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    Artist Beware: Tolender Lee/TolWulf/ToleWolf

    I'm sorry this was outside of the PayPal claim window. I hope you eventually get the badge, but I'm not too confident that will happen. Definitely a warning sign when an artist says there's been progress but won't show proof of it.
  2. Kei

    Artist Beware: Chesta

    Chesta posted a new journal to her FA a few minutes ago, stating she's taken on too much work, she will refund some current commissioners, she'll work to not end up with such a massive queue in the future. I... will believe that if and when it happens. Admitting there's an issue is a good first step, though. [Not sure if linking the journal would be okay? I can link it in another comment if mods say it's okay. It does bring up a bit of personal stuff, though I suppose I could screencap and edit out the personal bits so it's only business-focused?]
  3. The ultimatum guide in the resources section of the site gave me the confidence to give an ultimatum to someone who I commissioned in August and still hadn't delivered despite offering me many promises over the months.

    In January, I sent them a message laying out what I had ordered, what I expected [either a refund or the art done within a week], and what would happen if the expectations weren't met [a PayPal claim being filed].

    They never read the message.  A week later, I sent another message informing them that a PayPal claim had been filed.  They didn't read that second message.  They never responded to the PayPal claim, either.

    PayPal refunded me in full earlier this week.

    It was my first time ever filing a PayPal claim and was a bit nervous.  But it all worked out.

    The resources and advice here on AB are indispensable, I'm super grateful for them.

  4. Kei


    Kitsuko on FA was offering $10 colored fullbodies for an Iron Artist challenge. The art was a collab between them and Follower_of_Dionysus. All contact I had during the transaction was with Follower_of_Dionysus, all through Notes except for me claiming a slot on the sales journal. Although my actual contact was with the other half of the collab, it's clear that the two work very well together. There was no real delay in the process when the art changed hands for the other person to work on. A very positive first experience for me working with them and I'll happily go back to them for more art in the future. 🙂 SFW completed piece is below.
  5. Kei


    Follower_of_Dionysus on FA was offering $10 colored fullbodies for an Iron Artist challenge. The art was a collab between them and Kitsuko. All contact I had during the transaction was with Follower_of_Dionysus, all through Notes except for me claiming a slot on the sales journal. Follower_of_Dionysus was very quick in gathering info, giving payment details, etc. I received several WIPs, all unprompted by me but very appreciated. I got one for each stage--sketch, inks, colors--and was asked for my approval of them. No changes were needed at any stage. A very positive first experience for me working with them and I'll happily go back to them for more art in the future. 🙂 SFW completed piece is below.
  6. Kei

    Artist Beware: Chesta

    Yes, I'd include that new note as well. It's just further proof of poor behavior as an artist. And I agree with @Bornes about making another beware.
  7. Kei

    New Site Feedback

    Cel said I could drop this post in the Site Questions forum for now. I figure if anyone else has similar feedback, just drop it in the comments here to keep everything in one place? +I like that mods/admins can add a visible Resolved!-type message on bewares themselves, instead of only in the comments. Here's an example where they did so: https://artistsbeware.info/beware/submissions/kircai-r124/ +Having the site organized so bewares are separate from other posts is really nice. Quicker and easier to navigate than using all the tags on LJ. +Having those reaction buttons in the forum section is nice. I personally always felt weird/lame when replying to a comment on the LJ comm just to say "I agree" and nothing else. It felt kind of useless? I feel I can show the same agreement now with the reaction button and it keeps me from cluttering up the replies.
  8. Kei

    New Site Feedback

    No worries, I understand. I'll think about changing my AB bookmark to the categories page to make it easier for me to sort to my liking.
  9. Kei

    New Site Feedback

    Ahah, now I see how to sort it on the category page, TY!
  10. Kei

    New Site Feedback

    Also I don't see any way to sort bewares, for example viewing them as recently posted, recent comments, alphabetically, etc. It would be nice if that could be added for the main bewares page https://artistsbeware.info/beware/ ?
  11. Kei

    Artist Beware: Chesta

    Also, a note about Chesta and journals: It seems to me she's frequently including very personal information in them. It feels to me like an attempt into guilt-tripping readers into not pressuring her into dealing with her commitments.
  12. Kei

    Thread Request

    I need separate threads for: Follower_of_Dionysus Kitsuko The commission I ordered was a collab between the two.
  13. Kei

    Artist Beware: Chesta

    I'm sorry OP [and the commenter above] had to deal with this. I hope you can get some sort of resolution. Seeing her behavior patterns like this is why I've never commissioned her. I've purchased multiple adopt bases from her, since that's already completed and they get delivered to me within hours or a couple of days of me buying them. I'm willing to buy more bases if they catch my eye, but I'd never get a commission from her.
  14. Kei

    New Site Feedback

    I much preferred when the front page showed the most recently commented on posts at the top, instead of the newest thread posted. Now I have to dig around and hunt to find new comments on stuff that's fallen off the front page.
  15. Kei

    Sugar N Spice Costumes

    All of that lying is very troubling. Would definitely avoid them based on that alone, no matter how well the construction is. I'm very sorry you had to deal with all of their lying, running around, etc.
  16. Well, that was an odd experience.  Not gonna bother posting a beware or caution, but I'll drop this here out of confusion and leave names out.

    Someone on a site was offering free request art.  I linked an OC of mine.  They accused me of not owning the character and stealing it.

    Why?  Because I, personally, did not draw the reference.  It's an adopt/design I bought years ago and I have dozens--if not nearing a hundred--pieces of art of this OC.  But they insist it's not my character solely because I did not draw the reference image.


    1. Alex Wright

      Alex Wright

      Yeah, that's odd. Confusing even.

    2. Kei


      Odd is definitely the word for it.

      I've acquired [through commissions, trades, and freebies] thousands of pieces of art of my OCs over the years and never had anything like that response.  And none of my OCs have references drawn by me.

    3. Alex Wright

      Alex Wright

      Same. I'm no artist, stick figures are about all I can do. So an artist saying "you didnt draw this, so its not yours" is strange...

  17. I'm wondering about experiences--both from artists and commissioners/fans of artists--with different platforms/formats for accepting tips outside of business transactions. An example would be the Ko-Fi site that I see a lot of people using--leaving a small general tip for an artist that you like/support. Does anyone have experience with Ko-Fi? Do you just leave your PayPal e-mail on your profile rather than use a third-party site like that? For commissioners/fans, is there a way that you prefer to give tips? Are third-party sites more convenient for you?
  18. Kei

    Weather, in general

    I'm on Vancouver Island and it's downright tropical here, lol.
  19. Kei

    How about a General Forum?

    TY for setting it up Cel and TY to whoever volunteered!
  20. Kei


    Link to all of their art profiles: https://www.jasmaeart.com/find-me I've personally done business with her through FurAffinity and Picarto. Since August, I've bought several commissions from Jasmae, both in-stream on Picarto that were finished immediately and through FA to be completed at a later time. I've bought one sketch and the rest of my orders have been silhouette icons. She communicates very promptly--order forms are replied to quickly and the forms themselves are very clear and easy to use. The icon queue got very large once, during a Black Friday sale this past November, but the wait time was still only a couple of weeks, which was more than fair, IMO. Aside from that time, icons have been done anywhere from hours to a week after I've ordered them off-stream. In all, I'm completely satisfied every time I order from Jasmae and it's one large reason I keep going back again and again. I think she's the one artist I've commissioned the most, actually. Below is the newest icon I ordered, it was delivered to me today. It was an "anti-Valentine's Day" theme, I asked for my OC shredding a heart. Incredibly happy with the outcome.
  21. Kei

    Thread Request

    Can I get a thread made for Jasmae, please?
  22. Huzzah, we've reached 300 registered members!

  23. Kei

    Beware NeonGlowHusky/Sun_Burnt_Wolf

    Oh, wow. Their Sun_Burnt_Wolf account tried to commission me just a few hours ago. The thing is, they didn't even read the description for the sale and asked for something the description clearly states, in the first couple of sentences, that I can't do. I told them as much and they said they no longer wanted the art. Gone ahead and blocked them on FA now on both of my accounts. TY for posting about this.
  24. Kei

    Looking for Nycket

    I would make the beware for the same reason.
  25. Kei

    New Site Feedback

    I like seeing the newest positive posts on the front page, too! Good idea to pop 'em on there.