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  1. Originally posted on Jun. 25th, 2013 by synjodeonecros Mod Note: The OP of this post disabled comments on it, and refused to turn them back on. For this, they were banned from the LJ community. His responses to being called out on "Is it THAT difficult.." turned into an extensive discussion that was lost when he closed the comments. This is archived as a Caution as others stated they also had issues with Marc, until they pressed him for a refund. Update: I managed to get a refund from Marc Leonhardt, but he was very discourteous about it, saying that he didn't want to see me or my roommate (who also had an issue with him with a commission) again on any of his sites or his stream, and that he "hopes he loses more customers like us", implying that we are to blame for this. I also practically had to force him to get me the refund, since he demanded I wait until after AC to get the payment; I wasn't willing to wait, since I had heard of complaints from people who also waited too long for their refunds, and he had already forced me to wait for 5 months for my commission without even a hint of evidence that it was being worked on. Who: Marc Leonhardt Where: Livestream, http://leonhardtworks.com/sitevid.html What: Jewelery: Arcanine pendant in pewter When: Januaru 27-31, 2013 to May 12, 2013 Proof: After failing to make an acid-etched pendant for my boyfriend, I decided to knuckle under and pay Marc Leonhardt for one. Instead of an acid-etched one, he said he was going to make a 3D-molded pewter version, which I was happy to accept. I paid him as quicly as I could, and asked him to try and get it done by my birthday. I've asked him for updates on the pendant both on email and on his stream several times, and each time the answer has been the same: he's too busy, and hasn't gotten it past the initial clay positive phase (meaning, he hasn't finished making the clay positive for the mold, and thus hasn't made the actual mold, yet). It's now close to July, and he's still insisting that this is the case, despite going to several events and streaming several days a week. Obviously, he's got the time, but he's being lazy about it. It seems like the only way I can get him going on this is to report him to this journal, which I don't like doing. I'm in risk of moving out, soon, which I have informed him of, but that hasn't deterred him from working on it faster. I haven't asked for a refund on this, yet, but I'm very tempted to. Any advice on how to handle this would be appreciated.
  2. Originally posted on Jun. 18th, 2013 by draeling Mod note: All images were hosted on the OPs website, but the site seems to have gone down since. Update 2: 30/01/14: It's been 7 months since the refund was agreed. Only $260 so far of the $645 has been refunded, with the last payment being 4 months ago. Iko still does not keep in contact unless a shout and note is left, which receives an apology but no dates of when the next parts will be refunded. Update 1: Since the AB, Iko has agreed to a full refund in weekly increments. Will update when it is complete. WHO: Iko, Sierra Tudor, Kay the Dragon, Pathetic Dragon Studios WHERE: http://furaffinity.net/user/Iko, http://www.furaffinity.net/user/patheticdragon, http://www.furbuy.com/seller/Iko.html?as=a WHAT: A Nightfury Fursuit for $850 on 2010/04/29 WHEN (with proof): $410 Downpayment on 2010/05/05, $86 materials on 2010/12/12. EXPLAIN: In 2010 Iko posted an auction on Furbuy for a Nightfury fursuit, and though she did not have many recent good examples of her work, she was really excited to be spending more time and working on Fursuits, and the concept art posted of what she intended to make was looking really nice. We had a lengthy email discussion to confirm the features, design and looks, and the initial downpayment was sent. I bought two pairs of good shoes & created a DTD, and shipped them all at total extra cost of $145. As much as I really wanted to give her a chance, and I was really patient during those three years, it was a frustrating and prolonged flop of a project, with lost costume parts and need for constant requests for updates. :c Timeline of issues: 2010/05/05: Payment sent. 2010/09/08: Asked for update: Bodysuit sewn, needs zippers/spikes/airbrushing. Said she has been slow because she doesn't know what to do next. We discuss and agree on features and design looks again. Motivation issues mentioned because someone had criticized her work. 2010/10/05: Asked for update: Foam base for indoor paws and tail done. 2010/12/12: Iko emailed over some pics of the head in progress, mentioned another $86 of materials needed to be bought, sent via paypal. LEDs for the head almost done. 2011/04/13: Asked for update: long period of no contact: Iko mentioned work was slow because she was unsure what to do about zippers (Handpaw and head zippers). Iko asked if I was willing to send the second payment, but I declined until the suit was ready to ship, due to some small worries about the lack of updates and progress photos. 2011/08/18: Asked for update: Iko says most of suit done, still waiting to install zippers, make outdoor feet and wings. Sewing machine broken. 2011/11/22: Iko emailed: Says it's nearly finished, but is tweaking it after someone helped model it. Apoligises for how long it has taken due to how complex the suit is. Sewing markings. 2012/04/07: Iko emailed: She had lost the duct tape dummy due to leaving it out when apartment cleaners came. Requested I send a second one, but I declined, though I provided detailed measurements instead. (I was also wary at why it was still needed after the bodysuit was said to have been completed.) Said progress is slow because of complexity and working on four other fursuits at the same time. 2012/07/03: Asked for update: I requested pics to see everything in progress, as I wanted to see exactly how she has been doing. Iko mentions she doesn't have the bodysuit due to a recent move, but will get pics soon. 2012/10/03: Asked for update, multiple emails before getting one: Bodysuit & rest of costume has been in storage in another city due to a recent move. Promises Christmas shipping date. (After how long and dragged out this had become, I started getting more insistent about regular contact, emails, updates and pictures) 2012/10/30: Asked for update: Bodysuit still in storage, until she has free time to go and get it. Zipper problems cited as reason for slowness again. 2012/12/04: Asked for update: Iko said she has lost the bodysuit, cannot be found anywhere. Again requests another DTD so she can begin making a new one. (I really didin't have enough trust in her left after all the previous delays.... to make another DTD and ship it over). I politely declined and she gave a reference sheet explaining all the measurements she would need. Sais she still intended to get it done by Christmas, but that it's probably going to be late. (Emails become unresponsive/sparse, so we start communicating on FA Notes) 2013/02/26: Asked for update: Iko said her water heater exploded, and was afraid of mildew affecting costumes, so didin't want to bring them out for work yet until it was fixed. (I was a little sad and frustrated with the issues so far, so I started requesting fortnightly updates and requested a firm deadline of when the suit will be done) 2013/03/04: Iko came to the conclusion she doesn't have the skill, time or motivation to continue working on the suit, and apoligised profusely about lack of contact and unprofessionalisim. Offers to send me all the materials she has available, including the Head, tail and one set of feetpaws, as well as a $100 refund. She says even though her auction said the downpayment isn't refundable, she'll be nice and offer the token refund anyway. (Due to how few parts there were, and the head not even being complete, it wasn't worth me asking her to ship them over, so I ask her to list the parts on furbuy and refund it all.) 2013/06/13: After direct questions & requests for exact payment dates, Iko mentions she will not be giving a full refund (FA note transcript), as her auction says the downpayment is not refundable, but she is willing to be nice and will cover half. After 2-3 months of notes & eventual direct questions of when and what she intends to refund on FA, it turns out her idea of the refund was $320, given in 5 $64 installments over the next months. I was out $645 at this point, and she is adamant that she is not responsible for the other half of the refund, due to materials and it saying on her auction that downpayment is non refundable. I'm really sad the project ended this way :c I do understand life gets in the way at times, but the final staw in deciding to post this was her refusal to offer a full refund, even in light of how many years it took for Iko to put her hands up and say she doesn't have the skill or motivation to continue the project. I also wouldn't like to see anyone else experience what I did during this project. It is also a painful lesson that researching your seller and seeing how professional they are, in both communication & their existing work is really -really- important. I sadly gave the benefit of the doubt her few fursuit examples were just because she was just starting up... but that is no substitute for seeing real professionalisim & ability in completed & delivered works. I also understand now that $850 is a very low price for full suits like this, including wings, digitigrade, leds and features, which I should have saw as a warning flag too.
  3. Originally posted on Jun. 19th, 2013 by goddamnanimals Mod Note: The PayPal screencap has been cropped to remove the URL and size it down for ease of viewing. Additionally, Kannos did make edit to this piece to the commissioner's satisfaction, so the matter was marked as resolved. WHO: Kannos/Astray/Starfinder/-Star- WHERE: https://inkbunny.net/Kannos https://www.weasyl.com/profile/kannos http://www.furaffinity.net/user/astray http://www.furaffinity.net/user/starfinder http://www.furaffinity.net/user/-star- WHAT: It was a 1½ character full color digital Walking Dead themed commission with background. WHEN: Initial inquiry was made September 9, 2010. After being told I’d have a sketch within the week, the sketch was finished on October, 21 2010. Details were discussed shortly after the sketch on FA. I sent an inquiry on January 11, 2011 over email after not hearing from her since the end of October. I received a response a week later. After not hearing from her for several months, I sent another inquiry on April 7, 2011. I received an update a few days later informing me that I was still slated to have work done that week and for me to resend most of the reference material due to the notes being lost to a hacker on FA. I never received Inks, which I was told I’d get, but was sent a half colored WIP on May 21, 2011 in which she also informed me she no longer had access to FA due to being suspended. I inquired about some things that were left out, but received no reply. I sent another inquiry over email on October 22, 2011 and March 26, 2012 and also received no reply. It was at this point where I pretty much wrote the commission off as abandoned, but received a reply to a note I sent over Inkbunny on March 26, 2012. I replied and received a note on the March 30, 2012 saying I’d have another wip by the weekend. I sent another note on July 25, 2012 after having no updates, and was told it would be done soon on July 26, 2012. I received a note letting me know the commission was completed and posted on July 29, 2012. I sent a note on the July 31, 2012 stating that a lot of stuff was missing from the commission that we’d discussed, and also expressed my frustration at the customer service. This was pretty much 2 years after I initially commissioned her, so I think it was a fair point to bring up. The conversation got heated from there and I received no reply after my last one on that day. I sent a note on August 20, 2012 and received no reply. I sent another on September 17, 2012 and received a very passive aggressive reply a few days later in which she stated she didn’t want to talk to me and had more important things to do. I replied but got nothing in return. I sent another inquiry on October 5, 2012 and received more excuses. All of my inquiries since then have gone unanswered, including one on a journal regarding owed art. PROOF: Initial inquiry on FA- FA Update Inquiry- Emails- Inkbunny Notes- Inkbunny journal comment with no reply- Initial sketch- Color WIP/Finished commission comparison- Paypal statement- EXPLAIN: I initially commissioned Kannos in September 2010 for their realistic style which I felt would make fit great for a walking dead themed commission. I’m used to waiting for long periods of time for commissions, so I try to give artists space to work at their own pace. I got the sketch fairly quickly, even though it took longer than I was told it was. After that I got a series of excuses as to why there hadn’t been any progress on my commission to my sporadic inquiries. I never received inks as was discussed, and received a colored WIP in May 2011. That was the last I heard from them, despite a couple emails over a year, until I inquired over Inkbunny in March 2012. I didn’t hear anything until the end of July when I sent a note asking for an update and to talk about the changes we had discussed. The commission was posted on July 29 without my approval, and with many of the things we had discussed missing, including some she had personally suggested. I had sent payment shortly after the picture was completed hoping that she’d be able to make the changes in a timely fashion. There was also a sunlight effect overlaid that drowned out most of the detail to the picture. I inquired about this and at this point she got defensive when I asked to discuss the problems over im’s and refused to discuss the matter with me, saying all I needed was inkbunny to give her info. Apparently not, considering she overlooked/lost most of what we had discussed and dropped me to the bottom of her list of priorities as far as making the changes go. I got a passive aggressive attitude and she pretty much stated she didn’t want to deal with me. My notes and comments have been ignored since then. It’s unfortunate, as I’d commissioned them for a badge before as well, but I guess being a returning customer doesn’t make much of a difference. I don’t know if posting this will resolve these problems, but at the very least it’s a warning to potential future commissioners about the unprofessional behavior I encountered. :Edit #1 7/6/13: I've sent them an email and posted in the thread they made for posterity. Just waiting for a response now. :Edit #2 7/9/13: Received an email from Kannos on the 8th. Currently working to sort things out. Added paypal statement. :Edit #3 7/10/13: Heard back from Kannos and have spoken about adjustments to the pic. When it's completed I'll ask to mark this as resolved.
  4. Originally posted on Jun. 17th, 2013 by angelofgeek Mod Note: All Imgur links are defunct. TinyPic is gone. The "When" year is a guess based off of the text of the post. WHO: Deadlyhabitual WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/deadlyhabitual/ Should note she has no TOS. WHAT: Three portraits for furcadia. http://i50.tinypic.com/opzg4i.png Priced all around at 45 dollars. WHEN: Between February 6th/7th to March 3rd. First contact/sending of payment. http://i.imgur.com/ofvFbuT.png Last note I received from her. http://i.imgur.com/gq8LdMc.png PROOF: Paypal. http://i.imgur.com/iKIF3xM.png I did send a little extra cause I didn't want to be short a few cents, and because I wanted to come off as nice. EXPLAIN: I first approached her for commission around tax return, my mom had given me a hundred something dollars to spend on whatever I wanted. So I opted for some ports for my characters, a witch, a red riding hood, and an anthro avian. I was nothing but pleasant, and nice. I was patient, and didn't give her a deadline, and her friend had told me that if I had, she would of felt rushed and ended up not doing it. I did ask a few times how the art was coming, I was a bit nervous(mostly due to my anxiety disorder), to order from someone I had never commissioned from before, but I sucked it up and waited. There was a snow storm going through their area, I understood, and sat quietly by while I waited, before I got the sketches shown above. I asked for a few minor changes.( http://i.imgur.com/6AaC23B.png ) She had left out the necklace on the penguin, and I had forgotten to mention that she was anatomically correct(i.e. no bewbs), I mostly blamed myself for not defining that. After wards I continued to wait, asked for an update and an estimate for when she thought she'd be done and she told me this http://i.imgur.com/gq8LdMc.png. Well come morning, there was no finished product, nothing, I even had left her my emails for the sending of the ports, but I had received nothing, so I continued to wait, sending her a few more notes for updates, which went read, but not replied to.( Out box http://i.imgur.com/743sIBs.png Inbox http://i.imgur.com/15b2OoP.png ). She went on hiatus apparently(I didn't think to snap a screen shot at the time, stupid I know.), but said she'd get the art done, once again, I waited. Her computed apparently crashed, so I understood and continued to wait, once more, she had started up an art drive.( http://i.imgur.com/FFqIJc5.png ), as you can see I'm on the waiting list, so I continued to wait. A month after, she finally says she's closing. ( http://i.imgur.com/AGWUhKs.png ) Still says she's going to finish the art everyone paid for, and to post there to remind her. ( http://i.imgur.com/O2845D2.png ), at this point I'm getting a little worried, but of course, I continued to wait. So three weeks ago I asked for an update, which goes unread, I wait thinking maybe she hasn't had time to check her inbox. And then eleven days ago I finally asked for a refund, so that my mom wouldn't get pissed at me for spending money on something that would never come. ( http://i.imgur.com/2CLiUm5.png ) I even left her an email, incase her inbox was constantly receiving notes.( http://i.imgur.com/UuRVKIb.png ) All through this I was never once unpleasant, maybe I came off a bit pushy, but I was nervous, because I had never commissioned from her before. From now on, I'll stick with artists who I commissioned from before hand(and have received art from). These notes, as you can see, have gone unread, and I have not received an email from her yet. I just want a refund, so that my mom won't be mad at me, and so that I can eventually recommission someone for new ports. Update: She has told me she will refund me. ( http://i.imgur.com/sXnp3ql.png ) Although it isn't borrowed money. (My mom *gives* it to me for tax refund), I am pleased she is going to refund me. Update No.2: I have still not yet received a refund.
  5. Originally posted on Jun. 6th, 2013 by mottenfest Mod note: This post includes fuzzy dates, so the "When" date is based off the PayPal receipt. We would request new screenshots if this were to be currently submitted, but the post is otherwise complete. The formatting has been slightly edited to place screenshots where they belong, and the final screenshot has been left off, as it was a re-link to the payment request, WHO: Khamul, Takeo WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/khamul/ WHAT: Heart of the Swarm icon [Link to journal] WHEN (with proof): Here's a screencap of our conversation on the journal. Here is the note requesting payment. Confirmation of payment from PayPal. EXPLAIN: Khamul offered Heart of the Swarm icons to celebrate the release of the new Starcraft expansion, so I bought one. After they requested payment I sent it over promptly on March 18th. I didn't receive a confirmation from Khamul that they had gotten my payment. Several attempts to reach them had failed (I also made a post on a_b to see if anyone else had heard from them), so on April 11th I opened PayPal dispute. On April 26th they made a journal about how they had apparently forgotten about FA and all of the money they had taken. I left a comment confirming that I would like a refund. When they again failed to contact me, I raised my dispute to a claim and on May 8th my money was refunded. I still have not had any communication with Khamul since they requested payment.
  6. Originally posted on Jun. 6th, 2013 by animakitty Mod Note: The NSFW flag has been selected for content of some of the later conversation. Additionally, one sentence at the end with speculation how much Jace's health issues keep him from work has been removed as this would not be allowed if this were to be submitted today. Brian Harp (He uses his real name openly on his current place of business, http://www.furaffinity.net/user/jace/ ) aka Jace, owes me for ~300 dollars of money and goods paid for two multi-character full color commissions never delivered, one ordered in 2005 and the other in 2008. This year I offered him a final chance to do right by me, giving him four months to deliver what I was owed. That deadline passed May 31st, thus this account to warn potential commissioners of his inexcusable behavior. I approached Jace for a commission in 2005 when he still did business out of his website www.sharkie.net, requesting a piece of traditional art using one of his established characters and my personal character. I paid his rates at the time for a color piece, and though it's been so long I could have sworn it was more, the one reference I could find below indicates the first payment was $120.00 Jace insisted on being paid via check or money order instead of Paypal. (This of course prevented me from disputing the payment via Paypal. Small claims court is not an option for me, as {as I understand it} I would spend more than I've lost simply flying to California to attend the first court session.) (The mailing address is censored, as are a couple words to keep the rating down. This one-sided conversation was drawn from my web-mail account. My side is missing because apparently my web-mail doesn't retain the contents of my outbox nearly as long as the inbox.) Over the next two years I received nothing, not so much as a sketch, though Jace claimed he had gotten to work on my commission and had produced a sketch. I communicated with him every few months, not wanting to annoy him into giving up on my commission entirely. I had commissioned him expecting there to be delays, based on what I'd heard from some of his former customers, and I was prepared to wait months, even as much as a year. As the occasional pokes continued to produce no fruit, I grew increasingly frustrated. In 2008 Jace commented on a photo of some painted Nerf guns I had done and posted on Furaffinity, expressing enthusiastic interest in doing a trade for some Nerf work. I reminded him he still owed me art, and he said he'd finish the first piece and do a second for me if I would send him some guns...and some more money. I foolishly believed that now, having captured his attention, (I have personally witnessed that he is much more willing to actually deliver on his promises to people closer to him) that he would deliver on his promises. I boxed up several Nerf guns, some off-the-shelf, some personally modified, sent him another sum of money as well, and gave him the specifics on the second commission, another multi-character full-color traditional piece, which he showed every sign of being enthusiastic about. I had to go back through my notes on Furaffinity to find the details about the original commission for him, because he didn't have the faintest clue about what I had ordered from him. (Censored to keep it SFW.) Jace fell into exactly the same pattern. He told me he was working on it, then stopped communicating. I gave him a few months between reminder-pokes, and each time he had totally forgotten that he owed me anything, and made excuse after excuse about why he wasn't working on my commissions. These included medical complaints, 'I am moving,' 'I have a block on [that particular subject matter] right now,' and more. I watched with growing outrage as despite these excuses, he continued to draw for other people, taking their money and actually producing for them. January 2013 I finally emailed him and confronted him, kid-gloves off. I told him I'd been waiting eight years for one commission, five for the other, that I had been more than patient with him, and that I would give him one more chance to make things right between us. I gave him a deadline. I wanted my art by the end of May 2013. It was near the end of January when I contacted him, so realistically this gave him four months to deliver. I did not specify what would happen at the end of the deadline if he did not deliver; I made no threats. He opened the excuse floodgates again. Medical issues, moving... He insisted my deadline could not be met. I told him if he couldn't meet the deadline he could always refund my money. He said that was impossible, and claimed he was doing commissions for medication and food to live on at that point. To meet the deadline then, I told him he may have to put everyone else who was waiting on art on hold. I seriously doubted anyone on his current queue (that hadn't given up already) had a longer-standing claim than I did. I told him I would not yield on the deadline. Then he told me both commissions I had placed were impossible for him to complete. The character of his I'd wanted him to use was too personal and spiritually-linked to him for him to use at will, and the content of the second commission involved something he found repulsive. You can imagine how infuriating this was to hear. If these things had been true all along, he had never intended to do the work. If these things weren't true back when he took the commissions, it certainly looks like he's just inventing reasons not to do the work. He also insisted he could not do color work and still meet his deadline. I told him that if he wasn't able to produce the quality I had paid for, then the quantity must necessarily increase, so two color commissions should become three inked commissions. He stated he did not feel this was a fair exchange for me, and while I privately agreed, I told him *I* could decide that, and had. Literally having nothing to lose at this point but time and patience, I told him 'Fine, I'll come up with new commission ideas.' I came up with five new concepts. He rejected all of them. He suggested a sequence, using a new character. I set some parameters, and he told me he would create a concept sketch of this new character for me to approve. It was mid-March before that sketch appeared. (Given some of the things I suggested that he rejected for the character, it's possible he had already drawn this character and just pulled it out, claiming he'd just sketched it. I'll never know.) He even seemed excited about the character. I approved of it, and we agreed on the last details for the commission. Before that sketch, and since, he has streamed almost weekly, and submitted other art on FA. He is working steadily, just not on my pieces. I told him back in February I would not be hounding him. It hadn't worked in the past, and I didn't expect it would work this time around. As long as it was done by the end of May I didn't care what pace he worked at. He could do it all the day before for all I cared, as long as the work was up to snuff. But he delivered nothing, has probably forgotten about me again, and I am finished wasting my time trying to recover what he stole. I have other emails and IM logs available for anyone desiring further proof. Whatever his intentions were, Jace took my money and my goods while reneging on his side of the deals, exhibited extreme disrespect and callousness in how he dealt with me, and betrayed my trust. Even after being offered a chance to make things right, even being permitted to completely change the deals he had entered into with me to accommodate him, he failed to put things right. That's all his doing.
  7. MOD NOTE: This has been downgraded to a caution during archiving, as the situation was resolved. Originally posted on May. 31st, 2013 by marmalade0997 WHO: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/bambiboo3/ WHAT: a tail in exchange for ~$60 of blind bag MLP figurines and some fur to use for the tail WHEN: August 2012 ongoing EXPLAIN: In August 2012, bambiboo3 posted a journal wanting to trade MLP merchandise for fursuit parts. I had a lot of blindbag ponies, so I decided to take her up (journal asking for trades) After I had gone over all the ponies I had available, we worked out how much the ponies were worth, how much her tails were worth, what I wanted my tail to look like (black and white with some spotty brown fur I would provide), and she said that the trade would be good I got her address, and the next day after verifying her address I shipped the ponies and fur off, with her telling me she'd let me know when everything arrived I didn't hear anything from her for a week, so I double checked she got everything safely with no response (I had done 2-3 day shipping) A few days after that note, I got a response asking what my tail looked like specifically, and I responded Towards the end of September she posted a journal saying that she was packing stuff up and moving, so I figured it would take her a bit to finish and ship my tail In the beginning of December, I shot her a note asking about my tail since I hadn't heard anything from her in a while A week later, I got a note saying it was finished and just needed to be stuffed, and that she would have it out in the next week so I gave her my address (the first time she said she would ship it) I still hadn't received it by the beginning of January, so I sent her a note seeing if she had shipped it A week later I still hadn't heard anything, so I sent her my address again in case something had happened, and got a reply back that she didn't get the first note asking about it, but would ship the tail out that week (the second time she said she would ship it) About two weeks after that note towards the end of January, I sent her another one seeing if she had sent it. She said she would send it out Monday or Tuesday (the third time she said she would ship it) and included a picture of the finished tail (far right) Towards the middle of February I saw she posted a journal saying she had shipped more things (didn't manage to snag a screen cap of it), and asked again if my tail had been shipped, two weeks later I got a reply saying she had sent it out but it got returned, and I sent her my address a third time with her saying she's send it again with tracking this time (the fourth time she said she would ship it) End of March, I still hadn't received anything, so I sent her another note seeing if it got shipped A week later with no response and getting irritated with the lack of communication and saying she had shipped things when she didn't, I sent her yet another note A week later in the beginning of April I sent her another note, irritated with my notes being read but not responded to, and still not having my half of the trade, this time getting a response saying she didn't see my last note, but had shipped it off that day (the fifth time she said she would ship it) When I asked for a tracking number, she said she didn't have one but would find me the receipt ID as proof A week later with no tail and no receipt ID as proof, I sent her another note A few days after that note, I got a reply saying that she wasn't able to get a tracking number because of how it was shipped (shipped through the USPS), and that it would take 2-4 weeks to get to me because of her being in Hawaii Going off of her latest ship date of April 3, it has been more than 8 weeks, plenty of time for it to get to me. I left a shout on her FA page asking what was going on, but she is currently on hiatus. The shout did help me get in contact with another customer of hers though who is having similar issues I don't know what to do about this any more. She has said she's shipped off my half of the trade five times with no proof or anything being received. I see she has a few bewares up here already about her issues with shipping, and this just seems to follow the pattern. Edit: Feel free to mark this as resolved, I received the tail today.
  8. Originally posted on May. 29th, 2013 by thefancyhorse Mod note: Images that are still available have been added. Additionally, the "When" date is an estimate, as no dates are left in the post and the user has deleted their submissions from FurAffinity. WHO: DustyTheMare/BanditTheStallion/PepperTheStallion/FurryLuvrForever WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/dustythemare/ WHAT: Traced YCH Auctions, along with various questionable items in her gallery. PROOF: <~ Overlay http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/thefancyhorse/38940974/1675/1675_original.png <~ Cap http://www.yourolddog.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/janie-the-dog-walker.jpg ~< Original https://www.furaffinity.net/full/10685236/ <~ Currently in gallery. (Capped if deleted) http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/thefancyhorse/38940974/1807/1807_original.png <~ Screencap - Base Image EXPLAIN: Let me first say that Dusty are not on social terms, so I am trying my best to report this in an unbiased manner. Upon seeing a few of her images go across the front page, I've checked out her gallery a few times. Several of her items in her gallery did not match her style. (Can be provided, if requested. They had me suspecting, but I can't prove anything. ) so I kept an eye on her gallery. Eventually, she has uploaded various YCH auctions (most, if not all look traced. ) and people are actually spending money on them. This is very scammy to me, and I would like to get the word out. If I can provide any more information, please request and I will do what I can. She has since had her shouts cleared, hidden comments where she was called out on tracing (I do not have caps, so feel free to not believe me. Totally understand. ) and continues to post images that look traced.... which people have paid for. *EDIT* -- My apologies for linking to removed submissions. All caps have been updated with working links. If I can provide anything else, let me know and I will do my best to fill in any blanks were applicable.
  9. Originally posted on May. 27th, 2013 by mixnmatch7 Mod note: The ImageShack links are defunct. WHO: http://lord-dubu.deviantart.com/ WHERE: Deviant Art WHAT: 8.5x11 traditional delivery of a body character no background -traditional for $25.94 WHEN: June 26th 2012: inquired if open for commissions, received a yes and switched over to e-mail. i will say from the get go he said he was going to be slow at the time due to having a couple of other things in que but i was ok with and so went with it. July 3rd 2012: I had waited to have the money in my account and at this time sent an email of the details of what i wanted. july 13th 2012: quoted for the final price and that i would be receiving the picture in the mail. Sent the payment. July 25th 2012: was told that he was starting the sketch. back and forth a few time on some other details. October 15th 2012: Had not heard from the artist in awhile, and while i knew he said he would be slow i decided to ask how it was going and if he had made any more progress. got same day reply and told i would get the sketch by Friday, if it was ok by me. November 24th 2012: Had not heard back but he sent an email stating he was finally sketching and attached a very basic sketch. January 13th 2013: Sent a happy new years email, saw he was uploading other art to DA and had not heard anything since. I promptly got a reply back stating he got over his head with his web comic and need to make a reschedule and that i should expect an update that week. Feb 11th 2013: i dropped the ball here, and just did not reply to him but either way i had never received an update that week in January. I received an email from him saying he was now unemployed and had free time to work. the next day(Feb 12th) I received an email with a .gif of the progress of the sketch and that there had been an accident with the original sketch and he had to start over. March 29th 2013: hadn't heard anything back since the last email and so asked how things were April 14th 2013: received a reply back with a sketch of everything, he stated he had a few things he wanted to fix before inking. sent a reply and i have yet to hear back PROOF: youll have to excuse me not quite sure how the linking of an image with a desc. of what it is really works. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/856/danotes.jpg/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/607/agrementcommission.jpg/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/543/proofofpaymenth.jpg/ http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/547/janemail.jpg/ i can make screen caps of the other emails if needed. EXPLAIN: Normally I am a very patient person, i understand things happen in real life.And quite frankly so long as i am hearing something i am ok, especially if i think the artwork is worth the wait. What bothers me the most is being told i would get an update and then not getting anything. Or not hearing from the artist for quite sometime. I know he said from the get go he would be slow at first but i did not think it would at the rate of this taking almost a year. Had i known that i doubt i would have commissioned him at the time.
  10. Originally posted on May. 25th, 2013 by aerospiritual WHO: Nathradas WHERE: FurAffinity WHAT: Full color single character piece, no background. WHEN: [08/22/11] Nathradas opens up for regular character commissions. I inquire if I can reserve a slot since I'll have to wait for a bank transfer to clear into my Paypal account. She agrees. [08/30/11] I send payment and commission details to Nathradas. I'm thus listed as paid on her commission status journal. [08/09/12] I'm a patient person; I know that life and related issues come up- she'd posted that she was going through some stuff and that's fine. It happens. But after hearing nothing about my commission for almost a year, I sent a polite note to her on FA inquiring about my commission's status. This note has still gone unread. [08/24/12] I attempt to contact her by e-mail, through the account she provided. No response. [10/21/12] I attempt to get ahold of her on dA. I receive no response. [10/23/12] Two days later, Nathradas posts an image to her FA of the werewolf suit she has been working on for the past two weeks. The bottom of the description reads "(nope, in case you're wondering, I'm not gonna be back, not until January I'd say, I can't say yet tho, I have no clue how long it takes me to get stuff sorted out again)." I'm only including this because it's the only sort of message regarding what's going on in her end- not even a word towards me and my attempts to communicate with her. [01/10/13] I decide to be patient- maybe what's going on is really bad? So I wait until January and post a shout on her userpage to get her attention. This also has the unintentional effect of having another one of her commissioners contact me in the hopes that I've at least heard anything from her. [01/15/13] Nathradas finally me an e-mail and informs me that she needs to talk to her bank about when she can refund me. It's around this time that I started to experience some serious problems with Gmail such as it temporarily locking me out of my account due to alleged security issues and login conflicts, messages simply disappearing, and in the case of my phone; e-mail not showing up entirely, messages not being sent, and/or being sent in triplicate. This has hindered my ability to reply in a reasonable amount of time. [02/16/13] - [03/28/13/] I think this is really my fault here; she gets back to me and I feel as though this was my golden opportunity to get my refund and well. I missed it; I thought I replied much, much sooner and overall, I lost track of time between some pretty busy weeks at work and some family related drama. This is absolutely my bad here. [04/30/13] Sent a follow up e-mail. No response. [05/20/13] Yet another follow up e-mail. No response. PROOF: Commission Journal Paypal Receipt Commission e-mail DeviantArt journal listing my status as paid as well as the commission agreement and terms of service My initial note sent in August of this year Follow-up e-mail Image description posted almost two days after I tried noting her on dA The comment I posted to her userpage. Nathradas' e-mail response and mine. My follow up e-mail. Nathradas' reply, my reply, and another follow up e-mail. My last e-mail, sent five days ago. I'm only missing the note I sent over dA, but there are literally only two notes in my DeviantArt outbox and neither are directed towards the aritst. =/ EXPLAIN: At the end of August, 2011, I commissioned the artist Nathradas for a single character image with no background. With the Paypal fees, it came out to roughly $155 total. After patiently waiting for nearly a year, I attempted to make contact with the artist for any sort of progress regarding my commission to absolutely no avail until January of this year, when I publicly requested that she contact me in regards to this matter. I've received two responses from her in regards to my efforts, all the while watching her actively post things to Tumblr, take on more commissions, and be generally involved with the online community. At this stage, I really, really just want my refund.
  11. Originally posted on May 24th, 2013 by jemindra Mod note: some proof links are broken, what remains has been added. WHO: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/nathradas/ http://nathradas.deviantart.com/ http://oroboros.de/ WHERE: ON FurAffinity via notes and through e-mails. WHAT: It was a SKETCH for $35. I know that seems a bit pricey for a sketch but I really liked their style and I figured they would draw my chara epicly. Their quality of sketches: http://www.furaffinity.net/commissions/nathradas/ WHEN: April 14th, 2013 PROOF: This started out on one of Nathradas' streams. I should have taken a screen shot then but I didn't, thinking that there WOULDN'T be any problems in getting what I want. She said to e-mail me the form and so, I did. http://img607.imageshack.us/img607/9066/proof1ac.png And here is proof I sent payment: http://img15.imageshack.us/img15/6941/proofofpayment.png And she said mine will be drawn tomorrow! So I was excited. http://img809.imageshack.us/img809/1247/proof2y.png EXPLAIN: I commissioned this artist thinking that they'd do my character justice so after waiting for the next day for the stream... That never came. So, I was patient since I did say that there was no deadline for my commission but after receiving not a single message at all since then, I was growing a bit worried. So, after 9 days I messaged her again. http://imageshack.us/a/img703/4331/proof3r.png And I got a fast reply. http://imageshack.us/a/img854/117/proof4c.png So she said she'll be working on it in a few days so naturally, I waited. Then, I saw a journal posting on FA saying that she'll be streaming! So I was hoping that this would be the day of her doing my sketch and sadly... it was not. She was sculpting and I did not want to just out right ask while in stream so I waited once more. After it was nearing a month, I sent her another note, asking for a refund. I figure at this time, she was either not wanting to draw my char because she was uploading lots of art on her tumblr and ignored my latest sent note. This was when I sent her several e-mails and even a message through skype about my commission. None of which she ever replied to. Skype: E-mail: (sent to her teatime one) other e-mail: (sent to her rukh oone) All of which are listed under contacts on her website. (Didn't bother blocking out my name since it's common, idgaf) And I have a feeling she's ignoring me or whatever since she's been uploading art on her tumblr ever since... And I did not see her tumblr until it has been a month passed. I still believe as a commissioner, I should be sending notes/e-mails to know how things are going, right? But at this point, I am unsure of what to do. I cannot do a paypal charge back because it was sent as a gift at the time because I thought it would be done soon. EDIT! Seems she replied to her new e-mail she posted up and said she'll be giving me my refund by the end of the month or by the new commissions she'll be taking. Now to wait about a week for any results. EDIT 2!: Refunded in full. http://i.imgur.com/m93KTgF.png
  12. Originally posted on shanaofthemoon by May. 20th, 2013 Mod note: Store Envy and various other referenced links are defunct. Twitter, Blog, and "new venture" links are included above in the "Where" field. WHO: Sinn'd Signed aka Cindy G. WHERE: http://sinn.storenvy.com/ WHAT: Two (2) officially licensed handmade bathrobe replicas after the game "Magicka" purchased through her online store (link above). WHEN: Initial order was placed on 06/19/2011, first sign of trouble was 07/14/2011 PROOF: Storenvy Receipt (June 2011) Paypal Receipt (June 2011) First delay (July 2011) First contact after initial delay (August 2011) A reply with a Formspring Q&A link attached (October 2011) Second contact after initial delay (April 2012) Email sent to all customers regarding refund or resume order (April 2012) Resuming order (April 2012) Requesting status update (August 2012) Asking for a refund/cancel order (October 2012) Second email requesting a refund/cancel order (April 2013) Official Paradox forum thread regarding the bathrobes EXPLAIN: I initially ordered two (2) Paradox licensed handmade bathrobes from Cindy's Storenvy (now shut down/under maintenance indefinitely) store when I read about them online. I ordered one for myself and one for my boyfriend. At first I wanted them for Otakon of 2011, but wasn't expecting them to be finished by then. On July 2011 she emails everyone saying there's a delay, which I was understanding about. August 2011 and no status updates, I reach out to her asking for a status update. I was also following her Facebook, https://twitter.com/sinndsignedTwitter (she made all tweets private/protected since then) ,Tumblr (which she shut down later) and Blog at the time and noticed she said she was in the process of sending out status update emails or already sent them. I didn't get such an email, so I reached out to her on October 2011 asking if it accidentally got spam filtered instead. She replied saying there's a resolution in order, and linked me to a Q&A at Formspring. April 2012 I email her again asking for a status update. She replies the same day saying she's sorting orders out. A couple days later she emails everyone asking if people wanted refunds or to stay the course. I email her back saying I would like to stay with my order. August 2012 I email her again asking for a status update. No reply. October 2012 I contact her asking her to cancel my order and request a refund instead. No reply. I google around looking to see if others were also in the same situation and stumbled upon the official Paradox forums. Others were in the same situation, and eventually Paradox took it upon themselves to try and remedy the situation. After a few months of interacting with others/Paradox, someone links to another business venture startup by her. I email her at this new email address on April 2013 asking for a refund again, but no responses so far. There's also a BBB complaint filed against her for the same reason, to which there is no response as of yet.
  13. MOD NOTE: This artist has completed all their outstanding commissions. Originally posted on May. 19th, 2013 by revalie Mod note 2: The screenshots were missing from the post at time of archiving. WHO: Pirate-Cashoo WHERE: FurAffinity - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/pirate-cashoo/ WHAT: Colored bust - $40. !!AND SHE'S STILL TAKING COMMISSIONS!! WHEN: October 2012 PROOF: Original order in October, 2012 Proof of payment I confirmed that I did indeed want a colored bust, and she confirmed that all of the details were fine as well. I have not received any further communication from her at this point. EXPLAIN: I ordered this bust from Cashoo in October, the same post a few other people fell victim to. I was fairly excited to be commissioning her because I HAVE RECEIVED WORK FROM HER IN THE PAST - shocking, right? This was in the summer of '09, and I actually also received a kiriban piece from her in January 2011, so I was fairly certain that I would be getting work done on this piece. It was only a short while after I placed my order that I became aware of her first A_Bs being posted. I figured I would give her the benefit of the doubt and wait to see what would happen. Months passed with absolutely no attempt at communication from Cashoo. I left a few shouts on her pages to no avail. I have still not heard anything from her about my commission - and I didn't see any hint of it in the sketchdump she posted on her twitter recently, either. As the ABs continued to pour in, I decided I'd had enough and that I was going to try and get a refund. I sent her a note on FA this past Monday and explained that I was done, that I wanted a refund, and that I needed her to answer me by Friday or else I would go about getting it on my own. Well, I hadn't checked to notice she was suspended from FA - on Friday, I called Paypal and let them know of my situation. They opened a claim, but it looks like they closed it just as quickly, so I'll likely need to call in again. The woman on the phone insisted that they would find a way to get my money back as they investigated and if there were a lot of other claims open against this person, they'd take action. They also advised I call my bank, which I'll be doing this week. I'm not holding out for my money at this point, but Cashoo needs as many marks against her as is possible. That's not the real gem here. The real prize is that I sent Pirate-Cashoo an email from one of my spare email accounts inquiring about new commissions. She responded VERY QUICKLY. I wanted to see what her response would be when faced with the possibility of more work and consequently, more money. Well, here it is, everyone. She's still taking commissions. For reference, I emailed her only yesterday evening - she responded very quickly to this email. I have since set her another email from my normal email account detailing the same information in my note to her on FurAffinity, but at this point I really don't care much for what she has to say. If she's done any work on my piece, it's minimal, and I would honestly rather have my money back so that the people who have commissioned her years ago have a higher chance of getting their piece. But still - she's STILL TAKING COMMISSIONS, and now she's switched to WESTERN UNION, of all places. Seriously - beware. I am so disappointed in this artist's downward spiral that it's almost painful. If anyone has any tips on how I can get my money back, incidentally, that would be helpful.
  14. Originally posted on May. 18th, 2013 by mahogato WHO: Her FA nick: deadbird WHERE: This auction (WARNING NSFW) WHAT: I won this auction, and I paid it. You can see there I won POSE 2. WHEN: The auction ended 9th August 2012. I paid it 11th August 2012. PROOF: screenshot of my payment: It's in spanish, but it's easy to understand. Another proof I won the auction: Mod note: Screenshot of Auction, with exact date Here you can see she noted to me to pay the auction: And my answer: And another proof i was asking long ago (this is deadbird's Shouts): EXPLAIN: It's easy. I won an auction, I paid for it. And she never do it. Nowadays she is missing, she doesn't answer notes. She has her FA account forgotten.
  15. Mod Note: This artist has completed all their outstanding commissions. Originally posted on May. 17th, 2013 by YukiGoesRawr Mod Note 2: All the images were defunct, and were embedded LiveJournal hosted images. WHO: Pirate Cashoo WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/pirate-cashoo/ WHAT: Bust art WHEN: This was started early October of 2012, with little to no contact since. PROOF: Original order: Response Paypal proof. Did it as a gift, stupid me. Check in and extra ref offer in november: Checking in again in january, no response: And that's the last time we spoke. EXPLAIN: I have asked for updates politely multiple times, added references because as of October the character was rather new. Asked for updates via shout on their DA and FA page, each which got zero response from her but some kind warning from AB users here. At this point I'm going to have to just eat the lost funds, but would like to know if there is any attempt on her part being done to finish back art, mine included.
  16. Originally posted on May. 14th, 2013 by noctowl Mod note: The images referenced in this post are marked as NSFW, however the links are defunct. WHO: KitNabarii / BlueTigerKitty WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kitnabarii / http://www.furaffinity.net/user/bluetigerkitty WHAT: She won digital YCH auction for $50, link to the auction (NSFW): http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10030994/ WHEN: Auction won on March 2nd, never recieved payment PROOF: The original submission with their bids in (NSFW): http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10030994/ First note from here giving me refs on the ending date: http://puu.sh/2TbHy.png Reminder note for payment (read but not answered): http://puu.sh/2TbHK.png Reminder note for payment (read not answered): http://puu.sh/2TbI5.png Yet another reminder and response that she will pay on later that week: http://puu.sh/2TbJQ.png http://puu.sh/2TbIh.png Another reminder and her response (she answered on the same day): http://puu.sh/2TbKq.png More excuses: http://puu.sh/2TbL8.png Excuses (my message was sent on 16th): http://puu.sh/2TbMv.png Last message from me (not read): http://puu.sh/2TbVW.png EXPLAIN: I held a YCH mature auction and KitNabarii bid on both of the poses. She won the picture for $50 total and I gave her the quote and told her to send the refs to me. I received the refs but not the payment. I contacted her again a week after asking for the payment but never received a response from her. Send another reminder on the payment another week later but didn't get any kind of respose for that either. On the third try (almost month later) I got a respose that she will be paying later that week, but of course I never got the payment. Because I had not heard from her on Friday or weekend for that matter, I sent her another note asking for the payment and she told me that she was at hospital (I think?). I received a response that she would pay me on April 12th and I told her that I would be waiting for till then. I was really frustrated but being way too nice about this and decided to wait. Friends told me that it has taken way too long for her payment but I was still being too nice about it because I really needed that money. After sending yet another message on the payment after the 12th, I got a message from her saying that her Paypal was closed down till May 1st (she said that she told me but I went trought every message and she never told me that). I said that I would wait till then but of course I got nothing after 1st and sent her one last reminder message on 3rd. I will not wait anymore because I know I wont get the payment (unless she pays after this post has been published). I know I was being too nice and gave her over 2 months to pay because of her 'issues'. She never told me anything beforehand, only after I had sent her note. The last note is still unread and both of her accounts have been inactive for couple weeks. I learned that I will not let myself give the commissioner that much time to pay when the payment was supposed to be sent in three days.
  17. Originally posted on May. 11th, 2013 by thetrevmans WHO: An artist who until recently was frequenting Furaffinity under the username Comico. Recently Perma-banned from site. Other Alias and locations: Skype: shizimiru Furrafinity: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/comico/ WHERE: The offense took place mainly through PayPal, however Shizimiru's main form of contact and "business" was through FA. WHAT: The art in question was a $400 dollar "mature" comic piece that was commissioned by me through a different artist (name of Hashire on FA) at Shizimiru's request. We were to "share" the piece with our characters, and Shizimiru promised to pay me 200 for her half of the work "when she had the money." WHEN: Auction for said comic was posted approx. March 28. Winning bid was placed on the 29th by Shizi. PROOF: Initial Skype between Nataya/Taya/nxcritter and Shizimiru of forged paypal screenshot: Forged paypal Screenshot, taken from skype chat shown above(my full name blotted for security): Offending charge is at very bottom. MY paypal screenshot of the same dates (full name blotted out for Shizi's security): The comic in question (be warned, adult content): (no longer on fa due to my request to scrap the image) The green notes and dialogue we're placed by Shizi herself, after the auction was won. EXPLAIN: After Shizimiru (hence forth referred to as Shizi) won the bid, I was told to pay the auction holder (Hashire) the full price for the auction and was told by Shizi that she would pay me her $200 "share" of the commission. At the time I thought nothing of it because, for better or worse, I tend to be pretty trusting of people. Anyways, after a series of complicated matters not directly relevant to this issue (and far more personal than what this board probably allows), it was mutually decided we didn't want an art piece together anymore, and I blocked Shizi from skype and FA for reasons not pertaining to this post. Later on, Shizi sent me a message through one of her friends telling me she wanted full rights to the comic. At this time she had still not paid me the $200 she had claimed she would give me. Again, due to issues irrelevant to this comic itself, I handed over the rights in the hope to just end all communication and issues regarding her. Shortly afterward, she was banned from FA and the artist making the comic gave rights back to me since I still had full financial claim to the comic. I promptly told her to scrap it, but since she had already put a lot of effort into it, said she could keep the money for her time and effort, and the rest could just be considered "donation" since I was really just fed up with the entire situation. Please keep in mind, the artist Hashire was nothing but kind, understanding, and cordial through the entire affair. Later on, I was made aware of the fact that Shizi had contacted Hashire in an effort to reclaim the comic, citing that she had indeed paid me back for it. When questioned about PayPal logs, Shizi claimed she "couldn't find it in her records" then returned to artist Hashire a couple days later with said "missing log" showing that she had supposedly paid me the $200 she had been promising all along. This so called proof is shown above in a screen cap, which was handed off to her now ex-friend, Taya/Nataya (nxcritter in comments), in an effort to reclaim said money from me. Shizi lied and claimed that I had actually short changed HER 200 dollars, and used the forged PayPal log as proof. Above is posted her log with multiple transactions. The one with $200 for "Trev" (me) at the bottom. It is dated April 12th. If you look higher up, you'll see another transaction on that same sheet of from "Trev" for a mere $63, dated April 15th. Next to that you'll see MY PayPal screenshot, consisting of only 3 transactions during that time period. 2 of them pertain to Shizi, and both are for $63, showing that she edited the initial amount that she sent to me. Which as you can see, she promptly asked for back 3 days later. After confirming matter with Hashire, I showed that the money had not been paid, and was able to show her that I was an honest buyer and was not trying to get away with extra cash. Shizi on the other hand tried to get away with either a free comic, or 200 dollars of money she did not have to begin with. For anyone curious, nxcritter became involved because I had blocked Shizi, and Shizi chose to use Nataya/Taya/nxcritter to reach me to try and get me to hand over the money she claimed I owed her. In short, this is a warning to all honest artists out there. Usernames Shizimiru, Comico, Klusters, Shimiren, Sheenix, or ANY username laying claim to the species called "Shimiren" (majority of these screenames are mentioned on the furaffinity page linked in the WHO section above), is a woman that tried to short change me both in money and art. My hope is artists or other buyers like myself that have dealt with this individual will comment on this posting, so more will come to light on the types of these dealings she has attempted before, and probably will again if given the chance. Thank you for reading. -Thetrevmans.
  18. Posted originally on May. 12th, 2013 by akamiz Mod note: Dropbox links are defunct. WHO: Knuxlight WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/knuxlight WHEN: During a Join.me stream where he was conducting emergency commissions hosted on June 4, 2012. WHAT: Two Character w/ Background Lineart Commission PROOF: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/44671999/A_B post screen.png Explain : Details under the LJ Cut On June 4, 2012 I happened to catch a stream by knux doing emergency commissions I wanted a piece from him. I asked him for a lineart picture and I gave him 100 bucks mainly ,because I had the money and since it was a emergency I gave him some extra money I had. I was the second person on the list and while he basically did a skeletal like sketch he told me that he will continue the picture tomorrow in a traditional manner. I was okay with this so after two months of no updates I sent him a note on FA on August 21, 2012 he answered with the following response. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/44671999/A_B Post screen 2.png I got home on Friday and I didn't see any mention of a stream or anything on his twitter. At this point a note saying I was home and asking him to stream needed to been the best course of action here. After awhile I happened to notice he was doing Bust commissions via twitter and after awhile I decided to send him another note on February 6th. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/44671999/A_B Post screen 3.png https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/44671999/A_B Post screen 4.png At this point I was happy to get a update so on the 9th of February he posted the stream link. I joined late due to I was out the house ,but I was able to view the stream on my phone. He didn't work on my picture he was doing something else for his pin-up set. After two months I sent him another note listed below. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/44671999/A_B Post screen 5.png This is basically sending the commission through the email ,because that way I can organize it for future reference. It went unread for over a month so yesterday I sent him a tweet asking him to read his notes and it went unread. My friend after telling him the story of what happened told me to post a article on him. I Know I messed up on several issues here the main one was communication on my part and verifying times of when things were gonna happen. I also never brought it up during streams mainly due it was a matter between him and me so I didn't want other people to know about this. He is a full time college student and that's okay I just wanted an update on delays to make me feel at ease and not feel like I was missed or looked over. I hope I explained the situation clearly and I hope this artist understands what my intentions are not for malice. However my question I have is that should I continue to wait for my picture , ask for a refund or ask him to do something else in equal to the payment I sent him? Thank you for your time and if you have any questions I'll be glad to answer them for you. Update: Me and Knux made arrangements for a refund I received some of the money back and waiting for the rest I'll keep you guys updated. Update Number 2: Its been two months and I haven't received the rest of the funds he currently owes me. I will continue to contact him at a later date and time with a concrete answer on what to do on this situation. I don't want to be annoying to him by bothering him constantly.
  19. Originally posted on May. 11th, 2013 by col_eviscerator Mod note: Dropbox links are defunct. WHO: Inu-Jean, Inujean WHERE: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/inu-jean/ http://www.livestream.com/inujean WHAT: Unprofessional behavior/business practices. WHEN: Commissioned him back in August/September 2012 for 3 digital and real media pieces. Received one quickly, one wasn't started at all and was refunded in April 2013, and one was started in February, then partially refunded at the end of April after I set a deadline for completion. PROOF: Conversation with first refund: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/50799487/stuff/InuJean/InuJenconvo1.png Conversation with second: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/50799487/stuff/InuJean/InuJenconvo2.png Proof of refund: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/50799487/stuff/InuJean/InuJeanrefund.png Proof of disparity: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/50799487/stuff/InuJean/PaymentProof.png Paypal payment: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/50799487/stuff/InuJean/PaymentProof2.png EXPLAIN: I honestly didn't have much a problem until mid-April when he reopened for commisisons again without completing his owed work and commenced working on the newer stuff without responding to inquiries about progress. Most especially galling was when he lied to me about not having been streaming, when he didn't even turn off Livestream's stream recording feature. Arguably he still owes me twenty dollars for the second refund as I've received no work and paid eighty dollars instead of just the sixty, but since I am now blocked on his FA page and he doesn't respond to Skype messages, this is what it's come to. While I agree he didn't specify a working order, I find his attitude and penchant for working with more recent clients after leaving others waiting for several months to be very off-putting, particularly when he wants payment up front. As for why I waited this long, it wouldn't be the first time I got a refund in parts, and it was while trying to contact him that I found out I was blocked. No, I'm not proud that I threatened to AB him the second time I mentioned a deadline. I was pissed, but no excuse on my end for losing my cool. I did wrong, and I know. So, resubmitting, and if the FA link is broken again, I don't know what to do. I copy and pasted it right from the site.
  20. MOD NOTE: This beware started off just directed at Bae Bunny, but after Bae Bunny commented their piece in the replies, with additional proof that was left out, it was updated to include the original poster, Shizimiru Okame/Comico. I will include bae Bunny's comment and proof UNDER the original post. Originally posted on May. 2nd, 2013 by Shizimiru Okame Mod Note 2: OPs FA links with their references are defunct. TLDR: Bae bunny of fa made mistakes on a 100 dollar commission for 5 icons, 20 a piece. Makes many mistakes after agreeing to edits, then refuses the edits after a while demanding 75 usd, or they will dispute the transaction. WHO: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/baebunny WHERE: Furaffinity.net WHAT: 5 icons for 100.00 usd, Made mistakes and refuses to continue editing unless they receive an addtional 75.00usd WHEN: A few months ago to current day. commission dissussions: (they got the 5 customs) Artist agrees to make edits: Bae claims before argument that they are raising prices here on out: Bae claims to dispute the payment unless paied: My responce after being told I would have to pay more or be disputed: My self expaining some edits that are needed to be done: My refernaces: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10133553 (WARNING MAY BE NSFW) http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10241628 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10241557 as you can see these references are very detailed so the mistakes are on the Bae's not mine. One of the icons where the frames are botched: in this icon you see the horn is messed up, and they refused to fix this icon as well as the other 3. this is the only icon done correctly but edits still needed to be made at first, http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10491255/ you can see here that he requires the reffernaces so he can evuate his prices: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8786918/ Explain: He's done this work a lot they should have known better then to take this commission for that price. Bae knew the difficulty of this project and still took it on, why should I have to pay 75.00 usd for something they messed up? This sounds kinda fishy and scam like to get more money out me. Take for example you have a mechanic fix your car, and they mess up, would you pay them more to fix it? this could have been avoided if the user had a tos stating that after a certain amount of edits the commissioner would then pay edit fee's, this user does not have a TOS that I can find. There are more notes that aren't shown due to the fact it's the same argument over and over, I paid you for this, why won't you finish your job? Icons they are very personable to the people getting them, and at 20 apiece you expect them to be very well done. after being on a waiting list for months, they are contacted a few weeks ago and they paid for the work and now this... The artist has not replied in about 24 hours, but has read the notes sent by the user. What do? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Bae Bunny's reply, posted on May. 12th, 2013 (This was posted on an account linked to the now defunct Google Plus.) Aaaaaaaand in this corner, BAE BUNNY! :V This is weird on my part because I never thought that I was going to be involved here! Had to create a brand new account even. If this isn't how you deal with an issue, sorry! Its my first time ; o ; Be gentle~ Thanks guys for bringing this to my attention and to anyone that has been on my side. I do think its important to hear both sides of the story, so here I am! Words from the horse's mouth :U So here's the scoop: STEP 1: "I -totally- should have handled myself better" I was probably out of line asking for $75 to make edits, and I shouldn't have been so strict, but take a look at my list of notes from her: This isn't just garble, this is a back and forth of edits upon edits upon edits with her. I really couldn't take it anymore! With the way things were going I could have animated for her indefinitely if she wanted. It was apparent after a while that nothing was going to be perfect and I wasn't going to be able to move on, so I abruptly quit. For the issue on not having a TOS, I actually haven't had a negative issue like this up until now! Everyone I've made stuff for was happy as far as I knew, so I never needed one :I This felt like an issue going, "No TOS? Mmm...exploit!" Since after all of this I've been constructing one, but as a result, icons are going to be more related to "Time Invested" rather than per icon, which brings me to... STEP 2: "Bae Gives into the Demands!" I didn't want to spend unpaid time to continue to animate, but I was threatened on getting an AB Page otherwise, as her note shows above. So before I went to bed, I got this note: So "fix the icons and I won't post an AB page," eh? What else could I do! I caved in and did the edits for free that following morning at 11AM, as shown here: I include a highlight of the things that needed to be edited so it was apparent I knew what had to be fixed. She responds later saying this: Then posts them to her account as shown here: So with me being finished animating and her posting the icons, I would have assumed I met my end of the bargain and wouldn't get the AB page! :V ... STEP 3: "I got a bad feeling about this~" I know she says she was waiting for these icons for months, but she only contacted me on April 16th asking if she could pay now for the icons, even though her spot wasn't up on my que yet. I never charge ahead of time, but she was being persistent: She kept wanting me to give a discount for a bundle deal and wasn't getting the hint, so I sent this note: I want to point out that I warned her I work on customs and charge for the time spent, rather than a flat rate per icon. The more complicated/longer they take to animated, I charge more, ranging from $15 - $30. So when someone sends me $20 for each icon and then has a laundry list of big icons as shown in her notes above...I -really- felt like I was getting ripped off . ~ . So I responded with some suggestions on changes, and I get this back: Just pointing out that she says "do what ya think is right here, i trust you x3" and she was going to pay me $10+ for the more complicated one. If I had known in the end how difficult she was to work with, I wouldn't have taken her request. In the end, she got her finished icons with the edits for free! TL;DR ~In a conclusion~ 1. I shouldn't have freaked out 2. I've created a TOS for the future and raised the prices of my icons to accommodate for time spent on each icon rather than a flat rate 3. I made the edits for her and she said "thanks" and posted them to FA 4. I was threatened, gave into demands, and was STILL posted on Artist Beware anyway! 5. Comico was Suspended from FurAffinity for harrasment, so I feel like she is doing this because she's still mad 6. Issue was resolved May 2nd @ 2:34PM Thanks for reading my side anyway u 3 u ~ Make your own opinions for yourself; this is just how I saw things from my perspective. Just let me know if you need to know anything else! ~Bae
  21. Originally posted on May. 6th, 2013 by shouyugami Mod Note: The links to the "themie" account on DA are defunct. WHO: SpadeFoot, SpadeHand, Captain YES!, SoulHander, ChessyCat, various aliases containing Ace or Spade or both WHERE: Operates on Inkbunny, Sonichentai.net, FurAffinity, Hentai-Foundry WHAT: 40 unique digital and traditional images WHEN: By admission from the commissioner, he "first got the idea" as of January 13th, 2011, and the commissions were multitudinous, and on-going since then. PROOF: The proof I have is the archive of 40 images of commissioned pornography involving -- among other characters neither belonging to me, nor the commissioner -- the four following characters of mine that he did not own, and did not have permission to use: Characters owned by me, themie.deviantart.com : - Jam (red female monkey) - Proof of ownership: http://themie.deviantart.com/art/70x70-Jam-192478934 - Latika (brown/beige female slow loris) - Proof of ownership: http://themie.deviantart.com/art/Latika-the-Porter-290893910 - Tabitha (beige female sand cat) - Proof of ownership: http://themie.deviantart.com/art/teeking-254000177 - Boogie (green male monkey, Jam's 6-year-old brother) - Proof of ownership: http://themie.deviantart.com/art/And-Boogie-Makes-Three-133920660 EXPLAIN: Over the course of two years, this person, who was a close, personal friend of mine, secretly commissioned pornographic art of the above characters without my knowledge or consent. These images featured graphic, violent rape, strangulation, bondage, impregnation, and incest among other things. A prevailing majority of it featured his character and others raping and impregnating mine. He also in many cases utilized other peoples' characters to rape mine; in other words, commissioned rape art involving characters he had absolutely no ownership of or right to use. Some of the images of my characters were edited splices of my own art. This person, when confronted with it, maintains that what he did would have been alright if only none of us had found out. Furthermore, he cites me as a partial cause of it, saying that I gave him the idea for it when I posted this image: http://themie.deviantart.com/art/Warm-Front-193366536, and that my character received the majority of his fixation simply because she was written in a way that appealed to him, and I supplied a lot of reference art for him to use. When confronted about it, the commissioner maintained that what he did would have been alright if only none of us had found out. Obviously, I wish to not post the offending images themselves, and the mod team has allowed me to submit the graphic proof in a private format, not to be seen publicly as this is a very sensitive and hurtful topic to me, and all of the other people that were affected.
  22. Originally posted on May. 1st, 2013 by friskecrisps WHO: Capt Rico Sakara WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/captricosakara/ WHAT: $30 digital art commission WHEN: From roughly October of 2012 to April of 2013 PROOF: Payment sent: Conversations on commission updates and attempts to contact: 1st refund attempt: 2nd refund attempt and Artist_Beware warning: EXPLAIN: Basically, I had paid for a commission back in October. His way of the business was the customer put down half the commission price as a pre-payment and then pay the rest for the approved sketch. So I made the payment and waited for him to get work on it. I had him added in my skype and asked them occasionally how the commissioning was going and he'd always said he'd get to it soon. However, during the whole 6 months, he had only uploaded 2 pictures from 2 year overdue commissions. After almost 7 months of waiting, I just asked for a refund. He hesitated at first, but I finally got my money back. My basis for this, DO NOT COMMISSION HIM! He'll take your money and make you wait for months on end. He keeps putting commissions off to write fan-fiction and play online games and when you try to ask for a refund, he'll try and manipulate things to make you seem like the bad guy. He is incredibly rude and I would not recommend him for artwork to anyone!
  23. Originally posted on Apr. 30th, 2013 by draeling Mod note: Image Shack and FurBuy links are defunct. WHO: FA: Shanniecat and OcemezerSuits, Twitter: tempurrtabby and shanniecat, FurBuy: Shanniecat WHERE: http://www.furbuy.com/profile/shanniecat.html & http://www.furaffinity.net/user/OcemezerSuits/ WHAT: A pair of custom furred Digitigrade boots for $200 on Furbuy: http://www.furbuy.com/auctions/1037374.html WHEN: Paid for on the 13th of December 2012. Communication was good during payment and giving initial measurements. - (Jan) A month passed until I asked for an update, no response till I emailed again 4 days later. Shannie stated the pawpads had not arrived but she will be doing the furring that weekend. - (Feb) Another month passed until I emailed a few times until getting a response 4 days later. Shannie mentioned some personal issues got in the way but she was working on them right now. - (Mar) No contact, emailed on 12th of march, eventually Shannie replied on the 27th saying DVC didin't send the pads but that will be sorted soon. Said pictures will be sent to me in the next two days. - (Apr) Emails got difficult, no response to multiple emails, however she was very active on twitter nightly, so I asked there, got a prompt response and reply to email sent two weeks earlier. Apr 18th - Seller mentioned the pawpads came in, and her emails from commissioners were going to spam. Personal issues mentioned regarding young family member and school, she said she "would be done this weekend" again and getting pictures out. - Update: (May) I sent another email as I was advised she had just returned from Morphicon, received reply that she would try and post them the following Monday. Image of boots attached but was blank. Said she would try get another image to me. No further responses to emails during May. - Update: (Jun) No response to multiple emails to ask if the boots were shipped after 11th of may. Her furbuy account has since been placed into suspension by the administrators, due to the number of complaints received from her commissioners. They will lift it when she responds to their request for contact. PROOF: Bought from furbuy auction ID 1037374. Payment: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/32/shanniecatproof.png/ EXPLAIN: I am sad to say I really didin't want to have to post this, but after I placed a comment on her Furaffinity OcemezerSuits user page yesterday to get an update, the next morning the comment had been deleted, including one from another person who was also asking for updates. Since the last time I contacted her on twitter, her twitter became private, and no longer responded to commission tweets (but her active tweet count still increases 30-80 nightly). I am normally very patient and understanding... but I really can't excuse this. During feb and March, even though she was already aware she was behind on commissioners work, she continued to post new auctions on Furbuy for digiboots. A few of those people have since left negative feedback because they cant get any communication from her.
  24. Originally posted on Apr. 25th, 2013 by chaseuk Mod note: All Image Shack links are defunct. WHO: Apes WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/apes/ (or http://www.furaffinity.net/user/darkapes/ ) WHAT: 2 YCH winner slots, £25 for one, £15 for the other. IMs: https://imageshack.us/a/img62/3532/firstmessage.png https://imageshack.us/a/img841/4363/secondmessage.png (I offered to buy her a drink at a party we were both attending due to one character being quite complex) WHEN: On November 14th 2012, Apes put up a NSFW auction with 4 slots available, ending at midnight as shown here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9247824/ https://imageshack.us/a/img46/8852/dateoftheauction.png I paid on the 19th of November, as shown here: https://imageshack.us/a/img94/7340/moneysent.png Since then the art has not been completed. On 8th february this journal was created, saying the art would be finished that weekend: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/4316691/ or https://imageshack.us/a/img20/2208/journalsayingitwouldbed.png As seen on the original image, I commented: https://imageshack.us/a/img69/8245/commentaskingwhenitwoul.png This comment recieved no reply, and since then I've also been blocked on several social networking sites for personal reasons, meaning I cannot get ahold of her. Since then somebody else she owed art has told me that she's no longer doing mature art and that they're getting G-rated art from her instead. I find it ridiculous that I had to find this out from another customer of hers who was also getting impatient with the waiting time and the fact that she was taking on more commissions instead of dealing with her backdated stuff, rather than her noting me and informing me and offering G-rated art rather than the R-rated one, or offering me a refund.
  25. MOD NOTE: This artist has completed all their outstanding commissions. Originally posted on Apr. 23rd, 2013 by missicee WHO: Pirate-Cashoo WHERE: www.furaffinity.net/user/Pirate-Cashoo Pirate-cashoo.deviantart.com www.hentai-foundry.com/user/zombiepirate/profile pirate-cashoo.tumblr.com/ WHEN: November 11, 2011 WHAT: Hi Res Full Color Commission via her FA account ($150 paid) EXPLAIN: I commissioned her for another hi res full color commission on November 11th, 2011 after having two prior commissions with her that went smoothly and without trouble. I attempted to communicate with her regarding my commission as best I could over time but she was certainly difficult to reach. After the recent outbreak of AB posts and Paypal chargebacks, I tried to work out a peaceful resolution with her and put faith in her to finally complete my commission and start to fix her growing negative reputation but her actions and responses (or often lack thereof) have shown me that she isn't as interested as I had hoped she would be. The following three images should speak for themselves and contain all the proof necessary including the screencap of the Paypal transaction. I created them to submit as proof for a Paypal claim so please excuse the brief explanation of things people of this community may consider common knowledge. Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: The Paypal claim was opened today and I am hoping they will file in my favor. If they do not, I will be attempting to get my money back through my bank. I am disappointed that someone with such talent is choosing to take this path but I attempted to give her the benefit of the doubt by letting her fix this and she chose not to. BEWARE!! EDIT 1: Paypal apparently automatically closed my case against her as it was over 45 days old. Guess it's time for me to go to my bank... EDIT 2: Filed a claim with my bank today (April 24th)... I should hear in the next 14 days if they're able to help me as typically they are only able to file cases within 90 days. If it doesn't work, I will follow the advice to call Paypal. EDIT 3: (May 3rd) Bank was unable to help due to the amount of time that's elapsed... going to try calling Paypal instead of filing online but at this point, I just think my money is gone :C
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