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  1. It's for the best especially with bots popping up on twitter stealing other people are turning them to NFT's.
  2. This is quite alarming though you should never close a paypal dispute over excuses like this.
  3. Well that really is going to making things much worse for both of them that's code of conduct is going to stain both their reputations permanently.
  4. I don't think she realized beware can't be removed here but only resolved despite she still have a previous beware here that hasn't been resolved.
  5. Wait isn't that really against paypal terms of service. Considering her own list of commissions and doing that as well she really digging herself deep in trouble.
  6. Also if anyone noticed her recent journal about updates she really not doing herself any favors on taking more commissions than she is doing.
  7. Maybe is she actually communicated with her customers better not guilt tripping, and lying she wouldn't be in this mess in the first place.
  8. This is really quite irresponsible of her to do this to you. Would be best to make a beware on this since more of these pop up the more often they show up on google search.
  9. This looks a lot like spam from the way she posts her reminders. it's every few minutes. would be better to just post one reminder with a link to all of them.
  10. Though she seems to be pretty active on her twitter from looking at it.
  11. Between this beware, toastypoodle and now your experience with her this says quite a lot about her buisness practices.
  12. I looked around and saw that journal you replied to and really don't appreciate her lying and getting pats over it especially the TOS with no refunds is just plain illegal.
  13. Well even if this is still a WIP you can still get it taken down since he didn't pay you at all.
  14. Actually i can see why this is a caution considering the communication issues and the artist who is 15. really shouldn't be doing them at all which is a huge risk in itself.
  15. Also you might want to add their itch.io account as well here. Considering the user posted it on their FA page. https://beyer-m-alex.itch.io/ And there's quite a few interesting find on said itch.io page too.
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