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  1. It's still uncensored in one of the screenshots? The fourth and fifth screenshots are the same image but the fifth one is censored and the fourth isn't.
  2. Goodness. Though I feel if one had a queue and gift/trade art was already on the list before the commission, it's not an issue, ignoring a client for months, especially after the promised 3 to get started is indeed poor taste. Shame it was over the 6 month deadline.
  3. No offense, just expressing my own experiences. I have seen some artists have issues and act more important than their customers.
  4. Remember that artists should see you as their boss when you've paid them for work. You should never feel ashamed speaking up to an artist if they are negligent. Just be polite as rikki said and as an artist myself, I have to admit I prefer to remain professional without a lot of social chit chat with clients. And I, personally, am not part of some inner circle and see that kind of behavior as negative. We're not all the same.
  5. Yep, their latest post on Twitter was 6 hours ago. Unbelievable. I can never wrap my head around this sort of behavior.
  6. A congratulations are in order to this would be client for receiving a rare, preemptive FA block from me. Absolutely ludicrous and thank you for coming forward about this.
  7. Love that oh so professional guilting at the end implying its the clients collective faults. I hope the artist can learn their limits and set themselves on the right course after this.
  8. "You should have reminded me earlier" It is never the client's job to manage the artist they paid. Ever. The only reason an artist should be waiting on a client is if there is a payment delay or awaiting clarification/direction. Never to be told to keep doing what they should be. If possible, file a chargeback for your money and wipe your hands of this experience.
  9. Although it won't fix what's happened, I highly suggest not selling bases through PayPal, but instead setting up a store on Itch.io. You can price the bases and have a bit of a buffer for PayPal to deal with instead of picking on a small business artist, plus buyers receive their purchase instantly instead of waiting for the artist to send it. And if you update the base, it's easy for your previous buyers to instantly get access to it. (Or set up separate packs under the same product page.)
  10. I know InkedFur was surrounded with several controversies in the past, but had still planned to try getting some of my stuff on their site. Not now. I can't believe a business that so many people seem to know and want to buy from is so terribly unprofessional.
  11. Absolutely ludicrous to leave a paying client, who has already given the necessarily payment asked for, to wait literal years. I really hope they refund instead of rushing out a poor quality product. Too many suit makers just blindly rush it when they are put on the spot.
  12. A lot of artists charge extra for shipping, just be upfront about the added cost and it should be fine.
  13. Sad that it went over the 180 days. There's not much that can be done to get your money back now that that's out the window. Never a good sign when the artist can't show pics of completed work.
  14. So many artists in that journal. I hope none are seriously holding adopts/slots for him for so long or actually done any work yet. This guy needs to stop getting deeper into this rabbit hole until everything else is done and paid.
  15. The reason I suggest a legal category for discussion is because a topic came up recently in a chat for me and it didn't really fit in their "advice of artists" or "advice for commissioners". It was a debate on copyrighting characters, not just the art, which I'd remembered several LJ members clearly explaining why it wasn't possible, but I was unable to easily find that info on LJ and figured I'd bring up the legal category not separated by artist and commissioner so that it can help fill a gap I currently saw in the new site.
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