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  • Beware: SuperNinfendo

    Who: Super Ninfendo, FennecFiles, Fenergizer
    Where: www.twitter.com/SuperNinfendo
    When: 10/13/2021
    What: Commission

    Back on October 13th, Fen made a post for a YCH I was interested in, and messaged them to buy the spot on the same day.

    Here's proof that the payment was made on Paypal

    And proof that the original piece was claimed - as well as its $65 price

    I even gave them information that would've helped them draw the character as best as they could.

    I hadn't heard anything after that point, not even confirmation as to whether they had received anything (money or the images themselves). Fen also had a "commission updates" twitter account, FennecFiles, so I messaged that account at the beginning of December hoping to receive answers. I made special note toward the end that I was open to amending the scope of the commission, such as simplifying the character or narrowing how much of the scene to draw, since I know artists can have a lot on their plates. 

    Unfortunately, still no message from either account. Now, December was a hectic month for them. They had a medical emergency with one their pet cats they had to take care of, but they were also dealing with taking care of their own art as well as art related to their partner's Twitch streams. (Mainly stream assets, such as themed backgrounds or vtuber rigs, such as when they were playing South Park [SP] and Paper Mario [PM])

    Granted, their partner could've held back from asking for stream assets - which would explain why Fen was trying to recoup sunk time by offering rigs in a SP/PM style since the basics were done - but this shows Fen was at least aware they had paid commissions still to finish, but either had other priorities or more important commissions to take care of first. 
    I sent another message to SuperNinfendo in January, but this time it was because I'd commissioned a headshot from another artist and felt that it would've been a simplification [as in based off of this image instead of combining bits of A and B], but sent a followup message a week later since I wasn't sure if my tone came off rude. 

    Unfortunately, I still did not receive any direct messages. Despite this, while it could very well be just venting in general, the timing of this tweet felt like it was vaguely pointed at my request since it was just a few days after my later reply of those two.

    I was not mad at the lack of them posting art at all - I know they'd posted art and other things, and do not always join their partner's streams - it's that I haven't been communicated to about my [I assume impending] commission, but they'd posted art that had been both taken AND finished after claiming my spot. Here's a separate YCH that was posted in December:

    And while it may not have taken a month to complete, a post from a month later clearly shows that they are able to finish in a timely manner (bottom left):

    At the end of January, there was finally a "response" from FennecFiles, though in the form of an apology post explaining their delay

    Having a person help with your blog is not a problem, but I would've called out the person previously in charge if they were responsible for dismantling the queue, though I don't know how close that person was/is to Fen (nor if the claim was real, admittedly.)
    Since they mentioned at the end that FennecFiles could be messaged with "further questions or concerns", I messaged them a little over a week later since I didn't want to be lost in the shuffle of the first days of potential inquiries.

    I received no response from them either - whether from CorpseKiit or Fen - and as is shown from my prior FF message, the reference/commission reminder message was not even replied to in the meantime. 
    Since CorpseKiit was also someone to message (I'm in a mutual Discord server with them and Fen), so I messaged Chuck [Corpsekiit's nickname] directly. (At the beginning of April, since they had their own life struggles through March.

    I received no direct messaging from them on the matter, and no followups on any of the other blogs Fen runs as to if it was the right spot to message, yet one of Fen's tweets from a few days afterwards makes me believe they were at least made aware of my message to Chuck.

    Again, it could be just general venting, but my issue was not with their pace of posting art in and of itself. It's that being left in the dark for months on end as to WHEN it could/would be worked on is an entirely different feeling from if I was told "I won't be able to work on this until next October", at least in the latter case, I'd have a timeline as to when to expect the piece. I was reminded of the issue from a mutual in another server who brought up their plights, so that's part of why I am writing this.
    I figured I'd message one last time - albeit recently - directly to Fen on Discord. 

    I know it's a simple message, and while I hope to hear back at some point, I have my doubts as to whether any remedies would happen - the art itself or otherwise. Even nearly two weeks out, still no reply on Discord either. While I understand that life may be handing them difficult cards, and they may be handling them well enough all considered, it shouldn't excuse them effectively ghosting me for so long. I gave them so much room to amend the YCH and request, but to have legitimate questions ignored so long has left a sour taste in my mind. It should go without saying that I would not recommend SuperNinfendo if you are looking for commissions.

    Beware DAQ/ DACantero

    Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/daq
    When: 03/19/2022
    What: Commission

    Hello there!

    So a few months ago me and a friend of mine where commissioning a few people in the Artist Ally at Texas Furry Fiesta On the Saturday We went to DAQs booth as we both liked his vintage style. I ordered an inked traditional piece with one character which came out to $50 USD I paid with cash at his both as he had a sign taped next to the price list stating "cash only please" I paid cash and went about my day. The con went well and after I got emails from all the other artists I commissioned except him, I waited a bit longer and still no response, I got a bit suspicious and worried as all the other artists I commission where finished and sent me completed works, all of these where digital and DAQ was traditional which was a bit more odd as I should have been done around the same time if not a bit earlier.

    I messaged my friend as well to see if they had gotten any response back from him in regards to their piece and they where coming up empty handed as well. I decided to contact one of the emails that where listed to see if I was queued or he at least knows about my commission but that did not work as well. (I'd like to note as well the friend I was with also did the same thing to no response.) I waited a bit longer and still got no response from both email and other forms of communication. At this point I went with a last ditch effort and contacted the head organiser of the artist ally to see if they might have a different email then the one I was provided, they where kind enough to help me and sent an email on my behalf to the one they had on file, and they to came up empty handed as they never got a repose back when they sent the email out on May 20th. At this point I was getting more worried, a few people mentioned to me that what if someone was impersonating him at the convention and informed me to make a public tweet on the matter to clear things up I did so as well on June 7th and have still not gotten a repose back. However during so I did find a comment on Furaffinity from another artist in the artist alley saying he will be making the trip with DAQ as he will be picking him up from a bus station in Texas. 

    As of writing this on June 20th There has been no response from either of the avenues I or other parties have reached out to him on. I am not to sure what to do, and I am wondering if the convention has some kind of Claus or protocol for this where I am able to get my money back, if not it would be a shame to not get some form of recoupment and I hope this artist will be further banned from participating in TFF

    And now some photos 

    Here is a photo of the price list on his booth, I got the inked version, to the left you can see a bit of the cash only sign, no receipt was given as well

    Here is the email I sent out to DAQ, just a simple hey just checking in email

    And here is the email exchange with the head of the TFF artist alley. (big thanks to them for helping)

    Furaffinity posts confirming he was in attendance there

    And lastly my public tweet seeing if I can reach out to him that way. Ironically I found his Twitter when he liked a piece I commissioned at TFF, his Twitter is still active as well

    And that is currently it, so far I have had no responses in awhile and I am hoping something a bit more public will be able to help out but idk. Hopefully this beware is alright and have a good day! 

    Beware: WyldTreeBark / Jasper / d0gofThunder

    Who: PeriwinkleDog | Jasper | Ramsay| Caktus| Parker |d0gofThunder
    Where: https://twitter.com/WyldTreeBark
    When: 01/12/2022
    What: Commission

    I reached out to @WyldTreeBark back in January 10, 2022.   My intention was to commission 2 (which became 3) headshot expressions of my OC Wulden ($60).
    Conversation carried over into January 12, 2022 where I officially sent my first payment.  I had followed them on twitter and interacted with them for a few weeks.  They had offered another simple "derpy" expression so I opted to commission one of those too (8 bucks cheap, Commission request made Feb 17, 2022 with a payment sent Feb 21, 2022). 
    As the days moved with no progress reports about my specific commissions noticed that they were experiencing some personal troubles.  I let them know that I am patient so don't stress about my commission too much.  That post was March 11, 2022.
    I noticed that through may and into June, this artist had opened up a few times for more  commissions, and took on a few more, but I had not received a single notice or progress report regarding my paid for commissions.  I made my final message requesting a progress report on their que to see where my commissions placed, and still received no response.
    After consulting a few friends, they brought to my attention that the last time they even looked at my messages was Feb 21 (the confirmation of payment).  They promptly recommended that I just process a refund before it was too late.
    I have managed to get a successful refund from PayPal for the original $60 purchase, I am still waiting for the 8 dollar purchase.
    I have included the entire communication list (private messages) I have made with this artist as they have all been oriented toward the business I paid for.  I have also included the two PayPal snapshots of my purchase confirmation, and included the successful refund snapshot too.

    Beware: Shout/ Fluffury/ druggedmeat/ spazmatism/ hyena

    Who: SHOUT / Fluffury / druggedmeat / spazmatism / Weedzle
    Where: https://twitter.com/Fluffury
    When: 10/02/2020
    What: Commission

    Shout opened for commissions in October of 2020 and being a fan of their work I jumped at the chance. I can't find the tweet with the original commission opening; sadly they seem to have mostly nuked both of their Twitter accounts. I have attached acceptance of the commission and proof of payment though.
    So I paid, and then... nothing. For months. I sent them an email, left them a shout on FA (which they deleted), tweeted at them, then tweeted at them AGAIN and still received nothing.
    Then I get a Twitter DM saying I will get a refund at the end of the month. I would rather have the art, but great! Sounds good.
    No update from them since. Radio silence. I even tweeted at their NSFW account recently and still nothing. I am guessing, judging by their TWO lengthy Trello queues and constant nuking of social media accounts and making of new ones that I'm not the only person this has happened to.

    Beware: ABearFromSpace (Unluckydinobear)

    Who: ABearFromSpace/Unluckydinobear/Unluckybeardad
    Where: https://twitter.com/ABearFromSpace
    When: 01/13/2018
    What: Fursuit/ Fursuit Parts

    I am writing today to talk about a fursuit commission I got from Unluckydinobear, who goes by ABearFromSpace now, back in January 2018. Since the transaction is so many years old, I do not have the paypal payment sent screenshots, however, I can show the Telegram chat messages to show that I indeed paid $800 for the commission, and he still has not completed the work, but he's been avoiding making the suit and compiling excuses to this day.
    I was looking to get a fursuit commission, so I asked any friends to see if they knew any good makers or ideas to find one. A friend of mine, recently got a partial piece done from ABearFromSpace, so he told me his contact and I messaged him to see if he had any openings.

    I ended up messaging him, and by luck, he said he had room for one more in the queue. I felt extremely lucky, and knowing fursuits take time to create, I would have expected at most this taking a year or two, as long as I was getting updates I was fine with this.

    After sending character refs and other information, he gave me a quote of about $750. I was a little surprised since my friend got his suit from him for $400, but since he was one of his first commissions I understood the raise of price.

    With an additional $50 for taxes and shipping, I ended up paying $800 for the partial fursuit. 

    Here I sent a partial payment for the fursuit, and ABearFromSpace tried to make conversation with me the next day which looks like he wanted to get me to pay the rest as soon as possible.

    After 10 days, he asked me again for the rest of the payment. While I was able to pay the rest of the suit by the end of the month, it was understandable here how he just wanted to make sure the rest of the payment was going through soon. He also offered to make a chat for his commissioners, to my knowledge I don't think he ever did, or at least he never included me.

    At the beginning of February, I was able to rest the payment, a total of $800.

    After 2 months and discussions of character information, I was updated with a photo of some base heads Bear would be working on, and I was going to give him measurements to follow up with.

    Another 2 months went by, and I popped in to see if there were any updates. He was in the process of moving and going to a con, so I told him it was understandable and thanks for updating me. This was about half a year since I paid for my suit and thought maybe I wouldn't have to wait TOO much longer.

    Some time passed, and we barely talked in August about fursuit adjustments for my character, then in October I asked to see if there was anymore updates, and asked if my suit could be done before Further Confusion (FurCon) 2019 which was held on January 17, 2019.  Here he said he thinks he was able to get it done, I held hope but part of me was ready to accept if I couldn't get it by then.

    November rolls out and I talked with Bear to make sure that the suit would be done before FC, seems like he was confident in getting it done.

    At the end of December, he drew up another WIP, and we discussed some suit adjustments.

    Bear told me that he'll do his best to get my suit done by then, and if it's not all done he'd send what was completed. It seemed too good to be true since the con was less than a month away, but I was prepared to see what he'd have done.

    Come January, he didn't have any part of the suit ready, and apologized saying he had the flu. Him getting it all done asap and rushed seemed to good to be true, so it was understandable he wasn't done, and I told him no rush hoping I'd get some progress soon at least. Bear said after he plans to finish no later than February and will have WIP pictures soon.

    At the beginning of February, he sent me a very early build, but it was an exciting WIP nonetheless. It seemed like this was the start of great progress, even though it has been over a year since I first commissioned him, but this would be the only WIP photo I'd ever see.

    While he promised to get my suit done at the end of February, nothing happened. I asked again in March if there was any progress, where he said he was depressed and going through something. Then in April I messaged him if he had any idea of when it would be complete, which he gave me a May-June window.

    In May he was completely silent, and in June he said he was busy and would have my suit done before the upcoming FurCon 2020 (which would start on January 16, 2020). 

    Here again he said what progress he made and what he had to do, and that he should definitely get the suit done before FC 2020.

    Come October, I wanted to see if there were any updates, since FC was slowly coming around the corner. He asked when I'd like my suit done before again, then never messaged me until the beginning of next year.

    Instead of giving me a personal explanation for not getting the suit done again, he just drops this link and quickly scurries out which was the beginning point of me realizing that I wasn't the only one who was waiting for a commission to be done from him. This was the start of me losing my empathy and patience with this guy as things progressively got worse over the next two years.

    After a bit over a week he responds seeming reluctant to get the suit done "soon". 

    In March I sent him for character tweaks, which was late on my part admittedly, but afterwards in April-June he was completely silent. At the end of July I asked him for another update which resulted in nothing again, and afterwards he did not respond until the beginning of 2021.

    He finally responds at the beginning of January of 2021, after not messaging me since July 2020. He talks about how he's depressed again, and how he lost his Grandpa. As someone who has lost their grandparents as well, I've been in his position of being in a rut and losing motivation to get things done, however, given his list of excuses given out so many times, I can only feel so much empathy/sympathy from him and let him take LONGER and LONGER to get my suit done. At this point I told him if I could just get a refund if he had too much on his plate at the moment. He said he was willing to do my suit still and how it's "a cutie" which doesn't sound very professional at this point since he's been avoiding me and not getting work done.

    I told him if he could get it done by June then I'd be okay with it, otherwise I wanted to talk with him about getting a refund. No updates pass by as usual and in March he gives me more excuses and "plans" to get it done in the Summer. Here I tell him I'll be okay with it if the suit can be done by the end of the year.

    I start to show frustration with Bear as well and tell him I'd like a refund if he doesn't get the work done before the promised time. He ends up ghosting/not communicating with me as usual, so I tell him I'll contest PayPal if he doesn't get my work done. I've seen most people immediately try and contest payments and try to get their money back, but I wanted to talk with him about it instead of doing that. 

    September rolls out and still nothing to show.

    Here he gives more lists of reasons why he hasn't started and promises to get WIPs soon.

    I start to get more frustrated with him for his lack of effort and care communicating back with me. I leave two messages to him about how he still hasn't gotten my work done, then he read the messages and never responded, leaving me to tell him again I would contest PayPal. He says at the end to give him this month to try and make progress, if nothing happens he'll start the refunding process.

    I tell him about how he needs to get his responsibilities in order. I sympathize with him with all the things he's been through but I try and tell him it's no excuse to leave me in the dust when I try and support him ordering a fursuit paying with my hard-earned money. We talk about how if nothing is done for November, then I'd want a refund.

    He never got the suit done, and says he will work on getting the refund process started by the end of this year or beginning of next.

    No updates still, we are now in the year 2022, over FOUR years since I first commissioned and sent the payment over to Bear.

    No updates for another two months until I continually ask him, if I don't message him he'll legit forget about me and continue ignoring getting the fursuit done. I plea with him here, asking if he'll actually get it done, because I've waited so long for basically nothing. Only a few quick sketches and an early base from a few years ago. I just wanted my refund at this point, I didn't even want a fursuit anymore. 

    I felt like enough was enough. He wasn't responding to me, treating me respectfully, or getting any work done. I had come across the Artist's Beware site a few months ago and even noticed someone posted about Bear here (under his old username Unluckydinobear). I figured if he won't give me my money back for a fursuit he promised to get done several times over the past couple of years, this was my best bet to post. My friend, who originally got his suit from Bear, told me it was only partially completed and how Bear still needed to make adjustments, and also left him in the dust. 

    I wrote all of this here today not to "callout" or want any threats toward Bear, but I hope that if people end up showing interest in commissioning this man, please be aware of what you are getting yourself into. It has been 4+ years since I first commissioned Bear for a fursuit, and I still have gotten nothing. As of June 11, 2022, he still has not messaged me back, and looking at his Twitter account it seems like he's too distracted with other affairs to even care 

    Beware: Saphiros

    Who: Saphiros, twentypercentcooler
    Where: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/saphiros
    When: 11/06/2012
    What: Commission

    Original: https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/645523.html
     EDIT: The payment as of so far has not been revoked, however, the user in question has never explained himself why he yanked my funds, or even considered the fact that he was in the wrong. However, I'm rather disgusted right at this moment with Artist's beware, whom seemed to have focused on attacking me rather than answering my question.
    1. Guys, paypal wasn't my issue. I got a guyfriend to call in and it was all good.
    2. My legitimate question was whether or not I should expect him to make up for this mess.
    3. Should I even touch the money he tries to send?

    WHO: Saphiros off of furaffinity- http://www.furaffinity.net/user/saphiros

    from his pony account http://www.furaffinity.net/user/twentypercentcooler.



    WHAT: Digital art of a fat twilight sparkle- http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9200009/

    WHEN: November 6th during an art show, this was commissioned.
    Shortly after, I noticed the payment was not in my paypal. I stuck an
    UNPAID squiggle over the image and notified the user via shout that the
    payment didn't go through. On the 7th of november he responded with an
    apology and assured me he resent the money. On the 22nd of december I
    received a note with an apology and another payment for the payment he
    never sent. This time instead of ten, he sent twenty, which I didn't
    touch because I was wary of the reversed payments. Shortly after
    christmas I transferred the money to my bank account, at which point he
    reversed payment. The money was drawn from my bank account, since the
    money was in transit, and overdrafted me,


    http://i49.tinypic.com/1o4vp2.jpg my shout

    http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9200009/ the art

    http://i50.tinypic.com/64dx03.jpg his reply

    http://i46.tinypic.com/33lhyer.jpg reversed payment details

    http://i48.tinypic.com/290y1pk.jpg the note saying he sent the twenty for my trouble

    EXPLAIN:On November 6th I did a stream for 10$ full colors. This
    individual twentypercentcooler asked for a fat pony for his account,
    main account saphiros. The user's payment, supposedly, was sent to the
    wrong paypal, and I just marked the submission as being unpaid and was
    going to let it go, since there are a LOT of scammers nowadays. He
    messaged me in response to my comment that the payment was wrong, and
    apologized and sent me twenty to unmark the payment as unpaid for. He
    seemed embarrassed. On the 22nd of December I unmarked the image, and on
    the 26th I transferred the money to my bank, at which point he issued a
    with paypal. The money to refund was withdrawn from my bank account
    with a $18.22 balance, and left me a 35$ overdraft fee for the 1.78 I
    didn't have. The money, as of 12/28, after another user prodded him, was
    resent once again and as of yet has not been revoked. Paypal will not
    accept a phone call from me, the owner of the account, due to the fact
    that I have a man's name and am vocally quite obviously not a male.
    Their phone center is based in India or somewhere, I believe and the two
    people I've talked to insisted on speaking with a man. However, the
    reason for the contest was simply put that the user did not receive said
    'physical goods' and I'm not covered for intangible goods. Sad day,
    indeed. When I originally tried to post the ad, the user had not
    responded. A response has been made, as well as payment, but I am afraid
    to touch the money, since he has revoked it twice already. Even still
    if I do get to keep the money, my bank account is in the red, and the
    user has not been truthful or forthcoming with information. I feel as if
    he's only made this latest payment to cover his own tail in the face of
    embarrassment. I believe he has done this to people before, as there
    are several cached hidden comments on DA of people commenting on his art
    info about being a scammer. http://i45.tinypic.com/bgd3z5.jpg
    What should I do? Should I expect him to compensate me for my loss? In
    addition, should I expect a full explanation as to why he contested my
    service? He blemished my record at my paypal and my bank.
    re readable.

    Beware: Cyberwolfdragon

    Who: Cyberwolfdragon
    Where: CyberWolfDragon#4410 on Discord (401566446892613644)
    When: 10/16/2021
    What: Art Trade

    I first met Cyberwolfdragon on Discord, in the USF server. There is a #looking-for-corner channel where people can post if they wanted to do an art trade, had an art request, were offering free art, etc. When looking through the channel, I found Cyberwolfdragon's latest message asking to do an art trade, and it was marked as open.

    I then DMed them asking if they wanted to do a trade.

    After this they didn't message me for around two months, until they sent this:

    (This was a different character than their initial art trade request, but that was fine)

    I finished my side of the trade in around 10 days.

    This was the last time Cyber messaged me on Discord
    I proceeded to remind them every so often of the trade they owed me.. with no response.
    I will note here that I did use an artwork as a reference for the pose of my side of the trade. I don't have it saved so I can't show it, but Cyber didn't mention this at any point as a reason for declining the trade or something.

    Cyber posted several messages in USF after the last message they sent me: one for open comms, and three offering a suit they had for sale. This is the only server I have in common with them.

    (a day after their last message to me)

    Several days after their last message, but before I reached out about it.

    After I messaged them twice with no response.

    After another new message from me, and their last message in USF.
    After almost a year of this, I searched up their username and found some of their other accounts, including their YouTube.
    Their email was linked in the contact section, so I attempted to reach out via that.
    They responded in a bit over an hour.

    (the blacked out line under my email is a send certificate that has contact info of theirs)

    I recopied the image from my original Discord DM with it. I opened it in a new window to preserve the quality.
    At this point, they began to ghost me again.

    I attempted to reach out to them through other social medias. Their Twitter DMs are off, so I have sent a message to what is presumably their DeviantArt account since it has the same username, though the 5 arts and fursuit images I don't remember seeing on other platforms.

    At this point my art has gotten a fair bit better, and I do draw original poses now or base them off of pictures of myself, but I just want my side of the art trade back, it's been a year.

    Caution: DxskyMxth

    Who: Dxskymxth
    Where: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2JnikNu0FSPG9F6cVpl0eQ
    dxskymxth#3991 on discord
    When: 10/07/2021
    What: Commission

    October 06 2021: Contacted them, inquiring about commissions. They sent me a WIP shortly after we discussed ocs. 

    October 7 2021: Paid for the commission.
    October 27 2021: Was sent another WIP.

    December 10 2021- January 5 2022: They had briefly ghosted me here, before claiming my dms got hidden and they hadnt seen them, conveniently replying on the exact day I threatened a refund. They sent a wip a few hours later. 

    Febuary 8 2022: Reached out for a update, was told they were busy working on a bday animation and a presentation. 

    March 3 2022- Current Time: 
    Theyve completely ghosted me, and have blocked me on discord.

    May 9 2022: Realized i was blocked on discord, reached out to them on instagram asking for a refund and was blocked there too. 

    May 10 2022: I've reached out to my bank and asked for a chargeback since its been too long to do one through paypal. Waiting for my banks response.
    UPDATE: 5/17/2022
    The artist has responded to the client via instagram regarding the outstanding commission.

    Beware: (Xoloitz / Chakat-silverpaws)

    Who: FA: Chakat-silverpaws / Telegram: Xoloitz / Twitter: xoloitzartz
    Where: https://twitter.com/xoloitzartz
    When: 06/21/2021
    What: Commission
    NSFW Content Resolved
    June 21, 2021: First sent message to Xoloitz via Telegram, inquiring for a commission.

    June 22, 2021: Details sent to Xoloitz for a three character commission: two of my characters and a character belonging to a friend.

    After a lewd comment on the size of my friend's character's junk, Xoloitz quotes a price of $160 shaded or $120 flat colors, and I approve the former. Payment of $160 USD is sent via PayPal that same day. (Note: NSFW content censored.)

    November 12, 2021: Xoloitz opens for commissions again.

    December 12, 2021: First inquiry to Xoloitz over Telegram regarding status of commission.
    Xoloitz claims to have forgotten about it and promises to get on it ASAP.

    January 23, 2022: Second inquiry via Telegram about commission status. No response.

    February 9, 2022: Third inquiry via Telegram. No response at the time.

    February 11, 2022: Inquiry via Twitter DM. No response.

    February 19, 2022: Inquiry via FurAffinity DM. no response.

    February 23, 2022: Xoloitz finally responds to February 9 Telegram inquiry, stating to have been in a car accident.

    February 24, 2022: Xoloitz sends a WIP. I ask twice for the characters' sizes to be changed and Xoloitz complies. (NSFW content censored in screen shots.)

    (Note: The comment "could it be possible to remove the comments on FA since we are already working on your commission?" refers to a comment my friend made on Xoloitz' FA regarding the status of the commission; however, I was unable to screencap this comment before it got deleted.)

    February 25, 2022: Xoloitz opens for commissions again.

    March 21, 2022: Message sent to Xoloitz over Telegram, asking for the commission to be finished or refunded within two weeks. No response.

    March 22, 2022: Same message as prior day. No response.

    April 5, 2022: Two-week time limit established on March 21 expired. No response.

    April 29, 2022: Yet another inquiry via FurAffinity DM. No response.

    I will consider this resolved when Xoloitz refunds me the full $160 price.

    Caution: Kellion

    Who: Kellion
    Where: https://www.deviantart.com/keiiion
    When: 02/08/2022
    What: Commission

    Hi  my name is  LadyOlg.
    I come to you with the help and advice of Salisha following a dispute with the artist Kellion.
    It's already been several months since I started to collaborate with him following a Devianart contest he created and I won. Only in the last two months the situation has changed quickly, Kellion tried to hijack my drawings and resell them at auction.
    The last order I made for him was paid 170€, a YCH with 8 characters at 20€ each plus 10€ for the landscape.
    It was obviously agreed that the figures would be resold so that he could pay back the commission but he never told me that he would make money on them. Two artists including Salisha came to warn me of this, the resale is done on Furafinity, not being known yet on it I think Kellion imagined that I had no account and could make the sale behind my back.
    So I posted a public comment under the sale to point out an error on his part, without insults or even getting angry because I still believed I could trust him and that there must be a mistake. Obviously he masked the comment but he was also quite angry because some artists had noticed it and wanted to be reimbursed or even threw it out of their community.
    I often asked Kellion to be clear with me, as his requests were sometimes changing and confusing but I put this down to the fact that neither he nor I speak English. As he was offering me his help since I was a beginner as an artist, I often asked him if my prices were correct, being really cheap at the beginning he advised me once to increase them, which I did but being a beginner I didn't dare to increase them much and asked him however if it was correct, on those he didn't warn me about my prices put only gave an example of a price sheet I could make, not in relation to the budget but in relation to my own rates depending on the type of art.
    Kellion turned my naivety against me, using this very argument to tell me that these were the prices I had chosen and that it was normal for him to sell them at a higher price because he said that he didn't think he would be able to sell everything concerning the YCH...
    Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
    It wasn't the first time Kellion tries to foul me, you will see it on the captures, but it was more subtle ( for me ) and he managed to manipulate me well enought to be me doing the apologizes and feeling like I've made a mistake or don't understand...
    I'm sorry for my bad English on the captures, I hope you will understand me well.
    I've to capture all our conversation sins the beguening so I'll probably send you another email with the rest of the capture !
    In the last capture, you can find the first argument on the 33 and the last start to the 87.
    Here you got the link of the sell he had post on FA : https://www.furaffinity.net/view/45866391/
    Thank you a lot for your attention 

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    • Commissioned them Feb 8 and received the piece was delivered on the 11th. Lightning fast turnaround and very professional. 🙂
    • Twitter:  https://twitter.com/skxviii Furaffinity:  https://www.furaffinity.net/user/skxviii/ Timeframe:  My first commission with Sid was placed in June 2021.  My most recent one was placed September 2021. I have commissioned Sid numerous times, and each time has been exactly the same experience.  Sid is professional, sticks to their deadlines, and delivers top notch work at lightning fast speeds.  Turnaround was usually a few days to a week or two.  If Sid says it'll be done by (date) it will be done by then.  I highly recommend Sid if you need work done.    
    • Thank you! ❤️  
    • I commissioned Xsidion for a custom theme commission of my character, James.  Xsidion asked me about my character, what genre I liked, and together we got a song put down.  He gave me regular updates and progress, and overall I'm very happy with the final outcome. On the same day, my friend and I did a joint commission for his Twitch channel.  This song was also delivered at the same time my character theme was done.   Original commission date:  July 16th Delivery date:  July 17th Twitter:  https://twitter.com/Xsidion James' Song: https://soundcloud.com/xsidion/everyone-can-hear-you-bleed-in-space-commission-song JB's Song:  https://soundcloud.com/xsidion/jb-1-commission-piece    
    • Artist links: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/lupinzpack/ + https://www.deviantart.com/lupinzpack + https://toyhou.se/LupinzPack   They're (primarily) a ref sheet artist I've commissioned multiple ref sheets from, and my experiences have consistently been very positive! They're very communicative and open to making adjustments, and have always provided plenty of WIPs along the way. They're very versatile when it comes to species as well, and I can't recommend them enough. Here's my most recent ref sheet by them compared to the initial concept doodle I had provided:   And here are also a couple of the other ref sheets I have gotten from them. They did all the tattoo work for the second one as well and provided PNGs of them for future usage:
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      I saw what you wrote about UWW  and I began to cry so hard and wished I knew this sooner. I spent $200 and the way he does business felt like He is putitng preasure on me!..
      Something I should have noticed with a red flag. He said he needed the money but then afterwards I cried after noticing he is stalling.

      it has been a month so far and he claimed he got this artwork down. BUt so much problems and excuses came that it became unprofessional.

      THIS IS for a $200 sketch!..and now I am crying. 

      I wanted to say thank you for the warning but I felt it was too little, too late. IT has been a month after this so I already requested VENMO for help.

      What I wanted to ask from you is, HOW do you cope with this pain? or the aftermath?.  You are so calmed and felt like it hasn't hurt you compare to me who has ;_;!.

      Thank you again and I hope to hear from you


      He uses the "my mother is dead" trick.. and last year he used " my father is dead" trick to my friend. 

      and to think I made friends with him too!
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      We have permitted you to post both of your comments that you have posted on your beware, so the petulant accusations of bias will not be tolerated.  If you had an update all you had to do was notify a staff member.  The thread was locked for everyone; not just you.
      Despite your behavior, you will not be given an official warning.  Your name change and status update privileges have been revoked, however.  This is simply a polite reminder to mind our rules and behave.  If you continue, then official action will continue.
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