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  1. I'm glad to see that this was fully refunded but it's clear to me that the artist still does not fully grasp what went wrong. If they're still reading I'm going to lay things down: 1. Do not promise your client a time frame you cannot achieve. Delays in your time frames should be the exception, not the rule. In addition to that, if you're giving other clients a week's turn around but have other overdue clients that have been around for months for the same amount of work, sit yourself down and focus on how to address that. They will notice, and you should notice too. 2. Apologize to your clients for the delays and acknowledge the delays. You've only apologized for certain behaviors which while good, you still never really acknowledged in any capacity 'I'm overdue and I apologize for that'. Acknowledging the delay sympathetically and neutrally goes a long way in client/artist relationships and creates an environment that says you respect their patronage. They chose to part their hard earned money to you, don't make them feel like they made a mistake. 3. Don't over-explain. You may feel the impulse to over-explain your situation with the assumption that it'll make people understand better but more often than not it has the opposite effect. It can make the client feel responsible for what's going on in your life which they shouldn't. Humbly admitting a failing and being honest but brief about the issue, is all you need to do. (example, simply stating you're sick vs stating you're sick while proceeding to explain every bit of problem in your life that came from being sick, the client doesn't need to know the details.) 4. Not having the money to pay back a client is not their fault. You cannot decide to not pay them back just because you don't have the money right then, you cannot yell at them for not having money when you want to pay them back. You have to make yourself a plan to pay them back and then follow through with it. And this is less a criticism and moreso advice: You don't have to respond immediately after the client does. If you're going to bed, they can wait till morning for you to reply. (but try to make sure it's not exceeded 72 hours since they contacted you) And please up your prices, you're worth more than what you charge and you'll find your queue much more manageable if you price yourself better. You can turn around from this, but it's on you to make these changes, and no, that does not mean you have to fix everything overnight, you just have to set yourself on the path to improvement. Running a business is a learning experience, mistakes happen but only you can fix them.
  2. This was an especially frustrating read. The OP was reasonable, flexible and gave ample opportunity to be worked with yet was continuously lambasted by the artist. No check in, no sketch approval, and acting like they being harassed because the OP checked in weeks after hearing nothing. I don't think a partial refund would have been out of the question had any of this been communicated to the OP at all. (also that's absolutely not what gaslighting is) Putting a lot of inappropriate responsibility on the client, there's a difference between providing an appropriate amount of context for the situation, and dumping every complication you have on the client to guilt them. To compound this all, the artist's information on their currant journal boasts a timeframe of: I have the distinct feeling the artist just refers to 'but my to-do list' if they don't meet the provided time frame (Which is really short and they shouldn't promise that kind of turn around just in general)
  3. I do not care if they paid off for this site for years and funded all of our archiving efforts. If they stiffed a client or stiffed an artist they will get no love from me. Donations do not suddenly make a person not responsible for their business.
  4. We can mark it approved yes, just give us the heads up when the refund is completed and we'll do so. Very glad to know she made a point to contact you and resolve things, it's always good to hear when anyone is able to own up to the issue and address the problem considerately.
  5. Didn't think that you were defending lemonbrat at all, because it does look a little better than what Camaro got. Rather, I was pointing out consistent issues in shoddy work for Big Cat characters that clearly both used that mouse head as a base, I can tell they both used the same base and I didn't want them to come in and go 'but it's the same'. The rest of the post was in no way aimed at you, only Lemonbrat
  6. Naw, they really can't. That tiny chin? That's not a big cat trait, big cats have a pronounced chin. At least the flatness of the muzzle is more accurate, as is the nose, than the one Camaro got. The ears on the head also do not sit correctly for a cat on both this suit and Camaro's suit. If anything that suit says to mean the group doesn't know how to make big cat heads. And yes that's even counting cartoonish exaggeration. Fur of the type used should not have been offered to the client, that's on the Lemonbrat group, not on Camaro. Not to mention, it's clear whomever constructed with it was not familiar with the material. No work should have been done before a DTD was sent for a suit of this type. Once again, that's on the Lemonbrat group, not Camaro. None of this 'you can give us measurements but it won't be as good', there should have been a hard stop until the DTD was sent. This deadline should not have been agreed to the amount of time it took to pay off didn't give enough time to complete it. Camaro had nothing to do with how that head turned out, that all on the people that constructed it. Like I said for the lion above, there are key traits for big cats that are not present for either head. Their noses certainly aren't as pronounced like that and so separated from the muzzle. I still cannot believe you're doubling down on that tail. You made a hard S curved tail just because there was a few shots in the ref with a tiny curve in it. You know whomever did the construction went wrong on this one and you don't want to own up to it. The only thing that has not been proven or dis-proven clearly is the explicit issue with the chest. No one has provided the initial request form nor the emails related to it, to prove when or where changes were requested or made, so that's the only thing I cannot comment on. Your group has been doing this for a long time, these are all rookie mistakes that should not be happening to a group that's been around this long. And if the person doing the correspondence is not the same person that's doing the construction that needs to change.
  7. It's fine! all that stuff can be edited, it's already fixed 😄
  8. This is the thing that needs to be emphasized, OP in comments continues to claim that the chat is what prompted his actions but that chat log didn't happen until after the threat of fling a dispute. (but before the actual dispute itself) In that situation I think any artist would feel need to vent in a private group briefly. There's simply no compassion on the OP's end as he disregards all emotional and physical stress and opts to push harder instead of reconcile at all. It's like I said before, even with the wait and debatable circumstances regarding the readability of the ref, (which is pretty much the only grounds as to why this was accepted in the first place) everything else is on the OP.
  9. You've stated that you will be making some updates to your ref and that's a good thing, but please be certain to give any emphasis on your ref that you consider Must Have. If there is anything to your character you find you must have, no exceptions, make that clear on your ref. I understand your eagerness after the wait but filing a charge-back after only an hour's wait is completely unreasonable. I even find the act of sending an ultimatum after only 24 hours to be out of hand on your part. And you clearly don't understand now menstrual pain can be for some people, because if you did, you wouldn't have pulled the hammer after only an hour. For some people the pain can be as bad as kidney pain and will literally make a person bedridden, which the artist in question did give an example of it's severity. It's as good as being sick. You don't have to answer this, but consider for a moment, if she said she had been ill, would you have been this impatient? Would you have still expected a reply within an hour or would you have been more lenient? While I wouldn't go so far as to say your filing a charge-back is blackmail, it is underhanded. I can see why the artist made the journal in question, which does not name you in any way, and in submitting this you've outed yourself. It's not exactly professional to vent in a public journal about a client even unnamed, but I'm at least sympathetic to the artists' frustration due to your strong-arm tactics, and I can see the journal has since been removed. I can concede that the wait without contact isn't good, and that at the very least she should have noted that the were 3 spikes in the ref, but everything else after that? That's all on you.
  10. armaina

    TOS Review

    So, someone decided to respond to this by sending me an anonymous message on tumblr rather than replying here so I'm going to answer here because it makes no sense to answer it on tumblr I'll have to read through what the requirements is on that so I know what exact verbiage I'd need. My guess is it'd be something to the effect of making a guarantee you won't misuse privately obtained information but I'll need to make sure. Yeah I should have a section for policies regarding shipping in general. I rarely ever do but it would be good to have. Those details would be on the commission pages themselves, which I have not constructed yet. FYI for the time being, I provide all this information to the clients directly as part of the negotiation process before money even changes hands and I even notate that information in commission invoices for concrete reference for both myself and the client. I'm guessing this is in reference to the possibility of reused work. I'm likely going to be re-working that entirely as I genuinely don't really see myself doing that in the first place. Once again, details intended for the commission information pages themselves. Would be nice to have some clarification on this. (such as if the problem is formatting or the actual writing itself) TY for the rest of the heads up on the stuff I need to add.
  11. armaina

    TOS Review

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1r5-BVKNXe85oqHX_DocBzSZpqjTJPINILGj8EpsXdfM/edit# I've been going through my TOS and would like if anyone could look this over and see if there may be anything I missed or if anything doesn't appear to be clear enough.
  12. I emphatically disagree here. Considering they paid in April and heard absolutely nothing until they themselves until they themselves contacted the artist in June, and on top of the potential proposed deadline (despite the fact that the artist TOS claims they don't follow deadlines) The desire to ensure work is done both before the deadline, if at all, it makes sense to want to check in to ensure the deadline was met, which as we can all see, it very much did not. All things considered, and with how much the OP was yanked around, the OP hasn't really IM'd the artist all that much. I've seen harassment-level commission inquiries, this isn't it.
  13. I admittedly wouldn't have charged for such a minor edit, however I probably would have asked further clarification questions before I actually made the edit itself. Hearing a request phrased as 'two triangles on the cheek' and nothing more would have made me follow up with 'what do you mean two triangles, do you have examples?' because that's too dang vague to work with and I value my time. And while I know it was a YCH do you ever show the edit sketch stage before you finish things up to your clients? I feel like this whole thing could have easily been avoided had WIP been shown sooner. I can only speculate of course, seeing as I have no idea what the type of finish was intended for the piece.
  14. Positive reviews for Armaina
  15. You mention you've not had a lot of experience in getting commission work of your characters, but you seem to have a very good sense of what is or isn't good business as you were very spot on in every point you made. (also a little fistbump for sticking up for your previous commission work's artist) Almost nothing about this is appropriate for the artist to handle this commission. From the solicitation to the very end, every step was so poorly made on their part. Any artist that has been doing commission work for some time should be using invoices for everything. It helps the artist keep it organized, it gives the clients a much more reliable paper trail of what they commissioned. And that's before even getting into the matter that specifically requesting a client to pay for or avoid the transaction fee, is a direct violation of PayPal's policy. I'd highly suggest avoiding any artist in the future that insists on Friends and Family payment. I'm also floored that they blame you for the lack of updates. They could have at any point left you a message, Discord doesn't just reject messages for people that are offline, it even lets you know if a message didn't go through so it's not like there would be any ambiguity. They could have cut off the piece, asked you for clarification, anything, but they didn't put in any of their own due diligence in ensuring the work was accurate or that they judged their own time appropriately. "No artist wants to see what another artist drew in regards to a commission" This statement is the one that I just can't get my head around. This is clearly a person that has very little experience in doing commission work outside of video game characters. I assure you, everything about that statement is not true, so much of my work and other's work relies heavily on other artists' renditions of the characters and unique characters will have refsheets drawn by another artist. Knowing what you like about how another artist drew your character helps the next artist know what to shoot for in their piece, and even knowing what didn't turn out quite right, can help the next artist know what to avoid. All I can hope is that they learn from this in order to better conduct themselves and gauge their time in the future.
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