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  1. In doing research on this we found that nearly all of the user's accounts were just deleted. Instagram, Etsy, Weebly, only the facebook account remains with an initial listing of 700$ for the partial. This is exactly the kind of behavior I fear may result in them popping up again under a different name in an attempt to sell the same suit, again. May have to keep an eye out if that suit shows up in other services/advertisements 😕
  2. Since it's obvious the ex-client is reading this post, I'm going to point this out in hopes that they learn something. An artist can cancel the commission at any time, and once it's cancelled, the ex-client has no claim to any of the work produced as nothing was purchased and thus the terms of the contract was not met. You do not have the right to what you have not paid for. Additionally a bare-bones prompt is not enough to qualify as 'your specifications' or your design whatsoever, As I stated much earlier, I'd re-read that again if you haven't. This would be like if someone gave a color suggestion or species prompt for you to draw, you do so, and then they claim it's theirs because they gave you a prompt. It doesn't work like that. And finally, everything in this thread is evidence that you are violating the artist's TOS, using art that you do not have the rights to, thus proving to others that might do business with you that you are not respectable or trust worthy, and can be considered archival. Additionally, the images prove that you are making a design intentionally and directly riffing off an image that you do not have claim to, which will be important to prove you had knowingly and intentionally sought to use another's IP, which will be needed if Alecrim Carmim chooses to peruse this infraction, legally. That way you can't delete them later and lie that the similarities were a coincidence. What I'm saying is, this isn't the hill you want to die on, Alec, in no way are you in the right here, in any capacity.
  3. Thank you for the support on our beware post. We would like to thank you for the effort and for for also bringing to light more proof of the entire situation that we were not even aware of.

    One of our followers suggested us posting our situation here after we posted the stories on our Instagram and it was amazing to find such a professional service with an active and attentive staff that helped us move forward with the beware in question. Your efforts and attention were truly appreciated from our team and we plan on being more active on such an useful platform! 

    It’s really heartwarming to see that more people understand what we’re dealing with and for that we would like to thank you again ❤️

  4. In case it has been missed all the client provided was: Feline/Bat, Neon Pink, Neon Green, Black, White, Holographic Nose, Tongue, and a moodboard, that is it. Not a single direction was given for the markings, the placement of the colors, the hue/value of the colors, body type and shape, or anything else. To say that the Client 'designed' the character is absurd, there's not enough here that the client explicitly directed that makes it unique to them alone. The design came wholly from the artist themselves and the Client has absolutely no claim to it, whatsoever.
  5. You say you would have made your changes had the client been nicer but they were nice in the beginning. They pointed out things in a bit of dismay, shocked at what they had received, and upon seeing their response you, Aisha, were deflective of every single concern and had an excuse for every issue pointed out, which lead to the client being rightly flabbergasted and frustrated at how their concerns were brushed off by you. Even if I find their anger off-putting at the end, it was a direct reaction to your attitude. If you genuinely meant to change anything, the very first time the Client pointed out a problem you would have said 'you know what, you're right, I apologize, what can I do to change it?'. You have a lot of different characters in your gallery, none of which says that you are incapable of drawing big hair or big horns, neither of which you even attempted to do, the hair length isn't even remotely in the same ballpark as the provided image. It feels more like you took a sketch from a personal project, slapped tiny horns on it, and tried to claim it was this person's character. You didn't even provide the client a sketch before hand, to ensure you had any of the elements correct, before moving on to the final piece. This is wildly unprofessional, you should be showing your client at least one WIP between every step to ensure you're on the right track, both for yourself and your client. Sometimes, some people's galleries are so full of niche work for commissions, they don't get to draw outside of their niche (see: Furry artists that can draw humans, want to draw humans, but never get commissioned for them so it perpetuates the idea that they 'don't' draw humans). That being said, I probably wouldn't have purchased a commission of the character provided by the Client after looking through your gallery, as you only ever draw one body type. But even that isn't justification for how you treated the client, you took the commission and gave them the impression you were capable of getting at least somewhat close to the body type provided. If I ever get a request I feel I cannot accomplish I tell the client up-front that I don't think I'm the right fit for their commission. It saves myself AND the client, a lot of anguish. I believe in giving the best most accurate product to my clients as I can, and being able to admit when I may not be able to do what a client would like is an important element of respect and consideration for the client that all artists should have.
  6. Agreeing with Cel. You've been nothing but polite, considerate, and patient through-out all of this, and have had nothing to show for it. You are not responsible for the other customers, you're also not asking for anything unreasonable. And calling you 'thankless', exactly what were you supposed to be thankful for? No updates? Being Insulted? Never refunded, no product delivered, money just absorbed and treated as though you should somehow be grateful for that outcome. Both the artist and the manager need to take a step back and evaluate how they conduct business at all.
  7. I do think it's out of line that the artist just.. gave you a lineart background within 3 days with no lead-up sketch that really made it feel like the artist just happened to have a pre-made background they wanted to use on your commission. But that's entirely speculation on my part. That aside one thing I've noticed is that you never explicitly state you have a problem or want something changed. Something you really need to do is be explicit in the things you want, you can't just assume the person you're speaking too should have known what you meant, that's not how communication works. There's a lot of ways the artist dropped the ball on this, but I think it would have had a better outcome had you explicitly said "I want the image to be the close up shot you have there, I do not want the rest of the foreground in this art piece at all" or "The characters should be the focus, please give them the individual shading and highlights they should have, I don't want the rest of the image darkened, that doesn't solve the problem" Or literally anything to that effect at all. And just clarify on my own end, I don't think any of the result was your fault, this was really weird from the get-go, and it's obvious here that the artist wasn't really listening to any of your concerns or really tried to work with you, but when you're clear and direct in the things you want, it leave little room for excuse on the artist's part.
  8. Unless the words in the buying contract say something to the effect of 'transfer of ownership' In a clear and legal context, then there is no inherent wholesale transfer of rights to another individual. You cannot use the phrase 'selling the character' to define your argument because these are colloquial terms and are not legally binding terms. If you handed over a case to a judge and tried to claim 'but they said they were selling a character' and the judge looks over the material and the seller makes a case that they, in no way ever stated or implied, that there was any sort of transfer of ownership of the rights to the images and their likenesses, your whining "But they used the phrase selling a character!!!" won't suddenly make your case. That being said, most artists need to define the terms they use and make clear language regarding what's being sold. But unless it is clearly stated that the whole and complete rights are sold, and there is a contract involved stating such, then there is no legal transfer of ownership of rights to uphold.
  9. I sincerely hope you put a huge watermark(s) over your piece. With the remaining payment on the line and it having been more than 17 days now, seeing as you haven't responded to this and I'm unsure if you're still unpaid as far as we know.
  10. you apologize and assure the client the m/m version won't be posted instead of saying 'good luck' And all that is wholly ignoring the fact that the artist should have asked about other versions before even creating it in the first place. English as a second language doesn't suddenly make it impossible for you to tell that the ref sheet you were provided doesn't have a dick.
  11. SauceNao requires direct upload of the image in order to search for it. Tineye and Google Images may let you link a URL but the URL has to exist somewhere in the first place, and can't be private, for you to even link it, otherwise, you have to upload an image for it to search. (and even if that VK url worked, the OP would still need that URL in order to use it. ) Everyone so far has seemed to miss that the OP asks for the URL to the M/M version as the very last thing, and the Artist ignored literally everything else stated only saying 'I made a choice'. Even accounting for English as a Second Language, there's not even any sort of attempt to clarify or reconcile on the artist's part, and it's clear enough that the artist understands English well enough to say that. None of the mods here feel the OP is wrong in this regard, to be upset about an m/m piece being made when it wasn't even asked about in the design process and the advertisement itself doesn't state that there will be two versions no matter what. It wasn't advertised and the artist did nothing to reconcile when it was brought up, that's worthy of exercising caution for any like commissions with this artist, that you may need to clarify anything you don't want, before the work starts. Otherwise you could get something you don't and the artist will do nothing about it.
  12. Since others seem to be confused as to why someone would want the original of the version you don't want, you use the original image so that you can use image searches to keep track of uploads and move to get those removed on the grounds they're a misrepresentation of the character. It's not fullproof of course, but it provides at least SOME way of doing something about it. That being said, a character owner still has a right to the presentation of their character and the right to request a removal if the representation could be misleading, harmful or defame the person involved. The demands are well within the OP's right to do and I do not think they're unreasonable. The artist should have asked if an M/M version was wanted in the first place. It does not matter if the other client wanted one, both parties must consent to it.
  13. She posted the image to her FA account, after she filed the charge-back, and has the audacity to claim that she paid for it. This is no longer a caution, this is now a beware.
  14. Trixx took 4 months to fully pay the invoice, which none of you can start work on until it's fully paid and is CLEARLY stated on your auction, and complains about it taking so long. She doesn't get to complain about it taking 11 months, at most it's 7 months. I can't speak for your partner or what they went through but since you can't start the illustration until you have some idea of what the music is like, this means that, as far as I can tell by the dates, you didn't start the actual illustration until at least late December or January. That's a whole two months, or less, depending on when the actual start date was of the piece. So, why is she blaming you directly for the amount of time she's been waiting, when it was made clear your commission was based on the music you received, which would have to be started first. You've done a fully rendered piece exceptionally quickly, (especially considering you did the background twice, the second time more involved than the first) The other thing that gets me is her acting like you should some how know exactly what she wants just because she said Kingdom, Battfield and City, these three things are entirely different visual elements!! You were clearly willing to work with any errors you made to Trixx specification, but when she couldn't figure out what the problem was she chose to demean your quality instead. Trixx is also an artist herself, she should know well enough the value of providing visual reference (she even admitted her lack of providing one was on her) yet as far as I can see, made no effort to provide you any reference to make the changes you offered to make. You didn't demean how Trixx felt about the piece in any way, but she wants to walk away feeling like you slighted her. The only thing I can figure is because your turn around was so quick compared to the music she's gotten it in her head that you 'rushed', and it's warping her perception of the art in question. I hope, if nothing else, Trixx walks away from this learning how important it is to provide visual references for the thing you want especially if it's something that's that important to you. And for what it's worth, I can tell from how you handled this you're the kind of artist that is easy to work with if anything needs to be fixed or changed.
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