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If you have to ask... the answer is probably gonna be no. But that's fine. 8^|
  1. Then finish it, and hold onto it just in case they try to cry you stiffed them. Unless you can email it or find another way to give them the finished product with as little con IMHO harassers get... pardon my "french" but fuckshit all. If you say he blocked you because you turned him down and called him to the table for his actions; he forfeited the art and the funds. I only gave the options I did to be fair, without additional work to you because again to me they forfeited the product by blocking you.
  2. Client effectively cancelled the commission. Here are your options: •Refund partially since they bounced •Refund in full to sever yourself from them •Do absolutely nothing OTHER THAN collect your evidence of their behavior, that they blocked you, that you did the work, etc. If you used something like Telegram you should have done this yesterday so to speak due to the way people can basically self-destruct their misdeeds on that service. Do I suggest a beware? Possibly. If you really felt uncomfortable and it was to a degree that you feel femme presenting artist's would need that warning; then proceed and the mod team can review.
  3. Changed Resolved to Yes Note: Beware tag is staying due to the situation basically ending via PayPal and not between you both.
  4. People accuse us of a lot. We simply explain the truth as much as we can while respecting the confidentiality we hold ourselves to in regards to the posts people make to our queues. That's up to the rest to take. But we would be around for over a decade if we folded at every internet accusation. ANY posts that get settled aren't settled by us as staff. The resolution comes from the artists and clients. We might step in for assistance but only in regards to the site and its needs. It would be impossible for anyone to get something to go their way via our site staff because they slid us a fiver. It wouldn't be hard to add a tag for anonymity to the donation plan if you would be more comfortable with that But at the end of the day, what was said still stands. We wouldn't let a donation swing a person into favor, and anyone claiming otherwise will get lol'd at and you would do well to take said claims for what they are; attempts to shit stir for no good reason.
  5. This. Absolutely this. We've been accused of favoritism in Artists Beware for the longest time, but our critics in that regard never delivered solid proof we favored "populars" over "the little people". We as a staff are our own harshest critics which is why we work so well and have such strong principles. If a Donator wanted to get leniency from us because of said donations; I'd rather go broke refunding them.
  6. No no no. Do not give them an option at this point. Take them off your queue. "I'm honestly sorry you feel this way. But in the interest of my health and also the quality of work I want to give. I can't in good faith continue with this commission. So please allow me to refund you so we can end this now. Refusal to accept this final offer of a refund means that the funds will be kept as a donation." Don't push yourself to finish their commission because if you do they can blame you for rushing it (even though it's a situation they created) and still turn around and chargeback out of spite. In the future even if its just a notepad doc on your PC, take down the first initial of the first nameand last three of the last name, date, first and last character of the email with email provider and amount so you can pinpoint faster and privacy is maintained for the client Example: Sam Wilson fanboy2012 @ yahoo dot com becomes S Wil f********2 Yahoo 8/30 20.00
  7. They don't get a choice. While it's reasonable to a degree to be wary of some artist's behavior who fake illness and such. With proven proof they should have stood down. Instead they're choosing to call you out and you're obviously uncomfortable with this client. Force. The. Refund. They don't have a choice anymore their work is canceled. They're blacklisted from your queue too. Mind you since the cancel is artist initiated so they get all funds. Turn their WIP into an adopt or a YCH. If they continue to deny a refund, you can say that the money is a donation and they keep the WIP and that's it. But I am personally hesitant to advise the latter since they could just chargeback. But regardless of the outcome remember your health comes first and if they can't hang with that they can go two steps to the left.
  8. Let me preface I have a small bias AGAINST Lemonbrat or well a member of the group persay from when they did cosplay commissions. I did not participate in the approval and I tried to stay out but there is too much here to be quiet. I did participate in the agreement to go from Caution to Beware due to witnessing LB literally obliterate timeframes. OP would never receive the suit in a timely manner due to location, international shipping and customs by the time they finished it. This suit ideally should have been finished and gone to OP by the first week of JUNE. To me that's the latest because even if you rushed the shipping customs is a pain. My next concerns: The tail. Neither tail I saw read 'feline' to me. Even if you are making a puma to fit a human figure, the size ration is off. And that closure is awful on it. It visually looks stapled or tacked on like Eeyore's tail. The head is rodent and even furred up, it's a rodent with feline coloring. The ears are the worse of it. They are too round and ill-shaped for a feline. They splay out when they really need to point upwards. Choice of fur. OP came to you for the service. You have the knowledge (or should) of how their choices would perform. It's a beautiful color but it obviously doesn't do full body justice. At best a partial. And I say this as someone who only interacts with suits via this community! EVA Foam and worbla are my thing. The choice to cut literal pecs into the front. They're uneven. I don't think you even picked seams on the chest (or any of it), and I quickly Googled fur tutorials for fashion; all say pick your seams to clean up the work. If the OP wanted a femme form without actual breasts, was light stuffing or gentle foam fabricated mounds not an idea? I hate to say it but that chest looks post-mastectomy which if that's what they want; grand. But I don't think it was. Lastly because this is very long: communications and policies. You think you're allaying fears but you were telling OP to deal. Bad move. Also why would you not stick to your guns of a full DTD? Pick a policy and stand by it. If you want to deliver quality, demand a DTD or cancel and refund. 3k is too much damn money to bet on someone not local's measurements! LB you owe OP either a functional appealing suit. A refund. Or just a partial refund (50%) and the suit so they can... try to save it. Your own choices and lack of confidence/customer service/timekeeping lead to this. Less PR statements and more communication with Camaro.
  9. Since we approve all comments, extra contact not needed. Since the situation has been resolved to your satisfaction I added the appropriate tag.
  10. Changed Resolved to Yes
  11. Not a big issue; but this isn't a beware but a "caution". Enough to give pause; but also enough you can take it with a grain of salt. Everything else you said I am in full agreement with.
  12. This caution post is so painful to read. I feel for you and the time lost; but I also applaud you for basically calling the "client's" bluff regarding court and Hasbro and not letting them get away with shenanigans.
  13. I'm going to remind you guys to knock off pushing the OP to get a refund. They do not want a refund. They want the art. Please do not disrespect their desires in this.
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