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  1. In the future I wish artists would let their clients know they'd be busy instead of promising work, then posting photos at cons and expecting the client to just, know they'll be strung along for over a year because of it. What irks me is the promise of work then never doing it. I'm not sure why so many artists have trouble just admitting they can't work at the moment and just promise something they know they can't deliver Hopefully going forward the artist learns from these mistakes.
  2. Their treatment of you is abhorrent, like the name calling on stream and threatening your commission, solely because you weren't 24/7 socialising with them. What a nightmare.
  3. On the off chance I'd ever agree to paying once finished, I think it would be best to take a deposit/percent of the full price and before starting and have the rest paid upon completion. This way if someone does ghost you won't be out completely 🙂 I'm sorry they did this to you. They had no right to string you along for a commission if they were allegedly broke. Better luck to you and your clients in the future
  4. Art trades not being completed often is sad but true. I've actually been ghosted and straight up blocked several times during them, and even by the same person twice. My own advice which has worked okay for me when i still did trades is insisting that you won't share yours until they confirm they're working on theirs and then you both exchange them at the same time. That or ask for wips and exchange them similarly.
  5. Goodness gracious that's scary. Fingers crossing that this beware saves artists in the future, or the subject in question changes their behavior towards quote, "getting into messes with artists" because this is beyond unacceptable and trashy towards artists.
  6. takes a lot of gull to block you, then expect a response)and block while you're still trying to work out the commission with them.) they really should've speciified they didnt want the accessories at the beginning and their ref should definitely be more consistent if they expect the marks to be right on pieces they pay for. And to chargeback full when you said you'd be willing to workout a partial refund is apalling. Overall, nightmare experience and I hope they haven't/won't pull this on other artists.
  7. Saddened to see this is an incident where the subject of the beware has multiple up on them. I hope they resolve things before this becomes a perma recurring thing for the artist to do to clients.
  8. Not sure how bad of a observation this is but halfway through the dispute beginning it seems this artist had no intentions of giving you anything, especially since they started to basically hold your art hostage because you started taking issue with their practices. I'm a little taken back at the attitude and sort of blaming you for losing your money they started to bring up? And the ocnstant bringing up of the frankly not very good term of no refunds and the waittime, this person just seemed to be using commissioners as loan money with all those queues and more they keppt taking on.
  9. I went back out of curiousity reading bewares only to come back to all of these comments and new screenshots and wow...This is just scary how big this whole thing actually is now and I hope art sites ban this artist and those assisting in their practices because this is unacceptable. FA needs to step in and get them off the site for good.
  10. a lot of bewares on this artist. Glad I had looked them up when I saw the same ychs for quite some time pop up on my home feed. I'm a little shocked that this artist just keeps taking on com after com if I'm reading correctly, and just not completing her previous ones before accepting more? Seems very purposeful at this point
  11. So I had actually gone ahead with what I said I'd do and the artist told me they couldn't draw nor refund because they were in school..but continued on posting art consistently...I feel like I'm being lied to at this point and that they're hoping I just drop off trying to get my commission from them 😞 They didn't respond to my last message after they told me that they couldn't refund or draw and they haven't reached out to me since...They tell me they're not active on instagram but I can see when they're online and using it and they're almost always online I'm way past paypal's limit and I don't know what to do . Is there even anything I can do?
  12. I'm thinking to ask for another update and if they have nothing, I'll request a refund and if they ghost or refuse for some reason, I'll call my bank since I tried with Paypal previously in January of 2021 and they said the window for a chargeback was gone It wasn't an invoice which I should've been weary of I guess, but it came from my card through paypal so the bank may have some leverage over this kind of thing, right?
  13. (Hi there. I am sort of new to this type of thing, both commissioning artists and writing on a forum, but please let me know if I did anything wrong) So about 6 months ago in August of 2020 I had commissioned an artist for a fullbody painting with a background of a character of mine, it came to about $70. I had sent them refs as well as a link to my toyhouse for the character having all the reference images. Without any luck, it was through DeviantArt, and the artist was Russian, and just around after I had commissioned the artist Russia had apparently blocked Deviantart. Now a lapse in communication because of this error is reasonable, I get that, but it happened in September and the artist afterwards had made no attempt to track me down and let me know this happened. (All my social medias on Instagram and Twitter, which the artist has, was all in the same name as my DeviantArt at the time so I would've thought they'd find my name and reach out to me )I live nowhere near Europe and I had 0 idea the artist was Russian until I got fed up with no response all through August to December and found the artist on VK after finding a link on their profile I had missed due to the Eclispe update. This is entirely my fault, I should've dug more. So, Jan of 2021 comes around and I message the artist through one of my dud accounts on Instagram recounting my commission and such and they explained to me the situation with Deviantart being blocked and asked who my character was and I showed them the references and gave the description and such, and I guess they had never started at all on the commission since I received no response in regard to it other than they'd get started on it? They post plenty of art and paintings and I assume they're busy in school maybe. I don't want to be rude in asking for a refund but I don't even want this person's art anymore after this experience. It's not like they're rude or anything, they're very approachable so far with our messaging. I'm wondering if I should just cut it as a loss and either ask for a refund or give up on this as I have received no communication or asking for proof of me commissioning them or anything like that. I'm honestly exhausted and confused on what to do and would love some outside perspectives as other advice on this forum has helped me before and I don't any artist people to go to for help as I am a bit of a hermit. Any insight at all would be very helpful, thanks
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