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  1. The doxx info has been removed thankfully at my request.
  2. Second update: The claim has been resolved and I have gotten back my money.
  3. I called the 017617395 number, and I think I used the Irish one since that's where I'm located but I'm not entirely sure. The vendor is located in Mexico if that information is relevant.
  4. I was going to use that, but it wouldn't load properly so I just used the archive site for the TOS. Wayback is the one I normally use, however sometimes websites get exempt from it or have issues with it so I just stick with alternatives.
  5. Alright so an update on the situation: I called Paypal today and asked them about the claim I submitted and asked the lady on the line if the artist was violating Paypal's TOS (i.e charging paypal fees). She said it wasn't as they were being charged with the fees anyways, and while she agreed it was morally wrong and scummy of them to do, she couldn't do anything as the artist by Paypal terms wasn't doing anything violating on Paypal's platform. She told me just wait out the dispute for a response and couldn't do anything yet. So yeah unfortunately I couldn't get my claim resolved over the phone unfortunately 😕
  6. I've seen too many times where when people were called out for callous or incriminating behaviour they ended up deleting everything. God bless internet archival websites.
  7. I found this artist via a group chat on Telegram that was made for advertising art advertisements, and decided to commission this artist for having an art style I considered to be appealing as well as having affordable prices. I agreed and paid the artist, expecting to have my commission eventually completed. However months passed and I never got any kind of update. The only communication I got from them was me asking if I could update a reference. November comes, and I'm getting concerned. I also look over their Trello queue and TOS and realise something is very off. First thing that comes to mind is that my queue placement is not labelled with 'paid' As well as still accepting commissions despite having already a large backlog. Their TOS was extremely sketchy and unfair, rules such as being able to keep your commission in waiting status as long as they'd like, and once started, a max up to five months. I contact the artist about an update, and an estimated waiting time. I decide then to file a dispute on Paypal and explain my grievances as politely and honestly as I could. Something that caught my mind was that the artist said that they would only finish my art if I closed the dispute. If I ended up following with this, I would've never been able to reopen it again, and there's no guarantee I'll have my sketch started by then. They claim that if I win the dispute my money would not be refunded anyways and ultimately be a waste of time, which sounds sketchy to me, however I cannot find a official Paypal source claiming otherwise so I cannot say for definite if this is true or not. Lilpinkghost claims they have done nothing wrong, as I have agreed to their TOS. Their TOS is not legally binding, as well as having numerous issues with it. here is a link to the PDF they submitted. [Mod note: there were more pages, but we parsed it down to the text the artist submitted as the rest are just caps present here.] After I escalate the dispute, they become rude and patronising. My experience with Lilpinkghost has been overwhelmingly negative. Please do not commission this artist.
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