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  3. Have thus been refunded, however not by the artist themselves apparently. they stated that they had a friend of theirs refund me the money. i have confirmed i got the money all the same though.
  4. Please submit a post in order for us to fully review and understand your circumstances. Please be advised, we do not accept anonymous submissions.
  5. Hello, Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere already, but I must have missed it when looking through the site for the answer. I am currently in a situation where an Artist is exhibiting an extremely poor behaviour I feel would warrant a Beware. Now the catch is that I still have a single month of my PayPal's buyer protection on my commission and I plan to use it. Would I still be allowed to submit a listing even if I plan to receive my refund through PayPal? Thank you kindly.
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  7. I have an update. The third commission is finished and I think it somehow came out better. I will have to wait and see if the second commission can be resolved. So this is only partially resolved.
  8. Outline: original point of contact. commission information given here. payment confirmation on my end. confirmation on his end stating they got the money. first update about 6 months later, just wanting to see if there's any progress, there was not. next message was actually him contacting me for once, asking for clarification, didn't hear anything after this, this was the last thing i ever got from them. me sending them a note, asking for progress with the option of refund if no progress has been made, i got no reply. just once again asking them for a refund, made sure they were aware how much it was and gave my paypal address as well, which is blurred. and me trying to contact their twitter about a week ago now, still no update, no contact, nothing. my fa outbox. he's read all of my messages
  9. I'm probably not doing it 100% properly myself, but the IRS hasn't come down on me, so I'll give my experience. I mostly use PayPal, which allows me to easily track my business income as invoices and send it as an exported report straight onto my taxes as an attachment. I get a few dollars straight to my bank account through commiss.io that I add to my total income (which my bank records already make note of.)
  10. Not sure if this is the right place to ask but I need help! I don’t know where to start when it comes to doing taxes as a freelance/commission artist. Everything that I’ve read seems to assume that I work for someone under a contract like a business (I don’t) or that I make a lot of money (I don’t make the amount they seem to be thinking). The people who commission me don’t give me forms for taxes like most sites think they do. Obviously art is more than a hobby for me so I should do taxes, but I have no idea what to actually do as a furry artist. I want to be able to do this myself instead of going to an accountant or whatever. Thank you !
  11. Caution: There will be some watersports art. And then gore and mentions of scat. I've censored some of the more sensitive artwork. It started out as what seemed like some normal commissions but as time goes by with subsequent commissions, the artist could not seem to deliver on the artwork and even after waiting so long, it's becoming increasingly frustrating. I am growing to have trust issues. Anyways, here goes nothing. Because it'll be long, I've split it into parts and placed under spoilers. Part 1: The beginning It started out as some innocent discussion and the artist showing me what can be done. I asked for some watersports artwork involving my sona which the artist only seems too happy to oblige. Part 2: The Botched Commission After the first commission is complete, I started discussing about a new snuff artwork that will feature one of my friends' characters. I discussed with my friend and he gave me the a-ok to have his character be the victim. Part 3: Radio Silence & Ghosting The second commission didn't quite go well. I thought I would ask for some scat relief artwork. And to top it all off? I checked the FA profile and there are still artwork being submitted from time to time, even as recent as a few days ago or even several hours ago as of the time of writing so I suspect the artist had been making excuses and ghosting me. The payments I made for separate commissions. The date of payment should match up with the date timestamp of Telegram messages where I notified of payment. Keep in mind that Boosty is used to pay. Commission #1: (Status: Complete, submitted to my gallery) Amount paid: $141.99 CAD | 6126 RUB Commission #2: (Status: Botched, artwork never revised to my request. Intended to be a sequence, only got one nearly-finished frame that needs colours and revisions.) Amount paid: $192.01 CAD | 8200 RUB (Intended: $145.18 / 6200 RUB) Commission #3: (Status: Never finished) Amount paid: $92.07 CAD | 5000 RUB (+$46.83 / 2000 RUB credit from overpaying commission #2) The Unfinished Execution Sequence Artwork (Content Warning: Gore/Decapitation + Green Blood) Just in case if you were wondering what was in animation.gif At this point, I begin to suspect this "artist" might be a scammer so if this person comes to you asking to commission, please know about my experience. Addendum: As per the request, I've attached the notes. Additional messages on Telegram:
  12. Changed Resolved to Yes
  13. The full refund has been received. I would like to resolve this beware *Personal information has been covered
  14. They commissioned me a piece with 2 characters, NSFW edit plus quite a complex BG. I’ve lost original description at this point, but they were completely fine with my initial sketch as you can see here. Price wasn’t an issue either. Instead all I got is 3 payments, ~50 usd each. Then they proceeded to tell me that they had “issues with payment”, which I suspect to be completely made up as no other customer since then had them. Also they were able to pay it partially, so they obviously had no problems. My bad for being naive and working without properly committing to the part where I have to get full prepayment after the sketch, but that’s just how I used to roll with it. And then I decided to reach out to Boosty staff. They said I had absolutely no issues on my side and… When I said I’m putting it on a hold till they fix it, they just blocked me. Everywhere. Without ANY explanation. They also don’t answer my Emails So far I’m simply blocked by them on all platforms. And I’ve seen their character being drawn by other artists so… They just took advantage of me and left. Small notes: I slightly cropped out DMs due to them being just filled with Troubleshooting Boosty, I can send full convo, but it’s just bloated with useless for the case information. Also, I got to the colouring stage when they blocked me, I sincerely want to attach the file, but site freaks out. It’s kinda irrelevant anyways. Also, I accept payments via Boosty and have a no-refund policy not because I want to, but due to me being simply having literally no other choice. I always make sure Customers are getting what they deserve, don’t wait for years and are fully informed about all these factors.
  15. Changed Resolved to Yes
  16. I raised a dispute with PayPal and very quickly the artist reached out to me. They finished the picture and this post can now be resolved.
  17. For more info on contacting the artist and PayPal, see here:
  18. For your reference, the Paypal window is 180 days. Your Paypal receipt provides you a deadline of October 1st to report issues with the transaction.
  19. Oh! I assumed Paypal cutoff was like 30 days. I'll see if they can get me a refund, thanks :D!
  20. If it's only been four months, you should be within time to file a claim with PayPal. I would send another message stating your intention to open a claim. You'll need to decide if you still want to try to get the art or push for a refund.
  21. You're suit was a year and so many months before mine and I still haven’t gotten anywhere with them. They sent me the same there is so many more in the queue then yours please be patient, no queue update either. I get they take on way more then two people can handle, but that is a horrible way to do business.
  22. I sent off a request for a YCH April 3rd. On the same day MarbleSoda replied and accepted it. They did caution me there was a queue, but I was fine with this. The very next day they sent me the invoice. I paid and they confirmed receipt. Two months later, at the end of May, I inquired for an update. I received no response. Another month later, at the end of July, I again inquired for an update. This time I also emailed them using the same email I sent my reference to. I received no response. Furaffinity shows an unopened letter picture for notes that have not yet been read by the recipient. IE a read receipt. Here there is no unopened letter picture. This indicates the artist is reading my notes, but not responding. The artist is clearly still accepting YCHs and commissions given their recent post on FA. It has been 4 months since I've heard anything from the artist and I doubt I'm going to get my commission. Now I want to warn others that they should not commission this artist.
  23. Small update: They've blocked me on Discord and changed their name to BlueMarshh
  24. Too long is anything that puts you outside of your refund window, imo. If you still have plenty of time, you can be clear and firm with this person and give them an ultimatum before opting for a chargeback. But if the amount is truly something you don't want to pursue and you see it as negligible, you can also just let it go and never work with this person again.
  25. If it's longer than two weeks without an update and ghosting, I would consider it money lost.
  26. I had commissioned an artist who had an emergency flash sale for a flat coloured, sketchy ych to help with their car, and made the mistake of not checking out their queue before doing so. After about two months of waiting for my com I saw they were uploading YCH's daily and when I checked their scraps they had YCH's from stuff like Christmas that hadn't been finished yet. They had a long queue list that wasn't being chiseled away and they had stuff written all over their page stating they had memory issues and often lost notes/ forgot about commissions. I decided to reply to them on the submission I bought the slot on and ask about an ETA because of seeing some comments that said they had notes disabled. I waited 12 days and didn't receive a reply while they were still uploading things and sent them a note stating I wasn't aware of their backlog when I commissioned them, and that after being ignored I didn't feel comfortable continuing my commission. They were polite and told me that they totally understood and asked for my Paypal email so they could check it and issue me a refund. I gave it to them and never received a reply. A month later I messaged them again and asked if there were any updates, they said that they didn't have the funds but they were going to a con that upcoming week (I messaged on a Sunday) and should have some spare cash "to get the couple of refunds pending sent out!" it's been 17 days and they're still constantly taking commissions and I haven't heard a word. The cost isn't "that much" compared to what I normally commission and I don't want to take money from an artist who says they needed it for bills but I also don't want to be given the run around either. So I just want to know how long is too long of a wait? Thanks for any answers in advanced.
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