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    Caution: UsWithoutWings/Copycatz

    By AkeTheBird, in Artist Cautions, , 2 comments, 2,693 views
    Who: UsWithoutWings / Copycatz
    Where: Approached via Notes on Furaffinity
    When: 09/05/2022
    What: Commission

    A commission turned abusive.
    I was originally approached unsolicited via note on FA by this user (when they were not suspended) offering to make artwork for my characters that they 'adored' (see the FA note screenshot attached below).
    After some back and forth I agreed to commisison them. The linework they did got back to me very quickly within 3 days of originally being approached. However on September 8th they said they'd begin coloring and I did not hear back from them until I reached out again on October 11th. I  did recieve my finished work from them, but my correspondence with them felt overall abusive.
    However they were very keen to get a second commission from me for another character of mine. I wasn't sure that I really wanted to get a second full detailed picture and instead asked if they did sketches for helping me concept a new design.
    They said they didn't and I decided then that I wasn't going to get a second commission. This is when the abusive behavior was very apparent.
    Below is my full correspondence on discord with this user.

    Beware: SpiritOfStars

    By CuriousInsanity, in Artist Bewares, , 1 comment, 1,802 views
    Who: SpiritOfStars / spirit0fstars
    Where: https://www.deviantart.com/spiritofstars
    When: 08/20/2021
    What: Commission

    I came across SpiritOfStars's YCH through someone else I Watch on DA and have commissioned before, I had a bit of extra money and it looked like a nice style so I commented on the YCH letting them know I'd be sending a note.

    I sent the note that day, 20th of August 2021, and things progressed quickly after that. Note: All communication was via deviantart Notes, and the reading order is from bottom to top.

    I was also added to her queue on the original post.

    Things started off well; I received and paid the invoice on the 23rd/24th of August 2021 and at the same time I received a lined WIP.

    A few months later, in December, I was organising my folders of commissioned art and realised I only had this WIP, I had it in my head that this was already finished so I went looking through my notes for the link, and upon finding none I sent a note asking after it. Spirit replied pretty quickly with an update on the progress. I apologised for my mistake and was happy with this update.

    A bit over a month later on the 30th of January 2022, I decided to check in again. Once again I got a fast response, though this time I was advised that she had injured her finger, which had/would cause delays.

    While I wish she had reached out about this herself rather than me having to ask, I wasn't too bothered and was happy to wait as so far she was really responsive whenever I reached out (something I mentioned to her). I requested a pic of the updated WIP though, as I had just discovered this site and thought it best to make sure I wasn't being fobbed off.

    A couple days later I hadn't heard back yet so I sent another message just in case she had forgotten. A few days later I got a response with the new WIP.

    I was really happy to get this response and this WIP, little did I know this was to be the last message I ever received from her. I sent my response thanking her for the update, but to this day it remains unread.

    In March I sent a message checking in, but it was not responded to, though it shows as Read.

    I followed up again in April, this note was Read as well, asking if she preferred a different contact method, since I figured maybe she just wasn't logging in to dA much anymore (I had not noticed that the Notes were Read until prepping for this Beware).

    I didn't send another Note until this month (September 2022), but in the mean time I continued to see artists I follow posting Patreon rewards for SpiritOfStars, meaning she was clearly active online in some capacity, which made me feel ignored and was very frustrating. (I am not including screenshots because these artist's do not deserve their names associated with a Beware in any way).
    My next Note I decided to send a more harsh message conveying my frustration and requesting a response. This of course remains Unread.

    With no communication and it being over a year since the original commission, I sent one last message an hour ago (1/10/2022) letting them know I was making this Beware, and then set to work on it.
    I'm really sad that I had to do this, as again since it wasn't THAT expensive (even if I do always get fucked by the conversion rate to USD) I don't mind waiting if someone is having trouble, but all I ask is for is to be TOLD about delays and have my messages responded to.
    Quick note: The early parts are my fault as I forgot about the comm for a little while and so did not follow up for some time, and thus missed the PayPal chargeback window. That said I probably wouldn't have used it or threatened it as I don't want to cause that kind of harm to the artist. I even held off on this beware for a long time because I really wanted to resolve things, as this artist is clearly a Patreon of a lot of artists I know and I didn't want to make things awkward with them. That said, enough is enough.

    Beware: DaziKidoT

    By rikki, in Artist Bewares, , 0 comments, 561 views
    Who: DaziKidoT, dezirodz,CoconutBrittle#9728
    Where: https://toyhou.se/DaziKidoT
    When: 09/19/2021
    What: Commission

    This commission was initiated via Toyhouse, as such, some screenshots may need to be read from bottom to top with the way the PM system works with this site.

    In mid-September 2021, I reached out to DaziKidoT to create a reference sheet for a Final Fantasy XIV character of mine.

    After discussing the additions required for my piece, I provided their form and they took payment after presenting base sketches for the character's pose.

    After agreeing to one of the poses, they sent me an invoice and it was paid the same day.

    I received my first drafts of potential design concepts 10 days later, I selected the concept I preferred the most and confirmed that I was fine with giving them artistic liberties when it came down to the overall color scheme/design work of the clothing.

    This is the sketch draft I approved to move forward.

    I did not hear from them until October, where they informed of personal matters that cropped up.
    This was not a bother at all, up to this point DaziKidoT had been very commutative with me, and it's only been a month since we initiated the process.

    After this, I did not hear from them until November, another personal matter happened, but they delivered colored concepts for the design up to this point.

    I selected which elements I wished to move forward with, and later that day I received a WIP with the final draft of the design elements I wanted to keep.

    All work that has been shown has been of the front-facing portion of the reference, I had not received a WIP of the back-view, nor the unclothed reference which was to show my character's body scars, etc.
    A few days later, I received bad news regarding the commission overall. Everything was lost due to hardware issues.

    Admittedly, this was gutting to hear, because of how well things had gone up to this point. However, DaziKidoT was still being transparent and communicative with me that I genuinely was willing to wait things out for them to complete the work.

    At this point, I had no reason to believe we would run into communication issues, so I declined the offer of the partial refund.
    I did not hear from them until January. There was no additional progress to show, but I inquired on January 11th if it was possible to make modifications to the original concept, as things needed to restart from square one regardless.

    We did come to an agreement for the design updates for when they were able to resume working.

    Another month passed and I had heard nothing from them. I was starting to get mildly concerned about their ability to remain in contact, especially as I was nearing my window for a claim via Paypal. Toyhouse experienced site-wide outage some time before I reached out to them in February, and wanted to have another way to contact them in the event the site went down.

    We agreed to swap discord handles. However, I did not hear from them after we mutually added each other, I reached out to them in April to see if there were any updates, and I was informed of another personal matter, and due to limitations with accessing the site, I was willing to try and help them with at least getting the word out regarding the delay as I was not the only individual waiting for work from Dazi.

    This is what I posted in their thread, I have since revised my message as I have not had contact with the artist since April.

    On April 10th, I received a WIP of the anatomical revisions I was requesting.
    We agreed to little details and April 11th was the last time I ever heard from Dazi.

    I reached out to them in May to check in, but I received no response.

    At this point, I am far beyond my window with claims via Paypal, and I have no options left for recourse.
    I provided them an ultimatum, and later delivered the same message to them on Toyhouse in August, it has gone unread.

    Only this time being firmer in stating that I do not wish to continue if they do end up returning.
    A follow-up was sent in October to be transparent about my side of things, there has still been no response.

    As of September 2022, I have reached a full year of waiting for this piece, and I have not heard from them in nearly six months.
    In hindsight, I should have taken the partial refund offer when I initially received it.

    Beware : Nor1kA/RodyaChan/NoriKalistr

    By Kheerian, in Artist Bewares, , 0 comments, 605 views
    Who: Nor1kA/Rod_ichka#0181
    Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/nor1k4/
    When: 08/21/2021
    What: Commission

    Started on the 21st of July 2021 when I claimed an YCH from the artist. 

    Delay for the completion was two months at max, with the artist promising a sketch in-between

    One month after, no sketch was provided and I sent the artist a message on FA that remained unread

    Waited more months until contacting the artist through their e-mail adress ; Received an answer clarifying supposed health problems and a Discord handle. 

    Artist was added but never accepted friend request, then did not answer to another mail sent a month later, then deactivated their FurAffinity account.

    Beware: Skellri

    By Glowcrow, in Artist Bewares, , 1 comment, 1,031 views
    Who: Skellri / skellri
    Where: https://twitter.com/skellri
    When: 08/17/2021
    What: Commission

    My communication with Skellri began on the 17th of August 2021. I commissioned her for three headshots.

    I sent them my paypal address and then tipped them, as I thought that 30$ for a single headshot at her skill level was too low.

    Some days went past and I realised that I hadn't asked for an estimate on when the commissions would be done, so I approached the artist.

    However, I did not hear from her at the time they had stated, and then had to approach them twice before they replied. I got a new date for an estimate delivery on the commissions.

    I did not hear from them on the 9th of October, and waited until December to contact them again. They answered over a month later in January 2022.

    The next day, they did post wips of the three headshots I had requested.

    I've not received a message from them since. I approached them again in March, then months later now, in September, eventually telling them that I would have to take some action due to the lack of communication and delivered goods.

    She has been promoting her commissions as recently as yesterday (19th of Sep 2022) on their Twitter profile, proving that she is active on Twitter.

    Obviously it's far too late for me to get the money refunded through Paypal, and so it stands to this day that I've not received anything but mere WIPs for the 60$ + 20$ tip. I hope that by doing this other people will not go through the same.

    update - 10/24/2022

    Caution: mr.murder

    By suveqn, in Artist Cautions, , 4 comments, 1,397 views
    Who: mr.murder / cass / castiel
    Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/mr.murder
    MR. MuRdeR#5381
    When: 12/10/2020
    What: Commission

    Originally inquired about a commission for dakimakura designs, agreed to the price and splitting it into 2 orders and 2 payments. She never showed me any Terms of Service, I have tried to locate them on her dropbox or FA page but have found nothing.
    All conversation was in polish, the screenshots contain my translations and the original messages, the dates are in MM/DD/YYYY.
    The first order was put in on 10th of December 2020, the second was on 2nd January 2021, she did not contact me even once between putting in the first order and the second order.

    She did not contact me even once between the first and the second order.

    (admin note, this was the ref the OP supplied the artist with, the reference has since changed but it needs to be added to the post.)

    After putting in the second order she did not contact me with any updates FOR ALMOST A YEAR, her trello had barely any progress happen on it, she did not make any announcements about any delaying events affecting the commissions.

    After a brief talk about personal life in December (a year after the order) there was a 4 day silence, she said she will start my order before the year was over however that did not happen.

    After another week of silence I sent my new ref sheet to her and received the first WiP.

    After asking for a small change on the sketch she starts arguing to not do it and ignores my input on it.

    After pointing out a few areas that I wanted a few more spots on (cheetahs have spots) she gave a sarcastic rude response.

    After another few months of no progress updates I ask for one and get none.

    After another 5 months I receive a another WiP with minimal progress.
    It has been 3 months and I have received no further communication or updates, the second order has not even been started by her. She is active and draws but never any commissions from her trello.
    At this point I have given up on these orders, I know she will never finish them, I have accepted this financial loss. It has been almost 2 years so PayPal wont help me about this.


    Beware: Lundukeo/JudoYaro

    By xNirox, in Client Bewares, , 4 comments, 1,570 views
    Who: Lundukeo/ToughKumquats/Torentelly/JudoYaro
    Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/lundukeo/ (Deactivated)
    https://www.furaffinity.net/user/toughkumquats/ (Queued for Deletion)
    When: 10/13/2021
    What: Commission
    NSFW Content
    First interaction was when Lundukeo claimed an YCH slot on Furaffinity.

    DMs proceeded as follows:
    (The message order in each screenshot goes from bottom and up)

    YCH premade sketch after edited to fit their character:


    New sketch after making the edits they wanted:

    After Lundukeo approved of the second sketch, they stopped answering. I got worried as others were waiting for me to work on this YCH.
    Invoice had been sent but was left unpaid.


    I realized I wasn't going to get paid in a reasonable time so I re-opened their slot:

    About a month later I got a reply from Lundukeo:

    I made it clear that they were banned from working with me in the future, but decided not to block them. Afterwards I forgot about this situation and moved on, not planning on making a beware over this.
    Fast forward to June 23rd 2022, I opened for a batch of commissions:

    This is one of the forms that got sent in:

    I accepted the commission as I loved their character. This is the reference they sent:

    I was unable to contact them through their Twitter, as DMs was off, so I was suspicious if the Twitter user was the rightful owner, and contacted the character owner on Furaffinity:

    Looking back I realize how much of a red flag this message is. The twitter profile was at the time and still is completely empty, with DMs off. Yet they proclaim to use it for "artists artwork, announcements, game stuff and a way to DM". I ignored the red flag and decided to work with them as the Furaffinity profile seemed legit and they had worked with other artists in the past.
    I told them I would get back to them when their slot came up, and in the meantime they wrote me this:

    The "mate of theirs" was the person with the blue deer who ghosted me in 2021. I accepted the commission anyway as I was under the understanding that ToughKumquats, a different person,  would pay.
    On August 17th I sent them a wip of their commission.

    ToughKumquats was happy with the sketch but said they were unable to pay right away.

    On September 8th, almost 3 weeks after the last message, invoice was still not paid.
    I asked them if there were issues with paying, a message which was left unread. 

    At this point I put two and two together and believed Lundukeo and ToughKumquats was the same person. First of all because ToughKumquats wanted me to draw a character from a person who had been banned. Secondly because their profile had been made around the exact time they ghosted me in October of last year. Third because this pattern of being ghosted after getting a free sketch was similar to Lundukeo. And lastly because someone else on Furaffinity referred to both character owners as their boyfriend. (I will not name them as they have nothing to do with the situation.)
    Being 99% sure I had been lied to, I sent this message to both ToughKumquats and Lundukeo:

    30 minutes later, Lundukeo replied and my suspicion was proven correct

    Admitting to lying and refusing to to pay for the work done for a second time. At this point I believe a beware is warranted. 
    Lundukeo admitted to ban evading by pretending to be someone else, and falling into the same pattern like last time. Honestly whether or not they planned to scam me doesn't matter, they purposefully lied to me to get around a ban and get me to work for them again.

    Beware: Lorkalt

    By ZestCovarrubias, in Artist Bewares, , 0 comments, 689 views
    Who: @Lorkalt, @Lorkalt1
    Where: https://twitter.com/lorkalt, https://twitter.com/lorkalt1
    When: 12/18/2020
    What: Commission
    NSFW Content
    I apologize in advance for this mess of screenshots and censoring, but I have been having trouble getting in touch with this artist again after he went silent on me for over a year for a commission I paid quite a good amount for.

    These next images are of us coming to an agreement of what we want, not including the excessive details I went into for the idea as I don't find it all too necessary here.

    After contacting on that New Year's Eve, he had finally sent a WIP sketch (attached below) and sent another on February.

    Then, after February 15 of 2021, he went silent with only the second and last WIP he sent me. Ever since then, I had tried messaging and emailing him but to no avail.

    I still have yet to hear back from him and I have even seen others also have the same issue from him, where he stopped replying completely, yet he also takes some other commissions on the side.
    Also, something to note is that I have my phone set to Spanish, but I will help include context in the words here.
    Buzón - Inbox
    Enviado - Sent
    Para: - To:
    Pagada - Paid
    All months should be similar to the English names besides Enero, which is January
    Date formats are all MM/DD/YYYY except for the times it's DD/Month/YYYY in some emails and screenshots where the month is clearly in the middle.
    In addition, I have shared my own IRL name plenty of times, so I had no need to censor mine, only my PayPal email which is a deadname and the artist's last name (and address/phone too, of course).

    Beware: BrokenVocaloid

    By Artemis, in Artist Bewares, , 5 comments, 2,438 views
    Who: BrokenVocaloid
    Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/brokenvocaloid/
    When: 10/18/2020
    What: Commission
    NSFW Content
    Hi there, I am making this post about BrokenVocaloid since I have been waiting on two commissions: one from October of 2020, and the other from February 16th, 2021. To be honest, I would be extremely surprised to ever see a finished piece or even a refund at this point, but I figured I may as well give a warning to other people. 
    There are also a few other problems with commissions that will be shown throughout the screenshots I will be providing, but I am only missing two commissions/refunds as of today.
    These first two screenshots show the first (and oldest) commission that I am still waiting on, with proof of payment included. Also included is Broken requesting a $100 credit from me, nearly two months later, which I feel is at least somewhat odd and unprofessional. 

    This next screenshot shows how difficult it can be to communicate with this artist due to a total lack of response, which is all too common with her.

    A month later, Broken asks for me to commission her again, even though I was still lacking the first commission that I talked about earlier. Fortunately for me, she dropped the price to $25 and I only purchased one. Unfortunately for me, I still never received the commission in question. I also included proof of payment below the discussion we had over it.

    The stream that would show off this commission was supposedly moved to a later date, but it never happened at all.

    Two months later and she DMs me with a request for me to commission her again. At that point I was very reluctant to commission her again, especially with two unfinished pieces, so I declined.
    To me, her response seemed very guilt-trippy and manipulative as she tried to put the responsibility for her eviction on me, a customer of her art. I understand opening commissions for emergencies, but directly contacting a previous commissioner and asking for money under the threat of eviction does not seem even remotely fair or professional.
    And, of course, you can see that I asked on the status of the commission over two months later to no response whatsoever.

    Broken, of course, ignored my request for a status update altogether and invited me to her new server. I put in a refund request to the server after the commissions were not finished when she promised, and that request has been sitting in the refund channel ever since I put it in. The oldest refund request in the channel is from another commissioner posted on the 28th of July, 2021, with no indication of ever being fulfilled.

    As you can see, I am far from the only person to have trouble getting commissions and/or refunds from her.

    Beware : Alastra #5807 / Angel Dust #3999

    By Mimichuu, in Client Bewares, , 2 comments, 775 views
    Who: Alastra#5807, Angel Dust#3999
    Where: Discord
    When: 08/13/2022
    What: Commission

    Before the incident, I often repost my commission advertisement on various of art servers. Roughly a simple ad with low-ish prices ($15-20) compared to others advertising up to $30-40+, along with this fact, I was a first time commissioner with 0 experience apart from art trades and collaborations. 

    On August 12, I received a friend request from Alastra (Client) at around midnight and they messaged me that they’d like to commission me. I was ecstatic seeing this during then, but I didn’t accept their friend request and reply until the next morning.
    August 13, From here the process was going well, we were communicating, their reply’s were fast, they did as I asked (filling out my google form for character info, “reading” my carrd) until I got to confirming the payment process, they asked if they could “pay with a $40 Amazon gift card” none of my terms of service said I excepted any gift card except for Apple, I didn’t have any red flags yet and so I thought perhaps they couldn’t pay through these other payment options
    I replied saying
    “I’m not sure, Codashop doesn’t allow any payments except through paypal, venmo, etc”
    They didn’t reply to me until I added
    “but I do accept Apple gift cards as payment instead”
    They replied fast
    ((At this point my mistake started here bc based on other accounts of them they blocked/ ghosted the artist after telling them they need to pay through these options. Gift cards were their way of swindling through))
    I got to work quickly and sent them the first two halfbody sketches of their commission, They asked for a few changes, I complied
    i asked if things were alright with the sketches, they complied
    the first red flag I blindly encountered was asking for my 50% payment after the sketch (total for the commission was 30 so they had to pay $15) 
    they avoided this by convincing me that they’d pay at the end when there’s a watermark on the drawing, this is so to make sure that they do like the commission and they would pay extra for the work.
    They were successful in convincing me, I saw on a few other commissioners for reference that they do a similar format to this as well and so I thought it’d be ok to try it out. 
    August 16 - 17 a line-art and flat color was sent 
    August 20 the coloring process started 
    nothing fishy happened here, only reassurance that my work was going well.
    The process continued from me sending my w.i.p. for review and revision.
    By August 21, I was officially done with the commission I sent them a drawing with my watermark (top to bottom of the image for extra measures) and sent it to them. Strangely they didn’t reply, as fast as they normally would, despite their profile (little dot on the corner) saying that they were actively on. I didn’t think much of it but consider the fact that they’re a person with a life so I shouldn’t bother them.
    August 22, by now I got worried they weren’t replying and by now it was around 5. I remembered that we were mutuals on a few servers so I searched through those only to realize that they left them. I checked their bio to see if they really did and I saw the words “no servers in common” and on discord if you don’t share a similar server with the other (unless you friend them) you can’t message the person anymore.
    It took me a while to realize that they scammed me after they ghosted me and blocked me when receiving the watermarked drawing of mine.
    As of August 28, the time I made this beware, they are still using my drawing as their pfp. I do advice to keep an eye out on this person as their main focus of commissions are hazbin hotel. Their discord name are names of characters from the show so its difficult to find any true social medias from them unless they share any of my drawings around. If you do ever see a repost of the following commission images please report them. 
    ((Extra: this story probably infuriated a lot of you bc I was so blinded to so many red flags that the client replied with. If anything it was also my fault too for falling for a scam and as of writing this, it urks me to read over how  naive I was through the process. No I’m not asking for pity, I’m asking for people doing first time commissions to stand your ground and go with the process that you want to do as it may save you from being scammed like me))

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    • Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/nadiadibaj Linktree: https://linktr.ee/NadiaDibaj Nadia specialises in Cinematic YCHs, and I commissioned my first from her in February. She has a quick turnaround, is very friendly, and produces high quality art for a good price - not cheap, but still affordable. Most of her YCH's are auctions though so the price can get high if there's competition. Nadia also occasionally offers other special deals for a limited time or limited slots. I commissioned a series of character portraits from her through February and March, and after the first few she allowed me to claim several slots ahead and pay one at a time. We've now repeated this arrangement for her special on Character Reference Sheets. I am incredibly happy with every piece I get from her and there is never long between updates. After the initial information is sent I will usually receive a coloured sketch back for review within a few days and she will start lining quickly. She is also very good about making changes/fixes for things like clothing colours and skin tones.
    • Mod Note: Links lead to underage art. Please click at your discretion.  Account: [@KayMay2319 on twitter] Kay has been a regular client of mine since mid 2021 and is an absolute dream client to work with. He is incredibly patient and kind, gives good and polite feedback about what she wants if needed, always tips, and always has lovely things to say when he retweets or reposts the art I drew her. Highly endorse!
    • Mod Note: Links lead to underage art. Please click at your discretion.  Artist links: [@vampyyart on twitter] [@_vampy.art on insta] Commissioned a very hardcore guro nsfw piece of my bf's and my ocs, he was incredibly sweet and communicative the entire time, very quick for what was commissioned, asked very good questions about my preferences and was all around a lovely person to work with. Very very good at blood and gore if that's something your into, and draws the prettiest eyes! Will absolutely be commissioning him again when I have the funds! (cannot post my commissioned art on account of gore and an nsfw of an underage character, but to check out his pages his art is absolutely beautiful!)
    • Commissioned them Feb 8 and received the piece was delivered on the 11th. Lightning fast turnaround and very professional. 🙂
    • Twitter:  https://twitter.com/skxviii Furaffinity:  https://www.furaffinity.net/user/skxviii/ Timeframe:  My first commission with Sid was placed in June 2021.  My most recent one was placed September 2021. I have commissioned Sid numerous times, and each time has been exactly the same experience.  Sid is professional, sticks to their deadlines, and delivers top notch work at lightning fast speeds.  Turnaround was usually a few days to a week or two.  If Sid says it'll be done by (date) it will be done by then.  I highly recommend Sid if you need work done.    
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    • hachimitsu  »  Lync

      I saw what you wrote about UWW  and I began to cry so hard and wished I knew this sooner. I spent $200 and the way he does business felt like He is putitng preasure on me!..
      Something I should have noticed with a red flag. He said he needed the money but then afterwards I cried after noticing he is stalling.

      it has been a month so far and he claimed he got this artwork down. BUt so much problems and excuses came that it became unprofessional.

      THIS IS for a $200 sketch!..and now I am crying. 

      I wanted to say thank you for the warning but I felt it was too little, too late. IT has been a month after this so I already requested VENMO for help.

      What I wanted to ask from you is, HOW do you cope with this pain? or the aftermath?.  You are so calmed and felt like it hasn't hurt you compare to me who has ;_;!.

      Thank you again and I hope to hear from you


      He uses the "my mother is dead" trick.. and last year he used " my father is dead" trick to my friend. 

      and to think I made friends with him too!
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    • James

      unimpressed dad face for everyone
      unimpressed dad face for 1000 years

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    • James  »  HyperionTigris

      Your account name has been reverted and your comment to go to the offsite website has been hidden.  You are not permitted to try and move people off site to unverified websites. 
      We have permitted you to post both of your comments that you have posted on your beware, so the petulant accusations of bias will not be tolerated.  If you had an update all you had to do was notify a staff member.  The thread was locked for everyone; not just you.
      Despite your behavior, you will not be given an official warning.  Your name change and status update privileges have been revoked, however.  This is simply a polite reminder to mind our rules and behave.  If you continue, then official action will continue.
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    • littlelapin

      contact: carrd★
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      Oops forgot my old account password and username here we go again! X,D
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