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Found 2 results

  1. WHO: Kannos / Kannosart / KannosWD WHERE: https://inkbunny.net/Kannos (IB - consider NSFW) https://inkbunny.net/Kannosart (IB - consider NSFW) https://twitter.com/KannosArt https://kannos.sofurry.com/ https://www.weasyl.com/profile/kannos WHAT: Two Character Realism Auction (IB - consider NSFW) - Total Value $876.39USD (750USD+126.39USD to cover all Paypal processing) - Bid won by Baybea whom was bidding for TheSnowedOne PLUS Full Color Character Reference Sheet for Baybea - Total Value $320.94USD (275USD+45.94USD to cover all Paypal processing) Commissioners involved: Baybea - https://inkbunny.net/Baybea (IB - consider NSFW) PLUS TheSnowedOne - https://www.furaffinity.net/user/thesnowedone/ WHEN: Baybea's Full Color Character Reference Sheet paid for on the 4th November 2013. TheSnowedOne's Two Character Realism Piece paid for on the 13th November 2013 - Bidding Agent Baybea PROOF: IB Journals Birthday.. - IB direct link is HERE - 8th Nov 2013, 6:36pm Thanks. -IB direct link is HERE - posted 9th Nov 2013, 9:30am 2 Character Realism Auction - ANYTHING GOES (Emergency)- IB direct link is HERE - posted 10th Nov 2013, 9:57am Paypal Payments Payment for Full Color Character Reference Sheet Payment for TheSnowedOne's Two Character Realism Piece IB Private Message Logs 16th Aug 2014, 8:38pm - 19th Feb 2015, 9:37am - IB - Private Message Conversation from OLD account Kannos 21st Feb 2015, 6:51pm - present - IB - Private Message Conversation from NEW account Kannosart EXPLAIN: Baybea (a person friend) had been dealing with Kannos over a number of months with positive results. Service was friendly; the artist was approachable and seemed to be trying to endevouring to turn service around. A number of smaller commission (3 in total) were made to Kannos by Baybea previously. These commissions had a good turn around with no issues on the result and payment was requested only after the final image was ready. Due to having no credit card; Baybea uses my paypal account to make payments. Based on this positive experience Baybea then commissioned the Full Color Character Reference Commission. This was agreed on over Skype approximately October 2013; (No logs available - Baybea's Skype logs only go back about 6 months due to a laptop rebuild). Either during this commission request discussion or around the same time on Skype Kannos made mention of financial issues. Baybea responded by paying for the commission up front instead of only after image completion. Payment was accepted by Kannos (proof above). Starting the 8th of November; Kannos over two journals linked about ("Birthday.." and "Thanks." describes some financial distress which including a charge back from Paypal of around ~1200USD; leaving their paypal account in the negative by ~900USD. To alleviate this issue a day later on the 10th of November Kannos starts a 2 Character Realism Auction - ANYTHING GOES as an emergency commission. It is noted payment is required before the 18tth of November to cover car payments. Encouraged by Baybea (due to her positive experiences with Kannos and what seemed a friendly rapport) I request Baybea to bid on the auction for myself; bidding up to the minimum required for full body pieces. Over email I note I need time to get the required information together for this commission however to make sure the car payment is not missed I would pay up front. This transaction is completed on the 13th November (see above). Unfortunately at this point I have both a combination of health and work issues that prevent me from returning to Kannos with all the required information to complete this information until approximately April 2014. During this time Baybea keeps in contact with Kannos over updates to her full character commission every couple of months. More issues affect Kannos life which are reported on IB via journals. However Kannos would regularly promise sketches of the initial reference sheet normally within the next week (usually after the following weekend). None of these promises were fulfilled. Progress is apparently being made on Baybea's Character Reference but either due to location or other personal issues Kannos is not able to show any updates to Baybea. This continues after I have given Kannos all the information for my requests via email. Requests for updates now include my commission as well; again with promises of sketches in a week or so time. Requests for updates by Baybea start to not get responded to on both Skype and IB. After over a month of no response at the end of May 2014 I request contact by Kannos with 72 hours or I would consider Kannos to have no intention of fulfilling the commission. As the 72 hour deadline hit I finally managed to get Kannos on Skype on the 2nd of June 2014 (once again unfortunately my Skype logs are unavailable due to computer rebuild about 8 months ago). I note I am unsatisfied by the lack of responses and also the multiple promises of sketches. During this conversation I note I am an administrator for a number of Furry websites and communities (by this point I know they have already been banned from FA). Kannos responds by explaining they are currently under a large amount of stress due to personal issues; they promise to catch up on the outstanding sketches. I agree to not proceed with any further action at this point. Kannos then Skypes with Baybea noting that I upset them and they are uncomfortable with dealing with me further as they are worried I will "do" something to them. It is agreed that Baybea will act as the point of contact from this point forward so long as Kannos keeps with regular updates. 16th Aug 2014, 8:38pm - 19th Feb 2015, 9:37am - IB - Private Message Conversation from OLD account Kannos The above IB private message log pick up at this point. Over the remaining months Kannos continues to make promises of updates after exceedingly long gaps of no communication despite update requests. 21st Feb 2015, 6:51pm - present - IB - Private Message Conversation from NEW account Kannosart On the 21st of February Kannos contacts Baybea on a new IB account "Kannosart". The reason given by Kannos is that they are having problems logging into their other account "Kannos". Baybea responds by noting that and requesting an update on everything with a note that she is having pressure placed on her to see some of the promised sketches. After nearly a month of no response on the 19th of March Kannos responds with: "Sorry I don't have time for commissions anymore with work, I'm going to have to cancel it." Baybea acquiesces Kannos' cancellation request and proceeds to note the amounts needed to refund both Baybea and myself with the Paypal account used (mine in both cases). Kannos after 10 days responds on Saturday 28th March with: "I don't have the money to refund. I'm barely able to afford rent 😕 rant about me to A_B all you want I don't care anymore." Baybea then notes Kannos response; notes that she would have been happy to work out a payment scheme but will do as Kannos requests and also look into legal options. She then also notes she would advise myself of the response. It is therefore with some disappointment that we arrive here. UPDATE - 2015-04-11: The account "Kannosart" on IB has been determined by IB staff to be an impostor. Baybea has responded to a journal post by the original "Kannos" account to contact via email and is following up.
  2. Originally posted on Jun. 19th, 2013 by goddamnanimals Mod Note: The PayPal screencap has been cropped to remove the URL and size it down for ease of viewing. Additionally, Kannos did make edit to this piece to the commissioner's satisfaction, so the matter was marked as resolved. WHO: Kannos/Astray/Starfinder/-Star- WHERE: https://inkbunny.net/Kannos https://www.weasyl.com/profile/kannos http://www.furaffinity.net/user/astray http://www.furaffinity.net/user/starfinder http://www.furaffinity.net/user/-star- WHAT: It was a 1½ character full color digital Walking Dead themed commission with background. WHEN: Initial inquiry was made September 9, 2010. After being told I’d have a sketch within the week, the sketch was finished on October, 21 2010. Details were discussed shortly after the sketch on FA. I sent an inquiry on January 11, 2011 over email after not hearing from her since the end of October. I received a response a week later. After not hearing from her for several months, I sent another inquiry on April 7, 2011. I received an update a few days later informing me that I was still slated to have work done that week and for me to resend most of the reference material due to the notes being lost to a hacker on FA. I never received Inks, which I was told I’d get, but was sent a half colored WIP on May 21, 2011 in which she also informed me she no longer had access to FA due to being suspended. I inquired about some things that were left out, but received no reply. I sent another inquiry over email on October 22, 2011 and March 26, 2012 and also received no reply. It was at this point where I pretty much wrote the commission off as abandoned, but received a reply to a note I sent over Inkbunny on March 26, 2012. I replied and received a note on the March 30, 2012 saying I’d have another wip by the weekend. I sent another note on July 25, 2012 after having no updates, and was told it would be done soon on July 26, 2012. I received a note letting me know the commission was completed and posted on July 29, 2012. I sent a note on the July 31, 2012 stating that a lot of stuff was missing from the commission that we’d discussed, and also expressed my frustration at the customer service. This was pretty much 2 years after I initially commissioned her, so I think it was a fair point to bring up. The conversation got heated from there and I received no reply after my last one on that day. I sent a note on August 20, 2012 and received no reply. I sent another on September 17, 2012 and received a very passive aggressive reply a few days later in which she stated she didn’t want to talk to me and had more important things to do. I replied but got nothing in return. I sent another inquiry on October 5, 2012 and received more excuses. All of my inquiries since then have gone unanswered, including one on a journal regarding owed art. PROOF: Initial inquiry on FA- FA Update Inquiry- Emails- Inkbunny Notes- Inkbunny journal comment with no reply- Initial sketch- Color WIP/Finished commission comparison- Paypal statement- EXPLAIN: I initially commissioned Kannos in September 2010 for their realistic style which I felt would make fit great for a walking dead themed commission. I’m used to waiting for long periods of time for commissions, so I try to give artists space to work at their own pace. I got the sketch fairly quickly, even though it took longer than I was told it was. After that I got a series of excuses as to why there hadn’t been any progress on my commission to my sporadic inquiries. I never received inks as was discussed, and received a colored WIP in May 2011. That was the last I heard from them, despite a couple emails over a year, until I inquired over Inkbunny in March 2012. I didn’t hear anything until the end of July when I sent a note asking for an update and to talk about the changes we had discussed. The commission was posted on July 29 without my approval, and with many of the things we had discussed missing, including some she had personally suggested. I had sent payment shortly after the picture was completed hoping that she’d be able to make the changes in a timely fashion. There was also a sunlight effect overlaid that drowned out most of the detail to the picture. I inquired about this and at this point she got defensive when I asked to discuss the problems over im’s and refused to discuss the matter with me, saying all I needed was inkbunny to give her info. Apparently not, considering she overlooked/lost most of what we had discussed and dropped me to the bottom of her list of priorities as far as making the changes go. I got a passive aggressive attitude and she pretty much stated she didn’t want to deal with me. My notes and comments have been ignored since then. It’s unfortunate, as I’d commissioned them for a badge before as well, but I guess being a returning customer doesn’t make much of a difference. I don’t know if posting this will resolve these problems, but at the very least it’s a warning to potential future commissioners about the unprofessional behavior I encountered. :Edit #1 7/6/13: I've sent them an email and posted in the thread they made for posterity. Just waiting for a response now. :Edit #2 7/9/13: Received an email from Kannos on the 8th. Currently working to sort things out. Added paypal statement. :Edit #3 7/10/13: Heard back from Kannos and have spoken about adjustments to the pic. When it's completed I'll ask to mark this as resolved.
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