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  1. Today
  2. As of yet I am still awaiting the refund despite the artist having sold many adopts between their reply that they would refund me and my posting this. (1 AB and they have had a few would be enough to cover the refund)
  3. Hello, I am now aware of this post. And I have since then replied to your notes and concerns. I will issue a full refund here soon and this case can be closed. I have been dealing with a lot of personal issues which has caused severe delays in all notes being responded to as I’ve been going days offline which had caused a back up of notes and my response time to be hindered. I apologize for the delays and any inconvenience I may have caused. I want to work with you to resolve this and I’m sorry you’ve had a poor experience with my service I have really not been on top of things and that’s my f
  4. Last week
  5. Howdy! This is covered in item 1 of the Submission Guidelines. We do not accept proxy posts. For anyone reading this topic please take the time to review the guidelines. We put them together to save us and you time. There are no exemptions to them, and we mention numerous times on our submission form that posts that do not comply with them will be rejected.
  6. There is a person who is using images from elsewhere (because I recognize some of them) and after searching further I can prove they are pretending to be an artist and scamming people for their money. BUT I was not in any transaction with them. I did not lose any money, but I'm seeing people give away their money to this person they have faith in. Can I make a beware of this person?
  7. Good news! Chesta got in touch with me to ask about my boi (got a bit confused on his official ref, which I can understand) and I answered as quickly as I could. I looked at her Trello and I'm in the sketching phase. I am hopefully and to be honest, happy. I feel like we are getting somewhere now. As a whole, she does seem to be working more frequently, which is a very good sign. Soon we'll get this resolved.
  8. Thanks very. But i really prefer to ask for the payment before, otherwise they would call me a thief and that is worse
  9. Earlier
  10. Beware of this person, they silently return money, so if u not checking your emails so often - YOU CAN LOSE YOUR MONEY after one week he\she requested money back. (March 28) I don't know how to find any other their accounts, but I have their email. (IDK if it is fine to put here emails, so I will not??) He\she bought the adopt from me [proof 2] and then silently request money back, but my rules saying "no refunds" [proof 1]. Then, it was my bad, because I am not usually checking my email, so I lost too much time to argument the request. [proof 3] wol
  11. An update to this, after I sent the note asking for the refund April 11th at 20:17 artist noted back just under 12 hours later agreeing to do the refund. Sent them a reminder of my paypal address and now awaiting on their reply to let me know they've sent me the refund.
  12. Small typo in my last PM to the artist, I meant 3 years since I had originally paid for the commission, not 2.
  13. "Emergency" summer pin-up YCH via FA submission circa July 13th 2018 meant to be completed within two weeks per the original posting. The submission that I had originally requested a slot from as well as the original request for payment from the artist has long since been deleted, but here is the paypal statement from it. I was rather busy during 2019, so I had let the commission sit dormant expecting it to be done at the artist's leisure, however around two two year mark of waiting (2020), I decided to follow up due to the extreme amount of time that has passed. Inbox reco
  14. Roger, kinda figured. Wasn't trying to be hostile or anything, just confirming that I had already done it. Sorry if it came off like that, text doesn't carry inflection well.
  15. The Mod Comment was not directed at you, it was directed at other users who have attempted this. Comments that post an Entire Beware are not approved, and therefore are not visible to users such as yourself.
  16. Already did so months ago and even mentioned that I did; "There's a number of bewares for that artist on here, one of which is mine"
  17. It's for the best especially with bots popping up on twitter stealing other people are turning them to NFT's.
  18. Just a reminder for any future replies, we'd like to reiterate: If you have also had issues with a subject of a beware, please submit your own post. Additional bewares on the same subject help visibility and the community at large by contributing to the tags. Do not attempt to piggyback onto another user's post with a full beware within the comments. Any comments of this nature will not be approved.
  19. After much discussion with our staff we've ultimately decided to accept this as a Caution post. However, given that the artist has left this is only being approved as a "paper trail" of sorts in case they resurface. If anyone reading has a new incident to report: submit a new post. If anyone is coming to report on a new username, please contact a mod. Be sure to include concrete proof they are the same person. Proof is: Same email. Same art in current and old galleries. Same irl name. Proof is not: Similar style. "Types the same".
  20. Yeah, I wouldn't count on ever seeing your money again. There's a number of bewares for that artist on here, one of which is mine for several pieces that I bought back in January/February 2020. I've been getting the same message ("I'll send the money this Thursday, I promise") dozens of times at this point since September and recently they've starting ignoring my notes completely (not even opening/reading them). You aren't alone in your frustration.
  21. I would have been finished at the "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't pissed with you" line. And then the snappy "do you even still have my commission info" and hugely disrespectful tone after that too... Artists are human, we forget and get busy. OP accepted no money, they had no obligation to meet the loose deadline mentioned. The fact that the client was so aggressive and hostile from you simply forgetting is a massive red flag imo. I've quite literally never had a client get pissed at me for forgetting/taking a long time, and I have adhd so that happens frequently. You deserve to be resp
  22. I think the fact that you missed your own deadline is pretty bad; I'd be upset too, but his reactions, attitude and the guilt tripping you with the offer of $200 is a huge red flag, and you are better off not working with this customer at all. You really should take payment before you start work though. A lot of the times situations like this will turn where the client wont pay at all, as seen on other bewares here.
  23. I won a Your Horse Here auction from the artist back on April 29th 2020 artist asked me to send them a note and I did with my email to get invoiced They never sent me the reply saying they had sent the invoice and I noticed it 5 days later when I logged in for another invoice. They had sent the invoice over as a Friends and Family request and I unfortunately was new at commissioning back then and did not know better then agree to that option. they never responded to my note when I found the invoice and let them know I paid it. I sent them another note in
  24. In July of 2017 I attempted to purchase a fursuit from Lucky Gum Fursuits (see originalpurchase1edited.png and originalpurchase2edited.png). After a few years of waiting I asked for the refund that was promised in their terms of service. The buyer agreed to the refund and promised to pay me back every month until I got $1515 promised to me (see promisedrefund1edited.png and promisedrefund2edited.png). However I have not received any of the payments. I have made several attempts to contact the buyer again to work with them personally on how to best resolve the issue (see twittercommunication.pn
  25. I guess what I'm wary of is, since Crypto is such a varying market, that there's an issue with the conversion. I suppose it would, in the end, be protected via PayPal, but the worry is still there.
  26. As of today, Hi-Ku has repaid me in full for the commission.
  27. Changed Resolved to Yes
  28. While I don't receive commissions personally, if Paypal converts it to standard currencies, maybe you should add in a line that says "Please convert to (insert your preferred currency) before sending."?
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