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  2. Sweet jesus that's on me for working this beware before coffee. If you see something that major please dont leave a comment. File a report or PM me. I almost didnt check my email because it was just a comment notif.
  3. Zelestin's phone number is visible on the Paypal screenshot~ Other than that, I'm very sorry this happened to you, OP. Sadly, you're far from able to dispute the payment via Paypal, since it's been much longer than 6 months. Here's to hope you somehow get a refund.
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  5. Yep, it is unfortunately that Knuxlight has not learned from his ways. 😕 I've given multiple people warnings that this guy is a massive deadbeat, but nope, "Hey he's been good with me..." I bet you anything he hasn't even started the BLFC pinups from 2018. Beware well warranted.
  6. You can try of course, though getting back in contact isn't guaranteed. Still better than just let her go with essentially stealing money.
  7. I paid for a commission that cost me 40 USD plus 5$ to convert it to her country's currency. She told me it would be done in a week or less and a MONTH later there was no update, her last message to me was that it would "be done tomorrow." After that she ghosted me, never did the commission and never refunded me. This happed 10 months ago. I refrained from posting it here because I assumed something must of happened with her personal life because she became absent from FF altogether. Now she is back. And I nicely asked her for a refund, but, she never answered me. I'm quite sure if she blocked me I would not be able to note her in the first place. I also gave her time to refund me and even just apologize, but she continues to not answer me.
  8. A post has been hidden because it appears to contain personal information. As a note we do not allow irl names. If there is definite proof the artist goes under different names, feel free to contact one (1) moderator with absolute proof it's the same person. Proof includes: - Same images - Same public emails - A public notice the account is a side account. Unacceptable proof is: - "Same style"
  9. Can only the user himself disable the profile or moderators too? Regardless, I think we can assume that the artist has found this beware.
  10. Should i keep sending Notes in hopes that i get a reply or just leave it as is and accept my loss?
  11. Curious how it must've transpired. I thankfully have their email to contact them, as well as their Twitter as it seems they unblocked me there.
  12. They seem to have emptied their FA gallery as well, to hide I can only assume. Their DA; https://www.deviantart.com/fantasystaples And Toyhou.se; https://toyhou.se/fantasystaples
  13. Originally, I had spoke to Knux to be able to get a pair of icons. Noticing in a mutual group his work, I looked to see that he was pretty fast and seemingly efficient with his icons. I asked if he were able to do romantic based icons and if he were open. He had shown interest and asked to send the invoice. I promptly paid it and waited for my icons. Feb. 18th - Paid Invoice May 3rd - I had not heard anything or gotten progress for my items, so I check in to see if my characters were too complicated. I had seen others icons finished and about this time he had started to take were portraits in support of his passion project he was working on. I wanted to change the characters if they were complicated and keeping him from completing it. He stated no, they were not and said he would try to get them to my by Sunday. Time had passed and he still did not even finish or give a W.i.P. for the icons. May 17th - I checked back in again, and it had been about 3 months since the initial payment was sent. I asked if I could get a refund since I felt that it had been a long time I've waited for nothing to show. He agreed and stated he understood. Stated he had been bogged down for a few days, and rightfully, I understood that and didn't take too much to heart. May 21st - Asked me for my paypal so he could resent the money and stated he didn't want us at each other's throats over money. May 29th - I messaged cause I hadn't gotten my refund for the 21st as they said they would send it then. May 31st - My message was left on read from the 29th, and I sent a message stating I felt they were avoiding me now because of that. Due to previous experiences with artist doing the same thing, it made the situation a bit more anxiety increased and I was wanting to get the transaction over with. Knux stated they hadn't dodged me and that they were busy with a friend. The money was sent that day. June 1st - I had stated that while I appreciated the refund, I was going to post a artist beware in review of the transaction process I had received from them. It wasn't the best, but I wasn't doing this to spite him. I just wanted him to improve how he did things and improve for customers down the line. June 2nd - Knux stated that they felt blindsided for me doing a beware because it was not discussed. Sometime after, I had been blocked on Telegram by Knux for what seems to be the reason that I warned about an Artist Beware going up. Attached is a picture of me being able to see the icon before and now I am unable to see any as shown in some of the screenshots. All in all, the beware I am making now wouldn't be here if the commission process wasn't this bad. In writing this, I would hope that improvements are made for him to fix this so it doesn't happen to others down the line when taking commissions.
  14. Currently right now, I am having to post a beware for this exact same reason. I am sorry that this happened, and hopefully he learns to fix this and do better with his commissioners later on.
  15. Hiya this is something only staff can answer when looking at it in the queue with your proof supplied. If you feel it is something others should know about please submit.
  16. Took a commission from someone mid may. They originally ABed a YCH stating they could pay in 3 or 4 days. But they wanted a bunch of edits and because I dont do that for YCHs, I told them to order a normal comm. It was finalized 16/17th of May.Then, they said they could pay half on the 1st, half on the 15th. (Later than their original pay date) My last two notes have remained unread. I left a shout and they replied they were busy. A week after I left another shout, and now both shouts have been deleted without any reply. I sent a final pay or cancel note. I did not start any artwork, but I wasted a lot of time on notes back and fourth. I have had issues with the user in the past, for bidding/ABing YCHs but never actually buying them due to lack of refs, or content issues. But I had one successful one last fall from them, so I thought it'd be okay. EDIT; I realise not a normal beware, but more a caution post as I have seen posted a few times.
  17. The same thing happened with my boyfriend when he commissioned him. He at one point told my boyfriend that he works on commissions in no particular order and will work on what he feels like when he feels like it. He made it sound like he only works on stuff that's he's interested in. So if he doesn't like your idea I guess you might be waiting for a long time. I also remember that he did not provide a sketch for approval and only provided line work, and when my boyfriend asked for changes Strype wanted an additional $75 because he does the line work by hand and would have to "start over" to make any changes. He waited about 3 months before asking another update then trying to obtain a refund. The two of them eventually worked it out and my boyfriend got his money back and agreed to let Strype keep $75 for the line work he did. It was a terribly painful ordeal. For someone as popular as Strype not having a ToS baffled me, I was immediately concerned when I could not find any traces when I went digging around for them during my boyfriends ordeal. I feel for you, and for anyone who has (or currently is) dealing with his random policies and aloofness. TL;DR Boyfriend had similar issues with the artist that resulted in the artist losing their cool. Ditto on the "I urge you to stay away from this artist at all costs, at the very least until they possess a ToS to prevent what happened to me, from happening to you."
  18. I commissioned this individual July 28, 2018. I had recieved one WIP image, and then nothing after that. No updates were given to me unless I asked, and I didn't message them often. It got to a point that they weren't responding, so I had to go and see if they had any other social media just to contact them. January 4th hit and I realized I was never going to recieve my artwork. So I asked for a refund, and they said it could take days to weeks. I said okay and left it be for literally months. I then messaged them recently. They read the message, and ignored it. So I called them out on it and they responded very rudely. They are extremely unprofessional, I do not recommend them. Please, do not commission this individual for artwork or even fursuits. You are not guaranteed to get what you payed them for, and I highly doubt they'll ever actually give me a refund.
  19. They seem to have blacklisted you by blocking you therefore making you "unable to commission [them] in the future" as by their TOS. I wouldn't take it personal if I were you.
  20. Ultimately it's their right to block whoever they want, and choose not to do business with whoever they want. I don't see it as unnecessary personally.
  21. This a very confusing situation I had with one artist I've commissioned, but decided to get a refund. The artist was offering bust commissions for $60. Having admired their works, I claimed one. A few weeks went by, and they haven't started on my art. And after a while, I requested a refund and so they did. Keep in mind that I've been very patient with them. Afterwards, I've found out today that they've blocked me on FA when I tried to +fav their recent submission. According to their refunds clause journal: I'm rather confused at their reasoning for blocking commissioners after refunding them at this point. They're a really good artist, but what they've done is just mind-boggling, not to mention really unnecessary. Wouldn't you agree? Thanks for hearing me out on this!
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  24. I paid Gideon Hoss nearly $60 to draw my character at anthrocon 2014. I was unable to retrieve it at the time. I have sent him numerous emails over the years asking about it. Ive seen him at other anthrocons and he still didn't have it on him, but he did finish it.
  25. This comment is being approved so we can publicly state that we do have internal proof via our rejected archives that you two are the same individual. Trunch submitted it, but it was asked to be withheld because the person you're commenting to can't consent to being included on a beware.
  26. Please could you provide any proof that shows the it is me doxing you? I dont se any relation that the person saying that they doxed you by sending a link is me. Claiming that that is me without profing it isnt nice.
  27. Back in May 22nd of 2018, I commissioned an artist by the name of Fantasystaples for 2 $5 commissions. The commissions were of anthro pokemon that the artist originally did sketches for as a request, but were open to me commissioning and purchasing the design as my own. Since the artist wasn't very active due to wi-fi trouble and not checking on messages, I let the artist be as I waited for an update of sorts as the months went by. I did try to contact them every month or so, but deleted a few message as to not flood their discord with messages once they returned. ( Payment was sent as Friends & Family. I had no idea how paypal worked as I had turned 18 2 months before this. Now I know how important Goods and Services is ) On January 18th of this year I finally managed to get word from them. Because of how long the commission was taking, and how long they left me in the dark, they offered to compensate with an additional art piece as apology to which I was quite alright with. However, I wanted the focus to be strictly on the commission alone as to keep everything on track. I also simply wanted the designs as soon as possible now that my patience was running thin. Since it's been over a year after payment was sent, I decided to note them 16 days ago in the hopes of getting a response as it can be really concerning when there hasn't been much talking for a year old commission. Their activity on FA was going very steadily and it felt like it would be the better place to talk more on. I sent another note just this morning to be greeted with "You have been blocked" and no words as to why. Furthermore, I used my alternate account and twitter to try and contact them ( as well as expressing a refund if the art couldn't be done ) only to be blocked shortly after. TL;DR: I commissioned an artist by the name of Fantasystaples back in May 22nd of 2018 for 2 $5 commissions and have tried to be patient with them. Now all of sudden they want nothing to do with me and are trying to block me from contacting them.
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