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  1. I think it's a very complicated scenario and not a black and white situation. 1. How long has it been? People make mistakes in their youth. I'm not going to hold someone who has aged and matured to what they did as a teenager. So long as their current practices are good, then I think people deserve a second chance. 2. If it's more recent, then was the minor open about being a minor? If so, then I'm going to hold the adults responsible for seeing someone who is clearly a minor and commissioning them anyway for NSFW material. Yes, adults can end up in legal trouble for discussing sexual material with a minor, however many places have clauses that excuse people who unknowingly interact with a minor. If the minor lied, and it later came out that they lied, then I personally may avoid them for a while.
  2. Here's the twitter post that corresponds to your thread:
  3. A comment was not posted because it contained speculation. Let's not drag any artists into this unless they want to be.
  4. By the stars what a nightmare client. I'm so sorry you had to put up with this over $15. I see you've already raised your prices, so I'm glad on that front. Honestly, I always say when clients like this come and visit me, I know it's time to raise my prices and keep going until they disappear.
  5. You have a few options at your disposal: Cut your losses and demand a refund. (If that fails, call your bank and force one.) Go public with your issues and see if others also have the same problems. Continue to wait. It sounds like this is a company that uses manufacturers to produce their toys. Shipment delays do happen, and larger items would have to be sent via boat. So it could legitimately be that they're going slowly through their queue of customers. It's going to be up to you if you're willing to continue waiting.
  6. Changed Where to https://twitter.com/AnthonyMeloni66 https://twitter.com/HaakoJeagen
  7. Changed Resolved to Yes
  8. Unfortunately, "unauthorized payments" are almost always ended in the client's favor. Especially if they are initiated by the bank. I'm not sure if you used their automated system or called them, but in some rare instances Paypal will make the seller whole out of their own funds. However, we've only seen this happen once or twice.
  9. Changed NSFW to No Changed Resolved to Yes
  10. Russian artists are moving to using Boosty.to. The good news is that Boosty also works for Ukrainian artists, as Paypal doesn't function (normally). Navigating to the site, click "Sign Up" which pops up this window: We utilized a facebook account. Once you get set up and confirm your account, you can start paying artists. Please note, when I tested this the site did not accept Google Voice numbers. I had to use my actual phone number. The artist that you're paying will tell you how many RUB to send as the site only accepts RUB and not USD. Paypal's currency converter is here. Note: You have to be logged in to see it. You can either subscribe to an artist or add a "donation" to their pool. Subscriptions act just like Patreon: While a "goal" is set to a high number of RUB where you will submit your commission payment. Once you hit "Pay" you will be able to choose where the funds will come from. Note: Once you've chosen where the funds will come from, they will always come from there. You may have to unlink and relink your Paypal in order to change this. Some questions you didn't know you had: Will I be charged an international fee for paying in RUB? As far as I can tell, no. The conversion takes place on Paypal, so when it hits your bank it will be in USD. If I have to file a chargeback, will Paypal side with me or consider this a donation? Because this form of payment is very new, there is no telling how Paypal will treat these. These are listed as "donations" on site, so there is a chance that depending on if you use their automated system you may lose the case automatically. Please be sure to call Paypal if you have troubles. More info will be added here once I've tested with a bank card.
  11. Due to the invasion of Ukraine we will not be accepting bewares from artists from Ukraine nor Russia. Currently Ukrainian artists are fleeing to safety and Russian artists may have their access to certain sites blocked by their government. In addition, payment processors may be blocked in their country due to potential sanctions, making refunds impossible. Citizens in each of these countries are facing extreme circumstances out of their control, and they should be afforded time and empathy. Because this is a developing situation, we do not have a time frame from when we will accept posts on artists from these countries again.
  12. Commissioned them Feb 8 and received the piece was delivered on the 11th. Lightning fast turnaround and very professional. 🙂
  13. Changed Resolved to Yes
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