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  1. James

    Beware: Naiifu

    Changed Resolved to Yes
  2. James

    Beware: Naiifu

    Fantastic news! We'll mark this as resolved.
  3. A comment was not posted. While this artist does not have a good track record, let's not hurl accusations that can't be proven. It's quite clear she's struggling, and she should have been raising her prices ages ago. From the last time she commented here it was obvious she was trying to get control of her queue, but it doesn't look like much has changed.
  4. Howdy!! This would be something our queue mods would have to take a look at. Submit what you have, and we'll send a message if there's anything else.
  5. Went ahead and marked this as resolved, but will be leaving the beware tag on. Also, slander is spoken. Libel is written. People reporting on their negative experience is neither.
  6. While I approved of this previous comment, this is a polite reminder to keep comments business focused. Adiago has had a history of poor behavior since she went by Sevva-Phoenix almost a decade ago, but we don't want to pull away from what happened to OP.
  7. A comment was not posted. Let's please avoid making sweeping generalizations about people taking emergency commissions.
  8. Good to hear! We've marked this as resolved!
  9. Just as an aside, since this appears to be a bank initiated chargeback, this can happen on any payment processor that you're using. Changing away from PayPal won't prevent these kinds of incidents from happening.
  10. If Paypal is saying they need to talk to his bank, then this is one of those instances where it's not their fault. They don't really get a say in what happens because the issue didn't arise through them. A chargeback = initiated through a bank. Bypasses Paypal. Usually smacks you with an extra charge beyond the initial sale. Paypal can't do anything in these instances except refund you out of their own pocket if they so wish. Usually sellers lose these because most banks and cards have fraud protection which guarantees the actual cardholder gets their money back. A claim = initiated through Paypal. This is where Paypal's team reviews a case and decides in favor of someone.
  11. May 5, 2014 https://artists-beware.livejournal.com/763782.html It was rejected first cause it was too early, but since she blocked me after trying to solve it, I think it's fair to post it now. WHO: Skippy-Adopts http://skippy-adopts.deviantart.com/ WHERE: Skippy-Adopts on DeviantART not sure about other accounts. WHAT: An adoptable I bought, then was taken back forcefully without notifying me at all. WHEN: May 11th 2013 PROOF: On May 11th-12th I saw a cute adoptable (screenshots in case of deleted.) on DeviantArt and decided to autobuy it. The paid for transaction for points was too far back in my transactions however it still shows it in her donation pool on her page. EXPLAIN: On May 12th I autobought an adoptable from Skippy-Adopts as stated above. Today I posted I'm re-homing my characters because they no longer get the love they used to get. So I wanted them to have better attention and posted a journal that they're for sale/trade for other stuff. I've had this character since a while so it comes with a bunch of art but even so after a while it didn't get the attention it used to get anymore. So couple days ago I got notified that Skippy re-sold the design I bought from her without my permission or notifying me at all. (screenshot because she removed it) So basically it was stolen from me as well as all the art, did a few tiny changes to the design and that's it. I left a comment on it that it was harsh and just unfair to claim it back, because I care for characters and getting their deserved love. But this is just rude and I felt betrayed. I notified the person who bought that re-sold design that they will have to deal with a twin one. They said they're fine with that, I told them I'm not sure if I ever find a new owner for her if the new owner would be alright with that. I didn't mind on my part but the art would not be related to it. I commented that it wasn't fair on the re-sold submission, days later Philo commented she wanted her points back when I told her the situation whereby I commented again "the only way to solve it was to refund her the points and delete the re-sold adoptable." Apparently she went for the way so I couldn't reply to her by blocking me after removing. Now that I'm re-posting this as of today, she deleted the image and has blocked me so I couldn't contact back at all. I wish she handled this maturely and apologized for stealing back the character, but instead she took the attitude way out to block me. Please beware of this person if you adopt(ed) something, who knows who will be next with getting their character stolen back without knowing, just because you want to give it a better home.
  12. I know that we asked you to cut a lot out due to trying to keep into the scope of the site. Adiago has been like this for over a decade, so while I commend you for trying to see the good in people as per your text in a previous submission, I'm baffled why people continue to work with her in the first place. I suppose with the loss of LJ archives/ lack of use of LJ where a lot of this was documented people don't know too much about her history. Thank you for coming forward, Raven. It's a beware well warranted.
  13. James

    Using Boosty.to

    We're revisiting that stance! I just need to make an official announcement.
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