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    Beware Zelestin

    By MaylahUnost, in Artist Bewares,

    Who: Zelestin
    Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/zelestin/
    When: 07/30/2018
    What: Commission

    I paid for a commission that cost me 40 USD plus 5$ to convert it to her country's currency. She told me it would be done in a week or less and a MONTH later there was no update, her last message to me was that it would "be done tomorrow." After that she ghosted me, never did the commission and never refunded me.    
    This happed 10 months ago. I refrained from posting it here because I assumed something must of happened with her personal life because she became absent from FF altogether. Now she is back. And I nicely asked her for a refund, but, she never answered me. I'm quite sure if she blocked me I would not be able to note her in the first place.
     I also gave her time to refund me and even just apologize, but she continues to not answer me.  


    Beware: Tehnuxlight

    By SugahMonstah, in Artist Cautions,

    Who: Tehknuxlight / Knuxlight
    Where: Twitter: https://twitter.com/tehknuxlight
    FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/knuxlight
    When: 02/18/2019
    What: Commission

    Originally, I had spoke to Knux to be able to get a pair of icons. Noticing in a mutual group his work, I looked to see that he was pretty fast and seemingly efficient with his icons. I asked if he were able to do romantic based icons and if he were open. He had shown interest and asked to send the invoice. I promptly paid it and waited for my icons. 
    Feb. 18th - Paid Invoice
    May 3rd - I had not heard anything or gotten progress for my items, so I check in to see if my characters were too complicated. I had seen others icons finished and about this time he had started to take were portraits in support of his passion project he was working on. I wanted to change the characters if they were complicated and keeping him from completing it. He stated no, they were not and said he would try to get them to my by Sunday. Time had passed and he still did not even finish or give a W.i.P. for the icons.
    May 17th -  I checked back in again, and it had been about 3 months since the initial payment was sent. I asked if I could get a refund since I felt that it had been a long time I've waited for nothing to show. He agreed and stated he understood. Stated he had been bogged down for a few days, and rightfully, I understood that and didn't take too much to heart.
    May 21st - Asked me for my paypal so he could resent the money and stated he didn't want us at each other's throats over money.
    May 29th - I messaged cause I hadn't gotten my refund for the 21st as they said they would send it then. 
    May 31st - My message was left on read from the 29th, and I sent a message stating I felt they were avoiding me now because of that. Due to previous experiences with artist doing the same thing, it made the situation a bit more anxiety increased and I was wanting to get the transaction over with. 
    Knux stated they hadn't dodged me and that they were busy with a friend. The money was sent that day.
    June 1st - I had stated that while I appreciated the refund, I was going to post a artist beware in review of the transaction process I had received from them. It wasn't the best, but I wasn't doing this to spite him. I just wanted him to improve how he did things and improve for customers down the line.
    June 2nd - Knux stated that they felt blindsided for me doing a beware because it was not discussed.
    Sometime after, I had been blocked on Telegram by Knux for what seems to be the reason that I warned about an Artist Beware going up. Attached is a picture of me being able to see the icon before and now I am unable to see any as shown in some of the screenshots.
    All in all, the beware I am making now wouldn't be here if the commission process wasn't this bad. In writing this, I would hope that improvements are made for him to fix this so it doesn't happen to others down the line when taking commissions. 

    Who: Saturns_suits
    Where: Furry Amino and Instagram
    When: 07/24/2018
    What: Commission

    I commissioned this individual July 28, 2018. I had recieved one WIP image, and then nothing after that. No updates were given to me unless I asked, and I didn't message them often. It got to a point that they weren't responding, so I had to go and see if they had any other social media just to contact them. January 4th hit and I realized I was never going to recieve my artwork. So I asked for a refund, and they said it could take days to weeks. I said okay and left it be for literally months. I then messaged them recently. They read the message, and ignored it. So I called them out on it and they responded very rudely. They are extremely unprofessional, I do not recommend them. Please, do not commission this individual for artwork or even fursuits. You are not guaranteed to get what you payed them for, and I highly doubt they'll ever actually give me a refund.


    Who: Gideon Hoss
    Where: Anthrocon
    When: 07/04/2014
    What: Commission
    NSFW Content
    I paid Gideon Hoss nearly $60 to draw my character at anthrocon 2014. I was unable to retrieve it at the time. I have sent him numerous emails over the years asking about it. Ive seen him at other anthrocons and he still didn't have it on him, but he did finish it. 


    Who: Artist
    Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/fantasystaples/
    When: 05/22/2018
    What: Commission

    Back in May 22nd of 2018, I commissioned an artist by the name of Fantasystaples for 2 $5 commissions. The commissions were of anthro pokemon that the artist originally did sketches for as a request, but were open to me commissioning and purchasing the design as my own. Since the artist wasn't very active due to wi-fi trouble and not checking on messages, I let the artist be as I waited for an update of sorts as the months went by. I did try to contact them every month or so, but deleted a few message as to not flood their discord with messages once they returned.

    ( Payment was sent as Friends & Family. I had no idea how paypal worked as I had turned 18 2 months before this. Now I know how important Goods and Services is )

    On January 18th of this year I finally managed to get word from them. Because of how long the commission was taking, and how long they left me in the dark, they offered to compensate with an additional art piece as apology to which I was quite alright with. However, I wanted the focus to be strictly on the commission alone as to keep everything on track. I also simply wanted the designs as soon as possible now that my patience was running thin.

    Since it's been over a year after payment was sent, I decided to note them 16 days ago in the hopes of getting a response as it can be really concerning when there hasn't been much talking for a year old commission. Their activity on FA was going very steadily and it felt like it would be the better place to talk more on. I sent another note just this morning to be greeted with "You have been blocked" and no words as to why. Furthermore, I used my alternate account and twitter to try and contact them ( as well as expressing a refund if the art couldn't be done ) only to be blocked shortly after.

    TL;DR: I commissioned an artist by the name of Fantasystaples back in May 22nd of 2018 for 2 $5 commissions and have tried to be patient with them. Now all of sudden they want nothing to do with me and are trying to block me from contacting them.

    Who: VixonAzaria
    Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/vixonazaria/
    When: 01/01/2018
    What: Commission

    Here is the final artwork https://www.deviantart.com/blue4eagle/art/Vixongoddess-Comm-775141273
    VixonAzaria came to me beginning of last year (2018) on Deviantart. Sadly what I've replied to her is not visible for the first 3 notes, she seem to have erased them when she replied. on the 4th reply she left them in.

    From here you can see my replies. 

    I believe I did send more messages on DA after these, but no replies, it's been a year. And sadly Deviantart doesn't show note reference you've send, except only when replied to. Eventually I switched to emailing.

    I was surprised when she replied she forgot that she commissioned me. but below was the last message I've ever received from her

    Heard nothing for months ever since, even when I tried to note her on Deviantart or Furaffinity. And below is when I tried to email again after months of  waiting for replies.

    And still no replies. I did note again on Deviantart after this wishing Merry Christmas and trying to be nice. but not even that worked. the mistake I've done there is i didn't take screenshots before sending them. Below was the last email i tried, and forgive the writing as I was aggravated at that point.

    And so I was still ignored the rest of this year and i know she is deliberately doing it since she is active on Furaffinity for the past few months, and as recent as 2 days ago, when I last checked. Plus she removed me from her watch and still no replies to this recent post.

    Please any advice on what to do, and where I may have gone wrong, or what am I doing wrong. I do agree my mistake was I should have waited with the commission before finishing it until I got my fee owed. Any help from artist she may approach in the future if you could remind her that she owes me, or make sure she pays you for your work if she decides to commission any artist in the future, and not let the same happen to you as it did with me. I've put allot of effort and time into this work. And I've recently got Paypal sorted so I can now officially receive Payments via Paypal. Thanks! 

    Who: pyramid_head_approves
    Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/pyramidheadapproves/
    When: 05/22/2018
    What: Commission

    On May 22nd 2018 (could be a couple days before i don't remember if i paid the same day as the commission request) i approached this artist for a commission of me and a friend. all went good and we spoke about the details, i paid 85 USD and they would get started, ofcourse it could be that they had a list going on but i didn't see it on their page so i just waited. I am not someone who send a lot of notes if i get updates but i didn't hear anything in a while so i noted the artist to ask how the commission was coming along ( wich you can see in screenshot "Note 1 and the only reply i got")

    i thought they would send me the WIP so i thought nothing much of it, looking back i should have asked myself to send the screenshot. i also wanted to respect the fact they were taking care of medical issues for their mother.
     after another while i send another note to wich i didn't get a reply so i thought they were just busy. after another amount of send notes to wich i didn't get any reply (wich you can see in "the notes with dates, unread note and my last notes" i have no idea what i did to get a silent treatment as the only things i said can be seen here in the notes ( maybe i was to blunt ? i don't know)

    friends recommended me i should make an artist beware. i also can't get my money back since i waited to long to ask for a refund and the limit on the refund for paypal is over too already.
    I also know they are pretty active on their discord server and do regular freebies and requests.

    Here is my paypal transcript showing i really paid for it.
    I can't get a hold of them as they do not even read my notes. At this point i'm really not sure what to do, should i keep reaching out or just accept the fact i won't be getting art or any money back ?

    Who: Fen / SuperNinfendo
    Where: Twitter/Discord
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/SuperNinfendo
    When: 03/01/2019
    What: Other (Explain Below)

    This was a Character for Art trade:  The Agreement was that they would get the character I was selling for 70$ in exchange for a art piece as they were a artist and short on change.
    I had posted a character for sell for 70$, it had a slew of art for it! Fen contacted me requesting that they didn't have 70$ but REALLY wanted the character and would be willing to deliver a flat color in exchange for it, they also said they can send me 20$ within a week on top of the flat com.
    After seeing no other offers, I decided to roll with Fen's offer, and took the flat color, we exchanged details, I sent her the file of the character, and I moved on and allowed her to start working, she claimed to have a WIP for me within a few days.
    After a week I had heard nothing so I reached out, and they delivered a sketch! I was happy with the sketch and moved on.
    I waited about 2 weeks after that and reached out again asking if there was any updates, they responded with essentially the same WIP as before, but with the head lined. That's okay! I'm just happy to get a response at this point, I can wait for the art!
    I waited for about 2 weeks again, and contacted them looking for a update, but alas no response. At this point it is important to mention I belong to their discord server, and while I sent my message I noticed that they were VERY active in their discord, so I was a bit confused.
    I shrugged it off and waited about a week, and then tried knocking again to see if I could get something, this time pointing out that I've seen them posting, but not sure if they just forgot to respond, we're all human after all.  Still no response, and like last time, very active in their discord, actually even streaming free art streams! I wanted to make a comment to them in the discord to see if they would respond to me then, but I really didn't want to put them on the spot in front of their patrons like that.
    finally on Friday I contacted them pointing out that if they didn't want to do the commission anymore, we can work something out, and find a solution, but they needed to respond to me to do that. alas no response, with the same situation as before, very active in their discord. So I decided maybe discord was broken and contacted them on Twitter DM's nothing.
    At this point I got annoyed at them, and was beginning to become agitated, I sent my final signal out in hopes maybe that would get to them, but still nothing. 

    [This is Fen accepting the offer via discord after I asked if it was still available. After this I sent files, and exchanged what I wanted in the art piece]

    [This was the last message I sent almost a month ago, asking for ANY sort of response, otherwise I would try finding a home for the character as they have not upheld their end of the deal]

    At this point I'm not sure what to do with the character given they bought art for it already, and I doubt anyone would want to buy it with this drama attached, but I just want to make sure no one else falls victim to this!

    Who: Earlybird
    Where: http://furaffinity.net/user/earlybird
    When: 08/17/2018
    What: Commission
    NSFW Content
    On August 13th, 2018 the user Earlybird opened up for one commission slot, for a 2 Character Full Body with Background for 125 USD.
    On August 14th, I grabbed the slot. Artist confirmed same day.
    I sent the note asking for a SFW image at first. Artist confirmed and accepted two days later on August 16th.
    Payment was sent on August 17th (censored artist's IRL name).
    Payment confirmation was given, was told that there were only two commissions in front of me and I would receive a sketch soon.
    On September 5th, since I hadn't received a preliminary sketch yet, I wanted to change my commission to something for myself and my fiance, so I sent a note asking for a NSFW commission instead.
    The artist responds on September 8th, telling me they did have a sketch but it would be okay to change and to let them know what I wanted to do. I went ahead with the NSFW since I hadn't seen the first sketch at the time. Strangely, this note is never read.
    I don't hear from the artist from that last note. On January 9th, I have received no sketch, no updates, or anything. Their queue journal is broken so I have no way of checking on it and their ToS states with a full queue there's only a month wait, with only a couple days if near empty. I send a note asking for an update.
    ToS Archive:
    Artist responds on January 10th, stating that their notes are acting strange and that they had sent me a WIP, though they would send it again.
    I get the WIP sketch:
    I approve of the pose and I assume work begins from there.
    On February 4th, my grandmother had passed away and I wasn't interested in really pursuing the commission any longer due to it. My Paypal protection period was nearing expiration and I had already waited 6 months and only received a sketch. I wanted to cancel the project, fully aware I was not going to receive a full refund.
    The artist responds a couple days later informing me that the commission was already on the flat color stage (even though I had never seen the lineart), but they would be willing to change the subject if I so wished. Not wanting to do that to the artist, I bit the bullet, apologized, and asked them to continue on as usual. In hindsight I should have asked to see the progress but hindsight is 20/20. The artist does not respond to that note until February 25th and reaffirms with me that I want to continue the image and have it finished. The note once again goes unread.
    Once again, I do not hear from the artist from that point. I send another note asking for an update on May 2nd.
    The artist responds on May 8th asking for reaffirmation of the image I want drawn, and I confirm that I want the NSFW image finished.
    Today on May 22nd I receive the final commission:
    The artist also includes a small doodle for an apology for the wait.
    Compared to the example shown, it's nowhere near the quality I paid for and almost feels rushed. I'm not sure if the artist legitimately forgot what I ordered, but I express unhappiness with the final product.
    Example here:
    I've commissioned this artist successfully a couple times beforehand so I'm not sure what happened, but I hope to resolve this with the artist and will post updates if/when it becomes resolved. They are a very sweet individual and carry themselves professionally but with such a long wait time and (supposedly) such a small queue/incorrect product received I feel they dropped the ball on this one hard.



    Who: regentshaw
    Where: Furaffinity: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/regentshaw/
    When: 08/02/2018
    What: Commission

    I didn't really want to do this but since there doesn't seem to be any activity whatsoever from them I'm more putting this out here to see if anyone else is still waiting on a commission from them.
    30th July I messaged the artist asking about a ref sheet for my character. Everything was pleasant and they were happy to do my commission. I sent the money on the 2nd August. 


    On 25th August I had sent a note asking for any updates since I hadn't received any. Since it's FurAffinity you can see if they have read the note to which they had but never replied. 
    On 6th September they post a journal on their situation. I though fair enough but still could have replied to my note. 

    10th October I send a note mentioning the journal and asking if everything was okay. Still no update prior to this and neither did they reply to the note. 
    28th October they finally send an update and show me a fullbody sketch for the ref. I reply saying everything looks perfect. 

    2nd January 2019 is when I decided to note them again. Not to my surprise is that the see it but don't reply
    April 11th is the last note I've sent out to them, mainly because they haven't actually seen it. 

    Hopefully I've attached all the necessary proof. If anyone else is waiting on a commission from this person I'd like to know too and if you've dealt with it. 

    This is my inbox and all the emails I've received from them. 

    This is my outbox with all the emails sent to them. As you can see they've all been read besides the latest one. 

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