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A place to voice positive or difficult experiences with commissioners or artists. This includes both paid transactions and art trades. Customer and artist reviews, lost contacts, and posts looking for advice are welcome.

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  • Recent Positive Reviews

    • Positive reviews for Pornography.
    • This man surely knows how to create an enjoyable experience in working with him. He is always pleasant, responses quickly and if he isn't available currently, he will remember you - even over the course of months, where most artists likely would have to be contacted again. His skills enable him to perform every outlandish modification to machines, including paint and logos. And to a very fair price. Finally, in the case of mistakes caused by miscommunication, he will do changes for free. Multiple times. Just look at this machine: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/30634656/
    • Positive reviews for Cheetah-GT!
    • Nut-Case is the best artist I've ever worked with. She's consistent, quick, and has a great style. Any changes I need made to the art she does with a smile, and her prices are fair and her art is worth every penny. Linked below is the reference sheet she did for me, she also does live streams and will do your art during the stream so you can watch the progress, really great person to work with.    https://www.furaffinity.net/view/21143913/
    • Positive reviews for aviivix!
  • Recent Status Updates

    • Kei

      Wow, that's... a first for me.  This is very sad.
      I had paid for a custom clay figurine on YCH.Commishes in January.  I was quoted a few months' wait time, which I found was perfectly reasonable.  I hadn't contacted the artist since because it's still within that ETA.
      I woke up to this message on the YCH.Commishes thread:

      Very sad. :C  Obviously leaving their name out of this.  But this is just such a... unique experience, I thought I'd post it on my profile here.
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    • Kei

      Eyy, we broke 400 members!
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    • Alex Wright

      Another website I'm working on:
      https://furrylife.online uses the same backend, but a different front end. Check it out if you like.
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    • Kei

      The ultimatum guide in the resources section of the site gave me the confidence to give an ultimatum to someone who I commissioned in August and still hadn't delivered despite offering me many promises over the months.
      In January, I sent them a message laying out what I had ordered, what I expected [either a refund or the art done within a week], and what would happen if the expectations weren't met [a PayPal claim being filed].
      They never read the message.  A week later, I sent another message informing them that a PayPal claim had been filed.  They didn't read that second message.  They never responded to the PayPal claim, either.
      PayPal refunded me in full earlier this week.
      It was my first time ever filing a PayPal claim and was a bit nervous.  But it all worked out.
      The resources and advice here on AB are indispensable, I'm super grateful for them.
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    • Arkas  »  Celestina

      Hey there eggcellent lady! I've dragged my butt over here to follow you and sit down and see about maybe helping out for once if I need to. Lots of friends of mine having to use AB is a shame, but hey it's a good service!
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