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  1. This is actually the first time that actually occured to me, wow. I have not had much coverage to the less happy side of the art world since I tend to stay away from people involved in any conflict in general, so I didn't even imagine that someone would ask for an art trade while not being able to make art.. that really rubs me the wrong way, I hope that's not the case and it's more a motivation thing or something, but I don't know. Tysm for taking the time to comment though :>
  2. Yeah I definitely have learned from this aha, I do generally screenshot it now to check if everything's okay then wait for them to post something, since usually whoever I'm trading with finishes before me, I post a screenshot with the PNG grid background and a transparent scribble of my name over it to show that I'm done, then they'll usually send their part then I send the whole version. This is also part of the reason I was a bit hesistant with uploading this too -- at that point I was mainly just starting to do stuff in the art world, art trades etc, and just getting better at art, so I have changed how I speak online to a great degree. I do agree I could have acted a lot better, but honestly I'm just so tired of it now so But tysm for the response :0
  3. I first met Cyberwolfdragon on Discord, in the USF server. There is a #looking-for-corner channel where people can post if they wanted to do an art trade, had an art request, were offering free art, etc. When looking through the channel, I found Cyberwolfdragon's latest message asking to do an art trade, and it was marked as open. I then DMed them asking if they wanted to do a trade. After this they didn't message me for around two months, until they sent this: (This was a different character than their initial art trade request, but that was fine) I finished my side of the trade in around 10 days. This was the last time Cyber messaged me on Discord I proceeded to remind them every so often of the trade they owed me.. with no response. I will note here that I did use an artwork as a reference for the pose of my side of the trade. I don't have it saved so I can't show it, but Cyber didn't mention this at any point as a reason for declining the trade or something. Cyber posted several messages in USF after the last message they sent me: one for open comms, and three offering a suit they had for sale. This is the only server I have in common with them. (a day after their last message to me) Several days after their last message, but before I reached out about it. After I messaged them twice with no response. After another new message from me, and their last message in USF. After almost a year of this, I searched up their username and found some of their other accounts, including their YouTube. Their email was linked in the contact section, so I attempted to reach out via that. They responded in a bit over an hour. (the blacked out line under my email is a send certificate that has contact info of theirs) I recopied the image from my original Discord DM with it. I opened it in a new window to preserve the quality. At this point, they began to ghost me again. I attempted to reach out to them through other social medias. Their Twitter DMs are off, so I have sent a message to what is presumably their DeviantArt account since it has the same username, though the 5 arts and fursuit images I don't remember seeing on other platforms. At this point my art has gotten a fair bit better, and I do draw original poses now or base them off of pictures of myself, but I just want my side of the art trade back, it's been a year.
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