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  1. I'm thinking to ask for another update and if they have nothing, I'll request a refund and if they ghost or refuse for some reason, I'll call my bank since I tried with Paypal previously in January of 2021 and they said the window for a chargeback was gone It wasn't an invoice which I should've been weary of I guess, but it came from my card through paypal so the bank may have some leverage over this kind of thing, right?
  2. (Hi there. I am sort of new to this type of thing, both commissioning artists and writing on a forum, but please let me know if I did anything wrong) So about 6 months ago in August of 2020 I had commissioned an artist for a fullbody painting with a background of a character of mine, it came to about $70. I had sent them refs as well as a link to my toyhouse for the character having all the reference images. Without any luck, it was through DeviantArt, and the artist was Russian, and just around after I had commissioned the artist Russia had apparently blocked Deviantart.
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