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  1. That is some poor communication especially since you waited patiently for about a year I'm sure your past the protection period.
  2. That's a red flag especially if they're doing commissions considering most payment processors require you to be 18 to use their services.
  3. Wow that is really scummy though i'm surprise the client DA page isn't posted here as well as the FA. To use an artist work to pay for as a YCH on FA and post the completed version on DA as well just wow... that's just awful. https://www.deviantart.com/keiiion
  4. Wow that first screenshot is a red flag in itself considering the solicitation itself usually that's a sign for trouble.
  5. Unfortunately looking at the kemono.party twitter and seeing a few posts from the twitter it's clear this will not be easy for you.
  6. This is starting to become a pattern from this artist. especially since this is the 3rd time they've been posted here.
  7. Some of the images are missing here as well so it's hard to tell what happened.
  8. From the resolved tag on this caution most likely mavericktarot did a charge back after taking soundbbabe advice.
  9. This is not entirely surprising behavior at all. their previous beware back in 2019 was the same as this.
  10. Considering this was resolved most likely the artist had to do a chargeback to get their money back. plus the quote retweets from the beware on twitter and the update for the reason for complete proof here. This caution is really warranted.
  11. I would actually dispute it anyways since your still within paypal protection window.
  12. *Sigh* The doxing really just solidifies the beware even if the OP here is a minor at she pretty much handled this well unlike the artist. I would not be surprised if this happened with other customers of hers.
  13. Also that is very smart of you to make an archive of said person TOS as well as the stash since that should help in your favor.
  14. Holy hell that last note that sounds like confirms she only looks at expensive art and strings artists around. Beware is warranted.
  15. Also said FA account is pending deletion from it's owner so sadly this isn't going to be resolved at all.
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