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  • Who To Contact

    • Users may contact any member of staff, but please contact one (1) Administrator if you have technical site issues, or are reporting a fraudulent beware.
    • No "mod shopping".  We are a group that communicates readily in a private chat.  If you contact one person, the whole group will know.  Users who attempt to mod shop will be warned for spamming.
    • Bewares are reviewed independently of outside influence.  Individuals who attempt to preemptively stop a beware on themselves will be politely turned away.


    I disagree with a mod ruling. Who do I contact?

    Moderators do not hand out rulings without talking about them in the group chat.  All beware related decisions are discussed prior to being implemented.  If this is not concerning a beware question, and instead has to do with a violation of the Moderator CoC, please contact one (1) Administrator.

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