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  1. Bewares cannot be deleted, only marked as resolved. Their name can still be cleared with an edit and proof that they fixed the problem.
  2. Ah. I've never had to change my email, so it slipped my mind. I do wish with the frequency of chargebacks through the bank, and complaints filed, he'd have his account limited at the least. I wasn't talking about going through PayPal, but Celestina has pointed out an obvious reason it wouldn't work anyway.
  3. Made public. Available knowledge to members so that we can avoid receiving payment from a known scammer.
  4. That's pretty low. If this base crops up anywhere, you should be able to file take down notices on most sites they try to sell.
  5. I know this is being done through the bank, but the scammer is using one PayPal account to originally commission the artists. That's why I wondered if the PayPal account would ever be released so artists can avoid the whole start of this mess.
  6. Is there no way to file a complaint with PayPal over this person doing so many chargebacks? It should be illegal to use their site this way and reprimands to users who abuse their system.
  7. Time to turn the image into a YCH. Maybe change the candle colors or something. Try to recoup what loss you can on it. Agreeing with rikki on future arrangements.
  8. It's understandable after finding out new evidence like this, though don't be surprised if the artist is upset with the broken wait time.
  9. If you want the refund, do NOT ask them to prove they have been working on the commission. The artist may likely slap some lines down and send it to you, and then claim you can't get the refund and must either take a partial or wait for the completed art. Since it's hard to know exactly how to say it, an example for asking follows: "Hello, I would like to point out that I have waited for my commission since April. In that time, you have given me two deadlines and no proof of work. I am now requesting a refund for $X. I will give you one week before I go through PayPal." (If any others would like to chip in, please do.)
  10. Prints sounds good. It is a lovely piece. And if the "client" complains, they can pay for the art AND buy the rights to it.
  11. One thing that jumps out at me is there was never any mention of an extra $10 for processing payment, only the cost of $100. The +$10 for covering fee should, in my opinion, be eaten from the $100 owed, considering lack of prior agreement. It's never a good idea to send or post the full image before payment, and use watermarks, like writing "unpaid" on it so the person can't just use it and not need to pay. By posting it on DA, unmarked, they no longer have any reason to try funding you for something you've done. In future, I recommend trying to get paid before moving past an approved sketch, if not taking the money up front. Though, being unable to get a guaranteed refund may scare potential clients away from commissioning you.
  12. It's never a good sign when an artist makes it clear clients can't ask about the status of their piece.
  13. If notes were such an issue, then another form of communication should have been decided on. I would suspect the artist went through a depression and unable to produce art, but there are uploads in the time after OP's commission. If the artist had trouble with the characters or project, that's on them to express that to the client and either refund and move on, or work with the client to make it possible.
  14. It's still uncensored in one of the screenshots? The fourth and fifth screenshots are the same image but the fifth one is censored and the fourth isn't.
  15. Goodness. Though I feel if one had a queue and gift/trade art was already on the list before the commission, it's not an issue, ignoring a client for months, especially after the promised 3 to get started is indeed poor taste. Shame it was over the 6 month deadline.
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