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Found 2 results

  1. MOD NOTE: This has been downgraded to a caution during archiving, as the situation was resolved. Originally posted on May. 31st, 2013 by marmalade0997 WHO: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/bambiboo3/ WHAT: a tail in exchange for ~$60 of blind bag MLP figurines and some fur to use for the tail WHEN: August 2012 ongoing EXPLAIN: In August 2012, bambiboo3 posted a journal wanting to trade MLP merchandise for fursuit parts. I had a lot of blindbag ponies, so I decided to take her up (journal asking for trades) After I had gone over all the ponies I had available, we worked out how much the ponies were worth, how much her tails were worth, what I wanted my tail to look like (black and white with some spotty brown fur I would provide), and she said that the trade would be good I got her address, and the next day after verifying her address I shipped the ponies and fur off, with her telling me she'd let me know when everything arrived I didn't hear anything from her for a week, so I double checked she got everything safely with no response (I had done 2-3 day shipping) A few days after that note, I got a response asking what my tail looked like specifically, and I responded Towards the end of September she posted a journal saying that she was packing stuff up and moving, so I figured it would take her a bit to finish and ship my tail In the beginning of December, I shot her a note asking about my tail since I hadn't heard anything from her in a while A week later, I got a note saying it was finished and just needed to be stuffed, and that she would have it out in the next week so I gave her my address (the first time she said she would ship it) I still hadn't received it by the beginning of January, so I sent her a note seeing if she had shipped it A week later I still hadn't heard anything, so I sent her my address again in case something had happened, and got a reply back that she didn't get the first note asking about it, but would ship the tail out that week (the second time she said she would ship it) About two weeks after that note towards the end of January, I sent her another one seeing if she had sent it. She said she would send it out Monday or Tuesday (the third time she said she would ship it) and included a picture of the finished tail (far right) Towards the middle of February I saw she posted a journal saying she had shipped more things (didn't manage to snag a screen cap of it), and asked again if my tail had been shipped, two weeks later I got a reply saying she had sent it out but it got returned, and I sent her my address a third time with her saying she's send it again with tracking this time (the fourth time she said she would ship it) End of March, I still hadn't received anything, so I sent her another note seeing if it got shipped A week later with no response and getting irritated with the lack of communication and saying she had shipped things when she didn't, I sent her yet another note A week later in the beginning of April I sent her another note, irritated with my notes being read but not responded to, and still not having my half of the trade, this time getting a response saying she didn't see my last note, but had shipped it off that day (the fifth time she said she would ship it) When I asked for a tracking number, she said she didn't have one but would find me the receipt ID as proof A week later with no tail and no receipt ID as proof, I sent her another note A few days after that note, I got a reply saying that she wasn't able to get a tracking number because of how it was shipped (shipped through the USPS), and that it would take 2-4 weeks to get to me because of her being in Hawaii Going off of her latest ship date of April 3, it has been more than 8 weeks, plenty of time for it to get to me. I left a shout on her FA page asking what was going on, but she is currently on hiatus. The shout did help me get in contact with another customer of hers though who is having similar issues I don't know what to do about this any more. She has said she's shipped off my half of the trade five times with no proof or anything being received. I see she has a few bewares up here already about her issues with shipping, and this just seems to follow the pattern. Edit: Feel free to mark this as resolved, I received the tail today.
  2. Oct. 28th, 2011 at 9:34 AM nnoitorah This is further to my advice post here: http://artists-beware.livejournal.com/530250.html WHO: Bambiboo3 / Happy Tails WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/bambiboo3/ WHAT: Premade fursuit head and tail, as seen here: http://www.furbuy.com/auctions/1026446.html WHEN: Auction ended on 12th October 2011. PROOF: Here's a screencap of my communications with Bambiboo3 from winning the auction. A little explanation first though: I do not live in the USA. I had asked Bambiboo3 prior to bidding if she would ship internationally and she said no. Thus I asked if she would ship this to my very good friend of many years who lives in NC, she agreed, and I placed a bid. My intention from there was to either take a trip over soon and collect the partial or arrange for it to be delivered myself, either way, I made clear to Bambiboo3 that the final part of the delivery would be entirely my responsibility. This isn't really relevant to the beware at all but it might clear up any confusion. Here are photos of the package: NB: anything linking to address details has been edited out, as has Bambiboo3's surname as I have not seen this posted publicly. EXPLAIN: On October 12th I won Bambiboo3's auction for a premade fursuit head and tail over on Furbuy. I emailed her asking for a quote on shipping, which she told me would be $35, for a total of $435. I Paypal'd over $435. She replies to me stating that: "you forgot to add the paypal charges so it came in $17.27 short. If you dont mind sending that last bit that would be great" I was a little taken aback as nowhere on the auction had it mentioned a Paypal fee, and I knew this to be against Paypal rules. I also was taken aback that it was implied I'd "forgotten" it, as if I should have known to add this, or she'd told me to add it. I replied to her stating as much and her response was basically that she asked for $435, but that's not what she ended up with after the fee - thus I should make up the rest. At this point I admit my communications (seen above) got a little irate and not as well phrased as they could have been, I was feeling unwell at the time and was not expecting these difficulties. I asked a number of friends online what I should do (I really did want the head and she was saying she'd relist it) or whether it was fair, to which they said it was not. One of them told me it was against Furbuy policy so I contacted them too, asking about that. They responded that it was definitely not acceptable, and thus I replied telling Bambiboo3 so, and she decided to drop the charge. So some days pass and the head arrives with my friend on October 26th. She immediately contacts me by IM to let me know and unpacks it to check everything is in order. The head, I am told, is just fine and is nice quality. She did say to me though, "how much did you say you paid for shipping again?"...to which I replied $35. She advised me it was stickered with $10.74 and a 70 cent Delivery Confirmation - making my bill over $20 higher than the actual shipping cost. I was also told it was packaged in an old blender box and packed with wadded up grocery bags, and you can see that in the photos above, meaning that none of that was spent on packaging, either. Again annoyed, I emailed Bambiboo3 asking about this discrepancy. That was over 24 hours ago, and with all other emails being answered promptly and seeing as she's been faving things on FA, I assume she doesn't have a good simple answer for this. I may be jumping the gun but at this point I can only recommend against dealing with her. I know this head didn't go for as much as she would like - she was looking at around $700 for head and tail before putting it on Furbuy - but my impression is that she just tries to frisk the customer for anything she can get. EDIT - seeing that Bambiboo has been faving art and posting FA journals, I decided to send her another email: Hey again, I see you have been active on FurAffinity so I guess you either did not receive or are ignoring my last email outright. At this point I want to make you aware that I posted about our transaction to "artists_beware" because I am really not impressed with this. - Sarah I feel like I'm probably not going to get anything back at this point, but I think her (most likely) ignoring my last email is really the icing on the cake here. EDIT 2 - Bambiboo3 has replied to my last email quickly. The conversation is as follows (screencaps available if needed, but it's quicker this way for now): I havent recieved an email O.o when did you send it? My response: The email was sent on the 27th just after midnight your time. Here's a copypaste: -last email as shown above- Bambiboo: Wow im sorry , no the first one didnt come through. So the package was shipped parcel? >.< Oh jeaz i apologize it was supposed to be sent express because i wanted to get it out to you as soon as possible since i was a couple days late getting it out. I dont have a drivers license myself so i have someone send the packages out for me they must have mixed up the packages i gave them that day. If you give me your paypal address ill refund that right away. Me: If you would like to refund I suggest you go to your Paypal and open up our transaction, from there you have an option to issue a partial refund. I would prefer it refunded in this way for my records if you could. It would be much appreciated and I will edit the LJ post to reflect this. Thanks, Sarah She has now issued me a refund. I honestly can't say I am convinced by the excuses but I am happy to have a refund and consider the postage part of the beware resolved.
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