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If you have to ask... the answer is probably gonna be no. But that's fine. 8^|
  1. This caution post is so painful to read. I feel for you and the time lost; but I also applaud you for basically calling the "client's" bluff regarding court and Hasbro and not letting them get away with shenanigans.
  2. I'm going to remind you guys to knock off pushing the OP to get a refund. They do not want a refund. They want the art. Please do not disrespect their desires in this.
  3. You're fine to use this app for reference, I've used it a few times myself.
  4. Please see either the top of this post OR the screencap I attached below (which is of the top of this post). We already made it a Caution post due to the artist's behavior. Which while no it is not BAD persay... but frustrating for this particular client who felt that others should be aware of how Strype works.
  5. OP if you could confirm you received a refund we will tag this as resolved.
  6. I'm in California sitting in the middle of one of the worst storms we've had since the Rain Season began.
  7. Hi! I'm Xaila aka Xai. I'm the other one. Everything Cel broke down is true! And fear not, we are here to help as long as you are willing to understand that: We're volunteer run so "post this immediately" doesn't work on us. You do your best to follow the submission guidelines. If we say it goes; just get rid of it don't attempt to justify it. If we sense its not there or all right; we're going to act on that. Don't be surprised if we ask a lot of questions. The staff is incredibly flexible and understanding as we all do some sort of art or building as a craft. And lastly... I accept fine French pastries as bribes.
  8. Xaila


    So you've seen the little alpaca pal in a few of my posts to the LJ comm, right? Well this is her in her final form! Meet Abbie the Alpaca of Artists Beware. She's ready to get to work being our happy mascot! Facts: She's a Fawn/Dark Rose spotted alpaca Her ties come in many colors Her torso shaped like an egg-friend Dat Floof hides a long neck She's an earthbender Her favorite food is apple brown betty Abbie is a creative endevor between myself (original design) and Neolucky (final design). We hope you enjoy Abbie as much as we do! Cheers!♥
  9. Conversely though? At the end of the day; you are only entitled to the time of an Artist on a Client basis UNLESS THEY reach out first for something outside the bounds of business. You cannot force a friendship or anyone to pay attention to you. Even with money. Everything Cel said is true and valid for what AB is here for.We're not here to make people be friends or even attempt it. We're here to hold artists and clients accountable for their business practices/behaviors. A resolution need not be everyone gets along amiably that's just not how it works.
  10. That just falls under advice for the most part, aside from ToS which is such a big thing in of itself it needs it's own block. But sometimes legal advice isn't needed as much as morality advice. But we can discuss it amongst the staff. And unless the lawyers are doing these articles pro-bono; that's a cost a volunteer run website can't hack.
  11. Say yay if you love the spaghet!

  12. This is going to be good!

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