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A place to voice positive or difficult experiences with commissioners or artists. This includes both paid transactions and art trades. Customer and artist reviews, lost contacts, and posts looking for advice are welcome.

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  • Recent Positive Reviews

    • Positive reviews for Armaina
    • Positive reviews for dinoPharaoh!
    • Skdaffle is a wonderful artist to work with. They are friendly, talented, and are always on top of their commission queue. They stream their work nearly every day, and you can watch them draw your piece if you opt for it in their form. I've commissioned them several times and on average received the final piece in about a week. They are very flexible and can draw almost anything. For the quality of their work, their prices are very reasonable. Here are some examples of comms I've bought: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/30925777/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/30056343/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/28147542/ http://www.furaffinity.net/view/29154391/
    • Positive reviews for Skdaffle.
    • I commissioned Zack/vampbyte on March 25th for a custom character design and paid up front. I did not have drawn references but put together a description with visuals and gave Zack an overall concept with what was needed. He was totally on board and offered to stream the work for me!  Tonight and yesterday, I worked with him in stream from start to finish with the design. Zack was incredibly accommodating and great to work with; he was patient with whatever tweaks I pointed out, and the end result was perfect and exactly what I wanted. He is a very talented and skilled artist who is also super professional and polite and I would definitely recommend him for commission work. Here's the final design! This character is nonbinary with a masculine and feminine form. 😄  
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    • Kei

      And we've reached 500 members!
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    • CoraidenTsurein

      I made a mistake to use my friend Eylon as a Human Shield.
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    • SukariDragon

      Oof just searched for my username on here, and thank goodness nothing showed up ^^; I hope I can keep it that way lol
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    • Celestina

      @Dergish and I will be out of town for Texas Furry Fiesta.  Please do not direct messages to us, as we may not respond promptly.
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    • Kei

      Wow, that's... a first for me.  This is very sad.
      I had paid for a custom clay figurine on YCH.Commishes in January.  I was quoted a few months' wait time, which I found was perfectly reasonable.  I hadn't contacted the artist since because it's still within that ETA.
      I woke up to this message on the YCH.Commishes thread:

      Very sad. :C  Obviously leaving their name out of this.  But this is just such a... unique experience, I thought I'd post it on my profile here.
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