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Found 3 results

  1. Explanation and issue: Merciful was to exchange one character named Yeshua in exchange for 3,000$ USD. It was agreed upon a payment plan of 400$ a month then changed (by myself) to 200$ every 2 weeks. Once the character was paid off there was a substantial delay in transferring the character with multiple excuses. The character was still actively up for sale during this time and a user had inquired about their sale, which Merciful then attempted to resell to them. A ToyHou.se admin then had to transfer the character over to me (with proof of purchase). They were informed that they could appeal the transfer with substantial proof that the character was not resold, or a chargeback was filed. Merciful then remade the character and asked the original creator of the design to add their creator credits to the profile. I was informed of the the recreation and put in a ticket to have the character removed. It was removed by a TH admin. Merciful has claimed she has been hacked and never actually resold the character. She stated it was sold by her ex's fiancé as an act of revenge. However the correspondences between her and another user don't seem to match this claim. There are substantial conflicting details between what I was told and what another user was told. this information is private and has been provided to the AB staff. Agreement: The original agreement was made over furaffinity (Littlychibiteddybear). I had commented and then PMed her. She wished to take the conversation to Discord for ease of contact (sinned_raven). Proof of payment: *Please note there are cancelations of an invoice; noted by the strikethrough of 1800, and 200 on may 8th and may 3rd respectively. These were not paid by me as they were canceled prior to payment. They were meant to be payoff points on my part, and I had to push payment back. (See below reference) Our interaction relating to payment delays. Start of the issue: -My confirmation to her that payment was complete and her confirmation that she received it and would send Yeshua over when she could. -A delay in transferring the character to me. I had asked a few times, of which she had said she was busy and could not transfer the character. -My reaching out to the user that she attempted to resell the character to -My exchanges with a TH admin forcing the transfer -The creator of the character reaching out to me about the recreation of the character -My exchange with the TH admin about the removal of the recreated character. Other relevant correspondence: -Our discord conversations over the length of the transaction. This detailed various instances in which she would send me invoices to pay and idle conversation (redacted). -A confirmation that LittleChibiTeddyBear is her alt sales account Our current conversation regarding the issues, and her claiming she was hacked. For transparency. I opened disputes with paypal. I am no longer comfortable owning this character and I will be returning it. I am unable to tell if she was actually hacked and her claims are true. It's weird to me how she just switches from not being okay with it to being okay with it after I threaten disputes and legal action. It's always weird to me that she's being allowed to use her "hackers" paypal and is in constant contact with her. I can't keep my personal opinions out of that matter. I consider this character "stolen goods" and I will not keep her and do not consider her to be owned by myself as it is illegal to own stolen goods. Final update and outcome: I received a full refund of every transaction listed for a total of 3,000$. As the case as a whole was multiple transactions and they were all refunded under an umbrella "case". The character was returned to Merciful.
  2. An artist who traced another artist's work, and when I asked for a redo, I was given low-effort art that does not match her portfolio. December 14th, 2022 I commissioned Arts Studio after she contacted me in my Discord DMs asking for emergency medical aid. I paid her $90 ($120 CAD) for a full-body drawing. I was already commissioning an artist to do my main fursona, but I still wanted to help. I didn't have another OC on hand, so I asked her to turn a spare Roblox shark avatar I had into a character. I knew sharks generally have the same body type, followed by simple tattoo patterns. So, the request was to draw a generic grey shark body that wore the accessories and clothing of the avatar, which included a black tank top, shorts, and a red bag. Because I thought she was in a tight situation, I wanted to be less of a burden and reframed from giving her too many specifics so she could focus on styles and poses she was familiar with. I learned shortly after that she was unfamiliar with shark furries, but she was willing to do it. I explained to her that they generally have the same body type, and I showed her a few examples from other artists so she could get some inspiration and an idea of what they are. January 16, 2023 She sent me the rough sketch and awaited approval. The PNG she sent was intentionally small, blurry, and watermarked, so I couldn't recognize anything wrong with it. I approved it. She then guilt-tripped me into paying another $41.46 ($58 CAD) for a background, as I thought she needed the financial help. January 20, 2023 Arts Studio sent me a larger PNG, and I realized it was a traced copy of art by @notglacier (from Twitter). The art by @notglacier was one of the many examples I showed her, but I never told her to make a copy of it. It was to show her what shark bodies looked like in the fandom. I had already told her before that I just wanted the body type. At that time, I was still new to commissioning artists, and I assumed they had a code of conduct against copying. So, I didn't think I needed to tell her anything explicitly. I thought she knew selling copied art was shameful, and the final copy would be completely different. For now, I only gave her subtle hints: But then she ghosts me from that day until Feb 23rd. February 22, 2023 - February 27, 2023 I tracked down her email and contacted her on Feb 22nd. She responded on the 23rd and agreed to finish it. On Feb 27th, she sent me the "completed" version, but it was the same one from Jan 20th, just bigger and without the watermark. You can see the traced resemblance to @notglacier's but mirrored. It had been clear she had not been working on it since she sent me the approval sketch. overlay March 1, 2023 I emailed her. I told her (very explicitly this time) that the point of those references told was to give her an idea of what shark body types look like and that I wanted her to implement it with my avatar. I asked if she could make a redo with a different pose and style so it isn't a copy. I didn't provide any further instructions after that because, again, I wanted her to have artistic freedom, and it had already been three months. The pose or style didn't matter as long as it wasn't copied. She agreed to make a redo. March 29, 2023 Art Studio submits the redo. She created a random character with none of the attributes I explained from the start. I told her I thought she would draw the same Roblox character, just with a different pose and style. I had never asked for those clothes, glasses or four arms. The quality was also bad, so I showed her an image of her previous work and asked why this one was so low. She acted clueless and ignored my questions. I expressed my frustration, telling her that I gave her $130 (CAD $178) for something I did not want and was not worth the quality. I ask the same question again because she ignored it the first time. She ignored this one as well. This was the expected quality March 31, 2023 - April 3, 2023 I start a new email thread. She abruptly sent me an unwatermarked version of the redo, but I told her I wanted to talk. Here, I'm desperately trying to get an answer as to why the quality is so poor, but she keeps ignoring the question. Here, she is being oblivious and asks me to repeat what I asked in the previous email because she had apparently forgotten. I do just that, and she tells me she "forgot" (again) and never gave me an answer to my question. She thanks me and leaves. But I wasn't done. I stopped holding back my feelings and lay out all the reasons why I was frustrated. She said she started a new job and won't do another redo unless I pay her. Then, I asked for a refund because the redo took no effort and was in no way worth $130. I only asked for 50% to be generous, but she declines. At this point, I knew I've been scammed, but I still wanted to know the questions I asked earlier, along with why she couldn't give me a refund. Again, she ignores. The takeaway is that she traced another artist's work and submitted art that didn't match her portfolio. It gives me reason to believe that the art she posts on Twitter doesn't belong to her.
  3. The artist messaged me on Twitter after I made a post looking for paws and a tail to commission. I explained to the artist it was going to be a complicated build but they didn't seem concerned. We talked about details and agreed to a price. They said they could get started right away. I asked for a TOS and photos of previous work. They sent a TOS vis Google docs and pictures of other suits. They asked I send payment via PayPal friends and family (i didnt know the difference and thought i was helping as it reduced fees). As I am new to this I didn't know the signs of what to look for so I sent over payment. The next day I decided I also wanted feet paws. So we discussed that as well. So I sent over a second payment for them. I am now in the hole $1020. They do not have a website, a trello, or any other legitimate business profile, they are using a stolen profile picture and the pictures of the suits they have sent were bogus and not their creations. They have changed their Twitter handle from HD suitz to rldhh. They have since stopped communicating. BEWARE.
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