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The world is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper. -Bertrand Russell
  1. Legally though, that's incorrect. Unless a contract was made and signed assigning all rights of that character (in other words, its likeness) to you at the time of purchase, then the artist who originally created the likeness remains the copyright holder, as per Boozy's thread. You can disagree with that all you like, but that doesn't change the legality of it.
  2. Unfortunately like I said above, I'm well past the date of being able to open a claim.
  3. Update. Was promised a refund (partial in June, partial in July). Have not received anything as of yet (June 26th). Emails below.
  4. In that case a full refund would be warranted unless the watermark was minimized, imo.
  5. Unfortunately I'm well past the PayPal refund request period for the invoice. Which is why this is all happening. The invoice was fully paid off in August 2018. So I don't see it helping much. I have had contact with Finley stating that a refund is forthcoming. I suppose I'll just have to wait and see if that's actually the case.
  6. I used email just to get ahold of him. And even then it seems to be touch and go. I'll be issuing an ultimatum likely before I bring it to court.
  7. I would say that this is absolutely beware-able. The fact that you completed your part of the trade, and have yet to receive reciprocation is enough for that, considering it's now been over 2 years.
  8. Yep! You can also click on the "Posted X minutes/hours/days" ago for the latest comment.
  9. Hiya! Because of the nature of the Where field, it won't convert links to URLs. We could change the field to be a full editor text box which would, but that wont be backwards compatible. As far as new comments are concerned, the link for unread content is a button to the left of the beware, like such: Clicking that red button should bring you to the first unread comment. I'll take a look at adding a link to the Comments text as well, but have no time frame for that.
  10. I met Finley at AnthroCon while they were running a booth in the Dealer's Den. There were suiters attending the con in suits that Finley had made, and the tails they had on display were of good quality. We talked for a while about pricing a fullsuit, how long delivery dates were, how deep the queue was. At that point, I decided to commission a Full Digitigrade suit from them for $1600. Communication was great until December, at which basically all communication ceased. The only reason that Finley responded here was because I had 2 emails: I am open to marking this Beware as "resolved" if and when the refund has been processed on PayPal. New information as of 7/1/2019. I was promised a refund (partial in June, the rest in July). Finley has not been in contact since those promises were made. I've attached the email conversation below, and you can see comments for more info. At this point I'm forced to raise this to Beware status from it's current Caution status.
  11. Not so much. It helps that a mod will be able to see hidden replies and if one of them violates the Code of Conduct, they can respond "Rules" and the AutoMod flags it now. Still takes some moderator time.
  12. Hi there! This has been added @MkW! It will appear as such: On records: On the Database page: And on the Home page: Hope this helps!
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