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  1. The store policies are two sentences long, but there's nothing about it being mid-production or anything. I highly doubt it's being worked on right now, sadly. 😞
  2. Hi all! Commissioned a custom scarf from a friend back in late June. It's now mid-January and I have yet to receive it, let alone receive any sort of feedback if it has been started yet. I feel guilty asking for a refund but it has been several months, we are midway through the winter and I plan on moving to a significantly warmer environment where I won't need a scarf next winter, plus I look up to this individual. Should I ask for a refund, keep waiting, etc.?
  3. How would I post proof for Telegram? With email there is no response (Gmail only lets you know if the address isn't a real address), but with Telegram the @ he used does not show in search or in my sidebar for conversations. I discovered you can snake your way out when I made a police report a year ago on someone else and the person had deleted the conversation and blocked me, making it appear like nothing had happened.
  4. Nope. He has me blocked on Telegram and my emails don't go through.
  5. As an update, his bank decided in his favor. This is the first of the few case transactions but I am not out a $2,000 fursuit and the payment for the fursuit.
  6. As an update, PayPal told me the case would be resolved September 5th. The 5th came and went and nothing happened. When viewing the claim now it states that it can take up to 75 days for the claim to be resolved by the bank (as this is now out of PayPal's hands), I called to confirm this and that I still do not have access to the $2,000 his bank took and placed on hold.
  7. Hi there! My auction listings state in the website's refund policy "no refunds," I already have a warning in all caps at the beginning of the descriptions of my auctions about this sort of thing. I have been selling fursuits for 10 years. This is the first time I have had someone attempt something like this on a pre-made item (6 years ago on a previous beware, a commission). It's not that frequent. People typically know better. It is an unfortunate learning experience, but it is impossible to outright avoid people with shady intentions. As per my TOS I only conduct business fo
  8. Just as an update, he filed claims for the full $2,082, then went to his bank and filed for fraud that way after I provided details to PayPal about his false claims. PayPal claims it will be resolved by September 5th, I have to call again and see what's happening because they took the $2,082 out and made me pay $20 for every claim filed (so $80 more).
  9. Please note that this person has multiple names, the only name he was going by was legal names so the usernames mentioned are from Telegram and email, I do not know if he has a Twitter, FA, whatever. I know AB has a rule about legal names, hence the hyphening of the last names, however I only know the names through what I've seen and searching came up with nothing. He has multiple PayPal emails with the name mentioned but in parenthesis "unidentified," they come back to 3 completely different names. It should also be noted that in the Telegram chats (mentioned below, which are deleted so I
  10. Oh, to add (since I can't edit my comment a second time), he said he doesn't think the Coronavirus is a "viable issue" and not an excuse to deny a refund because he claims it's not as big of an issue as people are making it out to be... which is frightening.
  11. Update: They sent me six paragraphs on how "safe" their state is and how to disinfect a fursuit... but then declined to have the changes made to get it to fit and ignored me saying that I'm not comfortable with having it sent back to me. I said that they can do an online auction but they knew of the measurements when they bought it, that is not my issue (especially since they are rejecting to have changes made to have it fit) and that I will not take it back because I live with immunocompromised people. At this point, if they respond and continue to insist that I owe them a refund,
  12. I completely forgot about COVID, shows how a lack of conventions and going outside have made me think about that kind of stuff. Thank you! I sent an email about offering fixes but I might send a second about that because it was sent to a state that is on my state's high risk list and has been tried on by two different people, which isn't ideal for reselling purposes. I also think refunding for a static jaw/misfit could be another thing to offer but yeah, I will do anything to not issue a full refund for such a minor issue.
  13. Correct. When the fursuit was sold I posted measurements, the head arrived and it does not properly align with their face so it doesn't move. I've had this happen plenty of times with suits that aren't custom built, it takes less than a minute, a hot glue gun and some foam to fix, but this person has been very erm... serious with the whole purchase. It's very clear they've never seen a fursuit in-person before but have been very hard to deal with the entire transaction (talking down to me like I don't know what I'm doing, making it seem like the price is an issue because they had to get money
  14. Hi all! I've been selling fursuits for 10 years. Once I've had to issue a refund (which turned into a beware on the client) and unfortunately I'm dealing with the same thing now, but need some advice. This person paid for a partial over several months. The money was sent from various PayPal accounts and differing amounts. They received the fursuit yesterday and want a refund because the jaw does not move (it is not a custom fursuit, it's an artist-designed piece, and I've offered to show them how to fix it). In the chance they do not want to fix the change, do I owe them the ful
  15. Echoing others, in the future please refrain from talking in RP-speak with artists that you plan on commissioning or do commission. It comes across as uncomfortable and makes the situation more light when you're doing a business transaction, not roleplaying. Personally that would have been a red flag for me right there. Like others have suggested, send a message without RP-speak asking for an update. If you don't hear back from them in a few days I recommend filing a PayPal claim if the window is still open for one. The artist has ghosted you for two months, I can't imagine they plan on c
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