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  • Artists Beware

    The namesake database. Submissions are categorized by "Bewares" and "Cautions".

    Who: Sweet Berry/ponsex
    Where: Discord: Сладкий Кекс#1745
    FurAffinity: The1AN1
    DeviantArt: 1AN1
    Tumblr: kiyu-123
    Twitter: LambiBelle
    When: 03/21/2020
    What: Commission
    NSFW Content
    I bought a slot for an M/F explicit piece, and I bought the female slot. The pose leaves ambiguous penetration, so the bottom slot could very easily be make if a dick is drawn on the character. I buy the slot, the artist (ponsex) messages me, and I send them the ref of the character. I send them the nsfw reference, which shows clearly visible female bits, and as all my other YCH experiences have gone, I expect to be asked if they have any questions about things like outfits, color, edits like cum, internal shot, etc, but for the most part its straightforward.

    Fast forward to yesterday, I get a completed picture of the image, and I have four versions in total: an M/F version, cum and non-cum, and an M/M version, cum and non-cum. I never asked for my character Caiya to have a male edit. The sketch had included a penis in the case that the second slot was male, but as per the reference, it is very clear that the character is female. I feel like the fact that something as major as the gender of the character being changed without my permission is a major betrayal of trust on the artist's part, and even though the original version was completed as requested, the edit should not have been made at all.
    This character specifically has a backstory as surviving domestic abuse, and a major part of her character is being a strong, tough female. I know there are a lot of users (including me) who relate strongly and on a personal level to their characters, and that can include self-identification such as being trans. I talked to a lot of other people and they agreed that especially for certain characters they own, they would be just as livid seeing their character in a gender they are not supposed to be/they don't identify as.
    My major problem is how dismissive and unaware they are of the problem, if not to the point of rude. They do not seem to understand that this is not okay, and whether its the easy way or the hard way, all I want them to understand is how big of an issue this is. If this is how they react to this kind of issue, they don't deserve further business if this is their attitude.
    The screenshots are below (read from the very bottom up):

    Who: Lenny_0w0 / Lennytheleopard / Lenny#5025
    Where: https://my.secondlife.com/LennyTheLeopard
    Lenny#5025 @ Discord
    When: 03/07/2020
    What: Other (Explain Below)
    NSFW Content
    -  Dec 5th:  I was approached by Lenny about a secondlife texture commission, All went well and the commission was accepted, parts were discussed and I sent off an invoice. 

    - Dec 6th: Invoice was paid. I also provided an estimated deadline of Dec 15th
    - Dec 13th: I found parts that I thought would suit the character better and provided links for the commissioner to view in order to make a decision, The commissioner decided on the new part I suggested and I started work on it swiftly afterwards.
    Lenny started to make me uncomfortable asking about me texturing NSFW parts that my TOS states I do not work on. This can be seen within the full SL convo screenshot. During this time Lenny also stated he was going to “RIP” some textures from an object, On secondlife this term is used when a user illegally steals a texture using a third party program, I do NOT condone this in any way shape or form, This made me very uncomfortable as I was now left wondering if I could trust Lenny not to RIP and resell my own work once completed.Shortly after we hit some bumps in terms of things not being correct on the textures, I swiftly made fixes to his request however he started to ask for changes that were not shown on his reference sheet so it became hard for me to follow as I wasn’t made aware of this during the commission order. I suggested in the future Lenny should perhaps consider getting an updated reference sheet or create one with one of the MANY free art bases in the Furry community. 
    Sometime later Lenny asked me if my textures would be fullperm, This isn’t something usually provided with Secondlife texture commissions and this made me rather uncomfortable due to him previously talking about having to "rip" a texture. In light of all the prior issues and the uncomfortable feelings in the air I decided that it would simply be for the best for me to provide a full refund immediately. 
    Lenny responded with aggression stating I had refused their commission because of their own personal IRL issues, this wasn’t the case at all. I simply refunded due to being VERY uncomfortable working with Lenny.
    I later found out that the texture he was going to “rip” came as free to use. Regarldess it was still an NSFW body part that I had expressed I do not work with. 
    My choice to refund was still solid and I did not wish to continue working with Lenny any longer, Lenny continued to push for me to work on his commission and to cancel the refund this lead to me having to repeatedly express that I would not work on this commission any longer, Eventually he gave up.
    - Dec 20th: Lenny apologized, I accepted this apology. Lenny expressed that the refund was still pending which was due to the way paypal refunds as the funds came out of my account minutes after I provided the refund, I sent Lenny links to Paypal’s FAQ so he understood why it was still pending.
        We then began talking about him re-commissioning me for his SL textures which I accepted as it was coming up to Christmas and I didn’t want there to be any bad blood and I assumed the prior happenings were just a one time thing and wouldn’t happen again. We decided to use a Free to use base in order to map out their markings better in order for a swifter completion of the second life mod, This ref wasn’t anything spectacular it was simply made for me to be able to visualize exactly where and what shape the markings needed to be, Eventually Lenny decided on one of the marking layouts I had created and I went ahead with sending out a second invoice. Lenny proceeded to make some really awkward joke about just getting out of jail and being -2912 in his bank? Which was very odd but I just laughed it off as he stated it was a joke and he paid the invoice shortly after. I sent out some wips of the body and immediately hit some bumps, He expressed things needed to be fixed, I swiftly worked on those and provided more wips, which again Lenny expressed they were wrong and I fixed them. At this point I was growing frustrated as we had JUST made a make shift reference for me to follow that Lenny himself had approved before I started working. Regardless of the issues I continued working on the second life mod and making constant fixes, I just wanted to complete the commission to the best of my ability in order to move on from this experience.
    I finished the secondlife mod on the 20th, The same day that Lenny had commissioned me, He said that everything looked good, I sent over his SL mod and he seemed pleased with his purchase. Shortly after he asked for some color codes which I provided. 
    An hour later Lenny messaged me again, Asking for a screenshot of my Fullperm texture, Something that I had already expressed that I do NOT provide. His reasoning is he wanted someone else to work on something and they needed it, I declined and stated they’d simply need his color code in order for those parts to match. 
    - Dec 23rd&25th: Lenny asked about textures for three different parts, Nothing came of this and no commissions were taken in the result of these questions. 
    Conversation screencaps.  Warning!  The images are large.

    - Jan 17th: Lenny messaged me again asking for fixes to his mod, I declined as I do not offer free edits after the commission has been confirmed for over 3 days, It had been nearly 4weeks since he had accepted his finished commission. Lenny replied with an emoji and then blocked me. I tired to reply to his emoji BUT I couldn’t as I had been blocked.
    - March 7th: Lenny contacted me on Secondlife asking for help with his neck and also asked about an additional commission. I expressed that I would be more than happy to help with his issues to the best of my ability however I was not interested in doing business with him beyond that. I was met with an extremely unexpected outburst of rage, regardless of how I had just been treated I kept a cool, professional front and tried to reply however I had been blocked again. I checked FA some time after to see I had a note from Lenny, This note can be seen below. Shortly after I noticed he had posted a journal that I can only assume is about me.


    Who: Squeedgemonster
    Where: https://twitter.com/squeedgemonster
    When: 07/01/2019
    What: Other (Explain Below)

    In July of 2019 I preordered a set of kaiju pins from Squeedgemonster, and they received my money the same day. In the proceeding months the pins were never sent, although they were received by the artist by October. The artist provided their e-mail to send all questions to, as they were purging their social media accounts of accounts that they were following, and closed their DMs on those websites. However, since October, they have not answered a single one of these emails, and have not spoken about the pins at all since December, despite being active since then.
    The following is the original announcement tweet, from March 29 2019.
     (archive) (note: squeedge.art has since become defunct)
    Although this tweet says that preorders were to close in April, they were not actually closed, as that is how I was able to order them myself, and how the artist was able to receive my money. Unfortunately I do not have a dated screenshot of this from the day I ordered it; I'm not in the habit of doing that, anyway, and squeedge.art is also now defunct. However, in this tweet they tell another user that preorders are staying open after the originally specified date:
    Here is the screenshot of my Transaction ID, retrieved from my PayPal:

    In this tweet Squeedge, on October 1 2019, shows the pins and claims that they now have them, and will ship them ASAP:
    I replied to this tweet as follows. At the time of writing, this is the only correspondence they have had with me personally at all in regards to this order.
     (archive) (context: at the time the artist did not have their gmail in their twitter bio, but at the time of writing, they now do.)
    However, the following is the ONLY time they have mentioned the pins since then, and they had (and still have) yet to answer any of my emails:
    The following screenshot consists of all of the emails I have sent them. Do note the entire lack of response on their part, although my emails were sent shortly after a spurt of Twitter activity, in hopes of "catching" them:

    I have been very patient and understanding in this process, I would like to think. I have even offered to pay for shipping again, because I understand the money originally set aside for shipping more than likely had to be spent on other necessities. However, the complete lack of response in spite of subsequent online activity is very troubling to me. I just don't know what else to do. I'm well past Paypal's buyer protection window, and since I purchased the pins with my Paypal balance it's not like I could call my bank and dispute it that way. At this point I just want a response. I do not think that is an unreasonable expectation for an artist.

    Who: Azoth / zappBEAST
    Where: https://twitter.com/ZappBEAST
    When: 12/02/2019
    What: Commission
    NSFW Content
    ZappBEAST / Azoth is an artist/fursuit maker i had found on twitter. I had saw them Post up a YCH on twitter and his instructions were to DM him.

    I don't know how long this person's Commission queue was, and i was never given a trello so i could never see. On the 18th the artist posted more YCHs on their twitter and also explained that their ipad had broken, which is why they needed to open more slots. I offered to help but there was misunderstanding in price for the YCH so we just ended up talking about his ipad/tablet situation.

    About two weeks later on the 31st, he also mentioned hes having problems with clients for fursuits. At the time i tried to empathize with them, but looking back at it now, it seemes like another excuse for a delay.

    A whole month passes, with promises of starting my commission soon, and then another whole month passes before work actually begins on the piece. All of this while his twitter and telegram group gets tons of posts with personal art and more YCH slots.

    while he provided sufficient updates and stuff at the time, another two weeks had gone by and more personal art and other commissions were finished before me.

    While nothing wrong has been inherently done, and a lot of stuff has been thrown his way, a lot of his practices are very suspicious and their workflow seems chaotic at best, and their return time also seems really bizarre. I dont think ill commission this person again, especially for the price and even if its really good art.

    Who: Moko Coyoti on Amino/Httcreations on Instagram/facebook/other social media
    Where: https://www.deviantart.com/httcreations
    When: 11/24/2019
    What: Fursuit/ Fursuit Parts

    On November 24th 2019 at 11:33 pm EST I messaged Moki on Furry Amino, asking if they were willing to trade a Protogen Head (later head and Hand paws) for my Mini Partial Monster Dog suit (now referred to as Pound Cake). At 11:53 pm EST Moki responded and asked for pictures, very quickly declaring they “really love him” and accepted the trade. This sparked a quick succession of messages, us both gathering addresses, proof of ownership, and further information on  each other’s suits. While I told them of my worry of having suits stolen, as I had problems with Pound Cake when I traded for him, Moki quelled my fears and we agreed to send both suits out at the same time the next day on November 25th 2019.  
    We continued to chat, an open friendly conversation about different suits and the tracking numbers were exchanged. They found a problem with the tracking number I sent and I very quickly fixed it, it was a simple type-o on my end, but when I started raising concerns about the number they sent me, I was ghosted for many days. The suit was due to arrive on Dec. 6th, it of course never came. They once again calmed me down by reminding me it was around the holidays so packages get a bit wonky. 
    Around this time Pound Cake arrived at their Customs. It was supposedly around 100 Usd to get it out of customs. They claimed to not have the money, then suddenly came into the money when their dad lent them some, and then suddenly was unable to afford it again. At the time I didn’t connect the dots but now I am fully aware this is the point where they stole my suit. At this point it was December 12th and the Protogen I traded for was still sitting in the post office because they “wouldn’t accept my address” After many days of back and forths they went on Vacation, promising to send it when they get back. In the messages below I contacted them On Dec. 23rd, a Monday, and then waited until the 28th to contact again. Through this whole time I was ghosted. They finally contacted me in early January (I have lost those screenshots) and asked to stop the trade. I agreed, thinking that Pound Cake was still in Customs. They told me that the suit would be sent back before the first week of February when no one picked it up. It is currently March when I am writing this beware. 
    During the time of trying to get in touch with Moki, also known as HTT Creations on other sites like facebook, instagram, DA, FA, and patreon,  I posted Warnings on their Furry Amino, and wonone got back with me. They gave me Moki’s insta, where they proclaimed to not know me, never traded suits with me, and then blocked me. I then messaged them on every site I could find them on, all listed above, to no avail.  I even got in touch with Pound Cakes maker, and had them help me. 
    During this time of trying to talk with them for the first time in months, I found out that they had already traded the Protogen suit, I am unsure if this was before or after our trade agreement but it it appears to have be either During or before our agreement since the suit they traded for has been on their social medias for a while. Leading me to believe they started the trade with me without having the suit. 
    Below is the conversation between me and Moki on Furry Amino, ranging from November 24th, to February 24th when I finally stopped messaging them since they ghosted me for so long. 

    That was the last I heard from them on Furry Amino. On March 3rd I got a message from someone (who wishes to remain unknown) and they gave me Moki”s Instagram.
    Below are the screenshots of the Instagram messaged between Myself and Moki/ HTT Creations on Instagram. Things may get a bit confusing since these messages were happening at the same time as I talked with Unknown. 

    After clarifying who I was I was promptly Blocked. I continued to try and get in touch with them through all their social media to no avail, even contacting Pound Cake’s maker who also helped me message them, SourAppleSuits on Instagram was left on read and ignored. 
    TLDR: Moki Coyoti/ HTT Creations agreed to trade their protogen suit with my Monster Dog suit named Pound Cake on Nov.24th 2019. They cut all contact after 3 months and I was told they would send him back. I never got my suit. March 3rd rolled around and I was contacted by Unknown with their instagram (known as htt_creations) and when I tried to message them they blocked me. I also found out they have already traded the Protogen suit for another suit before/during our ongoing trade. I am still blocked and have gotten no response.
    Thank you so much for reading, below is the last pictures I have of Pound Cake. He is currently somewhere in Ontario Canada. If seen, Report it as stolen to the local police and contact me On Twitter @Buttercream243, or by email Kayliej243@yahoo.com. A reward of an Artistic Liberty mini partial will be given to whoever finds and returns the suit. 

    Who: DeltaRune / Rabbitmonster
    Where: On Discord, user deleted account. Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/rabbitmonster
    When: 05/24/2019
    What: Art Trade

    This beware is about an artist going by Delta, Deltarune, or Rabbitmonster. They deleted their discord account after abandoning their trade after partial payment. The trade was for 2 emotes, and Delta completed 1 emote before deleting their account and stopping all communication with me. They had received my half of the trade at full original size right before the communication stopped. 

    On 5/24/2019, a user named Delta initiated a trade with me after finding my post in the Furry Nexus discord server about wanting to trade some art for a few emojis.

    (Image is my post in the Furry Nexus channel)

    They have since deleted their discord account, so this is a bit more difficult. If I need to include anything extra to help with this beware because of it, please let me know.  Every screenshot included is our chat from start to finish, with nothing skipped.  (Can show message overlap on screenshots if needed)
    Delta DM'd me to talk about the trade and show examples of their art. 

    I gave them my offer of 1 fullbody sketch for 2 small emotes by them and they accepted. 

    We exchanged more information and they linked me their trello, which wasn't working but they never gave me a working link. 

    We finished exchanging characters and they changed their order to the character Deltarune, which is the same character in their Deviantart gallery above.  

    I sent my WIP of my side of the trade, pretty much finished except for the T-Shirt design, while we were deciding on one. It was a small WIP and not the full-size file.

    On 5/27, the same day as the above screenshot, they sent the first of 2 the two emojis. I responded 1 day later expressing my approval, and then sent over my full size file of my trade half 2 days later when I finished it.

    After they received my full size trade, they expressed that they were making a server and they were busy, but would get to it soon. After this, I had no further contact with them for 2 months, when they responded to say they were in Florida and thanked me for reminding them. That was the last I had heard of them, as they deleted their discord account shortly after this. 

    At the time I would have been fine to cancel the trade where it stood (1 emote for 1 colored/shaded fullbody sketch) if Delta had communicated with me what was going on, but by deleting their account it makes me feel that they just did the trade to throw a quick emote at me and bail with my art as soon as I sent it. I am mostly upset about my art being taken before the conclusion of the trade more than anything.

    I would consider the situation resolved if Delta communicated to me and completed the second owed emote, or some other form of art. 

    Who: Brooke Maude
    Where: Facebook
    When: 02/24/2020
    What: Fursuit/ Fursuit Parts

    I recently sold my Talon cosplay from Borderlands 3 (which was a fursuit). Originally I was asking for £200 because I needed space and money. Client asked if I was willing to take £150 (+ 10 postage) and I agreed.
    This morning I scroll through my feed to find they have re-listed my fursuit, completely unedited and with no credit on either the photos or the actual item and being sold for £275. Needless to say I feel very ripped off and undercut. I spent a lot of time on that suit and it now feels like I have been taken advantage of which downright sucks.
    I have now also discovered she is claiming credit for making him.
    Also during the buying process I was harassed every day about postage when I explained I work during the week so it may be a while till I post it and I will update as and when it would be shipped out. They also claimed to lose the chat? So I had to re-send photos. I even fixed up and added some new details/ made a digital badge completely FREE.
    Anyway, evidence attached. 

    Who: Kuro / KuroDeLatexPone / KuroThePone
    Where: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/tzug-12345/
    When: 02/19/2020
    What: Commission
    NSFW Content
    Hello everyone, I was dealing with a very disrespectful client, his nickname is Kuro .
    I posted a Valentine's Day ych online, an auction, and this person won the auction, I specify that the sb was 40 €, he won the sb at 40 €.
    So I contacted him on discord, knowing him vaguely because he bought me an adopt pony, on the ychcommisshes site 5 months ago.
    This person gave me his paypal address and his reference image, I sent a request for money that he accepts a few minutes later, he also asked me for a sketch before going to clean up, I did , and I sent him
    He tells me he misses the penis. (on the auction, it was specified female)
    but her character was a shemale.
    I told her that I wanted to make a female and that it would be more expensive with a penis in this case. he tells me that he does not want and that he wants a refund despite the fact that the sketch has been made. So I tell him, after talking to artist friends to be sure, that I would give him a refund of only € 20 because I took the time to sketch his character and that he had a picture with his character on it. he accepts then that I finish the drawing, I thought he wanted to pay me the supplement to draw the penis, so I draw the penis on the sketch and he tells me that he cannot afford the extra. so I agree to leave it as it is. He also asks me to make the latex outfit that I accept hard.
    When I finish the drawing and send it. He tells me that it is beautiful but that the latex is not shiny enough. so I change it again and he tells me that the corset is not FULLY in latex, I tell him that on the ych there was a concept of lingerie and that I did not want to change it. At this moment, he takes it badly. then as I was not satisfied with this commission, and a friend kindly made me an offer on this ych so that I could draw what I wanted, a pin-up, he then asked me to post a second times the ych so that it can bid but since nobody was interested I decided not to display it and go directly to the drawing. so I post the second drawing of this ych and the person in the first slot, comes to tell me that he did not want it to be a multilayer ych. I admit that I should have asked him but in any case I never specified that it was a unique ych. this person is offended then and I speak about it to my artist friends.
    This "Kuro" started asking me for a full refund due to the fact that I have talked about his commission to other people, and the creation of the second slot.
    I refuse because the drawing was finished and he had happily put the drawing on his discord avatar
    after that, he opened a dispute on paypal. and the next day, another litigation for the adopt he bought 5 months ago. After seeing this I called paypal 3 times and proved all the transactions well done, and the service provided, so that I can get my money back. this person is really very disrespectful and i hope you spread the word. Thank you so much.

    His discord Nickname : Kuro#6528
    His FA : http://www.furaffinity.net/user/tzug-12345/#shout-48745875
    his twitter : https://twitter.com/KuroDeLatexPone

    Who: Marian0/ Mariogarv
    Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/mariogarv/
    When: 10/18/2019
    What: Commission

    I got in contact with the artist in question in mid-October. I had commissioned them once before, years ago, and was very happy with the finished product.

    A commission was agreed upon. An initial sketch was received via email on 27 December, 2019, and payment was sent via Western Union, along with an agreement for some additional material. After payment was made, the last contact I received from the artist was on the 28th of December. All further attempts to respond have gone unanswered.



    Beware Rohunt

    By Yoko, in Artist Bewares,

    Who: Rohunt/Jackalman
    Where: Business via telegram
    When: 10/13/2018
    What: Commission

    Originally commissioned the artist back in October of 2018. Some time went by and I found they were taking a hiatus for mental health. Perfectly fine and reasonable. When they returned in the middle of 2019 I messaged them, to make sure I was not forgotten and in que. I gave them the details again. I then messaged them afterwards a few times asking for an update, only for the messages to have been marked as read with no response to them. 


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