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  • Caution - PatrikTheDog

    Who: PatrikTheDog, Mazakdupa
    Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/patrikthedog/
    When: 10/30/2019
    What: Commission
    NSFW Content
    I've commissioned this artist at the 30th of October 2019. Sent her references of my feral only character [1] ("feral only" means, there IS NO anthro reference), and told her the pose I would like to be in [2].
    2 months followed without a response. I received not a single note. I haven't seen a single WIP.
    At 12th of December 2019, she made a submission on FA. A fully finished picture, portraying my feral character as an anthro [3]. I didn’t have any say in it. I didn’t ever gave consent to this.

    I requested a change and Patrik agreed [4]. So far so good.
    I received a fix proposal the same day. But it wasn't working for me, the arms had anatomical issues [5]. So I told her those arms need some fixing [6], and gave her a reference to work with [7].
    Even though only the arms needed fixing, Patrik was insisting she had to change the entire picture. I pressured that this was not the case, the rest can stay as it is [8].
    I didn't receive a response. I sent another note to make sure and I didn't receive a response there either [9].

    So then days and weeks pass and new submissions were uploaded. In January I tried speaking to her on Telegram. 3 days later I get the response that I should remain patient.
    2 weeks later I ask again. No response.
    2 weeks later, again, I ask again. No response.
    1 week later, I ask again. No response [10].
    All while she was active on FA and Twitter, mind you. Uploading all the submissions, obviously working on art, obviously being available.

    And finally, February 12th, the day she started uploading submissions for the SECOND batch, I lost my patience. Thus far she has managed to work on 20 other artworks, but not on the fix of mine. I complained about her business practices and stated my ultimatum that, if she wants to keep the money, I expect a proper fix.
    Finally she was able to respond, within 40 minutes even. Told me she didn't have time to do it. And left it at that without another response for another week again [11].

    So February 18th (meanwhile 5 more submission were made, AND she opened slots for the third batch [12]), I asked "Will you work on the fix once your entire queue is empty?" I asked if she could finally respond in a reasonable time to me.
    She responded within a minute, and sent another fix proposal [13]. It was feral this time... but absolutely not the pose I had asked for [14].
    I'll be honest here, I could've left it at that and said "you know what, it's fine", but I refused to accept this after how I was treated all this time. I gave very proper instructions, very proper references and I'm getting this thrown at my face like "that's what you get, be happy with it"? No. Just no.

    So what followed was a discussion about the details I gave her. I gave her all the screenshots of the notes she didn't care to respond to, which explained exactly what I wanted. I was really frustrated at this point [15]. I spoke to her about her business practices, how she is treating me and leaving me completely behind. 25 artworks on top of mine, and that's when I get my fix? I should've gotten the fix right then and there.
    All she said was that every other drawing had no errors (yeah, if you don't show your customers, they can hardly complain, can they?). She "didn't have time to fix the artwork". But she had time for 25 other artworks [16]?

    The discussion went a little wild at this point, too much information to put it all together. I wanted to show her how I have been treated unfairly by her.[17][18][19]

    But here's the real cream of it all, and I'll pull her quote directly: "It is also your fault that you did not write in the description in which form you want your character" [20]
    It is my fault that she drew my feral only character, to which she had an entire album of feral references, as an anthro?
    Apparently, ALL the customers (and I mean every single one of them) do state wether they want to be anthro or feral [21].
    Yes, I did in fact not state wether or not I wanted to be feral, because I had the wild assumption, that it would be completely, unquestionably obvious, that if I send an entire album full of feral only references, that I would like to be feral.

    So, if it was "my fault" that I didn't state if I wanted to be feral or anthro, if she was unsure and just had to decide on her own...
    "Why didn't you ask me?", I questioned.
    "no time"... [22]
    So Patrik literally claims that she had "no time", sending a note with a single question, which would take one minute at most, within the span of 2 months, before the completion of the artwork.

    This is what makes it shameful. This is why I am so angry, frustrated and appalled.

    At the 29th of March I have told Patrik that she has time to finish the fix until April 26th, because that's when my PayPal's Buyer Protection for this transaction will expire.
    I have also told her that I extracted everything and will make an Artist Beware post soon, wether or not she actually finishes the fix. At this point she still has the chance to make it the best it can be.
    Additionally I requested the artwork to be removed from all sites it had been posted on.
    This message was unresponded to until short before the expiration date.
    Eventually I activated PayPal’s Buyer Protection service, wrote a Trouble Ticket to FA about the Situation (about wanting the submission removed) and informed Patrik about it [23].

    The 11th of May, Patrik asked me to cancel the PayPal dispute, for whatever reason. I did not comply, as it would eradicate my right to ever receive my money again [24].

    15th of May I got fully refunded and FA Staff removed the submission.

    I thought we were done. But unfortunately, it doesn’t end here.

    At the 1st of June, Patrik sent me another “fixed” artwork, fully finished [25]. I did never ask for this. She asked me if I wanted the drawing.
    I replied that I don’t. It is a finished piece of the first fixing proposal [5], which I had already rejected before. How am I supposed to receive this, after all this hassle about her not following my instructions? Not only is there so much negativity associated with the artwork now, it is still not fixed! The anatomy is still wrong on there, in a way that I find unacceptable. And again, I rejected this exact thing before!
    I did not want to receive a “gift” either, that wouldn’t feel right. I was willing to pay her again, if she would have corrected it. I told her how I feel about all of it [26].

    I will be entirely honest here, I don’t know why she did that. Was it supposed to be a gift, a redemption, an apology? Whatever it was, she failed me because it was the exact same thing. It was the EXACT SAME GAME she played with me here.
    She finished a picture without having me look at it.
    She didn’t work on the fixes I requested.
    She finished it only after the entire queue was done.
    I did not consent to her doing that with my character.
    I am sorry, but no. These are the exact things I complained about, and she did it again. This feels much less than a gift, but more than a stab with a knife.

    Patrik proceeded to show me the differences between the two finished pieces [3][25], insisting that she did change it to feral. Which, yes it was feral, but anatomically unacceptable for me, as the forelegs of a feral canine don’t bend that way.

    For some reason, she picked up that Feral vs Anthro argument up again. Which lit another discussion about her business practices [27].

    She then went back to insisting that she did a fix. Which I denied, telling her exactly what is wrong, and which solution I proposed before, 4 months ago [28], reciting my message from February [15].

    Patrik proclaimed the case as over. Saying that now I have my money, and art. (As a fair sidenote, I do not accept the art. I’ve never added it to my private gallery and I never will.)
    I responded saying that it isn’t all about the money for me. It’s about how ignorant she is towards the fact that when people pay for something, they expect a proper result for their price.
    She only replied saying that my money has been returned.
    At this point I admit, I lost my cool. I was infuriated by her ignorance towards the actual issue I was trying to tell her all those months since our first interaction. Telling her that she was treating me disrespectfully. Telling her how other artists struggle to even get as far as selling their art for that money, which she takes for granted. A little bit of back and forth on the same old themes again [29].

    Interestingly, she admitted that her life has been changing and that it has been hard. Admitting that she doesn’t have the time to do commissions [30]. But that’s the only thing she would openly admit to me, before we were talking about business again. I’m still pushing the point that her business model is not okay and customer unfriendly [31].

    And this concludes the end of it [32].

    My beware reads as follows:
    If you commission PatrikTheDog,
    don’t expect to see a result within any reasonable time.
    Don’t expect her to respond to your questions or issues. Most of your messages will go by unread and unresponded to.
    Don’t expect her to respect your requests of changes, and if there are any to be made, you will be put at the end of the current (or next) queue, before she will do it.
    You will not receive a WIP and she will not ask for your consent before she uploads artwork of your character, which the final result you might have issues with, as it was in my case.
    She treats her customers with no respect, taking it for granted that she is earning money from you.
    She will blame you for her own mistakes.
    You will only receive a refund if you force her to, for example by using PayPal’s Buyer Protection service. Which she will request you to cancel, for no reason at all.

    You might be asking, what do I want at this stage?

    Patrik is a wonderful artist, no doubt. I absolutely admire her style, which is very unique, clean and beautiful. I am truly saddened that I possibly can not ever commission her again, to have any valuable piece of her artworks.
    But her business practices are the just absolutely infuriating and customer unfriendly. She doesn’t know how to treat her customers right, and just expects them to play along her game. You’re a good customer as long as you don’t have any complaints about her. But when you do, since you might be caring about the artwork that you’re commissioning, expect some backlash.

    What I truly want from her is a sincere apology. I feel mistreated and disrespected. Not once did she show some humility to what has happened. It seems like that I was only annoying her, when really, I just wanted to be a customer and treated with, at the very least, casual respect and attention.
    I want her to do better than this, revise her business practices and think about how she treats art again. It is a shame that a talented artist like herself is going such a shady and unhealthy way.

    Now you know the full story. I hope I can help make a change.

    Below are all the sources I marked by numbers in the text above:

    (Some links contain NSFW)

    [1] https://imgur.com/a/LHZBi
    [7] https://img.thrfun.com/img/080/750/.....tanding_x1.jpg (Not the original I sent her, as it disappeared from the web. But a very similar one.)
    [12] https://www.furaffinity.net/view/35115002/

    Beware: Puppyboys/Clownbugs/Peachbugz

    Who: Puppyboys/Clownbugs/Peachbugz
    Where: https://toyhou.se/Puppyboy

    When: 05/12/2020
    What: Item Trade

    Mod edit:  For anyone confused, the OP sold a character to the Bewaree/ Puppy.  Instead of sending payment to the OP, Puppy sent it to Jury as payment for a character OP wished to purchase from Jury.
    2 people in this have gotten scammed. me and jury. but this is mainly focused on what happened with me and alot happened through dms with this other user
    Around when this happened, when the users toyhou.se was still active, they wanted to purchase a character from me. The character that is currently in their possession, is 🎮weasel🎮 (You are unable to see them now because of them being owned/stored in an account that is closed) After they claimed to have sent the money to jury(which was also a payment for a character i bought, https://toyhou.se/5828069.-darren- ), I of course transferred to character, unaware that this person has also scammed a few other people(searching for said people). Around May 12th of this year, I got a message from jury saying how that same user has filed a dispute against them, making it so the transaction was redacted. Since this happened they did not pay for the character

    between the time periods of [12 May 2020, 3:05:07 pm] & [29 May 2020, 7:20:51 am] there has been no reply/activity in regards to the Puppyboy user.
    But shortly after the character was transferred, the user's account was closed. (Approximately within that same week they were transferred assumingly?) But the account was closed rather early after the transfer was sent. Within that time. Listed above, I thought the situation was resolved, & the money had been paid back..... but then again what's the reason for closing your account if possibly resolved?

    Puppyboy claimed that two people or possibly more have claimed they filed a chargeback. That was honestly odd, because if multiple people have claimed you filed a chargeback then it's likely you filed said chargeback and scammed something.

    In the end the money got sent back to them, and they are now in possession of a scammed character any money used to pay off something. So then it would also make that character seem scammed, and not in my possession.
    Just in case, here are examples of some of their art along with their up 2 date socials at the top - example | example | example | example | example 

    Beware: OrangeWolfArtShop

    Who: OrangeWolfArtShop
    Where: OrangeWolfArtShop on Etsy.com
    When: 05/29/2020
    What: Other (Explain Below)
    NSFW Content
    My fiance commissioned a shop on Etsy to draw some outfits for her character. She gave the artist a reference sheet of her character that I drew for her earlier this year. The shop traced the artwork and made two edits (The face was edited to look different, and one hand pose was changed very slightly) and if you lay the  image over my artwork you can see that the lines match 90% I tried to censor the posts as much as possible and I apologize if there's any 'lewdness' to them, as you can see parts of the character's genital anatomy despite my best efforts to censor it while maintaining the integrity of the images (to best show how closely they matched the lines, down to nearly exact shapes and curves)
    I confronted the artist and they denied that the artwork was traced. They offered to redraw the commission for my partner but our big fear is that they may be tracing other artists as well.

    For the record the commission in question was incredibly cheap, under $15. The issue really isn't the money, for me, it's the theft of intellectual property for financial gain. 

    Etsy removed the listing but has not removed the shop from their website.

    Beware: LadyArrendale

    Who: ladyarrendale
    Where: Discord
    When: 05/15/2019
    What: Commission
    NSFW Content
    I took a commission from someone watching my livestream, it was on the spot and meant to be 1 bust, and then during the middle of the livestream they asked for a second. The attachment is the result of that (NSFW hentai warning), after our last contact they never paid the invoice. 

    [Mod Edit] From OP when asked about the invoice being canceled:  No, I posted about this interaction on the Hentai-Reserve discord after sending the invoice, Arendale went no contact and didn't pay and then other artists on the discord had the same problem with them of non-payment, so I cut my loses.

    Caution: JJThePlug

    Who: JJThePlug#1225
    Where: Discord message
    When: 05/28/2020
    What: Art Trade

    JJThePlug contacted me via Discord asking me to create an illustration of "2 boys / Smoking a zoot / One of them have a bally (a face mask) / And they need to be in front of a range rover / Black background / Purple border".  Said this picture would be used in association with a video to be posted on Grmdaily (music video website).  
    He said he needed the drawing "Today/2 days".  I said I would draw it today if he would pay me today.  He said yes.  I drew it and showed him a preview.  He said he wanted it to be "more detailed" and refused to pay, even going as far as to delete his message where he agreed to pay me today.  Fortunately I got screenshots before he deleted anything.  
    Foolish of me to put in work before being paid but foolish of this guy to expect more "detailed" art for 30 pounds within a day 

    Beware - SnowAngelSuits

    Who: SnowAngelSuits
    Where: https://instagram.com/snowangelsuits/
    When: 03/04/2020
    What: Fursuit/ Fursuit Parts

    So I bought this fullsuit for 500$ + 50$ shipping on Instagram and the seller wanted me to pay with the "friends and family" option cus she needed the money to ship it. She (SnowAngelSuits) said she was gonna fix some holes and send it about 3-4 days later. When I hadn't heard from her by day 5 or 6 I reached out to her asking how it's going, but she wasn't in any hurry to reply until a few days later, saying she spent the money (including the shipping money) on other stuff and can't afford to send it until she gets a refund from someone else.
    I had to reached out to her multiple times through out all this to even get her to reply, since she never contacted me whenever she said she would. She kept coming up with excuses throughout all this. 

    After this I unfortunately don't have anymore screenshots cus we came to an agreement that I would pay for shipping again since she apparently couldn't afford it and that she was going to look for cheaper shipping options (like shipping it in two boxes etc) to save money since I live in Sweden and not in the US. But she never got back to me with a price for the shipping, so I messaged her 2 weeks back from today asking how it was going and that she might as well sell the suit to someone else instead for a higher price so that I can get my money back and so that she can earn some money from it also but she never replied and now she has deleted her Instagram account so I can't contact her there anymore, and the conversation disappeared also..
    I've tried asking my bank for help but they can't do anything without a "real" receipt with an order number included. And since I paid with the "friends and family" option I don't think I can get my money back through PayPal either, but I still tried messaged them about this so we'll see. 

    Beware of FruitSuit Creations Clementine "Clem" Fox Undelivered fursuit

    Who: Clem Fox, Clementine https://twitter.com/ClemFox_
    Where: http://www.fruitsuitcreations.com/
    the website does not seem to exist anymore
    When: 11/29/2013
    What: Fursuit/ Fursuit Parts

    Undelivered Commission
    I do realize I have been waiting for 6 and a half years for this suit.  I have been trying to be understanding and patient with Clementine about this commission.  However, after this long of a time period, her lack of communication, her every changing replies, and numerous excuses I have decided to move forward with this post.
    Below is a timeline of the communication between myself and Clementine and also her boyfriend the CFO.
    Back in November 2013 Clementine was having a black Friday (artistic freedom with limits) sale and I decided to buy it. (I believe the original post was on furbuy, but not 100% sure)
    The commission was for a full suit for $1280, with a deposit of $576
    I sent the deposit to her with a money order within a few days (because if i pay with PayPal I need to add 5% according to her TOS....which is a violation of PayPal, however that's not what I'm concerned about)
    I was under the impression from her ad on furbuy that I would pay the rest once it was completed, so I waited.
    April 22 2014, I receive an email asking about the rest of the payment, and I replied that I thought I was supposed to pay when it was done and before it shipped.

    September 13 2014 (yes 5 months later)  I receive another email telling me she does not work on anything until the payment is in full.

    This is when the excuses start, her first reason is work is super slow until they sell their house.
    We go back and forth for a little bit about paying and I send her money orders in early October for the balance ($704)
    All during October 2014 she sketches up some designs and sends them over to me and we decide on one
    Mid October she tells me she hasn't received the money orders and I end up having to call and get them stopped and reversed which took quite a while.
    During November 2014 I had a huge expense  (over $5500) and told her I had to hold off paying the rest until it got sorted out.  We went back and forth on emails for a little bit and that's the time she started getting disrespectful to me saying how she has bills that are way past due.
    She ends up getting angry with me and tells me she may cancel my commission and it is on hold "indefinitely" she also tells me that she has used my whole deposit to buy materials.
    I ask for a refund at this point, and she tells me that there is no refunds and the deposit is non refundable ( I also would like to point out she has not asked me to sign any contract at this point)
    She ends up blocking me on facebook in December, so I am no longer able to message her.  She instead has her boyfriend (the CFO of her company) emails me and says he will conduct  business with me from this point forward.
    December 24th The CFO tells me that I need to make the remaining checks payable to him personally, and I refuse.  I told him that my business is not with him it is with Clementine and i will make the checks payable to either her or make them out to fruitsuit creations.  He then tells me I can make them payable to Clementine.

    December 29th 2014 I sign a contract for the remaining balance

    Since the contract was signed I mailed the payments as follows
    Jan 15th 2015 mailed $200 ($100 plus $100 credit)  -  it was received on Jan 21st -- see below for paid in full email
    Feb 23rd 2015 mailed $100  -  it was received on Feb 28th -- see below for paid in full email
    March I had a few extra bills and had to use the $100 credit from Jan -- see below for paid in full email
    April 14th 2015 mailed $200  -  received on April 19th -- see below for paid in full email
    May 1st 2015 mailed $204 (the balance) - received on May 8th 2015 (paid in full) and was told I was moved to the "working queue"

    Clementine sends a newsletter out 4 months later with her working queue and I am not on it, on the list is 2 heads, one partial, 3 on hold (with the commission names).  She tells me there was some confusion and she will update it.  She does not.
    October 14 2016 (yes a year later) She tells me she is finishing up 2 heads and I'm a few spots down the line.

    Jan 13 2017 she tells me there are six in front of me, 2 of which are just heads

    **April 2017 more excuses that she has several breakdowns a week and it's hard to concentrate and work on commissions.
    April of 2017 is when something odd happens.....there is another person commissioning her for a rush suit,  I'm not sure if I can mention names, so I won't but there is another artist beware about Clementine from this person.
    The odd thing is that they paid for this nearly 2 years after mine was paid off, but she was sending WIP pics to this person and I have yet to even be told my true place in line.
    April 2017 she tells me my place is "one less then last time I told you"

    **July 2017 more excuses of bad side effects from medication, mobile and cognitive Impairment, horribly depressed , separation anxiety, hysterical crying spells 3-5 times a day
    [Verified by staff.  Lots of medical information.]
    July 8th 2017 she tells me "i believe there are 3 or 4 in front of you"

    **September 2017 more excuses of her injuring her shoulder

    September 2017 She gets mad at me for asking where I am in line saying that I've been waiting for a long time, she tells me that there are people waiting longer, and I signed a contract that has no completion dates.

    Dec 11th 2018 (another year later) she tells me   "trying to get this done so I can move on"

    **January 2019 more excuses of her cat being sick, and not having a place to live with her workshop

    May 29th 2019 after 100 excuses from her  I am told "Thank you so much for your incredible patience! I do wholeheartedly promise that I will make your wait worth it!"

    **August 2019 more excuses of her Mom being sick (not posting conversation due to her privacy on her mothers health issues)
    Dec 15th 2019 after more excuses I am told  "I really can't thank you enough for your patience.. and I promise I will go above and beyond to make it up to you, and everyone else I've let down.."

    May 16th 2020 After asking about my place in line yet again, I am told "i believe you are 6th in line."....I then send her screenshots from 3 years prior of her telling me that there are 3 or 4 in front of me.  she tells me she must be looking at the wrong copy and will get back to me.

    I feel that I have been beyond patient with her, I can be sympathetic to what people are going through, or if they have things happen in their life that they need to just stop for a little bit (which she did have a few which I did not include in here due to the privacy of her family)  However, with whatever you are going though mentally or physically and still traveling to many conventions and fursuiting while injured instead of working on your obligations, or even keeping me informed about anything that is going on in 6 and a half years, doesn't seem like a good way to conduct business.  Waiting 6.5 YEARS from ordering or 5 years from it being paid in full with her story ever changing about where I am in her line, and excuse after excuse, (which I found another post with the same issues) has gotten me to this point of frustration where I feel I need to let others know.  Especially since she has taken other commissions AFTER mine and has worked on them before mine.
    Clementine has shown me that she doesn't seem interested in working on my suit by not letting me know anything about it, and the things she has told me she contradicts herself many times.  For example, about what she has bought for my suit (she tells me she didn't buy anything, then she tells me she has the fur from a previous project, then she tells me she used all my deposit for supplies) another example is my place in line.  I'm not quite sure if there is any bookkeeping in where she works on things, but she doesn't seem organized at all about what she is working on.  There should be an exact answer to that question, I am not sure why I can't get a straight answer from her on that.  She has not posted any updates on her working queue or anything of that sort in a few years, so I am not even sure she has one.
    I had asked a few times early on for a refund which was refused, I even had said if she is unable to work on it at all that's fine, I can just get a refund and either do it myself or get it elsewhere, I have asked for a transfer to another person and that was refused, she seems to be banking on the contract saying is does not have any completion dates, however that doesn't give anyone the right to take money and not deliver a product ever, and I think 6 and a half years is way beyond the time limit to wait for something like this.
    I feel that I have been very lenient with her and tried to compromise but her excuse after excuse has led me to make this post.  Along with her lack of communication in her work order.
    In the 6.5 years there has been a ton of emails and messages so I couldn't put them all so forgive me for such a long post.
    Please think twice before commissioning anyone, and feel free to reach out to those who have commissioned a person in the past to ask about their experiences.
    I was willing in the past to work with her in the past on this problem asking her what she needs from me in order to get her working on projects, (I even sent her a link to an industrial sewing machine for a good price because she was complaining about her needing a new one), but her lack of communication and concern about this commission has led me to believe that she does not intend to provide me with a product.
    I am however still willing to accept a refund and turn this post to resolved, if she is willing to refund my payments.

    Beware: TankDragon

    Who: TankDragon
    Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/TankDragon/
    When: 01/18/2020
    What: Commission

    I paid $105 for art back in january of 18 of this year using venmo. I will not attach the photo of that here unless required to due to some privacy issues that can happen but I will gladly share my text history with him on discord, the shout that was deleted on his profile, the note I left for him on FA and the proof that he blocked me. He refuses to message me back let alone give me my money back or the art I paid for. I am just hoping he gives me my money back and i will never talk with or about him again or I can find where he lives and bring his ass to court over this.


    Beware - Atomyna / Minami

    Who: Artist
    Where: https://twitter.com/Atomyna
    When: 05/21/2020
    What: Commission
    NSFW Content
    I had commissioned this artist around 3 months ago, and under the pretense that a reduced price would be had, in addition to a handmade item being sent to them in exchange for 2 pieces of art.

    As far as my end of the deal, it was a handmade blanket, as I happen to loom things and promised her a handmade blanket specifically to fit her couch. I value a normal, full size blanket (around 30$ in materials and usually a 7x5 size) at 80$, and also gave her 30$ cash, amounting to a full 110$.

    A WIP of the work done. (The item was shipped off 5/22 to another purchaser after I was blocked, so this photo is all there is.)
    After nearly 2 months, they returned to me with a first draft that wasn't anywhere near what I had requested, and she was incredibly rude to me, claiming my character was a trap, as well as turning a SFW image commission into a nearly NSFW one. She had a fair criticism to ask for more details from me, but when I had first commissioned, I had explicitly asked if she had enough details.

    After this, she pushed my commissions to the bottom of her queue, and ghosted me for 2 weeks. After this, I confronted her about why she did this and she claimed she would work on others who "appreciate her art" first, and used this to rectify not working on my commissions. I then asked her to either refund me due to her continued disinterest and expressed desire to not do these pieces, and that's when she removed me from her server on discord, blocked me, and is continuing to refuse delivering the product she agreed to. She has since blocked me from contacting her and has kept the 30$ I sent her.

    Below I've attached all conversation material.

    (date of these caps is May 21st 2020)

    Proof of removal/block

    Beware - beesandcubs

    Who: buyer
    Where: https://www.instagram.com/beesandcubs/
    When: 05/21/2020
    What: Commission

    Client was terminated from an Artistic Liberty quote before payment was made since the changes requested by them on the concept provided during the first contact were not interesting for the studio production at the time and the unpaid design created during quote was kept by the studio, as described on the TOS agreed by said client during the application process.
    Link to our TOS
    Client tried to continue the application process but we already sent the email terminating it and we didn't felt it was necessary to proceed contact, since no invoices were sent and no further agreements were made - at that stage we already let the client know that the design created for that commission would stay under the studio property.
    Weeks after said client decided to public harass our studio on our own posts on Instagram and after being blocked on multiple accounts for doing so, started to spread misinformation about our TOS, the commission process and also decided to claim the unpaid design as their own under claims that goes against the TOS agreed on before the design was sent to them. We sent a private message to the third account and by that time it felt like the situation was under control.
    The harassment continued the next day with another account claiming the studio stole the client OC, tagging other clients and spreading more half truths and accusations.
    The studio posted a public note via Instagram stories to spread awareness on the information and also decided to share on beware groups what happened. One of our followers let us know the client still insists on spreading false information and we decided to enlighten the situation public posting everything here.
    These are the accounts that continued harassing us and our clients/followers: 
    @wetsnobblobb  < has posted the stories spreading misinformation
    @foolish.adopts  < has harassed us on posts
    @beesandcubs < first account to start online harassment
    [Moderator Note: A 4th IG that was harassing OP exists, but the account is held by someone underaged so we have censored it out.]
    That user is claiming that the art is stolen and that our character sheet bases are also stolen fro] third party, which is a blatant lie since our lead artist has all the files and recipes to prove that all the art was created by us and belong to Alecrim Carmim brand. 
    To clarify any half truths shared by the accounts listed before:
     - Our art is 100% designed by our lead artist. We have all the files and proof of the authenticity of our creations, designs and production;
    - We never ghost any client; in that specific case, we simply terminate the commission and sent an email informing the client on said termination and reason (the project was not interesting for production at that time);
    - No designs were stolen from the client; in fact, our design is being claimed without payment by said client under accusations that "since the mood board and directions were given, the character belongs to them”; said claim goes straight against our TOS (that was agreed on BEFORE the commission process even began by the client);
    - No invoices were sent to the client before the commission termination. Not the 30% from the commission process nor any amount of money was received from the client by Alecrim Carmim. Preparing / being ready to pay does not mean actually making a payment.
    We always ask for future clients multiple times to read AND agree with our TOS before moving forward with the commission process. For our sake and for the sake of our current clients and followers, we’re deleting that design made for that specific commission from our social media and premade library. 
    We do not stand for harassment and we do not want to associate with the illegal usage of our intellectual property, no matter the claims. We're a positive brand that try our best to avoid that kind of drama, but sadly some of that might hit our way once or twice in our studio development.
    For that reason, we decided to expose the situation and upload a client beware so our fellow makers have some feedback on said client for future reference. All the relevant screencaps are attached to this message.


    The art itself is being used without credit and the Client is claiming the design to be their character.

    In addition, the Client attempted to sell the design, using the full original, unpaid artwork in the advertisement on May 9th

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    • Timothy-henri is an artist active on Furaffinity and deviantart. They primarily focus on designing outfits, armor, weaponry, and accessories. They also create unique "armored souls"  which are like anthropomorphic and sentient versions of weapons! Super cool! if I have an idea, but cant properly communicate it to ana rtist I usually run right to Timothy to bring my vision to life!
    • Shimizuryu is an artist active on deviantart and furaffinity. They often operate on artistic freedom, however they also design outfits and do ref sheets! I'm still absolutely smitten with every piece they've created for me, and I reccomend comissioning them!
    • Adding some of the pieces I've got from Xelgot! Xelgot is mainly on patreon, but I always get my rewards on time, and am never dissatisfied!
    • I just wanted to shout out to xelgot. I originally commissioned him for a reference sheet of a kemonomimi character. His prices are very fair, but he always goes above and beyond. he's willing to keep on making changes, keep adding details until both are satisfied. I've had him design 2 characters from scratch with ref sheets, had him draw humans and furries. Overall he is definitely my favorite artist, and I find myself tipping him happily after almost every commission. He's always so polite and professional, communicating deadlines and progress very steadily. I have NEVER had an issue with Xelgot, and find that I can count on him to create characters I've pictured in my mind from scratch which always enchants me.
    • Chibi The Floof  On Furry Amino  |   On Twitter Commissioned:  Digital Art Piece Paid on: 24th September, 2019  |  Art received on:  24th September 2019 Description: I saw Chibi's Fall YCH and ordered a slot after asking some questions regarding their business etiquette. We discussed character information and everything they needed to know to get started. They also treated my nervosity about payment seriously and offered their PayPal.me link so the money would go to them and not to someone else by accident. They were happily editing the premade sketch so it looked like a bear until I was satisfied. They work really quickly and I got the commission on the same day per email. I absolutely adore the artwork and I would love to work with Chibi again, as they truly show passion in their work.  
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    • Kaykay

      Is it illegal to make a consignment agreement to sell an artist’s work for a certain price and then secretly sell it for way more and only give the artist 60% of the agreed upon price?  I t Th hunk that’s what is going on at a gallery I’m in. 
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    • alecrimcarmim  »  Alex Wright

      Thank you for the support on our beware post. We'll apply your advice and send future previews with a stronger watermark and with the text part duplicated with lower opacity over the middle of the art to make it harder to be removed.
      It’s really heartwarming to see that more people understand what we’re dealing with and for that we would like to thank you again ❤️
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      Got my PS4 back thursday. Dropped some money into the CoD to rank up the battlepass since I only had 10 days and was only rank 60 at the time. Gonna finish this season like I did with Season 2!
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      Thank you for the support on our beware post. We totally learned from our mistakes and from now on we're definitely sending works with watermarks and even check on future clients better before accepting a commission quote to avoid further drama.
      It’s really heartwarming to see that more people understand what we’re dealing with and for that we would like to thank you again ❤️
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