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  3. SauceNao requires direct upload of the image in order to search for it. Tineye and Google Images may let you link a URL but the URL has to exist somewhere in the first place, and can't be private, for you to even link it, otherwise, you have to upload an image for it to search. (and even if that VK url worked, the OP would still need that URL in order to use it. ) Everyone so far has seemed to miss that the OP asks for the URL to the M/M version as the very last thing, and the Artist ignored literally everything else stated only saying 'I made a choice'. Even accounting for English as a Second Language, there's not even any sort of attempt to clarify or reconcile on the artist's part, and it's clear enough that the artist understands English well enough to say that. None of the mods here feel the OP is wrong in this regard, to be upset about an m/m piece being made when it wasn't even asked about in the design process and the advertisement itself doesn't state that there will be two versions no matter what. It wasn't advertised and the artist did nothing to reconcile when it was brought up, that's worthy of exercising caution for any like commissions with this artist, that you may need to clarify anything you don't want, before the work starts. Otherwise you could get something you don't and the artist will do nothing about it.
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  5. Pay attention that the conversation begins from the last picture in the post, to the first, and not the other way around. This conversation is quite confusing to me as well. Like others, I feel that some parts of the convo are missing, and even with that, the artist treated the situation normally from the screenshots you provided, while you sounded quite threatening with your messages. For someone that their first language isn't English, I could easily get confused by what you demanded (not from the reference picture, but actually from your message). You asked if there's going to be a male part edit for the character, which what might've confused the artist and made them think you'd like them to draw a male part for your character. (You asked them because of the preview image of the YCH, I understand, and the artist should've asked too - at same time they might've thought they knew what they're doing after that question was made.). The issue here comes from both parts. I highly doubt the artist meant to cause you harm personally by 'deciding' to change your character's parts, but rather a big misunderstanding in the language. In the end the artist provided you everything you asked without arguing or a problematic behavior, and didn't go against your wishes after. I'd consider talking to artists differently, even when mistakes are made - not jump into conclusions that the artist did such thing to personally hurt you.
  6. Wouldn't you also find uploads with the "attachment" searching with the correct one?
  7. Since others seem to be confused as to why someone would want the original of the version you don't want, you use the original image so that you can use image searches to keep track of uploads and move to get those removed on the grounds they're a misrepresentation of the character. It's not fullproof of course, but it provides at least SOME way of doing something about it. That being said, a character owner still has a right to the presentation of their character and the right to request a removal if the representation could be misleading, harmful or defame the person involved. The demands are well within the OP's right to do and I do not think they're unreasonable. The artist should have asked if an M/M version was wanted in the first place. It does not matter if the other client wanted one, both parties must consent to it.
  8. Strange all around. I feel like something is missing here. There's no other context in the images, so it seems a little out of nowhere when on March 21st you suddenly ask if there is a "dick edit". Given the artist is clearly Russian and has a less than great grasp of English , I can't help but feel there may have been something lost in translation here. I can see where "I didn't ask for it, and do not post them, but also send it to me in higher quality" is very confusing to someone who doesn't understand the nuance and emotions behind your writing. Hell, I speak English as my first language and even I'd be confused by that; why do you want a high quality version of an image you want to be completely forgotten? Overall, while I'd be miffed if someone took my female character and made a different version of the art with a penis attached, I think this could have ended much better if you had approached it differently. Immediately being aggressive and making demands like telling them that they will enforce your wishes on the other YCH participant... doesn't come across well to me. I mean, after all, the other participant in the YCH did bid on a sketch where the character receiving has a penis, and I'd bet that is probably why the "dick edit" exists. One for you, one for the other bidder, made both versions to satisfy both. Not excusing the artist here at all, they absolutely should have asked first, but more just thinking that this could have been handled better by both sides here.
  9. This is weird as heck. If it were a mistake, I could understand. But they don't even say they're sorry, and seem to defend the choice? Why even make more work for yourself? It just strikes too close to "it'd be better if this was gay" which I used to get all the time if I made art of my spouse and me. I'd be just as upset as you are, and wouldn't grovel to have a bastardized version of my character not posted online. Not sure why you would even want it with you, though. Anyway, a caution well warranted. I wouldn't touch anyone who changes genitalia configurations without my permission with a 10 ft pole. Fingers crossed that they don't put it on Patreon or anything.
  10. While I think it's strange and a bit off that they did two versions when your character is clearly female, I feel like you're being pretty precious about it. You got the art you paid for (M/F version), if I read correctly - you can just post / enjoy that. Personally I would have requested they not post the M/M one but you went straight in with the 'you will not post this version'. And then you came back with 'Send me the M/M version' (no please or thank you?). Weird that you want the version of art that you complained about. You're the one that comes off as rude in this post, not them.
  11. Welcome to Artists Beware! All posts have been reviewed prior to being allowed in. Comments are moderated: Please review the Commenting Rules. Comments that don't meet our rules will not be posted. If your post is resolved: Contact one (1) member of staff or leave a comment, and we'll update your post! If you are the bewaree: Review "I've been posted to Artists Beware, now what?". If a beware needs a tag update: Post a comment! To contact a member of staff: See the Staff page or fill out the Contact Us form. Posts are not deleted unless you can prove they are fabricated. If this is the case contact one (1) admin, and we will help you asap. I am a Bot. My inbox is not monitored. Beep boop.
  12. As a heads up we approved Luna's comment because they supplied proof of it being the same person privately.
  13. Alright. Let's sort out what detail is given in the article: 1. "Adoptables are characters that are created by artists, and then placed out there for sale." Okay. That just reiterates the mention that the character is sold. Not just the license-to-use is sold when purchasing an adopt. Usually it comes with a common-courtesy that the original artist is given proper credit due for the artwork, but that's a given to me. 2. "So the default, when there is no agreement and speaking in generalities, is that the artist is the holder of the copyright over the character from the moment of creation forward. The artists, therefore, has the right to demand others not use that specific character (with certain limited exceptions that we ain’t getting into here today) and, likewise, can actually demand that people stop using the character." Given. If the character hasn't been sold, it only belongs to the artist. 3. "Also, I should point out…without terms defining the scope of the artist’s ability to revoke, a revocable-at-will license is exactly what it sounds like. The artist can revoke the right to use the character whenever they fucking want unless they agree to certain limitations in the negotiation and purchase." BIG problem here if this is the case: If the artist does choose to revoke the character license to the commissioner, then the said artist would have to compensate based off of the amount paid to use the character, plus what extra art was made. But to reiterate this with the line from 1. : "Adoptables are characters that are created by artist, then placed out there for sale." And I'm going to stress the words "characters for sale", not "license for sale". There is a difference between those two. So, if you make characters and intend to sell said characters, that's what an adopt is. If you intend to make characters and sell licenses to use the characters, it should be worded as "Licenses of Adopts for Sale" rather than "Adopts for Sale".
  14. They have returned to FA the beginning of this year. When confronted with no links back to my Twitter and FA and only showing old artwork they did, they immediately denied who they were only to block both my FA and twitter and where i confronted them. They then placed their twittwr on private after another user confronted them and blocked them. If they weren't who I accused them of being, why block my accounts that i didn't link myself back to? The only answer i can think of is that they knew the art was for me and that i was a client. These are the accounts i have been able to find they are under now: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/wtchynbtchy/ https://twitter.com/WtchynBtchy https://www.deviantart.com/wtchynbtchy https://toyhou.se/wtchynbtchy https://ko-fi.com/wtchynbtchy6 Already they have started the same habits of taking work, not uploading finished pieces, blaming being busy for not uploading, only to ask for emergency funds and taking on even MORE work before completing what they already owe. I have counted 5 pieces they have taken in and failed to upload so far.
  15. 03.24.20

    Currently I am still responding to messages, but will take a little longer than usual to handle beware issues. Please don't send multiple messages.

    I'm currently held up with irl commitment. 

  16. Legally though, that's incorrect. Unless a contract was made and signed assigning all rights of that character (in other words, its likeness) to you at the time of purchase, then the artist who originally created the likeness remains the copyright holder, as per Boozy's thread. You can disagree with that all you like, but that doesn't change the legality of it.
  17. I bought a slot for an M/F explicit piece, and I bought the female slot. The pose leaves ambiguous penetration, so the bottom slot could very easily be make if a dick is drawn on the character. I buy the slot, the artist (ponsex) messages me, and I send them the ref of the character. I send them the nsfw reference, which shows clearly visible female bits, and as all my other YCH experiences have gone, I expect to be asked if they have any questions about things like outfits, color, edits like cum, internal shot, etc, but for the most part its straightforward. Fast forward to yesterday, I get a completed picture of the image, and I have four versions in total: an M/F version, cum and non-cum, and an M/M version, cum and non-cum. I never asked for my character Caiya to have a male edit. The sketch had included a penis in the case that the second slot was male, but as per the reference, it is very clear that the character is female. I feel like the fact that something as major as the gender of the character being changed without my permission is a major betrayal of trust on the artist's part, and even though the original version was completed as requested, the edit should not have been made at all. This character specifically has a backstory as surviving domestic abuse, and a major part of her character is being a strong, tough female. I know there are a lot of users (including me) who relate strongly and on a personal level to their characters, and that can include self-identification such as being trans. I talked to a lot of other people and they agreed that especially for certain characters they own, they would be just as livid seeing their character in a gender they are not supposed to be/they don't identify as. My major problem is how dismissive and unaware they are of the problem, if not to the point of rude. They do not seem to understand that this is not okay, and whether its the easy way or the hard way, all I want them to understand is how big of an issue this is. If this is how they react to this kind of issue, they don't deserve further business if this is their attitude. The screenshots are below (read from the very bottom up):
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  19. Seconding this. Their track record in regards to fursuit commissions and business ethics is dismal, so it's no surprise that also crosses over to their 2d art
  20. Update on my end: Another Claim was filed on 03/15/2020 for an additional $200 on my side of the commission. This has put my Paypal at a negative balance of -$495.58 (which is $15 over the amount I told them I would refund them). As of this point, Paypal has not gotten back to me regarding wither claim. Trixx's original invoice for my refund of $480 still remains open.
  21. I was contacted by this person when I was streaming on picarto & they asked me for a commission (I cannot recall their username at all & I've already emailed picarto but they are unable to recover the chat logs) They go by Morgana#7549 on discord. I have no other contact for them. They are currently ghosting me after I sent the watermarked sketch & asked them for payment. I managed to find one of their commissioned pieces (via reverse image search) & the artist denied giving me their info as they decided to stay anon. The artist told me that it was weird that the person did not pay though. Here are all the references I have of their oc [NSFW!!] https://imgur.com/a/ZfCPQqq https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/382296924746678272/683741426588450922/IMG_20200301_131548_219.jpg?width=404&height=1041 https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/683757335302504642/684927548165062686/xenogirl.png?width=912&height=1043
  22. I might have to disagree with a good portion of that, Celestina. When an adoptable is sold, it becomes a "This character now belongs to (insert name)" situation. When a commissioner has already had art made of the said character, attempting to revoke said rights of the character to that buyer would become a messy ordeal. I'll use myself as an example: If I were to buy an adoptable, then I have a full-fledged reference sheet made to the character along with multiple pieces of artwork, then the original artist comes along and no longer wishes for me to use the character, they gave up on the rights to the character when the money exchanged hands. They can, however, attempt to make a deal to purchase back the character and the art to compensate for the rights, but then the artists of the other artworks will need to be notified as well for proper-credit or removal-requests. To further on this, if I were to deny the deal, then that is where this would end. However, the artist who made the original adopt art can request the original art to be removed if I were to have uploaded that to my own gallery(-ies) through one-on-one contact or through the administration means.
  23. I am impressed by how calm you managed to stay through all of that!
  24. Oops. I forgot to add, artist said they forgot about making the edits.
  25. Adoptables are something that Boozy Badger has covered before. You can see the article here. I asked him personally how reclaiming and refunds work, and his response for that is here. The tl;dr is that yes, you can take back the adopts any time you want. Adoptables are a license to use a design. Do you legally have to give a refund? No. However, what is legal and what is considered moral are two different things. The adoptable market depends on trust, and an artist who recalls adoptables without a refund sours the trust. Here we also consider it a bewarable offense.
  26. Ultimatively, when you sell a character you give up all the rights to the character. It's essentially like buying a tomato from Walmart. Walmart cannot take the tomato back or punish you when you decide to sell the tomato. When you sell a character, you'll have to be ready to accept that the customer can do whatever they want with the character, which means even reselling it. A TOS probably won't do anything since a TOS means Terms of Service. Adoptables are not a service, Adopts are an item or a product. A service is an action you perform for someone else like a haircut or a commission. The customer may also refuse to accept the refund and won't give the character back.
  27. Hello! I am just looking for some advice on how to proceed, or if any one thinks this warrants a beware post. I am having issues with a client that purchased two adopts from my recent sale of characters, and they also ended up purchasing two more of my former characters from some one else I sold them too. The main issue that I have is the client in question has been messaging multiple people in the past month attempting to resell the characters at exorbitantly increased prices. 5-10 times the original sales price. I have notes and email records from multiple people that have since contacted me about them with their attempting to resell at inflated prices. I don't mind if people resell my characters, and would understand a markup if there was considerable artwork commissioned of them in the time that they owned them. But this is going from the $50 that they purchased them at, to an asking price of $500. Unfortunately I did not have any TOS down about restrictions reselling the characters, so I am limited in that regard. But would it be too much for me to refund them the amount they paid to reclaim the characters? I can't do anything about the ones they bought from the other client, and I am trying to reach them to see what they sold for, but it really makes me a little sick to my stomach that they are marking them up SO much. Any advice would be super appreciated! Thank you!
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  29. This issue has now been resolved, please update the tag to 'Resolved'
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