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  1. Final update: Recieved full refund today from Lenex
  2. Very sorry to hear this OP. I really hope you can get your money back. Blocking without refund/the product would be an automitc chargeback for me. According to their most recent twitter post they are saying twitter has automatically blocked all their clients in their DMs. I'm not super farmiliar with twitter's bot system but I'm very sure twitter will never block someone for you unless you import a block list. Also kind of odd they say this hours after the beware went up.
  3. Update// Forgot to censor sorry! Update to say Lenex got back to me saying he will refund me. Will update when the refund is sent so this beware can be marked as resolved.
  4. Really weird how they just ghosted you after you described your character as a twink. If you still can at this point, I'd do a charge back/open a dispute. You never know- They may reestablish contact ?
  5. As someone whos been waiting nearly 3 years for a commisson I know exactly how you feel. I don't know how some people think this is at all acceptable practice. I hope you get something at the end of all this. Tbh if I was this artist at the *least* offer some kind of compensation for this absurd wait.
  6. thank you for your support. sadly it's been 1 month since i last attempted contact with lenex and there has still been no response from him. i'm considering asking people who requested refunds and see if they've actually received their money back.
  7. **THIS BEWARE CONTAINS NSFW CONTENT** Commissioning Lenex I have commissioned Lenex in the past and was very happy with his work. His work is high quality and he’s very reasonably priced. I bought my slot in May of 2017, Lenex was very fast responding to my emails and after I paid Lenex told me the slot was mine. Proof of Lenex confirming my slot: https://i.gyazo.com/8146060f8528ebf0b5d6b23f0c4b3777.png Proof me paying Lenex: https://i.gyazo.com/b8870641506f235efbda00f96d828201.png No Contact and few FA updates. After this...Uploads on Lenex’s FA began to slow to a crawl. I would see maybe one finished commission a month posted. This was often backlog from 2016. The only updates I ever saw from Lenex were him often opening his queue again. Explaining he needed rent, understandable. But after taking another bulk of comic commissions, Lenex would seemingly vanish for another month. He did this every month. Open the queue, vanish, open the queue vanish. And so on. This behaviour started to concern me, but I tried to stay positive. One of Lenex’s last major updates was him asking if anybody would be willing to ‘float’ their commission. This meant they would be willing to wait an undisclosed amount of time for their product. I opted for this, as I felt sorry for Lenex’s heavy workload beginning to get on top of him. I'm afraid I've no proof of this beyond an email I sent to Lenex confirming I am willing to wait. At one point, Lenex even asked some people to opt for refunds rather than getting their work. He admits both will be timely processes though. Lenex taking on more commissions via journals every month: https://i.gyazo.com/9959aaf4e22c36efa121511417e829ea.png Lenex asking people to be refunded instead.: https://i.gyazo.com/7f8fa0b5aab76a24c961aaab0634c0c0.png My email to Lenexwants: https://i.gyazo.com/72dd9e553fb0b9f6412b5d0bfc8ba864.png Lenex cancels all Commissions In June of 2018 Lenex posted an update informing everybody he would be transforming all commissions into artistic freedom, or receive a refund. This was due to Lenex no longer wishing to draw graphic artwork featuring non consensual acts. This upset many people who expressed their frustration at this sudden change. Nobody had been given any notice nor would their old commissions from 2016/17 be honoured despite being commissioned before this sudden change of ToS. At this point I was tempted to get a refund. Even though my commission would not be affected by this new change of ToS as it did not contain noncon/gore. I decided against this as judging by the few updates Lenex posted to FA were money worries, I felt a refund would be more tedious than waiting for my product. I filled in lenex’s new commission form and sent my email. I was put back into his queue. After this update, Lenex ceased to post all together. Lenex's new commission form (warning: contains NSFW imagery and mentions of fetish): http://www.furaffinity.net/view/27543789/ Lenex apologises and retracts his new rule. 3 Months ago, after 5 months of further silence on his FA. Lenex posted a journal apologising for his lack of organisation and handling of commissions. Lenex at this point had responded to a note I had sent him asking for a previous commission to be removed for personal reasons. This was the first time Lenex had spoken to me since first buying the slot in 2017. Lenex disabled comments on this journal admitting in the journal he didn't wish to get any kind of backlash. A link to the journal: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/8933648/ (in case of deletion, a screencap) https://i.gyazo.com/e143de4d13d211b43d5eec992b3aaf4d.png I cannot provide proof of the note as the account I noted Lenex on is disabled and I've since lost my credentials to it I'm afraid. If Ican break into it I will post it if mods deem it relevant. No contact still On 20/1/2019 I sent Lenex an email asking for an ATA on my two year standing commission. As of 12/2/2019 I have still had no response from him. My email to Lenex: https://i.gyazo.com/c50b3b3eaa404ff98ff8467b62af06ea.png Final comments I feel saddened it has come to this as I have been a fan of Lenex’s work since 2014. I do not like writing complaints. I feel I've been more than patient with Lenex but now I feel myself and many of Lenex’s customers have simply been used as loans to pay for rent and put onto uncertain waiting lists with no communication and now Lenex has taken on far too much to handle. While I do feel for Lenex who clearly has had some hardships the last year or so, the complete lack of communication between both myself and all his other custom has pushed me to write this as a warning for anybody interested in this kind of artwork.
  8. Thank you, ill start gathering screenshots needed and get it written.
  9. Hello first time using an AB site. I want to get advice before I consider writing a beware, because I know many people are upset at this artist too... Basically, I commissoned this artist in the past and I was quoted roughly 4 months wait. I was fine with that. I'm a patient person. I did get my comic commisson in 4-5 months as promised and the work was so good I was prompted to buy again when the artist reopened his almost finished queue. Now this is where things get bad. After sending payment and explaining what Id like I was put into the queue and...That was it. For a while year I had no contact. But I stayed patient. Fast forward I believe May 2018ish?? The attist posted ab update saying he was cancelling all commissins and refunding everyone unless you gave him artistic freedom. I was about to ask for a refund until he changed his mind again and said hed only br refunding people who commissoned hardcore gore and will not change their commission. This did upset a lot of people in the comments. I sent a form as requested and I was approved to have my comm done. Maybe this should've been my warning to get a refund but given what ew updates we got off the artist were 'i cant afford rent'/'i have to move out' i felt maybe it was worth just waiting. That was nearly 8 months ago. I emailed the artist a month ago asking for an update and Ive still heard nothing back. Im quite a passive person, but i paid a lot of money have had no contact in nearly 3 years and his FA account has been quiet for nearly a year now. Is it time to write a beware...?
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