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Found 1 result

  1. I am writing this beware for the client editing my art to remove credits without my permission. The client then filed a false chargeback claiming I served them a DMCA after I reported the images to the website staff and requested them to be taken down as I still retained copyright as the original artist. I am contesting these chargebacks with PayPal but felt the need to make this beware in case I lose. I was approached by Ravensmoon666 to do a ref sheet (sfw and NSFW variants) of her Abyss Drake character, Eclipse back in March of this year, leaving me very excited to do more work of this species. I quoted the client $570 after breaking down the prices on what they were asking for, and they paid the invoice in 3 installments when I was finally free to take their order. My native language is not English, thus some screen caps being in Russian. I also needed to edit some as I saw I failed to censor names, so some images contain less quality in my haste to post this. I worked hard to get the art done, making sure to send multiple WIPs along the way and made edits as need be. One the images were done and accepted, I sent over the final pieces and Raven sent the final payment. I also e-mailed them the files. After uploading the images to my gallery on FurAffinity, I was noted that I was doing artwork for a character thief. Not wanting to be dragged into the drama I notified the client after they approached me for 2 more commissions that I did not feel comfortable drawing said character anymore, which was not taken well by the client. They then proceeded to try to link me to beware and some other site about the species creator as well as making very negative claims about them to get me to agree to still draw the character. Given my health is bad and stress makes things worse, I still refused. Sometime this month I was soon notified on FurAffinity that Raven had edited out the credits I placed crediting the species creator in my original images I had sent them and showed these edited images in her gallery. She had originally posted the originals, but must have changed them when I told her I would no longer do art for her of this character. I don't understand why. My originals showing credits: Their edited uploads: Seeing this I shot them a note, which was read but never replied to. Seeing I wasn't going to get a reply and had given the client ample time to change the images back, I then notified FurAffinity staff of this, and given I still retained copyright as the original artist, asked to have the images taken down from her gallery. Seeing the images were taken down I was ready to leave things be only to find the client had issued a chargeback for their commission under "Goods or service differ from the description" claiming I had filed a DMCA against them and blocked them and that they aimed to charge back all their payments. I immediately contested with evidence that these are false claims. I am now waiting for PayPal to get back to me. My account now sits in the negatives in the mean time.
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