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  1. Final notice on this. After paying the user, they sent me the files for the character I adopted and everything seems to have gone well. Hopefully they'll take the advice I gave them thanks to everyone's input. I think at this point the staff can close this thread if they want to as there's noting else to add. Thank you everyone.
  2. Hi again everyone, just through I'd give you all an update. The user in question responded with a simple "pay as it will be more convenient for you" which isn't too bad as I've sent it with buyers protection, plus a bit of extra money to cover the fees. I also relied to them telling them what I've done and advised that they don't ask for friends and family in future, and attempted to tell them the dangers of doing that. So I'm optimistic, but still concerned. I don't think English is their first language so they might struggle to understand, what I've said. Concerning contacting previous
  3. Hey guys thanks for the advice (both on here and the comments I've seen on the post of this by AB on Twitter). I've since responded to the adopt seller in question, and said "Hi, sorry but I'm not willing to send the money via Friends and Family, as that not only robs me of any protection provided by PayPal it's also a tactic used by scammers. Besides that it's also against the Terms of Service of PayPal as it's deemed an attempt to dodge paying the fees they charge, which could result in both of us having our PayPal accounts closed and all the money contained within it would be taken b
  4. Hi everyone, Recently I went to purchase an adopt from someone, but when they sent me a note today about buying it they wanted me to send the money through the Friends and Family option. To be clear I haven't sent any money yet, I'm just a tad worried about them possibly being a scammer. I guess what I want to know is, what should I say back to them?
  5. Glad to see this might be getting resolved soon for you jarmenj
  6. After reading the recent post on the artist Kircai, and I noticed that it was marked as resolved but it's very clear from the comments by both effected parties that neither truly feels the matter is "resolved". I'd argue that because of this it being marked as "resolved" may be inaccurate. In their case I'd argue that they've instead reached a stalemate where neither side is actually either able or maybe not even willing, to give any ground and thus the issue can't actually be resolved. But this creates another issue where the Beware will never progress further as neither party is likely
  7. I'm not an artist so I couldn't say how others price their's. be that as it may here's my 2 cents. The fact you have paid for the base used to make the adopts should affect the price. If you got to use a base that's free to use then it shouldn't be part of the price. My only question is; do you have to pay to use the bases annually or is it a single flat fee? If it's a flat fee then you'll eventually get you money back with the adopts as time goes by, but if you have to pay it annually then it;s best to only make enough adopts to get back your money for the first year of that annual
  8. I think it's fine to post as your own as long as you're open and honest about the tracing, and have the permission of the original artist to do so. I think it also helps if an artist highlights why the traced the work, as that could lead to people giving them information or resources that would help them improve their artistic skills so they'd no longer need to trace other's artwork in that area.
  9. I'm sure it's possible some lawyers would be willing to do so voluntarily. There are many lawyers posting their advice online without expectation of financial compensation. I'd suggest that if time ever permits and the staff decide it's worth pursuing that they take some time to interact with some of these people, to see if they'd be willing to write an article or two.
  10. Personally, I'm all for it. I think that Artist Beware could actual hire a lawyer to write a few articles to help give artists and commissioners better information about what stance they are in legally, hopefully improving the online art communities to have a greater understanding of the laws that can affect them. Who knows maybe AB will one day be able to get a few fully qualified lawyers on staff to give people more specific helpful advice. Making a "Legal issues" subcategory sounds like a good place to start.
  11. Yeah echoing this. I've un-followed him now. While life can be messy and throw us all a curve ball, that's no excuse to take such a tone with people. After all we aren't the ones making the exchange difficult. Not to mention that in the OP's case, he showed no signs of actually fulfilling his side of the contractual agreement. Beware well warranted @Digitalpotato.
  12. Noted. I decided to let zrcalo know through their Twitter account, though I'd suggest making sure they get sent an email about it, since they were the one that lead to the discovery of this and them essentially paying the sort of "price" for this discovery. Good luck with getting to grips with this site in the future, Celestina. it's always hard learning something new like this. And keep up the good work. ?
  13. Just guessing but that might be due to an error with the site's notification system, not working as it should. Artist Beware might be an old group but this site is entirely new. Error's and bugs appear on sites like this naturally. I'd suggest going to your Messages by clicking the envelope icon at the top, and print screening that there are no notifications in their and sending the image to a member of staff alerting them to it.
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