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  1. This is a prime example of how you ahouldnt start any form of fine tuning a rough sketch or inking or even colpring until you have been paid. This person just wanted free art and dint care if us artists get paid.
  2. I added a screen where they told me to keep the money, but I'm going to refund them regardless should they decided to change their mind on the premise "you didn't finish my commission"
  3. Before I start, I am canceling this commission and refunding the client to prevent the possibility of a chargeback. I was in the middle of inking their image as well but given I don't want any chance of them going overboard with this person, they will get refunded n full So I had a client who I also considered a friend decide to basically block me on every platform (Twitter is where this started): Twitter, FA, discord in the middle of a commission. We were both following each other on Twitter and I had made a public post about my viewpoint on the chaos happening in my country. They in turn made a reply to said post which not only was rather rude (in my opinion), but also completely ignored my standpoint. In a sense I felt they were trying to silence my voice and opinions, while also lumping me into a group of people I do not agree with. As a result I chose to stand up for what I believed in via Twitter to clarify things, and as a result, they blocked me, and proceeded to do some on FA and Discord. Problem was this happened in the middle of a commission, and IDK what else to do besides refund them. I mean I doubt I can very well make a cautionary beware post over someone getting on me via twitter only to block me in the middle of a business transaction, can I?? I will post censored screenshots if need be, but I'm hesitant to given the fact that the subject matter can be seen as controversial/debatable. Edit: They posted this before blocking me. I censored out the controversial stuff regarding the disagreement, but this is what they said:
  4. This is so highly unprofessional on SOOOOO many levels. I mean going and publicly slandering a former client they treated poorly by insinuating they're a (x-term here). Also refusing refunds, running off with the money and then profiting off the artwork in a double profit way is just.... Red Flags galore... This isn't a game of monopoly where you have your friends land onf Boardwalk, get the pot and pass GO all at once...
  5. The second someone asks for a business payment to be made via "friends and family" red flags go up with me.
  6. This seems to be a reoccurijg thing with artists now lately. Their clients dont get what they want, ask for a fix, and then the artist decides suddenly to hammer on the client how they are in the wrong, this that and the other thing, then drop said client to the bottom of the queue or flat out remove them on the premise the client was x-person or for x-reason and then the artist thinks for said reason they can just run off with the client's money. Plus it was very rude to just be like "oh your fursona is a trap and always drawn naked so" and not listen to your reasonings on why they're not a trap. Your fursona is an adorable bee, which bees are naturally cute and fuzzy and adorable, habing your sona be the same doesn't mean he's a trap. Really it's upsetting to see this poor behavior and bad attitude becoming the new norm. All it ends up doing is getting an AB slapped on their name as a result. Plus you lost out on that blanket... ;- ; They should refund you the cost of the blanket AND the $30
  7. You uploaded their email (private or not) as an act of malicious intent by using defamation/slander. That is a form of doxing.
  8. Depending on the state you live in you can actually file legal action for the artist leaking personal information afrer a business transaction as doing so is illegal in some states (assuming you live in the US) as a breech of client privacy. Not only that but it is HIGHLY unprofessional and a form of DOXing.
  9. She purposefully dragged it out past he 180 day window. Are this point you can't file a chargeback I'm guessing, and she's just purposefully dragging out giving you or anyone a refund. Honestly if an artist hasn't delivered before the remaining 30 days of the 180 chargeback window, file a chargeback. Don't wait like this again.
  10. I am seeing this becoming more and more of a habbit "Oh I asked for art as a kind gesture to you, so it should just be free. I don't have to pay you, I was being nice" as well as people going "oh I gave you exposure so you owe me free art". It's turning into a serious habit and this person will by no means be someone I do any form of art for. If her friends want to be scammed out of money and do things for free, that is on them, but tossing you into the group as someone who was doing things for free. I mean you asked them flat out "The $20 one?" and they agreed on that. This habit of expecting free art from people is just.... why is it becoming a thing..?
  11. I am noticing this becoming more and more of a habit with artists on FA. They advertise they're selling art, take on too much, then high tail it to Pluto and deactivate everything. Why can't people just own up to the fact they done oopsed and do the responsible thing here?
  12. Wrong beware I posted the comment on. But still this person shouldn't offer "gift art" and ignore actual paid for artwork that should come first and foremost.
  13. They have returned to FA the beginning of this year. When confronted with no links back to my Twitter and FA and only showing old artwork they did, they immediately denied who they were only to block both my FA and twitter and where i confronted them. They then placed their twittwr on private after another user confronted them and blocked them. If they weren't who I accused them of being, why block my accounts that i didn't link myself back to? The only answer i can think of is that they knew the art was for me and that i was a client. These are the accounts i have been able to find they are under now: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/wtchynbtchy/ https://twitter.com/WtchynBtchy https://www.deviantart.com/wtchynbtchy https://toyhou.se/wtchynbtchy https://ko-fi.com/wtchynbtchy6 Already they have started the same habits of taking work, not uploading finished pieces, blaming being busy for not uploading, only to ask for emergency funds and taking on even MORE work before completing what they already owe. I have counted 5 pieces they have taken in and failed to upload so far.
  14. Will do. I sent them a link to their art along with a notification that I will no longer be accepting further business with them. So far they are ignoring my notes on FA, which I frankly don't care at this point because of the guy's behavior, but I'm documenting everything else should they attempt anything.
  15. That's the problem. The art is almost done at this point where the final colors (shading was done) of my character was all that was left, and I have 2 clients who can vouch for me that I was streaming art and working on the remaining flats, and in my ToS while I offer 25% if I just started coloring, I don't refund people when I hit shading because basically, the art's done. My ToS: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/7326508/ And even before I noticed I was in the middle of adding the last colors needed, going to notify them and all my friends/acquittances in the US of the romaine E.coli outbreak once again, and that's when I saw they'd removed me. I mean I can refund them, but with their art piece essentially done, many WiPs being given, they're basically getting free art if I do. So then what?
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