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  • The contact us form is a way to ping an admin without needing to make an account.  However, we will not:

    • Delete a beware.  Bewares are not deleted unless it can be proven they are entirely false.  See "I've Been Posted to Artists Beware, Now What".
    • Review a beware before you submit to a site.  Submit right to the site as it will go into the moderation queue.
    • Review if a situation is "bewearable".  Numerous mods have to weigh in, not just the singular admin with access to email.  If you feel it's something that should be on the site, submit it!  If it doesn't follow our Submission Guidelines, then it will be rejected.

    Do contact us if:

    • You experience technical issues.
    • Have general administrative questions.
    • Anything else not listed above.

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