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  1. If the maker is incapable of standard communication, they either need a manager who can be their communicator for them, or not take commissions. Communication is a standard. It's not optional. The tweet guilting you for asking for basic updates? Not acceptable. Ghosting when they've taken your money and not delivered the product? Not acceptable. I don't know much about Etsy's policy, but I would try to get in touch with their customer service about an undelivered product.
  2. This is a good example to avoid getting multiple art pieces from the same artist when the first art piece hasn't been produced, yet. I really hope this beware can also reach the artist to stop piling on work and to focus on clearing their queue.
  3. If they aren't responding, then that is a bad sign. Unfortunately, the refund window with PayPal only extends 180 days, so it sounds like you've passed it. The only thing you can do is keep asking, and if they continue ignoring, to post a beware on them so others are aware.
  4. If you sent the $8 through friend and family, you're going to have to rely on Blue's word that he will pay for Pink's scamming. I'm hoping you sent it as a business purchase and can file a claim on if it Blue ends up ghosting as well.
  5. I, personally, see nothing wrong with refusing a commission with someone who isn't fluent in English. It can be stressful and when things go sour, they go really sour due to this difficult communication. You're a freelancer, you are free to refuse any work you don't want to do. If this commission is causing you stress, you are at full right to say "I no longer want to do this commission, here is your money back. Good day."
  6. Always watermark unpaid WIPs so they can't be used like this.
  7. Ghosting to this degree is never acceptable. Though it sounds like you're past the protection window, I would advise bringing up a refund after month two at the latest when an artist is ignoring you, and filing that chargeback before the 180 day deadline. Terribly sorry this happened to you and I hope something will get resolved.
  8. Nothing to add, just backing up what RTKobold and Bornes have said.
  9. Never send through friends and family, as that strips you of all buyer's protection. If an artist claims it to avoid the PayPal fees, it's a red flag. That said, and I'm in no way approving an artist ignoring a client and they were clearly hard to get hold of from the beginning, please avoid the RP texting you gave the artist. It's highly unprofessional to be *waving* and *poking* and s-studdering their "h-hello"s like (I presume) your character. I would certainly want to avoid that discomfort by refusing further work from you, as it's too familiar from a business standpoint. (No disrespect intended.)
  10. Do not close it. The artist can say it takes 1-6 months, but PayPal will ensure you get it through the claim unless something goes horribly wrong. It's not on you to wait, and closing the claim because the artist gives delays robs you of refund protection, permanently.
  11. Blocking is never a good sign. I hope that you haven't closed the claim, as once it's closed, it can't be reopened.
  12. It looks like you passed the 180 day limit for PayPal's chargeback. In future, never let that time run out unless you 100% trust the artist to deliver past that date.
  13. Absolutely despicable customer service and quite clearly (in my opinion) ran with the money when she rebranded. Further, artists really shouldn't be doing free art when they fall behind, either finish the work that was commissioned or refund, don't complicate things with "freebies" that only delay the commissions further.
  14. Gather all your information via screenshots. It's your best chance to convince PayPal. Since you've finished most of the work, you could take the loss and email the file of the character to their PayPal email, so that you can prove to PayPal that you upheld your end of the bargain. Ideally with words like, "Due to the communication difficulties after blocking me, I am sending over the agreed on file despite it clear that you will not be honoring the rest of my payment. This ends our transaction and I will be declining further business from you. Have a good day."
  15. If the artist has no plan to finish the commission, a refund is in order. It's as simple as that. Not providing the agreed on commissions AND keeping the money is theft. Very sorry this was such an early experience for you.
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