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About Me

  1. I was contacted by the client on 20th March 2022 with regards to a YCH advertised on Instagram: Here’s proof of the client paying for the commission (potential legal name redacted): I sent them a link to their spot on my public queue, which has access to my terms of service on it as well, and explained my work patterns. Here’s proof of this being added to my queue, as Trello tracks all progress and changes to anything on it: For transparency, here’s my public queue link. The client asked for an update on 1st April 2022, which is no issue at all, but I noted I had not started on the piece yet. While no turnaround time had been communicated by myself nor the client, my average turnaround is around three weeks, depending on the piece and length of my queue: I was finishing up a couple of really large pieces before moving onto the next batch, as communicated above. I got a WIP of the line edits requested to the client the next day as promised, and added minor bits of colour as I was making sure the line changes looked correct: The client confirmed that they were happy with the changes, but wanted a more obvious flick on the hair, and the bandana removing. The bandana is noted as not being optional on the ref, so I confirmed that they definitely wanted it removing. My terms of service state that it is the commissioner’s responsibility to ensure their ref sheet is up to date and changes are communicated in advance, but I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt that it was an honest mistake, and made the change with no quarrel: For reference, here’s that part mentioned in my terms of service. Note that this refers to pieces developed outside of YCHs, so I show line art instead before continuing, as there is no sketch to show, only line edits where needed. As mentioned, my terms of service is available via my public queue: As these were minor changes and the client otherwise stated that the piece was ‘perfect’, and not wanting to make the client wait even longer for the piece, I moved onto colouring the piece. At this stage, I noticed that the client’s ref sheet was very difficult to work from, as it was low quality and the markings did not line up across the different views. I actually had my husband and an artist friend view it as well in order to help me figure out if I was getting it right, as I have ADHD and can sometimes miss markings (which is also outlined in my terms of service): To illustrate the issues I was having, here’s part of the conversation I had with my artist friend (identity not included as it’s irrelevant). This artist knows my struggles with some markings, and this is an informal peer-to-peer exchange in helping each other do the best for our clients. This tends to speed up commission work for clients, and means clients don’t get pestered as much over every single marking. I’m also including this to prove that I was not being complacent in trying to get this piece right for the client: I worked on the markings and got back to the client on 7th April with how I had interpreted them based on the ref sheet. The client, rather than asking for alterations that they were very welcome to ask for, instead asked for a full refund: I was quite taken aback by this, as this seemed like a drastic change from the line art being described as ‘perfect’ save for a few alterations. I offered a few options on how to move forward, which I felt were fair to both parties: I linked to my terms of service, which were on my public queue but I was unsure whether they had missed them, and highlighted my refund policy. For reference, here’s my public Terms of Service. I felt that I was being more than fair in offering to make changes based on presumably different markings that may exist on a new reference. The client appeared to retroactively take issue with the fact I had done the markings, as this meant they would receive less of a refund. However, I explained that because they had otherwise said the piece was ‘perfect’ and the changes were so minor, I had continued with it. If they had needed more edits to the identified issues with the line art, I would have been happy to oblige: I calculated roughly how much the client would receive in a refund. The client then listed what changes needed to be made, so I assumed they therefore wanted to continue with the piece. While there are a few changes needed, they were all minor things that would take me very little time to change. This exchange took a few days, as noted in the screenshots, due to the client taking upwards of 24 hours to respond to each message. While I didn’t note it at the time, the first image that the client uses as proof of changes required is from an image I had not received at this point, and is pointing out markings absent or at least different from the ref sheet: I asked for clarification on some markings and noted where I genuinely missed things, such as the nosering, which was my mistake to own. Some of the markings, such as the brown on the leg, I still do not think are consistent with the ref sheet, as they were asking me to put markings on the front on the leg onto the back. However, I was happy to oblige, and this is where the conversation ended, with my understanding being that they would like the changes made and then would review them. As stated previously, I do not work on art every day, and happened to be away from home for a few days, but remained in contact with commissioners and worked on my queue a bit. I received notice from PayPal that a dispute had been opened against me by the client with no notice, and saw that they had blocked me on Instagram: I tried to respond via PayPal to explain my side, but the respond button didn’t work: I attempted to reach out on Instagram before realising they’d blocked me: I had to reach out to PayPal but was unsatisfied with them essentially saying I had to now just wait until May for PayPal to step in to decide on the case, due to the website not working correctly. Here is me contacting them on the site before I eventually called them: I realised that I had the client’s email address, since they’d emailed over a higher quality ref sheet image (same image as previously posted), and reached out there to try to come to an agreement. I reference what the client said in their PayPal dispute text, but due to the site not working correctly, I can’t retrieve a screenshot of this: The client responded reiterating that they wanted a full refund, which seemed unreasonable for the reasons already explained to them: It seemed that we were making progress, and they unblocked me on Instagram, but did not take down their dispute from PayPal, which meant I was still unsure if they were going to attempt to challenge the case either way. I explained how they could do it, but this never happened: I made the edits asked for originally on Instagram, which took very little time as expected: The client asked for more edits, which I did without issue: The client then asked for more edits, and again used a reference image that they had not shown me. I could see that the piece had different markings to the ones visible on the original ref sheet, and they additionally asked for more line art changes: At this stage, working with the client was severely impacting my mental health, and with the PayPal dispute still open, I was scared I would have to keep making endless edits based on images I hadn’t seen in order to please them: The client went silent again after this message, which gave me time to reflect. I decided that the principle of keeping a mere £15 was not worth the stress that all of this was causing me, so when the client still hadn’t replied in the morning, I decided to just refund them in full in order to end the whole thing: I could not refund the piece due to PayPal’s broken website, so I contacted PayPal in order to ask them to close the dispute in favour of the client: I do not believe that I was treated at all fairly by this client and refunded them entirely just to end contact with them. This was already impacting my ability to work on my queue, and I did not want it to impact anyone else.
  2. Hi my name is LadyOlg. I come to you with the help and advice of Salisha following a dispute with the artist Kellion. It's already been several months since I started to collaborate with him following a Devianart contest he created and I won. Only in the last two months the situation has changed quickly, Kellion tried to hijack my drawings and resell them at auction. The last order I made for him was paid 170€, a YCH with 8 characters at 20€ each plus 10€ for the landscape. It was obviously agreed that the figures would be resold so that he could pay back the commission but he never told me that he would make money on them. Two artists including Salisha came to warn me of this, the resale is done on Furafinity, not being known yet on it I think Kellion imagined that I had no account and could make the sale behind my back. So I posted a public comment under the sale to point out an error on his part, without insults or even getting angry because I still believed I could trust him and that there must be a mistake. Obviously he masked the comment but he was also quite angry because some artists had noticed it and wanted to be reimbursed or even threw it out of their community. I often asked Kellion to be clear with me, as his requests were sometimes changing and confusing but I put this down to the fact that neither he nor I speak English. As he was offering me his help since I was a beginner as an artist, I often asked him if my prices were correct, being really cheap at the beginning he advised me once to increase them, which I did but being a beginner I didn't dare to increase them much and asked him however if it was correct, on those he didn't warn me about my prices put only gave an example of a price sheet I could make, not in relation to the budget but in relation to my own rates depending on the type of art. Kellion turned my naivety against me, using this very argument to tell me that these were the prices I had chosen and that it was normal for him to sell them at a higher price because he said that he didn't think he would be able to sell everything concerning the YCH... Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) It wasn't the first time Kellion tries to foul me, you will see it on the captures, but it was more subtle ( for me ) and he managed to manipulate me well enought to be me doing the apologizes and feeling like I've made a mistake or don't understand... I'm sorry for my bad English on the captures, I hope you will understand me well. I've to capture all our conversation sins the beguening so I'll probably send you another email with the rest of the capture ! In the last capture, you can find the first argument on the 33 and the last start to the 87. Here you got the link of the sell he had post on FA : https://www.furaffinity.net/view/45866391/ Thank you a lot for your attention
  3. So this was my first step into doing commission stories. After I put out a notice on both Deviantart and Furaffinity announcing that I am doing story commissions, with the prices being .003 cents per word, or $30 per every 1,000 word. This gent messaged me on Deviantart, commisisoned me to do a fatfur story involving Sonic and Tails (as adults of course, after making him clarify). Of course, as you can surmise from the exchanges provided below, this was my first time, and doing it in the middle of a university semester, so it too much longer than I would have liked. I have a 30 day deadline, but I had to delay the delivery by about three weeks due to me not managing my classes and commission duties well. Needless to say, I delivered the product to him after some back and forth on what he wanted in the story, and he was happy with the product, but he told me he couldn't pay me until the 8th of April. Not seeing the red flags, I accepted that. When the day came, I asked him if he had the money ready. No response. I sent him another message the next day, telling him I need the money and that he promised to pay me $90 on the day in question. Again, no response. Today, I tried to message him again, but I found out he blocked me on Deviantart, so I can't even message him anymore. So now I am posting this beware bulletin to warn other folks about this guy.
  4. BEWARE OF T_CYBERWOLF / CYBERWOLF0220 I was scammed a total of 221,09EUR - please, be careful and avoid this user at all cost On October 30th 2021, FA user T_Cyberwolf sent me a note, wanting to purchase 2 adoptables from me. Within the purchase, this individual asked me for serval modifications and additions (such as NSFW version, hyper version, etc.), raising the price to 144EUR for both characters. We agreed on the payment, payment was sent from his part, and a few weeks later, I delivered all the requested modifications, etc. T_Cyberwolf was pleased, and he very much told me so. On November 3rd, he did one more and the last purchase from me, which was another adoptable. He asked, once again, for a couple of additions and modifications, for a total price of 74EUR. Once again, we agreed on payment, he sent the payment, and on November 16th, I gave him the files like we agreed to. This person was pleased, and liked everything they got from me. SCREENSHOTS Here you can see we agreed on payment, that everything was delivered correctly, and the customer was indeed, pleased and happy with what they got. Fast forward to December 7th 2021. I got a Paypal email that indicated I got a chargeback from T_Cyberwolf, the reason being "unauthorized payment". I noticed he didn't contact me nor inform me in any way of this issue, so I immediately contacted him, asking for an explanation. Because of this, my Paypal balance was negative, and I was in debt with Paypal. He explained that he noticed he got his information stolen back on Thursday, that many purchases were made and that he started to chargeback because he wasn't able to determine which ones he made, and which ones he didn't, and he was pretty panicked. This, on itself, doesn't make sense. The purchases he asked a refund for over a month old (last purchase being November 3rd, first one being on October 30th), so if he's opening a case in Paypal, that means that those "suspicious purchases" he's been getting must have been happening for over a month - it is legit impossible that someone has been getting money stolen for over a month, without previous notice. Not to mention, my name was in there, it was obviously a purchase made from him, and he knew that. Furthermore, if T_Cyberwolf noticed this on Thursday, why did I get a chargeback 5 days later. Surely, if he claims he did it in a panicked state, I'd have recived the chargeback the very same day he noticed. (Apologies, this following screenshot is in Spanish due to Paypal sending information to my email in my native language; it's basically information about T_Cyberwolf opening a case for "unauthorized transactions", and about how much he's asking for the refund, how many days I have to respond, etc.) I explained that this was very suspicious and made little to no sense. I asked him a bunch of question, and T_Cyberwolf just answered one of them. I asked why he didn't close the Paypal refund case, and he asked me to explain it to him, which I refused because that was his responsability, and not mine, and after I texted him asking about more of my suspicions, he stopped replying and ghosted me. Atfer that, I decided to refund him, because I contacted Paypal trough a call, and the company explained that, since they opened the case under the subject "unauthorized transaction", and I can't physically prove they weren't hacked, I was going to lose the case anyway. So I issued a full refund. I lost 77,09EUR on December 7th (3EUR more than what he payed me for), as Paypal charged me 3,09EUR of fees for the refund, not sure why. The next day, December 8th, T_Cyberwolf decided to contact me, and now he changed his story. Now he claimed that the chargebacks weren't made from him, but it was his bank's doing - because he alerted the bank that his information got stolen, the bank was doing the chargebacks. Obviously, this makes a bigger hole in his first excuse; he mentioned he accidentally opened a Paypal case because he was "panicking" and didn't know which purchases he made and which ones he didn't, but now he claimed that it was his bank's doing, not his. This is when I knew 100% it was a lie, and he scammed me, successfully. He then proceeded to "warn" me that I was going to get more chargebacks for the remaining 2 adoptables he payed me back in October 30th, and that I should "rehome" them. I knew this wasn't a warning, but more of a threat, because this wasn't his bank's doing, but his. So, to avoid more issues with Paypal (as having opened cases can result in your account getting suspended), I proceeded to refund him fully the 144EUR he payed for in October for the remaining 2 adoptables, because I knew I was going to lose the case no matter what since he'd be using the "unauthorized transaction" excuse. This put me in debt, once again. He said "And before I forget", like this was a casual conversation - cleary showing his disinterest and lack of care or responsibility. After all of this, I asked him not to contact me or any of my friends ever again - but sadly, I couldn't get my money back through Paypal, and I'm left in debt. He scammed me and got all of the money back, and sadly, even though I revoked the owning rights of the adoptables from him, he still has the files and there's nothing I can do about it. I'm posting this because I don't want any more people being scammed by this user. Don't contact him or harass him, just block him and move on. If he tries to contact you, just ignore him. People like them can be dangerous to artists who are struggling, so please, be aware and be careful - thanks for reading.
  5. The client I would like to report is known as Piscurio/Pisquared. They are a former client and patron who saw fit to terminate their commission halfway through, as well as all communications while I was away for college, etc. The reason I am posting this beware is because now, after over a year, they have returned and are trying to use threats and blackmail to receive a refund when it is explicitly stated in my Terms of Service that I do not give refunds once the work has begun. Unless no work had been done yet/the commission is still waiting in 'queue', or I am unable to continue due to being hospitalized for longer than a period of 1 week, the refunds will not be given. Two separate clients have received refunds from me in the past following this policy. Once who was still in queue and needed to back out, as well as one in 2019 where I could not work as I had been fully hospitalized. Prior to this issue, the user received artwork from me in the form of patreon rewards. They claimed their tier’s ability to have a custom sketch done of their character, which was completed 09/17/20. They were very happy with the result and voiced no issues and we had a fairly strong relationship at the time. Prior to commissioning me fully, the user attempted to ‘haggle’ with my prices. I did not see this as a red flag initially and ignored it at the time in favor of giving them the benefit of the doubt and explaining to them why my prices were the way they were, etc. They then disappeared for some months, only to come back and go through with commissioning me at a lower price. The Issue The commission inquiry was made on the 09/04/20 with payment given on the 10/30/20. No set deadline was discussed with the client and they were aware that I am a college student with health issues and therefore take time working, shown by their references and thus awareness of this later on. Regardless of however long the commission would take to complete, it was clear I would honor it. Please review Image 0. As time went on, they began to grow impatient despite knowing that they were listed under ‘queued’ and would be until the commissions I was currently working on at the time were finished. Complaints were made and I moved them to ‘In Progress’ on November 8th, 2020 to put them at ease. An unwatermarked WIP image with the linework nearly completed was then sent to the client around November 27th, wherein small errors in the design were pointed out. These errors were made due to the client’s reference being largely unclear, but it was promised that the mistakes would be fixed and were fixed at a later date. The WIP was posted again on my discord server, where they were a member. The unwatermarked sketch, however, was deleted from direct messages when I realized the client was posting it online into their own gallery without permission. The issue was later resolved over a stream on Picarto, where I whispered them privately. The user was an active viewer of my streams at the time and would often visit to watch for several hours on end, the content of which included their own commission on many occasions. On December 11th, I marked on Trello that the sketching phase had been completed, as I had fully moved on to lineart by then. I was struggling a lot medically around this time, hence the delay in Trello being updated compared to discord. Despite having expedited their commission (moving it ahead of two others), starting and completing roughly half the work, the client asked for a full refund on January 31st of 2021. In response, I explained to them their options, reminded them of my terms, and once again informed them that refunds were not guaranteed at this stage. The commission was already past the sketch phase at this point, despite the client’s words, as can be seen in the earlier image of their character. While it was not complete at the time, it was well underway and at roughly 98%. I attempted to put their concerns at ease by informing them of other customers who had and were waiting just as long for their commissions, all of which were roughly the same level of complexity and cost as this client’s. It was also explained that I would, regardless of how long it took, complete the commission. Given that this was at the height of the pandemic, and evacuation orders were being given to neighboring colleges in response, I was often unable to respond to long periods of time. However, clients remained informed of this and whenever an update was available on my condition, their commissions, and the like. In the case of this client, I offered to DM them directly when my next stream would start so that they would be informed and could watch their commissions being worked on. The client refused and stated that they had alerts on. The third WIP image was sent to them shortly after. Some weeks later, they left my server, blocked me via discord, and discontinued communication with me. I attempted to reach them and sent a friend request via discord to try and reestablish communication, but they never accepted it. Confused, I continued to work on the commission to near completion. With the sketching phase marked as complete, I did not mark off the next stage (lining) until much later. The reason for this being I was still trying to reestablish contact with my client and had questions that prevented me from finishing this step fully. Despite this, I continued on with the background while I waited. *The dates in this image as of Dec 11th will be further explained below. However, my time working was not without issues. I was forced to not work due to my laptop dying in March. Following this, my college issued an evacuation order in response to a breakout of COVID-19 on campus. Regardless, I continued to inform my clients and sever members of these problems via discord announcements and so on. Unfortunately, the border of my country closed for several months mere hours before I could return home and I was forced to return to the US. They did not open until May 27th, which was around the same time I was allowed to arrive home being on the first flight back. From there, I updated my website, my Trello, and continued working. On June 1st, I resolved that I had waited long enough for my client to reappear and went ahead with marking off both Lining and Color as I had now completed those two steps. This was done tentatively with steps taken to allow corrections should they return. On August 28th, 2021, Pisqcurio sent me a message and demanded I terminate their commission for lack of communication – despite them having blocked me – and alluded that I should give them a refund while fully aware that I would not be due to the commission having been almost completed at the time of termination. Due to rising medical issues and having just returned to college, I was not active on FA and for that I take full responsibility. On January 11th, 2022, the client reapproached me with threats of defamation and claimed I manipulated and gaslighted them when I did not. Their message was accompanied by another over discord that also included more threats, insults, and the promise to continue to harass me. Again, they asked for a refund despite knowing my terms of service and all the work that had been done. They also claimed to have sent an email to me regarding the issue, but I, to this day, have never received an email from them. As can be seen by the above image, I am still, to this day, blocked by them and unable to communicate via discord. We share a server, as can be seen by the image following it, which shows that it is a block and not just us not being in the same community. Upon checking FA, I saw that I was no longer blocked and responded with a message to explain my side of the story while also trying to reason with them. The response I received showed their refusal to cooperate or come to an understanding. I responded with a reminder of what happened, once again, and finally blocked them. I am not proud of this message, but I am including it as well. Edit 01.19.22 Another important thing to note is that the client claims to have emailed me on January 11th, 2022. I checked both my emails and found this; Absolutely nothing. Hence, either they sent their email to the wrong person or fabricated it. I do not have any emails dated on the 11th of January, 2022 from this client and have never received one since from 09/04/2020 to 01/19/2022. What I do have are a total of four twitter notifications and a Buzzly activation email. I checked my gmail as a courtesy, but only the one on outlook is provided or associated with the public and used as my work email.
  6. Foreword The Beware is labelled NSFW since some attached external links contain NSFW material, but no NSFW pictures will be directly embedded in the post itself. This Beware will be very long, so I decided to organize it into paragraphs to make it easier to understand what happened and how I uncovered the culprit since it's a crucial part of the required proof. Summary One of my Patrons has been re-uploading exclusive content from my Patreon page to the pirate site https://kemono.party/. He didn't have my consent, ne never asked for it nor did he ever tell me. When confronted he declared his act was deliberate. I am writing down this Beware to show, with all evidence I have, what happened to protect other artists like me from this user. Background I've been working with Castore93 for almost three years between Patreon rewards and commissions; I can say we've always been in good terms. He began supporting me through Patreon in November 2019 and as far as I know we never had any issue. (Proof screenshot below.) Kemono.party On January 13th, 2022 I came to know through a friend of mine the existance of kemono.party, an infamous pirate site collecting exclusive material from Patreon and other pay-to-view platforms like SubscribeStar. I sadly discovered my Patreon material was uploaded there too. I was determined to uncover who re-uploaded the material, but to do so I first needed to understand how kemono.party works and how they were able to get it in the first place. Kemono.party works by using a scraper, a piece of software which automatically parses webpages to collect data from them. In order to access protected content, the scraper needs some kind of access key. In the case of kemono.party, the scraper uses the session key from a Patreon account. This means that the user either volountarely gives the scraper access to their account's session key or the account is compromised. The upload happens automatically. Thus, the person responsible must have a Patreon account with access to my exclusive posts; either my account has been hacked or one of my Patrons has, volountarily or not, shared their session key. Finding the culprit My account couldn't have been hacked since I was able to see posts which weren't uploaded to kemono.party. I was fortunate enough to have exaclty three Patrons, all belonging to different tiers. The only way to identify the culprit would be posting a series of artworks limiting access to some specific tiers and seeing which of them would get reposted on kemono.party. I have three different tiers called "A precious gift", "Treasure" and "Jewel's waterfall". When posting a content on Patreon you can choose between some visibility options: You can make your post public so everyone can see it. You can make your post visible to "All patrons" regardless of their tier. You can make a post visible to one or more specific tiers. Selecting a lower tier only does not make the post visible to higher tiers. My three Patrons are Patron 1, Castore93 (Castore Devon on Patreon) and Patron 2. Patron 1 didn't join any tier, so they can only see "Public" and "All patrons" posts. Castore93 (Castore Devon) would be able to see "Public", "All patrons" and "Treasure" tier's posts. Patron 2 can see "Public", "All Patrons" and "Jewel's Waterfall" posts. After uploading each bait post I waited until I saw some of them appear on kemono.party. I made four bait posts: All Patron: it was a check to see if my content was stil being stolen. Selecting "A precious gift", "Treasure" and "Jewel's waterfall" tiers altogether. "Treasure" tier. "Jewel's waterfall" tier. Since nobody was part of the "A precious gift" tier it was no use testing it separately. Test no.1: all Patrons. It has been re-posted. My content was indeed still being stolen. Kemono.party post: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/14947257/post/60897241 Test no.2: All tiers altogether. It has been re-posted. This excludes Patron 1 since they weren't part of any tier, thus unable to see the post. Kemono.party post: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/14947257/post/61104826 Doublecheck. Kemono.party post: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/14947257/post/61286834 3. Selected tiers only: "Treasure" tier. It has been reposted. Kemono.party post: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/14947257/post/61287322 Doublecheck. Kemono.party post: https://kemono.party/patreon/user/14947257/post/61287443 4. Selected tiers only: "Jewel's waterfall". It hasn't been reposted. Check & doublecheck. This excludes Patron 2. Notice how the posts from the "Jewel's waterfall" tier were shared in between "Treasure" posts in order to exclude any time factor. The confrontation It was clear from all the data collected the culprit was the Patron from the "Treasure" tier, Catore93 aka Castore Devon. It was still possible his account had been hacked and he wasn't aware of the situation. So I opted for a neutral approach and he himself confirmed this wasn't the case... On January 20th, 2022 I confronted him. Translation from Italian: Me: Do you know this site? https://kemono.party/ Castore93: I go there sometimes. Me: You do realize this material comes from your account, right? Castore93: But theoretically I think the site uploads content only when you add it, not by itself. I did add some stuff in the past. Me: Do you knwo this is copyright infringment and illegal, right? Castore93: I am curious to understand how it shows it has taken the material without me uploading it. About uploading stuff from Patreon (when I did it some time ago) about that I would have a certain personal point of view, you're not wrong obviously. (SIC) Me: The site connects to your account's session cookie, uploading does not depend from you. In any case you can keep whatever point of view you want as long as my pay-to-view material remains visible only to those who paid for it. Castore93: Ok so one time is all it takes. Later that day I posted a public Patreon journal explaining the situation and how I will be sharing my contents from now on to avoid similar theft. This post too appeared on kemono.party (as you can see from the previous screenshots), meaning Castore93's session cookie was still active on kemono.party. Taking down the material I wish to add this part to show what kind of assholes arise from such events. After contacting Patreon to ask for advice, they suggested me to send a DMCA takedown request to the site which is the typical course of action. However, the criminals running the site ever so smugly responded with... excuses... even if the site has a "DMCA" page with instructios on how to send a DMCA takedown notice. I don't feel like letting them win. I am now in the process of researching my options to deal with the situation. I will try to give updates in the comments about this if I find anything which might be useful to everyone. Conclusion I lost a considerable amout of time dealing with the whole situation, which is amounted to a lot of frustration not to mention the damage of having copyrighted material posted around without authorization. Please be aware of this user.
  7. Please note that this person has multiple names, the only name he was going by was legal names so the usernames mentioned are from Telegram and email, I do not know if he has a Twitter, FA, whatever. I know AB has a rule about legal names, hence the hyphening of the last names, however I only know the names through what I've seen and searching came up with nothing. He has multiple PayPal emails with the name mentioned but in parenthesis "unidentified," they come back to 3 completely different names. It should also be noted that in the Telegram chats (mentioned below, which are deleted so I have no proof) there are two other people mentioned "involved" in this transaction so I feel it is worthwhile to have multiple names for the beware. Some time in late April "Hyperion" contacted me through Telegram about purchasing a fursuit I had for sale, a white tiger partial for $2,000 plus shipping. He later asked me to add in a fan and the total came out to $2,082. All of these receipts were deleted by him and he has blocked me on Telegram after the emails below were sent, possibly in an attempt to not have me write this beware on him or use it against him with the PayPal claim, however I still have all of the payments sent for the suit. These were sent every month for varying amounts until the final payment was sent in August. It is unclear if the fursuit was purchased for "Hyperion" or a friend he never mentioned by name. First payment (email is to Alex) Second payment (to Max) Third payment (to Alex) Final payment (to Alex, name is father's and has been censored) On August 9th Max sends me an email detailing that he would like a refund because the moving jaw does not work on the costume, despite me providing sizing on the posts about the fursuit being for sale. I offer to show him how to fix it or a refund for the moving jaw, but not for the suit as a whole. He declines and wishes to send it back. I have been in quarantine for several months and forgot, hey, we're in the middle of a pandemic and he has mentioned that multiple people have tested the suit. I decline to take it back, all sales are final, and he chooses to ignore this, pressuring me to take the suit back and claiming the state/county he lives in has no cases (this is one of the states on my state's restriction list). I cite this again and he does not respond after that. Mentioning of sizing for the head On August 30th around noon I receive an email from PayPal without a word from him that a claim has been filed for $445.99, citing multiple issues with the transaction. More chargebacks while the client still has the suit: Plus each chargeback has a $20 charge, totaling $80.
  8. Commissioned me to make a simple logo withholding that it was going to be used for a clothing brand when my art is not for commercial use. Art has not been completed and refund has been issued. [Mod Note: OP Found out via group message that the client intended to use the work for commercial use. Unrelated parties are censored.] [Client was refunded and blocked.]
  9. I'm a writer who is commissioned to write mostly growth/macro stories, and have been at it since 2013. In this time I've taken over 60 jobs which have all been read, approved and paid by every single client. My DeviantArt ToS: https://www.deviantart.com/blackspyro33/journal/Official-Terms-of-Service-for-Commissions-2021-485184088 I have always operated on an honor system with every single client. I don't set completion dates, I don't take advance payments. People read the final product, they tell me if they're happy with it or if they require alterations/additions, and then I get paid. I was first approached by Darkgai on September 10th, 2021, as the third slot in a queue of public commissions. Our correspondence was civil and well-mannered for the most part. Since Darkgai was the third in a queue of three and I don't work on multiple commissions at once, he was made to wait until I was done with the two before him. Unfortunately, circumstances forced me into my full-time job earlier in the year than I expected. All commissions were worked at at a slower pace. This led me to unusually higher waiting times, including Darkgai, who asked me about his commission. I decided to give him an update about why I was taking so long, since it's unusual for me to make a customer wait so long. Finally, at about 00:15 on December 31st, I sent the finished story to the client as explained in the ToS he had agreed to. Instructions were given, and I received critique and engaged in a minor dispute that I believed had reached a positive conclusion for us both. Thinking the issue resolved, I waited for three hours and found no evidence of the guy sending payment, and he has yet to reply to my last inquiry. As the (current) DeviantArt correspondence from earlier shows, visiting Darkgai's dA will show it as disabled. When I first saw it like that after 3 hours of radio silence I feared the worst. I made this person wait. I explained my situation. I delivered my agreed upon interpretation of his wishes. I saw dissatisfaction and attempted to find an alternative solution. We agreed on a price slash since he did not want modifications. He paid my time and effort with indifference and avoidance. I dedicated time and effort when I knew I couldn't instead of giving up to the pressure and finished a product that he allegedly found okay except for certain parts which I offered to touch up. Seeing as though our interpretations became irreconciliable, I decided to offer a hefty discount which is basically giving up my claim to time and effort I am not getting back to meet him somewhere I deemed appropriate. He told me he was going to pay me. He hasn't. He deleted his dA, and I take it as him avoiding me. I take it as him avoiding his responsibility to pay what he owes me for the story I wrote. I do not want anybody else to have to suffer through this annoyance ever again.
  10. Communication occurred on Discord after we contacted each other on an art commissions server. We agreed on a set of 12 emotes of the client's original characters. I had completed 11 of them and this specific transaction is concerning the very last emote I had owed. Our transaction was initially paid for by April 20, 2021 and completed by May 1, 2021, while the last emote was paid for by June 28, 2021. It is worth noting that this client was also a friend of mine at the time, so keep this in mind when looking at our screenshots. My work ethic after the first set of commissions is not acceptable, I am willing to owe up to having not provided wips or relevant business communication regarding the final emote until recently. I want to be transparent that I am not a fully innocent in this situation, however the client's behavior due to this incident is the reason I am reporting for accountability. Prior to/included in the original transaction were 11 emotes paid for by April 20, 2021 which were finished by May 1, 2021. Along with this, I was paid for commercial rights for the emotes to be used for their server. After this set of commissions we had agreed upon a final commission, which was the 12th emote. We agreed upon this by June 28, 2021; and it was paid for on the same day. In the middle of that existing commission by May 30, 2021 I was also commissioned to draw a profile picture. This was completed while having the emote commission in the background. Said client had messaged me on December 14, 2021 attempting to confront me about claims of other people that I have asked them for money and have not compensated them. Our interaction ended in the following screenshots. I cannot provide proof for claims of others that Tyrian contacted them as the ones who I have testimonies from consented against their names and screenshots being used. After this confrontation I refunded the client his money for the emote in full. The refunded money was then sent back to me with the following comment "It's not about the money, keep it." We had one final discussion before I blocked the client for my own safety and began writing this post. I also received this message on Twitter today at 2 AM, December 21, 2021. Having sent the screenshots of our conversation to a friend, said friend messaged this client on December 19, 2021 without respecting my wishes for them to not contact the client. I do not condone this behavior, but it is what transpired. In light of the event I upgraded my PayPal account to protect my privacy and also hid my public waitlist for the sake of me and my clients. I am unsure on what to do with the 30 USD which was sent back to me, as I am worried that this money will be sent back to me a second time. I overall advise fellow artists to not receive commissions from this individual. ----- This is the start of the problem transaction ---- Post-Confrontation Address: Block-Evading via Twitter: [Mod Note: Former client continues to use TNR's artwork via discord, and is erroneously claiming theft via their profile]
  11. On 10/24/21 Valdis inquired about getting a pre-pose from me, which is something I usually only offer for my in-stream participants or to my discord users who may not be able to attend a stream. I specifically informed her to only contact me with her information once she was cleared to pay for the item. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/44295921/ When she noted me I assumed she was in good standing and able to pay for the artwork, as agreed. Our discussion was then moved to discord. I provided her with regular WIPs. There was some confusion as to the pricing for the pieces (Although on the submission it is clearly stated that I was not providing both versions of the work for an extra $5). She then asked to add more artwork to the queue, while still not paying for her original pieces. I explained I would not do more art for her until the current works were paid for. She then ghosted me for the weekend, and communications moved back to FA as she claimed she was unable to access her discord. I sent her a warming, after seeing that she had tried to purchase characters for $200 from xBlueAshesx. Usually, I would have stopped working on her commissions at this point. However, at the same time, there was an unexpected death in the family. Work provided me an escape, something to focus on other than my grief for a little while. When Valdis responded, she tried to blame everything on Paypal, as well as having been mistreated by other artists in the past. I was informed that Valdis was attempting to purchase another character, this one for $300 at this point. After which point I contacted Valdis to let her know that I had seen her behavior - She responds, once again trying to garner sympathy by claiming she has no family. Sick of the attempts at gaslighting and manipulation, I inform her the only way to recover from her actions is to pay for the work she ordered. Here is the work completed, for verification purposes. The other person she ordered artwork for did pay for her portion of the artwork. I am including it here, though, to show that the work was completed and Valdis should have paid for it. Last contact with the client on Nov 6th
  12. Client scammed me by filing and escalating to a claim for non-received goods on PayPal and won a refund. The very last image attached involves the OC (on the left was the reference provided, on the right was the piece I completed). I disputed it but PayPal ruled in favor of the client/scammer. Client used fraudulent, made-up reasons to file the claim, that I've sold a Minecraft account which got blocked and that I ghosted them after. They commissioned me for a NSFW piece, which I delivered on, gave them the files (October 23rd) and woke up to the claim on the 28th of October, 2021. The attached describe the overall series of events, my attempts to defend my case and ultimately the failure to do so. It's worth noting they used an associated email to file the claim, which is different from the invoiced one. I attempted contacting them on twitter and to my surprise they did respond but lied that they would take the claim down. I asked PayPal support if I could update my response to the dispute, they said they will only add notes that the client is using different emails and that I do NOT deal with Minecraft. The client locked their account after our last DM exchange. Before doing so I made a screenshot highlighting they've seen the dropbox link. They admitted to seeing the finished piece, too. Mod note: Removed finished commission, but it was uploaded!
  13. She tried to hire artists on FA under guest name, alex-rose-nitya on mar18, 2020. She PMed me, but said no Paypal, only Cashapp. I declined. Then again on April18, 2020 as foxyfluffstudio. I lost my regular income and was desperately seeking work. So I agreed to accept Bandcamp giftcards. (I had planned to spend the full amount on about 10~20 musicians / bands, some charity to help them through this rough time...) I noticed that she was having thoughts of selling adoptables created from the bases she commissioned, and Her FB profile was non-exsisted, but whatever who still uses FB. Total summary of her crime - She commissioned 4 base packs ( 32 full-body lined characters in total ) and paid $60 out of $480. I finally recieved half of the total payment, after weeks of stalling. Finally, I let her download the 2 completed base sets. At this time I realized my balance went down, but don't know any better, and bandcamp 's staff was overwhelmed with emails, and their waiting line took a lot longer than usual. She denies that she bounced my payment. And once I received bandcamp's feedback and did some digging. (thinking she might be a kid) Found out she is not a kid and asked again if she can switch to PayPal. She kept on lying. The last confrontation of this sad story - After showing her the copied response from Bandcamp, her FA status went immediately from New member > Pending deletion.
  14. https://www.furaffinity.net/user/stripedbearboi/ Discord birdistheword#1981 26.10.2020 stripedbearboi ordered a commission from me via Discord. The order consisted of two characters in a NSFW situation. Based on the description of the customer's idea, I offered him a full body full render. The cost of such an order was $ 400. The customer could not pay such an amount, so we agreed on lineart + flat color. It cost $ 200. But this seemed to the customer a lot and he asked for a discount. The final price was $ 190. After creating the sketch, I received its approval and sent an invoice for payment for birdistheword According to my ToS, which was provided to the client, I am requesting a 100% advance payment after the sketch is approved. The customer ignored my invoice for payment and in the messages said that he could not pay. This is confirmed in the screenshots from Discord. Then I asked him to pay only a sketch, and to stop cooperation. I asked to pay for the sketch because it had already been created and approved. The need to pay for the approved outline is also spelled out in my ToS. Since the customer (according to him) did not have PayPal, he paid for the sketch through the Ko-Fi platform in the amount of $ 60 on 01/31/2021. However, on February 19, 2021, I receive a notification in my email that my received payment is on hold. The customer canceled their payment. He motivates this by the fact that he did not receive a drawing in color. But for my part, I did not violate the terms of the deal - I made a sketch. I just asked to pay for it. I repeatedly told him that now he is paying ONLY for a sketch. The need to pay for the approved sketch, despite the termination of cooperation, is written in my ToS. This was also discussed in Discord posts. It is also written there repeatedly that after the payment of the outline of the cooperation there will be no more.
  15. Hello everyone, I would like to comment on the incident that I had a few days ago with a client. not more than 4 weeks ago a user in discord (and inkbunny, himself) asked me for a commission for a cartoon fight (characters hitting each other in a cloud of smoke) with some tv characters and 2 of my ocs, one sfw and nsfw. he sent me a reference from another artist (censored too however my commission list was full at the time, I did tell him it was full but I could put him on a pending waiting list. so the user accepted. then the days passed into weeks, honestly I am very sorry to make my clients wait, and it is my fault that things can be forgotten on me, so I quickly asked for my sincere apologies, the user was somewhat angry and I understand it perfectly even that I feel sad, my art is slow... The user was very kind so it motivated me to draw on a better way. IMPORTANT NOTE: I do not usually ask the money first because I like that the clients are satisfied with the sketch and then I receive the payment. so there is no image of the payment. I sent the first sketch, the user did not like it but I did not hate it either. naturally the user tells me what changes he wants, but not minor changes if not a total change. I personally understand that there are clients who ask for perfection, so in that aspect it does not make me unhappy. but a total change I really did not feel that I could do it, I felt a little nervous since I promised to send several sketches in a single day, and it usually takes 3 hours per sketch and more than this size. how I still thought that he felt angry, I preferred to give up and say that I could not do it and I would not complain at all because he is in all his right, but while the conversation was flowing the client told me things like "I thought you knew what that I wanted "(I want to clarify that English is not my main language so I usually have to make mistakes and misunderstand things) I understand this. another thing he told me "You're hurting your chances" then I felt that the sutuiacion was feeling "heavy" bad so I decided to explain to him why I feel that I cannot make a big change and why it takes me a long time, with the hope NOT that he would accept the sketch, if not that he understood and did not get angry with me. I don't think the user understood at all, maybe it's because of my English or I don't know. until he told me that he could pay me 200 USD which was not very sensible because I felt like a very poor girl. it was like an insult to my person. after that he decided to cancel everything and not talk to me again. What I would have liked is maybe to receive an apology or at least a small payment for the sketch, even though I understand that he is not obliged, i dont will lair i trying ask him a payment, he told me no, then i decided stoped. What can I say is that I be careful with some clients
  16. Coddez reached out to me to commission me. I did the work and, knowing that he’s a kid, figured I’d give him some leniency and trust that he’ll pay me when he can. He even said that he’d pay me once he got the money together. Time passes and nothing only for me to learn that he has no intention of paying me at all and that there’s multiple other artists who he’s pulled the same scam on. As he says himself, the way he goes about commissioning artists, is tricking a bunch to do the work and then only paying the one he likes best; or in this case, the one that’s free. The only reason he even reached out to me to tell me that he isn’t going to pay me, is because I had another streamer whom both of us know, talk to him and tell him to contact me. I’d also like to clarify, in the very last message when I say, “and that’s fine...” his actions are in no way fine and are very harmful to the art community. It’s just the only words my brain came up with at the time.
  17. Beware of this person, they silently return money, so if u not checking your emails so often - YOU CAN LOSE YOUR MONEY after one week he\she requested money back. (March 28) I don't know how to find any other their accounts, but I have their email. (IDK if it is fine to put here emails, so I will not??) He\she bought the adopt from me [proof 2] and then silently request money back, but my rules saying "no refunds" [proof 1]. Then, it was my bad, because I am not usually checking my email, so I lost too much time to argument the request. [proof 3] wolear - old account which one was deleted after purchasing the adoptable yaawween - their fake (I guess) account Proofs: [proof 1] [proof 2] [proof 3]
  18. Drunklion666 approached me on 21st Jan 2021 to inquire about a commission. After a string of good folk who had commissioned me and knowing him from a ych raffle I did in December which he had participated in, I made the very careless mistake of allowing him to pay after the commission was done unprovoked, a mistake he would happily exploit later. I started work on the commission right after details were figured out on 6th Feb, finishing on 12th Feb. Around the 11th however, nearing completion I asked for his paypal link, but noticed he hadn't looked at or responded to the past few wips. He eventually replied saying he had been away for wisdom tooth surgery recently, while evading the question of payment, prompting me to ask for transparency about his situation - which he does not respond to. A few days pass and I go public as he is now ignoring all DMs. He finally responds immediately after my (now deleted) public tweet, claiming [censored, see mod note] before giving me his paypal link. I was very suspicious of the timing of these circumstances right after the completion of the commission and his hasty reply upon bringing the situation into the public, but gave him benefit of the doubt because of the graveness of the circumstances he was claiming. Still, I decided to send him an invoice shortly to receive my payment and get out of his hair as soon as possible in consideration of his alleged grieving. I would only learn later from others about his reputation of lying like this. Naturally, he doesn't pay the invoice, and takes 5 days to even reply and acknowledge if he has received the invoice. When I press on the matter he claims to have run out of money paying for the funeral, and promises to pay within a week. He then feigns ignorance trying to deflect the conversation when two days pass by the given date, making up more stories saying that he is depressed and seeking therapy. With time running out due to personal circumstances that necessitate me to be away for a very extended period of time within a few weeks (compulsory enlistment), I send him a carefully worded explanation and post the commission publicly to ask for interest in it as a ych. People who have dealt with him in the past then learn of my situation and reach out to me in replies and DMs to inform me of his reputation. Drunklion sends me an email, note and telegram as I have blocked him on twitter out of anger, and is upset at the "hate [I have] spread" and wants to "make things right"... confirming all my suspicions. I turn down his offer to (theoretically) pay me, because at that point I was in talks with clients more deserving of the piece, did NOT have time or energy to deal with him and his lies further, wanted to give him no leverage against the situation he exploited and refused to pay for until he was caight - and to spread the word and caution others to be wary of him. Note that at this point he is still keeping up the charade, trying to exploit nonexistent sympathy further with his alleged issues and claiming that my followers are liars. A tweet of mine towards him was reported for harassment later that day, leading to temporary locking and limiting of my account. While I have no way of knowing the identity of the person, I struggle to think of anyone else who would do something like this to an artist's livelihood this given the context surrounding the conversation. Though I will fully admit responsibility for causing the carelessness that led to the situation and I can't really debate interpretation of the tweet as harassment - I hope that and all the other evidence here should show you the character and priorities of this person, how much he thinks of the artists he scams, and how little remorse he has for his actions.
  19. I had a customer order 4 YCHs off of me on the same base and used discord to discuss it with me and the options. They sent me through the forms and I did a little clarification and then went ahead and sent WIPS of the product before colouring, got the all clear and completed them. I then sent through one which didn't look right and asked if they found a flat version of the pattern on google as this one was textured. I agreed to fix anything they would want as their form was very descriptive. They then proceeded to say this art wasn't as good as the other I have done even though its to the same par. They then decided to just cancel the whole commission even though it was completed and just wanted colour changes. I informed them that I don't do refunds to people who already have their YCHs done, especially when I have sent them the files, to which they explained the YCH doesn't even have shading which I never offered on that base as not all my bases have shading included. Then after all this they decided to threaten me if I didn't refund them and called it trash and junk.
  20. I did a commission for the guy, I talked to him very normally, and the verbal agreement was done. I started his commission sent him 2 progress reports, after the second progress report was sent, the next day he blocked me. I'm not going to harass him or anything but just be careful he seems just fine with stealing. Funny thing it was still a wip...
  21. This is an artist beware about Bunnyoffuzz on July who commissioned me to do a comic featuring his bunny character. the commission was given to him on October 11th. He then commissioned me again this time for a hugging picture on the 31st of October featuring his bunny character James Bunny paws and his other character with the Ko-fi donations he sent. after that I received two ko-fi donations or "I like your art here is your tip" I sent him his art he was satisfied with it. On the day of charge back incident I noticed my paypal was in the negative and I checked my email to see that he had opened 3 disputes against the second payment for the comic, the hugging picture, as well as just a normal Ko-fi donation. This is not his first rodeo into chargebacks and most certainly won't be his last I urge you greatly to keep caution when he attempts to commission you. He has had history of doing this in the past. I will be posting the screenshots I have of Me and him Art that he has posted received from me as well as the emails I have received from paypal etc. The end will be the chargebacks that happened in 2019 regarding him. In 2019 ontop of chargebacks paypal also had a $20 fee associated with every single chargeback so you can imagine how that add's up in the end.
  22. thymeisntfood@gmail.com dusty.yeen@gmail.com Are the emails they use for "paypal information" when you ask for it. I did some digging online later and found out it was the same person, so I'm only making this thread once. Situation 1: @GayBearBitch / Bumble Boyo wanted to buy my character i posted in The Dealer's Den: PAWn Shop on telegram. i asked for confirmation as I was checking my paypal and they disappeared after clearing the chat. of course i didnt send them the character as i didnt get payment. -- Illustrated in images 0-2 Situation 2: @That_GayFurry -- same thing. didn't send payment, and cleared the chat. but i screenshot everything so there's that.... images 3-6 -- they mention in images 5 & 6 about the "controversy" involving their email... if you google search it, I'm sure you can find all the proof splattered on twitter regarding it. IMAGES EDITED TO REMOVE MY PERSONAL INFORMATION -- and the characters in them are no longer available, so... there's that too.
  23. Please do not harass this person if you come across them! I am writing this beware as my interactions with them make me worry they will continue to life to artist (and possibly scam them out off money as will be seen later), and continue to steal art and characters. I was contacted by BitchDrift (will call her BD for short) regarding a client of hers commissioning art from her using a character and art stolen from me. My character and art in question: FlowerMimikyu's edit: After informing me about this I was invited into a group chat with BD, FlowerMimikyu, and one of BD's friends who had notified BD the character was stolen. Below is what happened as I confronted FlowerMimikyu. I go by (the very professional username) "King Rastakhan Simp" in these screenshots. I thought that would be it and I'd just have to move on from the situations, but some time later the same night FlowerMimikyu sent me a friend request, which I accepted. This is what happened next: Seeing as we were going nowhere with this I blocked them. At this point I had already made several friends aware of the situation, as well some public posts on my deviantart and twitter, but it was this final chat, as well as what BD showed me afterwards, that pushed me to write this beware. Permission from BD to use her proof:
  24. Would like to note that the Client since this incident, has deactivated their twitter and FA account. I have attached all the proof and censored out any sensitive information, On November 16, 2020 I received a notification of a chargeback on my PayPal account for the sum of $600 from this individual's commission stating it was an order "made without their permission" or an "unauthorized purchase". This was false as I attached when the client contacted me about his stickers while he paid. The artwork in question was completed and delivered to the buyer. When the chargeback occurred, I emailed the client asking for an explanation. He claimed that he "paid his mother" via her PayPal to get them and wasn't sure why it happened. However the PayPal email and his real life name matched (which was censored out). I went ahead and responded and asked him to remove the dispute. He disappeared for a couple of days, which I hadn't heard from him until Thursday November 19, 2020 to which he responded that he will do everything to get the money to me, including an additional $100 to make it $700. However, he stated that he was recently kicked out by his parents. As of today he has deactivated both his twitter and FA account and seems to be disappearing into the void. While I can understand his situation, it does not mean they should retract payments that were made after work was completed and delivered. Especially that much work that I spent hours completing and even made a priority to finish. I provided a service that they paid for prior to any of these events occurring. I have went forward with the dispute to try and get the money returned to me by PayPal, but it may take up to 30 days. This is a warning to those that may work with this individual (StarBlazer/GamerGalaxy2013/KlalWuf ) in the future.
  25. First time posting here guys 🙂 On 10/09/2020, the twitter user MickieWesten contacted me for a NSFW commission. I agreed, and USUALLY I take payment in full up front, but it was a slightly higher bill than I usually get ($85) so I agreed to half up front and half upon completion. (I said sketch in text but I meant when the commission was finished) I received $50.00 via PayPal from them rather quickly, and I kept them updated on the commission process, and they responded each time. I officially finished on November 6th, and I have not received any response from the client, and as of November 4th, there is no activity on their Twitter account whatsoever. I have yet to send them the high definition file, but I don't imagine that I will be getting around to that since it appears I've been ghosted possibly. I have some photos below of our conversation. Images are blurred so it is SFW
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