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  1. Thank you for your support. However, the charge-back happened couple of months after I finished that commission and after I got paid... But now I send invoices and I have a very clear TOS so PayPal should be on my side next time anything like that happens...
  2. Big update. So after waiting for many months, Fytch still haven't paid me back and they stopped replying to my Notes and e-mails. So yeah, goodbye money forever. I will be releasing the base they ordered as a F2U base. Figured if she can be using it for free, everyone should.
  3. Wow, what a bulll.... crap... So not only I have to return the money but also PAY EXTRA?! I think this is the last time I'm using PayPal, I swear.
  4. Meryiel

    Beware: Fytch

    I hope that she will return the money. I really do.
  5. I will try to call them tomorrow. But for now I have a bigger issue. Now it says that I owe them 43,27 dollars instead of 23,27 like before. I have no clue what is happening and why it's happening. I only made one transaction with that guy.
  6. Update! PayPal decided that I do not deserve to get my money back even though I sent them proofs of me sending my PayPal to Fytch and screenshots of Fytch admitting that the payment for commission has been sent. Thanks PayPal.
  7. I got this message today and I pray for it to be true. If I get my money back and all gets explained, I will delete this beware as soon as possible.
  8. Meryiel

    Beware: Fytch

    What an absolute terrible person. I'm so sorry you were also a victim of them... I hope the whole situation gets cleared out.
  9. Oh no, I'm so sorry it also happened to you. 😥 I hope the Fytch person gets what they deserve.
  10. I did! They told me that they're gathering proofs.
  11. Yes, I know. Thank you, hopefully I'll be able to track them down.
  12. I got a Note from other person today saying that they are in the same situation as I am because of Fytch as well...
  13. I'm new here, hello.

  14. On the 19.03.2019 a person nicknamed Fytch contacted me in order to commission a custom base from me, which they would later use to sell YCH art with. On the 20.03.2019, they asked me for my PayPal link in order to pay me. I haven't received the payment at that point but I continued to work on the drawing nerveless. On the 21.03.2019, I finally received the payment and was able to send the base in a psd file to Fytch. They also paid me 25$ instead of 15$ for my hard work. And all was fine until today (17.07.2019). I logged to my PayPal, just to learn that the payment from Fytch got refunded because of an "unauthorized transaction". My account got sustained until the whole situation gets cleared out. At the moment when I'm typing this, my account is still at loss for 23,27 USD. Please, let me know if you find someone using the base seen below to earn profits with it. THEY DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO IT! Thank you.
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