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  1. Just wanted to provide some updates on this. I recently discovered another site where this user had been doing even more commissions (besides the Belle Delphine pic) under another username she used to have before using "Loodii." https://artistsnclients.com/slots/29152-hentaiecchi-nsfw (Link is NSFW) The dA commission info link she has here was created in July 2019 and is not the same one that she had been previously using for past commissions, so I guess I know now for sure that she had been actively logging onto dA (to some extent, maybe?) and leaving my recent notes on dA on read. She just deactivated her Twitter, IG, and dA today. Not sure why, not even sure if she'll ever come back under a different name...but it sucks that I definitely won't seem to be getting my commission or money back for now...
  2. (For privacy concerns, I have censored my username on these images) This was the 2nd time that I had ever commissioned WaifooBuns (who had been known as Loodii at the time)---I decided to commission her again based off a prior satisfactory experience I had from commissioning her prior to this (sometime back in mid-2018). This was me asking her if commissions were still open, to which she replied "Yes" to. This is what she wrote back in reply, to which I replied back saying that it was understandable and whatnot. This is the last message I've ever gotten from her. After she sent that, I decided to wait a few months to let her relax, get things back on track, and whatnot. However in April she suddenly disabled all comments on her pictures and deleted all journals. So I sent her this: Got left on read. Sent her another PM in July. This one hasn't been opened yet, Idk if she's been offline from dA or if she's purposely chosen not to open it. I had decided to given her the benefit of the doubt and assume that she was still dealing with family issues...however I immediately changed my mind when I checked her Instagram and saw that she posted this: Apparently Belle Delphine herself had commissioned this artist and she posted it onto her IG. I checked her profile on other sites, this was not something she had previously done uploaded before. I'm not even honestly sure if she's still dealing with IRL issues, but I got REALLY skeptical seeing that she somehow had the time to accept a commission from her of all people but somehow she wasn't checking her notes on dA. At this point I had decided that I no longer wanted the commission if she was going to behave in this manner but sadly I couldn't dispute it with PayPal as it had already been past the 6-months since I paid the invoice. I'm more than willing to change this post in the future and mark it as "Resolved" if she ever comes across this post or anything of the sort, but yeah...not really sure where it'll go from here.
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