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  1. I have been informed by someone on Twitter they have moved to a new Twitter account. I can't DM them but I will @ them publicly in hopes I can get a refund or my owed art. The account: https://twitter.com/magikleefs
  2. In April I made a twitter post about looking for an artist who had commissions open and LilDogMeat replied to my tweet. I decided to commission them because their art looked cute and was in my price range. They originally said they would have a sketch for me by that Saturday and never had anything to show. In my experience with other artists I've always had to wait a bit but they always delivered so I didn't choose to message LilDogMeat about it until some time later. They claimed issues with their laptop and I was fine with waiting. This was my mistake as the window for a refund through paypal has long passed. I have waited a year for this commission with LilDogMeat no longer being responsive (likely moved on to a new Twitter? They aren't active anymore).
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