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  • Beware: @/Sudo443 / @/Coyot_Tea

    Who: Coyot_Tea / Sudo443
    Where: https://twitter.com/sudo443?s=09
    When: 02/09/2020
    What: Commission

    I contacted the artist known as Coyot_Tea at the time in reference to an open commission post made 02/09/2020 for a full body character painting. 
    Discussion was quick and they responded within 20 minutes, where references were provided and payment exchanged. Deadline was self imposed by the artist within 2 months. Once the deadline was met I contacted the artist asking for an update. I was told that they were experiencing computer issues, and that once resolved my commission would be completed. 
    Since then the artist has made no attempt to contact me, and since created a new account that they use to post their art (Sudo443) and is currently ignoring my messages. No contact has been had since 04/21/2020



    Beware: stripedbearboi

    Who: stripedbearboi
    Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/stripedbearboi/
    When: 02/19/2021
    What: Commission
    NSFW Content
    Discord birdistheword#1981
    26.10.2020 stripedbearboi ordered a commission from me via Discord. The order consisted of two characters in a NSFW situation.
    Based on the description of the customer's idea, I offered him a full body full render. The cost of such an order was $ 400. The customer could not pay such an amount, so we agreed on lineart + flat color. It cost $ 200. But this seemed to the customer a lot and he asked for a discount. The final price was $ 190.
    After creating the sketch, I received its approval and sent an invoice for payment for birdistheword
    According to my ToS, which was provided to the client, I am requesting a 100% advance payment after the sketch is approved.
    The customer ignored my invoice for payment and in the messages said that he could not pay. This is confirmed in the screenshots from Discord. Then I asked him to pay only a sketch, and to stop cooperation. I asked to pay for the sketch because it had already been created and approved. The need to pay for the approved outline is also spelled out in my ToS.
    Since the customer (according to him) did not have PayPal, he paid for the sketch through the Ko-Fi platform in the amount of $ 60 on 01/31/2021.
    However, on February 19, 2021, I receive a notification in my email that my received payment is on hold.
    The customer canceled their payment. He motivates this by the fact that he did not receive a drawing in color. But for my part, I did not violate the terms of the deal - I made a sketch. I just asked to pay for it. I repeatedly told him that now he is paying ONLY for a sketch. The need to pay for the approved sketch, despite the termination of cooperation, is written in my ToS. This was also discussed in Discord posts. It is also written there repeatedly that after the payment of the outline of the cooperation there will be no more.



    ArtistBeware : Loxy~Chan

    Who: LoxyChan
    Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/loxy~chan/
    Discord: chenchen#4703 (available via their FA)
    When: 04/27/2020
    What: Commission

    (The artist has had me on queue since April 27th, 2020 but has since taken me off completely and archived in December)
    The following is the commission I purchased from YCH.Commishes, it was won in a bid for $75 so that it could be shaded. Their own ToS said that you will receive finished work in 14-days but they stated they were sick so I delayed & gave them necessary time+space. It became a long line of ignored notes, ignored messages and other things that went without response. There was a period where they put the commission on hold in their queue as well but they quickly moved that to "In-Progress" once I asked them about it again. It remained in progress until recently. I hope that the outcome of this can be either a full refund or the art returned.

    Following the successful bid, I paid the artist immediately and even covered the fees on my end.

    Me communicating with the artist concerning it being on hold on the website, it was later lifted.

    I submitted the details not only over FurAffinity but also on discord where not only they confirmed receiving the payment but also the rest of the details. This was the last + only communication I had with them over discord.

    I messaged them first on the delays in August, then again throughout the months but they neglected to respond - but did read them.


    Beware: JuicySuits

    Who: Juicysuits
    Where: https://www.instagram.com/juicysuits/
    When: 10/19/2018
    What: Fursuit/ Fursuit Parts

    In October 2017, I commissioned Juicysuits for a full plantigrade suit (suit's name is Terror) for $2200. When I did, I was given a soft deadline of around 2-3 months. I paid via down payment, and sort payment plan.

    I sent my DTD, and the process started, or so I thought. At this point, there were around 8 partial suits in front of me. 

    Over the next few months, I asked about the deadlines, and it kept getting pushed back. Here's some examples from 2019, and she still hadn't started my suit.

    Note: The "3 suits needing to be done ASAP was untrue. There were still 6 suits ahead of me.  

    The queue was NEVER cleared. She promised me that she'd start making smaller parts of my suit. Never happened. The only thing I got was a 3d printed bas that was used for all big cat suits. It could've been for anyone else, however.
    I also want to note that she spent my fursuit money on other things. There's two ways I know this. One, she, in the middle of a long queue already, posted this on her twitter for more money: 

    Finally, after THREE YEARS, I threw in the towel. No progress at all, and she was finishing suits at a speed of two partials per year. At this rate, I'd be 23 or so by the time Terror would be done (I was 18 when I ordered, I'm 21 now). She told me that there could be a payment plan, but I got my lawyer Aunt involved, and I got all my money back. 
    So beware of Juicysuits. DO NOT commission her, she will spend all of your money and then finish your suit in 6 years or so. I recommend you commission her when her business practices improve, which I hope is after she completes the remaining suits in her queue. She was as nice as she could be, but her business practices are extremely lacking. I never got Terror, nothing at all. I'm almost too scared to commission anyone else out of fear of repeating the same process.

    Beware Besped/Datfox

    Who: Besped, aka Datfox
    Where: Furaffinity: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/besped
    Discord: Datfox 5585
    When: 09/12/2019
    What: Commission
    NSFW Content
    -Original Agreement: Besped (aka Datfox on Discord) came to me on Discord after talking to me on FurAffinity in notes, where we exchanged our Discord names/codes.  We talked in short detail about doing an animation for me containing just a single character in color of approximately four to six seconds.  The total price of this animation quoted to me by Besped was $250, which we agreed to split into two separate invoices for $125 each.  The first invoice was paid on December 23rd, 2019 while the second one was paid on March 13th, 2020.  After March 24th, all communication form Besped/Datfox ceased for no discernible reason.  They have not blocked me or unfriend and remain unresponsive after expressing my anger in no communication.

    - Proof of payment: Total is for $250, invoices were split into two for $125 each, paid in December 2019 and March 2020.  See screenshots.

    - Any discussion with Besped/Datfox has solely been on discord as they seem to have gone quiet on FurAffinity, except for contacting certain users by notes.  I have gotten all of my correspondence with Besped/Datfox in the screenshots provided.  Any sort of contact information for any other location online does not appear to exist so finding alternative methods to contact the artist has been difficult.

    Most recent contact, unread.

    Beware: @\RalohsA

    Who: @RalohsA, Jerry#1414
    Where: https://twitter.com/RalohsA
    When: 01/07/2019
    What: Commission
    NSFW Content
    I had commissioned @RalohsA / Jerry#1414 on discord, back in January of 2019. We had agreed he would do a reference sheet of my character both a SFW and NSFW. Originally we had discussed the idea in December of the previous year and I wanted to get some prices and wait for a paycheck to come in.
    After sending them the agreed upon $60 I waited roughly a week and asked for a status update on the piece for I had not heard anything from them whatsoever. They said they were in the middle of doing their finals and that was reasonable. From there they never messaged me on the commission till April 24th 2020.

    They asked on the 24th if they could make it up to me with a full colored piece and $15 back to make up the difference. He had also forgotten the agreed upon amount of $60, but I did not want to cause any trouble and just wanted something for my troubles so I agreed.

    I then messaged him for an update on May 2nd for an update since I had not had one yet again. They used the same excuse of school as before. We exchanged conversation on May 20th and finally on June 19th of 2020 and have still never received anything, be it money or art.

    They have been taken other commissions over the time I have been waiting as can be seen on their twitter.

    Beware: Xhybora

    Who: Xhybora / moradoDragon#8193
    Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/xhybora/
    When: 12/03/2017
    What: Commission
    NSFW Content
    In December of 2017, I paid the artist $110 to create a single character, colored animation loop. A rough work-in-progress was shown in January of 2019, but the artist has ignored contact since then and still has not delivered a finished product. 
    12/01/2017: Xhybora contacted me via note on Furaffinity, asking if I would be interested in commissioning an animation from them. [1]
    12/03/2017: We moved our conversation to Discord, where we discussed the particulars of what would be made and how much it would cost. The final agreement was that it would be a single character, colored, looping animation for the price of $110. [2] [3] [4]
    Later that day they sent me a PayPal invoice, which I paid, and was confirmed to have been so by them. (I have the transaction info if needed, I just didn’t include a screenshot because it was under the artist’s real life full name) [5]
    04/16/2018: The artist messaged me through Discord that they would be providing a progress update soon. [6]
    06/21/2018: Concerned that it had been 6 months without any proper update, I contacted the artist asking for a progress update. The artist responded assuring me I would get an update the next day. [7]
    06/23/2018: Two days later, I messaged them asking about the update they had promised. I received no response. [8]
    07/27/2018: A month later, I asked more forcefully, this time specifically asking for a WIP. [9]
    08/02/2018: The artist said they would be going on a trip, but would provide a WIP as soon as they get back, claiming to have already started animating the commission. [9]
    09/03/2018: After another month of radio silence, I asked again about the WIP they had promised. [9]
    01/07/2019: After seeing a Twitter thread of several other people claiming to have commissioned Xhybora and never gotten a finished product, I delivered an ultimatum to the artist on Discord: Either provide me with a WIP or refund what I had paid. The artist responded that same day asking to talk. [10]
    They sent two rough WIPs [11], and I apologized for doubting them. The artist then admitted that the Twitter thread was true and that there were others who had been left hanging like I had, but the artist assured me that they were working to make things right with all of us. [12]
    03/27/2019: The artist contacted me via Discord saying that the animation would be finished in 2 weeks, but inquired if I would like more added to it. I told them I didn’t have the money to do so and they said ok. [13] [14]
    This would be the last I ever heard from the artist. I have tried messaging them on discord but have gotten no replies. I noted them on FurAffinity but have gotten no reply. I left shouts on their FurAffinity page, that have been removed by the artist, after which they blocked me on the site. [15]

    Caution: Scales&Tails Studio

    Who: Scales&Tails Studio / @Scales_tailsUK / scalesandtailsstudio / The Reinderp Sidekick
    Where: https://twitter.com/Scales_tailsUK https://www.instagram.com/scalesandtailsstudio/
    When: 10/27/2020
    What: Fursuit/ Fursuit Parts

    Explanation: Commissioned a fursuit tail, commission completed but never shipped??? Lack of contact/lying from maker. 
    Proof of deadline agreement:
    Proof of payment:

    Commission was completed 12/03/2020: 

    Communication starts to wane:
    I never received the tracking number or any proof of postage. Most of the responses from here on out were very short and lacked explanation of any kind. 

    At this point I was starting to get a bit nervous and proposed a refund. They used my tail in another commission opening post on twitter and Instagram.

    When I looked into their Instagram I found a few comments from commissioners complaining about not receiving their commissions. (I cannot make any statements on these peoples behalf's and have no proof of their transactions. These screenshots are only provided to explain my motivation for filing a Paypal dispute.)

    [Proxy removed by staff. Submissions may only mention your transaction, and not others]

    I eventually decided to go through with the chargeback which closed in my favor on Jan 31st 2020. Was a really hard decision for me this time since they had actually completed the tail.

    I did say that I would be willing to send the money straight back to them if I received a tracking number or proof of postage. But unfortunately I haven't received any messages since. 


    Beware: trexxandjordex / sinistertrexx

    Who: trexxandjordex
    Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/trexxandjordex
    When: 01/04/2018
    What: Commission

    -Original Agreement:
    "YCH with car" for $15 back in January 2018. My Character with a specified car.
    I can't remember exactly when I bought the YCH on FurAffinity, but the first Message from them arived on January 4th, 2018, payment was on January 5th, 2018.
    This was my very first attempt at a commission/YCH so I waited patiently. On August 12th, 2018 I reached out to see if we were going anywhere. They said they are a bit out of the loop, but would be posting soon. Nothing ever heard from them again.
    So now, 3 years in, i'm finally calling it done for good. $15 ist not the world, but still a very bad first experience.


    Beware: Hi-Ku

    Who: Hi-Ku
    Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/hi-ku/
    When: 12/22/2019
    What: Commission

    Summary: Paid artist Hi-Ku for a $50 sketch commission on 22DEC2019. After over a year she has supplied exactly one update asking to change the sketch type and has ceased communicating on FA. Her Twitter, Deviantart, and Tumblr have all been deleted.
    On 22DEC2019, this transaction took place where I paid Hi-Ku for a sketch commission of a character I had previously purchased from her:
    Here is the PayPal record of the original payment:

    The next dialogue between us was on 27FEB2020, when she apologized for the delay and asked to change the sketch type due to burnout:

    Since then I have received no answers to requests for updates on FA or Twitter. She has ceased posting on both her FA and VK accounts, and has deleted her DeviantArt and Tumblr accounts. She seems determined to disappear entirely. Her 'to-do' list has remained unchanged since she updated it after our communication in February 2020:

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    • Artist Link:  https://twitter.com/fraankieck I purchased a pair of icons on Feb 5th, 2021.  Frankie had wips and then the final images delivered on Feb 6, 2021. An adorable style and lightning fast turnaround!  I highly suggest this artist.
    • I ordered a chibi bugsona reference sheet for $30 from tannerbananner__ on 26th June 2020 & paid on the 28th, a sona that I had no previous art of so I had to give over written descriptions & multiple photo references, & I received the art on 3rd July 2020. The artist was super nice, super detailed & I'm honestly still finding bits & pieces I didn't notice at first (like the tongue piercing. I requested a tongue piercing but only if they were able to fit it in, & because I was so overwhelmed with how happy I was with the overall product I didn't see that detail -- & I wasn't too bothered about it not being added. But !!! it's there!!!). They took everything I said & managed to bring the vision I had in mind onto paper as if they could like... read my mind, especially since I'm not the best at descriptions. Anyway, below is the commission I received. It's been five months & I'm still in love with this design & I'm definitely going to be returning to them when I have the money.
    • I've been working with this artist for some time, over a year now. I have yet to be disappointed by her work; she is excellent with communication, has very reasonable turnaround times, and has high quality work. She only takes SFW commissions, and some things she will not take as far as subject matter such as Pokemon or MLP. Other than that, the only thing I would say is regrettable is that she, frankly, charges too low for the work she puts out! A link to her FA page here: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/isarionthevoidseeker Price sheet here: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/36002710/ Examples of work that I've gotten from her: 
    • I’ve had easily the best experience with Ukaisensei and I’ve commissioned them multiple times. They’re mainly active on twitter under the user: https://twitter.com/Ukaisensei?s=21   I first commissioned them back in around May/June with a design of a character but without a reference image. They did an amazing job making what I was envisioning on five different occasions. They were so positive and friendly, to the point I found myself having casual conversations with them too as it was simply so easy to feel comfortable with them. Their turnaround time is super fast too, with a finished delivery time maxed out at two days (and that was for a four character full body shaded piece). For my one-two character commissioned they took less than a day, or a day, maximum to have them finished and kept me updated every step of the way. Overall, I had an incredible experience with them and would 100% recommend them.  Attatched are 3/5 of the pieces i’ve commissioned (the others are on another device)
    • Timothy-henri is an artist active on Furaffinity and deviantart. They primarily focus on designing outfits, armor, weaponry, and accessories. They also create unique "armored souls"  which are like anthropomorphic and sentient versions of weapons! Super cool! if I have an idea, but cant properly communicate it to ana rtist I usually run right to Timothy to bring my vision to life!
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