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  1. Small typo in my last PM to the artist, I meant 3 years since I had originally paid for the commission, not 2.
  2. "Emergency" summer pin-up YCH via FA submission circa July 13th 2018 meant to be completed within two weeks per the original posting. The submission that I had originally requested a slot from as well as the original request for payment from the artist has long since been deleted, but here is the paypal statement from it. I was rather busy during 2019, so I had let the commission sit dormant expecting it to be done at the artist's leisure, however around two two year mark of waiting (2020), I decided to follow up due to the extreme amount of time that has passed. Inbox record: Outbox record (including unread messages as of 4/13/2021) As can be noticed, several messages have gone unread over the last 5 months. This is in line with a previous artist beware I've now seen that was posted after my commission, and is also in line with multiple posts that are present in various journals /shouts the artist has on their furaffinity account. Record of notes I've had with the artist on Furaffinity, in chronological order: (Initial PM to them originally accepting my commission via FA submission) (Followup two years later) __________________________________ At this point, they had posted a journal on their FA that they had deleted their previous trello and made a new one - and to note them if you were missing from it. _________________________ I ended up hopping into one of their "OVERDUE COMMISSION ONLY" stream on picarto on Jan 13th, managing to give them a poke that I had sent them a note about my commission. (firefox history) They had posted a journal soon after this that were streaming via picarto. I had sent them a PM instream which also went ignored. (firefox history.) ___________________________ The artist has since been replying to people in journals taking additonal slots for work and various other responses.
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