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Is making a post as "Resolved" always an appropriate action?

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After reading the recent post on the artist Kircai, and I noticed that it was marked as resolved but it's very clear from the comments by both effected parties that neither truly feels the matter is "resolved". I'd argue that because of this it being marked as "resolved" may be inaccurate. In their case I'd argue that they've instead reached a stalemate where neither side is actually either able or maybe not even willing, to give any ground and thus the issue can't actually be resolved.

But this creates another issue where the Beware will never progress further as neither party is likely to ever actually resolve the issue. So I'd like to propose a new type of tag that is similar in it's on-site effects to the "Resolved" tag, i.e. disabling comments on said beware post, but makes it clear that the issue was never resolved, thus preventing Artist Beware form getting flooded with people that could potentially keep picking sides but also keeping people informed that the issue still persists.

Now in the case of Kircai's beware I may in fact be wrong and the parties might feel the matter is resolved and one or both of them have decided to just blindly dislike each other for others reasons. But I still believe the issue that posts aren't always going to be resolved and are instead going to reach a stalemate of sorts, and that it would eventually reach a point where AB staff would be forced to disable comments. By creating a new tag that deems things un-resolvable  for the foreseeable future they would more accurately reflect the state of the beware post itself. This would also allow Commissioners and Artists using Artists Beware as a sort of aid in deciding weather to trust an Artist or Commissioner that has a beware about them, as some would blindly trust someone who has a beware marked as resolved even though on closer examination they wouldn't trust them because the issue in some ways isn't resolved.

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  • Administrator

The post was marked as resolved by staff because the client received a refund.  While the client may not feel the post is resolved, the fact of the matter is that it was.  An artist is free to issue refunds as they see fit, and they are within their rights to no longer want to talk to someone. In the end it seemed like the crux of the issue was no longer about the issue of communication and art, which is not what we're here for.  And forcing a beware to stay open because someone doesn't want to talk anymore on a personal level isn't going to fly. 

If we have to lock comments, then we will leave instructions on how to contact us to get a resolve tag issued or to issue updates.  Comment locking should be a last resort sort of deal when both parties are being spectacularly bad.

If there is ever a situation where the poster is refusing options for resolution for the sake of leaving the beware open, then the bewaree may contact us with proof and we will issue a resolved tag with a note stating they have tried everything to fix the issue.  It has happened, and someone shouldn't be forced to keep a beware tag because the submitter doesn't want to budge.  If submitters make their posts unresolvable through their own behavior, then we will resolve it for them with a note attached.  (Or we simply won't accept it in the first place, which has happened.)

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  • Administrator

Conversely though?

At the end of the day; you are only entitled to the time of an Artist on a Client basis UNLESS THEY reach out first for something outside the bounds of business. You cannot force a friendship or anyone to pay attention to you. Even with money. 

Everything Cel said is true and valid for what AB is here for.We're not here to make people be friends or even attempt it. We're here to hold artists and clients accountable for their business practices/behaviors. A resolution need not be everyone gets along amiably that's just not how it works.

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