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  1. Hello everyone! I'm happy to say with my heart light that the conflict is resolved. Raven did cancel the chargeback and this didn't cost me anything. She also agreed to place a resized copyright back for the time being, as the species of the character is going to be changed. I'm glad to accept the apologies and want to apologise for my hotheaded actions in return. I learned a lot from this situation. As well as I'd like to publically confirm that I did offer Raven and her mate my help with changing the reference (and working on the new species looks if need be). I would also like to
  2. I actually tried to contact you yesterday but then I saw I was banned which is actually a sad thing. I'm more than happy to solve this situation with small blood any time. I'll just re-type something I had to say, okay? As an artist, I do not understand complete copyright removal, whatever the situation may be. I've had some issues where mutual hate and closed species are involved, and it just ended peacefully. We never get in contact, they keep the closed species characters and do not try to remove the credits or steal the species. I wish it could be that easy for you. If you ever con
  3. While I gave Raven the PSD files, I did not give her permission to remove the credits I placed. As per my commission prices, all edits after a finished image are $5 more. I would have been willing to make any edits, but I was not going to remove the credits to Adiago. I did not appreciate her editing my work without my permission, and messaged her about it. I gave her plenty of time to reply and even waited to see if she would change it back too. She can still upload the originals still if she wants. Because she wasn't responding and FurAffinity staff said as the artist I could have the images
  4. I am writing this beware for the client editing my art to remove credits without my permission. The client then filed a false chargeback claiming I served them a DMCA after I reported the images to the website staff and requested them to be taken down as I still retained copyright as the original artist. I am contesting these chargebacks with PayPal but felt the need to make this beware in case I lose. I was approached by Ravensmoon666 to do a ref sheet (sfw and NSFW variants) of her Abyss Drake character, Eclipse back in March of this year, leaving me very excited to do more work of this
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