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  1. No transaction? You're in luck because while you're only out time; you're not out money. As annoying as it is to want a particular artist and they ghost you like this when you're so ready to work with them, take it as a sign of what was liiely to come. Find a new artist and don't bother with the one who stopped contacting you.
  2. We understand that RhinoBoy and some of his fans may be acting out on Twitter at the moment and that the subject of this beware himself is asking for understanding: But how can OP give any more understanding when it's been over a year; April 2021-October 2021 there is nothing January 2022 a promise of a sketch April 2022 ... a promise of a sketch June 2022 another promise And... nothing. Regardless of his schedule if he knows he's busy running his con and other businesses; he should refund and not leave people hanging if he can't communicate directly to clients rather than tweet he's sorry. Even now his immediate QRT from the AV Twitter is asking for more patience than he deserves... I hope he realizes that in the end: this beware is not being "a Karen" (talk about watering down a term) this beware is asking for accountability and anyone who tells Rhino it's OKAY is no better enabling bad behavior.
  3. Also see the trello for the stickers; its got a big ol CANCELLED on it.
  4. Gotta say, Adiago once again proves they're a piece of work. Because they literally came to *you* with their excuses looking to get extra money. And because the sky was wrong that day for them; you can't get anything in return? No refund no art, plus "taking back" the adopt? How about they return that interest free loan instead of acting like a catty diva.
  5. Mod Note: A comment was hidden because it doesn't add value to the conversation regarding this post.
  6. 1.) Yes; they don't know you and they might assume you're causing unnecessary grief. 2. Just file the beware for review. Why? See point 1. 3. This is basically considered harassment by almost every art site community online. Its not a good look so please don't. 4. See point 2. If accepted you can tell the artist, RT the update tweet from our Twitter but that's it. Give this artist an ultimatum with a hard deadline for completion or they can refund you. No extensions, nada. You're not friends you're doing business and you both need to treat it as such.
  7. Post will be marked resolved. As a reminder; posts are never deleted unless proven to be a fabrication.
  8. Hellbryndjar really has no excuses for this behavior. It's pretty vile to have a pattern of this. OP I'm sorry they treated you like this its ridiculous and immature. They shouldn't be commissioning people if they can't act right.
  9. This is obviously an unfortunate situation and I hope you're attempting to follow up with Paypal over the phone vs. Email just in case. But please for the love of God Sarah why are you using chat apps like Telegram on business? Email. Only. Email. Only. Email only. You've been in this game and using this community too long to be using chat apps for anything transactional. Also please slap big old "All Sales Final" on your pre-made items. Save yourself from Buyer's Remorse regarding this kind of stuff. Giving them these inches let's them take miles (and chargebacks) out of you.
  10. The only thing we agree on (and may I remind you, that you conceded to) is you went way overboard on a full chargeback. Anything else Adiago says, is them obviously getting at your goat (esp. with that language Jesus lawd)
  11. We're allowed to be a little disappointed to see you ask for a full 570 dollar REFUND because you removed the text. Add it back. You don't have to like it; but you also know very well artist's rights on FA are taken seriously when it comes to uploading/reuploading. OP was and is allowed to be uncomfortable with what you did. And to no longer do work with these particular characters, nor hear any 'sides'. You yourself know how Adiago acts and their temperament; so why would you fight OP wanting to protect themselves? Why would you in what for all we know is a fit of petty... try to drag them into whatever is between you and Adiago? Literally I have nothing against you (although I have a feeling you think otherwise). Like I said in my prior post; I have only ever seen you as someone who usually champions artists! So this is a step back from what I've seen of you in the past. Add it back. No one is saying you need to display the credit in 100 point font in the center of the image. 6 point font in the lower right corner can't be that harmful; fulfills the requirement, its not obtrusive and its done with. I hope you drop the chargeback.
  12. Raven owns the designs because she bought them. But I believe she had a falling out with the owner (Adiago) so of course said species owner 'cuts' those characters out of the species; but instead of going their own way and making a new name, Raven continues to call them by that particular species. Why? Don't know.
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