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    Beware: Garyolah7

    By achthenuts, in Client Bewares, , 0 comments, 278 views
    Who: Garyolah7
    Where: https://twitter.com/GartexStorm
    Discord: Garyolah7
    When: 03/31/2024
    What: Commission
    NSFW Content

    A client named Garyolah7 didn't pay me after I finish the commission

    So I do the WIP, although I hardly understand what the client want

    Some day later, the client suddenly want naked variation as well

    The client didn't pay me after I almost done, and instant block me.

    Beware: Brokenvocaloid

    By Chelbu, in Artist Bewares, , 0 comments, 371 views
    Who: Brokenvocaloid
    Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/BrokenVocaloid
    When: 05/30/2019
    What: Commission

    I ordered 10 YCH's (1 in May and 9 in June), as well as multiple PWYW arts (in their now deleted discord server) from Brokenvocaloid between May and June of 2019.
    I ended up only recieving one of the PWYW pieces during an art stream they did, while all the YCH's as well as another PWYW were left undelivered. All of the undelivered art came to be worth $435 (though I was only able to find proof of $360 of that during my request for a refund, which was my own fault in not thinking to maintain recipts as I was completely new to the commissioning scene at the time and never thought to do so.)

    I requested a refund and only ever recieved $25 of the $360 I requested back.

    I was also asked at one point to give them $25 as they needed help with money, though at the time I didn't even have $10 in my account, I still gave them $5 because back then I was naive and just wanted to help.

    I realize that I was far too passive during the whole encounter and let them get away with too much. I was far too passive in general back then and it's something I had to learn the hard way. But even so, they shouldn't have taken advantage of that. I never received any more correspondence from them after this and eventually gave up. I'm not sure if they are still active online anymore, since they're constantly changing accounts, but just in case I felt it was important to share.

    Beware: ZephyrTheDrake-0

    By Fr0stbit3, in Artist Bewares, , 3 comments, 425 views
    Who: ZephyrTheDrake-0, @ZephyrIceDragon, @zephyrbludragon, ZephyrDragon
    Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/zephyrthedrake-0
    When: 01/28/2023
    What: Commission
    NSFW Content Resolved
    **The initial date of “when” is a guesstimate as Zephyr had deleted the chat logs to hide all the evidence. I was unable to get a screenshot of the initial agreement.**
    Zephyr was someone I had been introduced to via a YCH group commission completed by the artist Karukuji a handful of years back. After the completion of this YCH we decided to stay in touch.
    We remained mostly friends on and off for the past several years where I could go several months without hearing from him only to have him message me if he wanted something from me for his own selfish reasons. 
    An example of this is when I was able to get a commission opportunity with a very skilled animator so I was trying to see if any mutuals wanted to split the art with me. He had ghosted me for several months only to shoot me a message to get in on this commission. To which I had told him “no” because I found it odd he only just then decided to message me when I was fishing for people. 
    I had a discussion with him about how this wasn’t ok to do after ghosting me for so long and he apologized. I declined his involvement with my commission and said if he wanted to get art with me in the future he would need to do better about communicating with me rather than only messaging me to get art. 
    He did end up getting better at messaging me. He even ended up commissioning me for one of my Scales & Tails commissions. Normally I require a $100 deposit to reserve the spot since I had issues in the past of people backing out last second when I was ready to start the commission (I do these commissions on a monthly basis) but since he was a friend I was able to waive the fee. When his month eventually came up he was in a financial situation where he couldn’t afford to pay me the full amount. We had discussed it and agreed that I would work on finishing the art for him with the promise he would pay me back later for the finished art. 

    (advertisement date of the Scales & Tales commission slot availability)
    I finished his commission in June of 2023 and as of writing this have not received payment for its completion:
    During this time I had been friends with Zephyr, I had seen several people posting warnings about him saying that he was very irresponsible about money where he would bid on YCHs despite not having the finances to actually pay for it. Despite these warning signs from others I was still on Zephyr's side being sympathetic to his situation. I even sent Zephyr some of my paystubs so he could use me as a reference to try and get an apartment to rent. I would NEVER do this for someone online but I had considered him a good friend so I was willing to do it to try and help him out of a bad situation.
    At this time I was also expecting art from the artist Karukuji (that I had been waiting years for) who Zephyr was also expecting art from. Karukuji would message me saying he was going to be canceling all active commissions and would be issuing refunds to all parties in his queue. 
    Karukuji insisted on refunding my money to Zephyr since I didn’t have a Boosty account and then Zephyr would just forward me the refunded money. I rejected this idea because I didn’t trust Zephyr to actually send me the money because Zephyr already owed me $250 and has yet to pay me so why would I trust Karukuji to send him an additional $485 to MAYBE send back to me?
    Karukuji would end up refunding my commission money to Zephyr anyway despite my concerns that Zephyr would be dishonest about forwarding me the money. 
    I had discussed this situation with Zephyr about how Karukuji wanted to cancel all owed art and issue refunds to which Zephyr. I figured with Karukuji refunding him he might finally be able to pay me back for the money he owes me. 
    Zephyr would end up sending me my money but only the amount that Karukuji owed me and nothing more. 
    If Karukuji was refunding everyone of their commissions then why wasn’t Zephyr able to pay me back the money he owed me? If Zephyr got refunded from Karukuji then surely he should’ve had no problem paying me for the art he owed. I tried to challenge Zephyr on this by asking him about it and he would respond saying it’s “none of my business” but I think it very much is my business. Zephyr said he would pay me when he has the money to do so but didn’t have it at this time.
    Over the next few months after this I would have futile efforts to try and get the money he owed me as he always had a new excuse for why he couldn’t pay or he would promise payment and then ghost me. 
    Finally we agreed to a payment plan where he would make payments until he paid off his full debt for the art I completed and then we could finally go on our separate ways. 
    Instead of paying off his balance, he would instead just end up blocking me and pretend like the money he owed was nonexistent despite promising me over and over he will pay it. He would also end up deleting the telegram chat history so there was no incriminating evidence and he would also block me on PayPal so I would be unable to send him money requests. 

    Here are a few of the screenshots I was able to salvage from this:

    (screen cap date January 8, 2024)

    (screen cap dates January 11, 2024)

    (screen cap date February 9th, 2024)

    (mod note: 2 payments of 50$ equaling 100$ has been confirmed, one additional 50$ payment is unaccounted for. For the purposes of resolution, Fr0stbit3 is willing to settle for 100$ to consider the payment owed)


    Beware: Amtrask / BlenheimSpaniel / AmethystRomano

    By Starful, in Client Bewares, , 2 comments, 393 views
    Who: Amtrask, AmethystRomano
    Where: https://www.deviantart.com/amtrask
    When: 11/14/2023
    What: Commission

    Amtrask reached out to me and requested I make them a plush on Nov 14th 2023. We went back and forth a bit discussing this. They wanted a plush that looked like their OC, a human named Max. I said I would do this for $250. They agreed. However they said they had issues with their bank card. I said this was fine and we agreed on split payments.

    Here's the story of our transaction. 
    Amtrask commissioned a custom doll from me and has received it. They were pleased with the plush and said quote "Max finally arrived today, which was amazing and such a relief! He's gorgeous!". They also received the fabric they requested. The only request I received was to send them more of the fabric from my sewing supplies, which I never agreed to. I explained there was a misunderstanding and that I sent them fabric for their clothes. Amtrask was unable to accept this and demanded I send them more of my fabric. 
    While making the plush, there were various stages that went through personal approval with the customer. Each step before I continued I would reach out to Amtrask and they would accept the work before I moved on. This was a long and lengthy process.
    I finished the body of the plush and it was approved by the customer. Then I moved onto the process of making clothes. The customer requested the clothes be made as removable so that they could play with them. Since these are handmade items, the plushies I make can definitely be cuddled and played with but they aren't suitable for rough play since they do not have safety labels or certifications. I suggested that the clothes be sewn on. They insisted I leave the clothes as is.
    The customer then asked if I could send the leftover material fabric so they could use it for their own personal sewing. Since we are at the stage of discussing the clothes, I thought this would be fine since the clothes did not meet their expectations, that way they could make their own clothes. I gave them a quote for the fabric and they agreed to buy it from me. It was sent and received with the plush they bought. Everything they paid for is accounted for. The only reason a claim was filed was because I did not send them more of my personal fabric, which I explained that I never agreed to do.
    Their next message again demanded I send them the minky fabric I used for the body. They claimed it was something I promised. Again I explained there had been a misunderstanding. This time I decided to block them as our business had been concluded. They were happy with what they received and only asked for more fabric from me where I was not going to be sending them additional fabrics. 
    In retaliation this customer went on Etsy and began sending me aggressive messages. They begin demands for 1/3 of the payment for the plush be returned to them and the fabric they paid for to be refunded. I respond to them refusing the refund since they received the plush happily. The only problems you will see arise after I refuse to send them the remainder of my sewing supplies. I also make a request for them to stop contacting me. 
    In retaliation for refusing the fabric and blocking them, the Paypal claim is then filed at this point. They file two separate claims against me. The first is for the fabric ($15.33) fraudulently stating that it never arrived. The second is for roughly 1/3 of the plush ($83.00) now claiming it was not as described. After I responded to the Paypal claims Amtrask sent me messages on Etsy attacking my character, questioning my character for responding to their Paypal claims. 

    After not getting their way, Amtrask begins to refer to me by my legal name instead of my artist name. This is a tactic (in my opinion) to intimidate me. I do not go by my legal name online, I go by Starful on every platform. The only reason they have my legal name is because on Paypal it is required. I also believe Amtrask attempted to gaslight me, making me feel as though these events did not happen as I perceived them to. Except I have proof that they were satisfied and thankful during the process of creating their plush.
    I will also explain after I accepted the order and after Amtrask sent me several messages with revised references, they went on my Etsy store and purchased two small plushies from me. I will include those as well. This is why they decided to move to Etsy to begin harassing me after I blocked them. We had no previous communication on Etsy. This smaller order was in November. Unfortunately if you block someone on Etsy they can still continue to send you abusive messages as much as they'd like.

    Some additional details about our transaction. These weren't necessarily blacklist worthy to me, they just caused me a lot of unnecessary grief during the process of completing their plush order. 
    After I accepted the commission, I explained that it would take me some time to fill. I wasn't exactly sure how long, but I explained I had other orders and that I would fill their order last. I gave an estimate but still explained I wasn't sure how long it would take. This is not the type of order I usually take after all. While I worked on other orders Amtrask began sending me their reference over and over. The pictures had very little difference between them, if at all. They would also delete their previous photo that they sent me so it was hard for me to compare. I did not save any of the reference photos to prevent myself from being confused, I have the first image they sent me as well as the final reference photo. You can decide for yourself if there are clear differences between the first and last image to warrant the amount of pings I received to my inbox. 

    This plush was sent internationally. Amtrask requested that I upgrade the post, but it had slipped my mind at the time. After the plush was sent, there was a period where the tracking did not update for 4 days. Amtrask began to send me many messages concerned their package was taking a while and that it was lost. I reassured them to wait and apologized for not upgrading their post. I gave them the estimated date I had been given. In their response they projected their feelings onto me and were unreasonable. I tried to reassure them after this. I reached out to Etsy two days in a row on the phone calling to see if I could get information for them to comfort them. Even after the tracking was updated they expressed worry that the package would not be delivered.

    [removed cap was here] - admin

    Beware: Valket Arts

    By AlfonsoBlueFox, in Artist Bewares, , 0 comments, 478 views
    Who: Christiana 'Valket' Rafuse
    Where: https://valketarts.carrd.co/
    Discord: https://discord.com/channels/1063236305917595718/1074423161770233947
    Twitter: twitter.com/ValketArts
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/valketarts/
    Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christiana-rafuse-4044341b5/
    When: 10/14/2023
    What: Commission

    Explanation: One (1) furry half badge commission for a total cost of $53.38 . Color and shaded. Location of transaction at "ACFI" Alamo City Furry Invasion 2023 in San Antonio, Texas. Payment processed through Square. Commission never received. Emails and text messages sent with no response from artist. Proof of purchase and correspondence included below.

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