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  • About Us

    Artists Beware began as a Livejournal Community to serve as a resource hub for advice, warnings, and positive reviews for transactions in the art world.  Despite our name, Artists Beware, accept bewares and cautions concerning both artists and clients.  While our standards for submissions have evolved since the community's inception in 2003, our mission remains the same.

    We serve as a lasting archive for experiences in the art world so that potential artists and clients can make informed decisions on who to work with.  Our goal, ultimately, is to seek resolution between parties and to help others improve on their business practices.  Once an item has been submitted it cannot be deleted from our archives.  Instead we issue a resolved tag so that users browsing our site can see that the parties have reached resolution.


    What We Are Not

    We are entirely transaction based, and thus we do not deal with the following items in both submissions and our advice forums:

    • General warning posts on people's personalities and/or behavior outside of a transaction.
    • General art theft.  If someone is reposting work, we suggest the copyright holder issue a DMCA.
    • Group warning posts on an individual.  Individuals with valid complaints should submit individually.
    • Warnings on similar adoptables or similar characters.
    • Anything that can be considered "drama", "witch hunts", or "calls to action" against someone in the community.


    For more information on what you can submit with a beware, check our submission guidelines!



    To Search Our Tags

    Use the search bar by inputting either the exact name of the individual you are searching for, or by using a * as a wildcard.

    Example:  Searching for MrFurry if you know the user's full name.  Or MrF* if you are unsure, and would like to pull up all tags that contain "MrF".

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