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You are where you are in your journey. That's a fine place for you to be. You are under no obligation to know where you will be ten years from now.
  1. And we've reached 500 members!

  2. I've commissioned Pronography @ FA several times over the past year and a half. They're always very prompt in responding to commission inquiries, questions, etc. Art ETAs vary, but I don't think I've had to wait more than a month, personally, for a commission. Their prices are incredibly affordable for the quality. All in all, I find them very easy to deal with and will happily be going back to them often in the future. Attached are some SFW commissions by them. I've also had NSFW pieces done, but this isn't the place for thoe.
  3. Kei

    New Site Feedback

    Also didn't know that about the red dot, good to know!
  4. Kei

    New Site Feedback

    Okay, thanks for the clarification!
  5. Kei

    New Site Feedback

    The new AutoModerator is spiffy! Great idea and I hope that frees up some time for you guys.
  6. Wow, that's... a first for me.  This is very sad.

    I had paid for a custom clay figurine on YCH.Commishes in January.  I was quoted a few months' wait time, which I found was perfectly reasonable.  I hadn't contacted the artist since because it's still within that ETA.

    I woke up to this message on the YCH.Commishes thread:


    Very sad. :C  Obviously leaving their name out of this.  But this is just such a... unique experience, I thought I'd post it on my profile here.

    1. UrbanCoyote


      That's terrible. 😞

  7. Kei

    New Site Feedback

    Great idea with the resolved tag and TY for implementing it so quickly!
  8. The issue is that you're contacting someone who has nothing to do with this business transaction simply because they've been commenting on the beware. Again, it's unprofessional behavior.
  9. And now she has sent me a second Note on my FA account apologizing for the first one.
  10. Chesta sent me a Note on my FurAffinity because of the last comment I posted above. Also incredibly unprofessional... Edit: I don't know if I should share it here? It's almost accusatory, honestly. And it certainly makes me feel uncomfortable that she's contacting people outside of the OP because of this beware.
  11. Chesta just posted another journal to her FA. Once again full of overly personal information, promises to change how she does business, etc.
  12. Eyy, we broke 400 members!

  13. Kei

    New Site Feedback

    I like that you've changed usernames to match the colors of mod/admin/etc. for those people. Makes identifying them as such quicker.
  14. I'm sorry this was outside of the PayPal claim window. I hope you eventually get the badge, but I'm not too confident that will happen. Definitely a warning sign when an artist says there's been progress but won't show proof of it.
  15. Chesta posted a new journal to her FA a few minutes ago, stating she's taken on too much work, she will refund some current commissioners, she'll work to not end up with such a massive queue in the future. I... will believe that if and when it happens. Admitting there's an issue is a good first step, though. [Not sure if linking the journal would be okay? I can link it in another comment if mods say it's okay. It does bring up a bit of personal stuff, though I suppose I could screencap and edit out the personal bits so it's only business-focused?]
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