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  2. They did mention they didn't see my name on their PayPal, but I know that's gotta be false since I already sent them an invoice by that point (I sent it the previous day). Thanks! ❤️
  3. I think you are right to feel wary about this. "I sent the payment, sorry it's not showing up for you on Paypal. Start anyway?" is a common scam, and is a lot harder to pull off when you can see if someone's opened and read your invoice. I think you dodged a bullet, honestly.
  4. Today
  5. I think I only ever refunded one person who tried to pay for a commission, because I had not yet agreed to it. I base what I charge on the specific subject matter so I never take unsolicited payments up front. I definitely prefer to use invoices, because I know shifty people who get art and then try to force refunds are out there. So far I have usually been able to determine where clients come from or who else they know, so that provides a small sense of security. Someone I never heard of through email, though, I would be wary of.
  6. I see! Are you able to apply your ToS anywhere? I'm scared of chargebacks and things like that, it's easier to defend your case if the terms of service are clear and included with the invoice.
  7. There have been a few people who insisted on initiating payment to me before I was ready to send an invoice and I had no issues with it. However, if someone is being deliberately evasive and you can't find past evidence that they get on well with artists and pay for what they request then being cautious makes sense.
  8. Ahh thank you, that makes me feel more at ease that I made the right call. 😄 At first, they also only gave me their name and no email.. But they claim they've commissioned many artists before. I don't know, it just doesn't quite add up..
  9. You made the right move. There is no way that they've never gotten an invoice for a service before, and if they haven't, then they probably shouldn't be commissioning art. The invoice protects you and the client. Even if they 'don't know anything about them', if they wanted your art badly enough, they could open it up and read it and pay. The idea that trying to read and comprehend an invoice is too high a hill to climb to keep you and the client safe makes no sense. In short: Even if they legitimately don't understand invoices and were confused by it, you don't want to do business with t
  10. Hello guys! This is my first time posting here, so I'm sorry if my post doesn't belong here. I didn't want to post a beware because they technically did not do anything wrong. I'm just curious if anyone else finds this very sketchy and what you would do in my situation; I have a client who I've been trying to come to a conclusion with for a few days now, as they are refusing to pay my invoice out of the reason "they are used to sending money to the artist and don't know enough about invoices". At first, they did not want to give me their paypal email, but eventually gave it to me so I sen
  11. The store policies are two sentences long, but there's nothing about it being mid-production or anything. I highly doubt it's being worked on right now, sadly. 😞
  12. For sure. If you don't want it anymore or don't have any use for it in the future, then a refund is totally normal. Did they have any policies posted about what will happen if the scarf is already in production? If it's non-refundable at that point, can it be given as a gift later on?
  13. Hi all! Commissioned a custom scarf from a friend back in late June. It's now mid-January and I have yet to receive it, let alone receive any sort of feedback if it has been started yet. I feel guilty asking for a refund but it has been several months, we are midway through the winter and I plan on moving to a significantly warmer environment where I won't need a scarf next winter, plus I look up to this individual. Should I ask for a refund, keep waiting, etc.?
  14. Yesterday
  15. Howdy. I'm making this write up to be as transparent as possible about an incident that occurred today. Any member of staff is not exempt from receiving a beware on themselves, and the operating procedures for it is that other mods are supposed to handle the submission. I received a beware concerning me, and removed it myself. I also gave them a warning, because I believed them to be bringing what was happening in my email to the site. The warning has been deleted by me, so I can't recall it for proof. To put it simply, I thought this person was trolling me and reacted poorly. I apo
  16. Thanks for your response! I figured there wasn’t much I could do, which is a shame because I genuinely enjoy this characters design as it is now, but... c’est la vie. As for ownership proof, I linked the characters toyhou.se page, which was created by the original owner and displays the transfer logs of this character. Additionally my username is the same on toyhou.se and on the site I contacted them on, both I have used for at least a year and are well established, so I wouldn’t think I would cause any suspicions there but I suppose it’s possible.
  17. Unfortunately there's not much you can do. As per Boozy Barrister / Boozy Badger, the artist that originally made the design can pull it at any time if there is no transfer paperwork. I think your only course of action is to work with someone else to make a new design. Though I am curious, does the artist know you're the rightful owner via trade now? I'm wondering if they think you're a rando who is asking about a character that they believe belongs to someone else. And as a mod note, for everyone's safety: since this is a legal question please cite sources from professionals.
  18. Hey there! This doesn’t really fit any specific category but it does involve an artist TOS and legal stuff so hopefully this works here? If not let me know! Anyway, I’m stuck in kind of an odd situation regarding commercial use and what seems to be the designer of a character I own willfully ignoring me. About two years ago I traded for a design and since then I’ve been developing a story around them that I’ve been considering turning into a game. Before anything else I wanted to get everything squared away regarding commercial use so I didn’t step on any toes and violate any artists TOS
  19. Last week
  20. So, I just found someone that took a commission doing a copy/paste of my art, removing my watermarks, without permission and without crediting me. Original art links
  21. Earlier
  22. Yeah Ill definitely be adding it everything stating that I dont offer shading unless the base shows it.
  23. Going through your YCHs it's obvious that some are offered shading and some are not. Unfortunately, it's usually important to make sure to list as many details as you can, because there will always be a client who needs those details spelled out. Sorry you had to learn the hard way. 😞
  24. Since you already got a refund, then it is automatically downgraded to a Caution. Whether or not we will take it depends on the queue mods once they have full context. In which case I suggest to simply send it in if you'd like us to take a look at it. Be sure to include a shot of the estimated delivery time on the listing as well as all correspondence with the artist and etsy.
  25. I placed a commission order through Etsy (a marketplace site for goods, but has a category for digital) on Oct4th. Ignored Nov30th and again when I opened the case (earcly dec), which involves messaging the user in the steps. I placed an order and received a wip almost right away, but nothing for ages, and they did not reply to my contact attempt and I had to open an Etsy case. I left a review, and multiple people messaged me on how to actually get my refund, and that they had been scammed as well. I have gotten an etsy case to refund me. 1- because of etsys built in timeframes for clai
  26. Tacking on the cost of court/legal fees may not be of much benefit, though do some locations even go so far in the law to add an 'interest per day' in terms of unpaid contracts?
  27. Well even if this is still a WIP you can still get it taken down since he didn't pay you at all.
  28. Yes but unfortunately the costs a civil case like this would be far more than the cost of the commission itself.
  29. An odd thought to bring up, but since Celestina brought up that talking about negative experiences is protected by law made me think of this possibility: Could a small-claims case be brought up against Bad Coyote / CritterCanvas for the reason of 'accepting payment and not fulfilling contract' (not providing goods promised) due to the amount that was paid? From what I see, you have: proof of payment, approximate timeline/deadline, and the lack-of-product/lack-of-attempt seems to be a lot of evidence against the said artist. It may be a bit difficult if the artist and client are withi
  30. I had the same issue with Mothux. It took nearly 6 months to get my commission and I was about to issue a chargeback from paypal when they finally delivered it. No communication from them. Constant excuses. They seem to take on more and more work and then just never deliver unless absolutely forced with, when they do respond, emails that are full of emojis and flowers and sorry like that makes it ok. I would never recommend anyone get art from them.. Their "helper" also never got in contact with me when I tried to communicate with them.
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