 22, 2022: Same message as prior day. No response.

    xoloitz 22.png

    April 5, 2022: Two-week time limit established on March 21 expired. No response.

    April 29, 2022: Yet another inquiry via FurAffinity DM. No response.

    xoloitz 23.png

    I will consider this resolved when Xoloitz refunds me the full $160 price.

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    While the car accident is tragic, that's really no excuse for the previous months of ghosting beforehand.

    In future, if you're being ignored for more than a month without response, start expressing the desire for a refund if communication/deadlines won't be met and hold to that while still under PayPal's protection window.

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