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If you have to ask... the answer is probably gonna be no. But that's fine. 8^|
  1. I wouldn't consider what Minami 'sold' to someone else to be OP's character. OP considers his bee character to be male, fluffy features be damned. What Minami drew was basic moe girl. Also re: your other comment. We don't always require screencaps of the payment so long as we can get proof of the artist/client acknowledging the sale in some form; as Minami here has.
  2. Just a quick note; they traded/sold the blanket away to a *different* individual because OP was cancelling this particular trade/commission due to how Minami was treating them, therefore the blanket was not Minami's to claim.
  3. Thank you for the support on our beware post. We totally learned from our mistakes and from now on we're definitely sending works with watermarks and even check on future clients better before accepting a commission quote to avoid further drama.

    We would like to thank the platform and the staff for giving us the chance to share our side and all the proof we could to bring this specific situation to light. The staff was amazing during the process and even brought parts of the story to light that we didn't know. It's great to have a place where you can have your reputation checked and also defend yourself against toxic behaviour. We plan on staying around and be more active to not only support your services but also give help when we can on this kind of situations from now on.

    It’s really heartwarming to see that more people understand what we’re dealing with and for that we would like to thank you again ❤️

  4. I am 10000% sorry that they got to you. I hope somehow you can turn their work into a YCH or an adopt to recoup lost money.
  5. My only hope for this studio, is that after this incident they take to heart one of two things. ONE: If you will be 'inspired' and do the work before money is exchanged; heavily watermark your pieces with 'UNPAID WIP' and do not give them in a high res format. TWO: Don't lift a stylus until you get your money.
  6. They may have looked or may not have looked but the exact moment they gave you the reference, I repeat the onus is still on you to clarify. And yes. You are. While we can all agree they came out strong with their anger you did jackall to turn it around in an appropriate manner; and you continue to lean on the excuse that they needed to be nicer to you. Annnd... again. Not everyone is you. Not everyone will do their research especially when you put an inexpensive slot at a limited amount out there. I'm telling you this so you don't get a repeat of this situation and instead you scoff. So you obviously don't want to learn how to avoid this and would rather wallow in a type of victimhood that isn't doing you favors and I'm only exacerbating trying to tell you so. So this will be the last you get from me, for my own piece of mind.
  7. WHY did you not clarify this to the client? That's something you say from the getgo. You told them and I quote from the caps "Of course :3 She's cute, love the horns too" A lot of artists when posting that they're open for commissions will list their strengths and weaknesses in what they can draw. If you cannot draw past your referenced images of slender large breasted women(and obviously large horns that you recognized were a big feature but you did not draw) the onus is on you to declare that and confirm your client understands because not all clients are gonna do their homework so if you don't want repeats of this; this is what you have to do. BTW... Attempting to tone police OP's dissatisfaction when we're talking about you is an attempt to derail I am not taking. Also no mod of any website or server should ever communicate FOR YOU in the event of a block because that can be read as a block evasion by the one who initiated said block.
  8. When the finished product is in no way faithful to the reference; you know there is a problem and you cannot "its my style" your way out of it. I'm personally under the impression that this artist heavily referenced porn or something for the pose and just ran with that without adjusting shapes and hair to match the ref. There is nothing wrong with reference but it's a tool not a crutch or an excuse to go off model regardless of price. If they couldn't faithfully come close to your character they shouldn't have taken on the work. You have every right to be upset about this although you could have worded things better. But the artist should have seen this coming tbqh... in a fandom where appearances are everything to its members to take someone's character off model without permission is a slap in the face.
  9. Changed Resolved to Yes
  10. Changed NSFW to No
  11. There's a reason you can't file a chargeback. I was wondering why you were charged 36$ when it was 35. Only when you pay via Friends and Family through a card do you the sender get the fee. You cannot chargeback that method because F&F is essentially giving them money with no strings attached. It is against Paypal's policy to charge customers through F&F, so you can report that to Paypal; you have the evidence. But let this be a lesson to you: Never. Ever. Pay. Via. Friends. And. Family.
  12. From the time of them filing the chargeback to whatever the results maybe; they don't have reposting rights to the image so its "theft" especially since they're attempting to profit off this. I strongly suggest you report the FA report so it can be taken down.
  13. Xaila

    Beware Coyot_tea

    They're a damn liar and that's sad. A person or two is suspect but bugs happen. Their ENTIRE CLIENT LIST Oh they're really putting it on thick
  14. Then finish it, and hold onto it just in case they try to cry you stiffed them. Unless you can email it or find another way to give them the finished product with as little con IMHO harassers get... pardon my "french" but fuckshit all. If you say he blocked you because you turned him down and called him to the table for his actions; he forfeited the art and the funds. I only gave the options I did to be fair, without additional work to you because again to me they forfeited the product by blocking you.
  15. Client effectively cancelled the commission. Here are your options: •Refund partially since they bounced •Refund in full to sever yourself from them •Do absolutely nothing OTHER THAN collect your evidence of their behavior, that they blocked you, that you did the work, etc. If you used something like Telegram you should have done this yesterday so to speak due to the way people can basically self-destruct their misdeeds on that service. Do I suggest a beware? Possibly. If you really felt uncomfortable and it was to a degree that you feel femme presenting artist's would need that warning; then proceed and the mod team can review.
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