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  1. She tried to hire artists on FA under guest name, alex-rose-nitya on mar18, 2020. She PMed me, but said no Paypal, only Cashapp. I declined. Then again on April18, 2020 as foxyfluffstudio. I lost my regular income and was desperately seeking work. So I agreed to accept Bandcamp giftcards. (I had planned to spend the full amount on about 10~20 musicians / bands, some charity to help them through this rough time...) I noticed that she was having thoughts of selling adoptables created from the bases she commissioned, and Her FB profile was non-exsisted, but whatever who still uses FB. Total summary of her crime - She commissioned 4 base packs ( 32 full-body lined characters in total ) and paid $60 out of $480. I finally recieved half of the total payment, after weeks of stalling. Finally, I let her download the 2 completed base sets. At this time I realized my balance went down, but don't know any better, and bandcamp 's staff was overwhelmed with emails, and their waiting line took a lot longer than usual. She denies that she bounced my payment. And once I received bandcamp's feedback and did some digging. (thinking she might be a kid) Found out she is not a kid and asked again if she can switch to PayPal. She kept on lying. The last confrontation of this sad story - After showing her the copied response from Bandcamp, her FA status went immediately from New member > Pending deletion.
  2. Please note that this person has multiple names, the only name he was going by was legal names so the usernames mentioned are from Telegram and email, I do not know if he has a Twitter, FA, whatever. I know AB has a rule about legal names, hence the hyphening of the last names, however I only know the names through what I've seen and searching came up with nothing. He has multiple PayPal emails with the name mentioned but in parenthesis "unidentified," they come back to 3 completely different names. It should also be noted that in the Telegram chats (mentioned below, which are deleted so I have no proof) there are two other people mentioned "involved" in this transaction so I feel it is worthwhile to have multiple names for the beware. Some time in late April "Hyperion" contacted me through Telegram about purchasing a fursuit I had for sale, a white tiger partial for $2,000 plus shipping. He later asked me to add in a fan and the total came out to $2,082. All of these receipts were deleted by him and he has blocked me on Telegram after the emails below were sent, possibly in an attempt to not have me write this beware on him or use it against him with the PayPal claim, however I still have all of the payments sent for the suit. These were sent every month for varying amounts until the final payment was sent in August. It is unclear if the fursuit was purchased for "Hyperion" or a friend he never mentioned by name. First payment (email is to Alex) Second payment (to Max) Third payment (to Alex) Final payment (to Alex, name is father's and has been censored) On August 9th Max sends me an email detailing that he would like a refund because the moving jaw does not work on the costume, despite me providing sizing on the posts about the fursuit being for sale. I offer to show him how to fix it or a refund for the moving jaw, but not for the suit as a whole. He declines and wishes to send it back. I have been in quarantine for several months and forgot, hey, we're in the middle of a pandemic and he has mentioned that multiple people have tested the suit. I decline to take it back, all sales are final, and he chooses to ignore this, pressuring me to take the suit back and claiming the state/county he lives in has no cases (this is one of the states on my state's restriction list). I cite this again and he does not respond after that. Mentioning of sizing for the head On August 30th around noon I receive an email from PayPal without a word from him that a claim has been filed for $445.99, citing multiple issues with the transaction. More chargebacks while the client still has the suit: Plus each chargeback has a $20 charge, totaling $80.
  3. https://www.furaffinity.net/user/stripedbearboi/ Discord birdistheword#1981 26.10.2020 stripedbearboi ordered a commission from me via Discord. The order consisted of two characters in a NSFW situation. Based on the description of the customer's idea, I offered him a full body full render. The cost of such an order was $ 400. The customer could not pay such an amount, so we agreed on lineart + flat color. It cost $ 200. But this seemed to the customer a lot and he asked for a discount. The final price was $ 190. After creating the sketch, I received its approval and sent an invoice for payment for birdistheword According to my ToS, which was provided to the client, I am requesting a 100% advance payment after the sketch is approved. The customer ignored my invoice for payment and in the messages said that he could not pay. This is confirmed in the screenshots from Discord. Then I asked him to pay only a sketch, and to stop cooperation. I asked to pay for the sketch because it had already been created and approved. The need to pay for the approved outline is also spelled out in my ToS. Since the customer (according to him) did not have PayPal, he paid for the sketch through the Ko-Fi platform in the amount of $ 60 on 01/31/2021. However, on February 19, 2021, I receive a notification in my email that my received payment is on hold. The customer canceled their payment. He motivates this by the fact that he did not receive a drawing in color. But for my part, I did not violate the terms of the deal - I made a sketch. I just asked to pay for it. I repeatedly told him that now he is paying ONLY for a sketch. The need to pay for the approved sketch, despite the termination of cooperation, is written in my ToS. This was also discussed in Discord posts. It is also written there repeatedly that after the payment of the outline of the cooperation there will be no more.
  4. Hello everyone, I would like to comment on the incident that I had a few days ago with a client. not more than 4 weeks ago a user in discord (and inkbunny, himself) asked me for a commission for a cartoon fight (characters hitting each other in a cloud of smoke) with some tv characters and 2 of my ocs, one sfw and nsfw. he sent me a reference from another artist (censored too however my commission list was full at the time, I did tell him it was full but I could put him on a pending waiting list. so the user accepted. then the days passed into weeks, honestly I am very sorry to make my clients wait, and it is my fault that things can be forgotten on me, so I quickly asked for my sincere apologies, the user was somewhat angry and I understand it perfectly even that I feel sad, my art is slow... The user was very kind so it motivated me to draw on a better way. IMPORTANT NOTE: I do not usually ask the money first because I like that the clients are satisfied with the sketch and then I receive the payment. so there is no image of the payment. I sent the first sketch, the user did not like it but I did not hate it either. naturally the user tells me what changes he wants, but not minor changes if not a total change. I personally understand that there are clients who ask for perfection, so in that aspect it does not make me unhappy. but a total change I really did not feel that I could do it, I felt a little nervous since I promised to send several sketches in a single day, and it usually takes 3 hours per sketch and more than this size. how I still thought that he felt angry, I preferred to give up and say that I could not do it and I would not complain at all because he is in all his right, but while the conversation was flowing the client told me things like "I thought you knew what that I wanted "(I want to clarify that English is not my main language so I usually have to make mistakes and misunderstand things) I understand this. another thing he told me "You're hurting your chances" then I felt that the sutuiacion was feeling "heavy" bad so I decided to explain to him why I feel that I cannot make a big change and why it takes me a long time, with the hope NOT that he would accept the sketch, if not that he understood and did not get angry with me. I don't think the user understood at all, maybe it's because of my English or I don't know. until he told me that he could pay me 200 USD which was not very sensible because I felt like a very poor girl. it was like an insult to my person. after that he decided to cancel everything and not talk to me again. What I would have liked is maybe to receive an apology or at least a small payment for the sketch, even though I understand that he is not obliged, i dont will lair i trying ask him a payment, he told me no, then i decided stoped. What can I say is that I be careful with some clients
  5. Coddez reached out to me to commission me. I did the work and, knowing that he’s a kid, figured I’d give him some leniency and trust that he’ll pay me when he can. He even said that he’d pay me once he got the money together. Time passes and nothing only for me to learn that he has no intention of paying me at all and that there’s multiple other artists who he’s pulled the same scam on. As he says himself, the way he goes about commissioning artists, is tricking a bunch to do the work and then only paying the one he likes best; or in this case, the one that’s free. The only reason he even reached out to me to tell me that he isn’t going to pay me, is because I had another streamer whom both of us know, talk to him and tell him to contact me. I’d also like to clarify, in the very last message when I say, “and that’s fine...” his actions are in no way fine and are very harmful to the art community. It’s just the only words my brain came up with at the time.
  6. Beware of this person, they silently return money, so if u not checking your emails so often - YOU CAN LOSE YOUR MONEY after one week he\she requested money back. (March 28) I don't know how to find any other their accounts, but I have their email. (IDK if it is fine to put here emails, so I will not??) He\she bought the adopt from me [proof 2] and then silently request money back, but my rules saying "no refunds" [proof 1]. Then, it was my bad, because I am not usually checking my email, so I lost too much time to argument the request. [proof 3] wolear - old account which one was deleted after purchasing the adoptable yaawween - their fake (I guess) account Proofs: [proof 1] [proof 2] [proof 3]
  7. Drunklion666 approached me on 21st Jan 2021 to inquire about a commission. After a string of good folk who had commissioned me and knowing him from a ych raffle I did in December which he had participated in, I made the very careless mistake of allowing him to pay after the commission was done unprovoked, a mistake he would happily exploit later. I started work on the commission right after details were figured out on 6th Feb, finishing on 12th Feb. Around the 11th however, nearing completion I asked for his paypal link, but noticed he hadn't looked at or responded to the past few wips. He eventually replied saying he had been away for wisdom tooth surgery recently, while evading the question of payment, prompting me to ask for transparency about his situation - which he does not respond to. A few days pass and I go public as he is now ignoring all DMs. He finally responds immediately after my (now deleted) public tweet, claiming [censored, see mod note] before giving me his paypal link. I was very suspicious of the timing of these circumstances right after the completion of the commission and his hasty reply upon bringing the situation into the public, but gave him benefit of the doubt because of the graveness of the circumstances he was claiming. Still, I decided to send him an invoice shortly to receive my payment and get out of his hair as soon as possible in consideration of his alleged grieving. I would only learn later from others about his reputation of lying like this. Naturally, he doesn't pay the invoice, and takes 5 days to even reply and acknowledge if he has received the invoice. When I press on the matter he claims to have run out of money paying for the funeral, and promises to pay within a week. He then feigns ignorance trying to deflect the conversation when two days pass by the given date, making up more stories saying that he is depressed and seeking therapy. With time running out due to personal circumstances that necessitate me to be away for a very extended period of time within a few weeks (compulsory enlistment), I send him a carefully worded explanation and post the commission publicly to ask for interest in it as a ych. People who have dealt with him in the past then learn of my situation and reach out to me in replies and DMs to inform me of his reputation. Drunklion sends me an email, note and telegram as I have blocked him on twitter out of anger, and is upset at the "hate [I have] spread" and wants to "make things right"... confirming all my suspicions. I turn down his offer to (theoretically) pay me, because at that point I was in talks with clients more deserving of the piece, did NOT have time or energy to deal with him and his lies further, wanted to give him no leverage against the situation he exploited and refused to pay for until he was caight - and to spread the word and caution others to be wary of him. Note that at this point he is still keeping up the charade, trying to exploit nonexistent sympathy further with his alleged issues and claiming that my followers are liars. A tweet of mine towards him was reported for harassment later that day, leading to temporary locking and limiting of my account. While I have no way of knowing the identity of the person, I struggle to think of anyone else who would do something like this to an artist's livelihood this given the context surrounding the conversation. Though I will fully admit responsibility for causing the carelessness that led to the situation and I can't really debate interpretation of the tweet as harassment - I hope that and all the other evidence here should show you the character and priorities of this person, how much he thinks of the artists he scams, and how little remorse he has for his actions.
  8. I had a customer order 4 YCHs off of me on the same base and used discord to discuss it with me and the options. They sent me through the forms and I did a little clarification and then went ahead and sent WIPS of the product before colouring, got the all clear and completed them. I then sent through one which didn't look right and asked if they found a flat version of the pattern on google as this one was textured. I agreed to fix anything they would want as their form was very descriptive. They then proceeded to say this art wasn't as good as the other I have done even though its to the same par. They then decided to just cancel the whole commission even though it was completed and just wanted colour changes. I informed them that I don't do refunds to people who already have their YCHs done, especially when I have sent them the files, to which they explained the YCH doesn't even have shading which I never offered on that base as not all my bases have shading included. Then after all this they decided to threaten me if I didn't refund them and called it trash and junk.
  9. I did a commission for the guy, I talked to him very normally, and the verbal agreement was done. I started his commission sent him 2 progress reports, after the second progress report was sent, the next day he blocked me. I'm not going to harass him or anything but just be careful he seems just fine with stealing. Funny thing it was still a wip...
  10. This is an artist beware about Bunnyoffuzz on July who commissioned me to do a comic featuring his bunny character. the commission was given to him on October 11th. He then commissioned me again this time for a hugging picture on the 31st of October featuring his bunny character James Bunny paws and his other character with the Ko-fi donations he sent. after that I received two ko-fi donations or "I like your art here is your tip" I sent him his art he was satisfied with it. On the day of charge back incident I noticed my paypal was in the negative and I checked my email to see that he had opened 3 disputes against the second payment for the comic, the hugging picture, as well as just a normal Ko-fi donation. This is not his first rodeo into chargebacks and most certainly won't be his last I urge you greatly to keep caution when he attempts to commission you. He has had history of doing this in the past. I will be posting the screenshots I have of Me and him Art that he has posted received from me as well as the emails I have received from paypal etc. The end will be the chargebacks that happened in 2019 regarding him. In 2019 ontop of chargebacks paypal also had a $20 fee associated with every single chargeback so you can imagine how that add's up in the end.
  11. thymeisntfood@gmail.com dusty.yeen@gmail.com Are the emails they use for "paypal information" when you ask for it. I did some digging online later and found out it was the same person, so I'm only making this thread once. Situation 1: @GayBearBitch / Bumble Boyo wanted to buy my character i posted in The Dealer's Den: PAWn Shop on telegram. i asked for confirmation as I was checking my paypal and they disappeared after clearing the chat. of course i didnt send them the character as i didnt get payment. -- Illustrated in images 0-2 Situation 2: @That_GayFurry -- same thing. didn't send payment, and cleared the chat. but i screenshot everything so there's that.... images 3-6 -- they mention in images 5 & 6 about the "controversy" involving their email... if you google search it, I'm sure you can find all the proof splattered on twitter regarding it. IMAGES EDITED TO REMOVE MY PERSONAL INFORMATION -- and the characters in them are no longer available, so... there's that too.
  12. Please do not harass this person if you come across them! I am writing this beware as my interactions with them make me worry they will continue to life to artist (and possibly scam them out off money as will be seen later), and continue to steal art and characters. I was contacted by BitchDrift (will call her BD for short) regarding a client of hers commissioning art from her using a character and art stolen from me. My character and art in question: FlowerMimikyu's edit: After informing me about this I was invited into a group chat with BD, FlowerMimikyu, and one of BD's friends who had notified BD the character was stolen. Below is what happened as I confronted FlowerMimikyu. I go by (the very professional username) "King Rastakhan Simp" in these screenshots. I thought that would be it and I'd just have to move on from the situations, but some time later the same night FlowerMimikyu sent me a friend request, which I accepted. This is what happened next: Seeing as we were going nowhere with this I blocked them. At this point I had already made several friends aware of the situation, as well some public posts on my deviantart and twitter, but it was this final chat, as well as what BD showed me afterwards, that pushed me to write this beware. Permission from BD to use her proof:
  13. Would like to note that the Client since this incident, has deactivated their twitter and FA account. I have attached all the proof and censored out any sensitive information, On November 16, 2020 I received a notification of a chargeback on my PayPal account for the sum of $600 from this individual's commission stating it was an order "made without their permission" or an "unauthorized purchase". This was false as I attached when the client contacted me about his stickers while he paid. The artwork in question was completed and delivered to the buyer. When the chargeback occurred, I emailed the client asking for an explanation. He claimed that he "paid his mother" via her PayPal to get them and wasn't sure why it happened. However the PayPal email and his real life name matched (which was censored out). I went ahead and responded and asked him to remove the dispute. He disappeared for a couple of days, which I hadn't heard from him until Thursday November 19, 2020 to which he responded that he will do everything to get the money to me, including an additional $100 to make it $700. However, he stated that he was recently kicked out by his parents. As of today he has deactivated both his twitter and FA account and seems to be disappearing into the void. While I can understand his situation, it does not mean they should retract payments that were made after work was completed and delivered. Especially that much work that I spent hours completing and even made a priority to finish. I provided a service that they paid for prior to any of these events occurring. I have went forward with the dispute to try and get the money returned to me by PayPal, but it may take up to 30 days. This is a warning to those that may work with this individual (StarBlazer/GamerGalaxy2013/KlalWuf ) in the future.
  14. First time posting here guys 🙂 On 10/09/2020, the twitter user MickieWesten contacted me for a NSFW commission. I agreed, and USUALLY I take payment in full up front, but it was a slightly higher bill than I usually get ($85) so I agreed to half up front and half upon completion. (I said sketch in text but I meant when the commission was finished) I received $50.00 via PayPal from them rather quickly, and I kept them updated on the commission process, and they responded each time. I officially finished on November 6th, and I have not received any response from the client, and as of November 4th, there is no activity on their Twitter account whatsoever. I have yet to send them the high definition file, but I don't imagine that I will be getting around to that since it appears I've been ghosted possibly. I have some photos below of our conversation. Images are blurred so it is SFW
  15. So this person recently commissioned me to design a fursona on a base they provided. I have never taken a commission before and accepted. I colored it in and asked them what they thought, made a few edits and showed it to them. They insisted paying me $30 which I was okay with. They then said they sent the payment and I never received anything. I later found that they posted it on FA claiming they colored it themselves. I left a comment on both accounts and am now blocked on both.
  16. Hello! This is my first time posting one of these, so I hope it was done correctly. August 2020: Commissioner came by my stream and asked for a commission. A link to my TOS and email was provided in the chat, and in the email I was given references for the first character, and later began drawing said character. Later 1: The commissioner came by my stream later on, and was asking me if I ever did free sketches in a whisper. I said yes, sometimes, and then was asked to quit drawing a commission I was already drawing on, and to provide them with a free sketch. I politely declined, and said I had to focus on commissions that have been waiting longer, and that besides, they were getting a commission from me, so they were going to get some art from me in the future anyway. The way it was asked came across as a bit too forward and rude to me, but I just brushed it away thinking that was the way they spoke. Later 2: Commissioner then came back to my stream when I had started on their commission, and became very upset because I was drawing the wrong character. It turned out there had been a mistake on their part, and that they thought they had told me to switch, which had never happened. I was sympathetic and willing to be flexible as they seemed very upset, and they told me they would add an extra 100$ for my troubles and the issue was very quickly resolved in the stream without any drama, and new character references was provided in stream. 8th November 2020: Commissioner later came in another stream, and I was sketching their commission. They became upset again as I was not drawing their character unrealistic enough. I explained that is not my style, and that I draw realistic anatomy. I also referred to my TOS where it says that "I will draw realistic anatomy and genitalia to a size/shape I see fit, and that this is not debateable." After some back and forth (the commissioner came across as a bit rude, but I figured they were upset and emotional, so I let it pass) I decided to tweak the anatomy to try and save the client relationship I had, and because I want my customers happy. It was a lot more extreme anatomy than I usually do, but was willing to comply. If the commissioner did not like the tweaks, we could end the commission there and go our separate ways. The commissioner agreed on the changes and seemed happy, and the commission was continued on as normal. 13th November 2020: On the last stream, the commissioner decided to cancel. I said ok, and that they needed to pay 25% of the work done so far. In my TOS I have written that if the commissioner decides to cancel on a WIP, I hold the right to upload it as a YCH and then if the auction meets the agreed upon price, they only have to pay 25% of the time spent so far. If it doesn't, it is 50%, no matter how far into the process it's been to avoid arguments. I figured that uploading it as a YCH would not meet the agreed upon price as most of my followers don't have human characters, and was willing to then just get paid 25%, instead of the possibility of the commissioner having to pay 50%. They refused to pay this due to several reasons: - Not agreeing with a signature that they had read and agreed to my TOS - That I had not drawn their OC's because the anatomy in my style was too realistic and therefore was not entitled to anything as I had not provided a service - That I had not read their commission terms (which was never provided or given by the commissioner, and is something I have not come across in 10 years of freelance) I lost a few messages here, but the commissioner thought I would upload it finished with their character and sell it to someone else, so there was so unclarity and confusion, which is why I explained it further. This is the commission with the two characters that I did, and the references that I used to translate the character into my style.
  17. I've met through this client through discord server as I've noticed that he was looking for animators and decided to work with him. Everything was going great as the client was providing me with references and etc. The commission was a walking bouncy boob cycle and the second option was my choice which was the shaking butt animation... What I didn't know and it was something that he told me last minute after putting all of details and working on the second animation was that he wanted it as a sequence all together which I've declined because that was over the budget limit that we agreed on. Until the client kept demanding for me to work on their project which I've declined till they paid me amount I've asked (which is half upfront and the other for when the project was completed) for which eventually the client did cover the first half of the payment. During the process the client demanding as they kept asking for constant changes to the project which wasn't the part that made this person a bad client in my view. But the client requesting changes to where there's no end result. Also, I've placed an hold on the client's project in order to work on a different project for a bit before going back to this one since I've had another commission to work on at the time before resuming the animation project. During the process he kept asking for animators including from me which I've gave him the name of another artist who was my business and romantic partner so that the client could chat with him. Everything was fine until I've noticed that the client was using my partner to replace me for a project the person already paid for and I was already in the process of working on (without consulting with me first). Then things went downhill when the project was completed and all of a sudden the client couldn't afford it, so I had to cancel the project. Before the fall out, this person was using their personal issues to gain sympathy from others. This client is still seeking artists to commission while advertising their condition and not having the funding to pay artists! Beginning of commission: Changes: Asking to work on comm 3 days later: Looking for other animators: Request for donations in DMs: Unable to send final payment. Proof of first payment:
  18. Dec. 31st, 2012 at 3:27 PM crazydraconic JuniperBerri A_B Who: Deviant: Juniperberri, SainteCiel Important Edit: I fixed/retook some of the screenshots to make them more visible, hope this is a little less confusing now! Where: DeviantArt http://juniperberri.deviantart.com/ What:A 10$ flat colored Digital Drawing of JuniperBerri's character Monarch ( Link here http://crazylovecat.deviantart.com/#/d5pc40l ) (old link deleted, here is a dropbox link instead: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/7z5ebugu8oknv8s/Monarch%20%28com%29.png?dl=0 ) When: Commission Taken: December 20th 2012 Commission Finished: December 26th 2012 Set Date Payment Was Supposed To Be Recieved: December 26th 2012 Proof: Poll Prooving she wanted to take Commissions: http://juniperberri.deviantart.com/journal/poll/3358090/ (screenshot: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/zvypiz62gvo3d2p/Commission%20Poll%20%28Juniperberri%29.png?dl=0 ) Note Proving She Agreed to The Payed Date(screenshot): https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/sxwb5ty5k6hfcok/Junpierberri%20Commission%20note%202.png?dl=0 Poll Comments of the Commission Agreement: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/hncxf00s78j184r/Poll%20Comments%20%28Juniperberri%29.png?dl=0 Explain: When I saw the Poll JuniperBerri had created about wanting to take Commissions, I commented and she told me she was low on money but she would send the payment when she got payed. Being nice, I told her i could wait until she got payed, and she told me she would pay me on Wednesday of December 26 2012. When that day came by and I had posted her Commission, she told me she would pay me that day when her money was transfered into the bank. I waited, and I have not seen that Payment yet, and everey time I have sent her a Note asking why she has not payed, i have not recieved a response and when I said something about it on her Shouts, she deleted the Comment, as well as the comment I made on a journal she creadted saying that she was not going to pay anyone before they made the Commission (found here http://juniperberri.deviantart.com/journal/#/d5ogmrx ) EDIT: Made a Screenshot of Juniperberri's "ugh" Journal just in case.>> http://img266.imageshack.us/img266/7751/juniperberrisughjournal.png EDIT 1-12-15: So its been a while since the last update for this. I happened to log in today to find a notification saying that Juniperberri(however they have changed their name to SainteCiel ) has uploaded the unpaid art piece! Funny that they actually credited me as the artist, I probably wouldn't have found out otherwise. Even so, if it is not removed (as I have kindly asked them to do) I will report them to the DA Staff and hopefully they will take it down for me. Screenshot of the re-upload: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/jd76hegfirbyu72/Monarch%20reupload.png?dl=0 So far it looks like they have denied the knowledge of not paying for the Commission. New Edit: I'll let the screenshot explain itself, but they did remove the submission. However, they have not made any indication that they were going to pay for it. Screenshot: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/f9yifha68ona9mh/reupload%20comments.png?dl=0
  19. Dec. 19th, 2012 at 7:47 PM ritz_bitz25 WHO: I am an artist that goes by Ritz_Bitz on FA. I was commissioned by Touya_Vulpes on FA. WHERE: During my livestream art session. WHAT: I was livestreaming $10 shaded headshots done traditionally. People could have them laminated and mailed for $1 more. He was the first to order and got his art that night. 2 days later, on December 5th, I recieved an email that the funds were on hold and I needed to take action in the resolution center. I responded saying "He got his art that night, its intangible goods but he has the file already so I cannot offer a refund". Today, the 19th, I got an email saying the payment was reversed and given back to him. Turns out I'm not covered as a seller of goods unless the item is shipped, so he was able to make a claim he never recieved it and I lost my case because I couldn't ship this intangible good. WHEN: Livestream took place on December 3rd and he recieved his art the same night. PROOF: EXPLAIN: When the hold was placed, I was confused but figured something wasnt verified with his account or such. I didn't contact him at this point, I answered the case in the resolution center and waited. Today I got an email that the payment was reversed, and I saw that the $10 had been sent back to him from my account. Upset and irritated, I noted him about it and he said "Oh I've been having issues with paypal for the past couple weeks. I don't know what it is." I told him he needed to resend the money or I was gonna delete the art and go through paypal for a resolution. He acted slightly irritated, saying "*sigh* fine just delete the art". I already completed the work, so obviously I wanted to be paid for it. I called paypal and spoke with their customer service. It turns out he filed the claim that he never got what he paid for, and I had no defense with it being 'intangible goods' that I did not ship. This is why I lost the case. I DID get my money back, however I am extremely displeased with the way the commissioner acted, trying to get his money AND have the art. He has been blacklisted now and I have changed my commission policy to having all the work I do shipped out so I can protect myself. EDIT: this commissioner is now suspended from FA for doing this to a countless number of artists within the same 2 week span. he is APPARENTLY working with paypal as of dec 30 but stopped replying to all comments/emails after that, so who knows. It's official though: I'm no the only one this same thing has happened to.
  20. Dec. 6th, 2012 at 3:16 PM malytwotails LSS: "Zardis" buys soap from http://www.contactcaffeine.com , is displeased with it, we sent her a refund immediately, and a month later, she posts inflammatory journals about us out of the blue. So here's some caps, since she's admitted in them that she called PayPal with the intention of having them issue a larger refund, past the value of the items she purchased., and while Con*Tact can eat a bar of soap here or there, I am horrified to think she'd try this on a real commission she was displeased with. WHO: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/zardis (RL name omitted because she's a minor) WHAT: I don't really know what exactly to call this. :/ WHERE: Through our own website, email, and FurAffinity WHY: ???????? WHEN: September-December 2012 Woke up to this today. She deleted the original journal, which then became this beast (I am Poison, in the comments): Here's her original complaint, now that you've read all of her current complaints. This is dated 11/1/12 I never did see those photos. Our reply, with the same date. This is her original reply she sent us, on 11/1. We considered the issue closed at that point. And here's our 11/2 refund, with both transactions. Note that just over a month has passed between the two, because we shipped her soap and she was displeased between those two dates. This girl has previously purchased from us. In fact, we missed her FREE sample last order, and she sent us an email complaining over the omission. We made up a pack of samples for her, on our own dime, wrote the customs form, drove it to the post office, waited in line, and paid out of our own pockets to send her additional free merchandise, just to keep our customer's goodwill. Now, our site says all over it "Caffeine soap is not intended for those under 18", and I couldn't help but notice that on her fursuiting FA, she mentions she's 15 (dated 2010). So even if it hasn't been edited since then, she'd still be a minor, which leads me to worry about PayPal - don't they have a strict over-18 policy? CONFIRMED: She is 16 as of this post, and using PayPal as a minor (with her own money) So, that's it. I thought that we closed the case, guess not! Beware! EDIT: This is the threat note she received from the FA account "Cerberus." , sent right around the same time as her journal posts, from an empty FA account. http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/malytwotails/137829/639344/639344_original.png EDIT2: Followup from FA administrators regarding the threat, stating that she sent herself the note. http://artists-beware.livejournal.com/637279.html?thread=24707935#t24707935 EDIT3: We've now received notes from her boyfriend, "shady." on ConTact's account. (already sent in my harassment ticket) http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/malytwotails/137829/639703/639703_original.jpg http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/malytwotails/137829/639882/639882_original.jpg EDIT4: She's sent us a private apology over all of this (and apologizing on her boyfriend's behalf), and we're considering the issue closed and resolved. EDIT5: She's back and arguing again over $0.01 , apparently http://artists-beware.livejournal.com/637279.html?thread=24723039#t24723039 EDIT6: After spending a day and a half arguing with a 16 year old on the internet, I'm entirely out of energy for this anymore. It's as resolved as it's going to get.
  21. Nov. 16, 2012 at 12:53 PM I originally came here seeking advice on the situation, which can be seen here, but it was suggested that I still make the beware because of said person's behavior. This is my first actual beware post, so I apologize if it's done incorrectly. WHO: Thera WHERE: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/thera/ Though everything happened here on this journal. WHAT: One digital sketch. Here's screen shots of our initial conversation when she first ordered the sketch. Though everything can still be read in the journal I linked above. This is the finished commission. WHEN: November 6th, 2012 until now. PROOF: This is the paypal screenshot showing when she initially sent the eheck. This is the screenshot showing that the echeck failed to send. I sent her a note about the failed echeck asking if she could send it again or perhaps have someone else do it for her. She did reply to my note, which can be seen here, but she also commented on the original commission journal where the transaction took place. All of it can still be read in the journal linked above, but here are screenshots anyways. EXPLAIN: I hope it's alright if I just copy/paste from my advice journal, if not I can edit it. On November 6th, 2012 I opened for $5 sketch commissions and Thera wanted a slot. So we work out all the details, got everything settled and agreed upon. There was a slight bit of confusion on what she wanted at first, but we got that all worked out with no problems. She sent the payment, it was an echeck, and I started her commission. I finished it the next day and she was very happy with it. She even colored it and did a wonderful job at doing so. Now I've /never/ had any problems with echecks clearing so I really didn't think I'd have a problem this time. So like I stated, I did her sketch and finished it the next day. Now on the 14th, of this month, I got an email saying that the echeck failed. I sent a note to Thera asking if she could send it again or maybe have someone else send it for her. She replied saying she wasn't sure why it failed, but this was the second time it happened. She also told me that she wasn't sure why it failed because she had enough to send it, but paypal wouldn't let her send it until she added more money. So she asked me if there was anything else she could give me in exchange and I said no. With pretty large medical/dental debt over my head I really need every penny. A little while later she replied saying that she tried to send it again, got charged a fee, lost $70, and told me to please let her sort out her "financial bullsh*t". She said that this wasn't her fault because she didn't know this would happen. Which I got kind of confused by because she said this wasn't the first time this had happened, but okay, I understand that things happen sometimes. So the next reply I got from her is a story explaining about the last time it happened and her current family/money issues. I proceeded to reply with how I was sorry that her life was falling apart, but it wasn't really fair to me nor did it really concern me because I did the work they paid for, but in the end I didn't get paid. And that maybe she shouldn't commission people if her life is falling apart and she doesn't have money to spend. Honestly at this point I'm trying to be understanding, but it's kind of hard because she's dumping all her life problems on me and they don't concern me. I don't even know her on a personal level. The first time I talked to her was when this transaction started and I haven't contacted her or talked to her up until now. Now from this point on she starts getting kind of nasty with me. She's getting angry/frustrated and keeps using vulgar language towards me when I've been trying to be as calm as possible. Maybe I came off as cold hearted or something, I'm not sure. I mean I do feel bad for her, because honestly it sucks when crap goes down hill, I know, but I've always heard that business transactions should be kept as such. None the less, she tells me that all of this has happened in two days. So I go on to tell her again that I am sorry that her life is falling apart, but it doesn't concern me and she really has no reason to be so angry at me. She says she's not angry at me, that she's just upset in general, which is understandable, but really she shouldn't be taking it out on me. She should calm down and think about it before taking frustrations out on someone else. She has yet to respond to my last comment though. I was originally just going to accept the loss and just take it as a lessoned learned, but she says she still intends to pay me. She said I'd have my money in three days, but we'll see. I won't hold my breathe or anything though. I hope that's okay, I'm not very good at explaining things. 😧 I can edit anything as necessary. EDIT as of November 21th, 2012: I received a payment from taasla paying in place of Thera. I really appreciate it, so thank you again! I guess this can be marked as resolved then.
  22. 9:33 PM chestnipple WHO: Zipi WHERE: furaffinity.net/user/zipi WHAT: Commissioned for digital art, but never payed for it, even after the drawing is finished. (two pieces, one payed, the other not) WHEN: Request was done on July 3. First drawing was finished on July 9, seccond on July 10. Payment for the first commission was got on the same day. Seccond payment never happened. PROOF: Request: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/63960948/abZ/request.png Commission one finished: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/63960948/abZ/first%20com%20sent.png Commission two finished: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/63960948/abZ/seccond%20com%20sent.png Aggreement on payment for the two pieces at the end of the month, and payment for the first piece on the same day as the pm was sent: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/63960948/abZ/payment1.png https://dl.dropbox.com/u/63960948/abZ/payment2.png https://dl.dropbox.com/u/63960948/abZ/end of the month.png At the end of the month, I ask for update about the payment: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/63960948/abZ/no%20reply.png Getting no reply; I send an other note a little over a week later: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/63960948/abZ/ask%20again.png I get a reply 5 days later, after making a journal asking for people if they had contact with zipi and could help me with it (the journal got deleted after I got a reply): https://dl.dropbox.com/u/63960948/abZ/reason.png I send an other pm over a month later; asking about payment: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/63960948/abZ/ask%20once%20more.png The pm is read, but I get no reply (there is a little yellow enveloppe next to unread messages): https://dl.dropbox.com/u/63960948/abZ/got read.png I try to contact them with a shout, but got no reply: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/63960948/abZ/ignore.png User is obviously active on the website: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/63960948/abZ/activity.png User also commissioned other artists after commissioning me: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/63960948/abZ/other%20commissions.png EXPLAIN: I have done two commissions for zipi 4 months ago, but got only payed for one, and the user is now ignoring me when I try to contact them. They also commissioned other artists since.
  23. Sep. 9th, 2012 1:24 PM sbneko I really hate having to post here. I have a bit of anxiety issues and was hoping to just let this go, but many of my friends said it's really something that needs to be shared. I actually wasn't sure if it's even worth a beware, so I asked for the mods opinions first, to make sure I wasn't posting wrongly. WHO: They have two accounts on FA, lil-ariin and ariin WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/lil-ariin/ http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ariin/ WHAT: A digital piece, full colour, two characters and a background. WHEN: First payed on July 29th, finished completely on September 1st PROOF: Commission info he sent me http://i1212.photobucket.com/albums/cc453/sbneko/Do not Delete/ariin1.png Payment sent http://i1212.photobucket.com/albums/cc453/sbneko/Do not Delete/ariin2.png Giving his friend permission to approve progress http://i1212.photobucket.com/albums/cc453/sbneko/Do not Delete/ariin3.png Explaining that I can only work with one person, since he gave his friend permission for approvals http://i1212.photobucket.com/albums/cc453/sbneko/Do not Delete/ariin4.png Sending the friend the sketch http://i1212.photobucket.com/albums/cc453/sbneko/Do not Delete/viking2.png Approving the sketch with a minor change needed http://i1212.photobucket.com/albums/cc453/sbneko/Do not Delete/viking3.png Contacting about how I was having trouble and giving different options http://i1212.photobucket.com/albums/cc453/sbneko/Do not Delete/viking4.png Bit of a misunderstanding and just explaining what's going on. http://i1212.photobucket.com/albums/cc453/sbneko/Do not Delete/viking5.png http://i1212.photobucket.com/albums/cc453/sbneko/Do not Delete/viking6.png http://i1212.photobucket.com/albums/cc453/sbneko/Do not Delete/viking7.png Got out of that funk and was able to ink it and sent it for a approval, both approving http://i1212.photobucket.com/albums/cc453/sbneko/Do not Delete/viking8.png http://i1212.photobucket.com/albums/cc453/sbneko/Do not Delete/viking9.png Sent finished piece http://i1212.photobucket.com/albums/cc453/sbneko/Do not Delete/viking10.png Ariin now contacts me, no word from the friend. http://i1212.photobucket.com/albums/cc453/sbneko/Do not Delete/ariin5.png We start discussing things http://i1212.photobucket.com/albums/cc453/sbneko/Do not Delete/ariin6.png http://i1212.photobucket.com/albums/cc453/sbneko/Do not Delete/ariin7.png http://i1212.photobucket.com/albums/cc453/sbneko/Do%20not%20Delete/ariin8.png >> I misread what he had said here, my fault! I thought he was upset that only his character didn't have a visible diaper, not that he wanted visble diapers on the ground. http://oi49.tinypic.com/10efryu.jpg http://i1212.photobucket.com/albums/cc453/sbneko/Do not Delete/ariin10.png http://i1212.photobucket.com/albums/cc453/sbneko/Do not Delete/ariin11.png EXPLAIN: I'd like to state right away that I did do a few mistakes. I personally have always shown progress approvals, both the sketch and inks, this is to make sure that if I do forget anything, it can be fixed right away. When something is my own mistake and something small enough, I'll gladly fix it after the fact. Otherwise though, big things do really need to be asked in the sketch or ink stage. But this varies from person to person. Ariin commissioned me for a picture. As I had others ahead of him, it took a bit of time before I could get to the sketch and make sure to send updates on that. On August 9th, I sent the sketch for approval. On the 16th I sent a reminder of approval. I no longer have the email, but may be able to find it by digging, but his friend, the other character in the image, messaged me to ask about the sketch, Ariin had left for vacation withought mentioning so. I personally cannot work with more then one person, as when I've done it before one would ask for changes, then the other and contradict themselves, because of that I work with one person who is responsible to comunicate for both parties. In the end, Ariin contacted me, approved the sketch and gave permission for his friend to approve stages instead as he wasn't going to be back yet from vacation. During this time, I had a really difficult time continuing on with the image. It's a bit difficult to understand if you're not an artist I think, but sometimes things just don't seem to turn out right and feel a bit awkward. I didn't want to give a bad picture or make them wait too long, so I gave different options and asked if it'd be ok. They went with re-sketching the same idea. After taking a break though I got out of that funk and was able to continue on with inking no problem and sent it off for approval. I realize this is most likely a big fault on my end and should have asked if they wanted me to continue or go with the re-sketch. I hadn't thought of it as I was already working on it and they did very much seem to like the sketch. The friend said they both approved. I continued on and finished the commission. That's when Ariin contacted me. The screenshots have all the info for that. In the end, I felt much too stressed to continue with it and refunded the background fee for things I had missed and couldn't fix and a bit extra for good faith. I would like to say though that his friend was a great joy to work with and talked to me calmly, he seems like a really nice guy that just got caught up in the middle. He messaged me to tell me he did like the picture a lot.
  24. Aug. 18th, 2012 at 8:34 PM negawolfie Edit: Yuuri has finally paid for commission on 10/6/2012 Thank you everyone for the advice I really appreciate it very much! WHO: Yuurikin https://www.furaffinity.net/user/yuurikin/ WHERE: Business of commission was at a collab account in which me and my friend owns. https://www.furaffinity.net/user/mutantfreak/ WHAT: My friend who is the artist opened 2 commission slots. Yuurikin was the first to nab one and ask for a $20 full body commission. This is where I come in because I handle all the transactions and business of the account so we moved our discussion into the notes. WHEN: July 5th, 2012 PROOF: These are all of the notes on July 5th and on the 12th, plus the note that was sent on August 17. They are all in order. http://www.iaza.com/work/120819C/iaza17005772125500.png http://www.iaza.com/work/120819C/iaza17005735188800.png http://www.iaza.com/work/120819C/iaza17005715854400.png http://www.iaza.com/work/120819C/iaza17005777081600.png http://www.iaza.com/work/120819C/iaza17005783887800.png http://www.iaza.com/work/120819C/iaza17005763851600.png http://www.iaza.com/work/120819C/iaza17005774453500.png http://www.iaza.com/work/120819C/iaza17005732483500.png http://www.iaza.com/work/120819C/iaza17005793052700.png http://www.iaza.com/work/120819C/iaza17005720470900.png http://www.iaza.com/work/120819C/iaza17005780461100.png EXPLAIN: Yuurikin has had a small history with us. When we started Yuurikin was an amazing customer to have, she would pay quickly and gaves us a good conversation from time to time. She really enjoyed my friend's artwork a lot. We started out back in January. As months went by things were doing pretty well Yuurikin would always ask for a hold on our adopts which we had no problem in but the thing was she would never buy them even after waiting for a month or more. One day we were selling a huge batch of $5 adopts that had never sold. Yuurikin wanted to do a trade which I agreed on. So I gave her the adopts and waited for her half of the trade but it never came so I brushed it off since it was only a cookie cutter critter. When she took a art commission slot from us everything was going smooth at first till it came to the payment part. I ask for payment up front before my friend starts anything but since Yuurikin was like a friend she told me the payment will be sent in an hour or so because of her father. So I OKed it and the first stage of the commission was started which was a pencil sketch. Yuurikin loved how it looked all that was needed was a expression changed. So while going through this she mentioned to me that she found a friend who will pay for her now, which was fine. As we waited for payment the drawing was being pen inked and colored. After waiting for what I believe was like an hour or more I checked my paypal to see if anything was sent because the commission was completed. I saw no payment and the first thing that went through my mind was hoping that the email of the paypal was correct so I sent her a note about it. I told her she can't get her commission until payment is sent which she understood. After that I heard no word from her untill July 12th when I sent her a pm from my main account telling her that the payment was still never sent so she told me in reply that she will remind her friend. So I waited more and still never gotten a payment. Now my computer crashed from a hard drive failure on the 6th so I had no way to contact some people. It was on the 12th when my mother lend me her laptop so I could send a note from my main to Yuurikin that payment has not been sent. So as of August 17th I sent her a note asking what was her friend's FA so I could explain the situations and that I am still waiting for payment. As the note was read by her I never gotten a reply even as of today (August 18). So she pretty much ignored us. Me and my friend are extremely upset, Yuurikin had our trust and it felt squashed down pretty hard. The ink that is used for the lineart of the drawings is expensive which costs us $14.25. These are $8 bottles of ink which does run out after a lot of use. This is why we sell cookie cutter adopts with a large verity of color designs on them which is the only thing done digitally. Our main goel for this business is to make the customers happy and satisfied. We also have made a simple TOS if that is needed on here for this report. https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/3377520/ Also I do apologies if there are any errors my Enlgish is not my stong points and this is the first time I posted on here.
  25. Aug. 13th, 2012 at 9:04 PM Dorthy Moore WHO: bigdog2010 WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/bigdog2010 WHAT: I made bigdog2010 a "transformation" picture (taking his normal human picture and changing his eyes, nose and ears into that of a wolfs), took me 3 hours to make, he posted payment before I started to work on it, he continued to email me about the picture so since the payment was suppose to be on the way I posted the picture. He then turned around and CANCELLED the payment a couple days later! WHEN: August 5 PROOF: http://i49.tinypic.com/k3517q.png http://i46.tinypic.com/2hebjac.png EXPLAIN: Mr.Bigdog contacted me asking for me to do the commission, he asked me about how much I ask for each option, he continued to ask about if I could do the eyes, ears and nose and we both settled on the agreement of $20 for all of the options, he posted payment and I began work. As you can see I told him I was waiting til payment was posted before I began work, he posted payment and basically demanded me to begin working. I began working on it and he kept asking about the picture and how long it would take. It took me three hours to make the said picture. He kept asking about it and I posted it. He said he liked it and began to ask me about a future commission of him being a lion. He agreed to contact me about it once he got more money. That was the end of it. I went today to see if payment was cleared out and it was CANCELLED.
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