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  1. I am unsure how to update the original beware but I feel this is something that also should be shown. It seems Mike (I called them cubert because I did not know their name) has found the beware and basically left out their response as made me look like a terrible person. They are also allowing their followers to call me names and left out that they did not disclose their queue or have any public place where I could have looked. I had no idea their queue was that long and if I did I would have not commissioned them. Over all I am feeling awful....as someone who also suffers from mental health issues I was hoping for some understanding and patience. But now I am worried I will be harassed. I feel silly being upset. But I simply cant help it.
  2. Hello Everyone I am very sad to write this and I have decided to sit on the issue for a few days. However I have decided that others could benefit to know my experience. I originally commissioned twitter user Computer_Garden (Who will be referred to as Cubert) July 6th 2020. They have a unique commission type called a ko-fi baby which is basically a simple mascot design based off your twitter profile. The method of buying this commission was a setting on their ko-fi. I sent a DM on July 6th letting them know I had purchased one and what profile I wanted the commission based off. The next day July 7th they responded letting me know they have received payment and info. I messaged Cubert again on July 29th with no response. I did again on August 19th and they finally responded. I completely understand how mental health issues can get in the way and I understood the pandemic has also took its toll on many artists. So I told them I understood and continued to wait. Before I DMed them again asking for a refund on Oct 1st 2020 I noticed that during this time Cubert was posting a lot of personal art. I understand and encourage artists to do personal art in between commissions. However as a commissioner I couldn't help but feel a bit frustrated and ignored when I would scroll on my time line and see personal art with out hearing a word about when my commission would be completed. In a small way I did feel a little disrespected. I decided on Oct 1st 2020 that I have waited long enough and I wanted to get a refund. This is something I did not want to do. However I was feeling anxious about the situation and I just wanted it to be over. The response I got made me feel awful and upset. The message was dripping with passive aggressive tones and it made me feel awful. I felt like I was being treated as an annoyance rather then a commissioner. I understand their points. The word is a dark place right now and my mental health has also been effected. However with no TOS or queue to refer to in terms of completion time I was left in the dark and due to my own anxiety issues I was worried I would lose my money. I understand the commission type is unique and can take a lot of time. However if someone spends 5$ or 500$ on a commission it should still be treated with respect. Just because a commission price is low does not mean the commissioner can be pushed aside. I did try to reach out multiple times and did not receive any concrete updates with out asking. I did receive my refund. But I was made to feel like I did something wrong for simply asking for it. Our conversation is attached. All the dates are there. However it does not end with the refund. After I asked for a refund they made a tweet saying they will start working on the other ko-fi baby commissions. On the same day I asked for a refund. They then started posting all the other ko-fi baby commissions. Which confused me because in our DMs they told me they take quite a while.... I find this concerning. You should not need to have someone ask for a refund to have you work on commissions. If I did not ask for a refund I wonder when these commissions would be completed. I was also really hurt. I very much wanted this commission type and seeing them pump them out this quickly after telling me they take a long time made me feel very disrespected. And I also felt bad for the other commissioners because who knows when their commission would be done if I stayed silent. Cubert is a wonderful artist and has a unique style that brought me joy. However I felt like my concerns were not considered and that I was made to be a villain when all I wanted was information about this art. I do wish them the best. Thank you for your time.
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