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  1. A little over a month ago I commissioned an artist for some Telegram stickers. Mid-May they sent me a GIF of 3 of them as rough sketches but that has been it. Shortly after that they sent out a "mass message" claiming that their US state's internet provider blocked Telegram and they are no longer able to communicate avidly, however Telegram claims they're still online. I've sent them two messages this week asking if there's any updates and both messages have been read and ignored. There's so many red flags at this point I'm not even sure what to do. I think it would be kind to message them about a refund first but if they don't reply that does nothing. It's been a month so I don't think that warrants a beware right now. What would you do?
  2. I don't see a TOS, and I don't know what theirs says, but they can't keep the 30% non-refundable (assuming) downpayment and not give you anything in return. It's illegal to keep money and not provide a product. They can either refund you the remaining amount or give you the materials purchased, they don't get to keep that. Seconding that the side chatter is harmless. Feyvaras shouldn't be taking money if clients asking about updates stresses them out so badly that they can't work, that's not right, and the "I can't eat/sleep" comments are guilt tripping. It's not the client's fault they can't keep things together and they need to learn to manage their time/money/health better.
  3. I used to commission her frequently until the excuses started piling up the last commission I had gotten from her, and I was really nervous seeing my work being completed the day after it was commissioned before anyone on her backlog's. It's not fair to those who have been waiting years for a refund or something, a WIP even. You need to demand a refund. Don't ask for it. State that you've been waiting long enough. This is not acceptable.
  4. Hi all, I commissioned an artist nearly 3 months ago for something that they said would be done that week. The past two months I've reached out to them and they told me it was being worked on with other commissions, however when I reached out to them yesterday they had no idea what I was talking about and I had to show them a screenshot of the PayPal transaction. Should I ask them for a refund if no work has been done? This is such a huge red flag and I've never had an artist just admit to completely forgetting about my commission.
  5. I don't even know what to say. This is by far the most unprofessional beware I've seen in some time. Is there even a chance for OP to get their money back at this point? ?
  6. They replied to me last night but it sounds like no work has been done, it was a generic "it's in progress" reply. I haven't seen a sketch or anything but they could be one of those artists who don't send a WIP (which i don't mind) as they had done for my first two commissions I got from them a while ago. Unless they reply again soon I'll poke them again in a month and copy your response- thanks!
  7. I'm an artist. I know we're not machines, I've had clients who believe such. That said, hiding from paying clients and not answering to get work out for free is not an excusable business practice. I've only messaged them twice: the initial check in and a "Hello?" the next day after they said they would have an update for me the previous evening. As I said in my post, even a "I'm working on it" is better than receiving no response at all. The artist replied to me last night and said that commissions are "in progress" but gave no real answer about the status of mine (let alone anyone's). I haven't seen a commission posted from them since they posted being open and gave examples. It's just been personal artwork and free art. There's no public queue/Trello so it's anyone's guess how many people paid and what their lineup is.
  8. Hi all! I've commissioned hundreds of artists and never had this issue before. Over a month ago I paid an artist for a commission. We discussed details over Twitter DMs, I paid them and that was it. Fast forward to now. The other day I asked if any progress had been made and they replied with, "I'll get back to you tonight." It's been a few days, I've asked again and even tweeted at them ("Hey @_____, I send you a DM!") but no reply. They have the 'seen message' button ticked off so I don't know if they even saw my replies. What baffles me is that they are very clearly online at the same time as I am and are now drawing free artwork for followers. They have a business email listed on their profile but I am terrified to reach out them as shortly after I had commissioned them at their last opening they made a subtweet about their commissioners, saying they're asking for too much. I know that commenting on their art posts would be rude. I just want to know the status of my artwork is all. I've never had an artist hide like this before, even a fabricated excuse is better than no response at all. :s
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