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  1. Howdy! This has been approved due to the sheer length of time. However, did they ever continue the telegram chat?
  2. That's what one of our mods wondered, but the start of the transaction appears to be on twitter.
  3. OPs can't edit their posts, but I've added in text for readers.
  4. A comment was not posted due to multiple violations of our rules: We do not permit bewares inside the comments. If you have a beware, please make your own post. We do not permit personal information to be included on submissions or comments. Please leave personal details such as what people buy, their illness, or family issues outside the site. Outside links will be declined. For archiving purposes, we do not allow people to dump links to information and then leave. Please host information with us.
  5. Unfortunately, this artist has a history of this. As far back as 2011. It's a shame when not much has changed.
  6. While we don't have direct rules against leaving updates like this, we would highly appreciate it if you posted this information to us for record purposes.
  7. A comment was not posted because it didn't meet our commenting guidelines. Please remember we are here to speak business practices, and not speculate about the reasons someone chooses to use their money.
  8. Mod note to readers: All comments are moderated. They will not be visible to anyone unless a moderator approves the comment manually. Anyone who attempts to dox this user or link to the twitter account that has doxxed information on it will receive an automatic ban. You are welcome to request a tag and/or links update by PMing me or @Xailawith accounts that this user is doing business on. We, however, are not interested in violations of Item 5 of our Submission Guidelines. Edit: It should also go without saying, that when we say "business" we mean business in accordance with the purpose of Artists Beware. Garage sales posts on an otherwise personal facebook is not relevant.
  9. This happens regularly with the group's accounts. From what we can gather, they keep getting hit by FA's spamming policies. Not sure if it's because of the sheer number of YCHs they keep reposting, or if it's because it's the same set of YCHs (or both).
  10. Changed Resolved to Yes
  11. We are amending these tags to include Sebastian Morgenstern due to multiple instances depicting them as being active within BV's business dealings; most prominent examples include posting commissions on her behalf & informing customers en masse regarding frequent on-site suspensions. Staff has determined they are not the same person.
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