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Found 2 results

  1. Hello! This is my first time posting one of these, so I hope it was done correctly. August 2020: Commissioner came by my stream and asked for a commission. A link to my TOS and email was provided in the chat, and in the email I was given references for the first character, and later began drawing said character. Later 1: The commissioner came by my stream later on, and was asking me if I ever did free sketches in a whisper. I said yes, sometimes, and then was asked to quit drawing a commission I was already drawing on, and to provide them with a free sketch. I politely declined, and said I had to focus on commissions that have been waiting longer, and that besides, they were getting a commission from me, so they were going to get some art from me in the future anyway. The way it was asked came across as a bit too forward and rude to me, but I just brushed it away thinking that was the way they spoke. Later 2: Commissioner then came back to my stream when I had started on their commission, and became very upset because I was drawing the wrong character. It turned out there had been a mistake on their part, and that they thought they had told me to switch, which had never happened. I was sympathetic and willing to be flexible as they seemed very upset, and they told me they would add an extra 100$ for my troubles and the issue was very quickly resolved in the stream without any drama, and new character references was provided in stream. 8th November 2020: Commissioner later came in another stream, and I was sketching their commission. They became upset again as I was not drawing their character unrealistic enough. I explained that is not my style, and that I draw realistic anatomy. I also referred to my TOS where it says that "I will draw realistic anatomy and genitalia to a size/shape I see fit, and that this is not debateable." After some back and forth (the commissioner came across as a bit rude, but I figured they were upset and emotional, so I let it pass) I decided to tweak the anatomy to try and save the client relationship I had, and because I want my customers happy. It was a lot more extreme anatomy than I usually do, but was willing to comply. If the commissioner did not like the tweaks, we could end the commission there and go our separate ways. The commissioner agreed on the changes and seemed happy, and the commission was continued on as normal. 13th November 2020: On the last stream, the commissioner decided to cancel. I said ok, and that they needed to pay 25% of the work done so far. In my TOS I have written that if the commissioner decides to cancel on a WIP, I hold the right to upload it as a YCH and then if the auction meets the agreed upon price, they only have to pay 25% of the time spent so far. If it doesn't, it is 50%, no matter how far into the process it's been to avoid arguments. I figured that uploading it as a YCH would not meet the agreed upon price as most of my followers don't have human characters, and was willing to then just get paid 25%, instead of the possibility of the commissioner having to pay 50%. They refused to pay this due to several reasons: - Not agreeing with a signature that they had read and agreed to my TOS - That I had not drawn their OC's because the anatomy in my style was too realistic and therefore was not entitled to anything as I had not provided a service - That I had not read their commission terms (which was never provided or given by the commissioner, and is something I have not come across in 10 years of freelance) I lost a few messages here, but the commissioner thought I would upload it finished with their character and sell it to someone else, so there was so unclarity and confusion, which is why I explained it further. This is the commission with the two characters that I did, and the references that I used to translate the character into my style.
  2. I took a commission from someone watching my livestream, it was on the spot and meant to be 1 bust, and then during the middle of the livestream they asked for a second. The attachment is the result of that (NSFW hentai warning), after our last contact they never paid the invoice. [Mod Edit] From OP when asked about the invoice being canceled: No, I posted about this interaction on the Hentai-Reserve discord after sending the invoice, Arendale went no contact and didn't pay and then other artists on the discord had the same problem with them of non-payment, so I cut my loses.
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