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  1. So hey I know it's been a long long time since this post was made but i want to go ahead and provide an update. After my initial DM on discord, I still received no response. I have also seen Lui-Ra continuing to post others' commission work.
  2. Update as of July 3rd - Lui-Ra has accepted my request to message on Discord. I have sent them an upfront message stating that I would like a refund. They have yet to respond. //I blurred out my server list and recent dms for privacy reasons.
  3. That's what I was thinking, but like you said, they didn't really make it clear that it was the issue. if it is, then i'd gladly not use it (i have no problem with the term, and the character is lgbt anyway so it's not really inaccurate), but the ghosting is really shady still. i've yet to see any other issues with the artist, so it's really hard to determine.
  4. In November of 2018, I contacted Lui-Ra on Telegram to discuss a commission. I asked them to draw a character of mine, since at the time said character didn't have art. Once I contacted them and sent payment, they asked me for more details before suddenly going quiet. I have reason to believe I was blocked, though I can't imagine why that is. I also contacted them via Discord. I have asked for a refund, but I doubt I will receive one any time soon.
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