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  1. So I bought a premade suit back in November it was fully paid off within a week and the maker told me they'd ship it out at the start of December. Awesome, cool. Fast forward to the start of December and I haven't heard anything at all from them since that conversation so I send them a message just checking in. Two more weeks pass and still not a peep from them. A week later they got back to me saying they had a family emergency and would be away until next week but they'd ship out my suit as soon as they got back. Understandable, family comes first and I didn't mind too much. A week later though and again, nothing. I send them another message which takes them a few days to respond to, of which they said they'd send out the suit within 2 weeks. I still comply and wait the 2 weeks. It will be hitting the second week tomorrow and I still have yet to hear from them. Also worth mentioning: They stated at the time of purchasing the suit that they still needed to make the feetpaws for it, so they could be custom fit to the buyer and all, so all this time they've also been saying that they haven't gotten the materials to finish them despite them telling me initially that they would be done within the first week. Whether it's true or not, this was also supposedly a factor. They also said they were including two pieces of artwork for the character that I have yet to see progress on either. ALSO: During this time I have been made aware that they have attended a furry convention and flew out of state to visit a friend before their family emergency even occurred. I know they weren't lying about the family emergency part, but they withheld the other information from me/lied to me about it. But like I was saying, if they don't ship the suit out by tomorrow, this will be the 3rd or 4th (I've lost count tbh) deadline that they made for themselves that they missed. I've been very patient during this whole process and the maker and I have gotten along very well in the past; not so much as friends, but close enough to it that I feel kind of disrespected by them as I expected better. I guess my question is now how do I go about this? I wish to remain on good terms with them, as I feel associating the suit with someone I no longer get along with will ruin it for me, but I also just want this back and fourth of nothing getting done to end. I just want the suit. I spent 3k and still have nothing to show for it, and I've been more than patient with them.
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