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  1. I wish I didn’t have to do that, but I have learned from her and a few other artists that that’s the only way to get them to do their job. At least the other person who owes me a commission from 2019 gave me a WIP in December 2020.
  2. Pretty simple, Ryun opened for $25 sketches, I claimed a slot, then we negotiated the price (I asked for something with an outfit/props and that raised the price to $30) and I never received it. I would attach the original tweet she posted, but she's since deleted it and my reply doesn't make sense without the context. This is the entirety of our conversation together, including a smaller screencap for the latest message due to the fuzzy date format. Then here's the proof that I paid her on June 20, 2019: At this point I have no confidence that she will ever g
  3. My apologies; I didn't mean to insult you! And you're right; writing a bad review isn't a callout. I've thought about doing this, but to your other point, if they're comfortable ignoring my messages I feel like they may just ignore the threat of a beware. Additionally, one of these artists is someone who's had multiple bewares written about them (I unfortunately learned about this after commissioning them), so I feel like they really wouldn't care if I did write a beware. I hadn't thought of that! I'll try that; thank you.
  4. I’m just feeling really beat down right now. I’ve been waiting on two commissions for over a year and both artists have stopped answering my messages. I really don’t want to post a beware; in general I dislike callout culture and don’t want to upset the people I’ve commissioned. Additionally, I’m afraid that the artist might make a callout post in retaliation for my beware, which might be an irrational fear, but still. It’s just not okay for someone to take money in exchange for the promise of art only for them to not only fail to deliver the art, but stop communicating with the commissio
  5. Profile pic is by SweetPupperoo on FA.

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