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  • Submission Guidelines

    The following is a list of guidelines that we ask individuals follow. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in your beware being rejected.  The only exemptions allowed are clearly indicated. Submitting to us with an explanation as to why you feel your post should be exempt will still result in a rejection.

    Please note:  All staff members of Artists Beware are volunteers.  Approval of your post can take anywhere from a day to a week.

    1. All submissions are to be transaction based.

    1. We do not accept submissions where money, services, items, or in-game items haven't been traded for arts, crafts, or other art related services.
      1. Absolutely no personal disputes.
      2. We do not accept "behavior bewares".
    2. Tracing posts are only allowed if the artist is making money from the tracing and you are either the original artist or the client.
    3. Character theft posts are only permitted if someone is commissioning your exact character without permission.
      1. We will not accept posts where we have to judge how similar a character is to yours.
    4. Adoptable theft posts must be the exact adoptable being taken. Not "inspired" or "referenced".
      1. We will not accept posts where we have to judge how similar an adoptable is to yours.
    5. "Doodles for Donations" or any kind of implication that the payment is a donation and not a commission isn't valid for Artists Beware.
      1. Exemption: Patreon rewards will be handled on a case by case basis, but are usually valid.
      2. "Pay what you want" style items are commissions, not donations. If you are unsure if your item qualifies feel free to ask!


    2.  NSFW Content or Links must be marked NSFW.


    3.  Bewares are to be written in a professional manner without hostile language or excessive cursing.

    1. No homophobic, racist, transphobic language. Intentional misgendering is not allowed.
    2. Keep your bewares short and to the point.
    3. Creative writing, roleplaying or meandering make your beware hard to follow.


    4. All major claims must provide proof.

    If you claim the artist or client said x, y, z, but you only submitted proof for z then we will reject your beware for full proof. Bewares without proof will be automatically rejected.

    1. No copy and pasted text.
    2. We will not permit packs or anything that requires our readers download something.


    5. Censor all personal information in both your screencaps and the body of your text.

    You may not submit:

    1. Home addresses/ PO Boxes
    2. Phone numbers
    3. Real life names
    4. Email addresses that are not publicly available at the time of posting.

    Exemption: If they started the transaction / do business under their real name, you are permitted to post their real name.

    Other personal items we ask you to not post:

    • What they buy or attend when they owe you a refund. We aren't here to speculate on their financial status.
    • Their personal relationship issues.
    • Personal medical issues.
    • We may not accept communication leaked from locked accounts, and will review submitted proof on a case by case basis. A person's private space is their business.

    In addition, while we will not make you censor your own information, we highly advise that you do.


    6. No Proxy or Group Posts. No posting on behalf of others.

    Exemption: Adults/ guardians posting on behalf of minors.

    Exemption: Users who are not fluent in English and require a translator.

    No group warning posts about a user. If multiple people are having issues with someone, then all individuals are to make separate posts.


    7. We will decline external bewares reposted to us.

    We would prefer individuals submit a beware entirely to us rather than simply submit a third party link.


    8. We accept both Artists and Clients.

    • If you're reporting on an Artist, submit to Artist Beware or Caution.
    • If you're reporting on a Client, submit to Client Beware or Caution.



    The following is an outline that will help ensure your beware makes it in the first time, every time.

    1. Original agreement and payment. Must include proof.If you lost your Paypal transaction, or it wasn't paid via Paypal the artist acknowledging they owe you the commission is also ok.

    2. Attempts to collect. Include proof of the artist ignoring you if they are Unread notes and sent emails that aren't responded to are helpful. See above about excessive personal information. Do not include it here.

    3. Where your transaction currently stands.


    The following items are Excellent beware examples:

    Beware 1 | Beware 2


    Thank you for taking the time to review our guidelines. Please note that moderators may edit your post to meet them before publicly posting your beware. To submit your beware, click on +create, and select a category in "Artists Beware".

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