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  1. Mortymaxwell

    Con Pickup

    I have a question. What are the badges made of? Are they purely traditional or do you ever use programs like Photoshop to clean them up or add features, like sparkles or text? If I were creating badges and didn't want to worry about shipping, I would advertise the commissions as "mixed media badges" with a combination of "traditional and digital" techniques. I would state that the finished product would be a cleaned up version in Photoshop and that the traditional work might be available for at con pick up only. By presenting it this way I'd be able to give my client a finished product that didn't rely on me shipping anything. And I'd also get them excited about the digital version, so they didn't feel disappointed about only getting a scan of their commission if they couldn't do pick up.
  2. Mortymaxwell

    Artist Beware: BlueFoxFursuits/DaskerLizard

    Given their poor communication skills and the fact that they've been doing this to customers since 2013 I think you should cancel the commission and get a refund. It is also very frustrating to read a beware like this. I am upset that Fox is treating you poorly and that you can come here and tell us how you feel, but that you haven't been firmer with the artist. I think you should tell the artist how much this situation bothers you. I understand you are trying to be nice, but passive disappointment and just looking sadly at e-mails isn't going to resolve this!
  3. Mortymaxwell

    Artist Beware: BlueFoxFursuits/DaskerLizard

    http://fursuitreview.com/blog/2016/01/24/no-langurhali-partial-by-blue-fox-fursuits/ Apparently they've been having communication problems and missing deadlines for many, many years.
  4. Mortymaxwell

    Lenexwants beware

    I wouldn't want to do business with this guy. I wouldn't be uncomfortable with how he changes rules on paid customers, doesn't communicate, and airs his mental illness and financial problems on his journals.
  5. Mortymaxwell

    Artist Beware: Chesta

    I think it's lame of her to say there will be no refunds if she's started someone's commission. I believe a client has the right to cancel at any time. It sounds like she's trying to force people to keep working with her so she doesn't have to do partial refunds for uncolored artwork. If I were on her queue I'd say, not interested in sticking around for colors, refund me everything but the cost of the sketch.
  6. Mortymaxwell

    Concerned about using photos for a commission

    I really appreciate your advice. Thank you very much. I think I'll be okay but just to be on the safe side, it sounds like a good idea to check with a lawyer.
  7. A park rents their site to people for special events, like weddings. For example, if a bride and groom are having a professional photographer come to their event, they have to apply for a commercial photography permit. I am interested in walking around the park on my own time and taking pictures to use as a background in a paid, personal use commission. Since photos of the location are going to be used in a paid commission should I get a photograph permit? Or should I not worry, since I'm not a professional photographer and going to be snapping photos on my smart phone? This would be a commission for a landscape painting, by the way, so the park's scenic features would be the subject matter of the commission.
  8. Mortymaxwell

    Artist Beware: Chesta

    Wow, so unprofessional. I looked at her art gallery and she seems to be constantly taking on new work and making excuses. If she is as mentally exhausted and overwhelmed as she claims, she should just refund people. Her journals come across as very guilt trippy when she starts mentioning domestic abuse and her kid's behavioral problems. She needs to stop getting personal with her customers, take some responsibility, and figure out a plan to make things right.
  9. Mortymaxwell

    A Question of Copyright

    Why not ask the artist who gave you the piece if: a) she'd be willing to work with you to create a version with changes in the style of the edited art you found online? b) she'd allow you to make edits yourself, so you can add text on your own
  10. Mortymaxwell

    Artist Beware Dirt-Chomp Dust-Bite @Dearmsdear

    I understood it to be you didn't physically show up there. I think we will simply have to disagree about whether it was appropriate or not. I don't think it's right to contact someone at their workplace, period. You're disrupting their work day and risk getting them in trouble with their boss. A lot of companies monitor employee e-mails. As far as other avenues, I would suggest filing an Internet Crimes Complaint. Post on sites like Artist Beware, and try Paypal again. File support tickets on FA and let DA know that one of their senior members scammed you.
  11. Mortymaxwell

    Artist Beware Dirt-Chomp Dust-Bite @Dearmsdear

    She is being very unprofessional ignoring you and not issuing a refund. The beware is well reserved. You mentioned you contacted her at her workplace as a last resort, and that is troubling to me. I don't think that was appropriate to contact her at her work.
  12. Mortymaxwell

    Beware: Nycket

    Sounds like someone to avoid. Bad communication and inappropriate behavior ("I thought you didn't like me. I always wanted to be your friend.") and a lot of angry customers on her FA page. Also way too much personal information on journals about all her problems. I think she should have issued refunds if she was so stressed out.
  13. Mortymaxwell

    The amazing disappearing artist

    What I would suggest doing the next time you do a commercial commission with someone and you think they are under charging is ask what would be a good price to them. Work together to come up with a price the two of you think is fair. I would stop tipping during the commission. If you like the work they do, you can tip afterwards once the commission is over. It's my opinion that tipping during the commission process can be problematic. It adds extra paperwork and numbers and when you are doing a serious transaction, like a commercial commission, you want to keep things clear and concise and stick to what you have on the contract. When I order a commercial comm I make sure I have at least two ways of contacting the artist and that they have two ways of contacting me in case something goes wrong.
  14. Okay, this might not be the right forum for this. If it's not feel free to move it. I wanted to start a thread talking about freelancing with game companies or publishers. Do you have examples of strong cover letters or portfolios you'd like to show off? Where were you posting your art online (i.e. Art station, FA, Behance)? If you got rejected what steps did you take to improve your skills?
  15. Mortymaxwell

    The amazing disappearing artist

    1. If it were me I would send something like this: "Hi, how are you doing? I'm following up on an e-mail I sent you on [DATE HERE] about a commission for my book. Could I please see your most current version of the picture and get an approximation on when the commission might be finished? I've finished my book and it's important to me to know when I can publish the book and art associated with it." Pleasant and cheerful, but honest about what your needs are. 2. Unless you have made other arrangements, I would suggest asking for a deadline. 3. In the future, don't pay in full. Pay half up front and half on completion. 4. For future book commissions... get a contract if you're not using one. Have the artist send you an invoice and if you want to be extra safe, have them send you a Paypal invoice with a description of what the commission will be. For example... "Commercial book cover. 2 foxes. Full color with background." Those are some of the precautions I take when buying commercial art. 5. It worries me that you are afraid about upsetting the artist. If she flips out over you being nice and polite that's her problem. 6. And if it were in your situation, I'd start looking for another artist to do your book covers in the future. Just in case this current commission doesn't work out. She might be really good at drawing your characters, but there are other artists out there who can do just as good a job and don't have communication issues.