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  1. I too have been ripped off by this "Artist" there are commissions that we're never completed, I am compiling every scrap there is about them including their DM's lying to me on working on it before supper, art that was commissioned in 2018, and now their maliciousness of having FA removing my posted commissions and comics from my page, this will be coming including receipts , their mate is shown to be in on the fraud I will be including my DM with them as well showing that I was too flexible with them.  This 🙂 doesn't instantly become this 😞 in one day.

    Criminal Code of Canada dealing with the definition of Fraud

    Part X - Fraudulent Transactions Relating to Contracts And Trade(ss 379-427)

    S379 Definition- "Goods" Means anything that is the subject of trade or commerce;

    S380(1) Fraud - Every one who, by deceit, falsehood or other fraudulent means, weather or not it is a false pretence within the meaning of this act, defrauds the public or any person, weather acertained or not, of ANY property, MONEY or valuable security or ANY SERVICE.

    (a)is guilty of indictable offence and libal to a term of imprisonment of 14 years.

    I could go on rattling off the offence in the Canadian Criminal code book, Of course Aisha did try to threaten me with my local police action for "DOXING"  it was showing receipts of their fraudulant crime, im still walking free even now. this person is a bully and a real thief.

    I am working on putting together their abuses of my person from them!

  2. wait what does that have to do with anything, your diverting the situation away from yourself i really don't like that.
  3. What part of email is not private? i use my email for private matters my banking my PAYPAL! my cards etc, what part of that isn't private? i would understand if it were a throw away but thats just false. you also broke the one thing i asked at the beginning which is to keep the commission private, you just bypassed that and posted it anyways.
  4. Artist On a public Discord, did not hold up their end of the deal, and choose to try and run away with the money without doing the correct work or even hold up their end of the deal. The First part about the commission remaining private is also a lie on their end. As it is posted on their FA https://www.furaffinity.net/view/36446919/ Also an imgur link in case they try and hide the proof. https://imgur.com/HHNJI1F Edit: 05.21.20 The artist has put my private email up on their website.
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