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  1. That last comment on the final screenshot of discord. Throwing a massive temper tantrum claiming their being harassed when the op only wanted their refund back. When she herself fled to her new account and not refunding your money back. Really pathetic i'd say.
  2. They're really not doing her any favors but only making things worse.
  3. Then she really just shot herself in the foot making this beware even more valid.
  4. Those terms of the artist though are not enforceable nor legal at all that actually a really bad Terms of Service. .... And wow everything you said here and making an alt really made you lose all credibility here.
  5. I'm not sure you read the previous beware about this artist practices considering the previous beware says much.
  6. That's actually is considered spamming according to FA Code of Conduct. 3.4 Do not spam. This includes registering accounts or posting content automatically, messaging users en masse with unsolicited ads or information (e.g. beware content), posting content that is nonsensical and/or unnecessarily long or page breaking, or making incessant comments at others.
  7. There was another tweet by her which was fortunately saved by a reply by Lorel on the AB twitter here. Which all i can say is really gross coming from the artist mouth why would say something like that to your customer.
  8. That's unfortunate which only make things much worse in this case. That makes complete sense though still that can be important the know the banned accounts knowing this is not their first time doing this.
  9. I wonder what those new accounts are considering if they been banned before on FA they wouldn't be able to make any new accounts considering they would be permabanned.
  10. Considering their other account i've mentioned from the previous beware is suspended. wouldn't this user be evading their ban by making that other account and continuing this behavior.
  11. Also one of their FA accounts is also suspended. (uswithoutwings) considering there's a shout up on top from another customer with the same issues. And that many account especially two patreon, that's not a good sign at all with that kind of behavior.
  12. Recognized the journal they replied to how ironic that the person in question (AMWULF journal) has a few artist bewares as well in the old one check said tags in the livejournal for details. Badcoyote is the one to talk about professionalism with his own terrible attitude in this.
  13. That is a huge yikes from me after reading this beware. especially from his previous beware and his manager is just plain nasty.
  14. I really think they should post their grievances here and post their own bewares as well. Cause this is truly a lack of professionalism right here.
  15. As well as the FA account of the same name. https://www.furaffinity.net/user/ShadyShapeShifter
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