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  1. I also wanted to share this screen shot of one of my journals. I do not know if it’s because some do not keep up with my journals. Would explain why I didn’t open those older notes 😉
  2. Please check you FA no reply yet. I am trying to reach you to refund your payment and resolve this issue. Thanks ~
  3. Hello, I am now aware of this post. And I have since then replied to your notes and concerns. I will issue a full refund here soon and this case can be closed. I have been dealing with a lot of personal issues which has caused severe delays in all notes being responded to as I’ve been going days offline which had caused a back up of notes and my response time to be hindered. I apologize for the delays and any inconvenience I may have caused. I want to work with you to resolve this and I’m sorry you’ve had a poor experience with my service I have really not been on top of things and that’s my fault. I take full responsibility of my faults, but I am not going anywhere and I plan to complete and or refund all owed works to everyone. I’m just taking some time to reply and get with everyone... Please respond to my notes and we can resolve this ❤️
  4. Proof of refund being sent removed all personal information such as emails and names.
  5. And yes that’s is also a great idea as I’ve already laid out plans for how I’ll handle newer commissions in the future. I will only be accepting 1 at a time, nothing else will be accepted until the 1st one is complete. And I’ll be doing a lot more YCHS and bases/adopts until I feel mentally better working again on a regular basis. So I can start a good new routine starting off slow.
  6. Yes you are correct at the time I didn’t see any harm in posting updates the way I did. Thanks for everyone’s input I’ll take all of it into consideration of how I will post future journals from now on. I did not mean to come off as throwing a guilt trip or seem to do any such of thing. That is not what I am about, I’m a very open person in rl and I tend to always share a little tmi. I will work on that and better myself for future commissions and how I communicate. I don’t see it as an attack it’s an honest opinion. Thank you for sharing ?
  7. Again I sincerely apologize for the terrible 1st experience with dealing with me. I hope in the future when I get back on track that I can better serve you.
  8. Glad we could come to a agreement on the matter! I look forward to solving the issue at hand. Thank you for your swift responses and understanding.
  9. New update to this beware, I have spoken to the client and have agreed upon completing 1 slot and refunding the remaining 2.
  10. Yes you absolutely correct it is not professional of me to contact you or anybody else regarding this beware and is to why I apologized for writing you. I wasn't upset for you or anybody else commenting on the journal. I was simply explaining myself, it won't happen anymore. We are all human at the end of the day and we all make mistakes~
  11. I am here to resolve this issue at hand, I am not here to cause drama, I will be posting WIPS here to show the commissioner it's been started. So I have my proof is all.
  12. I have tried before to say I am behind and people want to know why because I was just told that I was making excuses so I started giving reasons to why I was behind. No wrong doing intended by briefly explaining what was going on, didn't see harm in it.
  13. I said nothing wrong in the 1st note. Was simply saying that I was going to do better in the future~
  14. Hello, I do not see how me posting updates is unprofessional at all. I am trying to keep everyone up to date as to what is going on.~
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