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  1. Also guess who just replied to both suspended accounts their other manager Sakoda.
  2. Also not helping that there's a flood of the same YCH on said account as well not being very honest about it. I really think both partners should be added as well just for this alone.
  3. At this rate i would'nt even trust SebastianMorgenstern or Sakoda at all encouraging this behavior it's only going to make things much worse for everyone else with stricter rules.
  4. And look another suspension and spamming from their coworker. This is starting to become common from her.
  5. Considering their alt accounts are suspended. wouldn't be surprised at this point if there's another alt on FA doing the same exact thing.
  6. Fighting with the mods again the previous caution beware on her really revels what she meant when her alt accounts got discovered and suspended repeatedly in such a short amount of time.
  7. I'm surprised from looking at her profile that she is suspended again in such a short time along with her alts though the comment from one of her crewmembers on the bottom of the main page is rather concerning.
  8. And that said account is banned as well it's not a wise thing to ban evade when your main account is suspended.
  9. The caution is well warranted especially that no refunds, and the aggressive wording on the tos is really enough for customers to steer away from. Artist you really can't enforce a no refunds since that in itself is a major red flag.
  10. It's for the best especially with bots popping up on twitter stealing other people are turning them to NFT's.
  11. This is quite alarming though you should never close a paypal dispute over excuses like this.
  12. Well that really is going to making things much worse for both of them that's code of conduct is going to stain both their reputations permanently.
  13. I don't think she realized beware can't be removed here but only resolved despite she still have a previous beware here that hasn't been resolved.
  14. Wait isn't that really against paypal terms of service. Considering her own list of commissions and doing that as well she really digging herself deep in trouble.
  15. Also if anyone noticed her recent journal about updates she really not doing herself any favors on taking more commissions than she is doing.
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