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  1. So it can be tough given the nature of Boosty. Filing a chargeback will get your account closed and doesn't guarantee that you will get your money back. You can, however, get a refund from the artist but it would have to be supplied voluntarily. You would have to convert your boosty account to a creator account, and then they can send you your money back. Unfortunately, that doesn't solve the issue of them simply not seeing your messages. One final option would be the messaging feature on Boosty. Some artists have it on. Some have it off. It's located on the profile page for the artist. You can also comment on any posts that they have provided they have a public post that you can leave a comment on. Boosty emails comments, so unless they're also not checking their email, they shouldn't miss that.
  2. Has your message on FA been read? In your outbox it will have a gold envelope if the message has been unread.
  3. HOWDY EVERYONE, we're back! We are both a little premature and late all at once. Sadly, due to real life circumstances we weren't able to complete everything we set out to do before relaunch, but we did complete a lot of it. First and foremost, we're welcoming two new members to our staff: @MonicaVix and @AndorDrakon! They're strictly queue staff members, so please don't send them DMs. Second, thanks to the concentrated efforts of @MonicaVix, we are happy to announce that the archiving of the Livejournal Community is finally completed and tagged. - Posts that did not adhere to our current standards were NOT brought over, but they are archived in the Livejournal and over on a mirror at Dreamwidth. - If you have an update to your post, please fill out a comment on said post or fill out a Help Ticket to contact a member of staff. Third, we will be retiring the Advertisement system. We are grateful for those who chose to support the site in this manner, but due to lack of overall use, we will no longer be accepting advertisements. Instead, we are looking to use these spots to uplift services and members of our community that we feel could use advertisement space. Instead we will be opening up a merchandise shop where users can nab stickers, t-shirts, and other such things designed by myself or other members of our staff. All proceeds will go towards site operation and maintenance. This was one of the items I was unable to get to due to time constraints, but it will be introduced at a later date. Fourth, you may notice a few extra databases in our menu! Introducing: ✨ Scampedia ✨ Because individual scammers change names often, we rejected posts concerning them. Not only would trying to keep up with these individuals be impossible, but more like them will fill the spot of every individual who was "taken down". So, in order to combat this, we've decided to establish a database that instead shows scam examples submitted by you, our readers. Please keep an eye out on our social media accounts for when we put out calls for examples of scams. Site Help and Ticket System Two new items on the menu are the "site help" and "ticket system". Site Help is a collection of articles that will aid users in how to use the site, contact staff, and how to conduct themselves while here. Meanwhile, as the third party software we are using is retiring the Support Ticket system, we've decided to enact our own. Currently it cannot accept posts from those without an account, but our DMs on twitter and my site email james @ (url) are still open to guests to email us. New Leaf Program Do you have a beware on you? Or is there a beware on someone you know? Have you or they resolved their posts and been out of trouble since? Introducing our New Leaf program. Bewares by those who have been out of trouble for a year or more are welcome to send us a message to our ticket system indicating as such. All of their posts will be granted the New Leaf tag, showing that they have turned over a New Leaf. Admission into the program will be handled on the honor system, and you can lose your New Leaf designation if we receive a new beware on you. This both encourages clients to come forward and bewarees to resolve their posts. To qualify for the new program you must: - Have all pending bewares marked as resolved. - Must have had no reports in one year. And lastly, you may have noticed that we have a new site theme! Wow!! Updates to it will continue as I have time, but the majority of the updates to the layout is completed. If you have any suggestions, comments, concerns, feel free to leave them below.
  4. Rules for Participation and Commenting The following rules are for all users to follow. Failure to do so will result in action taken against your account. The goal for these rules are to keep Artists Beware as a constructive and a valuable resource. Bewarees should feel welcome to comment. Commenting Rules 1. Comments are to remain professional, constructive, and on topic. We are not a drama site. No name calling. No unnecessary hostility. Non-business related issues are off-topic. (We don't want to hear about anyone's personal drama.) Transphobic, Homophobic, and Racist language will result in an immediate ban. Well wishes such as "I hope this gets resolved, OP!" are ok, but please see the "dogpiling" section on using the like feature. 2. No excessive personal information or bewares in the comments. This includes, but is not limited to: Financial situations. What someone is spending their money on. Personal disputes. Attempts to guilt trip artists / clients due to personal matters. 3. Dogpiling will be handled at moderator discretion. Do not wait for moderators to steer the comments back in the right direction. If you see many comments sharing the same sentiment as you, please use the like feature instead. 4. Do not pressure submitters over how they want their beware resolved. If a user expresses that they do not want X or Y in relation to their transaction please do not force the issue. 5. Do not imply a beware does not belong here or that the submitter should delete it. Queue mods moderate submissions. If it's in Artists Beware then it belongs here. Users do not have the ability to edit or delete their own posts. 6. Questions or comments in bewares directed at staff will not be approved. We understand that users may feel the need to justify a comment if a moderator responds to it. Moderator responses serve to keep the comments focused and in compliance with Item 1. Thus, responses or comments meant for staff will not be approved. Please PM one (1) staff members with questions, comments or concerns. 7. No self advertisement in bewares or advice posts. 8. Do not backseat moderate. Queue mods manually approve comments, so do not chastise other commenters. If a post needs the tags updated, feel free to PM us! 9. Moderators will not approve an alternate alias unless it's 100% confirmed. No: "similar styles". No: "types the same". Yes: Same email address. Yes: Same art. Yes: Same characters. Yes: Same full name. 10. Users who spam/ harass Bewaree's with links to their bewares will be banned. We do not condone harassment. Let the original poster (OP) contact the bewaree in question. First offense will receive an official warning. Second offense is an official permaban. When Contacting/ Responding to Moderators 1. Please choose one (1) moderator to contact with questions. It's ok if you don't understand the instructions we've sent or need clarification! We will be happy to help you. Questions should be only directed to our PMs or Twitter DMs. Do not contact moderators on their personal accounts. 2. When responding to a Rejection Notice rude or abusive behavior will not be tolerated. For Revision Notices: We will give you clear instructions on what to fix. The items in your rejection notice are not up for debate. We will reject your post again if you do not make changes. For Rejection Notices: We will outline the conditions in which you may resubmit. If there are none, then your rejection is final. Zero Tolerance Policy: You will receive a permaban if you curse at, threaten, or harass our moderators onsite and/or on their personal offsite accounts. 3. The Report Content feature is for inappropriate content that requires immediate moderator attention. Don't respond to Rejection Notices, Revision Notices, or Mod Comments via Report Content. Report Content will be disabled by an admin if this feature is abused. 4. Bewares are not deleted. If you have proof the contents of a beware on you is false, hand over the information to one (1) Administrator. There are two options: Tag reversal, or complete deletion. See "So I've Been Posted to Artists Beware, Now What?" Legal threats will result in your account being banned from this site, all social media sites, and all communication ceasing. We will expect communication only via your legal representative. 5. Moderator action is final. Arguing with us will not reverse the decision. "Mod Shopping" aka contacting a different moderator will not reverse a decision. Actions Taken Against Accounts 1. Polite reminders are not official action against accounts. If your comment was not posted, then you aren't in trouble! If a moderator responds to you with a "reminder" you aren't in trouble. Moderators keep the comments focused, clean, and streamlined. 2. Official warning notices come from the built-in warning system. They are visible on your Profile Page. After three (3) official warnings you will be permabanned. 3. Temporary bans vs. permanent bans. Temporary bans are issued at moderator discretion if a user is becoming too heated. They are not permanent strikes unless indicated otherwise. We need you to take a breather! A permaban is when a user reaches three (3) permanent warnings. Very poor behavior will result in an instant permaban. Permabans from Livejournal have not carried over. You are welcome to comment/ post again with a clean slate. 4. Contact one (1) Administrator to Deactivate your account. Deactivation does not remove your content. If you wish for your email and username to be scrubbed, let the administrator know. Moderator Code of Conduct Violations All moderators are to adhere to the Moderator Code of Conduct. In the event a moderator is violating these rules please contact one (1) Administrator.
  5. Artists Beware Moderator Code of Conduct The Duties of a Moderator All moderators listed on the Staff Page fall into one or more of these categories. Below are the ranks for moderators and what their duties are: Queue Mods - Review incoming bewares for adherence to the Submission Guidelines. Queue mods may opt out of being Comment Mods. Comment Mods - Watch the comments and forums for inappropriate activity. Review incoming comments on bewares. Comment mods always double as Queue Mods. Administrators - Work both comments and the queue. Handle back end and technical work on the website. Are responsible for direction of all other moderator categories. Official owners of Artists Beware. Special Moderator Categories The following moderators are special ranks and do not field general user questions: Forum Mods - Assigned to a specific forum, or may be a general forum mod. They do not have access to the queue, nor have the ability to moderate comments on bewares. Web Admin - For technical issues only. You may contact an Administrator to forward any problems to the Web Admin, or you may contact @Alex Wright. Please note our web admin also moderates comments when necessary. Other Staff Categories Helper - Paid individuals hired to help Artists Beware temporarily. These individuals are not moderators. If you see a Helper working, they cannot help you with site issues. Once their tasks are complete, they will be reverted back to their original status. Artists Beware opens for Helpers on our Twitter account at a rate of $16.50 USD/hr. We hire in 3 hour shifts. Code of Conduct Artists Beware has volunteer staff. Due to the nature of the community we ask that all moderators adhere to the following Code of Conduct. 1. Moderators are to remain professional and polite even when users are not. We will not tolerate name-calling, cursing, or repeated snarking. 2. What happens in the queue and direct user communication stays private. Always. We are privy to medical, personal, and private social information sometimes. Leaking of this information to the public will result in an immediate dismissal. 3. Moderators are to be in good business standing with the community. Moderators are not exempt from bewares. We understand that life happens, and a singular beware is not an automatic dismissal. Yet, if poor business behavior becomes a consistent issue we will ask the moderator step down. 4. Moderators should be able to handle disagreements with fellow moderators gracefully. Sometimes a beware will not be cut and dry, and will need extensive discussion. Mods who are out-voted must handle themselves with grace. 5. Moderators are expected to be unbiased when moderating the queue. There will be a time when the bewaree in queue is a friend or someone close. A beware will never be rejected on the basis that the bewaree is a friend, family member, or partner. If a moderator finds they can't be unbiased, they may sit out discussion on the beware without penalty. Moderators may speak their personal opinions on bewares granted they follow Item 1. 6. A moderator's outside behavior should foster trust in the community. Artists Beware submissions can have sensitive information. Our users put a lot of trust into team members. Moderators who hold racist, transphobic, and/ or homophobic views are not a good fit for the team and will be let go.
  6. I've Been Posted to Artists Beware, Now What? We understand that being posted to the community can be stressful and scary. Before responding to a post take a minute to gather yourself and read over this document. Will Artists Beware remove a post about me? If you resolve a situation, then your post is here to stay with a resolved tag. Resolved tags are prominently displayed on the article itself, and in the preview of the article. Users do not have the ability to delete their own posts nor edit them. Pressuring or otherwise harassing an individual to delete a post about you will not get a post deleted. Staff determines if/when a post is deleted. Not submitters. Pressuring submitters to contact us to delete a post will not result in a post deletion What if the person who has submitted has lied in their post? Will you delete it then? Yes, if the user has fabricated, omitted, or done anything to invalidate the crux of their beware, please contact one (1) administrator via the Help Tickets form or via DM with proof. We will review the information submitted to us, and it will be reviewed like any other item in our queue. We may ask follow up questions or ask for more proof. Example: A client has submitted a beware and cut their caps to make it look like the artist hasn't delivered art or a refund. The artist provides proof the art was delivered before the beware was made. What this does not mean: Disputes about details within an otherwise valid beware are not grounds for removal. Example: An artist has submitted on a client who has issued a chargeback without warning. The artist didn't mention that prior to the chargeback the client had an unrelated personal fight with the artist's partner. The client feels the beware should be deleted because they feel the fight made them justified in filing the chargeback. I have proof a post is invalid, but I don't want the information public. I'm afraid to submit it because of this. Any information you send to staff is confidential unless you tell us you're ok with it being public. However, if there is a blatant attempt to lie to staff in order to have a post deleted we will release the attempt to the public. Posts that are deleted from the main site can be recalled at any time by an administrator. An administrator has agreed my post is valid for deletion. What now? You may choose one of two options: The post remains online with a “tag reversal” and a clear, prominent mod note about what has transpired. This means that instead of the post's tags covering your names, it will then switch to the person who has submitted on you. The post is deleted and scrubbed. A site wide announcement and social media announcement concerning the deletion will be posted so that users will know that you are in the clear. I have it in my Terms of Service that I don't get refunds even if I haven't finished. Can I have the post deleted? No. "No refunds ever" clauses are considered unethical, and Artists Beware does not honor them. If you have not finished the client's work prior to them asking for a refund, then they are due a refund for work not done. Do you honor non-refundable deposits? Non-refundable deposits are honored if it was made very clear to the client that they would not be receiving these funds back. Because non-refundable deposits cover a variety of costs, we do not require any amount of the deposit be refunded. While we understand that some fursuit or costume builders may opt to send purchased materials to the client, we do not require it. The submitter is harassing me offsite. Can I get the post deleted? We held a community poll on the subject. So long as the crux of the submitter's post is valid, poor behavior on their part does not invalidate their beware. However, you are welcome to report on any behavior with proof in the comments. Having a valid beware does not excuse harassment. I was a minor when a beware was posted about me, but I'm not anymore. Will you delete it then? If you were under the age of 18 when the transaction started, please fill out a Help Ticket or contact one (1) Administrator. As of 2021 we have a no minors policy. My post doesn't qualify for deletion, but I still want to share my side of the story. Can I do that? Absolutely! We are delighted to hear from you. Provided that you're civil and follow our Rules of Commenting (especially rules 2 and 5), you are welcome to participate however much you like. Messages sent to staff that are rebuttals to bewares will be redirected to comment. What if my friends want to come in and defend me? / Can people say they had a good experience with me? We will not prevent posts that are civil and do not violate any rules from passing moderation. However, just bear in mind that individuals who come with the sole purpose of whiteknighting for their favorite artists do more to harm the artist's reputation than good. In addition, we will not approve comments that are simply “I had a good experience with this artist” and will instead route them to the positive reviews forum. A good experience with one person doesn't invalidate someone else's negative experience. We have a subforum just for positive reviews, and we would be delighted if your clients shared their good experiences there. If someone said they were going to make a post about me, can I contact staff to give my side first? Any attempts to interfere with the queue will be ignored. The queue is handled without outside influence. Someone said they were submitting on me. Can you tell me if their post is in queue? The queue and its contents are confidential. We will not state what is or isn't in our queue. Help! I've tried contacting a Submitter to resolve the issue, but they won't respond. / Help! I've resolved the issue, but the Submitter won't notify Artists Beware staff! Contact one (1) Administrator or fill out a Help Ticket form, and we will get your tags updated. I'm going to sue you for defamation/ slander/ libel to get you to remove a post about me! Artists Beware is a host for content provided by third parties. We do not edit posts beyond small clerical changes, and only vet posts to ensure they meet our guidelines. We make good faith efforts to remove posts that are proven to be fabricated. In short, Artists Beware is protected under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Other things to keep in mind. Slow resolution is better than no resolution: If you can't resolve your beware immediately, work out a plan of resolution and stick to it. If you have to refund in $10 increments, then it's better than none at all. Encouraging your friends or followers to brigade a post: All comments are moderated. Encouraging people to spam a post with vitriol towards the OP will never actually reach the OP. Your friends' and followers' accounts will be banned, and their emails will be reported as spam. A public note will be made that you've encouraged this behavior. Please handle your post with grace. There's never an excuse to harass someone. Our mods will help mediate: If communication has broken down so much between you and your client, we are happy to step in as mediators. Both parties have to be willing to compromise.
  7. https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/885613.html WHO: Ninjakato http://ninjakato.deviantart.com/ ScarlingRagdoll666 http://www.furaffinity.net/user/scarlingragdoll666/ WHERE: They're mostly active on dA than FA WHAT: A long overdue trade with them that took place on FA. Communications eventually took place on dA through notes WHEN: A trade was agreed upon April 9th 2011. My half was finished relatively quickly, but their half is still unfinished. More info under cute PROOF: First initial trade contact was made on April 9th, 2011 https://www.dropbox.com/s/pluqssxagsbbnyu/proof%201.jpg?dl=0 (my FA here is Charu) My half of the trade was completed May 4th, 2011 http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5691889 Communications on FA were made. Unfortunately my notes on FA have been cleared out since then. They mostly contained information about what I'd like Ninjakato to draw for their half. Eventually I started to note her on dA as it appeared she was becoming less active on FA. Note pointing out I finished my half https://www.dropbox.com/s/wb27h1reywz2gyl/Proof%202.jpg?dl=0 There was a point she posted a journal asking her watchers if she had missed anything owed. However, I cannot find the journal anymore, but I did note her on dA https://www.dropbox.com/s/40volnp6m2yy3l0/proof 3.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/wu3kgjknydfs3cd/proof 4.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/ya85gjdo9qaamg3/proof 5.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/ckrzqijrjo2k7ky/proof 6.jpg?dl=0 After this communication had stopped until 2014 came around. I had stopped asking as Ninjakato seemed pretty busy in real life and I didn't want to be a bother. https://www.dropbox.com/s/f6cslbr0dkabp4m/proof 7.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/a3ax54y49okn5zq/proof 8.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/h5ynncfmdjut8iw/proof 9.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/9onvgxjz5fqg6h6/proof 10.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/at93e8bo9flkknj/proof 11.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/k30co67uueaqqo9/proof 12.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/roal3atboh43vj4/proof 13.jpg?dl=0 August 20, 2014 she had made a journal calling out to the person she owed a trade to (which was me). My ref links did not work so I had noted with fixed links. http://ninjakato.deviantart.com/journal/One-art-trade-477049101#comments https://www.dropbox.com/s/5nrarciibugpru9/proof 14.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/m8i4mljt8dawynv/proof 16.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/mauwqzmx0qii5vo/proof 17.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/woqc5v73w388obn/proof 18.jpg?dl=0 More time passed and I saw no sign of my half of the trade. I gave her another nudge about it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/b7uyt58myn7lyzi/proof 19.jpg?dl=0 I gave one more nudge just recently. The note had been opened but went unresponded. https://www.dropbox.com/s/1ge7uwcew3o6r5y/proof 20.jpg?dl=0 EXPLAIN: In the start of this NinjaKato was opening up for trades on FA. I was one of the ones picked to trade with her. Excited I began to work on my trade and posted to FA in a timely manner. Eagerly, but patiently, I waited for for mine to be finished. I knew very well NinjaKato was really busy with her real life and commissions, so I was in no rush to have it completed. As time passed and weeks turned to months. Months turned into years. We've had some communication throughout the time span, yet I was still mindful not to rush her. She was still posting art on dA of finished commissions and personal art. 2011 had turned to 2014 and I admit I should of poked her more often between those few years. But I was nervous to do so as she was posting frequent journals about difficulties in her life. As a artist I know very well commissions always take priority over trades, thus I didn't pressure her. Eventually I did poke her and communications had picked up once again. I had hope she'd finish it after I did remind her about it. A time of silence started again. NinjaKato was still posting personal art, newly finished YCHs and sometimes trades from others. I had given her one final poke on Nov 11th, 2015 and the note had been read. No response back. She continued to upload new art of personal sketches, redraws, YCHs, and adoptables. At this point I am not expecting to see my half and have accepted it. Primarily posting this beware to give a heads up that this artist may not always finish pieces they promise to do. EDIT: NinjaKato finished their half. This AB can be marked as resolved
  8. https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/885328.html This is my first time doing an Artist Beware, so please be patient with me here! WHO: Meteorprince, found on FurAffinity (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/meteorprince/), DeviantArt (http://meteorprince.deviantart.com/), and Tumblr (http://meteorprincedraws.tumblr.com/). Please note content on the profiles linked is NSFW. WHERE: FurAffinity WHAT: A YCH (http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17692152/) promised to be done within two weeks, and then a refund for said YCH. WHEN: The YCH was bid on late September and paid October 2nd. I was told I would be getting a refund when they responded to my emails November 18th, and it was supposed to be given to me on December 16th. PROOF: (As per community standards, all real life names and email addresses have been scrubbed from the following screenshots) Conversation on FA: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0msgqqa6lbg76it/Firstconvo.png?dl=0 First refund request: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pyidqug8x5ewj2x/refundrequest1.png?dl=0 Email conversations: https://www.dropbox.com/s/utrmjqkd51u2nap/email1.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/r0r257zo31a0zcl/email2.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/tpgpe88nuav0hg5/email3.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/29r6yjmwdbcba3n/email4.png?dl=0 EXPLAIN: On October 2nd I paid $50 for a YCH (linked above under "What") from Meteorprince. It was advertised as being done within two weeks of payment, no excuses. At first I didn't hear anything about them starting until it was almost due when they told me they were getting on it since it was on a time limit, then they said they were working on it on the day it was due (conversation linked above). I didn't hear from them again until they posted a journal (no personal response or offer of refunds, journal is on the FA profile linked above) citing family issues after it was already due and saying they would be back. I waited some more, and on the 9th of November sent them a message stating I would just like a refund (linked above), with no response. On the 18th of November I finally got tired of waiting and emailed them directly stating again I would like a refund. They responded and apologized, promised me a refund plus an extra $15 if I would wait until they had to the money. On the 28th of the same month they told me they were being interviewed for a job, and then on the 10th of December they stated they were hired and would pay me immediately the following Wednesday. Wednesday came and went and they didn't respond to any of my messages. I sent them a final message saying if I didn't hear from them I would be filing a charge back and filling out an Artist Beware, and here we are. I have had no response from them, and no attempt was ever made to follow through on either the art or the refund. I am of the opinion that they do not intend to give the refund, and would like to warn others to be careful when dealing with them as a result. EDIT: Meteorprince has followed through with the refund, so I am filing this as resolved in a satisfactory manner at this point.
  9. https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/884272.html WHO: RenX (http://renxart.tumblr.com/ (NSFW)) aka Rnzzz (http://rnzzz.tumblr.com/ (NSFW) , http://rnzzz.deviantart.com/ (NSFW)) WHERE: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/user/RenX/profile (NSFW) WHAT: 2 Commissions. Traditional art. WHEN: Initial conversation and payment for both commissions during the beginning of April 2015. PROOF: The artist's mother tongue was Spanish so I contacted them in that for all our e-mail conversations. Here's (1) Me telling them when I can send the payment. And (2) Me the next day telling him I sent it. EXPLAIN: I started commissioning RenX in February last year. For the first couple of commissions he (and it is a he despite the profile) got things done on time and we had no problems. Starting from November 2014 I paid them for one drawing and it took them two months to get it done. In February this year I paid them for another commission again and, like last time, it took them nearly two months to finish the drawing. Still, I didn't think much of it in either case since I've dealt with multiple artists and I know sometimes they run into personal issues where they don't have time. The actual problems began in April this year. I asked RenX if he had time to do two commissions for me and he said yes, so I sent him the details for both and said I'd be paying him in a week. Within a few days he answered with a very rough sketch of one of the commissions and remained quick to answer until I sent the payment of $240 a week later. After the payment his answers completely stopped and he started ignoring my e-mails. I never got the sketch for the second commission either, which according to him he had already done. After over three weeks without an answer (I had sent him three e-mails in the meantime) RenX answers back in mid-May saying that he was busy and he'd have them done soon. Two more weeks pass with no answer and I finally send them one asking if I can get a refund. He answers back a few days later saying it's not possible because they no longer have money in their Paypal account, but that they'll do my commissions in June. [Proof] [Proof] June comes and goes with RenX not contacting me and only answering to the second e-mail I send at the end of the month, says he's too busy and hasn't had time to do anything. I answer them and for the rest of June and July I receive absolutely nothing. I didn't even waste any time sending them another e-mail until August since I knew it would be pointless. [Proof] In August I decide to check this site and see RenX still doing commissions like normal and advertising his services despite the fact that he has done nothing I paid him to. I finally decide to send him another e-mail mentioning this and they answer the same day saying, for the millionth time, that they have been too busy to do anything. I answer and once again they completely vanish until I send another e-mail at the end of August, which he answered at the beginning of September, telling the same old tale and saying that if he didn't do the commissions within a month he'd give me my money back. [Proof] I ask him when he can do the first commission and naturally, they do nothing and start ignoring my e-mails again. Around September I also checked his profile and noticed some people also wondering where their commissions were. I contacted one of them who told me they managed to get a refund through Paypal's Dispute system, unfortunately that wouldn't work for me since I had let too much time pass already. I was also in touch with another person who never got their commission completed either. In October, rather than e-mailing RenX I decide to post in his Hentai Foundry profile and he answers by e-mail the same day saying he had problems with his e-mails and that I should send him the commission details again. I ask for a refund again and he refuses. I send him the details for the drawings again to see if he'll get them done this time. On the same day I also notice he erased the comment I left on his profile alongside the others of two or three different people asking where their commissions were. Surprisingly, I actually get a sketch three days later and for a moment I think I'll get them done already. However, that's short lived and RenX vanishes completely again for the rest of the month. He sure spends a lot of time in his profile advertising discounts (and even in the Hentai Foundry forums (NSFW)) and mentioning he's open for more commissions, though! [Proof] Finally, in mid-November, after a month with no answer, I decide to post in RenX's profile again. My message is quickly erased and he blocks me from commenting [Proof] (NSFW). He e-mails me moments after repeating the same speech where they have been too busy. At this point I tell them again to give me a refund despite knowing nothing will happen and to no one's surprise he hasn't answered ever since. I don't know what's going on with them, but after 8 months there's no excuse for their behaviour. I posted this on the Hentai Foundry forums (NSFW) and I hope more people see it here and don't waste their time and money commissioning this person. He's all about reputation and stopping people from exposing him, the moment the latter happens he's quick to appear, delete any messages, block people and vanish again. Update, January 10th, 2016: I mentioned this some days ago in the comments but I reckon I should post it here instead - I contacted Paypal last week and they told me an investigation wouldn't be possible since it had been too long since the transaction. However, they did say they might begin one if they receive more complaints related to RenX. As of today, RenX still hasn't contacted me ever since the e-mail he sent in mid-November (11th of November, to be precise) that I mention in my entry. They're still taking and posting commissions, however.
  10. https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/886993.html I agreed to do a trade with FA user Lyshastra back in July. We met on Facebook, and she agreed to trade me for a plush that I had premade. We agreed on a trade for the plush of $10 + 4 bookmarks, and agreed to make the trade at Anthrocon as we were both attending (and I had a table, making it easy to swap). She never showed, and after the con asked me if I would ship the plush. I behaved unprofessionally in that I agreed to ship despite the discomfort I had with shipping her the plush despite not seeing any evidence that she had even worked on my half of the trade. Because of my anxiety issues, I did not express this to her and instead delayed shipping for months, hoping that she would eventually post evidence of the half of the trade I was supposed to receive. I definitely acknowledge that I didn't handle this the way I should have and I feel like I've learned more about speaking up about my discomfort in trade situations like this because of it. Regardless, no evidence showed up, she eventually became frustrated with me and my agreeing to ship but never doing so. She contacted me again in October about it. I felt really bad at this point, and finally shipped the plush to her. At this point, I still had not seen any evidence that she had even picked up a pencil to work on my trade. I asked her about their status, and she claimed to have mailed them to me already but that they were sent back to her... Some time passed after my shipping her half of the trade. She didn't respond to me for a long time (me asking her if she received the plush) until I threatened to post her on here... then she responded within seconds lol. Shortly after she posted pictures of two of the four completed bookmarks on her FA account. Weeks passed again. I told her I wanted evidence that she had shipped the bookmarks. Weeks passed again with nothing. I posted publicly on her Facebook page asking about the bookmarks and she said to message her about it privately to remind her. She never responded. This was on November 30th. I would offer screenshots of the Facebook posts made to her account but she has unfriended me. Her FA page: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/lyshastra/ Link to screenshots of our Facebook convo ( some things were cut out that were just conversational, but I can grab those if anyone needs anything else inbetween these for clarification, I just wanted to keep the post succinct): http://imgur.com/a/Gqf5u ^ I'm Sam Williamson. I've blurred out her name, though she has been posted to here using her IRL name as well. I don't expect anything at this point. She obviously doesn't plan to actually compensate me for the shipping I paid to send the plush to her that we had never agreed on me paying OR my bookmarks, but I really really highly discourage anyone from commissioning or trading her. It was a really bad experience.
  11. https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/883611.html note: resolved amicably, I now have no hard feelings toward the artist and the commission was completed. There was a lack of communication but there were legitimate reasons for the delay note: all old links followed by an archive.is capture of them from November 7, 2015 4:00 PM Eastern WHO: online persona: Rho Furaffinity: omegaro twitter: @omegaro WHERE: does most business via Furaffinity: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/omegaro/ commission was agreed on via twitter: @Anthony_Stuart (me) and @omegaro (him) WHAT: in short, the idea was for a SFW digital sketch of my character playing a guitar. I paid on the day (May 29) that it was hashed out, have made multiple attempts to get an update, now on November 25 it’s still not here and I can’t get a response to my requests for a refund. WHEN: May 29: commission negotiated via twitter, payment sent, was told it’d be a couple days. Several requests for updates since then have been responded to, usually with some variation of "it'll be done soon", yet there has been no response of any kind since September despite many attempts. After some (unrelated) offline drama has delayed this post, it’s now December 16, over half a year since the commission was agreed on, as I submit this. PROOF: http://s28.postimg.org/60djkqp1p/Rho_FA_shouts_showing_similar_situations_from_o.png FA shouts showing this may be a pattern for Rho http://s2.postimg.org/l8dj7e9mh/rho_commission_paypal_confirmation.png paypal confirmation http://s9.postimg.org/63p1sumtb/Rho_DM_1.png DM part 1 http://s23.postimg.org/wd7ocawaz/Rho_DM_2.png DM part 2 http://s21.postimg.org/iosn6mzl3/Rho_DM_3.png DM part 3 After this, Rho unfollowed me, DMs on twitter require that the person receiving it must follow the sender 9/27, 10/20 https://twitter.com/omegaro/status/648295128814235648 https://archive.is/30mfr 11/3 https://twitter.com/Anthony_Stuart/status/661805262991433728 https://archive.is/HchNO https://twitter.com/Anthony_Stuart/status/662574638959054848 https://archive.is/pUft0 11/24 https://twitter.com/Anthony_Stuart/status/669336626338930688 EXPLAIN: Put simply, I had a fun idea for a commission, saw someone on twitter recommend Rho, and went to him for the job. I was told it would be “Monday or Tuesday”. I did my best not to nag and to be a good, kind, patient customer, but it’s now been seven months and I’ve made many attempts to make contact. The last time I got a response of any kind was in September, and it’s now December. At this point, it’s been long enough that I have little interest in the commission anymore, and just want a refund of the $35.00, I’m not even asking for the Paypal fee. I’ve waited three full months after friends started telling me to go this route, because I didn’t want to offend, rock the boat, cause drama, or whatever. I’ve already lost interest in not only this commission but others as well, I just want the refund, or if I can’t get that, I want others to be warned of what they might be up against.
  12. https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/883345.html WHO: FA account: RottonRobbie IB Account: RottonRobbie WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/rottenrobbie WHAT: Digital art commissions for $25. https://www.dropbox.com/sc/vetds1u96dk1n8v/AADGNbK_2xHBDsSoz9zHOJOBa NSFW warning (This is what was last shown to me in September. Since then I have received no updates.) WHEN: Payment received confirmation on May 6 and have since been waiting for it to be finished: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ywobpm8ttvce3n6/Screenshot%202015-12-07%2022.44.46.png?dl=0 PROOF: Discussion with Robbie about Cancellation/Refund: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hd535ktj1zd2ux0/Screenshot 2015-12-07 23.08.12.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/s4cthh2x025zngc/Screenshot 2015-12-07 23.08.22.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/8k962lbbqfekrec/Screenshot 2015-12-07 23.08.30.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/iybov1uhezbltji/Screenshot 2015-12-07 23.08.57.png?dl=0 After this discussion there were no more messages from Robbie. I tried messaging and emailing him but never heard anything back: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pgn1m7zee4i0vis/Screenshot 2015-12-07 23.09.04.png?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/zd1e80exu4ki9d7/Screenshot 2015-12-07 23.09.27.png?dl=0 EXPLAIN: Robbie responded to me on Skype on the 6th saying he would be fine doing a commission for me and we hashed out the details of the commission that day. Afterwards, there was little to no communication with Robbie until September where he stated he was working on my commission after I had requested a refund. When he showed me the WIP picture, I decided to give him more time to continue to work since it looked like it was almost finished. Since September there has been no word from Robbie despite using emails, posting on his skype, and posting on his FA. Checking his Twitter and other art sites, it seems he's bee fairly active there so it seems my messages are being ignored. I've messaged other users who have commissioned Robbie to see if there has been any word on him, however it seems a lot of other commissioners are being ignored as well. To me, it seems at this point that Robbie no longer looking to finish mine or other commissions. I would highly suggest avoiding doing any transactions with this artist in the future.
  13. https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/881252.html WHO: Lyshastra (Furaffinity), Ann Allen (Facebook) WHERE: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/lyshastra https://www.facebook.com/people/Ann-Allen/100009386021687 WHAT: Art trade--A bust of her character for a badge (or two) of mine. WHEN: April 26 -- She asked to do an art trade and we worked out the details May 29 -- I finished and posted my part of the trade June 25--September 12 -- A lot of back and forth trying to reach her and find out progress of badge(s) October 8 -- I finally see pictures of the actual finished badges November 15 (Now) -- Still waiting on scanned versions to be posted PROOF: https://gyazo.com/5ba0e7c507a07c2929f561f3dfccd63d (first asked if I wanted to do a trade) https://gyazo.com/8282531b428e9c5d63c3f3614fa19e32 (working out the details--read from bottom to top) https://gyazo.com/f3b582256793b7b986dbfe8015bd1f11 (working out details part 2) https://gyazo.com/8831e2970df610a0944823025bf277e4 (working out details part 3) https://gyazo.com/1c61398cda4e631861b1d5a4b961eae1 (my finished posting) EXPLAIN: On April 26th she asked if I wanted to do an art trade, to which I replied yes and messaged her for the details. I finished my half on May 29th and sent her a note with the finished picture. Some time later she opened the note, but never responded to it. A month later when she did respond, it was not to the note but on the submission. https://gyazo.com/f1573a3ca5928b8748df3fd50dd16e78 She said she was sorry, she hadn't seen it until she searched for her character, and then told me to PM her on facebook for my final approval on the trade before uploading it. The link to her facebook page was broken so I had to search for her, and when I thought I had found her I messaged her, asking if this was her. A month later she replied that yes it was her. No mention of the art trade. A week later I asked if there was any progress, to which she told me to PM her on her art facebook page since she's never on this one anymore. https://gyazo.com/399f44f5b81f2844ff9cab5515678ba8 I find that one and sent a message saying it was me again, to no response. I notice that she's been posting other artwork she's been doing. A little over a week later I told her that if the trade was too much to do, to just let me know. Almost a month later she replies saying sorry that she didn't see it, it was in her other folder. I told her it didn't matter if it was done or not, some communication was all I was asking for. https://gyazo.com/71e6df3c7d38db184a2589109d4b6975 After that things finally started moving. I gave her a ref of my character again. Things were looking up. https://gyazo.com/5a973dd55b67204b54c1649619540699 About a month later, I finally got pictures of the badges. https://gyazo.com/fd192c898b62f698ca3a38ad13f3a0c3 https://gyazo.com/dbb373c4a4ed6d491a985f251bd3f545 She said if I was pleased then she would scan and post them. I told her I was very happy with them, and have been waiting ever since... https://gyazo.com/6a7a0d29eb5f660910044a972b3d3c0a Now I understand that technically she did finally do the badges, and I can probably still try to contact her for the scanned versions, but honestly I don't want to go through all the time and effort again it took just to get to here. If I had written this artists beware earlier as I had planned to, things would be looking a lot worse. At this point I think it's just best to let people know what they could be getting into if they decide to commission her to do a trade.
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