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  1. Okay First of all, you said you were okay with waiting, the artists said, from the very beginning, it would be a long wait. You've been kept informed when there was update, the artist has not ghosted you, and it's a long wait, just like the artist said it would be. So I don't know why you're surprised by the long wait since you were literally warned about it. The trello is kept up to date and you can VERY CLEARLY see there are other clients before you, so you're further back. There were at least 4 orders ahead of you and you would have seen their own progress at the time of commission. Second of all, you complain about the spots on the reference (which you did not provide to this post, which should have been provided if you're going to complain about character accuracy in the post) but you did not supply the post with the reference that you supplied the artist. I had to get it from the Artist's Trello in order to apply it to this post. From your own reference, you can see exactly why the artist gave the spots they did, because that's how they are on your ref sheet. It also appears you've changed the character for the daki, TWICE??? since getting it? I can understand there's been a long wait and things change. But if you change the reference and character on the artist, you should know very well that you are pushing back the completion date for the Daki of your own accord. And I completely agree with her in regard to the cheek, for that matter.
  2. I'm glad to see you are admitting the issue that's going on and being forward with the issue. But this issue has occurred not only because of too much work, it's because you're charging abysmally low for the work you do. Completion of tasks aside, you are worth far more than the rate you're charging for, and you're doing far too much work for far too little. You would not be in the hole you're in now had you raised your prices, as you would have been able to take less commissions overall, providing you with more time to get work done for your clients and less work to take on, which means a smaller queue and less need for taking 'emergency commissions'. Seriously, raise your prices. Something you may also need to consider: Taking out a loan to refund your queue, wiping the slate clean, then raising your commissions by 3X at least and paying off the loan little by little. It can seem intimidating to do, but you may find relief in knowing your slate is clean and starting over with prices much more reflective of the time and effort you spend on it. Paypal offers loans where it takes a portion of your payments toward the loan itself so you don't even have to work with a bank. Also, if your boyfriend is doing so much of the work, it's very inappropriate to not list him in the credit of your work or to keep that information from your clients. Also he should be paid for his work, you may be romantically involved but you do not know what the future will bring and it's appropriate to pay him for that. (granted if you do the suggestion with the loan you may not need his help, anymore).
  3. While they haven't been active on twitter, I noticed they've been Quite active on twitch. They stream regularly and take donations during stream so it's really looking to me like they're actively avoiding Twitter 😕
  4. While I agree that I think the OP is off-base about the quality as the quality looks about the same to me, I disagree with your other points. First, I'm going to point out to you that on their FA page the artist claims they're 19, that means they are lying about their age and that alone is misleading and deceptive to potential clients and all the more reason why no one should do business with this person. (for the next 3 years) Minors cannot be legally upheld to any contract (which, might I remind, all commissions are a type of contract) they make without a guardian to sign it with them. That means that they can just decide to not participate in a contract and they cannot be legally be held accountable. In this case they could drop literally all their commissions and decide to just not do them, and there'd be no recourse for the clients because minors cannot be held to a contract. 3 years down the line? sure. That way they can actually be held legally accountable for the contracts they enter. But until that point? Absolutely not. Don't Do Business With Minors
  5. Mod Note: We do not allow the posting of personal information such as full legal names, in the event that the name is not publicly available. that being said, in doing the research for this I checked out if there was an archive or cached version of his Furaffinity page, and there was http://web.archive.org/web/20201016080950/https://www.furaffinity.net/user/starblazer/ On his furaffinity profile, he already lists himself as homeless, and this was capped on October 16th. I don't have the exact date of this change but this shows that his 'homeless' status was a whole month before this all started. He doesn't bring up any of this only until after the charge backs went though. None of the artists were informed of this potentially significant change at or around the date of October 16th at any point. His steam account logs him as having over 150 hours played in destiny in the last 2 weeks and he was logged into destiny 2, through steam at the time I and the other mods were reviewing the account. He had also logged into his SecondLife account (account name KlalWuf) only a few hours before that. While I'm very much aware that a person can be homeless by means of couch surfing at a friend's place, thus enabling the ability to use a laptop and be able to game or use secondlife, the strange and inconsistent information for a 20 YO claiming a paypal account is his mother's, it makes all that activity incredibly suspect.
  6. Most of the staff are seasoned artists with rather intimate knowledge of PayPal's idiosyncrasies. You don't need to inform us of what we already know. That being said, other artists are not aware of this and are not aware of what the rules even mean so in many cases when a fee is added it's not out of maliciousness. No two interactions are the same, nuance and context is needed for these things, that's why we have 'Yes, but' because this genuinely does matter. I think it both weakens AB as a service and would do more harm than good for artists and clients alike, if someone were to report someone adding a paypal fee but the artist in question had a very spotless record for turn around, communication and work completion. At that point it's something that could be resolved without our intervention by merely informing the artist that PayPal has a rule for not adding fees that are PayPal only. To assume all artists that add a fee are malicious simply by the fee being there, and to make every single instance caution-able, I think disrupts the integrity of Artist Beware.
  7. The thing about this to me is I feel it could have been avoided had the artist been up-front about the wait time. They say both in note and on their site that turn around is 2-4 weeks, but their Trello shows that it's more like 8-10 weeks. They seem to be getting stuff done for the most part but you can't tell your clients 2-4 weeks, communicate absolutely nothing to them in that time, and then expect them to not be upset. There's no apology, nothing that conveys any sense of 'yeah I dropped the ball'. This is something that could get worse if the artist doesn't start being honest with their clients and their own time. This is only compounded by the fact that they have inconsistent turn-arounds, some being completed in the same day vs the 10 week wait others have had. I don't blame the OP for bailing. They already have quite a number of works in progress, I worry about this getting worse if they continue to take on more work without evaluating their time, how they manage it (as well as charging more). Here's hoping it doesn't get worse.
  8. This listing does not link to any TOS, one has to find it on your site directly and voluntarily. And in searching your site, your TOS https://www.sarahcatfursuits.com/terms-of-service Lists nothing of Pre-Mades and what your procedure is from incorrect fits. This means there is no clear information for any new client to find out these terms before purchasing it. You need to update your website to include your terms for Pre-Made purchases and their procedure, as well as make your client aware of the terms before purchase especially. That being said, No Exception No Refund clauses do not fly in small claims, so you'll want to keep that in mind when you write your terms. But lesson learned, if a client refuses to do business over Email, don't do business with them, full stop. It's not worth it.
  9. The thing that I don't understand is, why does Raven not just change the name of the species completely. If she really wants to wash her hands of Adiago, wouldn't it be best to Not keep the name of the species wrapped up in your character at all? Raven should have been up-front with this all from the beginning so that the artist could have made an informed choice. That all being said, the edit itself isn't a bad thing, the client received PSDs, permitting her to change the text, so for all intents and purposes, the image itself was not edited, such as the art itself. I can understand's Raven's frustration but my sympathy goes out the window once she responded with a charge back instead of communicating with the artist at all.
  10. There's some issues here that are certainly rookie mistakes on the Artist's part. When receiving the incorrect fabric, she should have contacted the seller and informed them she was shipped the wrong fabric and informed you of the wait. But I suspect that due to the absurdly tight deadline, and the fact that she didn't get the fabric until the 14th, she felt pressured to get the work done with what she had. And it was also her fault for agreeing to such a narrow deadline, and I hope she doesn't do that to herself again. These are the only reasons we have for edging this into a caution, just barely. You however, are not in the right, either. If the dimples in the fabric were that much of an issue for you, you should have brought this up the moment you saw it. You claim it was due to your lack of experience, and I can understand that in some regard, but I'm surprised you didn't even ask just to make sure. Then going further, when the paws are finally done you bring up the dimples in a very 'oh well, guess it'll do' manner and never mention at all that it bothers you. The whole conversation is very friendly and even sympathetic to the fabric mixup which would give any artist the sense that you approved of it and the issue was only minor. Then suddenly it's 'well since the fabric is bad you should comp me 40$ in shipping instead', and I can absolutely see why it feels like a scam on her part, due to your guilt tripping over something you just moments ago gave the impression you were fine with. Now, let me lay down a few things in front of you in case you didn't notice. You ordered 2 paws to be completed within 4 weeks time, yet the way you write this out makes it sound like this is somehow a long wait, and I have to tell you, it's not. That kind of turn around is absurdly fast. Next, the total price for the 2 paws is 190$, including standard shipping and this was made very clear from the very beginning, the artist in no way promised you express shipping. You made assumptions about how the shipping would work ("I just thought you would put them in a flatrate box") and didn't bother asking about shipping options at all before starting even FULL WELL KNOWING, the artist intended to ship the product out by the 27th of July. Next, The artist got the fabric on the 14th and finished the paws on the 19th. FIVE DAYS!!! That is the most incredible turn around time for 2 hand paws, so fast that is basically a rush job. So she bundles the cost of the paws and shipping for you, and provides you a rush service, and you come around and demand she shell out 40$ for a shipping type you never stated you wanted ahead of time for a product you just told her was fine as-is. All she asked for was 10$ for the fix, 10$. Because she's doing a rush service on top of a rush service, because she's doing her best to get it mailed out to you in the time specified. Like I said in the beginning paragraph, she should have informed you of the error of the fabric she received, but you should have brought up your dissatisfaction sooner and have even the slightest bit of perspective on how much work she's put into getting that done in such a short amount of time. And just some personal nickpicks because I'm still baffled by your conduct, you stated 2-day shipping and requested it multiple times, and you have the audacity to claim you never asked for 2-day shipping? It's literally right there, in the very screen caps you gave us. And what kind of person orders something like this a month before they're supposed to move? Any sensible person would have waited until after they were settled with the new address to have something shipped to them to ensure that it they received it at the address they would be living at. I strongly suggest you do that next time instead of expecting an artist to crunch to your timeline.
  11. In doing research on this we found that nearly all of the user's accounts were just deleted. Instagram, Etsy, Weebly, only the facebook account remains with an initial listing of 700$ for the partial. This is exactly the kind of behavior I fear may result in them popping up again under a different name in an attempt to sell the same suit, again. May have to keep an eye out if that suit shows up in other services/advertisements 😕
  12. Since it's obvious the ex-client is reading this post, I'm going to point this out in hopes that they learn something. An artist can cancel the commission at any time, and once it's cancelled, the ex-client has no claim to any of the work produced as nothing was purchased and thus the terms of the contract was not met. You do not have the right to what you have not paid for. Additionally a bare-bones prompt is not enough to qualify as 'your specifications' or your design whatsoever, As I stated much earlier, I'd re-read that again if you haven't. This would be like if someone gave a color suggestion or species prompt for you to draw, you do so, and then they claim it's theirs because they gave you a prompt. It doesn't work like that. And finally, everything in this thread is evidence that you are violating the artist's TOS, using art that you do not have the rights to, thus proving to others that might do business with you that you are not respectable or trust worthy, and can be considered archival. Additionally, the images prove that you are making a design intentionally and directly riffing off an image that you do not have claim to, which will be important to prove you had knowingly and intentionally sought to use another's IP, which will be needed if Alecrim Carmim chooses to peruse this infraction, legally. That way you can't delete them later and lie that the similarities were a coincidence. What I'm saying is, this isn't the hill you want to die on, Alec, in no way are you in the right here, in any capacity.
  13. Thank you for the support on our beware post. We would like to thank you for the effort and for for also bringing to light more proof of the entire situation that we were not even aware of.

    One of our followers suggested us posting our situation here after we posted the stories on our Instagram and it was amazing to find such a professional service with an active and attentive staff that helped us move forward with the beware in question. Your efforts and attention were truly appreciated from our team and we plan on being more active on such an useful platform! 

    It’s really heartwarming to see that more people understand what we’re dealing with and for that we would like to thank you again ❤️

  14. In case it has been missed all the client provided was: Feline/Bat, Neon Pink, Neon Green, Black, White, Holographic Nose, Tongue, and a moodboard, that is it. Not a single direction was given for the markings, the placement of the colors, the hue/value of the colors, body type and shape, or anything else. To say that the Client 'designed' the character is absurd, there's not enough here that the client explicitly directed that makes it unique to them alone. The design came wholly from the artist themselves and the Client has absolutely no claim to it, whatsoever.
  15. You say you would have made your changes had the client been nicer but they were nice in the beginning. They pointed out things in a bit of dismay, shocked at what they had received, and upon seeing their response you, Aisha, were deflective of every single concern and had an excuse for every issue pointed out, which lead to the client being rightly flabbergasted and frustrated at how their concerns were brushed off by you. Even if I find their anger off-putting at the end, it was a direct reaction to your attitude. If you genuinely meant to change anything, the very first time the Client pointed out a problem you would have said 'you know what, you're right, I apologize, what can I do to change it?'. You have a lot of different characters in your gallery, none of which says that you are incapable of drawing big hair or big horns, neither of which you even attempted to do, the hair length isn't even remotely in the same ballpark as the provided image. It feels more like you took a sketch from a personal project, slapped tiny horns on it, and tried to claim it was this person's character. You didn't even provide the client a sketch before hand, to ensure you had any of the elements correct, before moving on to the final piece. This is wildly unprofessional, you should be showing your client at least one WIP between every step to ensure you're on the right track, both for yourself and your client. Sometimes, some people's galleries are so full of niche work for commissions, they don't get to draw outside of their niche (see: Furry artists that can draw humans, want to draw humans, but never get commissioned for them so it perpetuates the idea that they 'don't' draw humans). That being said, I probably wouldn't have purchased a commission of the character provided by the Client after looking through your gallery, as you only ever draw one body type. But even that isn't justification for how you treated the client, you took the commission and gave them the impression you were capable of getting at least somewhat close to the body type provided. If I ever get a request I feel I cannot accomplish I tell the client up-front that I don't think I'm the right fit for their commission. It saves myself AND the client, a lot of anguish. I believe in giving the best most accurate product to my clients as I can, and being able to admit when I may not be able to do what a client would like is an important element of respect and consideration for the client that all artists should have.
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