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  3. I think it's a very complicated scenario and not a black and white situation. 1. How long has it been? People make mistakes in their youth. I'm not going to hold someone who has aged and matured to what they did as a teenager. So long as their current practices are good, then I think people deserve a second chance. 2. If it's more recent, then was the minor open about being a minor? If so, then I'm going to hold the adults responsible for seeing someone who is clearly a minor and commissioning them anyway for NSFW material. Yes, adults can end up in legal trouble for discussing sexual material with a minor, however many places have clauses that excuse people who unknowingly interact with a minor. If the minor lied, and it later came out that they lied, then I personally may avoid them for a while.
  4. Here's the twitter post that corresponds to your thread:
  5. I'm talking about an artist who is of legal age now, not a minor anymore.
  6. That's a red flag especially if they're doing commissions considering most payment processors require you to be 18 to use their services.
  7. Hey there, this subject has kept me wondering.. What would you think of an artist who used to draw nsfw content while being a minor (some years back) but is now of legal age? Would you think of that as beware worthy? Is that person's reputation permanently doomed or it's no longer a big deal? I personally think everyone makes mistakes, live and learn, but still want to hear opinions on this.
  8. Late Update: This was resolved within the timeframe of that Paypal request going out, I never heard back from Mechogama again after the last screenshot in this beware, but eventually the timer ran out and Paypal ruled in my favor.
  9. here is a update kitamon contacts me and is work on my commission
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  11. Seems like a textbook nightmare client. Paying such a small amount, yet expecting you to make all those edits? Horrifying.
  12. While the car accident is tragic, that's really no excuse for the previous months of ghosting beforehand. In future, if you're being ignored for more than a month without response, start expressing the desire for a refund if communication/deadlines won't be met and hold to that while still under PayPal's protection window.
  13. A comment was not approved under item 9 of our commenting rules. 9. Moderators will not approve an alternate alias unless it's 100% confirmed. No: "similar styles". No: "types the same". Yes: Same email address. Yes: Same art. Yes: Same characters. Yes: Same full name.
  14. June 21, 2021: First sent message to Xoloitz via Telegram, inquiring for a commission. June 22, 2021: Details sent to Xoloitz for a three character commission: two of my characters and a character belonging to a friend. After a lewd comment on the size of my friend's character's junk, Xoloitz quotes a price of $160 shaded or $120 flat colors, and I approve the former. Payment of $160 USD is sent via PayPal that same day. (Note: NSFW content censored.) November 12, 2021: Xoloitz opens for commissions again. December 12, 2021: First inquiry to Xoloitz over Telegram regarding status of commission. Xoloitz claims to have forgotten about it and promises to get on it ASAP. January 23, 2022: Second inquiry via Telegram about commission status. No response. February 9, 2022: Third inquiry via Telegram. No response at the time. February 11, 2022: Inquiry via Twitter DM. No response. February 19, 2022: Inquiry via FurAffinity DM. no response. February 23, 2022: Xoloitz finally responds to February 9 Telegram inquiry, stating to have been in a car accident. February 24, 2022: Xoloitz sends a WIP. I ask twice for the characters' sizes to be changed and Xoloitz complies. (NSFW content censored in screen shots.) (Note: The comment "could it be possible to remove the comments on FA since we are already working on your commission?" refers to a comment my friend made on Xoloitz' FA regarding the status of the commission; however, I was unable to screencap this comment before it got deleted.) February 25, 2022: Xoloitz opens for commissions again. March 21, 2022: Message sent to Xoloitz over Telegram, asking for the commission to be finished or refunded within two weeks. No response. March 22, 2022: Same message as prior day. No response. April 5, 2022: Two-week time limit established on March 21 expired. No response. April 29, 2022: Yet another inquiry via FurAffinity DM. No response. I will consider this resolved when Xoloitz refunds me the full $160 price.
  15. A comment was not posted because it contained speculation. Let's not drag any artists into this unless they want to be.
  16. Wow that is really scummy though i'm surprise the client DA page isn't posted here as well as the FA. To use an artist work to pay for as a YCH on FA and post the completed version on DA as well just wow... that's just awful. https://www.deviantart.com/keiiion
  17. I am so sorry to see this, I really hope this doesn't tarnish your views on the fandom. Kellion here is the exception, not the rule. 😞 Hopefully some of the people who bought into this without knowing what was going on will commission (and generously tip) you in the future to make up for it.
  18. holy hell this is abhorrent; im so sorry for how this person treated you??? This is absolutely not okay to do to an artist.
  19. Hi my name is LadyOlg. I come to you with the help and advice of Salisha following a dispute with the artist Kellion. It's already been several months since I started to collaborate with him following a Devianart contest he created and I won. Only in the last two months the situation has changed quickly, Kellion tried to hijack my drawings and resell them at auction. The last order I made for him was paid 170€, a YCH with 8 characters at 20€ each plus 10€ for the landscape. It was obviously agreed that the figures would be resold so that he could pay back the commission but he never told me that he would make money on them. Two artists including Salisha came to warn me of this, the resale is done on Furafinity, not being known yet on it I think Kellion imagined that I had no account and could make the sale behind my back. So I posted a public comment under the sale to point out an error on his part, without insults or even getting angry because I still believed I could trust him and that there must be a mistake. Obviously he masked the comment but he was also quite angry because some artists had noticed it and wanted to be reimbursed or even threw it out of their community. I often asked Kellion to be clear with me, as his requests were sometimes changing and confusing but I put this down to the fact that neither he nor I speak English. As he was offering me his help since I was a beginner as an artist, I often asked him if my prices were correct, being really cheap at the beginning he advised me once to increase them, which I did but being a beginner I didn't dare to increase them much and asked him however if it was correct, on those he didn't warn me about my prices put only gave an example of a price sheet I could make, not in relation to the budget but in relation to my own rates depending on the type of art. Kellion turned my naivety against me, using this very argument to tell me that these were the prices I had chosen and that it was normal for him to sell them at a higher price because he said that he didn't think he would be able to sell everything concerning the YCH... Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) It wasn't the first time Kellion tries to foul me, you will see it on the captures, but it was more subtle ( for me ) and he managed to manipulate me well enought to be me doing the apologizes and feeling like I've made a mistake or don't understand... I'm sorry for my bad English on the captures, I hope you will understand me well. I've to capture all our conversation sins the beguening so I'll probably send you another email with the rest of the capture ! In the last capture, you can find the first argument on the 33 and the last start to the 87. Here you got the link of the sell he had post on FA : https://www.furaffinity.net/view/45866391/ Thank you a lot for your attention
  20. I really hope so! I wanted to make sure artists could make an informed decision on working with this person, and I do genuinely hope that the commissioner understands why their actions weren’t okay and does better in the future. While the money wasn’t an issue in this situation, since it was such a small amount, I can imagine other scenarios in which it would really scare artists to have that threat on their income.
  21. Goodness gracious that's scary. Fingers crossing that this beware saves artists in the future, or the subject in question changes their behavior towards quote, "getting into messes with artists" because this is beyond unacceptable and trashy towards artists.
  22. OP has confirmed that they won their case against Victoria. Subsequently, we have been provided public record of this case by Otterlysilly Changed Resolved to Yes Subsequently, this post is now unlocked for comments. Please keep things civil and on-topic.
  23. I’m glad it wasn’t too big a piece, and it’s the first time I’ve had anyone open a case against me on PayPal. I’m considering being really selective with what commissions I open on Instagram going forward, as I tend to get much worse experiences there than my core base on Twitter. I’m really worried they’ve done it before, because I’ve seen them on someone else’s blacklist while I was trying to resolve this (for unspecified reasons), and they mentioned they “really hate getting into these messes with artists”. I really hope they do learn from this experience and understand that this sort of behaviour isn’t acceptable 😕
  24. takes a lot of gull to block you, then expect a response)and block while you're still trying to work out the commission with them.) they really should've speciified they didnt want the accessories at the beginning and their ref should definitely be more consistent if they expect the marks to be right on pieces they pay for. And to chargeback full when you said you'd be willing to workout a partial refund is apalling. Overall, nightmare experience and I hope they haven't/won't pull this on other artists.
  25. That’s a really good idea, thank you for this! I had always been having the assumption that commissioners would look at my TOS through my queue, but I can see that that’s a really good way to absolutely make sure it’s been seen!
  26. This is one the worst kinds of clients, who approve linearts only to request line changes after coloring, or sometimes even shading. I looked at that ref sheet and my (also ADHD) brain started swimming at the differences in front and back views. (My biggest issue lies with the drastic differences between all the elbow areas.) Aside from that, I would recommend adding your ToS to invoices and send those to the client over using a pay link. It removes the "I didn't see your ToS" which, to be fair in this case, wasn't shown to the client before payment.
  27. By the stars what a nightmare client. I'm so sorry you had to put up with this over $15. I see you've already raised your prices, so I'm glad on that front. Honestly, I always say when clients like this come and visit me, I know it's time to raise my prices and keep going until they disappear.
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