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  1. While I agree that I think the OP is off-base about the quality as the quality looks about the same to me, I disagree with your other points. First, I'm going to point out to you that on their FA page the artist claims they're 19, that means they are lying about their age and that alone is misleading and deceptive to potential clients and all the more reason why no one should do business with this person. (for the next 3 years) Minors cannot be legally upheld to any contract (which, might I remind, all commissions are a type of contract) they make without a guardian to sign it with them.
  2. Mod Note: We do not allow the posting of personal information such as full legal names, in the event that the name is not publicly available. that being said, in doing the research for this I checked out if there was an archive or cached version of his Furaffinity page, and there was http://web.archive.org/web/20201016080950/https://www.furaffinity.net/user/starblazer/ On his furaffinity profile, he already lists himself as homeless, and this was capped on October 16th. I don't have the exact date of this change but this shows that his 'homeless' status was a whole month before thi
  3. Most of the staff are seasoned artists with rather intimate knowledge of PayPal's idiosyncrasies. You don't need to inform us of what we already know. That being said, other artists are not aware of this and are not aware of what the rules even mean so in many cases when a fee is added it's not out of maliciousness. No two interactions are the same, nuance and context is needed for these things, that's why we have 'Yes, but' because this genuinely does matter. I think it both weakens AB as a service and would do more harm than good for artists and clients alike, if someone were to re
  4. The thing about this to me is I feel it could have been avoided had the artist been up-front about the wait time. They say both in note and on their site that turn around is 2-4 weeks, but their Trello shows that it's more like 8-10 weeks. They seem to be getting stuff done for the most part but you can't tell your clients 2-4 weeks, communicate absolutely nothing to them in that time, and then expect them to not be upset. There's no apology, nothing that conveys any sense of 'yeah I dropped the ball'. This is something that could get worse if the artist doesn't start being honest with their c
  5. This listing does not link to any TOS, one has to find it on your site directly and voluntarily. And in searching your site, your TOS https://www.sarahcatfursuits.com/terms-of-service Lists nothing of Pre-Mades and what your procedure is from incorrect fits. This means there is no clear information for any new client to find out these terms before purchasing it. You need to update your website to include your terms for Pre-Made purchases and their procedure, as well as make your client aware of the terms before purchase especially. That being said, No Exception No Refund clauses do n
  6. The thing that I don't understand is, why does Raven not just change the name of the species completely. If she really wants to wash her hands of Adiago, wouldn't it be best to Not keep the name of the species wrapped up in your character at all? Raven should have been up-front with this all from the beginning so that the artist could have made an informed choice. That all being said, the edit itself isn't a bad thing, the client received PSDs, permitting her to change the text, so for all intents and purposes, the image itself was not edited, such as the art itself. I can understand's Ra
  7. There's some issues here that are certainly rookie mistakes on the Artist's part. When receiving the incorrect fabric, she should have contacted the seller and informed them she was shipped the wrong fabric and informed you of the wait. But I suspect that due to the absurdly tight deadline, and the fact that she didn't get the fabric until the 14th, she felt pressured to get the work done with what she had. And it was also her fault for agreeing to such a narrow deadline, and I hope she doesn't do that to herself again. These are the only reasons we have for edging this into a caution, just ba
  8. In doing research on this we found that nearly all of the user's accounts were just deleted. Instagram, Etsy, Weebly, only the facebook account remains with an initial listing of 700$ for the partial. This is exactly the kind of behavior I fear may result in them popping up again under a different name in an attempt to sell the same suit, again. May have to keep an eye out if that suit shows up in other services/advertisements 😕
  9. Since it's obvious the ex-client is reading this post, I'm going to point this out in hopes that they learn something. An artist can cancel the commission at any time, and once it's cancelled, the ex-client has no claim to any of the work produced as nothing was purchased and thus the terms of the contract was not met. You do not have the right to what you have not paid for. Additionally a bare-bones prompt is not enough to qualify as 'your specifications' or your design whatsoever, As I stated much earlier, I'd re-read that again if you haven't. This would be like if someone gave a color
  10. Thank you for the support on our beware post. We would like to thank you for the effort and for for also bringing to light more proof of the entire situation that we were not even aware of.

    One of our followers suggested us posting our situation here after we posted the stories on our Instagram and it was amazing to find such a professional service with an active and attentive staff that helped us move forward with the beware in question. Your efforts and attention were truly appreciated from our team and we plan on being more active on such an useful platform! 

    It’s really heartwarming to see that more people understand what we’re dealing with and for that we would like to thank you again ❤️

  11. In case it has been missed all the client provided was: Feline/Bat, Neon Pink, Neon Green, Black, White, Holographic Nose, Tongue, and a moodboard, that is it. Not a single direction was given for the markings, the placement of the colors, the hue/value of the colors, body type and shape, or anything else. To say that the Client 'designed' the character is absurd, there's not enough here that the client explicitly directed that makes it unique to them alone. The design came wholly from the artist themselves and the Client has absolutely no claim to it, whatsoever.
  12. You say you would have made your changes had the client been nicer but they were nice in the beginning. They pointed out things in a bit of dismay, shocked at what they had received, and upon seeing their response you, Aisha, were deflective of every single concern and had an excuse for every issue pointed out, which lead to the client being rightly flabbergasted and frustrated at how their concerns were brushed off by you. Even if I find their anger off-putting at the end, it was a direct reaction to your attitude. If you genuinely meant to change anything, the very first time the Client poin
  13. Agreeing with Cel. You've been nothing but polite, considerate, and patient through-out all of this, and have had nothing to show for it. You are not responsible for the other customers, you're also not asking for anything unreasonable. And calling you 'thankless', exactly what were you supposed to be thankful for? No updates? Being Insulted? Never refunded, no product delivered, money just absorbed and treated as though you should somehow be grateful for that outcome. Both the artist and the manager need to take a step back and evaluate how they conduct business at all.
  14. I do think it's out of line that the artist just.. gave you a lineart background within 3 days with no lead-up sketch that really made it feel like the artist just happened to have a pre-made background they wanted to use on your commission. But that's entirely speculation on my part. That aside one thing I've noticed is that you never explicitly state you have a problem or want something changed. Something you really need to do is be explicit in the things you want, you can't just assume the person you're speaking too should have known what you meant, that's not how communication works.
  15. Unless the words in the buying contract say something to the effect of 'transfer of ownership' In a clear and legal context, then there is no inherent wholesale transfer of rights to another individual. You cannot use the phrase 'selling the character' to define your argument because these are colloquial terms and are not legally binding terms. If you handed over a case to a judge and tried to claim 'but they said they were selling a character' and the judge looks over the material and the seller makes a case that they, in no way ever stated or implied, that there was any sort of transfer
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