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  • Beware Devilrush

    Who: Devilrush
    Where: https://twitter.com/_Devil_Rush_
    When: 06/30/2019
    What: Commission

    In late June I commissioned DevilRush to draw 2 full color pictures for a friend's birthday that was coming up in a couple weeks.
    We discussed the details of the commission over Discord, although I originally approached them through Twitter. Their Twitter was banned, and they had to make a new one. All records of that time have been lost.

    Original discussion went well. DR seemed happy to work on the pictures and when I mentioned it was a friend's birthday, they said that they would hurry them up.

    The first sketch was delivered in a couple days. Immediately after this, however, DevilRush disappeared from the internet for over a month. There are unfortunately no records of this, as their twitter was deleted after the fact. From gathering information from other people who had commissioned them, it appears that DR took the money from opening 20 commission slots and used it to buy themselves a new tablet. Then, they took on an undisclosed "big project" for their college and had to devote 100% of their time towards it. I messaged them over twitter several times in the next couple months, but got no response.
    After 2 months of radio silence towards me, DR started posting personal pictures to their pixiv and new Twitter. After confronting them about this, they said they hadn't forgotten and had been working on other commissions that they'd not posted publicly. They also offered to pay me back the price of the commission after it was done. I declined, saying I just wanted the commission I'd paid for.
    The last correspondence I had with DR was on October 24. Since then, they have been dipping in and out of Twitter, posting old images. Recently they've posted WIPs of personal works, which prompted me to message them again. I have not received any response as of December 8th. It is too late to issue a chargeback, and I am completely done.

    Beware: Ghost244

    Who: Ghost244
    Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/ghost244
    When: 08/17/2019
    What: Commission

    This is my first time doing an AB, so hopefully I'm doing it correctly. 
    This was on my old account on FA (SkaalReaper), however, I have moved accounts since then and am now under HybridiumX. 
    August 17th 2019 I was sent a note by the user Ghost244 regarding a base ych I had for offer. As with any of my ychs, I like to make sure they've read the info on the post and have all the info needed. They're usually very quick for me to do, so I usually finish them the same day they're commissioned (unless I'm working or busy, but it's usually not the case and definitely wasn't the case with this one as they were both finished same day). They commissioned me twice on August 17th 2019 for $10 each for the same ych but with 2 different characters. I have links to the posted ych's below on FurAffinity.

    YCH 1 - https://www.furaffinity.net/view/32699397/
    YCH 2 - https://www.furaffinity.net/view/32702749/
    More recently (Nov 29th 2019) I had gotten a message from PayPal saying there was a dispute on the charges from them.

    I sent them a message to ask what was going on since I had finished the ychs for them and had even asked if everything looked good before posting them. I had gotten a reply from them saying they had no idea what was going on and were trying to fix it. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and waited. A day later it was pushed through and my account had been down from both the chargeback and PayPal taking extra money on top of it. I had messaged them asking if they were still working on it but it was read with no reply. I continued to give them a few days between notes and each time they would read and not reply. Finally I gave them a last message that I was going to post the beware in hopes they would try to reply or something but they yet again read and failed to reply.

    I've never had to do this before so I'm hoping I have put everything together properly.

    Beware Kenner

    Who: @Tinytrashdeer @TinyTrashYeen
    Where: https://twitter.com/TinyTrashYeen
    When: 04/07/2018
    What: Commission

    So back in 2018 at FWA I commissioned Kenner for two badges, one for myself and the other for my SO. I was told that we could pick them up Monday before they left but unfortunately we had to leave Sunday night. I provided them with an address where they could send the badges once they were finished but we never received them. A year of waiting later I get back in contact with Kenner and ask for updates, I get told that they're being worked on or sent to me and nothing happens for months. I'm told I would receive scans, nothing. After those months of waiting I gave them an ultimatum, show me that something has been done or I'll be requesting a refund and sharing the chat logs that I've kept to as many places as possible. Doing that got me pictures of the badges actually finished, so now all they had to do was mail them to me and I provided my addresses where they could send me the badges (I moved so I made sure to give them the updated address). Now I'm about to move again, I gave them a day to have the badges to me by and told them again that if I didn't get the badges, I'd be sharing the evidence that I have of them not following through on their commission. Now that time has come and I am following through.

    Beware: Steve Davis/ VintageWilde/ Edgeofsoul

    Who: Artist: Steve R Davis
    Where: https://www.edgeofsoul.net and VintageWilde#3568 (discorapp.com)
    When: 07/16/2019
    What: Commission
    NSFW Content
    <<To moderater, i might need help explaining things, or explination of what might be wrong with my claim, I or you can delete this, if needed >>>
    In July 16, 2019.I had posted via polycount, a job/commission. Trying to get help for a personal project with animating and help with refining a 3D model. When I was contacted Mr.Davis sent me several youtube videos and a website of their previous work. After reviewing it, I had decided to choose Mr.Davis for the project in question. 

    Many things during our back-and-forth email had let me know we were both in understanding of what was project was. From there, we had decided to go through the bulk of the coversation through Discordapp.com. The following week we had hashed out all details and 'trimmings' of what was to be done and further discussed when prompted. the total cost was to be 1200 USD. 

    After both of is agreeing to a "half now, half later" payment process. Mr. Davis went to work. During the same mention week. We had chatted on what needed to be fixed and what had been  completed thus far. Then, a very long unwarrented, hiatus started. I waited 3 week with no contact of any kind. After trying to contact them a decent amount of times. Only to be told that by Mr. Davis had not been working on the agreed-to, project hardly at all due to other work taking over too much. I understood having too much to do and so I left it at that. I waited 2 more weeks.

    After trying for contact again.
    Mr. Davis stated that they they were, just now, visiting family, with little acknowledgement of the hiatus mentioned prior. Mr. Davis said after two weeks they would be back to getting back on track.
    I waited the alloted two weeks and then tried to contact them to see if all was well. No responses were had for 1 month, after the claimed 2 week, requested delay. It has been a total of 3 months trying to get in contact of my project or progress. I have filed a Paypal refund, only to be denied. Paypal stating that "I had recieved what was commissioned". I did not. As of now, I want to try and get in contact with Mr. Davis to see what went wrong. As, Mr. Davis has blocked me on Discorapp.com. I want to either get my money back or get what I was promised. If anyone could help with this, I would appreciate it.


    Beware : VizualzHD

    Who: @VisualzHD, @PfpVizuals
    Where: https://twitter.com/VizualzHD
    When: 09/02/2019
    What: Commission
    NSFW Content
    Commissioned him for a couple NSFW images of mine and a friends OC proceeded to delay my request constantly then refuse to reply after a few months until eventually blocking me and keep the money also keeps changing @ URL's to continue scamming others
    The paypal name isnt his real name as he keeps changing the paypal name along with his twitter to remove any breadcrumb trails to them
    also used random artists art as his own when showing examples of his work

    Beware MoTheGoblin

    Who: MoTheGoblin
    Where: https://twitter.com/mothegoblin
    When: 11/25/2019
    What: Commission

    Who: Mo
    Twitter: MugsTheAlien, MugsTheGoblin, MoTheGoblin
    FA: PigeonsAndPeaches
    Instagram: shrimpgoblin
    What: Sticker Pack, $125
    Where: Twitter
    Why: Misleading queue presentation, trying to break own TOS, lying about/omitting parts of our interaction in a Commissioner Beware
    Short version:
    I commissioned under the impression Mo had a reasonable-length queue. I then watched them do multiple adopts and personal art without any explanation or reason for the delay on my work (or anyone else’s). When I asked for a refund (in accordance with TOS) every attempt was made to discourage me from it until I pressed enough to get them to agree. I later gave in and agreed to continue the commission against my better judgment, accepting stickers in place of the original in hopes that it would help clear the air on the original concept. My commission was subsequently rushed and I was made to feel the villain for asking for updates and that it be finished within the buyer protection window. They left the drop shadow and stroke off the stickers and refused to let me add them myself. When I expressed I felt this was unfair, they did a beware on me with misleading and outright wrong information.
    Long version:
    In early June, my partner Ri bought an adopt (Hardy) from Mo as a surprise gift for me. I got in contact with Mo to get the name and details added to the ref sheet.
    In the course of our conversation, they convinced me to get a commission from them of the character. I’ll be honest and say I felt a little guilty because I dropped the whole “I might commission” thing and then kinda felt like I should. That’s on me. I really shouldn’t have commissioned under pressure.

    So, I went ahead and commissioned. The commission was promised at around 2 months. Which I wasn’t in a rush, but I figured with the small amount of commissions on their queue, it wouldn’t be too long. Mo did not mention to me that their queue was WAY out of date, leading me to believe there wasn’t much ahead of me, especially since they added my project almost immediately.

    In early September, Mo posted that their Trello was not up to date. I waited a couple weeks, thinking there were just a few things missing or something that had been taken after my commission. Then I checked in with them on Sep 17th. They verified that it still wasn’t up to date. I waited quietly, hoping this would be updated soon, but I was starting to get pretty stressed and worried. And resentful. In the time I was waiting to hear or see anything, Mo posted plenty of adopts and personal artwork, and advertised constantly for more commissions.

    I have nothing against artists having off days, doing personal work, etc., but there’s something very shady when you’re constantly open for commissions, your queue is out of date, and nothing you post seems to be related to completing or even working on commissions.

    I was seriously considering asking for a refund when I received a message from Mo’s manager on Oct 7, asking what I had commissioned, when, etc. Tabby (the manager) was updating Mo’s queue and rearranging things. I started to think that maybe there was some chance I’d get my stuff.

    After the queue settled out, I noticed there were a lot of people placed ahead of me, and certain people had been marked as a priority, but I was not one of them despite being one of the oldest comms in the queue. After waiting another several days, I reached out to see if I could arrange a refund (and yes, understanding that it wouldn’t be immediate and that it would not be in full). It was immediately demanded that I explain why.

    I explained that I felt I had been misled regarding the amount of stuff in front of me and that I was uncomfortable with all the stuff getting done ahead of me and the personal art. I was told why the delay was justified, including that they’d taken comms for “seasonal” things, were doing “minor” edits, the queue already was out of date,  etc.
    I was told they weren’t “comfortable” giving me a refund since they’d started (note again I didn’t say I wanted a 100% refund, nor did I ever; I fully expected to only get a partial refund but I just wanted to be done with it all). I will admit that I shouldn’t have accused them of slamming out the sketch without proof, but it did feel very weird that the sketch appeared about 30 minutes after I asked about a refund. Please keep in mind their comment about how their sketches are “always rough” for later.

    Once the pose was explained to me, I could kind of make out what they were drawing, but honestly I still couldn’t really see many details. They also made a comment about “finding it odd” that I was asking for a refund after they started the sketch. I’m not sure what they were implying, since I hadn’t seen the sketch? And I never said I wanted a refund on work already done? I also found myself having to justify not asking for a refund when Tabby initially contacted me, but nothing was said about that being an option or a “last chance” to ask for.

    I was also threatened with being blacklisted for canceling, despite that being stated nowhere in their TOS.

    The flurry of texts after, I honestly didn’t know how to respond. I was trying to handle things as gently as I could. I get that refunds are stressful (been there), so I didn’t have any intention of demanding anything.
    I was handed off to Tabby, which was fine. She added me to the refund list.

    I was told there would be a delay, and at that point I didn’t know what else to say. I mentioned my buyer protection being a ways out, and that I would be comfortable waiting that long. In response to my “ok,” it was pressed that it would be faster to get art done, which again felt like being pressured to not do a refund. (I honestly wasn’t in a hurry, but at that point there were like, 6 weeks left?)

    After a few days, I started to feel bad for asking the refund. I really do love Mo’s artwork, and I thought maybe a compromise could be reached. I reached out to Tabby about possibly getting stickers instead of the original request. I figured I’d get 5-6 for what I’d paid. I was offered 15 instead, which I thought was pretty cool.

    While I was waiting, I noticed a friend of mine had gotten a (non-holiday) full body done, and I couldn’t recall having seen their stuff in queue earlier.
    Fortunately, I was provided with the sketches a few days later, and I finally started to feel like things were going well and I could get my art and have something to enjoy.


    I gave feedback on the expression/pose on one sketch which was fixed. I was a little surprised, though, when the next WIP I got was full color, since their TOS states there’s a line phase to refine pose etc. Still, the only gripe I had was that since he was supposed to be “puppy eyes begging” in the sticker, I wanted his eyes shinier. I specified that I wanted it only on that particular expression, but Mo added eye shine to the rest of the stickers later on, too, which I thought was nice.

    This was the next WIP I got

    Mugs has characterized my requests for edits as “rude” and excessive. I will let the reader be the judge.

    You’ll see the next interaction I had above as well. Mo had posted that they were going to be on hiatus to “deal with some family stuff,” but that clients could reach out if they had concerns. Which I did when I saw it about two days later. I was made to feel as though I had no right to ask about this, as an artist deserves a vacation, etc. etc. Again, didn’t really know what I could say or do, so I just stayed quiet until I got more updates. I was, at that point, pretty annoyed with how I’d been treated, but I wasn’t in the mood to be confrontational as I figured it would just result in my stuff being rushed.
    Updates continued, again without any WIPs between sketch and color phases. I didn’t want to ask for major changes since I wasn’t getting a chance to give feedback on lines, but I didn’t feel like most of what I was asking for was out of line. Lettering should’ve been a matter of just drawing over again, and they were nearly invisible on my phone (showed up ok on my laptop, though).


    Over the weekend, I saw that the last three had been uploaded.

    With this one, I felt like the fingers on the top left were really rushed (and honestly the whole sticker)? And looked odd. I asked for a fix on that. I also asked if there would be drop shadows like in this example that Mo has been posting as an ad on twitter for $5/each YCH sticker packs. Telegram recommends a stroke and drop shadow on all stickers, which is especially important since you can put complex pics in the background, so it didn't seem unreasonable to expect that those would be added in the finishing phase.

    Asked if the fingers on one sticker of three could be corrected (the top left). They were very sausage-y and looked nothing like the sketch (though the sketch is very rough). After being told no, no shadows, I was told that if I was happy with it, they could send the link. I asked if it would be possible to get them without a background so I could add simple outlines, drop shadows.

    I’m told I’m “rude” for wanting that, and “oops, I forgot to include the packet link!” Which tells me the stickers had already been turned into a pack and I was expected to accept them before I was even asked what I thought. I’m also told “I understand you may want things to your liking”. Well, yes, yes I do want things to my liking, since I paid $125 for this custom commission.
    I’m told I’ll be blacklisted once “the conversation is over,” and it’s made pretty clear that there is no intention to further update my commission.

    I write back with my reply. After which, Mo makes a “beware on commissioner” making several false and misleading claims, including that I approved the sketch for the original full body commission (addressed in next section). I have been blocked by the artist, and no attempt to make these stickers usable or correct the fingers on the one sloppily done one seems likely.

    Mo’s “Beware on Commissioner” and Counterpoints:
    Mo made a beware on me, which was misleading and inaccurate, and even contained an outright lie. They also posted excerpts of our communications out of chronological order, making it even more confusing. Please refer to the Long Version section to review transcripts for proof of any claims I make.

    They claim I approved the sketch before requesting a refund. If you look at the transcript above, you can see I never even saw the sketch until after I asked the refund, and I certainly never approved anything.
    They themselves state they completed the sticker and got approval without running the lines past me. Blatantly outside of their TOS. They claim I asked for changes after the stickers were completed, but I had no choice since they went from very rough sketches to completed with no input from me in between. Remember they said to me that their sketches were “very rough”? How was I supposed to know from a Very Rough sketch how it would look completed? I asked for fairly minor changes, and I would have requested them at the line phase had I been given the chance (if the lines were the applicable phase). At no point did they inform me that these were difficult changes.

    They claim I was impolite in my messages. The last two, yeah, I got "impolite". But I feel that most of my feedback was very polite, and at no point did Tabby say I was rude.
    Here they state their hiatus was due to an injury, contradicting their earlier claim that it was a family issue.
    They state they’re not comfortable with me wanting things done “while can force a refund.” But why should I be comfortable commissioning if I have no protection? They have $125 of my money. I have… what, a hope that I’ll eventually get my art???

    I asked for a drop shadow before the pack was sent to me. I was direct with my request, but I wouldn’t call it a demand. I was not told there would be no drop shadow, and the only example of Mo’s stickers contained one, so I’d say, yet again, I was misled.
    They stated their beware “is not an attack” but then send it out to their followers with inaccurate information mischaracterizing the entire transaction to 10x the followers I have. Not sure what else I’d call that.
    I also never used the phrase “force a refund.” It’s odd that my hope to have my artwork completed in 180 days while I still had some reassurance that I had a way to get either the commission or my money back is something that made a professional artist uncomfortable.

    I didn’t ask for “one edit per sticker.” I maybe asked for four total? There was an entire sheet that I loved and thought was great and didn't ask for a single change on, and others I was willing to accept as-is even though they weren’t quite what I wanted.
    Regarding the following screenshot, their claim that that is how they responded when I asked about the break is a lie as well. That was a response to me asking about the drop shadows and edit for the fingers.

    While I absolutely could extract the stickers back to PNG and edit them from Telegram, I’m not going to. Frankly this whole hideous deal has left me with a very expensive pile of stickers that I really don’t know to do with. I don’t enjoy looking at them, even though intellectually I know most of them are really cute. I don’t want to use them. Basically, Mo technically fulfilled the letter of my commission with enough ambiguity to say they did what was promised.
    The commissioner beware was deleted when I posted a link to my version of events. However, Mo made no effort to correct the misinformation in the beware and has claimed I have been directly harassing them and continuing to cause them problems, and I am therefore still getting their followers turning up on my twitter to harass me.
    TOS Issues/Other Info and Proof:
    Proof they say that refunds are available at any time with no stipulation requiring justification. (And remember, at no point did I demand a full refund.)

    Proof they claim there’s a line phase of approval. Which I never got.

    Trello card showing the lack of a line phase:

    UPDATE 11/27/2019
    In response to Mo’s beware, I posted a link to this beware and asked that people consider my side of the story, since there was inaccurate information in the thread. Mo subsequently deleted the first tweet in the thread, more or less hiding my reply as well. However, the rest of the tweets were still on their timeline, so I used my alternate account to post links to each of the tweets with incorrect information in hopes that I wouldn’t be silenced again. Mo subsequently deleted all but that last couple of tweets.
    After this, Mo made several posts claiming that it was “harassment” and that my partner (who had engaged them to refute misinformation as well) was also harassing them. At this point, I was understandably annoyed and furious over the whole thing and how I was being portrayed, so I posted the following.

    In response to this vaguetweet, Mo decided to release the stickers for public use and refund me (minus about $5 because they sent it as Goods and Services instead of refunding the original transaction). While I suppose I’m glad for the refund, I am of course concerned that they sent it G&S as a separate transaction, meaning they could chargeback at any point in the next 180 days.
    In consideration of the fact that the refund can still be revoked, and the possibility that other folks may have similar experiences, I will not be removing this beware. Mo continues to make claims of harassment and spread disinformation, and has failed to appropriately address any of the concerns raised in this beware publicly or privately.

    Beware artist: TattooRexy

    Who: TattooRexy
    Where: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/TattooRexy
    When: 07/04/2019
    What: Commission
    NSFW Content Resolved
    So, I commissioned TattooRexy for a two character NSFW piece (bits covered, but still sexual), and after showing me the sketch they proceeded to stop replying.
    I of course kept trying, and sent a few more messages their way that they didn't even bother to look at, so I tried messaging their partner, asking them to please inform the artist that they need to get back to me; She was very friendly and told me she would get on it. 

    I don't know if she did, but either way nothing happened. I waited a few weeks and sent them another message, asking yet AGAIN to have them inform their partner; They didn't reply.

    Now, a few months later, I open up a refund request through paypal, and only NOW does the artist look at my messages (on FA, when you look at a note it goes from yellow to black, indicating that it has been received and read), but still haven't replied, neither on FA nor paypal.

    TattooRexy does state in their TOS that a commissioner can get a refund at anytime, but will ALWAYS be blacklisted afterwards, I now see why they do this, and it is such a dick move. By doing this, most people who would get upset and request a refund, will simply just accept the total unprofessional nature of this artist and wait the months, or years, it'd take for them to reply, or let alone finish the piece.

    Beware: Miko the Fox / MikoMiko

    Who: MikoTheFox / MikoMiko
    Where: https://twitter.com/CosplayMikomiko
    When: 01/22/2016
    What: Fursuit/ Fursuit Parts

    I won an auction for a Noivern fursuit a while back, and before I made my bid, I asked if the suit could be altered up a little to fit my size. She agreed.

    After winning the auction, I agreed to pay the extra charge, and I added her personal account on Facebook.

    Fast-forward to May 2016. I asked about updates, and there wasn't anything to show for.

    Fast forward two years, I asked again, and she claimed that her suit was lost in a move, and would have to remake it.

    Fast forward again, after more occasional and unsuccessful attempts at getting an update, this was the last correspondence where she had actually replied, which was on Discord.

    There has been no communication from her ever since that one message. I honestly should've made a post like this years ago, but what's done is done. And during this entire, years-long ordeal, she had continued to complete other projects, including other fursuits. I hope that this post serves to help people not go through what I went through.

    Beware Ghostly_Howl / Mrs_Succubus

    Who: Ghostly_Howl / Mrs_Succubus
    Where: https://twitter.com/Ghostly_Howl
    When: 05/19/2019
    What: Commission

    Alright this is a bit lengthy but I'll TRY to keep it short since this transaction started way back in May of this year. I ordered a plush commission on a discount price of $55 from Ghostly_howl on May 19 2019. She immediately accepts my commission and tells me a time frame of which this will be done. Great! I'm fine waiting five months for this to get completed. It's an anxiety plushie for my significant other, of his dog that passed away last year. I SPECIFICALLY tell them not to ghost me...and well, the pictures tell the rest of the story pretty well. Eventually I find her second account and contact her there, to which she EVENTUALLY gets back to me. She provides me with a "business email" Which I emailed, and NEVER got a reply. The ONE TIME she's ever consistant about talking to me, is the DAY I submitted my paypal dispute against her. I thought we had finally come to an understanding, as we had a VERY lengthy chat. But well, guess I can't be surprised that she just continues to ignore direct dm's for days on end. It's even more frustrating knowing we came to a conclusion, she finished my plush, and then HAS YET to send me tracking info after PROMISING SHE WOULD SHIP IT ON THE DAY SHE MADE THE LABEL. 
    I'm just so tired and done. I am NOT the only person she has ghosted. I was in contact with another user who just said screw it, and got her money back. I saw another user waiting for over A YEAR for their commission. This person takes on WAY TOO MANY COMMISSIONS and then leaves everyone in the dark and upset for not getting back to them in a timely manner. This is NOT how you treat customers, let alone run a business. 

    Caution TouchScalyTail

    Who: TouchScalyTail
    Where: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/TouchScalyTail
    When: 11/13/2019
    What: Commission

    Most of the info for this story I've provided in the images. 
    The jist of it is that I feel this commissioner deliberately backed me into a corner to send them a refund with the intention to get free artwork. 
    I also feel they misunderstood what they were ordering. I will admit that I was not as clear as I could have been in the advertisement for this offer however
    that does not excuse the fact that this person didn't give me sufficient info in order to draw this project accurately and then proceeded to demand a refund over errors
    when I had already delivered a completed piece of work to them and even took the time to fix these errors.  
    Most of the issues they had with the delivered content was not addressed before hand such as the fact they wanted NSFW content and full nudity on their characters
    and that the accessory were mandatory.
    and I'd also like to state that had they ordered this piece of work based on my regular prices it would have been 90$ instead of 60$ so it is infact a sale. They did not pay for the quality of work they were demanding
    and though I tried to address this to them they did not seem willing to accept that. This is why I have posted this to warn other artist and hopefully prevent anyone els from having a similar experience with this person. 

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    • http://www.furaffinity.net/user/saki http://www.furaffinity.net/user/squeakybutt Saki and I have worked together for a number of years.  We've done numerous payment plan commissions, and each time she's been prompt with payment or would let me know when a payment was coming.  Her prompts were easy to understand, and she's always open to taking artist suggestions if it benefits the piece.  She's a wonderful repeat client to work for.
    • http://www.furaffinity.net/user/tlailaxu  (NSFW, adult content) Tlai has been a client for a very long time.  My uploads indicate around 2012 or 2011.  With each commission Tlai has been very courteous, easy to work with, and he gives just enough artistic freedom to have fun completing his art.  He pays promptly, and gives feedback quickly.  He is also a regular stream attendee even when I'm doing boring things.  Tlai is a pleasure to work for.
    • http://www.furaffinity.net/user/beartp Bear has been a client from the early years as a commission artist.  He began commissioning me in 2011, and each time he has been a treasure to work with.  Each prompt was clearly communicated and paid promptly.  There has not been a commission that I've completed from Bear where he's been very generous in letting me know just how happy he was with the outcome.
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      Hello! I just joined artist beware.
      I'm a freelancer artist called Aliena-Cordis, joining in to tune in and submit mostly positive reviews.  I guess that since artists can be reviewer, clients too, right?  <:
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      Question: The footer of the website used to show how many members [total] had joined the site.  Is there somewhere else I can see that number now?
      I just liked seeing the number grow, lol.
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