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  1. Zeska Roo/Daze Otterson had made a post on his account saying he needed money, so he discounted his fursuit prices (post was deleted, so I do not have a screenshot of that). I was wanting some indoor paws because I really enjoy the aesthetics of them. I commented on the post and we took it to PMs. Here we are hashing out details of what I wanted. He states that they don't do invoices. It off set me since I just comissioned someone who did do invoices, but I know each artist is different, so I didn't pay any attention to it. Proof of payment I ask if he has a queue of any sort, he claims he is working on a trello. After a month and some days, he gives me a -sorta- deadline, so I don't bother him for a while. November 6th, he asks if anyone is wanting to get a fursuit. I contact him on November 26th, I message and get no reply or even left on read, so I ask for a refund. He sends his friend [redacted] to speak to me (screenshots ahead has his face blocked out because he's not guilty in this and I feel uncomfortable with having his face in this) So I go to telegram to talk to Zeska/Daze (last 4 of number is blocked out) He has posted again on FB saying he's no longer on post block as seen in the screenshot below (but I didn't see it till some days after since I had unfollowed him) So after radio silence, I messaged on Telegram (seen in screenshot 9) and after a little more silence, I messaged on Facebook (screenshot 6) Here, he is seen still posting on Facebook after my message on Telegram. And here he is seen still posting after my message on FB. I have since forced a refund as seen in the screenshot below. I don't know if others have had this issue, so that is why this is under Artist Caution.
  2. So this starts on June 17th, 2020 when I commissioned them for a $20 YCH. I'm also in the market for a new reference sheet at the time, so we briefly discuss that as well. (Please note that the original YCH posting I won appears to have been taken down, however with how many YCHes the artists generally posts it's a non-zero chance that I'm just unable to find it). I completely forget about it and don't hear anything until March 8th, 2021, when I get this note. I assume there will be updates there so I join. Turns out she calls the server "BrokenVocaloid's Good Boys" and everyone who's commissioned her gets the role "good boy". I mention I'd like her to create another role maybe called "Good girl" due to myself being transgender and being called a "good boy" causing dysphoria. She doesn't discuss anything with anyone, over reacts, and completely revamps the server. (I did not take screenshots of this, and have since been removed from the server). I feel horrible about doing this to her out of nowhere, so I ask to support her at her "Golden Children" tier, which is supposed to come with benefits like free art, etc, etc. As mentioned earlier, when I got the YCH I told her I might be interested in a ref. Again, I felt bad I caused her to completely redo her server, so I moved forward and asked for a ref of Ruby. I don't hear anything that week. So on the 16th, I ask for an update on the WIP. I only asked for the update because she said she'd send the WIP within the week, normally I give artists like a month before I poke them for an update unless they give me an expectation. She ignores me. I ask again on the 19th. She ignores me. On the 24th I message her again. She points to the fact her grandmother was testing for cancer as the reason I don't have the WIP (this was posted on her journal on furaffinity here https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/9797437/, and is public knowledge). I'd also asked about the YCH which at the time was 9 months overdue before her grandmother went into testing. She dodged that question. I backed down since I figured she was grieving. Ends with "I'll do it now", setting another expectation. On 4/3, I realize I might never get the ref, so I hedge my bets. I like getting all my refs from the same person, so I ask her if she can switch to my Umbreon character instead as I care much less about that reference sheet. She says she's already started working on Ruby. On 4/13, She randomly solicits me for another commission since she functionally needs something for her portfolio. I still feel bad from the original interaction in her server, so I accept. Note that she said "I will have ALOT of wips for ya tomorrow" On 4/17 I message again. She says she can send the WIPs that evening. She then sends me a discord invite to her streaming server, so I figure she's gonna stream herself working on my commission. She spends the entire evening streaming other people's commissions, and I feel extremely disappointed. So I message her again on 4/18, I'm ignored. 4/19 I write up a small wall of explanation of why I'm upset doing my best to be reasonable and professional. I get another story as to why she doesn't have them done, I'm willing to accept it at face value because things happen, and it's a somewhat reasonable story. By 5/7 I'm sick of asking for updates. I at this point noticed her artist bewares and saw someone reference her having a trello in one of them, so I ask her for it. Ignored. 5 days on 5/12 later I message her again, she doesn't even answer the question I asked at first. On 5/19 I reach a point of frustration where I tell her I don't want the art anymore and tell her to just not bother. She's been posting a lot of YCHes and saying she needs money for food, so I'm willing to let her keep the money as I'd feel bad taking that money away from her. This is the image I sent her in the previous screenshot. She says she's not going to keep the money without doing the work, so I relent. She says it'll be out within the week again. On 5/27 I ask for a refund because frankly she basically begged to be allowed to finish the commissions and then ignored her own deadline without even bothering to communicate once again. I clearly state that I'd like it back within 2 weeks or I will be filing a chargeback as I've seen other people here have issues getting refunds. I still forgive the $25 from the "Golden Child" tier because there was no direct tangible agreement there, and I feel like asking for that refund would be unreasonable. Her comment "I have a life and stuff happeend personally i had to take care of ^^; I know people dont care about that so I dont push it on them" felt like a personal attack implying I don't care about her at all, which feels completely unwarranted. Discussion about the refund. I suspect she sketched out that "WIP" in the hour and a half between my message and her message just based on how resistant to showing me she was right up until that point, the fact her explanation makes no sense, as well as the fact that the change in the way she types (using the ~ at the end of the sentence for example) comes off as smug in some way. Today (6/13) I still haven't received the refund. She's stated I'll have it tomorrow, so I'm giving her a single final chance to follow through, otherwise I'll be filing the chargeback. I strongly recommend you do not work with this person under any circumstances. The entire interaction felt disrespectful, disingenuous, and like a long string of excuses for the fact she takes on more work than she can handle with no intention of ever completing it, and I'd estimate that your odds of getting your commissions are a coin flip at best. I will be genuinely impressed if I get the refund I've been promised at this point.
  3. I'll try my best to explain this case in chronological order. I claimed an YCH from said artist on Furaffinity on March 7th, 2020. I also paid it the same day. The basics, linking characters and discussing the little details. Nothing alarming. Fast forward couple months, when nothing seemed to happen, I asked them about the delay. It already took over three days to get a reply after being left on read, which unfortunately cannot be seen here. In August 2020 I actually got a WIP, well, after asking for it. Little did I know when I thought I'd get updates without asking. I was still confident that my fear was irrational and that work is being done. 9 months went by in absolute silence. (Later in the post why I didn't go poking them) I started to get really suspicious about what's going on. Anyone familiar with Furaffinity's file number system notices immediately, that their queue has years old YCH's and commissions, from which some has been completed, but I'm unable to find the most. Tells something how well clients are updated when even public queue is so neglected. Almost every client update has been a new or old reason why work couldn't have been done. Very unprofessional in my opinion. The text above describes my experiences with them until my first attempt here at Artists Beware. Moderators instructed me to give them a final warning before posting on AB, so I did. I went on full disclosure, and said that I've already gone to AB with this case, mainly to strongly describe my disappointment. I admit on my end that my actions haven't been flawless either, not even close. But I believe lots of the readers here at AB know the frustration when you think you've been scammed. Even in that case, I should have asked some questions, no matter how pointless doing so felt at the time. In the other hand however, I've commissioned dozens of other artists and they all provided updates themselves. So it's fair to assume it's a standard? Especially when to my surprise, today I found out that their TOS actually comes in two parts. The second part being so well hidden in the clutter of their front page that in all honesty I only found out today, May 19th, 2021, when making sure that none of my sayings is false. To which I never received a link or instructions to find it, neither of them. Well, see for yourself, is it easy to find? Though it seems that there is a connection in my proof that I have seen both parts. From which I had close to zero memory at this point, I realized this myself when noticing that my statement "I remember being told it'll take some time" was written on said missing TOS half. Honest question, am I expected to remember after over a year who had split their TOS in two, or what exactly was written there? Well at least that I was wrong about the client update policy, but also that the usual waiting time has been multiplied by 14. Content of the easily found TOS... ...and the not-so-easy-to-find one. My initial assumptions were quickly proven wrong, work had been done. To which I tried to apologize and told them that I'll have to reconsider my actions. I explained what has led to this and said I may take down the AB entirely. Well that was a lost cause. The main point is turning to their wait time and attitude. I've waited over a year and I get told that queue must be skipped due to a tight(??) deadline. How long I would have had to wait? Another year? This time frame is simply unacceptable. On top of that, my apology was turned down, with quite offensive wording. It was indeed me who started this, but it was also me who tried to apologize and make things right. They decided to hold to the hostility until the very end. It's apparent that they had no intention to resolve this in a civil manner. I wasn't left with much more options other than showing everything from start to finish. By the time of writing this I'm fairly confident that I'll receive the art after all, much work has been done in the last few days.
  4. Hello everyone, I would like to comment on the incident that I had a few days ago with a client. not more than 4 weeks ago a user in discord (and inkbunny, himself) asked me for a commission for a cartoon fight (characters hitting each other in a cloud of smoke) with some tv characters and 2 of my ocs, one sfw and nsfw. he sent me a reference from another artist (censored too however my commission list was full at the time, I did tell him it was full but I could put him on a pending waiting list. so the user accepted. then the days passed into weeks, honestly I am very sorry to make my clients wait, and it is my fault that things can be forgotten on me, so I quickly asked for my sincere apologies, the user was somewhat angry and I understand it perfectly even that I feel sad, my art is slow... The user was very kind so it motivated me to draw on a better way. IMPORTANT NOTE: I do not usually ask the money first because I like that the clients are satisfied with the sketch and then I receive the payment. so there is no image of the payment. I sent the first sketch, the user did not like it but I did not hate it either. naturally the user tells me what changes he wants, but not minor changes if not a total change. I personally understand that there are clients who ask for perfection, so in that aspect it does not make me unhappy. but a total change I really did not feel that I could do it, I felt a little nervous since I promised to send several sketches in a single day, and it usually takes 3 hours per sketch and more than this size. how I still thought that he felt angry, I preferred to give up and say that I could not do it and I would not complain at all because he is in all his right, but while the conversation was flowing the client told me things like "I thought you knew what that I wanted "(I want to clarify that English is not my main language so I usually have to make mistakes and misunderstand things) I understand this. another thing he told me "You're hurting your chances" then I felt that the sutuiacion was feeling "heavy" bad so I decided to explain to him why I feel that I cannot make a big change and why it takes me a long time, with the hope NOT that he would accept the sketch, if not that he understood and did not get angry with me. I don't think the user understood at all, maybe it's because of my English or I don't know. until he told me that he could pay me 200 USD which was not very sensible because I felt like a very poor girl. it was like an insult to my person. after that he decided to cancel everything and not talk to me again. What I would have liked is maybe to receive an apology or at least a small payment for the sketch, even though I understand that he is not obliged, i dont will lair i trying ask him a payment, he told me no, then i decided stoped. What can I say is that I be careful with some clients
  5. Coddez reached out to me to commission me. I did the work and, knowing that he’s a kid, figured I’d give him some leniency and trust that he’ll pay me when he can. He even said that he’d pay me once he got the money together. Time passes and nothing only for me to learn that he has no intention of paying me at all and that there’s multiple other artists who he’s pulled the same scam on. As he says himself, the way he goes about commissioning artists, is tricking a bunch to do the work and then only paying the one he likes best; or in this case, the one that’s free. The only reason he even reached out to me to tell me that he isn’t going to pay me, is because I had another streamer whom both of us know, talk to him and tell him to contact me. I’d also like to clarify, in the very last message when I say, “and that’s fine...” his actions are in no way fine and are very harmful to the art community. It’s just the only words my brain came up with at the time.
  6. Back in August of 2019, My partner Lainebrary and I purchased this set of adoptables for their ABs; $125 each. The transaction went incredibly smoothly, and Pepapen was very quick and professional to deliver files; even going so far as creating additional files for us when asked for separate .pngs for the fullbodies / portraits. April 3rd, 2021; I was browsing Pinterest and I came across an art piece that feels oddly similar to my character, Blessing; and when I overlaid them, it became incredibly clear that this wasn’t just a reference, there was a direct trace. I spent the next hour and a half, in tears, tearing through the internet with image searches to try to find which image came first; the adoptable, or this bust piece I found on Pinterest. Spoiler; it was the portrait I’d found, which pre-dates these two adoptables by two years. You can find it here, time-stamped December 26, 2017; two years before the adoptables were created. https://monappy.jp/picture_places/view/22490 I reached out to Pepapen immediately seeking recourse. The emails are as follows; In the emails, my demands to fix the problem where as follows; A public post on your art and social media accounts admitting that you traced. With this, I would like to see you come clean on every piece that was traced or 'heavily referenced'. Track down the people who paid you for these works or adopts, and offer them a full refund or a redraw. Reach out to the artists whose works you've stolen. A full refund on these designs. Within a day, all of my demands were met.
  7. Drunklion666 approached me on 21st Jan 2021 to inquire about a commission. After a string of good folk who had commissioned me and knowing him from a ych raffle I did in December which he had participated in, I made the very careless mistake of allowing him to pay after the commission was done unprovoked, a mistake he would happily exploit later. I started work on the commission right after details were figured out on 6th Feb, finishing on 12th Feb. Around the 11th however, nearing completion I asked for his paypal link, but noticed he hadn't looked at or responded to the past few wips. He eventually replied saying he had been away for wisdom tooth surgery recently, while evading the question of payment, prompting me to ask for transparency about his situation - which he does not respond to. A few days pass and I go public as he is now ignoring all DMs. He finally responds immediately after my (now deleted) public tweet, claiming [censored, see mod note] before giving me his paypal link. I was very suspicious of the timing of these circumstances right after the completion of the commission and his hasty reply upon bringing the situation into the public, but gave him benefit of the doubt because of the graveness of the circumstances he was claiming. Still, I decided to send him an invoice shortly to receive my payment and get out of his hair as soon as possible in consideration of his alleged grieving. I would only learn later from others about his reputation of lying like this. Naturally, he doesn't pay the invoice, and takes 5 days to even reply and acknowledge if he has received the invoice. When I press on the matter he claims to have run out of money paying for the funeral, and promises to pay within a week. He then feigns ignorance trying to deflect the conversation when two days pass by the given date, making up more stories saying that he is depressed and seeking therapy. With time running out due to personal circumstances that necessitate me to be away for a very extended period of time within a few weeks (compulsory enlistment), I send him a carefully worded explanation and post the commission publicly to ask for interest in it as a ych. People who have dealt with him in the past then learn of my situation and reach out to me in replies and DMs to inform me of his reputation. Drunklion sends me an email, note and telegram as I have blocked him on twitter out of anger, and is upset at the "hate [I have] spread" and wants to "make things right"... confirming all my suspicions. I turn down his offer to (theoretically) pay me, because at that point I was in talks with clients more deserving of the piece, did NOT have time or energy to deal with him and his lies further, wanted to give him no leverage against the situation he exploited and refused to pay for until he was caight - and to spread the word and caution others to be wary of him. Note that at this point he is still keeping up the charade, trying to exploit nonexistent sympathy further with his alleged issues and claiming that my followers are liars. A tweet of mine towards him was reported for harassment later that day, leading to temporary locking and limiting of my account. While I have no way of knowing the identity of the person, I struggle to think of anyone else who would do something like this to an artist's livelihood this given the context surrounding the conversation. Though I will fully admit responsibility for causing the carelessness that led to the situation and I can't really debate interpretation of the tweet as harassment - I hope that and all the other evidence here should show you the character and priorities of this person, how much he thinks of the artists he scams, and how little remorse he has for his actions.
  8. Explanation: Commissioned a fursuit tail, commission completed but never shipped??? Lack of contact/lying from maker. Proof of deadline agreement: Proof of payment: Commission was completed 12/03/2020: Communication starts to wane: I never received the tracking number or any proof of postage. Most of the responses from here on out were very short and lacked explanation of any kind. At this point I was starting to get a bit nervous and proposed a refund. They used my tail in another commission opening post on twitter and Instagram. When I looked into their Instagram I found a few comments from commissioners complaining about not receiving their commissions. (I cannot make any statements on these peoples behalf's and have no proof of their transactions. These screenshots are only provided to explain my motivation for filing a Paypal dispute.) [Proxy removed by staff. Submissions may only mention your transaction, and not others] I eventually decided to go through with the chargeback which closed in my favor on Jan 31st 2020. Was a really hard decision for me this time since they had actually completed the tail. I did say that I would be willing to send the money straight back to them if I received a tracking number or proof of postage. But unfortunately I haven't received any messages since.
  9. original agreement to the commission, as well as payment confirmation from them: A little more than a month had past and i simply asked for a possible update: About 2 weeks, maybe a bit less, later i had asked how much progress was made and if he'd been willing to use a different character than originally stated. he agreed and i sent a NSFW reference. (the character is the only thing blotted out here): And here, from September till February i had heard nothing until he posted an "apology" and stated that he'd have a sketch (meaning he lied about the rough sketch originally) that night. a month later i had asked for a refund. he said he would send the refund on Saturday march 13th. today marks the 20th of march: As a repeat. the ONLY thing blotted out is a NSFW character ref i had sent that he agreed to go with. nothing else is blotted out.
  10. I have to warn about Aspenbear on Furaffinity. I ordered a Commission at him at May 29th via telegram. at like middle of june he announced refund people since his queue was too long. After a while i was wondering about the state of my commission if i get a commission or a refund. After i asked him the Question at the 15th of june he opened the commissions again on the 16th. After he said he is gonna refund. So i waited for his answer. He reopened Commissions again Still no answer or scetch around this point. I sent him a Note via Furaffinity which was read but not answered. At the 3. July i started the resolution via paypal. he had enough time to react and answer me. At the same day as i started the case, he answered me the question from the 15th of June. at the 7th of July i escalated the case to paypal since he didn't answer on Telegram or via paypal So i sent him a message on paypal again. At the 11th july he made a journal aboout to update his Trello and about a few YCHs he is gonna finish. Still no scetch up to this point. At the 13th of July i got an answer on telegram to my paypal-resolution.. Since i was not the only one which didn't get any Commission done i decided to Force-payback through Paypal. i got a last Message at the 17th. Seven days later he reopened his Scetches again. His last Commission he submitted was a an old YCH. Evidence for payment and payback: On his trello i have still an entry for the refund. I got my 60$ back with the forced paypal-resolution.
  11. So, I just found someone that took a commission doing a copy/paste of my art, removing my watermarks, without permission and without crediting me. Original art links
  12. I had a customer order 4 YCHs off of me on the same base and used discord to discuss it with me and the options. They sent me through the forms and I did a little clarification and then went ahead and sent WIPS of the product before colouring, got the all clear and completed them. I then sent through one which didn't look right and asked if they found a flat version of the pattern on google as this one was textured. I agreed to fix anything they would want as their form was very descriptive. They then proceeded to say this art wasn't as good as the other I have done even though its to the same par. They then decided to just cancel the whole commission even though it was completed and just wanted colour changes. I informed them that I don't do refunds to people who already have their YCHs done, especially when I have sent them the files, to which they explained the YCH doesn't even have shading which I never offered on that base as not all my bases have shading included. Then after all this they decided to threaten me if I didn't refund them and called it trash and junk.
  13. thymeisntfood@gmail.com dusty.yeen@gmail.com Are the emails they use for "paypal information" when you ask for it. I did some digging online later and found out it was the same person, so I'm only making this thread once. Situation 1: @GayBearBitch / Bumble Boyo wanted to buy my character i posted in The Dealer's Den: PAWn Shop on telegram. i asked for confirmation as I was checking my paypal and they disappeared after clearing the chat. of course i didnt send them the character as i didnt get payment. -- Illustrated in images 0-2 Situation 2: @That_GayFurry -- same thing. didn't send payment, and cleared the chat. but i screenshot everything so there's that.... images 3-6 -- they mention in images 5 & 6 about the "controversy" involving their email... if you google search it, I'm sure you can find all the proof splattered on twitter regarding it. IMAGES EDITED TO REMOVE MY PERSONAL INFORMATION -- and the characters in them are no longer available, so... there's that too.
  14. I came into contact with ronmeru via discord, following their recommendation to contact them there as posted on their twitter, which is where i first saw them. I liked their artwork and agreed to pay them for a sfw piece. I paid the same day and they said they'd add me to the queue. Being used to putting confidence in artists, I didn't think much more of it as time passed. After more than a month I asked how it was coming along, since my commission wasn't more than a coloured sketch. They said they'd reset their queue the next day and get to work right away. A month passed, and I asked them again, to which they responded they'd do it tomorrow. A month passed and not a work, so on the 26th of november I asked for a refund as I was no longer interested and they had no proof they'd even started on it. They didn't respond and I escalated it to a paypal claim. They didn't respond and paypal gave me a full refund. During this time, they've shown activity on their twitter and discord server, blatantly ignoring my commission. I want to warn potential commissioners of this artist.
  15. Back in July, I ordered a sketchy custom for $75 (USD) from g.hosting (not realizing the username would be very apt!) Here's the link to the auction: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/37221256/. I've attached a screenshot showing my initial win as well as the paypal transaction. Unfortunately, I nuked all of my Furaffinity notes, but Ghosting and I went to Discord for awhile. I have some screencaps of that. The "we" I'm referring to is my now-deceased fiance. As I understand that art can take time to complete and the year has been completely insane, I decided to be patient. Not to mention I had to deal with my fiance's passing in August. You can see in the screenshots that months went by. In the meantime, Ghosting was semi-active on their FA and more active on their Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sinscitys/. On November 6, I expressed concern for Ghosting's health as well as how long the commission was taking. I've been ripped off for almost $300 this year, and between Ghosting's active posting and lack of progress, I was afraid that I was dealing with yet another "push things past the dispute window and then disappear forever" artist. It became one of those awful situations where you don't want to yank money out of someone's pocket, but you also can't be a doormat. You'll also notice that Ghosting offered me a refund, which I preferred, but suddenly they weren't able to provide one. Now knowing that Ghosting was more active on Insta and FA, I sent messages to each, which went unread for two days. At this point, I was fed up. I opened a dispute and escalated it. You can see in the Paypal screenshot that there was an active dispute associated with that transaction. A few hours later, I received this: https://sta.sh/02dmz8wjlaf5 And responses to my FA note and IG message. The FA note was just to let me know the IG note was responded to, so I am only including the IG screenshot. The custom's quality is lower than many of Ghosting's other designs. But after some consideration, I decided I did like what I received for the most part and closed the dispute. Juice just needs sprucing up and a clearer ref sheet. Ghosting has offered to draw a little extra art as an apology, but based on my experience overall, I'll consider any extras like a scratch ticket win. In summary? Ghosting's designs have a definite charm to them. They are generally colorful and lively. If you like them and can get your hands on a premade, I wholly suggest it! Ghosting as a person seems to be very friendly. But until this artist can communicate and work more effectively, I would hesitate to commission them.
  16. First time posting here guys 🙂 On 10/09/2020, the twitter user MickieWesten contacted me for a NSFW commission. I agreed, and USUALLY I take payment in full up front, but it was a slightly higher bill than I usually get ($85) so I agreed to half up front and half upon completion. (I said sketch in text but I meant when the commission was finished) I received $50.00 via PayPal from them rather quickly, and I kept them updated on the commission process, and they responded each time. I officially finished on November 6th, and I have not received any response from the client, and as of November 4th, there is no activity on their Twitter account whatsoever. I have yet to send them the high definition file, but I don't imagine that I will be getting around to that since it appears I've been ghosted possibly. I have some photos below of our conversation. Images are blurred so it is SFW
  17. This was a commission over Twitter requested September 1st, 2020. It was a couples icon for my SO and I. I requested the collar be added and it was agreed to, and since then I've been ghosted. My ref. Other character was fine. Payment: WIP was shown. Again, usually artists add the collar / glasses at the end of the sketch. This is on me for not asking. End result: This is where things get a bit off. I admitted I forgot to add the collar to the request and, again, it was agreed upon. They said they would take care of it when they "get home" and I was prepared to give them a tip. I would've been fine paying for a correction but being ghosted is super rude. A simple "No, I don't do edits after completion" or "It'll cost X amount" would've been totally fine, but not this. They've been active ever since. Friday post at the end was 11/20/2020. Still active, posting multiple times every day since. I just feel really disrespected and wanted to get this out there. Thanks for reading.
  18. Some images may contain NSFW materials, as this is about a NSFW artbook produced by inkedfur. Most Proof is correspondence but a picture of the cover which could be NSFW is shown at more than one point. In short, I worked on this project with many other artists, 41 total. The book was produced by inkedfur, and we only ever got one payment of 7.30 The book was to be a limited run, but has been printed multiple times with out our consent and the company and owner has not been forthcoming with any information and infact has replied in very unprofessional ways. This is still an ongoing case and nothing has been resolved. This is something that started about a year ago, so I will do my best to break down the information and the context as I have it. I have not blocked out the name of the owner, because this information is available publicly and as his email signature. If staff would like me to edit that I can. For context, here is a link to the guidelines that all artists who worked on the book were to agree to. Kei, who was working as a partner with Inkedfur at the time, was the book lead and put this together for us. As being an employee of inkedfur and book lead, Kei was our middle man. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NjG7YIzK_F-482hajwZ5znTzvyj_-heQMPnlhcTzUAM/edit#heading=h.26re1e8okgjn Important note, this link has a link to the second document as well as the first. Deadlines changed and more information was added. So the first one you see is older and there is a link at the top for the 'newer' version. Both contain alot of the same info. Here are some important bits of the FAQ we were all given to review. The Timetable and payment. https://imgur.com/7yUf3P9 https://imgur.com/CnBgEi4 Later on we got an email with a breakdown of how the profits would work: Profits: https://imgur.com/XO0WBGC March 12th we get an email explaining there was a print delay and requesting info for payments. https://imgur.com/CjxG4Z9 March 18tth we have a break down of sales and book orders. Though now there is the mention of the costs for the artists books. https://imgur.com/tZbc9eT May 24th: We are in the black! First profits to be paid out will be soon. 606.90 total profits as of may 2018 to be paid in royalties! 12.91! This was less than I thought it would be, but the email states we -STILL- had books for sale at that point, and the pdf sales had not yet happened. https://imgur.com/1j7dE10 June 20th I admit this was a bit of a slap in the face, it was a bit less than I was expecting given the email and I personally took the tone of the note poorly. https://imgur.com/El6YfrA June 29th PDF is finally up! Apparently, the delay was because the new website they were working on didnt have support for digital products yet. So, it has been hosted on the OLD website, and we have links to it to post to. https://imgur.com/8MnLQzU https://imgur.com/5zigF7h And that was it. That was the last we ever heard on the matter, and the last payment anyone ever got. I confirmed this with several artists, I was a bit worried because I had -left- inkedfur (as no longer allowing them to sell my work) and I thought perhaps my royalties had been lost in the system somewhere. But turns out, no one else had gotten paid either. That brings us to Feb 2019. I contacted Kei after hearing back that no one else was being paid or getting royalties from the knottyboys book. Oddly Kei said that two payments of royalties were made and they had sold out of all the books. And that only 4 sales of the PDF were done. Checking the website, the Book is for sale, but the pdf is not. https://imgur.com/22CZ5e5 https://imgur.com/n1eR1Ll I was directed to contact inkedfur directly. And I did so on Feb 22nd. Knowing they were at a con and figured by the way Kei responded they knew I, and possibly other concerned artists would be getting in touch, i waited. https://imgur.com/1WqUXVG That brings us to march 3rd, 9 days later. And this is the responce, and our exchange. https://imgur.com/D4U1lmc https://1drv.ms/u/s!As3pUy5MCJSahc0ZPWLzK2skEHaszA <-- larger resolution This is my most recent reply from James. I can see we are going to have to go through math and I will now for a third time be requesting sales records. Im beginning to wonder if anyone actually reads the request because I was pretty clear on what I am wanting. You are a business, this should be pretty easy, No? https://imgur.com/pHJK4pc I'd just been taking some time to dig into things as I wait for James to get back to me with the requested sales figures. Some interesting things had happened in this time. The Inkedfur twitter account had made a public post, and Kei also replied. https://imgur.com/AD1z46w https://imgur.com/yB1ytO2 I would also like to quickly point out that both james and Inkedfurs twitter have referenced a 30% sale royalties, but in the telegram chat used by artists for the book, Kei, the book lead and someone who works at inkedfur, tells us its been upped to 35% https://imgur.com/VVQkjBA So, Inkedfur sold copies of the book to (two?) 3rd party places. This was never mentioned as possible in our FAQ/Guidlines which in this instance acts as our contract. https://imgur.com/einwivC https://imgur.com/qU8F1Ln Another artist has heard back from James and gotten a statment: https://imgur.com/sltejyN https://imgur.com/M03FYya Interesting things to note here, are the mention of additional bundles of books. James only mentioning one payment, the one we have been able to find and confirm vs the two payments that were previously quoted by Kei. Lastly, the fact that nearly a year later the site still doesnt have digital sales enabled, of which most of our profits were to come from. None of us were told this. As for the additional books, this is news to pretty much every artist I have spoken with. We were all under the impression this was a limited run. As proof we have these: https://imgur.com/cETHUSa https://imgur.com/gKvZFAC https://imgur.com/xmoLTZE After waiting several days and knowing he was responding to others, I emailed him directly to the email at the bottom of his signature. https://imgur.com/5QvwFdI https://imgur.com/j5QuzWd His reply: https://imgur.com/uu9w0vp my reply back: https://imgur.com/NXpJV6V And that's where we stand right now. Requests for numbers are going ignored or denied and the responses we are getting are very unprofessional. There are other grievances I have with this company ( daki promised to the client for free never delivered, problems with my final payout when I left, ect) But I am limiting this to information that is public and my own personal involvement with the book. I know this seems like super small amounts, but if you spread those nickels and dimes over 41 people, thats alot of money. We dont know how much we are really owed, because a second batch of books was produced, and no math is adding up because the numbers keep changing.
  19. Back on 12/07/2019, Victoria had originally made a post about selling a Wildpup head for $550. On a deleted quote-retweet around the first of May, she had reduced it down to about $450. It was about May 6th when I got a response to my question from May 3rd. This is where I began a direct message, asking questions about the head to be refurbished. The original tweet made it sound like the fixing up of the teeth and eyes would be included in the $450/$550 price, but those ended up being about $100 to add those in. It didn't bother me at that time, however. As a note, I had taken these screenshots as a precaution around the time she had temporarily changed her name to nessi_noodles, after a previous beware post. The invoices through Paypal. On June 24th, 2020, I had sent my first inquiry for an update, and how I was not listed on her update Trello. I thought I'd try poking her on her Telegram, as I had received no reply on Twitter, despite her at the time being active. Per the screenshot, I had asked for updates on September 05, 2020, showing read but not responded. During this time she was active on both Twitter and Telegram. I sent one more update on October 27th, 2020 before I decided to file a dispute with Paypal. The screenshot shows that this recent message has not been read since. I waited about a couple of days, and with no response despite being active on Telegram, I decided to file a dispute on Paypal before my 180 days went up to file. Since I didn't think I would get any response to a dispute like I hadn't on Telegram and Twitter, I decided to escalate it to a dispute. The screenshots in this beware were provided to the Resolution Center. Due to RL work, I hadn't gotten any screenshots on the Paypal escalation while waiting for the case to clear. While waiting, it showed "Adjudication reason: The seller has provided a full refund to you," while on the pending transaction, it said, "Credit has been processed and claim is now closed." Up until today, 11/10/2020, the refund was on pending, the resolution center showing it being refunded as an e-check. This morning 11/10/2020, I had received two emails at the same time, saying the refund was being delayed, then canceled. With some Googling, I found that this can sometimes happen if the seller doesn't have enough in their bank or Paypal account. Since I had to go to a morning shift at work, I couldn't contact Paypal directly to see about resolving this refund. I had planned to call Paypal the next day, 11/11/2020, to see about resolving. However, when I came home from work in the evening, 11/10/2020, I had found the case had been resolved in my favor, and a refund provided to me. It's incredibly disappointed it had to come to this, as Victoria is incredibly talented, but I wanted to at least warn others to expect delays or ghosting. I have not personally contacted Furfancy since filing the dispute, as I felt this whole deal had become a lost cause.
  20. Two days prior to the incident I made the starting bid on an adopt put up by TeaEel, the Hundred-Eyed Mermaid Adopt. I was the only bidder, and so I won the auction at $50. When I received the invoice, it was for $53, and not the agreed upon $50. I questioned them about this, and came to find out that they were attempting to pass the cost of the PayPal processing fees off on me by up charging me above and beyond the agreed upon amount. When I objected to this, they claimed it was in the rules of the auction. I went back and reread the rules, and could see nothing of the sort, nor could anyone I showed it to. I pointed out nowhere in the rules of the auction did it say that I would be charged for the PayPal fees or anything extra other than the agreed upon price, and they insisted it was there without actually directly referencing it, saying it was their right as an artist to set the rules as they saw fit and if I did not follow through and pay it then I would be banned for violating their rules. Shortly after, they blocked me, erased the original auction post, and resubmitted it with the added text urging people to read the rules. The only thing I can see in hindsight that might be what they are talking about is one line that says "Commission is on buyer", but I can't imagine anyone looking at that and thinking it meant they were agreeing to be up charged. I am unable to provide a screenshot of my original winning bid as by the time I had gotten home they deleted the original post and resubmitted it (I was on mobile for the conversation), but they confirmed my original price and the up charge through messages. The screenshot of the invoice shows the date as the 22nd instead of the 21st, to my knowledge this is because they are much further ahead of me in time zone and invoices I believe match the date of the sender.
  21. Nov. 18th, 2012 7:51 PM amocin Who: Rabbit Valley - Andrew Rabbit Where: http://www.rabbitvalley.com/ What: We were working with Rabbit Valley to get a printed copy of our Adult Webcomic. When: July 16 2012 - Nov 16 2012 Proof: Screen shots will be posted in the order of Explanation. Explain: My husband has been handling all of the communication for this, even though some emails state my name, and some his, its all him, so there should have been no miscommunication between the two. I am posting on his behalf though, because he is really just assisting me in dealing with the print job while I work on the art and all the other stuff. It starts off pretty normal, we contact Rabbit Valley and get contacted back by Andrew and there is back and forth on quotes for the print, as well as what kind of format he would need the comic in for their printers. Here is the screen shot of our talks in the first round of emails. I have put red points next to the emails that I will explain here. If I should expand some, please let me know. AUG 17: We have ironed out all details by this point and Andrew asks us to send him an email on Monday (Aug 20th) to remind him to send out our sample comic. SEP 1st: We contact him asking for an update on the printed sample and he told us we should have gotten it in the mail. In a previous email he stated it would be sent to him first, and then to us, we were never alerted that he got it. We were told it should have been sent out a week ago, and to keep a look out for it. Sep 3rd: Are told he will call the printer in the morning for information. Two days later we ask him for news, and was told he left them a message. We wait another day before asking if he heard anything back yet. We are told that the printer may be avoiding him. Sept 10th and 12th: We ask for another update and are told that Andrew will no longer use his current printing company and is moving to a different printer. There is no mention of what happened to this printed copy that was sent... maybe it got lost... maybe it never got sent. Sept 17th: Andrew tells us he found another printer who is printing us up a copy that day and he will send us a tracking number within a few hours. Sept 18th: We ask for another update and are told that the printer wants us to change our format for the comic so it will fit their printing needs. We get the edits their printer needed done and sent out on Sept 21. I already felt there were warning signs at this point that maybe we should end our side of things with this guy, but our options for printers were very limited with the nature of our book. However, at this point I have a bad feeling with the sudden drop of a printer company that supposedly sent us out a sample comic, and then telling us that the new printer was already printing and ready to ship in a few hours, only for issues to come up the next day where a package never got shipped. Between Sept 21st and Oct 2nd the emails are just discussing payment options, print options, and quotes of prices. Now here is where the fun really begins. OCT 5nd: The printed copy comes in the mail and there are many issues we have with it, mostly to do with the colors not coming out as they should, and the pages being cut off in areas that they shouldnt have been. We inform Andrew of these issues and work with him to get them fixed. We send out new formats on the same day of Oct 5th. Oct 10th: Ask for update on new sample. Are told he sent them out to the printer. Oct 12th-15th: Please excuse the ancyness of constantly asking for updates. At this point we both feel that if we dont contact Andrew first, we are not going to get contacted, and this is already past the day we wanted to have this printed up, but that may be our bad for not understanding how long prints normally take. At this point we are three months into this without having a solid print. OCT 17th: were told an updated printed copy will be sent out the following day. Oct 24th & 26th: We ask for another update on if the copy was sent out. We are told that the printer was going to ship out this sample "This week" rather then last week. OCT 30th: Were told about a printed copy being sent to Andrew, and then he would send it to us. Nov 5th & 6th: We ask for another update as we have not heard if he got the sample, and nor have we. We're told Andrew would email the printer and find out what was going on. Nov 12th: We ask for another update, and are told that Andrew is just getting back from a trip, and will call them that day. Nov 16th: After we contact him, yet again for an update on the printed copy, he writes us back to tell us that he contacted his printer, and they said that they could not do the print job and that he was dropping us as a client. He also states that he told us he would be out of town that entire time, when his previous email said he was just getting back into town on the day that he said he left.. Shortly after this he contacts us again telling us that the printer could not get the colors out properly, and that he is ending our transaction. No money was ever exchanged but a good four months of our time was spend on this... Now... Please keep in mind the times he told us a new printed copy would be sent to us, and how he contacted the printer asking for updates... After his last email, my husband dug up the printers email from a time we had been CCed on an email. He took the liberty to contact the printer and ask them what we could do to resolve the issues with the print, and hopefully cut out the middle man and get us a printed copy of the comic. What transpired here sent us both into a fit of rage that thankfully remained contained within our household. Yes... From Oct 5th, those files, they were never sent to the printer. Those samples that should have been printed and sent to him, never really existed seeing as he never sent out the new files. So now we are working directly with the printer to hopefully get the comic printed up, and have cut out the middle man Andrew who seemed to jerk our chain for a good long time. Update: From what it seems like now, the printer wrote us again after looking into the issue. So it would seem that RV did get the second sample, and just never informed us about it, and may have told the printer that he was working on an extra proof on his end to resolve the issues with the print, rather then having us try to fix it. The worst part about this... is I dont even know why this happened. Was it that we pestered for too many updates? Was it because we wanted a very low quantity of books? I have really no idea.. Update 2 - Dec 3rd: We received the new sample from the printer, which was using the same file we sent to Andrew. The colors are perfect so I really have no idea why we were told the colors were still too dark. We have put in our full order for the books.
  22. Aug. 5th, 2012 at 6:23 PM nxcritter The user Sugio Of furaffinity.net has submitted an image I created for a concept piece I did for free of his fursuit to a Spencer's Gifts for textile reproduction without my permission. Regardless of the copyright laws in place, I merely asked in a note that he just credit my name and I could even sign the shirt. But that was asking way too much ( Collapse ) Here is my original artwork concept for his fursuit, a piece of artwork that was created before any money transactions, and was used to express what the final product may look like. Original Artwork (http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8525545/) He began submitting this image as a design for a t-shirt (almost two years later) through spencers gifts "design-a-tee" program. (http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7284881/) ( Edit: user has deleted the submissions image can be found here http://oi50.tinypic.com/j5v95t.jpg ) and other apparel (http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8575234/) ( Edit: user has deleted the submissions image can be found here http://oi45.tinypic.com/2zybltk.jpg ) (The hidden posts are My pleas to him to give me credit after I noted him. He kept deleting my posts, so I re-post up to the point where I have given up.) I found this out later and asked him through notes to please give me credit for the work that I had done... His reply was slanderous and completely uncooperative. (http://oi47.tinypic.com/2zf8hhf.jpg) He then begins to claim the artwork of his own creation (http://oi50.tinypic.com/52zamt.jpg) He now claims to have created the artwork in question. It doesn't stop here He went on to post a slanderous FA journal trying to gain support: 1) http://oi48.tinypic.com/awde8w.jpg 2) http://oi46.tinypic.com/10oh6s4.jpg 3) http://oi46.tinypic.com/2h64mdc.jpg 4) http://oi46.tinypic.com/1rb2o2.jpg 5) http://oi49.tinypic.com/sfi7t4.jpg 6) http://oi45.tinypic.com/fz8115.jpg 7) http://oi47.tinypic.com/1eopjm.jpg All I wanted was credit for the artwork that I did, instead, I get flame war. u.u' Sugio is known for being belligerent, arrogant and rude when it comes too commissions. Do not give him your contact details unless you like to be messaged and called more than once a day. Most certainly don't him your address, for he will show up unannounced as well. EDIT/UPDATE aug 6 2012 I have now been blocked by the user.. http://oi45.tinypic.com/a0b1oj.jpg I tried to reason with him again and found myself to be blocked. EDIT/UPDATE aug 6 2012 He found A_B post and has posted it on his fa. http://oi46.tinypic.com/10yko5s.jpg Original file with mod dates http://oi46.tinypic.com/2mwvvhl.jpg EDIT/UPDATE aug 6 2012 He removed the submissions claiming " Sugio Wolsky Rift ( wrote: Aug. 6th, 2012 06:44 pm (local) no just id rather delete something than give her credit " You can find this comment here. http://artists-beware.livejournal.com/614515.html?thread=23856499#t23856499 and here on his Fa journal http://oi49.tinypic.com/2q0sm8k.jpg ( journal link http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/3730548/ ) This Issue Is now resolved! I'm so proud of Sugio for doing the right thing!! Shirt http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8590684/ hat http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8590624/ icon http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8590609/ This can be marked as resolved! Edit: 9/16/2013 at 8:56 am EST Issue not resolved! I gave sugio the benefit of the doubt thinking he would let me sign the shirt... (warning there is some harsh language used by sugio in this conversation) The fursuit post was in regards to his review post, and wanting to make sure people had my side. I Am very much saddened to say that is not resolved and more then likely wont be able to be threw personable contact any longer. l would have liked to given him the benefit of the doubt but now I must warn you even farther that his childish behavior is not improving. I have given him more then plenty of time Finnish his end of the bargain. Update: Nov. 1st, 2013 [Removed upon archiving as it's not really relevant.]
  23. Hello Everyone I am very sad to write this and I have decided to sit on the issue for a few days. However I have decided that others could benefit to know my experience. I originally commissioned twitter user Computer_Garden (Who will be referred to as Cubert) July 6th 2020. They have a unique commission type called a ko-fi baby which is basically a simple mascot design based off your twitter profile. The method of buying this commission was a setting on their ko-fi. I sent a DM on July 6th letting them know I had purchased one and what profile I wanted the commission based off. The next day July 7th they responded letting me know they have received payment and info. I messaged Cubert again on July 29th with no response. I did again on August 19th and they finally responded. I completely understand how mental health issues can get in the way and I understood the pandemic has also took its toll on many artists. So I told them I understood and continued to wait. Before I DMed them again asking for a refund on Oct 1st 2020 I noticed that during this time Cubert was posting a lot of personal art. I understand and encourage artists to do personal art in between commissions. However as a commissioner I couldn't help but feel a bit frustrated and ignored when I would scroll on my time line and see personal art with out hearing a word about when my commission would be completed. In a small way I did feel a little disrespected. I decided on Oct 1st 2020 that I have waited long enough and I wanted to get a refund. This is something I did not want to do. However I was feeling anxious about the situation and I just wanted it to be over. The response I got made me feel awful and upset. The message was dripping with passive aggressive tones and it made me feel awful. I felt like I was being treated as an annoyance rather then a commissioner. I understand their points. The word is a dark place right now and my mental health has also been effected. However with no TOS or queue to refer to in terms of completion time I was left in the dark and due to my own anxiety issues I was worried I would lose my money. I understand the commission type is unique and can take a lot of time. However if someone spends 5$ or 500$ on a commission it should still be treated with respect. Just because a commission price is low does not mean the commissioner can be pushed aside. I did try to reach out multiple times and did not receive any concrete updates with out asking. I did receive my refund. But I was made to feel like I did something wrong for simply asking for it. Our conversation is attached. All the dates are there. However it does not end with the refund. After I asked for a refund they made a tweet saying they will start working on the other ko-fi baby commissions. On the same day I asked for a refund. They then started posting all the other ko-fi baby commissions. Which confused me because in our DMs they told me they take quite a while.... I find this concerning. You should not need to have someone ask for a refund to have you work on commissions. If I did not ask for a refund I wonder when these commissions would be completed. I was also really hurt. I very much wanted this commission type and seeing them pump them out this quickly after telling me they take a long time made me feel very disrespected. And I also felt bad for the other commissioners because who knows when their commission would be done if I stayed silent. Cubert is a wonderful artist and has a unique style that brought me joy. However I felt like my concerns were not considered and that I was made to be a villain when all I wanted was information about this art. I do wish them the best. Thank you for your time.
  24. Booked a slot's(1/2) until October 15th. I wrote him 15 with a payment reminder. He appeared on the FA once a day at best. Ignores questions and requests for a different communication method. After I said that I was canceling the invoice after 4 days of ignoring, he said that he sent it through echeсk, and it takes time (3-5 days) Why was it impossible to tell immediately about it as soon as you sent the payment? I dont know. I have not received any proof that the money was actually sent. When I said that I did not want to work with him, he began to insult me. I am writing this entry so that you would beware of him. If you work with him you do it at your own peril and risk. In my life, I will never allow myself to offend a customer and will not tolerate this in my direction. Have a nice day and good customer and artist for you^^
  25. We got scammed by someone named Desmond_The_Demon. On September 8th, this person wanted to buy one of our adoptables, so we sent the form. When the form was completed, we told that person about the price for all of that additionals which were listed, so next, we processed with the invoice. On the Paypal it said that 'invoice isn't paid' but was viewed, when that person states that they paid. We tried to see what was happening with it - we got the answer that this person was paying with the bank account using the Paypal, so we thought it will need some time to transfer the money from bank to the Paypal - so we trusted that person (we're always helping our customers as much as it possible) and we were preparing the files for them. On September 9th - we said that the payment didn't come to our Paypal account and they stated that the money was taken out of their bank, so we thought that Paypal is doing something weird and we were still waiting for the payment. On this day we asked for the screenshot too, we needed the proof that the payment was sent and we wanted to know if the Paypal really need that much time to transfer the money - they answered, that they see if they can cancel the payment and they will show the screenshot after that. After writing that, this person disappeared until the next day. So next day (September 10th), the person said that they tried to resend the payment but the Paypal said "not able to send" and dissapeared again until the next day. We asked if the money returned to their account hoping that everything's okay. That person said the money returned back to their account (I didn't knew that the money could get back into the account so quickly, in 12 hours or something like that - it was suspicious too and we still didn't get the screenshot of the transaction). We thought if they can pay directly (without invoice), so we gave this person our Paypal e-mail for that, waiting for the results. So, they said that they'll try to pay directly and disappeared again. (I could say that they disappeared forever because they never wrote back, also we saw when they removed watch from our account). On 12th and 13th was weekend so we thought that we'll wait for this person to come back til the Monday. On Monday (14th) - still, no answer, the message is still unopened and their account was still inactive (like they're hiding from us). Finally, we gave them last day to write back and on 15th we saw that there was recent activity from that person's account, so we sent a note about that the time for the payment is over and the adopt is available to buy for someone else. We wasted a week trying to help that one person with the payment (which was probably fake and unpaid from the beginning, because they didn't show the proof that they paid for it) and we prepared all the files. We gave them a chance, because we thought they were really planning to pay for what they wanted to buy from us. SCREENSHOTS FROM THE CONVERSATION: [proxy has been censored out by staff. please remember that bewares are only to focus on your transaction.] That person is targeting YCH and adoptables (probably from 70$ and above but idk), trying to blame on Paypal that the payment didn't come to the seller and waiting if the seller will give them the product, because "it's paid" when in fact - it's not paid. There's no proof that it's paid - when you ask for the payment confirmation (just a little screenshot!), that person starts backing away and avoiding the messages. So, please, watch out for that person - we hope that no one more get scammed confronting with this person. Take care! UPDATE: I found that they wanted to scam next two people. If you can, please, re-share that or just tell people about it and when that person wants to buy something from you - block them, because they will never pay for that thing.
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