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  1. So ive had a client i lost contact with i wanted to refund due to personal issues, and when i finally did get back in contact to give the refund; i ran into one thing ive never ran into before with clients: refusal to give their PayPal. This client had been MIA withoit contact for over a good year, and I couldn't refund them without knowing their PayPal. Then today they asked me during work when they would get their refund. Since i was on break i figured I'd just go and give it to them sooner than later, only to rralize they never gave me their paypal email for the refund, and when i asked for it, had me go throigh their PayPal.me. i told them they got their refund, but in doing it this way i have no way of keeping a proper record of who i have refunded via what paypal e-mail went to who. Has anyone else ever had a client that made it difficult to issue refunds because they refused to give you their paypal email for the refund? Or even sending a proper invoice for your records? I've never had this happen before so im confused if i handled it properly. What should I do with future clients like this?
  2. Excuse me but 12-17 MONTHS!? Who makes people wait that long for a commission!? Also the heck is a "kill fee"?? "A person doesn't want the art anymore so I'm just gonna take 40% of their money even if I haven't' started it." That's just theft right there. Also that "a**hole clause is outright theft once again, and depending on the amount the person spent, is liable for legal action. Everything I've read is all red flags, warning signs and neon lights that say "DO NOT PASS!!" I wouldn't go near this person with a ten foot pole! EDIT: Also, who tells someone to "chill" after making them wait past promised deadlines, telling them they are actually dead last, and they won't get any refunds? Like you expect a person to remain calm after being told information like that???
  3. Gather all the artists affected and take him to court for violating contract and not paying out. I knowna few good too many artists who took part in this and it's utter nonsense this is happening to them. Their art is being sold for someine else's profit. It's theft and just downright wrong.
  4. Have you tried looking outside of deviant art? I know there are still many pony artists out there (assuming this is pony because of rhe DA username of the artist) that would be glad to draw for you. Sadly with sites like Deviant Art they dont really have an age restriction (I dont think j left when they started allowig porn (random poorly shot d*** picks of guys hard-one and such) images as "artistic nude" and the fact there are too many tracers. I bailed when someone traced my artwork. If it has changed since then (it's been like 12+ years now) I might return. Anyways! What i am saying is im sure there are other sites out there with great artists!
  5. That is just not cool. Even I made sure my people who had requesred refunds got their money when I had it, and told them of when it would be available as well (such as what month). To just run because peiole bit off more than they can chew seems like a new thing some artists are soing nowadays. It's sad. :c i hope you can meet someone willing to do the piece who don't run and bail on you like this.
  6. I instantly reported that account. Thus guy is really a -not going to list names but has a few in my mind- for doing this and outright going Jackal and Mister Hyde when their attempts to steal this lovely girl went no where. You have every right to do a DCMA if they steal her. Also those death threats and overall threara in general are just SUPER uncalled for. Could you also report him and press legal charges since he traced down your email somehow and was harrassing you?
  7. Were you the only one who never got the finished piece? Or were multiple people affected? I really wish conventions would make sure the artists they bring in were not shady people and worked with trustworthy artists. It makes proving transactions so difficult when you run into scams at them...
  8. Is there no wayyou can just go to the bank with evidence of avoidance and force a refund that way? I mean her admitting she wont work unless bothered shows every red flag under the sun, and her bribery? You dont ask a client to buy something for them in exchange for x-factor when you aren't doing your work. The only time i asked a client to get me something was when we were discussing prices AND the fact they were my close friend and I offered to take the price of said thing off the final cost of what they asked for. (Note this said item was a very cheap thing and again i emphasize that we are close friends who periodically gift each other things). In no way would i ask any random client to buy me something in exchange for x-factor as a means to empty their wallet morr and fill mine. It's downright shady what they are doing, and I plan on staying clear of this artist. The art is nice, the poor business practice is not.
  9. I didn't really want to post a beware, but after 8 months, I've come to hate the piece I got, and remember how horribly I was treated when I asked for a refund regarding it. So, here it goes. Also if I leave anything out, my web browser ate my first typing of this post due to a misclick, so I shall attempt to properly add all the information once again. So back in June I saw the artist hosting a YCH, and given prior business transactions went by smoothly and with great turnaround times, I quickly grabbed a slot. NSFW YCH: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/27646358/ Proof of Payment: https://prnt.sc/mjumqe So payment was sent, and then began the wait time. Eventually after some time had passed without a WIP, I poked the artist asking if they had started one, and if not, I wanted a refund. This was after 2 months without a single update. When I did so, I was soon met with a rather rude, defensive approach and the artist claiming they did "no refunds" and that I should have known given it was in their ToS (mind you not once during any of the prior transactions did the artist provide their ToS, and had I known this was a part of it, I would have never commissioned them). They also blamed personal matters for the delay, and blamed my lack of knowing they were away (apparently they made a journal which I didn't see/missed in the mess of 200+ other journal notifications) as the reason for the delay. The artist also claims I had been pestering them since I got the art for updates, which is a blatant lie. I had asked for an ETA for the completion of the artwork, seen here: The next time I asked where I was listed in their que, which was 1 month later: Finally I asked for a WiP after 2 months without a single update and if one wasn't provided, that I wanted a refund (I cannot find if I told them if I didn't get one I'd open a PayPal claim), this is where the hostility happened: The one thing that should have been my red flag was that first they said they hadn't started, then suddenly they had a WiP to show once I asked for a refund. I was provided the WiP, asked for updates, and approved the WiPs then after: Eventually I got my art, but not in the professional manner I should have gotten it Unknown to me, the artist finished the art, uploaded it, and I went a week or longer without knowing. The only way I found out it was even done is when I saw the uploaded finished piece in my submission notifications. The artist failed to note me the link, and I had to ask for the finished file to be sent to me: Now 8 months down the road, I'm looking at the piece, and finding compared to other artwork done by the artist of the same style, my piece is lacking. it clearly was rushed, the quality is poor, and the more I look at the piece, the more I come to find myself wishing I had just pushed the refund via a PayPal claim and not accepted such a terrible finished product. This is what I received: NSFW: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/28596438/ I should have posted a beware back when this first happened, but given I got my art, I didn't think it would be approved. Back then too I was just glad to have even gotten the piece. However, I'm wanting to now warn others of this artist and their means of conducting business. I just want to warn people of my experience with this artist, in hopes that no one else ends up treated like I was or in the same situation I am in now.
  10. Can I also include screenshots of the notes I reiceved when I asked for a refund and so on? Just to show they refused and rushed the work when I threatened to open a claim?
  11. So last year i posted how an artist had refused to give me a refund when i asked for it, and how i did eventually get my art. But now looming at it, i can tell it is horribly rushed, the quality is bad, and overall I'm just sitting here wishing I hadnt even spent the $50 for the piece. On top of that, the artist refused to let me reupload it without having their overaized watermark on the image (which actually takes over 50% of the piece) making me hate the art even more. The more i look at it the more it remibds me of how I feel i got blatantly ripped off. The artist give GREAT quality work, and when i look at my piece I knoe they just half-assed it because i threatened to open a paypal claim on them for not giving a refund. So here I am, sitting eith a terrible piece of artwork and wondering what to do. Can i warent a commissioner beware on this artist so others won't fall victim to this person's "no refunds" rushed artwork when people put the crack down? I would supply the artwork i got,l to show how rushed abd poor quality it is, if it didn't hold a massive logo-like watermark over the entire piece sporting their username. I'm just at a terrible loss here what to do. I hate the art i recieved the more I look at it and it is just eating at me how others probably got the same treatment I did and half-assed, clearly rushed work.
  12. Oh so now she is getting mad at YOU for something SHE did? The audacity to even dare get in a huff for her poor lack of proper business management being made publuc is HIGHLY unprofessional. If she did what she was supposed to do, she wouldn't be having peoole call her out on it ajd make public bewares not to commission her unless they want to be scammed. Plus this isnt her only beware about her. I've seen at least 2 others. Can you provide a copy of her message for us in the beware as well please??
  13. Strange i thought i added it. e.e Maybe it got removed when i updated.
  14. The problem with that is they stated this is happening a lot with their account and bank not linking or accepting and such. It made no sense to me and such, and really I didn't want to sound rude but I did tell them flat out it wasn't my problem and they should of had it fixed before bidding/claiming the piece. Still, I haven't a clue what to do to prevent this from happening again, or having a person make a repeat of the same problem with future YCHs
  15. So I sold a YCH the other day that went fairly quickly, however come time for the person to pay they stated "PayPal isn't accepting my bank account and won't let me pay". I told them that it wasn't my problem and I didn't know what to tell them other than contact paypal support and that they had until tomorrow (today now) to pay. It was listed in the rules before claiming that payment was expected within 24 hours unless otherwise notified in a PM. So I gave them a time window saying if they didn't pay, the artwork would be put back up for someone else to buy instead. Sure enough they still said paypal was giving them problems and couldn't pay. My question is: is this a common excuse people are starting to give? is it even the artists's fault the person claims/bids on a YCH and the person can't pay because paypal isn't working for said person? I'm just kinda agitated that this happened, especially when it says: "- You must be serious when claiming. If you think you'll bid and retract your claim 5 min later, or decide you can't pay if you win; this isn't for you.- Paypal Only- Payment is expected to be made 24 hours after the auction ends unless otherwise discussed via note" Should I add something in my ToS for those who don't pay? Is this viewed as a waste of my time when this happens? I need some advice here because this isn't the first time someone failed to pay me, and I'm at a loss on how to address the matter properly.
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