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  3. A comment was not approved under Rule 2 of participation: 2. No excessive personal information or bewares in the comments. This includes, but is not limited to: Financial situations. What someone is spending their money on. Personal disputes. Attempts to guilt trip artists / clients due to personal matters.
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  5. This makes me incredibly glad I did NOT commission them when I had the chance to get something that wasn't a YCH from them. They approached me about some fnaf themed art around when the movie came out, and as we were just DISCUSSING the idea of the commission, they wanted to sell me more slots, upcharge me etc. Not sure if you experienced this but they also asked me to pay extra due to the paypal fees instead of including it in the price. Overall they were pushy and weird, and seeing how your situation went, I really hope they deliver or you somehow get your money back. You could try going over your bank for a refund.
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  7. This is absolutely not normal or to be expected. The communication issues here are abysmal and you're 100% within your rights to want a refund.
  8. Back in May 2023, Aslley had finished a YCH I had a slot for. It was very late. It was a valentine's couples YCH that I had originally requested and paid for 9th Feb 2023. I have had late commissions before so I didn't think much about it. When I finally got the finished YCH in 5th May 2023, they also said that they were doing a promotion for a half body commission. I did like the work of the YCH so I was happy to think about a scenario and discuss. A final amount and scenario was agreed upon with payment settled on the 10th of May 2023. But afterwards there were no updates, so I reach out on the 3rd of June for updates and was told that they were busy with Pride YCHs and so unable to work on my commission and also tried to sell me a Pride YCH which I declined or knew anyone that would want one. Again no updates. So I reach out in September 8th, September the 30th and October the 8th. All of which had no replies. With Paypal's 180 days buyer protection coming up. I then started the chargeback process on the 18th of October 2023. Later that day I got a refund and an update by Aslley later that day. Saying that the Twitter DMs were empty and could only see my messages on PC. Said that they have ADHD, a spreadsheet to keep track of all open commissions and family issues in the last month. But said they would still be interested in working with me. To which I replied if you an start working on it ASAP, within the week then sure. I'll go ahead with the commission again. So I paid via Paypal again on 16th of November. I also added them on Telegram has they said it was a better way to get in touch with them. They also tried to sell me a Halloween YCH as well which I declined. For this new cycle, got a message the 16th that the next steps was the sketch. On the 17th November, got a message asking if I was interested in a Christmas YCH. But I said let's work on one commission at a time. Knowing they struggle with ADHD, the last thing I would want to give is multiple commissions and would rather let the work on one commission at a time. This conversation around the Christmas YCH keeps going onto the 23rd of November. Being keen to keep this commission quick and aware that it's now been more than a week getting any sketch. Reached out on the 28th & 30th of November and 65th of December 2023. Got a reply on the 6th of November saying that they were busy with family. But would be able to show a updates the day after. Nothing appeared the day after and I reached out the 14th, 16th and 19th and got a response on the 20th of December. But again no sketch or any updates just 'what are the next steps with approving a sketch'. With Christmas now in fully swing I held off until the 2nd of Jan 2024 to ask for an update as in the screenshot before. Again on the 6th and 21st of Jan will no response until asking on the 1st of Feb. And got a response. Said they were in hospital was finally got a light sketch. Just outlines, no expressions or anything to make it identifiable as my fursona. Had some back and fourth about amendments. And I gave the go ahead ono the March the 4th. Reached out on the 4th, 12th and 19, of March and no responses. But this time they weren't delivered. Only sent. At this point, life got a bit hectic and busy so I forgot about it. I also usually have a calendar reminder about the Paypal 180 days buyer protection, like for the last one. But this time, I accidently put it a month later than I should've. I remember about the commission and asked on May the 20th for any updates on the screenshot above. And no responses. Unfortunately but this time, the 180 days was out by 4 days so I was unable to claim a refunded anymore. I've also reached out on Twitter on the 20th of May but no reply either. I have also sent an email in early June 2024 but with no reply. If you think about the full picture, I've requested a commission and paid for the 10th of May 2023. A year on, there is a sketch that only has an outline. No expressions or identifiers of my fursona. A lack of updates and communications. But would heavily promoting other YCHs even though not completing the current commission. Tried reaching out on Twitter, Telegram and email and got no responses. But there are still active on Twitter, making posts and retweeting and 'last seen within a month' on Telegram.
  9. I'm currently having a similar situation with this artist. Lots of delays met with silence. When I do get a response, they're excuses. "My pet is sick", "I've been in war", etc. Meanwhile they continue to post new art pieces regularly. I haven't even been lucky enough to get a sketch or a WIP, I'm pretty sure absolutely zero progress has been made on my piece and it's been over 8 months since I paid. I'm glad you made this post because it's validating my concerns about this artist. I may have to make my own post about them myself.
  10. A comment was not posted under item 1 of our rules of participation. 1. Comments are to remain professional, constructive, and on topic. We are not a drama site. If you have your own experience to share regarding this user, read through the Submission Guidelines and submit a post to our queue. Submitting your circumstances in someone else's submission will not be approved.
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  12. Update: On May 19th 2024 I threatened him with legal action in the form of a Letter of Demand should he not pay any of the money owed by June 16th 2024. Today June 21st I have recived confermation that both my self and others affected have been refunded in full. This issue is now resolved.
  13. I started interacting with this artist because I fell in love with a pre-made design that she was wanting to develop into a suit (she has now changed the description of the post as just a character she owns, but was once a ref sheet for sale to make a suit from. The comments on the submission show that it was once for sale, but don't give any real detail on the original description). I started messaging about it asking to purchase. We spoke through notes on furaffinity.net, getting the details of the commission down. I was told there were 14 commissions ahead of me, but once my commission was started it would be completed within 2-3 weeks, and she explained my payment plan to me. $200 per month after the 35% non-refundable deposit. I ended up changing my mind and asked to have the commission done of my own character, to which she agreed. I was sent an invoice for $5600 through PayPal. She confirmed receipt of my 35% deposit Nov 3rd, 2019. Reference for the new character: I paid $200 monthly, sometimes a little more if I could afford it, and was able to pay off the last of it in one lump sum on May 15th, 2020. Once I was able to pay off the entirety of the suit, I kept up with her on Twitter, where she was clearly more active at the time. I just figured it would be easier to contact and also I really don't like the format of FA notes. Things were okay, for a while. She responded within a reasonable amount of time. She did explain things had slowed down due to the pandemic, which I completely understood. But after that is when everything started going downhill. I know it takes a while to make these things so I only messaged every now and again when I remembered the commission, or if I got on Twitter and saw she updated on someone else's suit. But then an ENTIRE YEAR passed with no updates at all. And I had some things come up and thought it would be better to just get a refund since I had already waited two years with no results. She responded within a few days and apologized for not sending me any updates because she wanted to dump it all at once. I thanked her for her response, and said that if it's already been started then I won't cancel. I heard nothing after this until Feb 2023, when I asked for another update. This time she sent a picture of a carved head, which wasn't in the style I was expecting from her previous works, so I asked for an adjustment and she agreed. I ask for an update at the end of the year and get no response. I wait until Feb 2024 and she ended up leaving me on read. I message again in March 2024 telling her that I'm pretty much fed up and I'm going to look into legal action. I messaged her on Twitter and on her website, furitup.com. This is the email conversation. She begs me to give her another chance even though this all should have been completed within one month of her starting the handpaws. I explain my frustration and tell her the requirements for me continuing this commission. She gave herself about 19 days to fully finish a head and digitigrade body suit. I have not sent a dtd (as I was never given an address to begin with) and ask for an address so I can have one made and sent asap. I never got aresponse. April comes and I've still heard nothing. So I send another message through Twitter. Nothing. May comes and I've had enough. I tell her to stop production on anything and send it to me, finished or not, and she can send me the rest of my money. Today is May 20th 2024 and I have not received anything on FA, Twitter, or email. I will be emailing her again and repeat what I said in Twitter dms. This is my first commission experience and I want to know if any of what happened is normal or to be expected.
  14. Changed Where to https://twitter.com/ElvensnowArt https://twitter.com/galethei https://elvensnowart.tumblr.com/ https://griffivik.tumblr.com/ https://www.instagram.com/elvensnowart/ https://www.tumblr.com/helsiths
  15. Update: A friend let me know of yet another social of his https://helsiths.tumblr.com
  16. This is my first time making a beware so appologies in advance. This was my fourth time commissioning ElvensnowArt's who was a friend of mine since we shared mutual servers and a love for ESO, the previous three times had all been completely fine with no issues. So I commissioned him on the 18th of October 2022 for art of mine and another friends elder scrolls oc and he seemed happy to accsept it. All previous commissions had been done over Discord DM as well and the max only took 6 months to complete. The commission was $60 but I gave a $10 tip so $70 in total and I paid via Paypal as soon as possible. I knew he had some on off issues due to trying to find a job and getting used to living on his own. With him being my friend as well I generally didn't mind waiting months or longer for the commission as I trusted he would get it done eventually. He then gave me an update three months alter on January 19th 2023: I then waited more however Elvensnow begun to ghost people and become distant. He left the mutal severs we where in and stopped being active on his social medias completely by September 2023. I really hate asking artists for updates but on the aniversy of the commission I decided to DM him and got no responce: I gave him a week and then DMed him again poking for another update and this time he did respond: However, this would be the last time he responded to me as he at some point changed his settings so only friends and people in mutual servers (as indicated by the discord clyde bot error) which I have also learned he unfreinded everyone who knew him as well. Thus I cannot message him anymore and he is no longer active on any of his socials. As of today I never received even a sketch, it has been nearly 19 months so the chargeback on Paypal is not an option. I have also learned from other people who have commissioned him that I am not the only one he has done this to and owes hundreds of dollars to people. Addendum: Contact was finally established on May 16, 2024 on the artist's blank tumblr alt A comment will be made if/when a refund is received.
  17. On March 4, 2023, I contacted Etsy Shop PlushiesNextDoor for a custom made plushie of a character of mine. By Pledge, March 4th 2023 They acknowledged and said they were open to commissions and payment. By Keo/PlushiesNextDoor, March 4th 2023 I made the payment with them through Etsy via Klarna. I made the payment the same day, March 4th, 2023. I was initially told it would be within a certain timeframe— 12-16 weeks. By Pledge and Keo/PlushiesNextDoor, March 4th On May 9th they contacted me again to let me know that they’re behind on orders and that it wouldn’t be until September that my plushie would get shipped. I was understanding and asked if they could post their work on their TikTok, PlushiesNextDoor. By Pledge and Keo/PlushiesNextDoor, May 9th, 2023 I reached out again in September to ask what the process has been. They offered me a refund but I said I was still willing to wait. By Pledge and Keo/PlushiesNextDoor, September 6th 2023 I received a message from them again in October 7th notifying me and others that they’re very behind on orders and that their suspected completion date was going to be by the end of the year. They attached a document with all of the orders they were currently working on to show where we were in the queue. IMG_8052.MOV By Keo/PlushiesNextDoor, October 7th, 2023 On October 29th, they contacted me stating that they were shutting down their shop and that they would provide everyone refunds. By Keo/PlushiesNextDoor, October 29th, 2023 I asked if I could wait a little longer, and they told me that they would keep me on their list. by Pledge and Keo/PlushiesNextDoor, October 29th, 2023 Their last reply to me was December 7th, after I reached out to make sure they were doing well. On March 23rd of 2024, I noticed their plushie accounts on Instagram and Etsy were deleted or shut down. IMG_8104.MOV I emailed them twice. Once in April, and the second time in May. Taken by Pledge, April 12th, 2024 and May 10th, 2024. While they’ve seemingly deleted their other accounts, they’ve kept up their Tiktok associated with their plushie making. However, they are not active on it. They changed their username from PlushiesNextDoor to YesItsKeo. Unfortunately I’m aware that due to the amount of time that had passed that I won’t get my money back. Please be careful of this creator.
  18. Howdy! Welcome to our first post in the Scampedia. This is a relatively simple scam that involves the scammer using a legitimate artist's icon and a name that's very similar to trick you into sending them payment for an auction. In this case, they did not reply to me in my second to the last bid, but to a casual comment I made on the adopt on the same page. Thankfully, FurAffinity has clear indicators when the owner of the submission is commenting via the "OP" tag. So does DeviantArt Meanwhile, since the scammer has made a brand new account on FA, they have the "new account" tag. Unfortunately, this scam is also being carried out on ToyHouse and possibly other sites. These may not have the same indicators, so be vigilant before sending money. Click on the profile to check of it's the artist's. Know your artist. Does their auction indicate they only take one type of payment, but you're being asked to send to another kind? Such as the artist is Russian and accepts Boosty or Hipolink, but you're suddenly being asked to send to Paypal? Russian artists can't use Paypal. What can you do to fight back both as an artist or a client? On FurAffinity you can keep new accounts from being able to reply to you or comment on your submissions. Under "Global Site Settings" At the time of writing this, neither ToyHouse nor DeviantArt have ways of blocking new members from contacting you. However, on ToyHouse you can see a user's name change history by visiting their username stats page: https://toyhou.se/(USERNAMEHERE)/stats/usernames If someone is trying to run the scam using the same account, then they will have a lot of very different username changes logged here. If you want to be sure the person who is messaging you is the same person running the auction, you can click on the "Report" button to see their unique user ID. In this case, my UIN is "47055". That will never change. If the UIN of the person who is hosting the auction doesn't match the person who is asking for money, then it's someone else! What else can you do? Always report the scammer to the site they're attempting to scam on. Report the fraud to Paypal directly. They can't scam if they don't have a Paypal account. Login to your Paypal account Scroll all the way down to "Contact" Scroll down to "Message Us" Leave a screenshot and a written report on the user. Paypal will automatically censor any emails or links you put into the chat, but they can still see them. Paypal will then file a report on the user: Thank you to Noahasai for granting me permission to leave his name uncensored for the sake of this entry. He's a wonderful artist, so please give him some love on FA. https://www.furaffinity.net/user/noahasai
  19. Howdy! Artists Beware is seeking to bring new members onto our team. Only users who are 18+ are eligible to apply as our staff may view NSFW material. Before we start here is the Moderator Code of Conduct. What we need: All moderators must use the moderator discord. This is non negotiable. There is both a desktop and a mobile version. We have to be able to reliably get a hold of you. Availability in the US Timezones. All moderators work in pairs or more, so we need someone who can communicate with the group at large when we're discussing posts. You must be able to handle disagreements politely and courteously. There will be instances where decisions about a beware will be split between your fellow moderators. In that case a vote will be held. You must be able to be comfortable being wrong or having been mistaken. It's ok if you are, but we expect mods to handle these moments maturely and gracefully. You must be able to handle harassment and disagreement from users professionally. We will not tolerate "clap backs" or aggressive behavior. However, we do not expect you to respond to aggressive users indefinitely. We allow mods to leave aggressive users "on read". Users who cross the line via threats or harassment will be banned. Estimated working hours varies. It can be a few minutes worth of work per day, or sometimes a few hours per week. It's entirely dependent on queue load. Potential moderators do not have to field user questions or moderate comments if they don't want to. We are looking for queue moderators primarily. Queue moderators will still have to deliver Revision or Rejection notices. You must be able to keep the contents of the queue and any PMs you receive confidential. Failure to do so will result in your immediate removal from the team. Some notes: Given how the site's notification structure is set up, you will receive a lot of emails. Every submission and comment is emailed to all staff. Most of us have AB only emails for this purpose. Previous moderation experience isn't required, but it is helpful. We will walk you through how to use the site's moderation system. What to Expect: Individuals who are chosen will be interviewed, and then will enter in a training period with the other moderators via Discord. During this period, if there's more than one of you, we will ask that work be limited to the times a senior member is online. Once the training period is over, then you are free to work in any pair or more at any time. Please fill out this form, and the applications will be open until May 15th, 2024. To apply comment to this thread. Your replies will be screened, thus invisible to everyone but current staff. Length in Artists Beware: (How long have you been a member, including Livejournal) Hours of Availability: (The hours you will best be able to do queue work. Make sure and denote what time zone.) Previous Experience: (Have you moderated before?) Other Items to Know: (Are you a commission artist? Fursuit maker? Fluent in another language besides English?) Best way to contact you?: (site PM, discord, email, etc.)
  20. I am a person who was close friends with Blu, we worked together on fursuits, had dinners together, fursuited together, Parties, ect. Unfortunately one day me and a good chunk of friends of his have just watched him completely disappear, it's been 4-5 years at this point now and we still have no trace of what happened to him or where he went. knowing he was dealing with alot mentally just now has me forever fearful and worried about him. One day blu just,, stopped responding and eventually his account was deleted :( if anyone ever is able to make contact with him please let me know.
  21. After posting the beware publicly in their discord they made this public comment Also the Image in question that was on the stream was this cat soldier
  22. Changed Resolved to Yes To outside parties reviewing this submission: We strongly urge you to read our Submission Guidelines thoroughly in order to become familiar with how our platform operates. Our platform is an archive of transactions between clients and artists and does not delete any records unless it is under extenuating circumstances. While we are a heavily moderated platform: This will be the first and only warning to outside observers to keep things civil in regards to this submission.
  23. We're glad to hear that you got a resolution in this situation!
  24. Zephyr sent me the remaining $100 owed. I want to thank the AB team for assisting me with this. I appreciate all the help!
  25. A client named Garyolah7 didn't pay me after I finish the commission So I do the WIP, although I hardly understand what the client want Some day later, the client suddenly want naked variation as well The client didn't pay me after I almost done, and instant block me.
  26. I ordered 10 YCH's (1 in May and 9 in June), as well as multiple PWYW arts (in their now deleted discord server) from Brokenvocaloid between May and June of 2019. I ended up only recieving one of the PWYW pieces during an art stream they did, while all the YCH's as well as another PWYW were left undelivered. All of the undelivered art came to be worth $435 (though I was only able to find proof of $360 of that during my request for a refund, which was my own fault in not thinking to maintain recipts as I was completely new to the commissioning scene at the time and never thought to do so.) I requested a refund and only ever recieved $25 of the $360 I requested back. I was also asked at one point to give them $25 as they needed help with money, though at the time I didn't even have $10 in my account, I still gave them $5 because back then I was naive and just wanted to help. I realize that I was far too passive during the whole encounter and let them get away with too much. I was far too passive in general back then and it's something I had to learn the hard way. But even so, they shouldn't have taken advantage of that. I never received any more correspondence from them after this and eventually gave up. I'm not sure if they are still active online anymore, since they're constantly changing accounts, but just in case I felt it was important to share.
  27. There is a possibility of recourse, the wording on that article may refer to different types of scams and not a merchant transaction that may be disputed according to this article from the platform. There does not seem to be any generalized windows for dispute like paypal has, only that the platform can charge back a transaction from over 30 days.
  28. While Wise doesn't seem to take the same proactive steps PayPal does with fraud protection, it does list some things you can do about this: https://wise.com/help/articles/2978048/i-may-be-the-victim-of-fraud-or-a-scam
  29. $700!! Holy hell. I don't know what Wise is but if there's any recourse to get a charge back going I'd get on it quick!
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