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  5. Cover your bases so you've done your due diligence. In the reverse of this situation (as a client being ghosted) I've sent correspondence in multiple avenues to make my intentions clear when I've reached an impasse with someone. Touching upon the claimed work that was not paid for: You are going to need to prepare for the possibility that your client may never pay up for the remaining slots in a timely manner. If your TOS for your work states to receive payment within 24 hours, it's something you should stick to moving forward. You've said yourself it's a potentially large amount of money with multiple pieces that this one individual has claimed. It's cost you a lot more potential revenue in having all of this work stalled when the pieces could have gone to other buyers. You do yourself a disservice by letting them sit if you want to be paid. As far as a time-frame? That is entirely up to you, and how much you value your time in continuing the transaction as is. How is this affecting your current queue, other clients, etc. These are all things to consider when in tough spots like this. You can give them a week, or a couple of days, but that should be your call after evaluating the time spent thus far and the time that may possibly be spent in prolonging your shaky situation with this client.
  6. hey, thanks for your reply! this customer has been very communicative, both during the first work weve done together a while ago and in the process of the first ych which is why i trusted them with taking on such a huge plan, they also sent the payment for the first ych instantly which is why i didnt think there would be any issue with any payments going forward! itll definitely be a learning experience though, that apprently even when theres so many "green flags" that stuff can still go wrong. where do you suggest i contact them? should i send them the final notice through fa (where theyve been active + faving my new ychs) or through the paypal email they sent me, where they might receive an instant notification as opposed to fa? and how much time do you propose i should give them? overall i kind of want to avoid relisting the ychs, were talking about a huge amount of money and multiple ychs, which is honestly a lot of work to relist and also re-advertise @-@ but i will of course do it if ill have to.
  7. You need to be firm and direct in communications with the client moving forward, if you were not previously. If they came to you with the agreement with the payment plan and they aren't following through, you should not have to subject yourself to uncertainty because they are not communicating with you. Presuming you completed one YCH, and the others have not been started and paid for, you have the option to relist the remaining listings to allow others to have a shot. If I was in your shoes, I'd give them one last chance to pay for (1) additional YCH, but I would not let them keep however many they originally claimed. If they don't pay for the YCH, just relist them. As far as the current piece goes, inform them that you need their revisions for the piece you did complete by a strict date (a week, if you want). If they do not provide whatever needed to be fixed by that time, then the commission will be considered complete and no further revisions for the piece will be allowed. If they wanted to be entitled to your time, they should have followed through with their commitment to you and compensated you accordingly. Regardless of past commission history, it falls to them to keep up their end of the transaction.
  8. hey there, a while ago i posted a few ychs and a client (that ive worked with previously) snatched up a few of them and requested a payment plan, im fine with payment plans and since ive worked with them previously without any issues i didnt think much of it. they paid for the first ych and they told me they could make payments every week, so that the entire sum would be paid off in about a month or a little over it depending on if theres any problem. i finished the first ych and they seemed overall happy with it, though they asked for a fix and they were gonna provide a sketch so i know how exactly to fix it. its been about a week since then and theyre not replying to me or even reading my messages despite being active both on telegram (where we talk) and furaffinity (they even faved a new ych i posted) and also not to mention theyve missed out on 2 weeks worth of payment without letting me know. i didnt wanna seem pushy in the first week so i figured theyd come to me when theyre able to pay, but theyve been inactive for another week now like ive stated. im not sure what to do? im obviously gonna give it more time, but im dreading being ghosted. since theyre active both on fa and telegram it doesnt seem like theyre just too busy to even read my messages, so any advice?
  9. I appear to be blind. Thank you for double checking.
  10. It's right here, a link to a 5 year old journal entry
  11. So as of this message, I could not find a copy of their ToS anywhere on their FA account. Not in a journal, on their profile, not linked in the above conversation. A ToS can't be enforced if the client had no way of seeing it.
  12. On June 15 2020 I commissioned the artist joojoo on furaffinity to draw a single sketch page with 4 nsfw scenes in it and she sent told me that the commission would cost 80£ so I sent her the money. A week later on June 21 2020 I asked her if it would be possible to add another scene in the sketch which I was willing to pay for but she suddenly sent me a message saying how each of the four scenes in this sketch page commission would cost 80£ per piece. she did not clarify this to me earlier as I thought that the whole commission was 80£. Than in another message she claimed that I didn’t pay her at all when I did in fact pay her as I have the paypal receipt to proof this and she blocked me furaffinity and she has been ignoring my messages for a refund I tried to forgot about this as she is a popular furry artist so I felt that the odds were against me but I just couldn’t let go of this issue anymore and at the time I didn’t know that PayPal offered refunds and I was also afraid to go to them for help due to the commission being nsfw I’m attaching all the photos of the messages that the artist sent me and also proof of payment on PayPal here I would be very grateful if someone here could help me with this thank you Note: this is my first time posting here so please let me know if made any mistakes or if I’m missing something
  13. as an update: it'll have been 2 years since I commissioned them in a few days, and this piece has still not been completed. I do consider them (scaretactik) a friend and chat with them outside of discussions purely related to this, but I want them to do better & organize themself better and believe there's still room for improvement. Other commissions they've taken after mine/more recently have been completed sooner, and I still don't entirely know when mine will be finished.
  14. Contacted back in June after seeing them advertising in a discord server I'm in. After paying for the agreed-on commission and getting no updates for over a month, I messaged again for an update. They said they had some other commissions ahead of mine in their queue and said they don't check discord much, so gave me an Instagram and Twitter as other means of contact (could not find the twitter account when I looked for it). Two and a half months later with no communication I messaged again and got no answer. Another month and a half later I tried the Instagram, which matches the discord exactly, and was ignored. Yesterday I tried one last time on discord to ask why I was ignored on Instagram, no answer, but I did notice they had been online because their username has changed (from Catiko to evvisnothere) so they have definitely since logged in and would have seen my notification/message. As well, their Instagram profile has a link to a whatsapp channel where they post updates and work, which was updated as recently as today (at time of writing). Their Instagram profile has also been updated with a new profile picture since my message was sent, meaning they have logged in there and will have seen a notification that I messaged them there. I paid €30 for this commission and just got ghosted.
  15. I've been ghosted as well. Been over a year now since I autobought a YCH.
  16. I don't like the fact that I'm having to do this, but as I couldn't resolve this in a pacific way with this client, I've decided to make a beware so that other artist don't end up on the same situation as I am right now. Costumer: @lopinhojaneiro ~ https://t.me/lopinhojaneiro (Telegram) Telegram ID: 6328315414 On December's end (most specifically Christmas) he came on Telegram to me asking for a animated icon of my Star Fox YCH. I accepted and started working on it the day after, soon I sent him the sketch for approval. Everything before asking for the payment. (Something that I always do, and that is stated in my ToS that can be found on my art channel @JellyBeansArt). Besides that, the user ignored me without reason for more than a week regarding the payment of 50$ BRL (around 10USD) for the commission, and was incredibly rude when I questioned him about it, who answered me saying that I "Haven't finished it yet so I won't be paying". On my advertisement of that specific YCH I explicitly say that I finish it up to 24h after the payment (I said the same on the conversation with him, but he just ignored saying again that he won't be paying). So if you doesn't wish to fall on this pit, I suggest avoiding this person's fursona. I'll be leaving here links that lead to his fursona's reference sheet and some extra artwork of him. Along with it I'll also leave a video that shows all the conversation (portuguese only) and prints of it on both Brazilian Portuguese (original) and English. Sorry for the poor quality of the english translated images, I took photos of them from my computer screen using my phone to use the Google Translator. The video have good quality.
  17. All below messages are via twitter DMs. See attached screeshots. On Aug 11th 2022 I reached out to the artist who was then Marbleshark_AD on twitter, and now Pup_Jaxces after they did username change. After some discussion of content (skipped in the screenshots), we agreed to two NSFW sketches with alts totalling $140, paid on Aug 14th 2022 after some difficulty with initially paypal'ing the wrong address. I tip $15 at this step, for a total of $155. The agreement and payment is in the screenshots 4 months pass, w. no contact. December 10th 2022, I reached out again asking for an update since it had been awhile and I saw them posting about life struggles on twitter. No reply. 7 days pass w. no contact. December 16th, 2022, I reach out again asking for an update and giving reassurance in case they feared I was angry or annoyed. They reply saying theyve made progress on the comish, and ask for a better place to make contact citing a lack notifications from twitter DMs. I provide my Discord and telegram. They do not reply further. Jan 4th, 2023. I reach out to make contact, having not received any friend request on discord or message on telegram. Jan 24th, 2023, I reach out to make contact, having not received any friend request on discord or message on telegram. Feb 26th, 2023, I post a reply to an art piece on their telegram art gallery asking about my unfinished commission. They ask me there to message them on twitter, then delete the replies. I DM them on twitter asking them to contact me. I tell them I feel ghosted after 5 months, asking for the current state of the comish, and if none or minimal work has been completed I'd like a refund. They say they will need to look through their sketchbooks saying its 'most likely done'. This will be the last message I ever receive from them. July 31, 2023. I reach out to make contact after 5 months of wait, still having not received any further DM on twitter, nor friend request on discord or message on telegram. October 5, 2023. I reach out to make contact after seeing them post on twitter that theyre closing an account they host art on and that theyre discontinuing NSFW comishes, still having not received any further DM on twitter, nor friend request on discord or message on telegram. I ask again for a refund or for an update on their sketchbook search. After this I stop trying to contact them. However on Oct 25th 2023 I make my own artist beware style post on my twitter and @ their handle, which would generate a notification for them. On Nov 23 2023, I notice they've changed their handle to Pup_Jaxces. Having sought multiple times over a full year to resolve this either with delivery or refund, and sAs they have other posts here on ArtistBeware with the same behavior I can only presume this is not a mistake and they have no intent to deliver the commission.
  18. update: the artist has refunded me the full amount
  19. Great! I just posted the comment now. I'll link you to the post right away.
  20. Hello! Hytyle/Rayd/Aprilycan here. I just wanted to take a (rather embarrassing) trip down memory lane and once again atone for one of my biggest mistakes on the internet. As I've been heavily considering moving on from the fandom for unrelated reasons, I thought about this week of my life and thought I would write this post as a means for closure before I turn the page on this chapter of my past. First and foremost, I take full responsibility for what happened. I was very young and stubborn back when I did what I did (16/17?) and was frankly ignorant to commissioning etiquette at the time. I made a lot of childish and disparaging comments on the original thread and behaved in a way that was reflective of my age and stupidity in response to any criticism or demand for accountability I faced, showing how incredibly entitled I was, which I'm now aware was very tasteless and only dug a far deeper, much more embarrassing hole for myself. I also admit that, at the time, I only ever paid the artist to save myself from any further criticism or shame, rather than any actual repentance. I did what I did because I was an irresponsible teen who committed all of his allowance money on a single art piece, and instead of expressing to the artist that I was unhappy with the art and paying him for his time, I blocked him and thought nothing of it, not wanting to lose my allowance money for something I didn't like, again showing my immaturity and inexperience, having been morally stunted and misguided at that time in my life. I could make the excuse that I was peer pressured into doing so by a friend, but even if that did excuse me (it doesn't), I made the conscious choice to double down on my wrong doing and even try to paint the artist in a bad light to save my own skin, again something I'm incredibly embarrassed to relive and deeply regret doing. At the end of the day, every decision made was my own and nobody was to blame but myself. I'm very happy to say that I have grown a lot since the series of mistakes I have made, and have not had any further problems with any other artist throughout the 5 years that have passed since. I have gone from somebody who was unwilling to pay an artist for the bare minimum, to somebody who thanks artists endlessly for their work, somebody who tips ontop of payment when able, and somebody who appreciates and values art and money a lot more appropriately. Not only have I grown through my commissioning ventures, but also my behavior as well! Through maturing and therapy, I have become a lot more introspective, accountable, morally thoughtful and understanding! (Apparently I had unchecked BPD! Which may partially explain how I acted out on the original thread hahah). I have made more friendships and healthy artist/commissioner relationships than I can count and I couldn't be more grateful! With everything said, I would like to officially, genuinely apologize to drowninginbooks, the artist in question, and I hope you are living life to the fullest, wherever you may be. I also apologize to the numerous spectators that had to witness my childish and snarky behavior. There was a time this beware haunted me for awhile because of how embarrassing I behaved and slowly coming to terms with the mistake I made, but really, for all I know, it could have been the catalyst for the stark contrast in how I behave today, and I am really thankful that I was held accountable for what I did before at worst I really hurt somebody, or at least I never changed. Thank you all for hearing me out, and I wish you all a happy holiday!
  21. Howdy! You're welcome to leave a comment on the post at any time. And also we've started a New Leaf program in which we will mark your bewares with the "New Leaf" tag if you've gone more than a year without a submission against you. We just ask that you contact one of us administrators with a list of your bewares so we can apply the New Leaf tag. Also when contacting us, please let us know if you want us to boost on our socmeds that you've earned your New Leaf status.
  22. Hello! I'm here to ask this question because I had a beware submitted on me 5 years ago. Although the beware is long since resolved, I'm entering a new stage of my life and randomly thought about this period of my past and thought I would write a little detailed apology for the entire situation, as closure. So, I was wondering If there was anywhere on this site that supports or facilitates "closure posting?" And if so where would be the best place to do so? Or is this not very appropriate/recommended? Nonetheless, thank you all for your time!
  23. Hello I am the bewaree, This beware was rightfully written. Every word is true and I was not in my right mind. I used my mental health, lifes experiences, and flaws as excuses. My work fell off my priority list as my world was crumbling beneath my feet. I was unable to own up to my shortcomings until it all imploded. I spoke to Lady Mae, and many others, in an appalling way. I became completely unhinged and threw my emotions onto them. For that I apologize. I caused a lot of stress and worry for a lot of people who were waiting for me to work. Who had every right to question my behavior. I let emotions run my life instead of owning up and making the necessary changes. I ran, I went on the defense, and let my ego take the wheel. I have made a lot of mistakes and I'm done running. I have issued refunds to every one of my past commissioners that I could find. there are Two whom I have not been able to locate. If they are reading this please comment so I may find you. It has been many years since this incident and through a lot of therapy and self care I have come to peace with who I used to be. But I will never forgive myself for what happened through the Angels nest fursuits or the Dutch angel dragon community. For the way I turned on a community that welcomed me with opened arms. For those who felt the wrath of my own internal uncertainties. For the people I met with harsh anger instead of professionalism and compassion... I do not deserve forgiveness. I can only hope that my refunds can assure people that I never intended for this to happen. My intent was to create joy, by bringing characters to life. I was NOT ready for what came along with it. I am a very flawed human being who is doing her best to move past the person I used to be. I will tell every person who has seen this beware, that I am trying to right what I have done. Ive searched within, ive broken, and im rising. I'm rebuilding myself but I DO want to create again. I will NOT accept peoples money before a product is produced, that is a Promise. I refuse to let history repeat itself. I will create with my whole heart and soul in every costume from here on out. I will still search for a way to give back to this community. I will not give up.
  24. I was really holding out for Lorkalt, but the year is coming to an end and I have yet to get what I paid for. That, on top of months-long waits for a simple response and seeing the artist fulfill other commissions while I wait so long, I want to make this post to warn against commissioning Lorkalt or @Lorkalt1 on Twitter. On January 11th, I started talks with Lorkalt about a two-character colored commission. We did the transaction through Paypal and it was all done on that same day. A couple of days later Lorkalt sent me a sketch of what the piece would look like, and I agreed to what I saw. After this communication started to go downhill. I told the artist that I liked the sketch and then I finally got a response from him on February 27th - almost a month after we last spoke. He apologized for the wait and then sent me a link to a Google Drive folder that held detailed Black and Whites of my commission. I confirmed that I liked what I saw and sent him a few more details to help with the coloring. It almost took him until mid-July for me to get another response. When I finally got a response from Lorkalt, they explained that they were preoccupied with a situation going on at their end and sent me another update which I confirmed. He explained that he was just finalizing everything, and yet I only got my next response in October. There was no real update concerning my commission, but instead an explanation as to what was now preventing him from giving me updates. He explained that he lost access to his Twitter due to being blocked and that he would send me news during that week. That never happened, and now it's a few days into December and I have not heard ANYTHING from Lorkalt concerning my commission. As you will see in the screenshots, during these huge windows of silence, I have sent Lorkalt multiple messages to see if we can re-establish some communication. I would either be left on read or just flat-out ignored, so I was kept in the dark about when I would get any updates on what I paid for. And while Lorkalt did state that he lost access to his account due to being blocked, I don't find that as a valid reason mostly due to how we also established communication through email. So, regardless of if his Twitter was blocked, he still had the capability of updating me via the email address that I provided to him. It's irritating to deal with this because the art shows a lot of promise and I was excited to commission him. But I only learned that he has a habit of being tardy with updates only after I paid him, from this website and from other Twitter users who have been waiting for more than a year for their artwork.
  25. I asked for a two person commission He agreed as you can see proof of payment I ask for another update because I've recieved nothing so far Here's me getting ghosted for several months before finally getting a reply finally after floating the idea of a refund First wip Me getting ghosted again for several more months (we are now well past the paypal refund date I know, my bad) Here, he promises to finish my commission in a week after not talking to me for months, he has been uploading other people's commissions during all this time though. I agree to give him a week because I have no real means of recourse anyway Second wip And now just me sending messages into the void, he is currently posting on twitter though. At this point I don't really expect to get anything, not a picture, not my money back. To be honest I've stopped caring about the image altogether, I actually just want a refund since it's clear the artist has zero interest in doing my commission. I won't hold my breath for anything though. I hope at least some of you won't repeat my expensive mistakes now I know to never let an artist drag things past the paypal chargeback date.
  26. So it can be tough given the nature of Boosty. Filing a chargeback will get your account closed and doesn't guarantee that you will get your money back. You can, however, get a refund from the artist but it would have to be supplied voluntarily. You would have to convert your boosty account to a creator account, and then they can send you your money back. Unfortunately, that doesn't solve the issue of them simply not seeing your messages. One final option would be the messaging feature on Boosty. Some artists have it on. Some have it off. It's located on the profile page for the artist. You can also comment on any posts that they have provided they have a public post that you can leave a comment on. Boosty emails comments, so unless they're also not checking their email, they shouldn't miss that.
  27. Hi James. As of right now, it is still shows to be unread. Telegram messages still shows one check
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