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  • Beware - iRoxyKun/PrinceKetchum

    Who: iRoxyKun/PrinceKetchum
    Where: https://iroxykun.weebly.com/
    When: 07/20/2020
    What: Commission

    I commissioned iRoxyKun for a $40 chibi image on 7/20/2020, following a trade (iRoxyKun had offered art for a character on my Toyhouse, and had completed the trade quickly). After discussing the commission details and providing references, I paid iRoxyKun $40 that day. At this time, they stated that their current turnaround time was 2-4 weeks. (Image 1)
    On 8/19/2020, I noted iRoxyKun on Toyhouse, as I had not received any communications or updates since payment. They responded within two minutes, stating that they had not been feeling well, and had not begun work on my commission.
    On 9/4/2020, over five weeks from my purchase, I began to look at their other accounts to see if they were alright. I found that they had decided to discontinue doing any commission work and were going to finish their current queue. Seeing as my piece had not been started, I contacted them to offer opening a refund, as I thought this would relieve them of more work. A few hours later, iRoxyKun responded, refusing a refund due to a lack of funds. (Image 2)
    I gave iRoxyKun an ultimatum: deliver a response, plan, or sketch within two weeks, or I would begin the chargeback process with PayPal. Though iRoxyKun read my note on Toyhouse, they did not offer a response. Wanting to find information on what was going on, I went to their art Twitter. Here I found that on 8/9/2020, they were offering commissions for FFXIV items. On 8/20/2020. they opened for three $25 sketches. During the duration of 7/20/2020 to 9/11/2020, I had not received any work, or any indication that my piece would be finished.
    On 9/11/2020, I sent a final notice: if iRoxyKun did not communicate with me by the afternoon of 9/12/2020, I would issue a charge back. I had initially offered a two week deadline, but iRoxyKun had never responded to my asking for a plan of action or progress on the piece. The night of 9/11/2020, they issued my money back, along with the attached note. (Images 3 and 4).
    I have received the amount I paid back in full, however I would advise against working with this artist, due to a lack of professional communication, lack of respect for deadlines, and their actions in taking on more and more work on top of their current queue.
    (Please note that due to the newest-at-top message format of Toyhouse, these images read bottom to top, except for Image 4)

    Beware: Blix / Fuzzworks

    Who: Blix / Fuzzworks
    Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/fuzzworks
    When: 08/25/2018
    What: Commission
    NSFW Content
    August 25, 2018 I commissioned Blix/Fuzzworks for a custom dildo of my design. I paid them $100 to start it; $70 for a 3D computer model and $30 for the clay.  They paid another artist the $70 to throw together the 3D model of the dildo. I never received those files. He quickly started to 3D print the dildo. Then he started sanding and priming it for dipping in a mold maker. He told me on September 19, 2018 that he'll need another payment installation to buy the silicones. I told him "okay".   Then he offered me a business proposition with my design.   The last I heard anything from him was February 11, 2019.    

    I know he is active. He is producing fursuits. My buddy is waiting on eye molds from him, and he spoke with them on telegram.

    September 7, 2020,  I asked if I could just have the sculpt he made. I can find someone else to finish it. I just don't want him having my design in his possession. I'm getting worried that he's going to sell my design. That really upsets me. I worked hard on that design.  

    Beware: SparkleUnidog/Sparkle-Dog/s_starcreations

    Who: SparkleUnidog
    Where: http://furaffinity.net/user/sparkle-dog
    When: 05/05/2018
    What: Commission

    In 2018, I approached Sparkles about getting a fursuit commission from her. For various reasons, this fell through, but I did ask if she made custom plushes instead. She seemed to be excited at the idea and we quickly set to work planning it out. 

    On May 5th, 2018, satisfied that what we'd planned was something we were both happy with, I sent Sparkles £200 to cover the entire cost of the commission. I was told I would get regular updates on the commission progress, but that it would take a few months to finish.

    Over the course of the next year, I would ask about the progress of the plush, and was told she'd had difficulties finding materials, and that she had a lot of commissions to work throigh and was working through her backlog slowly. We didn't only discuss the commission, as we were friends, and at this point in time I wasn't particularly concerned.


    On March 19th, I finally heard back from her in regards to the plush - I was next in line to be finished after another she was working on. I was told work would begin in the next month or so.

    I heard practically nothing about the plush after this, until I reached out between August 31st 2019 and October 10th 2019. She finally responded on October 28th to apologise for the delay. I offered the possibility of a partial refund, but she seemed to prefer trying to finish the plush, though she didn't rule a refund out.

    In January of 2020, my housing situation took a turn and I ended up having to ask Sparkles if she could refund me asap to help me out in the interrim. She agreed, and said she'd get it together in the next few weeks - but I never received anything.

    By April, my housing situation was a lot better, and I let her know the refund was no longer as urgent. However, I continued to ask her about the status of getring the funds together. For a while, she left my messages unread, including an FA note, though she finally responded on July 6th 2020, apologised and told me she'd lost my messages in the midst of her telegram being busy. I wss told the refund would be sorted out in the next few weeks.

    As of writing, this was the last day I received any correspondece from Sparkles.
    I continued messaging her about the refund, and shd has left my messages unread since then.

    in the end, I told her that all I wanted was closure - that I figured I would not see this money again, and that I just wanted to have her tell me as much. I have heard  nothing back from her.

    Beware - Lulleity

    Who: Lulleity
    Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/lulleity
    When: 08/21/2019
    What: Commission

    I have gotten a portion of this commission, but not all or even half of it.
    On August 21st, 2019, I stumbled across an advertisement for cheap experimental commissions. I was new to the community, and seeing some cheap art in a cute style did catch my interest as i didn't have much money at the time. I reached out on the same day to inquire about commissions..
    Here is the advert- it is still up, actually. 
    I will include a screenshot as well.

    I comment on the post saying I would note them, and then I note them and I asked how many slots I could take, because I would get multiple slots if so. (I wanted to get my partner some too.)

    The artist replied back the next day. 

    I reply back the same day and I grab 10 slots. The note is really long and filled with links for references so I figured I would only show the beginning with the amount of slots. Also, i include the end of the note where i confirm the price. I planned on tipping them at least double the commission prices after receiving the products since they were doing so much work.

    They reply the same night.

    I figured since I noted the same day the original submission was posted, i would be one of the first people since the advert did not have a lot of views, so i thought maybe 2-6 weeks somewhere i could expect at least one of the pieces.
    I have included a screenshot of my payment via paypal. I paid on the same night that they sent their paypal, August 22nd.

    I sent them a note just after I paid.

    They sent me a note back.

    I sent them a note after just thanking them again a few minutes after that note.  The next little while they posted some of the experimental artwork that they had done, and it all looked nice so I looked forward to mine.
    On September 3rd, I was adding all the commissions I was owed onto a personal Trello and I realized i never got an estimate from them for tunaround time. I estimated i would start getting pieces at 2-6 weeks after payment, and they said it may take a while but they also go through them fast, so I figured it would be best to get an estimate for clarity's sake. So, I sent them the note.

    I didn't hear back from them until the 11th of September (8 days later). I thought about poking them again during the wait time but decided against it in case something serious came up. Note that their queue was never made public.
    They thanked me for my patience, and I sent back a note simply saying "No worries!" in reply.
    I left them alone for the next 4 and a half (nearly 5) months, since I know school can be stressful during the fall months, and the holidays occured. After the holidays, I allowed them some time before I reached out on January 22nd, 2020 to ask if there were any updates on my commissions.

    2 weeks/14 days later, on February 5th, 2020, I receive a note back from them. The day of the week was Wednesday.

    The same day i reply,

    The artist reads my note but does not reply. The week comes and goes, which turns into two weeks, a month, and then 5 months. I didn't think too much about it with the virus being big, but I also wished i had some progress shown on the commissions that I purchased. 

    I join Artfight 2020, and I notice that they have a profile, and that they are actively posting. This is the only site I had really seen them be active on in a while, and of course, when you have commissions that are nearly a year old and you see someone doing free art for others when they haven't been communicating with you, it can be kind of disheartening. I wrote out a long note and I sent it on their FA on July 5th, but they never read it. (not even to this day.)

    So on the same day, I decide to copy the message (this is why the text looks weird in the email) and send it to their email in hopes that i would get a reply.

    They reply a couple days later.

    I send a reply.

    They reply back.

    I send a reply back.

    That concluded our conversation at the time.
    I waited throughout July for my pieces or any communication, but none came. I even game them nearly two weeks into August just as a courtesy, but then i sent an email on August 13th.

    I never get a reply.
    I wait until the end of the month, and the date passes of my year of waiting for the commissions. I still do not have a reply. I send another email on September 2nd.

    Overall, I have nothing awful to say about this artist! They are nice, but they have issues with communication and following through on dates. I do like the pieces that I got, but I just wish i had all of them after over a year of waiting. I would still be willing to wait if they reached out to me at all and I didn't have to be the one to always reach out.

    Beware: ThatPaddles

    Who: ThatPaddles / Paddles
    Where: https://twitter.com/ThatPaddles
    When: 06/09/2019
    What: Commission
    NSFW Content
    Paddles had agreed to a commission on June 9/10th of 2019 while in a voice call on discord. I provided my invoice email and follow up explanation for the commissions via DM paid on the 10th, and was told it would only be a few days:


    They next day the provided some rough sketches, but after that there was no correspondence.

    In July of this year I sent an email asking about a potential refund, as it was the only recourse to message her as I no longer shared a discord server with her and she disabled her Twitter DM. I couldn't contact her otherwise.

    There has been no response even after a month.

    Beware: Loisgriffin/showyoursoles

    Who: Loisgriffin
    Where: https://twitter.com/ShowYourSoles
    When: 08/05/2020
    What: Commission
    NSFW Content
    Loisgriffin (e-mail)
    showyoursoles (Twitter)
    Contacted me about a commission Friday June 1st and all proceeded exactly as I would have expected for a commission. The story (NSFW content) was slotted into my schedule, as normal, payment was received and the work was completed on time (July 5th, as in screenshot "Loisgriffin, story 1"). There was no answer to my query for feedback (this is normal with some clients) so the full work was delivered after editing for typos (July 27th, as in screenshot "Loisgriffin, story 2").
    Unfortunately, the e-mails referencing a charge back from PayPal did not appear to come through to me (e-mail error) and I noticed something wrong on August 5th when my PayPal account dropped into the negative. On investigating, it appeared that a charge back had been initiated against this purchase, which is confirmed by Loisgriffin in screenshot "Loisgriffin, chargeback 2". They claim that this is an accident and asked to be invoiced again, after which I broke down the charges and additional fees for them (as my account had automatically, as per PayPal terms) covered the cost of the charge back and all fees.
    After querying this with Loisgriffin, they stated that their account had been put on hold (which is not unlikely, considering that a fraudulent charge back was filed and PayPal assigned the money back to the card issuer) but no further contact at all has been made. Options for payment were provided but there has been no contact at all since the final e-mail in the "chargeback" screenshot contact chain. I also attempted to contact via Twitter (one message of which on August 11th prompted an e-mail reply) but there have been no further responses to either Twitter DMs or Twitter public messages/tweets. Please see "Showyoursoles" screenshots for the two Twitter chains.
    Although I'm uncertain whether this was a genuine error or intentional, I know that I would have been mortified if I had accidentally charged back a commission that I had paid for and would have done everything possible as soon as possible to fix the error. Loisgriffin has not shown themselves to be working on correcting the error, which they have clearly stated that they have made. Allowing for a tumultuous time in the world (COVID-19 and so on), I have allowed one month for Loisgriffin to correct their error: this has not been done. Time has been allowed and, unfortunately, I must make a beware noticed to ensure that this is logged for other creators to be made aware.
    As they have charged back the commission and clearly stated that they have done so in their e-mails, I cannot advise working with this client. All appeared normal until the charge back was made and nothing was out of the ordinary about how the commission process went before with nothing suspicious or any warning signs that something was awry.
    The commission story will be claimed by myself and the client, Loisgriffin, does not have permission to use or re-post this work as the e-mails confirm that they have not paid for it.
    Note: private information (e-mail and name) have been excluded from this post where I have blocked out personal details. My business e-mail addresses are left live as they belong to myself for work purposes. I have also blocked out slight NSFW content (profile line) on one Twitter screenshot.

    BEWARE: Devicre

    Who: Devicre
    Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/devicre/
    When: 09/22/2019
    What: Commission
    NSFW Content
    i approached Devicre in September  to ask about if they did comics to which they said they were willing to take on my project despite the lack of experience in the field.  I gave them the details then we agreed on a payment amount and i began making payments.  I received  rough wips of 2/5 pages in october.  I eventually had to stop in October as i went away for a personal anniversary.  In November i didn't make payments because of the weirdness of paypal  bouncing funds around during a dispute with customer so when i thought they took money for Devicre they had took money for random disputes, but i made the final payments in DEC and told Devicre we could pick it back up in 
    January since they had to take commissions between the time frame i was gone. This was ok for me because between December-January  i was in the hospital so nothing could be done anyhow. Once we reconnected and were ready to start, a fallout with a former friend who i was gifting this comic to  led to me wanting the comic to be changed to not include them and we agreed on a valentines day comic instead.  They said they could do it and we went with the new idea and char.
    February  20th came and id received no wips or updates. February 25th and they tell me they would need more money to put the comic idea to action. I decided against paying more since there had been no wips and said scrap the vday comic just go back to the other comic then  because we already agreed to the pages for that and 2 were sketched out  so no reason it cant be finished.
    March came and no updates i asked for updates i got nothing. I decided to give them space to work and didn't ping them again til May for a update to which i received no answer and started to look around for their activity,and a wip to which neither was available. At this time id done my research to find any page thy were active on since they weren't active on fa but would pop up once a while on picarto to stream commissions they took. I caught them  the first time and message them there they finally answered me this was may 7th and on twitter i sent a message but they said they never got it.
    I was given a run around about them having backlog due to the commission not being done in sept and oct. but as i'd told them  they had from dec-may to start something. We came to  a mutual understanding they would work on the comic in may  and start over  with  where we were. May came and gone and once more i was left in the dark  on may #1st they said their hand was hurting from a injury of some sort but id by then found them streaming many times on commission work they recently took  up even so much as offering in steam commissions.
    I given them the ultimatum of giving me a start and finish date or refund me to which their response was they were gonna stream it that morning but after me being pushy they don't feel like it. They once more gave me a finish date of  the end of the month for June but once more fell thru on that. They told me they offered me at one point to scrap the comic and trade out for  regular arts but i refused that offer i wanted the comic or a refund. I received a sketchy wip  on June 22nd after no response and the looming threat of a beware to them. I eventually popped into their streams a few times where they had a queue and saw they listed my comic under commissions and was upset addressing the fact my commission was from last yr so no other commission could possibly have come before that or their statement of having to clear their schedule back then for me would have been a lie.
    Fast forward in July i asked for a update i got no answer. I saw on fa they randomly made a come back post in august saying they will be active and taking commissions and ychs and old commissioners had to email them if they wanted  their work done by aug14th, I emailed them and i was met with excuses but told they will get it done.once the time frame came and gone i emailed again and got no answer or response back, i also received no answer on discord . As of today i am unable to charge back because i do not have that paypal anymore and it well past the protection date anyhow, looking thru my bank statements it seems i only paid 200 thru my bank and the rest thru paypal balance. They owe me a refund at this point in time.
    in my screenshots i will cross out any personal information and the name and picture of the person  who was to be in the original comic as we are not on terms and i do not wish to get them involved...
    the first few are from fa
    the second set is from discord
    the last set is from  picarto whisper chat system 
    and then there is the email and proof of payments 

    Beware: @DalmyDoDat / @SpotMyTots/ @Maul_Apparel / MaulApparel

    Who: DalmyDoDat (aka SpotMyTots aka Maul_Apparel)
    Where: https://twitter.com/DalmyDoDat
    When: 01/21/2017
    What: Other (Explain Below)

    This happened back in 2017.  I only recently learned that this website exists, so I decided to share my story.   But first, a brief trip 2 years earlier, to 2015.  Back in 2015, I ordered a hoodie from Dalmy for $80, and it was delivered a few months later at Anthrocon 2015 with no issues.  Fantastic.   2 years later, in 2017, I placed an order for a second hoodie from him, but the price had jumped to $200.  Okay, no problem.  I paid him in person at his Dealer Table at Anthro New England 2017 and was told verbally that the lead time would be 2-3 weeks.  Here is the line item from American Express’s website and the email receipt from Square:         On February 6, 2018, I sent a note via the form at http://www.dalmydodatcreations.com/contact/ inquiring about current status of hoodie.  I have no record of receiving a reply.   On March 1st, 2017, I emailed a note to dalmy@dalmydodat.com asking about the hoodie.  3 days later, I got a bounce back:       On March 9th, 2017, I pinged Dalmy on Telegram with my measurements, did not receive a response.  I do not believe the Telegram name is public, so I probably should not share a screenshot as per this website’s guidelines.     On March 11th, 2017, I checked his Twitter feed and saw that he posted a video on February 21st, 2017 that he would be shutting down.  I replied to his tweet inquiring about my commission, and he assured me that my commission would still be completed:     Source: https://archive.vn/DcR1j   The refund form referenced was here: http://archive.is/nvm9Q   This was the followup email I also sent on March 11th, 2017:       I did not get a reply.   Strangely enough, 5 months later on July 26th 2017, he posted that he was taking a fursuit commission for a minimum of $1600:     Source: http://archive.is/RmLAS   He then went on to say that it would be his “final commission” “for the foreseeable future”, which contradicts his previous statement to me that my commission would be completed:     Source: http://archive.is/etfFJ     On September 24th, 2017, I sent him a DM in inquiring about a refund and on October 25th, 2017 he replied asking for the "SquareCash information” so he could refund me.  I replied on the same day with the email address the statement had been sent to.  1 month later on November 26th, I followed up again, asking about the refund.  No answer was received.  Screenshot of that conversation:       I originally paid in person with my AmEx, the window in which to file a chargeback is approximately 60 days from when the charge appears on my statement, so we were well past that point.   I have written off the $200 as a loss.    

    BEWARE: Hyperion/Agxinoos/Max S./Alexander L.

    Who: BEWARE: Hyperion/Agxinoos/Max S./Alexander L.
    Where: Telegram, email.
    When: 05/01/2020
    What: Fursuit/ Fursuit Parts

    Please note that this person has multiple names, the only name he was going by was legal names so the usernames mentioned are from Telegram and email, I do not know if he has a Twitter, FA, whatever. I know AB has a rule about legal names, hence the hyphening of the last names, however I only know the names through what I've seen and searching came up with nothing. He has multiple PayPal emails with the name mentioned but in parenthesis "unidentified," they come back to 3 completely different names. 
    It should also be noted that in the Telegram chats (mentioned below, which are deleted so I have no proof) there are two other people mentioned "involved" in this transaction so I feel it is worthwhile to have multiple names for the beware. 
    Some time in late April "Hyperion" contacted me through Telegram about purchasing a fursuit I had for sale, a white tiger partial for $2,000 plus shipping. He later asked me to add in a fan and the total came out to $2,082. All of these receipts were deleted by him and he has blocked me on Telegram after the emails below were sent, possibly in an attempt to not have me write this beware on him or use it against him with the PayPal claim, however I still have all of the payments sent for the suit. These were sent every month for varying amounts until the final payment was sent in August.
    It is unclear if the fursuit was purchased for "Hyperion" or a friend he never mentioned by name. 

    First payment (email is to Alex)

    Second payment (to Max)

    Third payment (to Alex)

    Final payment (to Alex, name is father's and has been censored)
    On August 9th Max sends me an email detailing that he would like a refund because the moving jaw does not work on the costume, despite me providing sizing on the posts about the fursuit being for sale. I offer to show him how to fix it or a refund for the moving jaw, but not for the suit as a whole. He declines and wishes to send it back. I have been in quarantine for several months and forgot, hey, we're in the middle of a pandemic and he has mentioned that multiple people have tested the suit. I decline to take it back, all sales are final, and he chooses to ignore this, pressuring me to take the suit back and claiming the state/county he lives in has no cases (this is one of the states on my state's restriction list). I cite this again and he does not respond after that. 

    Mentioning of sizing for the head

    On August 30th around noon I receive an email from PayPal without a word from him that a claim has been filed for $445.99, citing multiple issues with the transaction. 

    More chargebacks while the client still has the suit:

    Plus each chargeback has a $20 charge, totaling $80.

    Beware: Quillcoil / Sheylu (Commission Non-Delivery)

    Who: Quillcoil / Sheylu
    Where: https://www.deviantart.com/quillcoil https://toyhou.se/shey
    When: 07/07/2017
    What: Commission

    Heyo! I wasn't intending to post a PSA at first but matters have forced my hand, and I find it now prudent to let the community know how unwise it may be to work with Quillcoil. I left a comment on her journal and was blocked in turn. As someone who Quillcoil actually owes art to, this is very unprofessional and concerning and I felt I now needed to make a PSA to let others know. 
    The artist in question: Quillcoil (DA) / Shey (TH)
    In July 2017 I ordered a chibi commission and two customs: 
    I've contacted her a few times in the intervening period, and eventually got the chibi in 2018:
    It is now August 2020 and today, Quillcoil posted this status, which has since been deleted: 

    I posted two (admittedly) irate comments owing to the frustration of my own situation as a customer who has been owed work for 3 years now and have little to no updates, and was blocked:
    As you can see, Quillcoil has owed a lot of people artwork, and today, blocked one of the customers. The artist does not have a public work list, and their work ethic and communication concerning owed artworks is questionable and concerning. I recommend that people do not commission this artist and to be wary of transactions with them.
    The artist left an indirect response to the commenters on the journal nearly an hour later with their reasoning for their lack of communication and poor work ethic, as can be seen in this screenshot:

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    • I’ve had easily the best experience with Ukaisensei and I’ve commissioned them multiple times. They’re mainly active on twitter under the user: https://twitter.com/Ukaisensei?s=21   I first commissioned them back in around May/June with a design of a character but without a reference image. They did an amazing job making what I was envisioning on five different occasions. They were so positive and friendly, to the point I found myself having casual conversations with them too as it was simply so easy to feel comfortable with them. Their turnaround time is super fast too, with a finished delivery time maxed out at two days (and that was for a four character full body shaded piece). For my one-two character commissioned they took less than a day, or a day, maximum to have them finished and kept me updated every step of the way. Overall, I had an incredible experience with them and would 100% recommend them.  Attatched are 3/5 of the pieces i’ve commissioned (the others are on another device)
    • Timothy-henri is an artist active on Furaffinity and deviantart. They primarily focus on designing outfits, armor, weaponry, and accessories. They also create unique "armored souls"  which are like anthropomorphic and sentient versions of weapons! Super cool! if I have an idea, but cant properly communicate it to ana rtist I usually run right to Timothy to bring my vision to life!
    • Shimizuryu is an artist active on deviantart and furaffinity. They often operate on artistic freedom, however they also design outfits and do ref sheets! I'm still absolutely smitten with every piece they've created for me, and I reccomend comissioning them!
    • Adding some of the pieces I've got from Xelgot! Xelgot is mainly on patreon, but I always get my rewards on time, and am never dissatisfied!
    • I just wanted to shout out to xelgot. I originally commissioned him for a reference sheet of a kemonomimi character. His prices are very fair, but he always goes above and beyond. he's willing to keep on making changes, keep adding details until both are satisfied. I've had him design 2 characters from scratch with ref sheets, had him draw humans and furries. Overall he is definitely my favorite artist, and I find myself tipping him happily after almost every commission. He's always so polite and professional, communicating deadlines and progress very steadily. I have NEVER had an issue with Xelgot, and find that I can count on him to create characters I've pictured in my mind from scratch which always enchants me.
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      Hi all, I really don't like to call people out so I'm glad there are Beware web sites like this around.
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      SONA REFS!
      Thought I should post my fursona reference sheets here! The last 2 go together and the first one is both of them combined (they can switch from Dauiel to themselves.) 

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      HI, Welcom to my hell, i'm a drawer, fursuit maker, cosplayer, 3D modeler artist
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      Heyo, I more commonly go by ill-fleshed-out!
      If you are unhappy with a commission experience with me, then please contact me first! I would much rather fix the situation than let everything bubble up.
      I have lots of contact info on my website, so take your pick, preferably something like email or Discord where I will definitely get a notification.
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