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  • About Us

    Artists Beware started as a Livejournal Community in 2003.  It's original inception was meant to be a hub for artists and clients to seek advice and warn others of individuals who displayed bad business practices.  The original mission of the community has not changed, but our standards for what we accept into our archives have changed over the years.

    In 2011 the submission template that we use today was introduced to the community.

    In 2018 the "caution" category was added to warn others of Artists or Clients that would otherwise not fit into a "Beware" category.

    And finally, in 2019, we officially moved off of Livejournal and have established this website.

    We are a highly moderated community, and believe very strongly in keeping interactions here as professional as possible.  Before participating users are to make themselves familiar with our Rules for Participation.


    Mission Statement

    Our mission is to:

    1. Serve as a resource hub for both artists and clients to seek advice concerning business transactions.
    2. Maintain an archive of both good and bad artist and client transactions so that individuals may make informed decisions when working with an individual.
    3. Review incoming posts for accuracy and relevance to our community.
    • Our moderation staff consists of individuals who have experience as either artists, fursuit builders, or both.


    To see a full view of what we do and don't accept please review the Submission Guidelines.

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