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  1. Also they have an FA with the same name considering the avatar as well https://www.furaffinity.net/user/lillyandrina Might want to add that to the beware. Considering she disabled her Shantayz account.
  2. This user actually has a twitter account from searching that name itself. https://twitter.com/TTVImpiusGaming and from looking at the beware on the AB twitter yup there on twitch tv. All i can say is wow this is really awful.
  3. That sounds like someone who really was finding someone desperately that would commission this person which is really not that surprising at all with the really poor business practices happening here. I'm glad something like this shouldn't be let go at all.
  4. Wait is that even legal to ask for a refund to get blacklisted cause that sounds like an artist to avoid completely because of stuff like this.
  5. Wow i really hope they realize by doing all of this they have damaged their reputation over all this. glad you got your refund back at least but this is very messy indeed.
  6. Wait that's their art manager then no wonder they were so defensive over the beware and made those rude comments. No wonder this beware is well earned if they do that to customer then their reputation is going to be damaging.
  7. This is one of the most embarrassing bewares I've ever read, and seen looking at both sides of the story it's really clear the artist is at fault especially that journal of theirs is not helping them. It's a very good thing i'd took a screencap of the artist said journal. especially those comments from it are not helping her at all. Why would you lie that you refunded and gave the op the sketch when it's clear it's was a partial refund and the not a sketch at all but of all things a base which is not just unprofessional but insulting to the client. And wanting something positive to hold on. If you wanted to do that Why not just post here and resolve this yourself with the op instead of bringing your friends to do your battles for you and not post journals like this.
  8. Also why do i have a feeling this will no doubt continue on twitter but i have no doubt he will have a harder time pulling this off on twitter considering this beware and stuff like this usually isn't tolerated on social media.
  9. I just realized something about that this isn't the first time they been on AB i've seen an entry on the old AB of their previous name was Vanyabear. there's a link that confirms the account name on their old FA page. But this is rather alarming from this caution as well as their journal posts.
  10. This is really not surprising considering how they commissioned the op character killed as well as a drawing of them being executed. They really seem to enjoy the attention unfortunately it's rather gross attention. Though i wouldn't be surprised if more of these submission of the op character getting killed pop up on their gallery or somewhere else.
  11. Wow not just the pictures themselves alone are disturbing. but the story that he wrote along with them is horrifying itself of using your character op.
  12. RTKobold

    Beware: Dumas

    Then that means it's a real possibility a commissioner could use that as a threat for anything. Are there any other alternatives to paypal that actually allows adult artwork?
  13. RTKobold

    Beware: Dumas

    Also if he did actually do that, and that happened to you. This would spread so fast that the commissioner would end up getting blacklisted by so many artists as well as have his name in the mud.
  14. That's odd their account is still there when i clicked on the link Aika_production on there. So that's is very unusual unless she is trying to avoid this situation which will only make things much worse for her in the future.
  15. Is it me or did that 4th through the 6th screencap when you were trying to get the chargeback resolved did the client just do what i think she did, and asked you to block them as well. Wow that just really went downhill and awful of them to think this will go away that easily.
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