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  • Beware: Khamul

    • Who: Khamul, Takeo
      Where: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/khamul/
      When: 03/18/2013
      What: Commission

    Originally posted on Jun. 6th, 2013 by mottenfest

    Mod note: This post includes fuzzy dates, so the "When" date is based off the PayPal receipt. We would request new screenshots if this were to be currently submitted, but the post is otherwise complete. The formatting has been slightly edited to place screenshots where they belong, and the final screenshot has been left off, as it was a re-link to the payment request,


    WHO: Khamul, Takeo

    WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/khamul/

    WHAT: Heart of the Swarm icon [Link to journal]

    WHEN (with proof): Here's a screencap of our conversation on the journal.

    Here is the note requesting payment.

    Confirmation of payment from PayPal.

    EXPLAIN: Khamul offered Heart of the Swarm icons to celebrate the release of the new Starcraft expansion, so I bought one. After they requested payment I sent it over promptly on March 18th. I didn't receive a confirmation from Khamul that they had gotten my payment. Several attempts to reach them had failed (I also made a post on a_b to see if anyone else had heard from them), so on April 11th I opened PayPal dispute.

    On April 26th they made a journal about how they had apparently forgotten about FA and all of the money they had taken. I left a comment confirming that I would like a refund.  

    When they again failed to contact me, I raised my dispute to a claim and on May 8th my money was refunded.

     I still have not had any communication with Khamul since they requested payment.

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