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  1. Parents should be held responsible for their child's actions. 😕
  2. How was the refund cancelled? I would call PayPal personally about this and get it resolved. There shouldn't be any way someone can cancel a refund when a dispute closes? The artist agrees to the refund in writing and should be enough evidence to PayPal.
  3. First reg flag is when they claim they were on holiday, but active on multiple platforms. I get email messing up, but that's a long time to misplace any sort of update and seek out the client with WIPs.
  4. Rendrassa

    Beware: Dumas

    Threatening to inform PayPal of NSFW content. That is one of, if not the, biggest no-no for a commissioner to do. We need PayPal in order to run our livelihood as there is currently no competitors willing to fund adult businesses. This earns a rare preemptive block.
  5. Ko-fi is, primarily, a donation platform. It's not intended for commercial use like commissions. It's one thing to offer something in exchange for a certain donation, but "taking commissions" through it is very risky, as there is no buyer's protection because as far as Ko-fi is concerned, it was just a donation. Least, that's how it was when I read up on it a while back. Never expect something back through a Ko-fi transaction.
  6. Gonna preemptively block this one. I don't need this kind of risk. I advise making sure the client is aware that, since they haven't paid for the art, if you discover them trying to use it anywhere, it will be taken down.
  7. Not sure why they offered you a refund AND replacement. It's one or the other, not both. I assume it was offered just to smooth things over for the moment. Really underhanded thing to then ghost and go back on their word.
  8. Bewares cannot be deleted, only marked as resolved. Their name can still be cleared with an edit and proof that they fixed the problem.
  9. Ah. I've never had to change my email, so it slipped my mind. I do wish with the frequency of chargebacks through the bank, and complaints filed, he'd have his account limited at the least. I wasn't talking about going through PayPal, but Celestina has pointed out an obvious reason it wouldn't work anyway.
  10. Made public. Available knowledge to members so that we can avoid receiving payment from a known scammer.
  11. That's pretty low. If this base crops up anywhere, you should be able to file take down notices on most sites they try to sell.
  12. I know this is being done through the bank, but the scammer is using one PayPal account to originally commission the artists. That's why I wondered if the PayPal account would ever be released so artists can avoid the whole start of this mess.
  13. Is there no way to file a complaint with PayPal over this person doing so many chargebacks? It should be illegal to use their site this way and reprimands to users who abuse their system.
  14. Time to turn the image into a YCH. Maybe change the candle colors or something. Try to recoup what loss you can on it. Agreeing with rikki on future arrangements.
  15. It's understandable after finding out new evidence like this, though don't be surprised if the artist is upset with the broken wait time.
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