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  4. A comment was not posted as it does not meet our requirements for proof and it contains personal rumors and hearsay. We are not a drama blog. If you know clients who have been affected, feel free to direct them to make a post. What someone may or may not do on their free time is absolutely none of our business, and spreading rumors toes the line of libel.
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  6. You handled yourself so well and I applaud your cool, calm composure. I hope you never have to deal with a situation like this again, it's completely uncalled for.
  7. OP might not be following this post. Best to PM them.
  8. Hi! I also had problems with this artist but I couldn't reach him anywhere, can you paste his discord here so I can try to contact him? Since it uses special characters I'm not able to just add him
  9. Changed Resolved to Yes Just as a heads up, as the artist clearly uses Nitro, changing their discord tag may continue to be a possibility. What I advise you keep track of is the account ID by turning on "Developer Mode" under your Advanced Settings, and you can keep track of the actual account ID for this user versus the various tag and number changes. Every Discord account has a unique ID that is bound to it and cannot be modified unlike the tag system. After activating developer mode, when you right click a name or a message, it will give you the option to 'copy ID' and it will put a long string of numbers in your clipboard. This will be the un-modifiable ID that links to this user (or a message in your history) This can be kept for your records in the event that this individual genuinely jumps to a new account.
  10. Opened a ticket about this case again & PayPal issued me a refund for this disappointing experience! I guess this is resolved on my end, doubting the artist issued it themself tho lol still no contact, either they’re renaming or changed discord ID# again but the name now says Dexy on discord
  11. Commenting to add they’re going by “beeshy” now
  12. Lost contact with them in March of this year. I've attempted contact at: https://www.instagram.com/kancler_vell/ https://twitter.com/Kancler_Vell and by their email listed on their profile Their last tweet is really concerning, and at this point I hope this isn't a worst case scenario.
  13. https://cdn.artistsbeware.info/monthly_2022_11/image.png.75032a439ef5328888cc17873f8b8eec.png Shortly (about a week) after agreeing to the refund she made a ych post in which she complains about having to do the refund, she also openly states that she does not have the funds to pay the refund but wants to fund it through this ych. In this post she also attempts to play the reader on their feelings by saying how the person asking for a refund (me) does not understand how much hard work she puts into the commissions, while I have observed her hardly putting any work into it. On Sep 15 (screenshot at the bottom of the original post) she says she will work on another daki order and then on mine, however there are no updates on her trello on that order nor have I received on mine. She has in the meantime started doing stream commissions which have only been announced on her picarto, these streams are only announced on her telegram channel, on her github there are already a few finished stream commissions, none have been posted to her FA. I have messaged her to notify her that It has been almost 2 months and she has not fulfilled the refund, she replied that she will pay it when she has the money.
  14. As proof of this just happening to me by an artist who scammed me using boosty, PayPal declined said it was not covered I lost almost $160
  15. I see the onus being on the plush-maker for the repairs if the product was sent to you without all the seams sewn properly. While it was a gift to you, I'd suggest your friend look over any terms they agreed to with this plush maker to see if there are any clauses in their TOS that they could utilize to facilitate the discussion of repairs further. While keeping this strictly in the realm of suggestions/advice, I am assuming your friend was the one tho took the lead in getting this gift created for you. It's fully up to your friend if they wish to move forward with making a cautionary post of any sort if there's no happy resolution with the product being repaired.
  16. This is not really surprising from the other bewares of this artist and the unsolicited notes those replies from him are really guilt tripping.
  17. Since the defect in the product is not something that would cause harm there's no liability issue, so we are talking just about low or unreliable quality product/maker and the best you can do in this case is take the L, write an artist beware entry on them for refusing to take responsibility for their error and never work with them again. And look for someone in your circles that can handle thread and needle and ask them to help you fix it.😁
  18. My friend commissioned a plush for me as a gift, and we got it today. I opened it, and the entire stomach seam was not sewn shut. We asked the artist about fixing it, and it looks like they want us to cover shipping, which is around $20 each way. We're apprehensive to pay the shipping (the plush cost in the hundreds as is), since the it was sent to us defective. We're not sure what to do, and hope to get advice here. We really don't want to be on the hook for an additional $40. :( Thank you kindly for your advice.
  19. A comment was not posted. While we welcome clients of artists to say they've had a good experience with the artist in question, doing so on a beware is inappropriate. A good result for you does not negate someone's bad experience. We welcome you to post to the positive review forum instead. Please see: I've been Posted to Artists Beware, Now What?
  20. A commission turned abusive. I was originally approached unsolicited via note on FA by this user (when they were not suspended) offering to make artwork for my characters that they 'adored' (see the FA note screenshot attached below). After some back and forth I agreed to commisison them. The linework they did got back to me very quickly within 3 days of originally being approached. However on September 8th they said they'd begin coloring and I did not hear back from them until I reached out again on October 11th. I did recieve my finished work from them, but my correspondence with them felt overall abusive. However they were very keen to get a second commission from me for another character of mine. I wasn't sure that I really wanted to get a second full detailed picture and instead asked if they did sketches for helping me concept a new design. They said they didn't and I decided then that I wasn't going to get a second commission. This is when the abusive behavior was very apparent. Below is my full correspondence on discord with this user.
  21. An email has been sent to follow up with Calima on these claims.
  22. Due to you evading the block on FA and using that venue to harass my friends against their TOS - you leave me no choice but to actually answer this here and lay this to rest completely. NOTE: I will admit that this commission took me a minute. I am extremely sick and suffer from several autoimmune diseases and most recently a stroke this past summer. There are days I cannot get out of bed. There are days I cannot look at a computer screen without vomiting. There are days where I sincerely wish I'd wake up room temperature and get it over with. However, I am up front with my medical issues and they are plastered ALL OVER my social media and FA pages. There's no freaking secret and commissioners choose to commission me knowing it may take me a moment to get their work turned out to them. I will own up to that. 1.) You ordered a two character commission fully colored with a SIMPLE BACKGROUND. You yourself agreed to this and I even discounted the art even though the subject matter was... Well... It was what it is. I needed money for my medical bills, you wanted art and who the hell am I to kink shame, right? I have attached a file where you agreed to the simple background. 2.) You received SEVERAL updates to your commission to get the color of the mare right etc. I was more than cooperative right up until the point you wanted more than what you paid for. You wanted a more detailed background but did not want to pay for it. 3.) You received the full size piece in 2021 including the simple background. You got what you ordered. You WILL NOT bully me into giving you anything more. 4.) You were only blocked on FA after you threatened to doxx me using information you obtained through my PayPal account which, by the way, is over 20 years old, verified, and has zero marks against it. It was not to evade you on a commission I supposedly didn't finish - it was to avoid your abusive behavior. I do not owe you my time, my energy, or anything else. Moving forward, I am reporting your continued harassment and circumventing being blocked to Fur Affinity. I have all the information I need to take this to law enforcement and seek a restraining order on you if you choose to continue this behavior. YOU GOT YOUR COMMISSION IN 2021 and, being frank, you got the better end of the stick considering the price you paid. If you need a copy of the file, it should be in your email. If not, I will send it to you or place it on a cloud. That is all. I do not want communication with you and I sincerely caution you about what you say about me considering I think it's pretty obvious that you chose to be predatory to a new artist and are trying to extort more than what you paid for out of me. ADMINS: Considering it's obvious this individual obtained what they paid for, I ask that this thread be deleted. Thank you.
  23. I also was scammed by the same ych. Same artist. They also did this to me and ignored me afterwards. About same time frame. All I got was a line art.
  24. I ordered and received my fursuit at the start of this year. I have not been able to wear it much, (about 4h total) due to the heat and health issues, thus I did not notice the issues until now. I have reached out to the maker but have not received any response. My suit is supposed to be white. I have received parts in 3 different furs. 2in hq white shag, 2in hq yellow-white shag, and an extremely long, ratty looking white fur. The two handpaws are different furs (one is the extra long bad fur, one is hq 2in shag, both white) The indoor feet are not the same fur, or color, as the rest of the parts (yellow-white, 2in shag) The outdoor feet are the white extra long bad fur. Ive been told by multiple other makers its muppet fur (another mentioned it may be mongolian fur, or 4in fur), which has been causing issues with the zipper, and the suits overall look (looks extremely ratty, cannot be brushed or washed out) Due to not noticing these issues right away, am I out of luck? I know its partially my fault for being unable to properly test it out (was in the hospital, was unable to suit). Should I consider it a loss? I cannot post to fursuitreviews because while Ive owned the suit for months, I do not meet the 30 hour + wear time. And while the suits overall construction is amazing, the fur is awful quality, and the parts do not match. I do not think I will ever hit the 30 hour wear time. The suit has also been seen by multiple other makers, and they have confirmed they are different furs, and the extra long lq fur should not have been used for a fursuit.
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    Sorry, I'm talking back and forth with them and I am getting told a few different things. At the moment I'm trying to confirm all the details of their policy. I'll update when they get back to me, but this is the most recent message which at the very least doesn't look good for any sort of purchase protection.
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    If you can please do!
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