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The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper. -Bertrand Russell
  1. Alex Wright

    Three months and still isn't here..

    I recommend @Bornes' really great guide:
  2. Another website I'm working on:

    https://furrylife.online uses the same backend, but a different front end. Check it out if you like.

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    2. Alex Wright

      Alex Wright

      Thanks! Think of it kind of as an FA alternative but with fully integrated accounts. No need for a separate account to post on the forums or in commissions. It's still kinda in beta 😛

    3. Kei


      Ohhkay, TY.

      I think that's a great idea to have a website where all of that is centralized.

    4. Alex Wright

      Alex Wright

      Yeah, that was my thought too.

  3. Alex Wright

    New Site Feedback

    This is available in the category view on the database. This is an ongoing discussion. Some like it sorted by newest bewares, some like it sorted by recent comments. I'll go ahead and tag @Celestina for this.
  4. Alex Wright

    Fixes and Updates Logs

    Notification options have been updated for followed content. Please take a moment to look over how often you are contacted, and for what content, by visiting your Notification Settings.
  5. Alex Wright

    Welcome to Artists Beware

    I am the one who hides in the shadows, kind of like the Grimm, but I'm worse. I fix things. I fix all the things. You can contact me if: You run into an error code. These will usually display as their own page with error codes such as 1x/c35a. You run into permission errors, such as "I should be able to post in X area (forum, database) and can't." A theme breaks (which can happen with upgrades). A language bit is missing or incorrect (These will display as application_language_name). Most of the regular items you see on site (such as menu items, names of forums or directories, etc) are language items. If anything appears incorrect, please let me know. If you would like a translation, please also let me know, as the site (in theory) can be translated. Or any other problem related to the hosting or coding of the site. Cheers!
  6. Alex Wright

    Looking for Nycket

    Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. I would probably continue with the Beware just so others don't get caught too, but that's just my personal opinion.
  7. Alex Wright

    Site Issues Masterpost

    There it is. Sorry, derped there for a second while I was responding at work.
  8. Alex Wright

    Site Issues Masterpost

    Alternatively I think Right click has some paste options as well. Though I've not done that in some time.
  9. I am absolutely loving helping make A_B the best site that it can be! @Celestina and @Xaila are great folks!

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    2. Xaila


      We're never getting rid of you. *zips pocket shut*

    3. Alex Wright

      Alex Wright

      XD you two!

    4. Kei


      You guys are all doing a great job!

  10. Alex Wright

    New Site Feedback

    Lmfao, just uploaded it earlier today.
  11. Alex Wright

    Fixes and Updates Logs

    An update has been pushed for Member Hover Cards on Desktop devices. Hovering over User Names with the mouse will produce a Hover Card, with the options to contact a user or find their content: You can, of course, still click on the username should you wish to go to the member's profile. By visiting your profile, you can add a Quote to your hover card, like such:
  12. Alex Wright

    New Site Feedback

    This was unintended, and likely happened when the Administrator/Web Admin split was made. It should be resolved. The main listings on the Bewares should be resolved. Home page should also be fixed now. Still working on why Reputation can't be given to Bewares by members.
  13. Alex Wright

    New Site Feedback

    My posts, as well as moderator and administrator posts all have reputation disabled on them. The reactions not being on bewares is strange though. I'll look into this. This is because @Celestina updated the Bewares database with new categories and didn't set them to display . I'll fix it as soon as I can get to a computer.
  14. Alex Wright

    New Site Feedback

    I'm very glad you're enjoying the site! Took a little while to get everything put together just so, and we're obviously still working out a few of the kinks. The Reactions you're noticing extend site-wide as well. They're on bewares, resources, etc!
  15. Alex Wright

    Site Issues Masterpost

    This also should be fixed. Thanks!