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  3. Update: (I have screenshots if needed) After this beware was approved, I sent them a message with Artist Beware as the title and they got back to me within a day and told me that Furaffinity was being banned in their country so I needed to add them on Telegram. I added them and there were a few more missed deadlines but they did finish my piece today which I'm thankful for so I think this can be marked as resolved.
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  5. FA: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/olisnowpaw/ I approached OliSnowpaw after seeing samples of work she’d produced for a friend. I was looking for a series of 10 color drawings to accompany each of the chapters in a book of short stories. I contacted Oli and sent an outline of the job plus brief text descriptions for each of the drawings. Oli accepted the task and we agreed on terms. To take on a job of that magnitude for an unknown client takes a certain leap faith from the artist. I honestly did not expect more than one sketch per month and Oli quickly agreed to 2 or 3 per week. Rough sketches for my approval came lightning fast. The few revisions I asked for were delivered within a day or so. I received an invoice after the rough sketches and the final color drawings came just as rapidly. Once again, a couple of minor revisions were usually completed by the next day. Oli completed the 10 original drawings, plus one more for the book cover in about two weeks, a task I originally expected to take the better part of a year. It was a real pleasure to work with OliSnowpaw. She is a great communicator, keeping me informed of progress and potentials for delay. I felt comfortable giving Oli the freedom to make suggestions. She did a superb job of taking my character references (where available) and wildlife photos (when references were not available) then using those to interpret my written work in art. She was totally professional every step of the way and I would recommend Oli’s work to anyone.
  6. On Feb 25, 2022 I responded to a now deleted commission ad put out by Kancler_vell, and paid $70 USD for a colored headshot. Their email has been left uncensored as it's publicly listed. On Feb 27th they asked for my email to keep in touch when Russia invaded Ukraine. That was the last I heard from this artist. I have sent follow up messages and received no reply. Message sent on Instagram: Email attempts: I've learned from a Russian artist that Kancler_Vell is ok, but is only active on the Russian social media site, VK, on what might be a private profile. So, I sent one last attempt at reaching out. Edit March 15, 2023: after sending an email to this artist with links to this post, she has gotten in contact with me to figure out our next steps. Edit 2: Kancler has sent me a refund!
  7. Furaffinity: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/noahasai/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/NoahAsai I've commissioned and purchased adopts from Spy/ Noah over the past year and a half. Spy is easy to work with, and delivers commissions very quickly. Often within a few days, but never more than a couple of months. His style is fantastic and his adopts are well thought out and worth every penny. I highly recommend working with Spy if you have the chance. Below are some of the portraits I've commissioned from Spy:
  8. Twitter: https://twitter.com/oddthesungod Furaffinity: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/oddthesungod/ I've commissioned Odd numerous times over the past year. Each time Odd has been prompt with his communication, delivers sketches quickly, and handles any fixes that may be required just as fast. Odd is seriously a pleasure to work with, and each piece he's done for me has come out very cute. Below are just a couple of the pieces he's finished for me, but not all of them!
  9. https://www.furaffinity.net/user/ursusarctos Usus is an author, and will reach out to artists to get them to illustrate his works. This can be pretty intimidating, as it is a large project and may seem overwhelming. My experience with this commissioner was fantastic! He not only was very patient, but provided quick and concise feedback. Approval sketches were sent, and anything that needed adjustment was addressed in a polite and understanding way. He took my advice on composition as an artist, which is something that was greatly appreciated! Payment was a large sum, and was delivered promptly! He even offered to send me a physical copy of the book with my work in it- I declined, because as a parent I am wary of having such physical medium hanging around- but I imagine it is something that other artists would cherish. If you get the opportunity to work with this guy I really can not recommend him enough!
  10. OP paid via Boosty, which indicates a very strong possibility that they will not be able to recover the funds. It is one of the few methods available to Russian artists at this time, and the platform processes all payments as donations. Various individuals have noted here that they lose their claims due to the terms of service of the site if they've run into issues with the respective artists.
  11. When is your Paypal safety window up? If I were you, I would file a chargeback as it is probably getting close to when that window is closing. It seems like they're deliberately not responding and ignoring you while taking on a ton more new pieces.
  12. Changed Resolved to Yes
  13. We have resolved the commission. O was happily surprised to receive a message during my night ahift this morning. The art is above the messages.
  14. Proof of transaction/ original agreement: Backstory: 10/29/2022 Versera had posted a journal with links to their still open multiple slot ych commissions, I really liked the heart glitch ych and decided to comment to get one of my fursona Nyx. They responded to my comment and then dm'd me and I paid promptly. 01/22/2023 It had been a while since I had seen them post anything so I decided to check their page and noticed they hadn't posted any artwork since December 22nd and they had cleared the shouts on their page. Their public journal with their queue size had also grown significantly vs the amount of artwork they had produced so I decided to note them and ask them with my worries and ask what the status on my commission would be. 02/02/2023 My note had remained unread so I decided to leave a public shout hoping it'd catch their attention asking them to please respond to my note. After I wrote the first shout I was looking at their page and saw that they had two other accounts of theirs listed in their bio. (A NSFW account and an Adopt account) I decided to check them to see when they had last been active. They had been active posting multiple NSFW YCH's on their NSFW account as recently as four hours before my initial shout on their SFW account and had been posting YCH's on their adopt account three days before. This NSFW also had a journal with a separate queue from the one on their SFW account showing that their queue was a lot larger than I thought. I decided to leave a shout on the two other accounts asking them if they could read my note that I sent them on their main account. 02/04/2023 I checked their page again and noticed that on their NSFW account another user was posting in their shouts asking where their artwork was as they had been waiting for over a year. This raised alarm bells so I wrote them a shout stating that I was going to give them two weeks to do my artwork or refund me or I would be writing a Beware. 02/09/2023 They messaged me from their NSFW account stating that they were sorry for the long answer, and that they were in another country temporarily and very sick but they had their laptop and tablet so they could do my artwork if they felt better in the next few days. I responded that I was looking forward to hearing from them and waited. They had nuked their shouts on all of their accounts. 02/13/2023 - 02/17/2023 They uploaded three YCH pieces on their nsfw account and two brand new YCH's. On their sfw account they uploaded a piece of personal artwork and one YCH commission on the 15th. 02/25/2025 It had been over two weeks so I noted them again and this note has went unanswered since. I honestly don't feel like I'm going to get my artwork anytime soon if at all. The payment was through Boosty and I'm not sure if you can charge back a payment through Boosty through Paypal. I don't want to attempt it and get banned from the platform as I have a lot of Russian artist's that I want to commission. I'm just glad the payment was only 25 dollars.
  15. This is probably why the artist solicits customers in DMs. Just one more reason to do one's due diligence to look up who you're working with.
  16. I pledged to Lewdtime from April to June of 2022 on Fanbox. I was subscribed to their $45 tier for those three which guaranteed a colored sketch commission. Here are the receipts for those three months. After pledging to the tier, I had Dm’ed them on discord about the details for the first sketch. A month went by and I asked for an update. soon after I realized that I had continued staying pledged for a couple more months. It wasn’t intentional but I didn’t mind because I figured the commission would come pretty quickly since I had already gotten the sketch for the first commission. I asked if it was alright to send the ideas for the other two commissions which at first got no reply until a few days later when I checked again. I omitted the post on June 12th as it was simply my post about the details of the commission. But this was not replied to by Lewdtime after I posted the details. This last screenshot is the several months of update requests in which I attempted to make contact with them. I also tried contacting them on Twitter since they are mostly active on there. I also received no replies. At this point I had asked for a refund on Twitter and discord which had received no replies. Today I was able to get in contact with them, but I believe it was only due to the fact that I told them that if I received no reply that I would make a post on Twitter warning users to not commission them. They quickly replied and I was able to receive a full refund. Of course I am still posting this here because I have already seen one other post on this site with the same situation as mine. I do not have the messages from today anymore as I blocked them on every site after confirming the refund, but it was simply them requesting my PayPal address to refund the money to and then confirming that I received it. So please beware of this artist especially if you try the fanbox tier pledges since you cannot force a refund as easily as your typical direct PayPal transaction.
  17. A comment was not approved for ignoring item 2 of our commenting rules. Bewares in the comments will not be approved. Please submit your own post to add to our tag weight and metrics.
  18. Wanted to add to this discussion. Yes, this reply pic I got from my discussions seems like a tangent, but might make a little sense and also be a bit concerning. The way Boosty is describing their business model throughout my discussion with them might be summed up as a throughput. The payer (the one who wants an art piece), uses Paypal to send money to Boosty, which then sends that cash to the Author (the Artist). However, Boosty doesn't hold the money (maybe, I'm asking them about this right now). However, the Artist (don't know if I should post their name because they seem to be all right, though they do have an entry on this website) noticed that they have a negative balance on their account. The money is essentially somewhere. But the kicker about why I said this stuff makes me go back to the related pic. The company is asserting a Fraud claim now. Which is a very odd accusation to make. I'm going through PayPal because of the Payment Protection Plan/Program. If this is fraud, I don't know what is. The artist failed to produce the art commission in a reasonable time frame, so I initiated the dispute via PayPal. Since I cannot get a refund directly from the Artist, international conflict reasons, so I had to go up the chain that favors me, hence PayPal. However, in the eyes of Boosty, this is considered Fraud because it's taking money from their pocket, instead of the Artists...Despite the fact that now the Artist has a negative balance (Redacted transaction log below). The money is somewhere, and Boosty might be dishonest about something. Added context to when I made the purchase; I made the initial transaction in November (pic related below). The money, just before my dispute, must have been in the Artist's bank account. Boosty, is not saying something here, because the Artist's money is gone. I have until March 12th before this case closes automatically, so any advice might be useful.
  19. Yes, this is resolved completely. Thank you a lot!
  20. I want to bring up a great artist who I regularly commission for the last 3 years or so. Leonel Walbr's artstyle blends realism with fantasy and the work has been, in my personal opinion, immaculate. They're consistent and thorough with communication in every step of the commission, from sketch phase to finishing. They always informed me whenever a commission had to be delayed, such as due to sickness or other rl matters. I've commissioned many character reference sheets and a few non-sheet artworks from them. I have always been a happy client, and I want other people to see their great work. Here are some samples of the work they have done for me. Their social media links are below: https://www.deviantart.com/filhotedeleao Userpage of filhotedeleao -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Leonel Walbr | Facebook
  21. Considering this is his 4th beware and he considering this beware cyber buying on top of his constant ban evasions on FA and history of this of his previous three bewares. He's certainly making sure no one would want to commission him.
  22. I shared the link to the approved beware on Twitter. The artist found this tweet and left the comments screenshotted by a mutual, which I was unable to see because I was blocked. Per armaina's post above, the artist's claimed 'finished product' is of different quality than the advertised product.
  23. The artist has attempted to make a claim on their twitter that the image is finished, but as you can clearly see, it's the same exact image that was posted in the record. In addition to this, the artist has decided to make these claims on their twitter, instead of contesting it here, because they know they did not actually finish the image. And as a reminder since the post is long, this is what the render level was supposed to be: It is very clear that despite the artists claims on their twitter, they did not complete the image, at all.
  24. Looks like it. I've seen that Betty Boop fanart before. I think they might be trying another ban evade.
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