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  • Artist Beware: Chesta

    • Who: Chesta
      Where: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/chesta/
      When: 07/16/2018
      What: Commission


    "Emergency" summer pin-up YCH via FA submission circa July 13th 2018 meant to be completed within two weeks per the original posting. The submission that I had originally requested a slot from as well as the original request for payment from the artist has long since been deleted, but here is the paypal statement from it.


    I was rather busy during 2019, so I had let the commission sit dormant expecting it to be done at the artist's leisure, however around two two year mark of waiting (2020), I decided to follow up due to the extreme amount of time that has passed.

    Inbox record:



    Outbox record (including unread messages as of 4/13/2021)


    As can be noticed, several messages have gone unread over the last 5 months. This is in line with a previous artist beware I've now seen that was posted after my commission, and is also in line with multiple posts that are present in various journals /shouts the artist has on their furaffinity account.


    Record of notes I've had with the artist on Furaffinity, in chronological order:



    (Initial PM to them originally accepting my commission via FA submission)


    (Followup two years later)







    At this point, they had posted a journal on their FA that they had deleted their previous trello and made a new one - and to note them if you were missing from it.









    I ended up hopping into one of their "OVERDUE COMMISSION ONLY" stream on picarto on Jan 13th, managing to give them a poke that I had sent them a note about my commission.

    image.thumb.png.de8490cb5e47fd036fe2943862c7ffdc.png (firefox history)








    They had posted a journal soon after this that were streaming via picarto. I had sent them a PM instream which also went ignored.

    image.thumb.png.212df43bab69d863196b51b9b2d9b8be.png (firefox history.)





    The artist has since been replying to people in journals taking additonal slots for work and various other responses.







    Edited by Celestina
    censored third party

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    Recommended Comments

    Hello, I am now aware of this post. And I have since then replied to your notes and concerns. I will issue a full refund here soon and this case can be closed. I have been dealing with a lot of personal issues which has caused severe delays in all notes being responded to as I’ve been going days offline which had caused a back up of notes and my response time to be hindered. I apologize for the delays and any inconvenience I may have caused. I want to work with you to resolve this and I’m sorry you’ve had a poor experience with my service I have really not been on top of things and that’s my fault. I take full responsibility of my faults, but I am not going anywhere and I plan to complete and or refund all owed works to everyone.  I’m just taking some time to reply and get with everyone... Please respond to my notes and we can resolve this ❤️

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    4 minutes ago, Chesta said:

    Please check you FA no reply yet. I am trying to reach you to refund your payment and resolve this issue. Thanks ~

    While it is admirable that you are attempting to make amends with this client, it is not always a guarantee that a poster will be religiously checking a post they have made.

    This client of yours no doubt has other means of contact that can be easily seen on their FA profile, we advise that you look into these to resolve your matter with them.

    Please keep in mind that when you make multiple comments in succession it notifies our entire team for approval.

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    I also wanted to share this screen shot of one of my journals. I do not know if it’s because some do not keep up with my journals. Would explain why I didn’t open those older notes 😉


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    • Administrator

    Chesta has informed us that the client has been sent a refund.  As per our policies, we don't issue resolved tags until the submitter contacts us.  We've reached out to the submitter to verify the refund, and if they do not respond in two weeks we will issue the resolved tag.

    Unfortunately, due to the fact that the "highlighter" tool allows the text below the censor to be seen on some screens, Chesta's comment with the refund has been set to hidden to protect the OP's irl name.

    Lastly, Chesta:  I'm sure Rikki has replied to your message, but I'll just leave a public one for everyone's benefit.  All comments are moderated and manually approved.  Most of our staff operate in the daytime hours, so please allow us 24 hours to review something before contacting a mod.  We are a volunteer team with mostly everyone having daytime obligations.  If you can still see your post or comment, then that means it's still in queue.  If it disappears and is no longer visible, then that means it's officially hidden.

    Since everything that needs to be said has been said, I'm locking this post until OP has had a chance to respond to my PM.

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