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  1. UPDATE!! The refund has been processed and got transferred to my bank. Just need my one slot and this Beware will be officially resolved.
  2. Ok, BIG update! Chesta reached out to me and she brokered a deal: complete one, refund the other two. I agreed to this deal, knowing this is better for both of us. She asked for my PayPal for the refund (which is NOT included in the screenshot for obvious reasons), which I gave. Proof of note: https://sta.sh/02j1vrss527 This is a great step forward. I'm looking forward to this.
  3. I hope he actually gets back to you. With all of your patience, he better finish your commission and then some. It does suck to see people you're a fan of ignore you as if your loyalty and kindness means nothing. I'm sorry. I hope you get either your commission or your money back soon.
  4. ANOTHER UPDATE! Apparently, she's been sick and be MIA for the past week, so she is still refunding others. Call it an extension, more or less. We'll see if I'm still on that list, but based that I dropped 160$ on my commission, I think it's unlikely.
  5. Camy, I personally agree. It's been a long time coming. The fact that a lot of people are beyond upset should've been the first red flag that people will speak out. Honestly...I'm personally surprised that no other Beware was made public about her until now (a few others were floating around, but weren't really "official")
  6. Ok, guys! It's been over a week and I didn't get any note from Chesta, so I'm officially in the "Will be Completed or Bust" line. I'm not surprised in the least, but that still doesn't invalidate my growing anger and lack of communication between us. The only note she took initiative on was when this Beware first got posted. Since then, nothing but radio silence. She's "trying" to get better, but her communication skills are still severely lacking, so I have a very sharp hunch she will revert back to her old ways. I'll keep everyone updated if I get any emails/notes/WIPs from her.
  7. Thanks, Kei! Just read it, but I'm very skeptical for one reason. Paraphrased, she said within the week, she will note commissioners with refunds. However, if it's been over a week, that means the commission has started and will be complete. No refund. As stated before, not a single WIP has been shown to me (even though her Trello states mine is in the "coloring/shading" stage), so I am not 100% sure where I am on the list of clients. The refund list or the finish-it list. I will keep everyone updated.
  8. Luna, Kei, I did inform the admins to include the new note, which they did. It's on the very bottom of the Beware. Do not worry, I will keep everyone in the loop and add more evidence if it comes up. Thank you all for standing behind me on this. It means a lot to a shy introvert who wants to end the chaos like myself.
  9. Twilight, I am personally appalled; and I thought a year+ was too much, but 3 years?! You have the patience of a saint, more than me. Kei, you are 100% right. That's also why it's very hard to separate evidence from issues because they intertwine so much. I don't like the guilt-tripping and that's why it took so long for me to write this in the first place. I wanted to be nice and wait, but this was just too much. Oh, Chesta noted me yesterday, getting upset about this Beware, saying she is working on my commissions and wants this down when she's finished.
  10. Christmas was coming around and due to financial troubles, Chesta wanted to take emergency commissions to earn a bit of cash to spend on her three children. Proof of commission: https://sta.sh/024qbp1cjo2s Proof of purchase: https://sta.sh/011ldghfgpgk https://sta.sh/01wplj8ap2b3 She did have a lot on her plate, so I didn't worry about it. However, she has a Trello and didn’t update it often, so if anything, I was a bit nervous that she forgot about me. But a simple reminder should do. I noted her in April 2018 (forgot the original day, sorry) and asked if I could get my name on the Tre
  11. This hurts. I'm sorry you endured this, OP. As a writer myself, I feel like writing commissions are a bit tougher to not only work on but to price up as well. The fact that he kept stalling and stalling on the payment is a big no-no. And this is why a lot of writers don't normally take commissions like this. I hope you do get your payment. If not, I'd suggest you remove the story altogether.
  12. If I need to change/edit anything on my Artist Beware on Chesta, by all means, tell me. I don't wanna rebel against the system; I just want to warn others about her.

  13. I am so sorry this happened to you, OP. And this is why I'm terrified of commissioning fursuits. I cannot stand how irresponsible this person was. Yes, life gets in the way, yes, accidents happen, yes, mental illness kicks all of our tails. However, using those as excuses to not work, is never acceptable. If it doesn't fly in an office building, it doesn't fly in the artist's/fandom's world either. Also, using mental illness as an excuse feels like a personal attack on the rest of us. Being mentally handicapped (depression, anxiety, what have you) is not a free ticket from work. You offe
  14. I was planning on making this beware for a while (and is currently editing it to fit within the guidelines; I'm a writer by heart, so I have to trim it), but all of a sudden, this artist I was making the beware for, suddenly is working on my commission that is over a full year due. Even if by the time I submit this beware, the artist might actually fulfill the transaction, so I was curious if I can still submit it to make other wary of this one artist.
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