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  1. Colored sketch received. All done! Still, abnormally long wait and took a bunch of prodding with excuses...I'd tread with caution if you consider art from Ryun unless it's in a sketch stream.
  2. Update: Ryun responded to my note inquiring about attending a stream commish session. Will keep the thread updated if I do receive something or not.
  3. You're right about me being too lenient. I suppose 8 years commissioning artists don't let a few bad apples spoil the bushel, so to speak. I've had 2 instances of work taking years, Ryun here and one artist who supposedly ran off with customer's money and disappeared for a few years. Said artist made a return in 2016 after disappearing in 2012 and made good after 4 years of vanishing and completed the entire backlog. I did go ahead and mention the idea of attending one of those streams to finally have some closure on this commish.
  4. The annoying part is the "Shaded upgrade" carrot being dangled in front of my face and the constant excuses...also how past commissions were exemplary when it comes to customer service. [Edited to remove proxy, sorry!] Maybe pitching to her that I can participate in one of those sketch streams for what was promised or just the original sketch, perhaps? We're not on bad terms, and I'm thinking from the artist-client relationship's perspective plus spreading awareness of my experience. I even mentioned i was thinking of posting an AB in one of those attached notes!
  5. Additionally, the whole point of AB is to spread awareness to others. This isn't just about a rather small transaction.
  6. Yes, it's your own thoughts on the matter and you dumbed it down to "take it or leave it", but c'mon, look at that list of other people waiting for work, too. The funny part about your first part of this post is she actually gave a bonus sketch back in 2011 for hiding one of my other characters behind a sleigh while most other characters of that holiday themed image were much more visible. She went from caring about a customer to not.
  7. Asking for a refund after this period of waiting would be admitting defeat and saying it's okay to treat clients like this, to be honest. Would you, after 4 years of waiting?
  8. In February 2015, I commissioned RyunWoofie for a $25.00 USD colored sketch. She accepted my payment on February 26, 2015 and several months passed. I try to be gentle with my reminders, not poke and prod every week or month...just a reminder every few months / some chit chat about what could be causing the delay. During these months, I change my mind on which character to feature. She delivers a work-in progress in November 2015. I request some fixes to fit my character Syldria's proportions more accurately and she says OK sure. Some more time passes, artist mentions they'd like to use m
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