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  1. Ah i edited and removed all identifying stuff I thought 😭😭 sorry
  2. Back in April 2020 I commissioned a fairly popular fursuit maker and over the next few months I paid it off. I paid it off fully June 18 2020 and since have not gotten a response from them... before I commissioned them I searched for bewares or any bad reviews on them as this is my first time commissioning a fursuit, but I found nothing. so I figured it would be okay. I’m not expecting a fuisuit anytime soon, my issue is that I haven’t heard from them. I understand fursuits take a while so I wasn’t worried at first when they first disappeared especially finding out the reason why. Sept
  3. The artist in the second situation had nothing to do with it!! I was trying to use her situation to show that I can be a patient person! 🙂 (I have commissioned miss G a dozens times since as well! Well worth the wait and money! <3) the person in the second situation was a completely different person! (I was trying to say that I had no issue waiting two years for the commission bc they updated me constantly!) but the artist from the second situation has completed the piece! I had to publicly comment on their DeviantArt page to get them to respond tho.(took them less then ten minutes to repl
  4. So I have two situations going on that I’m not sure how to respond to, or react. I’ll tell you a brief summary of each and then go into greater detail after. also on my phone so sorry for misspells and bad grammar on my part :’) situation one is, I commissioned an artist in May (May 5) for a YCH and I have yet to see a wip and they won’t respond to me. Turns out they have done this to a lot of people situation two is where I’m more confused on what to do because it hasn’t even been that long. November 14 I commissioned someone who advertised they would finish it ‘this
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